DataCOVID Medical Radiology DatasetMedical data-set that helps predict COVID from radiology data
Johns Hopkins Virus Dashboard RepositoryReputable tracking on spread of cases and mortality by Geo.
Kaggle - Corona Virus datasetCompiled from Johns Hopkins dashboard and cvs files from Johns Hopkins GitHub repo. Each case listed chronologically, Summary of each patient, Details include age, gender, location, date of exposure, if they visited Wuhan and hospital.
GISAID - Global Initiative on Sharing All Influenza DataLaboratories around the world share genome sequences of the newly emerging coronavirus (hCoV-19) through the GISAID Initiative. Open access to data in GISAID is provided free-of-charge and to everyone. Goal is to help researchers understand how the viruses evolve, spread and potentially become pandemics.

The GISAID resource also contains various Github repositories.
COVID-19 Coronavirus data - DatasetsFor European countries: a daily situation update, the epidemiological curve, and Europe vs. the global geographical distribution (EU/EEA and the UK, worldwide).
Tableau Aggregated Coronavirus Data SetTableau put together a data set including COVID-19 data from the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins, and NextStrain.
Bing Graph DatasetBing put together an API with data on cases, deaths, and recoveries organized by country and date.
ECDC - DatasetsThe European Centre for Disease Prevention and Disease (ECDC) publishes daily dataset on the geographic distribution of COVID-19 cases worldwide. Together with WHO EURO, ECDC developed a joint COVID19 surveillance strategy for the European Region and collects case-based data.
Open Village - Diagnostic TestsOpen Village provides a map diagnostic places, co-creation events, and freely reproducible bottom-up initiatives to fight Covid.

This may be a resource for participants to build on existing projects.
Impact Planning for CovidCounty by country disease planning visualization.
NY Times Data SetThe New York Times is releasing a series of data files with cumulative counts of coronavirus cases in the United States, at the state and county level, over time. We are compiling this time series data from state and local governments and health departments in an attempt to provide a complete record of the ongoing outbreak.
Civic Tech Field Guide
Inspiration for a lot of COVID-related projects that have already been built toward civic solutions.
Center for Human Resources: Principles of Humane TechnologyThis is a version of the Center for Humane Technology’s Principles of Humane Technology, updated specifically for the COVID-19 pandemic situation.
DataCampAn interactive project where users are able to leverage data science skill sets (specifically in R), to map out the growth of the virus.
Project InspirationHelium Ventilator Tracker
Tracking solution leveraging the Helium Network to track ventilators. In cities like NYC, where ventilators are in high demand, we can create an easy tracking capability so hospitals can share equipment and track them easily. This hopefully gets equipment into areas with the highest demand.
TIBCO outbreak modelingTIBCO modeled the outbreak and spread of COVID-19. They offering up their analysis for free.
Designing with Care During COVID-19 and BeyondBest practices for innovating and designing responsibly in response to the COVID-19 crisis, including protecting the privacy of your users.
Social network for pitching into projects to help with covid. Good source of inspiration for projects.
The U.S. Digital Response Team was started by three former U.S. Deputy CTOs (one who was a leader on the rescue effort, one who founded Code for America, and one who leads the Digital Service Collaborative at Georgetown University’s Beeck Center) and a technical executive formerly from Facebook and Stripe. Together we have already sourced 2000+ qualified people willing to help and skilled in technology, data, design, and operations. Respect for public service and public servants is a baseline requirement for all our volunteers, in addition to a drive to help. We are collecting government needs to enable us to match qualified volunteers with critical projects. We are in direct touch with leaders responding to the pandemic, at all levels of government (federal, state and local), serving in cities all across the country.
TypeformDynamic forms for collecting data. They are integratable with a lot of existing tools.
ZapierNo code way to integrate different softwares. They are giving away free starter accounts for COVID projects:
Tools for BuildingMariaDB Free DownloadA leading Open Source Relational Database. It can be used locally, for on-prem servers, and, of course, in the cloud. They've provided a free version linked to the left!
WeChat APIApp development framework and a wide range of components and APIs to help developers develop services with a native app experience in WeChat.
GlitchGlitch lets you code together in real time right in your browser, and your full-stack app is instantly deployed and hosted in its own container.
Twilio Developer ToolsTwilio's APIs let you integrate communications into your web and mobile applications using the programming languages and frameworks you already know and love. Twilio allows you to programmatically send & receive text messages, WhatsApp messages & emails. You can also make and receive phone calls, add video calling or chat into apps, and even send and receive faxes. Use the promo code `BuildforCOVID19` to get $20 in free credits to get started.
Creative Tim UIUI Templates for mock-ups offered for free.
WaveMakerWaveMaker is a low-code app development platform. This helps developers quickly build apps.
BioDigitalBioDigital provides the first virtual body platform - you can think of it like Google Earth for the human body. It's a comprehensive interactive 3D model of human anatomy and disease with robust developer toolkits that enable creation of experiences, content integration and visual interfaces to health data.

We recently added 3D models of the virus that causes COVID-19 (example here
SubspaceSubspace can be used to create a pull request, and then developers vote on whether or not to merge, as well as give feedback. Geared towards bigger teams working on a single project.
DasDataDasData is an easy to use platform for storing and sharing datasets with the world. We would like to support this event with free data sharing capabilities.
WorkstreamsWorkstreams is a project management tool filled with useful features to help you get things done.

The idea is to bring some organisation into a gathering of the ideas, getting people interested in a particular idea together and start hacking. Afterwards, each of the teams can create their own taskboards, where they can create all the tasks needed to successfully deliver the hack.

We hope you'll find it useful, @Elie Gold & @Martin Velkovski are here to help out with any topics.
Happy Hacking
nandboxnandbox is a no-code native app builder with tons of functionalities that we can offer participants to use free of charge to build their apps using only drag-and-drop. nandbox is opening a direct channel with our team for participants, to support them across the platform, or if they require some special configurations or customizations that are possible within the set time-frame, even if not enabled for the public.

3 months free promo code on all plans: COVID19GH
Algolia - Free Pro planAlgolia is a hosted search API solution. Algolia is a great tool to enable developers to add powerful search capabilities very quickly to their projects with our api clients and our easy to use front-end libraries.
UserTestingUserTesting is the leading provider for on-demand human insights. They provide access to their platform for developers to test their concepts and ideas during the development process. UserTesting could also help recruit researchers from the UserTesting panel, especially those researchers that might have been recently laid off who may want to help contribute their time to help developers quickly run research and tests.
Pinterest APIAPI for connecting applications to Pinterest.
AWS APIAPI for connecting applications to Amazon Web Services.
Giphy APIAPI for connecting applications to Giphy.
Salesforce Care Developer ResourcesBuild apps for free on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, the fastest way to create enterprise cloud apps. Salesforce Care is a new set of free COVID-19 response products that can be set up in hours for any size business, making it super easy for our customers to get up and running and stay connected to their employees, customers, and communities, even when they are working remotely. Additional learning materials available at
Health CloudThrough Health Cloud, Salesforce is offering free access for qualified emergency response teams, call centers and care management teams for health systems affected by coronavirus. Salesforce Care is a new set of free COVID-19 response products that can be set up in hours for any size business, making it super easy for our customers to get up and running and stay connected to their employees, customers, and communities, even when they are working remotely. Additional learning materials available at
Google Developer ResourcesHere are some COVID-19 specific resources that teams may find useful
QuipTo help teams collaborate while employees are away from the office, Quip Starter will be available for free to any Salesforce customer or non-profit organization through September 30, 2020. Additional learning materials available at
Salesforce AppExchange Resource CenterThe Resource Center is a dedicated resource to support employee, customer, and community needs during the COVID-19 crisis with applications built by partners and Salesforce Labs, as well as informative content.
TeamLift™Use TeamLift™ to be matched to teammates that combine all necessary functions and compatible collaborative styles to give you the best chance at winning. We’ll be matching teams from signed up participants on an ongoing basis until the submission deadline.
Blob CityLimited CPU, RAM & GPU for running your Jupyter Notebooks: BlobCity is offering its cloud infrastructure. You can use our highest plan, including all features, completely free of cost for as long as you need. Let's all collectively put COVID-19 behind us.
Register here Once you are in kindly initiate a chat with support and mention that you are part of the "COVID-19 Global Hackathon". They will immediately upgrade you.
TikTokAPI for connecting applications to TikTok.
Giphy SDKA one liner integration in IOS, Android, Web, etc with a built in UI.
Giphy PIFor developers that want to build their own UI. If any developers want to get quick support/approval we'll bypass the normal approval process if they mention the #BuildforCOIVD19Hackathon
AWS Open Data Set RegistryRegistry to help people discover and share datasets that are available via AWS resources (for example life-science or health).