Club NameAdvisorDayTimeZoom Meeting IDPresidentPresident's EmailClub Purpose
4-H Cornell Cooperative ExtensionMs. JaipershadMon3:40 PM916 3617 9324Kathey
4-H is a nationwide organization that has many specialties. In the NYC area, the 4-H is an extension of Cornell University with many staff working alongside the officers of the club. Our chapter focuses on STEM and public speaking. We attend many events that demonstrate our focus and we provide many opportunities such as internships for our members. During club times, we will discuss these events (virtual this year) and develop our public speaking skills. This club also gives students a direct connection to the university and will provide an advantage when applying since students are able to talk with many Cornell staffs.
A Killers MindMr. ShulroffWeds3:40 PM962 6479 8877Simona
In the club A Killers Mind we will be studying documentaries about crime and the forensic psychology of criminals, specifically, murderers. We will be looking at forensic files and cold cases and try to come up with theories for them. If you love psychology, murder mysteries, and crime, you'll fall in love with A Killers Mind!
Active MindsMs. Amy ZhuFri3:40 PM994 1938 6695Kanwalpreet
The purpose of the Active Minds Chapter is to educate others about mental health and eliminate the stigma against it. This is a national non profit organization, which my group and I would like to introduce to the school community. As we passionately advocate for this cause by joining with the Active Minds Chapter, we will find interactive ways to connect with and support our club members! This will include open discussion sessions, stress relieving exercises, self care days, brain games, trivia, and more!
Advisory ClubMs. GenovesiMon3:40 PM987 9071 4709Kimberly Zhao & Julianna ;
This club will be used as a platform to help give advice to students at Francis Lewis High School. We will be talking about a range of topics such as AP classes, SAT's, and about the whole school experience overall. We want to help students reach their full potential and help them have a great high school experience.
American Red CrossMs. McCarthy Weds2:54 PM 937 5931 1273Angelina Ge
The Francis Lewis American Red Cross aims to teach students to protect life and health and to ensure respect for the human being. We aim to teach leadership skills, and lifesaving and preparedness training. As a community we can come together and help those around us.
Amnesty InternationalDr. CohenThurs3:40 PM971 3870 0797Nancy
Amnesty International is one of the largest human rights grassroots organizations. We work together to fight for human rights across the world that consists of LGBTQ+ equality, free speech, police violence, etc. We also fight for issues such as climate change and corporate accountability. Additionally, with so many conflicts occurring in 2020, I believe this club would be a great way to educate Francis Lewis students and bring more awareness to so many of the injustices that are happening at this time. In the club, we plan to create presentations every two weeks that tackle a specific injustice. Furthermore, keeping in mind that club activities are fully remote, we plan to have film screenings, panel discussions, debates, fish bowls, and information sessions. Not only do we aim to raise awareness of injustices through this club, but we also plan to take action. We plan to motivate one another to sign petitions, write letters to government officials, etc. As members of Amnesty, the actions that we take have saved lives, changed unfair laws, released wrongfully imprisoned individuals, and much more! By starting an Amnesty club at Francis Lewis, we will be gaining more support and together, we'll tackle more injustices occurring worldwide.
Asian American AllianceMr. ChiuTues
2:54 PM & 3:40 PM
926 3407 7982Kaysie
The AAA is an Asian American culture club that wants people to identify with it. Our community is supposed to be welcoming and supportive. The club is not exclusive to East Asians either. Our goal is to bring awareness that Indians, Filipinos, and Pacific Islanders are Asian too. Additionally, all students are invited to our club to learn more about a variety of Asian cultures!
Asian Food Culture ClubMs. ZhuTues3:40 PM979 1145 5808Cindy Yang & Tina
We are inviting everyone to learn about the delicious foods mostly ranging as snacks from the Asian cultures. We hope to bring clarity of new information, pave the way for a unique culture, and even implement more knowledge for discussions among the members of the club. Under remote learning, all club meetings will proceed using Zoom, and members will have the chance to interact with each other through fun weekly activities. These planned activities will consist of fun games from Trivia, Pictionary, and Charades to even movie nights. Members will also have the opportunity to travel virtually and explore new Asian countries and the great opportunities they offer.
Black and Latino Unity ClubMrs. RubioTues3:40 PM951 2997 2077Daniel
Our goal is to teach young black, latino and other students about the many parallels of Black and Latino history and culture, about how we have much more in common than we think, and how we should stick together to rise up as a people.
Book ClubMs. LarsenMon3:40 PM963 6696 9130
Leah Pakan and Katherine Gadayev &
At the Book Club we will be reading books that teach us important life lessons and great writing skills, but we are open to any book. We hope to engage in deep discussions about the book prompting higher levels of thinking.
Chess ClubMrs. MehtaThurs3:40 PM992 4006 6628Ryan
The FLHS Chess Club is a place where people come together to learn and enjoy the game of chess. We welcome all kinds of players, whether new, competitive, or casual. This game improves critical thinking and helps with decision making. We will play different variations of chess, hold tournaments, and most importantly, have fun!
Chinese ClubMs. LinFri4:00 PM919 6814 2751Hongjie
The Chinese Club will be a friendly place for Chinese students, immigrants and anyone interested in Chinese culture. We will help newcomers get used to the environment in the United States. Also, we will prepare a show for the Chinese Lunar New Year and International Festival to reveal Chinese culture by sharing students' talent and hobbies.
Citizen ScienceMs. ConklinMon4:00 PM952 5276 9374Ioanna
To volunteer and engage with the community members, school, human health and environmental issues. We will focus on the global goals which can be find in this link(
Coalition ZMs. WenkTues5:00 PM981 9149 9443
Abigail Niyazov & Kimberly Masaya &
Join Coalition Z to bridge the gap between Gen Z and our government! Be the change! Come to discuss local and national issues. Meet other students who values reflect those of our progressive generation and find out how you can bring change to our community!
Cooking ClubMs. RubioThurs3:40 PM914 5559 7191Stavros
Cooking club will allow students to learn and practice cooking and also baking different types of food, desserts, snacks, and more. Together, we can create and follow recipes and have a joined experience getting to know each other through foods. It will be a learning experience for everyone, no matter how skilled you are in cooking or baking. Everyone is able to participate from their own kitchen!
Current Events ClubMs. CimilloThurs3:00 PM918 5264 9367Livia
Current Events Club focuses on reviewing recent news stories and expressing opinions on controversial topics. It is a safe space to promote awareness and a place where students can have a voice. We speak out about not only the emotions we felt surrounding often personal/political issues, but also the actions we could take to help out. We started this club last year and hope to spread our message even further this year.
Detective ClubMs. SongThurs3:40 PM983 6535 6780Xinyue
Enrich virtual campus life, make a lot of friends share interests with each other and solve some mysteries!
Digital Art ClubMs. LarsenWeds3:40 PM938 8216 5354Jamie
DIY ClubMs. Xu Weds3:40 PM992 3738 8806Ziyi
Join our club to improve your hands-on craft ability, relax from studying and meet new people!
Double UpMs. ConklinWeds3:36 PM965 8517 1543Erin
The purpose of this club is to help bring the school community together, especially in the time that we are in right now. Double Up consists of upperclassmen mentor lowerclassmen/transfers in order to help them adjust into school. The mentors will be able to act as a lowerclassmen/transfer student's "older sibling". These mentors can guide these mentees as they enter Francis Lewis High School and help them enjoy the environment that the mentees will spend their next four years in. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, lowerclassmen/transfers may be more lost than ever and may be missing out on what Francis Lewis' spirit. This club can help give lowerclassmen/transfers friends, which are now harder to make since school is now mostly remote.
Drama ClubMrs. ContinoMon4:00 PM960 1920 4332Brant
To give students in our school an expressive outlet through performance and theatre. Learn about Shakespeare, story through performance, and improvisation, while presenting monologues and scenes, and meet new people through playing theatre games!
Eco ClubMs. FontanillaWeds3:40 PM968 3530 1892Heejoo
To spread awareness about our environment throughout our school community. Also to give volunteering hours to students! Even during this crisis, we want to help our environment in any way we can!
Empowering UsMs. GenovesiThurs3:45 PM950 0045 4422Yadira
This Club is based on empowering yourself and observing how influential people impact our generation . We will. talk about how different groups of people have brought themselves up from oppression and our slowing receiving media attention today. For instance, BLM, LGBTQ communities, and the Latino Community. Additionally, look at what we as students do to feel empowered: whether it be through self care, hobbies or other forms of arts.
English Intensity ClubMs. FreedmanTues3:40 PM998 9059 8661Thomas
The purpose of this club is to help the ELL students and non-natives students to learn advanced English and to focus on the grammar, vocabulary and listening.
FDA (Future Doctors Of America)Dr. Cohen Weds3:45 PM953 4001 1751Melena
This club is revolved around health and medicine. Students will learn about different professions in the medical field and colleges that will propel them in their chosen fields. Many fun activities can be done to aid students in learning about medicine and testing their knowledge. These include medical games, discussions about how to live healthier lifestyles, and presentations from professional guest speakers about their experiences working in the medical field.
FIDM Fashion ClubMr. KhanFri3:40 PM926 2399 4139Joyce
Interested in fashion? At Francis Lewis's Fashion Club, we make DIY projects! Last year, we made pillows, scrunchies, and engaged in fun activities. However, due to COVID-19, this year we will be virtual for the time being, BUT we will still have fun activities such as quick at-home fun projects! We will also expand and collaborate with other clubs! We will focus more on fashion- different types of fashion, fashion styles, brands, outfits to pair together, and more! Not only are we going to have fun together this year, but we'll get through this together with FIDM Fashion Club at FLHS!
Future Hands Mr. Chiu Thurs2:54 PM943 6476 6343Laurie
Where students from Freshman to Seniors are able to express their opinions on the college process. In addition, seniors who are experiencing this college process during this weird time, are able to give advice for the lower classmen and/or are able to help senior to senior. Join our club to get support during our new reality!
Game Dev ClubMr. AbregoMon4:00 PM917 4441 4949Henry
Gaming ClubMrs. DavisFri3:40 PM993 7858 5992Lang
Our Mobile Gaming club is dedicated to bringing students together that have similar interests: games. We know some students may find games as an escape from schoolwork and thus relieving stress. Students are able to meet new people and form new friendships from gaming.
Glamour GalsMs. FilipkowskiThurs3:40 PM966 8943 3761Ellen Loizou and Malavika Singh and
The purpose of Glamour Gals is to end elderly isolation by interacting with senior citizens and giving them makeovers. Under the given circumstances, such interactions will be conducted virtually. Generally, the purpose is make senior citizens feel like they are less alone.
Green TeamMs. WenkThurs4:00 PM953 9234 0436Kristin
Our goal for Green Team is to continue to make our school more eco friendly. Last year the school was able to receive new garbage and recycling bins. However this year we will being doing so remotely. We want to do this by educating student on current environmental issues and ways they could change their daily routine to help.
Hack ClubMs. PaloglouWeds3:00 PM976 5637 5000Betsy
You’ve stumbled across the Hack Club @ FLHS, a chapter of the international non-profit organization Hack Club! This is a club for everyone- from beginners to experts. We meet every Tuesday from 3-4:30PM EST to work on projects, learn more about coding, hangout and make new friends!
Hellenic Club
Ms. Katsanevas & Ms. Gioulos
Mon2:54 PM937 1122 6211Johnny
The purpose of the Hellenic Club is to educate the student body about Hellenism and share the Hellenic culture.
Helpers ClubMr. ChiuFri3:40 PM972 5353 2325Celina
Due to the COVID-19 situation we've realized that some students may have difficulty following along in class or need help with some homework. It's easier to fall behind or procrastinate when learning at home. Our goal is to create a community in which we could help one another with school work in order to improve together. This club would be an open space for students who need help but are afraid to bother their teacher. On days when there are no questions we would do SAT practice questions together since we will all eventually need to take the SATs and if there are Seniors, hopefully they would be able to share their experiences and guide us with the SAT prep.
Inspiring Inclusive Leaders Club
Ms. Verdecchia & Ms. Divella
Weds3:30 PM930 3056 9105Marc
To spread awareness to different types of disabilities that affect students in the school. Promote an inclusive and safe environment.
Intricate MindsMr. CotignolaThurs2:50 PM997 0118 3915Kelly
A psychology related club where we will be combining vocabulary and fun games, which will revolve around debates and social skills all in one session. Our focus is to establish an environment where members will feel more comfortable to speak their opinions after being made aware of psychological terms they demonstrate and through game conversations.
Japanese Club
Mrs. Kimura & Mr. Jorge
Tues2:54 PM916 3983 9602Yan
To discover and experience Japanese culture with students who interested in and spread awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the Japanese culture within the school for cultural diversity.
Jewish Club Mrs. Verstandig Thurs3:45PM951 5628 2105Leah Murdahayev
The purpose of this club is to educate the students of Francis Lewis highschool of the Jewish culture and religion. With Francis Lewis being known for its diversity, (and filled with many Jewish students and faculty) students will have the opportunity to learn about their classmates backgrounds through various guest speakers, food, trips, and more! This club can also help reduce anti semitism as students will learn about Jewish cultures and customs and all that it entails. Everyone is welcome to expand their knowledge on Judaism, the Hebrew language, and the importance of respecting all religions.
Junior States of America (JSA)Mr. PalladinoTues2:54 PM980 4346 6166Sandra
Focuses on improving debate and public speaking skills while learning about government and current events.
Key ClubMs. A KimMon4:30 PM934 8678 2526Katelyn
Key Club is an international, non-profit organization that provides its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership. Despite the ongoing pandemic, we have been presenting our members with various virtual volunteering opportunities so that they can obtain service hours and make a lasting impact on the community.
Kpop & Urban Dance Club (KUD Club)Ms. J KimThurs2:54 PM975 2232 7912Erin
UD Club aims to empower and instill a sense of self-confidence and individuality in students through dance. Another main goal for this year is to overcome the obstacle that COVID poses by maintaining teamwork and a sense of community online. We will learn choreographies from urban dance studios like 1M, as well as cover K-pop dances. It is very important for our members to have fun!
LGBTQ+ ClubMs. Genovesi Fri3:40 PM937 9798 8897Faustina
This club is here to help bring awareness of currently LGBTQ+ topics within the community. We want to provide everyone with more LGBT history and to help people see how far we have come in society. We also serve the purpose to be an open and safe place for not only LGBTQ+ members but straight people and anyone else like POC/Minorities or even people who are struggling to identify themselves. In this club we want to create a support system for people as well as reach out and educate everyone a little bit more on this community.
Makeup ClubMs. AllenMon2:54 PM926 4428 0091Jordana
Math ClubMr. ChiuFri3:00 PM956 2363 8509Yuqi
Motivate students' interest in learning mathematics, discuss daily classwork, and challenge some difficult problems. Sometimes, we will hold some presentations about math topics and do related interesting activities.
Medical ExplorersMrs.O’ConnellMon1:22 PM934 4101 1826Stephen
The medical explorers club will dive deep into medical research and laboratory experiments. We will also discuss various first aid protocols, bioethics, and different medical professions that may be right for you. Our club is moldable and considers all club members interests in the medical field to create activities and discuss valuable knowledge tailored to you.
Medical MindsMs. Franza Thurs3:00 PM927 0776 8965Jenna
We plan to invite many different types of donors, nurses, P.As', dentists, the zoom meeting and have them explain to the students' details and personal examples of what their field requires them to do. The purpose is to help many students understand what each field does and possibly inspire them to choose their career path to be in the medical field.
Mental Health ClubMs.KoppelMon3:00 PM981 5331 4078Mishaal Pirzadampir7823@flhs.usWe will talk about how to
Mindfulness and Meditation Club
Ms. Vaggelas & Ms. Guzman
Thurs3:40 PM913 5398 1251Gennivie
The Mindfulness and Meditation Club welcomes students to gather in a safe and relaxed environment. Students will have the opportunity to engage in activities that will help them with goal setting and decision making related to social relationships and academia. The club also offers strategies on how to cope with stress and how to prepare for the future. Additionally, it is a fun way to socialize and grow.
Model United Nations (MUN)Ms. WenkMon3:40 PM916 0583 3220Sivana
Model UN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and its other multilateral bodies where students perform an ambassador role while debating topics such as gender equality, climate action, global health, and more. We compete for titles as such as "Best Delegate" within the club and at events with schools from all over the United States! Join to improve your public speaking, research and writing skills, learn about global current events and make new friends!
Musicians Of FLHSMr. DelucaMon3:40 PM
694 613 6392 PW: jxV3m1
The goal of this club is to have musicians from flhs come together and pick a song/piece of music, learn the music, record videos of them playing their part of the music, and send it to the president to edit the music together. Essentially, musicians will be making music together through technology. Any musician who enjoys playing music is completely welcome to join, as well as students who are good with video/music editing software. Music will be written for those who need it.
Muslim Student AssociationMs. ArshadMon4:00 PM968 5444 7929Sevval Ozmen & Ayla,
To provide a safe place for people of all religions and backgrounds to come and discuss worldly matters and the issues going on around the world. As well as to provide students with a place where they feel welcomed and comfortable.
No Place for HateMs. BarnesThurs2:54 PM915 3308 0392Huy
It is a youth esteem building club that provides a safe environment for all. Our focus is to eradicate bullying, bigotry, prejudice and discrimination. Our Mission: We are committed to be a school that has NO PLACE FOR HATE; a school that fosters unity and respect for all, a place where a student can feel safe enough to ask for help whenever it is needed.
Paper BridgesMs. Kato-LiuThurs3:40 PM982 6236 8017Anna Chen & Qin &
Paper Bridges is dedicated to helping orphans, foster children, and other vulnerable kids around the world by empowering the community to take action. We send handwritten letters and emotional support to orphanages to share love and hope, as well as create educational material, provide tutoring, and send care packages to vulnerable children. This club will also help the members of the club by building on skills of communication, becoming more knowledgeable about what occurs around them, and enable them to take actions upon matters they feel strongly about.
Philosophy ClubDr. KeilWeds3:40 PM741 099 5601Victoria
At the FLHS Philosophy Club, we will explore the wonders of philosophy by learning about older philosophical texts, connecting them to the real world through the analysis of contemporary films, and discussing our thoughts about these ideas, as well as if and how they’re applicable to society today. Our mission is to connect the past and the present through a parallel created by cinema and to make our own discoveries and determinations about important & defining life questions, as well as building upon those of others.
Psychology and Mental Health ClubMs. J KimyagarovThurs3:40 PM968 2602 3734Maheen
Puzzle ClubMs. A KimTues3:40 PM94534247103Yewen
During this difficult period of time, we want to give a place that full of people that have same interests. We can communicates experiences and work together to solve puzzles. We recommend members to play Rubik's cube, puzzles of pictures (online app), Sudoku (online app), and various Burr puzzles.
Remote BuddiesMr. ChingTues4:00 PM942 0053 7929Sharon
This is a virtual club where students volunteer to help mentor children grades K-8, while also building more experience for the future opportunities. Students that have attended this volunteer program outside of school this summer are very interested to bring it into our school as it was a fun learning experience. As we all know, the majority of the students attending K-8 cannot receive after-school tutoring, nor can they really socialize, thus this program is a great opportunity for them to get the help they might need.
Road to HealthcareMs. Zhu J Weds3:40 PM966 2434 1709.Gabriela
Road to Healthcare strives to offer educational guidance to students interested in pursuing various health occupations. Our club also offers an insight into current world health concerns, connecting people with similar interests, discussing the evolution of heath, and more!
Science OlympiadsMs. ArshadThurs4:00 PM995 0167 7803Benjamin
To promote science and compete with other schools in science olympiads tournaments!!
Seekers Christian Fellowship ClubMr. ChiuThurs3:40 PM913 3286 9405Priya
The Seekers Christian Fellowship Club welcomes everyone from different backgrounds. It serves to be a place where they can seek God and grow with one another in the Christian faith. Students can come to destress after having a long day.
South Asian Student AssociationMs. JaipershadTues3:40 PM921 3282 6494Vishva
In our club we want to spread and learn more about our rich South Asian culture. Moreover, having discussions about social issues that occur in that region will educate others about them and hopefully we can make a change in our school. Fun activities will be held virtually to learn about the music, food, festivals, and media. Our main goal is to create a community and learn about the culture.
STEMattersMs. A Jing ZhuThurs3:40 PM947 4009 0420Tamanna
In our club, we will tutor and help students with their STEM courses. Given the current situation, a lot of students are not getting the academic help that they are in need of, so we are trying to provide them with a friendly and convenient way to seek for any kind of STEM course related help. All of the tutors are current students so it would be easier for the students to relate to the tutors in terms of finding the best method of retaining and understanding their courses. Tutors will also get volunteer hours, and the members could also be tutors.
Student Culture Team (SCT) Ms. SilvaMon5:00 PM920 2653 2369Advisor:
Taekwondo ClubMs. MillerWeds2:08 PM997 8371 6200Nadia
This club is to make sure all the students stay fit during covid and quarantine. we will have meditation days, so we can cleanse our minds from all the stress from remote school by practicing the manners of the martial arts. lastly, we will be practicing our demo routines in case school opens back up and we perform for a festival.
TCSTEM (Teach Children STEM)Ms. KhemlaniMon3:40 PM940 0912 4544Joseph
Teach Children STEM is a high school and college run, developing non-profit program created to provide underprivileged children with a STEM education yearlong, primarily during the summer, and startle their curiosity for STEM. Our goal is really to provide free STEM education to students all across the world regardless of social and economic backgrounds. We offer free online courses, local workshops and activities, webinars with famous people, and tutoring services for grades K-11 on different fields in STEM. Introducing STEM knowledge to students at an early age helps startle their curiosity for science and motivates them to tackle modern-day problems. Due to COVID-19 this year we were unable to host live courses physically at community centers, so we have developed two online initiatives (TCSURGE and TCSPARK) to continue developing and expanding our services to society.
The Luzuriaga FoundationMs. E KimThurs3:40 PM943 8427 8140Stacey
This club is based on The Luzuriaga Foundation. It’s members will be writing and mailing letters to homeless children in the United States. They will get 30 minutes of volunteer hours for each letter they write and mail.
The Scratchers - DIY Video GamesMr. Shiue Weds2:54 PM970-3940-0176Santhosh
Scratch is a free online software that can be used to create epic games with simple and basic code blocks. To use scratch go to, create a free account, and enter your email where it asks you and that's it. With scratch, you can create your characters and objects or you can use premade ones for free. And the more you practice with scratch the more things you can do. soon you will be able to create cloud games and multiplayer games and even 3d games. You can even add free program extensions to unlock even more possibilities like camera motion tracking, sound generators, musical instruments, and even a voice box with a multilingual translate. But scratch is not just for creators but also can play billions of games that other creators made. And scratch is not just for games but you can also create animations, music, art, interactive science presentations, simulations, and if you get certain free extensions it will convert your scratch block program into actual programming languages like java or python.scratch even offers free tutorials and during club periods I will also be providing DIY basic games and tutorials.
The Superduper Art ClubMs. CardonaTues3:40 PM960 9252 9436Yan
To create a community where everyone can produce and share artworks in various mediums while sharing motivation and forming connections with people who have similar interests.
TravelersMs. CardonaMon3:40 PM972 6599 6831Winfred
The purpose of our club is to expand students' horizons and understanding of culture. We wish to go on virtual tours of museums which will be hosted online so students can get a better understanding of what beautiful art is present throughout the world. Next, with the development of world issues, our club is committed to spreading positivity throughout. Due to the pandemic, we will be hosting all community service as virtual ones. These community services that will be attended virtually!
UNICEF ClubMonsieur HurdMon3:40 PM959 7864 6446Nuzhat
The UNICEF Club is an initiative that partners with the U.S Fund for UNICEF to advocate, educate, and fundraisers to support UNICEF’s work. It is a youth-led movement rooted in a belief that students have a vital role to play in helping the world’s children survive.
Virtual Checkers Club Ms. Wilcox Mon2:08 PM987 4999 9860Daniel Shelon
Checkers is fun and easy, and in these uncertain times, a simple game can go a long way. Participants would play a best 2/3 game of checkers where the winner would advance in the tournament until we would crown the tournament winner. Those who lost their games would play for fun against those who also lost their games. Checkers can be very educational; it improves cognitive skills, and helps to teach statistics (probability and chance).
Young Entrepreneurship ClubMs. ZhuTues3:40 PM935 5923 2194Rhia
The young entrepreneurship club is based on inventing, collaborating, and researching essential environmental as well as business ideas. There are a variety of free online digital competitions that are based on submitting videos of innovations that are vital towards major global issues throughout the world (ex. Preventative devices that stop carbon monoxide leaks). The whole club would introduce a friendly environment that involves no judged creativity and mindfulness. The overall main purpose of this club is to introduce unique creations that inspire one to incorporate teamwork and attentiveness to minor details in the world. Everyone is entitled to express their feelings into new creations that can possibly bring change to the environment!