Facts and Myths about TTCing
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It can take 6 months to 1 year to get pregnant for a normal healthy couple. However it also depends on age. If you are under 35 after 1 year you should seek help from a medical professional. Those who are over 35 should see a doctor after 6 months. Also if you have other medical conditions that can effect fertility you should talk to your doctor after 6 months to a year. (Examples of conditions are: PCOS, Endometriosis, STI's, Irregular Periods, etc)How long will it take to get pregnant?
Some people have been able to get pregnant right away but it really depends. Your body should regulate on its own within a few weeks to a year depending. If you dont get a period after 60 days you should talk to your doctor to give you a progesterone supplement in order to jump-start your cycle.When I get off my BC how long will it take?
Yes but you should really see someone who specialize in ttcing or female health. An OB/GYN is a good person to see. The reason being as most GA's/PCP's rely on the 28 day cycle and 14 day luteal phase for a women. This can be wrong as not every person has a "normal" 28 day cycle or 14 day LP, plenty of ladies have a cycle that is more or less days then that. An OB/GYN is the best way to go as they specialize in helping women with their cycles.Will my General Practitioner or Primary Care Physician be best to help me conceive?
Ideally after you are late. The earliest you can get a positive is at 8dpo however that isnt very common. Best thing to do is wait until you are late then test, if you have a negative test retest in 2-3 days. If you dont get a positive again wait an additional 2-3 days, then contact your doctor regardless of the results. The reason why you should this is because if you have a positive you can set up your prenatal/ultrasound, if it is negative you might have ovulated late or the tests arent registering something. Your doctor will do a follow up with you after that depending on the results.When is the best time to test?
No, you can have bleeding during pregnancy even around the time of your normal period but you cant have a period while pregnant. A period means the shedding of the uterine lining and means a fertilized egg never implanted. You cant get pregnant or be pregnant at this point. If you are bleeding and are pregnant it can be normal but you should speak to your doctor to see if there is something wrong. There are many causes to pregnancy bleeding (placenta previa, sub-chronic hemorrhaging, cervical irritation, etc) but a period isnt one of them.Can I be pregnant and have a period?Being Pregnant and having a Period is a Myth.
Yes, there are multiple reasons as to why you have bleeding or spotting during a cycle. If you have bleeding it can be caused from a withdrawal bleed due to a anovulatory cycle, early bleeding due to skipping ovulation or early ovulation, implantation bleeding, ovulation bleeding and multiple other reasons. Spotting can be from your period, ovulation (up to a week before to a week after ovulation), implantation, a bowel movement, cervical irritation, UTI, and multiple other reasons. If this happens frequently a doctor should be consulted.I am having bleeding/spotting but it's not during my time of month, is this normal?
Cervical mucus changes frequently during your cycle. It starts out dry, meaning no or little cm. Next stage is sticky/tacky, this stage resembles chunky cottage cheese look to it and feels like look. These two stages are NON-FERTILE and you usually cant get pregnant at this point. Next would be Creamy, this is normally a NON-FERTILE cm but it is the transition between fertile and non-fertile. There are some people who have been known to have creamy and still get pregnant but its not normally this way as it is too thick for sperm to move. Next are the FERTILE CM, watery and egg-white. These are the perfect for sperm to swim up and through the cervix.Cervical Mucus ChangesCervical Mucus will always be the same. Myth: Cervical Mucus changes day by day. It can also be different during the TWW. Ideally it should be NON-FERTILE in the TWW but you can have fertile cm.
No, they dont measure the pregnancy hormone HCG they only measure LH. If you were to get a positive on a OPK while using it as an HPT it can mean either you are ovulating or that you have enough HCG in your system to register on an HPT. Along with that during the TWW you can get positive OPKs regardless so it's best not to use them as HPTs. If someone tells you they work please dont as it can be a waste of money and a big heart break if they end up being wrong.Can you use and OPK as an HPT?
Implantation happens around 6-12 dpo. During implantation you might have some spotting or bleeding along with possible implantation cramps but some people wont notice. There is nothing to worry about if you dont have signs of implantation it is completely normal to have no signs. You will be able to get a positive hpt 2-4 days after implantation because it will take 2-4 days for hcg to rise in your system.ImplantationImplantation is always detectable. Myth: Some people wont have signs of it. No Bleeding No Cramps
Dont give up hope. There have been people who get pregnant after years of TTCing. There have been cases where its been a decade and they didnt get pregnant. However you should get yourself and your partner checked out. It doesnt mean you are infertile but sometimes it just takes longer then what you thought. There are multiple reasons for not getting pregnant after a year. This even happens after a couple has a pregnancy.Am I infertile if I dont get pregnant after a year?
You can have pregnancy symptoms without being pregnant. It is primarily progesterone (p4) symptoms. Progesterone symptoms mimic PMS and Pregnancy Symptoms, so if you arent getting a BFP wait until after your period is late to test.My symptoms say I'm pregnant but I'm not getting a BFP
Cramping can be caused from multiple things. Bowel Movement, Period, Implantation, Ovulation(which can happen from a week before up to a week after), UTI, and multiple other things. There is nothing to worry about unless you are having strong period cramps(or stronger) and/or accompanied by bleeding. Why am I cramping?
The first day of your cycle is when your period starts. The first day of your period is when you have a full bright red bleed that requires a pad. Spotting IS NOT considered the first day of your period.First day of a cycle