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StateAuthorYearTitleJournalIssueClassFamilySpeciesEnvironmentHabitatMethodTechniquesPurposeDisciplineKeywordsFlume lengthFlume widthFlow depthFlow typeVelocity rangeSedi typeSedi sourceWater sourceAnimal sourceAcclimatisationLocationLatitudeLongitude
FINChapin FS, Walker BH, Hobbs RJ, Hooper JU, Lawton JH, Sala OE, Tilman D1997Biotic controls on the functioning of ecosystemsScience277: 500 - 503AllReviewMultiBioirrigation, Bioturbation, Biodeposition
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FINAckerman JD, Loewen MR, Hamblin PF2001Benthic-pelagic coupling over a zebra mussel reef in western Lake ErieLimnology and Oceanography46: 892 - 904BivalveDreissena sp.LakeLakeFieldbiogenic flowsMulticoncentration boundary layer,near North Harbour Island, western Lake Erie41.80817277478235-82.80258178710938
FINMorad MR, Khalili A, Roskosch A, Lewandowski J2010Quantification of pumping rate of Chironomus plumosus larvae in natural burowsAquatic Ecology44: 143 - 153Insect larvaeChironomidChironomus plumosusLakeAquariaPIV, flow visualisationBioirrigationBiological Science0.250.005Still-waterField collected, sievedField collectedField collected
FINRoskosch A, Lewandowski J, Bergmann R, Wilke F, Brenner W, Buchert R2010Identification of transport processes in bioirrigated muddy sediments by [18F]fluoride PET (Positron Emission Tomography)Applied Radiation and Isotopes68: 1094 - 1097Chironomus plumosusLakeAquariaTracer, Positron Emission Tomography, PETBioirrigationBiological ScienceAdvection, 0.058 di0.058 di0.05Still-waterN/AmudField collectedField collected
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FINSvensson JM1998Emission of N2O nitrification and denitrification in a eutrophic lake sediment bioturbated by Chironomus plumosusAquatic Microbial Ecology14: 289 - 299Insect larvaeChironomidChironomus plumosusLakeBioturbationBiological ScienceNitrification, Biogeochemistry, 0.044 di0.044 diStill-waterN/AField collectedField collectedField collected
FINDavis RB1974Stratigraphic effects of tubificids in profundal lake sedimentsLimnology and Oceanography19: 466 - 488Annelid wormOligochaeteTubificidsLakeAquariaTracers, experimental sedimentBioturbationBiological ScienceFaeces, sediment transport, destabilisation, pollenStill-waterField collected, cookedField collected
FINDe Haas EM, Kraak MHS, Koelmans AA, Admiraal W2005The impact of sediment reworking by opportunistic chironomids on specialised mayfliesFreshwater Biology50: 770 - 780Insect larvaeChironomidChironomus ripariusLakeAquariamicrocosmBioturbationBiological Scienceoxygenation, biogeochemistry, ecosystem engineering, porosityMudField collectedField collectedLaboratory reared
FINFukuhara H1987The effect of tubificids and chironomids on particle redistribution of lake sedimentEcological Research2: 255 - 264Insect, annelid wormChironomids, tubificidChironomus plumosus, LimnodrilusLakeAquariasediment coreBioturbationBiological Sciencewater content, porosity0.750.75still-watersieved, driedField collectedDistilled waterField collected22d
FINGallepp GW1979Chironomid influence on phosphate release in sediment-water micocosmEcology69: 557 - 566Chironomus riparius, Chironomus tentansLakeAquariamicrocosmBioturbationEnvironmental ScienceBiogeochemistry, phosphorous, biodeposition, nutrient fluxStill-waterN/A< 2 mmField collectedField collectedLaboratory cultured21 d
FINGoedkoop W, Peterson M2003The fate, distribution, and toxicolofy of Lindane in tests with Chironomus riparius: effects of bioturbation and sediment organic matter contentEnvironmental Toxicology and Chemistry22: 67 - 76Insecta ChironomidsChironomus ripariusLakeAquariaDensity manipulationBioturbationEnvironmental Sciencepollution, lindane, pesticidesStill-waterSand, kaolin clay, peat, CaCO3ArtificialArtificial freshwater (M7-medium)Laboratory reared30d
FINGosselin A, Hare L.2003Burrowing behaviour of Chaoborus flavicans larvae and its ecological significanceJournal of the North American Benthological Society22: 575 - 581Insecta DipteraChaoborus flavicansLakeAquariaTracer, X-ray, videographyBioturbationEnvironmental Science0.130.06Still-waterField collectedLake waterField collected10d, +3d
FINKrezoski JH, Robbins JA, White DS1984Dual radiotracer measurement of zoobenthos-mediated solute and particle transport in freshwater sedimentsJournal of Geophysical Research89: 7937 - 7947Stylodrilus heringianus, Pontoporeia hoyiLakeAquaria137-Cs, tracerBioturbationEnvironmental SciencePorosity, collectedField collected2000 hrs
FINLagauzére S, Pischedda L, Cuny P, Gilbert F, Stora G, Bonzom J-M2009Influence of Chironomus riparius (Diptera, Chironomidae) and Tubifex tubifex (Annelida, Oligochaeta) on oxygen uptake by sediments. Consequences of uranium contaminationEnvironmental Pollution157: 1234 - 1242Insect larvae, Annelid wormChironomid, TubificidaeChironomus riparius, Tubifex tubifexLakeAquariaOxygen microelectrode probeBioturbationBiological ScienceUranium, Pollution, biogeochemistry, oxygen0.10.1Still-waterField collected, sievedField collected, filteredLaboratory reared, commercially purchased2 mo, +12 d
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FINSaarinen M, Taskinen J2003Burrowing and crawling behaviour of three species of Unionidae in FinlandJournal of Molluscan Studies69: 81 - 86BivalveUnionid clamAnodonta piscinalis, Pseudonodonta complanata, Unio pictorumLakeAquariaBioturbationBiological scienceBurrowing behaviour, Lake Alvajärvi, Lake Palokkajärvi, Lake Saravesi, Lake Tuomiojärva63.38790725.4580695
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FINSvensson JM.1997Influence of Chironomus plumosus larvae on ammonium flux and denitrification (measured by the acetylene blockage- and the isotope pairing-technique) in eutrophic lake sedimentHydrobiologia346: 157 - 168Insect larvaeChironomidChironomus plumosusLakeAquariaMesocosmBioturbationBiological ScienceNutrient cycling, oxygen, denitification, nitrogen, ammonium0.044 di0.044 diStill-waterN/AField collectedField collected
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FINCaliman A, Leal JF, Esteves FA2007Functional bioturbator diversity enhances benthic-pelagic processes and properties in experimental microcosmsJournal of the North American Benthological Society26: 450 - 459Chironomus sp., Heteromastus similis, Heleobia australisLakeLagoonAquariaBioturbationStill-waterN/ASilt, clayField CollectedField collectedField collected1d +
FINCharbonneau P, Hare L, Carignan R1997Use of X-ray images and a contrasting agent to study the behaviour of animals in soft sedimentsLimnology and Oceanography42: 1823 - 1828Insect larvaeMayflyHexagenia, ChironomusLakeMudAquariaX-rayBioturbationEnvironmental ScienceResuspension242.5Still-waterMudField collected, sievedField collected
FINLagauzére S, Moreira S, Koschorreck M2011Influence of bioturbation on the biogeochemistry of littoral sediments of an acidic post-mining pit lakeBiogeoscience8: 339 - 352Insect larvaeChironomidChironomus crassimanusLakeStill-waterAquariaBioturbationEnvironmental ScienceBiotubation, mining waste, nutrient cyclingStill-waterN/AField collectedField collected16 d
FINSvensson JM, Leonardson L.1996Effects of bioturbation by tube-dwelling chironomid larvae on oxygen uptake and denitrification in eutrophic lake sedimentsFreshwater Biology35: 289 - 300Insect larvaeChironomidChironomus plumosusLakestill-waterAquariaDensity manipulationBioturbationBiological ScienceBioturbation, oxygen, nutrient cycling0.044 di0.044 diStill-waterN/AField collectedField collected2 wks
FINBiswas JK, Rana S, Bhakta JN, Jana BB.2009Bioturbation potential of chironomid larvae for the sediment-water phosphorus exhange in simulated pond systems of varied nutrient enrichmentEcological Engineering35: 1444 - 1453Insect larvaeChironomidLakeAquariaMicrocosmsBioturbationMultiBiogeochemistry, nutrient cycling, bacteria, nitrogen, eutrophicationStill-waterN/AField collectedDechlorinated groundwaterPurchased60 d
FINCharbonneau P, Hare L.1998Burrowing behavior and biogenic structures of mud-dwelling insectsJournal of the North American Benthological Society17: 239 - 249Hexagenia limbata, Sialis velata, Polycentropus sp., Chironous (decorus gp.) sp., Chironomus staegeri, Chironomus tigris, Glyptotendipes sp., Procladius sp.LakeAquariaX-ray, BioturbationEnvironmental ScienceSeasonality, burrow architecture0.240.025Still-waterN/AField CollectedLake waterField collected2wk +
FINEwald G, Berglund O, Svensson JM1997Effect of oligochaete bioturbation on sediment accumulation of 2,2', 4,4'-TetrachlorobiphenylEcotoxicology and Environmental Safety36: 66 - 71Limnodrilus sp. Tubifex tubifexLakeAquariaMicrocosmBioturbationBiological ScienceContaminant, pollutionStill-waterN/AField collected100 d
FINHansen K, Mouridsen S, Kristensen E1998The impact of Chironomus plumosus larvae on organic matter decay and nutrient (N, P) exchange in a shallow eutrophic lake sediment following a phytoplankton sedimentationHydrobiologia364: 65 - 74Chironomus plumosusLakeAquariaMicrocosmBioturbationBiological ScienceBioirrigation, BiogeochemistryLake Arreskov, Denmark55.1581310.308262
FINHuntin ER, van der Geest2011Predictability of bacterial activity and denitrification in aquatic sediments with continuous measurements of redix potentialInt. J. Env. Scie. Tech8: 553 - 560Tubifex sp.LakeAquariaBioturbationBiological ScienceBiogeochemistry0.11 di0.11 diStill-waterN/AField collected4 d
FINKajan R, Frenzel P1999The effect of chironomid larvae on production, oxidation and fluxes of methane in a flooded rice soilFEMS Microbial Ecology28: 121 - 129ChironomidChironomus plumosus, Chironomus riparius/piger, Chironomus luridus, Polypedilum uncinatumLakeAquariaBioturbationBiological ScienceTube-building, biogeochemistry, bacteria, bioirrigation, 0.08 di0.08 diStill-waterN/A< 2 mmField collecteddemineralised waterField collected
FINKißner T, Hartmann V2001Bioturbating and building behaviour of Chironomous sp. under different O2 concentrationsInsect larvaeChironomidChironomus sp.LakeAquariaMicrocosm, videographyBioturbationBiological ScienceOxygen, microbial activity, organic matter0.1350.05Still-waterField collectedField collected
FINKoelmans AA, Jonker MTO2011Effects of black carbon on bioturbation-induced benthic fluxes of polychlorinated biphenylsChemosphere84: 1150 - 1157Annelid wormTubificidLimnodrilus spLakeAquariaBioturbationMultiPollution, hydrocarbon, contaminant, oil0.250.15Still-waterN/A< 2 mmField collected, sievedBarnstead NanopurePurchased pet store35 d
FINLawrence GB, Mitchell MJ1985Use of 35S to determine the influence of Hexagenia on sulfur cycling in lake sedimentsHydrobiologia128: 91 - 95Hexagenia limbata, Hexagenia bilineataLakeAquariaRadioisotope tracer, microcosmBioturbationMultiBiogeochemistry, sulfur nutrient cyclingStill-waterN/A< 2 mmField collectedField collectedField collected5 d
FINLeal JJF, Esteves FdA, Farjalla VF, Enrich-Prast A2003Effect of Campsurus notalus on NH+4, DOC fluxes, O2 uptake and bacterioplankton production in experimental microcosms with sediment-water interface of an Amazonian lake impacted by Bauxite tailingsInternational Review of Hydrobiology88: 167 - 178EphemeropteraCampsurus notatusLakeAquariaMesocosm, density manipulationBioturbationBiological SciencePollution, contaminant, Carbon, Biogeochemistry, Nutrient cycling, oxygen, nitrogen0.04 di0.04 di0.02Still-waterN/AField collectedField collectedField collected
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FINVorob'ev DS, Frank YA, Lushnikov SV, Zaloznyi NA, Noskov YA2010Oil decontamination of bottom sediments using Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri (Oligochaeta: Tubificidae)Contemporary Problems of Ecology3: 15 - 18AnnelidOligochaetaLimnodrilus hoffmeisteriLakeAquariaBioturbationEnvironmental ScienceContaminant, pollution, oil degradation, biogeochemisty0.150.15Still-waterN/ASiltField collected, sievedSeawaterField collected30 d
FINZhang L, Gu X, Fan C, Shang J, Shen Q, Wang Z, Shen J2010Impact of different benthic animals on phosphorus dynamics across the sediment-water interfaceJournal of Environmental Sciences22: 1674 - 1682Tanypus chinensis, Limnodrilus hoffmeisteriLakeAquariaBioturbationMultiOxygen, biogeochemistry, 0.11 di0.11 diStill-waterN/A< 0.6 mmField collectedFiltered, field collected37 d
FINZhang L, Shen Q, hu H, Shao S, Fan C2011Impacts of Corbicula fluminea on oxygen uptake and nutrient fluxes across the sediment-water interfaceWater Air Soil Pollution220: 399 - 411BivalveClamCorbicula flumineaLakeAquariaCore MicrocosmBioturbationEnvironmental ScienceBiogeochemistry, oxygen0.11 di0.11 diStill-waterField collected, sievedSeawaterField collected
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FINWang X, Matisoff G1997Solute transport in sediments by a large freshwater Oligochaete, Branchiura sowerbyiEnvironmental Science and Technology31: 1926 - 1933OligochaetaBranchiura sowerbyiLakeAquaria, modelling27Na, 137Cs tracer, microcosms, BioturbationEnvironmental ScienceDiffusion-advection models, tracer, irrigation, faecal0.050.01Still-watersilt, clayField collectedField collectedField collected2-10d + 31d
FINFenchel T, Kofoed LH, Lappalainen A1975Particle-size selection of two deposit feeders: the amphipod Corophium volutator and the prosobranch Hydrobia ulvaeMarine Biology30: 119 - 128Limnodrilus hoffmeisteriLakeFieldBioturbationEnvironmental ScienceBiogeochemistry, nutrient cyclingEast Lake Dongting28.8876615112.5841075
FINKrezoski JH, Mozley SC, Robbins JA1978Influence of benthic macroinvertebrates on mixing of profundal sediments in southeastern Lake HuronLimnology and Oceanography23: 1011 - 1016LakeFieldCoreBioturbationLake Huron, USA45.0522366-82.4846115
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FINYamamoto Y2010Contribution of bioturbation by the red swamp crayfish Procambarus clarkii to the recruitment of bloom-forming cyanobacteria from sedimentJournal of Limnology69: 102 - 111CrustaceanCrayfishProcambarus clarkiLakeEutrophic pondFieldBioturbationBiological ScienceBiological interaction, vegetation, algal bloom, Hirosawa-no-ike Pond35.016501135.769043
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