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TimestampProject NameWebsitePlans for the Dev CampName of contact personContact addressMain locationPeople that want to participate
1/19/2012 10:54:28Indoor Positioning a working prototype that allows Wifi fingerprinting on an Android device, matching of fingerprints on a server instance and locate other phones.Dirk Jäckel!/dirkjaeckelBerlin4
1/29/2012 16:48:55bismo ( BIg Screen MOderator ) will be a service running on Android Devices with big screens ( Tablet / GTV ) where the watching crowd can vote for the content displayed
ligi c-base3
1/29/2012 17:35:46c-base lightcontrol light control within the mainhall of the c-base spacestation. Can be used for other locations as well. Rewrite this app in a way that uses features that came with Android 3.Benjamin Weiss, c-base
1/29/2012 17:47:31heroldImplement an ETA, ETD and who for the c-base spacestation. Users of this app can see which user is at the c-base at the moment.Benjamin Weiss, c-base
1/29/2012 17:53:02c-out a user to speak messages that can be shouted via a stationary announcement system in any hackerspace. Give the existing project a general UI overhaul. Also using Fragments and saving recent messages is part of the plan for this weekend.Benjamin Weiss, c-base
1/30/2012 0:54:45HIS Mobilehttp://www.atsolutions.proAndroid application in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript allowing scientist the ability to upload data to an instance of the Cuahsi HIS (Hydrologic Information System) datastore through the ModularMVC framework.Jason TorgrimsonTwin Falls, IdahoTwin Falls High School
2/4/2012 20:57:10Taxi Call proposal is for a system that leverages the use of GPS facility on Android phones through Internet to another device or Android phone. The app is mainly for the calling of taxis but can be used for other commercial purposes of advertising. It should be able to get its own location, using GPS and Google Maps and advertise it to devices in the area offering a service either in the same area or another specific area of choice chosen by the sender.Sam MbaleRichmond GTUGLondon, United Kingdom
2/7/2012 12:39:23Gricalwww.grical.orgGrical is a free-software, free-data platform for events, where the users introduce events and they can see all interesting events for them that are going to happening.
Our Android-App will be show all (or a selection of) events that can be visited in the near, with their location on a map, with a cute and easy-to-use interface and capabilities to introduce new events, modify them, comment on them, etc.
José Garridojose.garrido@arcor.deBerlin
2/7/2012 19:20:18List-Of-Listshttp://alfafox.infoMy project is a simple and versatile List-Of-Lists app for to-do-lists, shopping-lists, packing-lists and more.

I have already done market research. Most list apps are not flexible enough or far to complicated (many include time-management) and have not enough scalability versatility and usability.

So far the best app in the market is ListMaster. I contacted the developer, but he is not interested to overhauling his app to gain greater versatility and scalability and less complexity.

I will use my experience with ListMaster for defining the specifications of my lists-of-lists app.

At the devcamp I want to write the specification and create a presentation of my app and I hope to meet some experienced Android developers who can help me with the app development.
Dr. Andreas Leo Faulstichalf@alfafox.infoBerlin
2/9/2012 6:51:21Sorry I'm TravellingThe idea is simple, An android app that notify the user who is making a call to the person if the person is travelling or not and may be he can call later.

(further plans can be discussed with teams)
Isaac John Wesleyisaacjohnwesley@gmail.comChennai - India
2/10/2012 6:25:15Sudoku GameGet the project goingRajendranChennaiChennai
2/10/2012 13:01:14TodoMeAcquire the knowledge needed to develop this application.JOSE FRANCOjoffranco@gmail.comArgentina
2/11/2012 5:33:29Automating Student QueriesTo acquire some knowledge to fine tune my project upto the industry standardAbdul hussainzilogic systems, thiruvanmiyurthiruvanmiyur chennai
2/12/2012 8:30:51Instant Cloud Infrastructure Provision for Android Powered Mobile DevicesEstablish connection between a mobile device(probably an emulators ) and android server( a live android set up on a vm ware ESXi server) and hence offload an application to the server.Santoshsandyorbit@rocketmail.comCoimbatore.
2/12/2012 10:30:49Android mobile to PC communicationTo connect the PC with Android mobile and be able to communicate with each other.Mathioli Ramalingam1/34, Ponnammal Street, Kumaran Colony, Vadapalani, ChennaiChennai
2/12/2012 14:19:15A location based alarm clockI plan to implement the GUI and the basic logic to have the app running in the 2 days.Jaffer SathikChennaiChennai
2/12/2012 14:30:27Money Trackerhttp://moneytracker.heroku.comMoney tracker is a web application to track the expenses you make as part of a team. The idea of this project is to make an android app to work with the existing web app.Satyaram B Vbvsatyaram@gmail.comVelachery, Chennai
2/12/2012 17:12:27child tracking system using androidinteract with other android developers

want to know about their projects, work, and coding stuff..
Manish kumar Kmanishxp@gmail.comJaya engineering college
2/12/2012 19:15:54Short.lyDaily news in short form. People are in the need to know daily news quickly. Need to change the way the daily news is being read in devices...Thamizharasu Szarub2k@gmail.comChennai
2/13/2012 6:51:24home guardrajeechand123@gmail.comWant to acquire knowledge about secure access of mobile devices and wish to develop a project that is used to alert theft in our house while we are out of station. RAJA RAJESWARI.Crajeechand123@gmail.comandroid device
2/13/2012 9:08:48SingAlongKaraoke app - The app will play karaoke tracks and the lyrics will be displayed according to the time. It lets the user to sing along with the song and the user can choose to record it if he wants.Mukundmukund@festalize.comChennai
2/13/2012 12:44:29Pivo+ would love to release first versionLadislav Gazoladislav.gazo@gmail.comProgress Bar Bratislava
2/13/2012 13:32:37Lookman CRMTo acquire some knowledge from the developers and sharing current trends about the android.Krishnakumarmailtorajvel@gmail.comChennai
2/13/2012 13:51:51Rage BuilderBuild an efficient Rage comic builder which is treanding a lot now and connect facebook and twitter sharing with it...Bharath@immacrazybratChennai
2/13/2012 18:24:01Genda MaasoIn Kampala, both citizens, tourists and travelers are being charged highly by motorcyclist, taxes to their destination point, "Genda Maaso" a Luganda phrase meaning GO AHEAD is an Android App to Guide the tourist to their way, Implement a working prototype that allows a device(phone) to calculate a tourist's mileages and aware about the fair charges for it to the heading destination, indicate a weather forecast in that place, track current position of the user, Possibly the App should also show the mapped infrastructure like hotels near by, incase of tourist, it should show the mapped tourist attraction sites in uganda, scope(kampala, Jinja) , "Genda Maaso, TourUganda getting smarter"Sekabira, Tel: +256772062954, c/o Makerere university, SCITgtug-Kampala, Kampala, Uganda
2/14/2012 15:55:53FriendsToAlbumRelease first version of applicationRadik Fattakhovradik@gtugs.orgKazan, Russia
2/14/2012 16:58:03Yellow Matrix expect to compare my project with other projects
To get a view of the users of my application
To know how to extend and make my project better
To get ideas on existing projects by expert developers
Kakande Michaelkakandem45@gmail.comSoliz House, 4th Floor
2/15/2012 11:45:00Profile - Owww.kumaran.comPlanned to implement this projectPon Rajkumar GKumaran Systems Pvt Ltd. "A" North Wing ,V Floor,TIDEL Park, Taramani,Chennai - 600113, INDIA.Chennai
2/15/2012 12:16:23pre-detour app for traffic congestionto gain more knowledge on android platform, more suggestions and ideas on my projectmaheshan m
2/15/2012 12:38:15dimentia patient support applicationworking and programing about accelrometer7200629795gudvachery, kanchipuram dttidal park
2/15/2012 12:46:33android wifi p2p networkingmore knowledge and innovative ideasashwanth L2,1st cross st west c.i.t nagarchennai
2/15/2012 12:56:47protein structureinnovative ideas and more knowledgedeepthi Gsrinivasapuram near honda showroomhyderabad
2/16/2012 11:56:48Compare My DinnerGet a working prototype with basic graphics that queries a REST API. Have the basic idea in mind, which I will publish Friday on

I don't have much experience with Android myself but I do have Java experience and plan to collaborate whatever I can.
Tarcio Saraiva3/32 Queens RoadAustralia
2/16/2012 13:38:41Facebook Profile Live WallpaperIdea is to bring Your Facebook stories,feeds,photos right into wallpaper with live wallpaper feature. maybe interact with fb directly from wallpaper like update wall,comments etc.
@camp- release first version and explore further ideas
2/16/2012 15:04:01G-Slate ICS PortI'd like to port Ice Cream Sandwich for the Honeycomb based LG G-Slate.
My goal is to get a fully booting device and hopefully get some WiFi-connection.
Tim Messerschmidttimmesserschmidt@gmail.comC-Base Berlin
2/16/2012 15:51:42Lyrics WidgetI hope to create a simple home screen widget that will display lyric snippets at random. These lyrics will be fetched at random using a suitable web-based API. Clicking the widget will display the full lyrics in an app. User-definable settings and hard-coded strategies to determine the lyrics to be fetched will be designed and implemented.Mohsin, Australia
2/16/2012 16:39:52c_tationscntrl an Android-client, that can maybe be OSC-based for controlling light (and all the stuff that can be hooked up to the hardware).

Maybe write a better version of the server
ijonijon@hackerfleet.orgberlin, c-base
2/16/2012 21:50:48Chainsaw SushiHow to code in order to take advantage of the accelerometer and gyroscope to augment a game.David RoseThatdave at gmailHartford Ct
2/17/2012 2:56:58Bunk ScoreAn app that records bunks(missed classes) of the user effectively and displays warnings when the user nears a limit.Anirudh Sanirudh24seven@gmail.comTiruchirapalli
2/17/2012 7:29:56Score WidgetWant to develop a widget which updates cricket scores or any other similar match. Also a system to send a notification when a wicket falls. Should be configurable. A user might want a notification at the end of every 10 overs etc. But this is just an idea. Do not have android development experienceYathibm.yathi@gmail.comChennai
2/17/2012 11:56:41On My Wayhttp://porknbunny.comA convenient way to find shops on the way. Ericeric@porknbunny.comMelbourne, Australia
2/17/2012 12:36:56TuxDroid want to bring the goodness of Tuxpaint stamps to the Android (device) tablet for the benefit of children learning.

Engaging children(3-7 Yrs) in learning with the best stamp collection presented in a fun way by leveraging the Android platform’s rich media capabilities like sound effects and high quality images.
Gopinath Prathapaneni#108, house#4, New Thippasandra market, Bangalore.Bangalore
2/17/2012 13:27:22Android Trello BoardDevelop a trello client for andoid. Firenze-gtug
2/17/2012 13:33:31Synch MusicThis app would enable different Android users synchronize their playing of a particular common music file at the same time so that both of them are able to listen to the same music on their phone. This could be extended to help many people to listen to the same music at the same time but in their respective android phones without the need for phones to have louder speakers.Anirudh Sanirudh24seven@gmail.comTiruchirapalli
2/17/2012 13:56:10MultiPlayerLabyrinth want to program a multi player version of the known game labyrinth. We want to use andengine for the game engine and we will aim to let a ball jump from one device to another at the end of the weekendSteve Liedtkesliedtke57@googlemail.comBremen
2/17/2012 14:00:43EventInviterLearn how to develop an android based mobile app which users can use to invite people for events by using bulk sms service without users having to go companies like TrueAfrican which offer bulk sms services but instead use their mobile to enter numbers to receive sms invitations and making the payment through paypal integrated in the application. With this app no need to go to companies which offer bulk sms services but rather do everything on phone at any time and any where.Pichan the camp
2/17/2012 14:29:28Eclipse UOMo type safety to the relatively gross and low-level Android Sensor API by using UOMo, built on top of ICU4J (already part of all Android runtimes;-)

We plan to create an improved OpenIntent model like on SensorModel and improve it with UOMo to make those (using double or other primitive types) type safe. Allowing the creation of a reusable (OI) intent for sensor display and conversion into other unit systems, e.g. Celsius to Fahrenheit for TemperatureModel.
Werner Keiluomo@catmedia.usFrankfurt
2/17/2012 20:45:40EtherDroid to read an Etherpad Lite, then maybe to edit it.Roristinfo@fixme.chFIXME Hackerspace, Lausanne, Switzerland
2/17/2012 22:08:26wheelmap-androidhttp://wheelmap.orgPort of an existing wheelmap-android client into Fragments. Michal Harakalmichal.harakal@googlemail.comFrankfurt
2/18/2012 5:58:38Uninstall ReminderI'm writing an application that will remind users when a purchased app is about to become ineligible for a refund on the Android Market.Andrew Kellygadc@swizel-studios.comSydney Australia
2/18/2012 16:29:56MoneyBeamWe're going to use the PayPal Mobile-Payment-SDK to beam around some moneyTim Messerschmidttimmesserschmidt@googlemail.comBerlin c-base
2/18/2012 17:22:08pharmacies on guardWe are going to make an app to search for open pharamacies on guard (all-night) around on the main cities of ArgentinaSebastian Serranosebastian.serrano@gmail.comLa Plata, Argentina
2/18/2012 18:03:39Gidly Local multi-player game where players capture a sequence of squares on a grid using dice roll combinations.Jason TorgrimsonTwin Falls, IdahoTwin Falls High School
2/18/2012 21:25:01dokoplayImplement a music player with playlists changing according to geolocation or time.Douglas Drumonddouglas@eee19.comSao Paulo/Brazil
2/19/2012 4:42:47Unsharable.me to anyone whose played Apples to Apples, the idea behind is to pose a funny question and get bizarre answers. The app provides a question such as "What is the dumbest thing in your house?" and your Facebook friends have to go upload picture solutions. The person who posed the question gets to judge the right answer so beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Michael Sergiomikeserg@gmail.comSan Francisco
2/19/2012 5:04:26Wiki TV Torralba and Elizabeth Mezias are creating a wikipedia browser to show the photo of the day, geo-tagged and featured articles from wikipedia on the screen.

Users can pick a day and display the photo of the day for that day from Wikipedia. They can review those photos for the last 20 days. The featured articles for the last 20 days on Wikipedia are also available to see in this app in the same way.

Another feature allows users to type in a location and find articles near that place.
Elizabeth MeziasSF GTUG, 923 Market Street, SF, CA United States
2/19/2012 6:16:07Sharing position of Image recognitionPlace the tag of QCAR in the room.
We use the recognition function of QCAR then, to recognize the tag.
It's determine the coordinates of the user from the tags it recognizes.
Uploaded to the Web site coordinates, and then share with other users on the Web.
Tries using its coordinates for AR using GPS could not be realized.
Takao Sumitomo!/cattaka_netJapan
2/19/2012 6:54:52Facebook Profile Live WallpaperSet a Live wallpaper from your facebook photos that changes randomly after certain time chosen by user.
Make a status update from the wallpaper itself.
prashenjeet biswasprasanhi5@gmail.comGTUG Chennai
2/19/2012 10:11:16SmartCycleThe project team plans to create a prototype version of our handsfree navigation Android app. The app makes use of the SmartWatch to allow user to navigate his way without the requirement of holding the smartphone in his hand. This is useful in situations when the user is not able to physically hold the smartphone like during running, cycling, etc. This project requires the extensive use of the Google Android SDK and Sony Smart Extension SDK mashup with Google Maps API, Google Geocoding API and Google Directions API. The prototype application utilizes our unique multi touch concept to switch between 3 different views for

1) Next action to take in the navigation route (Eg. Turn Left, Go Straight)
2) Current Location
3) Distance from final destination
Darren Seetdarren.seet@gmail.comKyoto, Japan
2/19/2012 10:44:20SIDSinhala Dictionary for android. This Dictionary have around 40, 000 of meanings.Kalindu Priyadarshanakalee148@gmail.comColombo (SL GTUG)
2/19/2012 10:49:27Lanka GateThis application give user to access all e-Government service.Charith Madusankacharithccmc@gmail.comColombo (SL GTUG)
2/19/2012 12:56:33Emotion Map’ve challenged to make app to break the barrior of age and language. The name of application is Emotion Map. Our application has following features.
- You can express your emotion with face mark.
- You can make a face mark with handwriting
For example, probably you want to share your emotion with others after watching movie. You can share your emotion with others using our application.
Yusuke Sawamurafwvillage@gmail.comKyoto
2/19/2012 19:50:31Maze ToyA simple ball-in-a-maze toy. Adding click/touch interaction. Hiromi Ono14 Wildflower Dr.United States
2/20/2012 1:51:24SmartWatch NavWe are trying to build an application that will help end user get to a destination by showing notification on his SmartWatch about duration and distance while walking or driving to a destination point. 5148063721ramzi.maalej@gmail.comMontreal, Canada
2/20/2012's a description of what I did achieve during the weekend:

Name of app: PhotoFlip
Category: SmartWatch
Brief Description: Display a slideshow of photos fetched from the web. Define a new "flip" interface interaction gesture by interpreting raw accelerometer coordinates. Make use of vibration API to inform the user photos are looping.

If you're wearing the watch on your right wrist, perform the flip gesture by rotating your wrist outwards away from you and back in. This will advance to the next picture. The images get fetched from the web each time you advance, and they get cached in memory if you loop through them again. When you feel the vibration, that means you've gone through all the pictures.

The list of images gets downloaded from a fixed URL; the returned HTTP body is split up on newlines and each one is treated as a resource to fetch on demand.

This app is built from a modified version of the SampleSensorExtension provided by Sony.
Peter Jenkinsgadc2012@peter.thinknormal.comNYC
2/20/2012 12:01:47Tic Tac Toe I want to learn creating apps in google app engine .
I want to learn how to create android apps that can use data from the
google app engine
chanakyasri arshitha pg ,mono type ,bhanshankari ,bangalore ,karnataka Bangalore
2/20/2012 12:45:08Sudoku GeniusPort.comIt is a game application.It is user friendly and we can aceess in Network alsoDHEERAJ GIROTIthulsiram PG rupeena agrahara nera silk board,bangaloreBangalore
2/20/2012 13:41:52Harvesterhttp://harvester.suchy.czGather various card collections. Keep track of card statistics and exchange history. Organize your cards along with card ratings. Trade cards on global market or exchange them with your friends.

This app is first android collectible trading game, which can by played by two or more players. The app offers card collections related to interesting places, famous people and incredible gadgeds.

Card colors represents card rarity. There is three color system, gold for very rare cards, silver for unusual cards and white for common cards.
Michal Feltlfeltl.michal@gmail.comPrague
2/20/2012 18:07:08Deala Near MeTo get the the most awesome app by the end of the weekend :)Ankit Maheshwari468 ,Sector 14,Vasundhara Ghaziabad - +919452063696Bangalore,India
6/18/2012 15:33:25Blood BankNeed to create an Android App to create a Blood Bank App,Siva KumarChennaiChennai
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