Welcome to the Vermont Directory of BIPOC Mental Health and Wellness Practitioners!
First NameLast Name (and pronouns)County (Addison, Bennington, etc.)CityEmail addressPhone numberName of Employer / Practice / BusinessProfessional Credentials, License Type and/or Degrees (e.g. LICSW, LCMHC, RYT, NCBTMB / MA, PhD)Practitioner's self-identity in terms of race, ethnicity, nationality and/or other relevant groupsLanguages spoken, written, and/or signedAreas of specialty/clinical focus/treatmentTheoretical approaches and/or treatment modalitiesExperience working with BIPOC queer, trans, or gender diverse individuals?Any other relevant information about the practitioner and/or their work.If applicable: Insurances AcceptedIf applicable: sliding scale or responsive fee system offered?If applicable: age range of clients servedEmail Address
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a directory of providers working (or licensed to work) in the state of Vermont & who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color.
This is a public list, accessible to anyone via the internet. It is meant to (1) promote the visibility of BIPOC providers, and (2) assist with referrals for clients who are seeking BIPOC providers.
You can access or share this directory using the following address: bit.ly/VTBIPOCMentalHealthandWellness
Note: NOT ALL PROVIDERS listed are private practitioners or ACCEPT CLIENTS FROM OUTSIDE THEIR ORGANIZATION, so please read carefully!
This list is not to be used for promotions of any kind, or for purposes other than the above stated. Attendance on this list is self-determined and does not reflect endorsement by or connection with NFI Vermont. All pracitioners are responsible for maintaining their own licensure standards.
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This database was originally created by Natasha Chang
First NameLast Name (and pronouns)County (Addison, Bennington, etc.)CityEmail addressPhone numberName of Employer / Practice / BusinessProfessional Credentials, License Type and/or Degrees (e.g. LICSW, LCMHC, RYT, NCBTMB / MA, PhD)Practitioner's self-identity in terms of race, ethnicity, nationality and/or other relevant groupsLanguages spoken, written, and/or signedAreas of specialty/clinical focus/treatmentTheoretical approaches and/or treatment modalitiesExperience working with BIPOC queer, trans, or gender diverse individuals?Any other relevant information about the practitioner and/or their work.If applicable: Insurances AcceptedIf applicable: sliding scale or responsive fee system offered?If applicable: age range of clients servedEmail Address
NatashaChang (she/her)AddisonMiddleburynvchang@gmail.com802-461-3611Natasha Chang, Counseling & PsychotherapyMS, NCC, LCMHCAsian-American, Biracial (Korean and Serbian)English (fluent), Italian (fluent)Trauma, including racial trauma; Racial Identity Development; Depression; Anxiety; Life TransitionsEMDR and Integrative Talk Therapy (Person-Centered, Feminist, Culturally-Responsive, Trauma-Informed, IFS-Informed, and Attachment-Based)Yes, someI specialize in working with clients that self-identify as Asian, Asian-American, or BIPOC. I am an LGBTQ+ affirming, sex positive, and poly and kink affirming therapist. Telehealth as well as in-person offered at the present time.In network for BCBS, MVP, Cigna & VT Medicaid. Will submit out of network claimsYesAdults (18+)
MorellaDevostAddisonLincolnmorella@thrivewithmorella.comThrive With MorellaRostered Clinical Mental Health Counselor, EdM, MALatina, multi-racial, biculturalEnglish, Spanish native speakerTrauma, sexual trauma, abuseEclectic - Humanistic, CBT, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Body-centered, NutritionYes, someSee my website: www.ThriveWithMorella.com BCBS, United & MedicaidYes18+
ZubinMistriAddisonMiddlebury / Virtualzpmistri@gmail.com802-989-8552Eye of the Heart TherapyM.Div.Indian American EnglishIndividual and CouplesMindful Somatic Psychotherapy, AEDP, HakomiYes, someNoneYes18 and older
AnnieRosenthalAddisonMiddlebury / Virtualannie@annierosenthal.net(802) 448-2662Open Door ClinicMA in Psychology, Med. Rostered ClinicianHispanicSpanish/EnglishEating disorders and body image issues, relationship issues, racial and cultural trauma, personal growth, adjustment issues.Mindfulness, CBT, EMDR (by the end of august), Family Systems, Feminist.Yes, someCash only; Open Door Clinic Patients are FREECigna, BBCS and MedicaidYes13-30
DorisRussellBenningtonBenningtondrussell@ucsvt.org802-442-5491United Counseling ServiceLicensed Psychologist-Doctorate Hispanic Bi-lingual and Bi-Cultural Native Spanish SpeakingPTSD/Anxiety/Depression/ParentingCBT/Psychodynamic/DBT-informedYes, a lotExperience working with POC and Bilingual
Many private insurances, Medicare, MedicaidNoYoung adults, Adults, and Elder
NeeraB.K.Chittenden Burlington nb.k@riverstonecounseling.org802-864-7423 ext 319Spectrum Youth & Family Services (Riverstone Counseling ) MA (Clinical Psychology) Nepali , South Asian English, Nepali, Hindi Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Interpersonal Relationships and Substance Abuse EMDR, Person Centered Approached combined with Mindfulness. CBT and other holistic approaches. Yes, someI am a member of DEI Committee at Spectrum Youth and Family Services and my work including culturally sensitive and responsive therapeutic work. Medicaid, BCBS, MVP, Cigna + cash Yes12 to 30
ChuckBrewerChittendenTelehealth Onlypaul.g.brewer4.civ@mail.milUS GovernmentLICSWBlack AmericanEnglishYes, a lotSeeing clients via virtual health platforms only.N/A
AlyssaBrownChittendenTelehealth/virtualFreetobets@gmail.com(610) 600-1464 Free To BE Therapeutic ServicesLCSWBlack, biracial, queerEnglishRacial trauma, activist trauma, Marginalized communities, LGBTQ affirming, trauma informed, racial identity development, interracial couples work, life transitions, depression, anxiety,Person centered, strengths based, trauma informed, somatic abolitionism, DBT, EMDR, CBT, mindfulness, reality therapy, decolonized practice and practitionerYes, a lotI also offer Coaching and/or consultation to therapists and mental health organizations committed to effectively addressing race and equity. I am actively striving to decolonize mental health treatment and healing of marginalized communities by starting with myself and my practice. Not at this timeYes13+
NaliniCheathamChittendenUnderhillnalinicheatham@gmail.com(802) 489-6722Healing Through Therapy with Holistic & Eclectic Approaches, LLCLCMHCSouth AsianEnglish, Hindi and Fijian Anxiety & Depression Management, Racial Identity Development, Trauma and Stress, Life changes/everyday stressors/losses, Personality Disorders (Cluster B focus), Dissociative Disorders, Parenting, Couples, Anger Management, Inter-generational Trauma, Self-Care/Esteem, Personal Growth, etcStrength- Based eclectic approach with foundation in Psychodynamic, Recovery oriented Cognitive Therapy.Yes, someI was born and raised in Fiji (a multicultural and multiracial community). I have worked within other South Pacific communities and some International organizations with individuals, families and groups who have experienced a lot of trauma as well as issues mentioned prior. I’ve lived in VT since 2010 and worked here since. Currently I work full time at NCSS in St. Albans with adults within an underserved population. At this time I am only offering evenings & weekends. I do offer a free 10-15 mins consult and offer Telehealth services only.Accepting BCBS of VT, Medicaid & MVPYes13+
Marissa Coleman Chittenden Burlington Info@drmarissacoleman.com678-871-0122 (private practice) & 802-847-272- (UVMMC)Dr. Marissa Coleman (private practice) and UVMMC PsyDMultiracial, Black & WhiteEnglish and Spanish Trauma, Liberation Psychology, Women’s Health, Family Therapy Liberation psychology, Narrative psychology, TF-CBT, Family systems Yes, someIn addition to clinical work I also provide organizational consulting in the areas of DEI, Trauma Informed Care, and Restorative Justice practices. N/AYesLifespan
TiaGangulyChittendenShelburnetiavt@outlook.comVermont Works for LifeMASouth Asian Career, EMDREclecticYes, someBCBS, MedicaidYesAdults
VickiGarrison (she/her)ChittendenBurlingtonVicki@solidarityhealing.com802-660-4000Solidarity Healing, PLCLCMHCBlackEnglishAnxiety, Depression, Trauma and PTSD, Anger Management, Coping Skills, Racial Identity, Race Related Stress, Self Esteem, Personal Empowerment, Family Conflict, Grief, Life Coaching, Parenting, Relationship Issues, etc.

Eclectic with foundation in CBTYes, someMedicaid, BCBS, Cigna, MVP, OptumNo13 - 100
AntoniaHartyChittendenSouth Burlingtonaharty@howardcenter.org; antoniah@centerpointservices.org(802) 488-7711Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services LCMHC, MT-BCBiracial South Korean and ColombianEnglishAdolescents: mental health and substance use; Parent/Caregiver support counseling; Life transitions; Trauma; Anxiety; Issues related to attachment Music therapy; Expressive arts therapy; Mentalization based therapy; ACT; Motivational interviewing Yes, someN/ACenterpoint serves clients ages 10-early adulthood
AyaInoueChittendenBurlingtonaya@btvtherapy.com802-992-1744Aya Inoue LICSW, LLCLICSWBiracial - Japanese/CaucasianEnglish and JapaneseTrauma, Anxiety, Depression, Racial and Cultural Trauma, Human Trafficking, Relationships, Family Conflict, Family Therapy CBT
EMDR (certified)
Solution Focused
Trauma Informed Approach
Motivational Interviewing

Yes, someI was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan in a bi-racial, bi-cultural, and bi-lingual household. I am committed to serving those who have experienced racial trauma and adhere to a person centered approach. I have a strong background in juvenile justice and assessment. I continually strive to explore ways in which I can support clients through times of transition. BCBS, CIGNA, MVP, MedicaidYesAdolescent +
Nina DanieleLa Rosa (she/her)ChittendenShelburnenina@ninalarosa.com(802) 735-2265Stillpoint Center (private practice)MS, National Certified Counselor, Rostered Clinical Mental Health Counselor since 2012Bi-Racial (Chinese and Italian), Asian American, Multiracial, BuddhistEnglishIndividuals and Couples, Relationships, Women's Health, Postpartum and New Mothers, Parenting, Chronic pain/illness, TBI, Depression, Anxiety, Recovery Maintenance (including addiction and eating disorders), Trauma (including racial trauma), Spiritual GrowthMindfulness, Trauma-Informed, Integrative (strongly informed by neuroscience), Liberation Psychology, Critically Conscious. Modalities: Mindfulness, MBCT, CBT, Narrative, EFT (not certified), IFS (not certified), Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Integration (only with longer term clients or those with a primary therapist).Yes, a lotSee www.ninalarosa.com to learn more about what I do and how to get in touch. Taking new clients in October 2023. I will be located in Barcelona, Spain starting in fall 2023. I see clients remotely through telehealth.Get in touch for details.YesYoung Adult through Elder
LindaLiChittendenBurlingtonlindalaingali@nafi.com; lindaseven@comcast.net802-951-0450 X 1032NFI Family CenterLICSWAsian, Chinese from Hong KongCantonese, Mandarin Children and family. Parenting. young children. cultural conflict with in family systemNarrative Therapy. CBT. Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP). Family therapyYes, a lotALL Yes0-18 in general. any age for parents
StevenLilly (He,him, his)Chittenden and LamoilleUnderhillStevenlilly@protonmail.com845-392-5510Private PraticeRostered Non-licensed PsychotherapistMixed Race- Guatemalan- Transracial AdopteeEnglishAttachment difficulties, adoption, trauma, couples, Psychodynamic, attachment focused, transpersonal/nature based.No, but interested in working with these clientsMedicaid, BCBSYes15-end of life.
AaronMasonChittendenEssexamason08@gmail.com802-343-6573Essex High SchoolM.A, Licensed School Counselor Mixed Race, Black/WhiteEnglishSubstance Use, Anxiety, Depression, Psychoeducation, Person Centered, CBT, Reality Therapy/Choice TheoryYes, someN/A
SerenaRockingster (she, her)ChittendenBurlingtonserena@thecounselingcollectivevt.com802-391-0136The Counseling CollectiveMS, CMHC, Rostered PsychotherapistBlack WomanEnglishTrauma from Oppressional Forces; Identity; Mood Disorders; Stress Management; Self-EsteemFeminist Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Informed, Integrative Therapy, Strength-Based Therapy
Yes, a lotI specialize in working with young adult and adult people of the global majority. I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and support the Sex Positive and Open Relationships/Consensual Non-Monogamy communities. You can read my comprehensive profile at www.psychologytoday.com/profile/908093VT Medicaid, MVP, BCBS, Cash, CheckYesYoung Adults and Adults
SongLeeChittendenBurlingtonSong@songleepsychotherapy.comSong lee PsychotherapyCMHC/MS, JDKorean AmericanEnglishTrauma, anxiety, depressionSomatic and IFSYes, a lotMedicaid, Blue Cross
Jin Li ChanChittendenBurlingtonwellness@valerahealth.com646-450-7748Valera HealthLICSW, PMH-CAsian American, Chinese AmericanConversational Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin)Perinatal Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, TraumaStrengths based, CBT, CPT, MindfulnessYes, someOnly meeting with clients virtually, available M-F from 8-noon (11 am would be the last slot); clients will need to fill out a consult form on www.valerahealth.com and meet with health coach first to fill out the consent forms (& gather info) and then will be matched with me.Medicare, Medicaid, Cigna, Optum, and Oscar. VT BC/BS, MVP, Tricare, and Aetna are pending.Yes18+
JacquelynBurrell (she/her)ChittendenBurlington drjackieburrell@gmail.com802-578-0551 (personal), Public Business (802)-578-3449 Avalon Natural MedicineDr. Jacquelyn Burrell ND, (Naturopathic Doctor, Primary Care Physician)BIPOC- Black, LatinxEnglish, conversational SpanishPrimary Care and Chronic IllnessI completed advanced training in regenerative joint injections, intravenous therapy, mind-body medicine including biofeedback, and Lyme/tickborne illness. I address patient concerns through the utilization of clinical research, lab testing, and learning each patient’s individual story to formulate comprehensive treatment plans that address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
Yes, a lotWe take Vermont Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont, MVP and Cigna. If you have a different insurer, you may want to check with them to determine if they have any restrictions on Naturopathic Physicians who use conventional CPT coding to bill.N/A
BobWolfordGrand IsleAlburgh Springsbobwolford68@gmail.com8025783748Robert F. Wolford, LICSW/The Institute for Trauma Recovery &s ResiliencyLICSWBi-Racial, Japanese/CaucasianEnglishTrauma, Violence, Criminal Justice Involved Clients, Anxiety Disorders, Depressive DisordersEgo Psychology/Object Relations, Narrative, IFS, DBT, ACT, CBTYes, someMedicaid/Medicare, BC/BSYesAll ages from early adolescence to end of life
Christian AngeloVentura (he/him)OrangeTelehealth Onlychristiancounsels@gmail.com(802) 265-1013Christian A. Ventura Psychotherapy (Sole Proprietorship)Cognitive Neuroscientist, Rostered Clinical Mental Health Counselor (Psychotherapist), NCEE, NRAEMT I/CFilipino-Castellano, Queer, DisabledEnglish, Spanish (Castellano), & Spanglish!Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, LGBTQIA+, PTSD, Survivors of Sexual Violence, First RespondersCBT, trauma-informed, social justice / decolonization approach, evidence based humanistic psychology, restorative circlesYes, a lotRegarding love, intimacy, and sex, my views and practices are informed by The O School, focusing on body positivity and evidence based sensitivity. I have experience working with queer and transgender (including non-binary / gender nonconforming) adults and youth as well as reintegration of healthy sexual behavior for survivors of sexual violence. For more information see: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/christian-ventura-tunbridge-vt/831305Out of network reimbursement support. Sliding scale: Yes! No questions asked. Pay what you can :)YesTeens, young adults, young professionals in school/work
RaymondChin (he/him)OrangeEast Thetfordchin@deercreekpsych.com802 785 2903Deer Creek Psychological AssociatesPhD, MFAChinese-AmericanEnglishChild and Family Clinical Psychology, neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., autism), trauma, BIPOC issues Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral TxYes, somesee website www.deercreekpsych.com for more informationnoneNopreschool through adolescents
PujaSenningWashingtonWaterburyPuja@pujacoaching.com802-353-9062Puja Gupta Senning, Therapeutic Coaching LLCLCMHCIndian AmericanEnglishAnxiety, depression, traumaInternal Family Systems, mindfulness, FeminismYes, a lotBCBS, MedicaidYesAdults
MelisaOliva (She/Her)WashingtonMontpeliermelisa.oliva.coaching@gmail.com802 2790337
Melisa Oliva. Health and Wellness Coaching
NBCHW, WFPB Nutrition Certified, M.A. in Expressive Arts Therapy
BIPOC, LatinxSpanish/EnglishHealth, Wellness coaching and Whole Food Plant Nutrition Educator
I am a Health and Wellness Coach and a Plant Based Nutrition and Cooking Educator. I work with individuals and communities who are willing to develop a greater sense of vitality, regain more energy and improve their confidence in their health.

​Get empower and inspired to improve your wellness, getting practical, every-day, evidence-based tools and strategies to enjoy a happier and healthier life.
Yes, some
I am a Latina woman, a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur.

I understand the challenges of a busy and fast-speed life. I am grateful for how all these roles have made me understand how fundamental it is to be in optimal health to care and provide for my family, while developing my passions and personal dreams.

I want to share these learnings with you and partner together to see you flourish!
SamiaAbbass (she/her/hers/they/them/theirs)WindhamBellows Falls, Brattleborosamiaabbass@bennington.edu802-365-1185Bennington CollegeMA (rostered, unlicensed) Multiethnic, Biracial (Palestinian, white); Muslim-AmericanEnglishTrauma, Anxiety, Racial stress & trauma, Identity, LGBTQIA+ and Gender Non-binary identities, Relationship issues; Adolescents & teenagers; Development; Family therapy. Integrative; DBT-informed (not certified); Relational/Feminist approaches; Family systems; Trauma-informed. Yes, a lot* Not taking private clients at this time * N/AN/AAdolescents, teenagers, and young adults
AbdelrazaqRababahWINDHAM CO.Brattleboro. In person and Telehealthabdrababah@gmail.com8022515050Private practice LICSWMiddle Eastern, Arab, MuslimEnglish and ArabicGeneralistEclecticYes, a lotI provide In person and TelehealthYes7 and Up
SusanBoafo-Arthur (she/her)Telehealth onlyConnecticutferncounselingforyou@gmail.com860-281-7847Fern Counseling and ConsultingPhD, NCC, LPC, LCMHCAfricanEnglish and Akan (Fante and Twi)Depression, anxiety, self-esteem, perfectionism, career, etcIntegrationist approachYes, someI don't live in Vermont and have never lived there. I live in CT, and prior to CT I lived in MA, my practice is virtual via Teladoc and SpringhealthN/AAdults only
AyonnaMcCulloughTelehealth onlyColorado Springsmonetscs@gmail.com434-533-5906Monet's Counseling Services LLCLCMHC, LPC, CMHCAfrican AmericanEnglishDepression, anxiety, trauma, LGBTIQEcclecticYes, a lotLicensed in more than one stateKaiser, private pay, several EAP'sYes11 and up
MorellaDevostTeletherapy onlyBurlingtonmorella@thrivewithmorella.comThrive with MorellaEdM, MA, LCMHCLatina, multi-racial, bicultural, Venezuelan.Spanish native speaker, English.Trauma, sexual trauma, abuse.Eclectic, Internal Family Systems, CBT, Mindfulness, Somatic, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis.Yes, someVisit my website at: www.ThriveWithMorella.comBCBS, MVP, Medicaid & UHC.Yes18+
RaquelLefebvreTelehealth onlySouth Burlingtonraquel@raquelfernslefebvre.com802-327-7788Raquel Ferns LefebvreLicensed Psychologist-MasterIndianEnglishAnxiety, Depression, Trauma, Maternal Mental Health, Career Related Issues, StressCognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, PsychotherapyYes, someI offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to answer any questions about might have about my work. Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, MVP, Medicaid, United Health Care, OptumYes18 years and up
JessicaKim (she/her)virtualjessica@jkimwellness.com401 484 0559Kim Wellness (private practice) jkimwellness.com/LMHCAsian American / multiracialenglishLGBTQ+ and BIPOC clients age 16+; focus on relationships, codependency, and identitypsychodynamic, attachment, & feministYes, a lotOptum, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, Blue Cross Blue Shield PPONo16+
MaliaMatteson (she, her)Telehealth onlyBend, Oregonwildpracticemm@gmail.com8024480618private practiceLCMHC, Registered Dance/Movement TherapistAsian-American, Biracial (Japanese; German, English, Danish)Englishgrief, anxiety, substance abuse recovery, eco-anxiety, perinatal mental healthSomatic psychotherapy, expressive arts, ecotherapyYes, someFormer VT resident, now returning to the state on a seasonal basis (summer/fall). Certified breathwork teacher. Offer programs incorporating nature-based spirituality, movement and dance, and wild art. Longtime former environmental activist and wildlife biologist. Particular interest in supporting individuals, groups and communities dealing with climate grief, environmental trauma, and activist burn-out. VT Medicaid, Out of PocketNoTeens to adults
MirandaMcKinleyGrafton, NHWest Lebanon, NHmiranda.mckinley@gmail.com415-518-3458M3 Life TherapyLICSWLatina, BlackEnglishCBT, Psychodynamic, Feminist, Trauma InformedYes, a lotYes
XimenaMejiaTelehealthOrlando, FLxemcounseling@gmail.com407-558-3092XEM Counseling & Consulting, LLCPhD, LCMHC, NCCMultiracial, Latinx, Ecuadorean-American, QueerEnglish & SpanishAdjustment to Life Transitions, Self-Growth, Gender and Sexuality, Historical / Intergenerational Trauma, Adjustment to College and Graduate School, Identity Issues, Depression and Anxiety, Relationships, Abuse and Trauma, Grief & Loss , Stress Management, Family Conflict.

Integrative, informed by humanistic, psychodynamic, IFS and family systems theories. Anchored by social justice, ecological, and liberation approaches.Yes, a lotI acknowledge the impact of prejudice, discrimination, oppression, power, and privilege. I understand that each individual's experiences are located within societal and cultural systems of power. I have a commitment to respect the individual complexities of clients' identities, life experiences, and the multiple contexts in which these occur. See website for more information. xemcounseling.comAetna & CignaYesYoung adults / emerging adults, adults.
AndreaTolbert (she/her/hers)Telehealth onlyPortland, Maineabsolutehappinesspsychotherapy@gmail.com207-317-2711Absolute Happiness Psychotherapy and Consultation, PLLCLICSW/LCSWAfrican American/BlackEnglishI operate a Telehealth only specialty practice for BIPOC, LGBTQIA, and military service members/veterans and engage in regular and ongoing trainings to support my clients.Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Prolonged Exposure, Brief Solution Focused, Narrative therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping, and more Yes, a lotSee my website or Psychology Today for more information: AbsoluteHappinessPsychotherapy.comSee website for current listYes18 and older