Info: this is a living document of archival and visual resources for designers, artists, etc., grouped by genre and topic.Origin: this document was originally published in April 2019, via a 100s under 100 Show and Tell talk at A/D/O (RIP)
Contributing: the document is commentable, and adding resources, tags, or notes on pre-existing resources is extremely encouraged! This document is made by Elizabeth Goodspeed. This is her website. She's also on twitter.
How-to: to suggest an archive, use the commenting function (top right) to include it in the appropriate cell and I'll try to approve it ASAP. Don't worry about putting it in the exact right spot, just use your best judgment.Questions: If you have any questions about archiving, finding sources, you can email me at archive@elizabethgoodspeed.com and I'll try to get back to you!