NamePlease check off what you can offer:Comments or Notes on Your Contributions?Is there any supplies or food that you could contribute to those in the community? Please be specific in quantity.Would you be willing to contribute money to a shared pool?What languages (besides English) do you speak?Would you like to be connected with your neighborhood pod leader? Can you offer housing, short term or long term?If you can offer housing, please elaborate on capacity and other informationDo you have access to a car / are you open to driving for rapid response or pre-planned deliveries?Please feel free to express any concerns, ideas, exclamations, feelings, anxieties, etc., here.
A good way to find what you need is to search for your resource (via COMMAND + F), and then you can browse who can help you!
if you need your information changed, or need to be removed from this list, email us at
Volunteer 1Cooking, Delivery, Food, Storage space, Conversation/companionshipHave offered room in other groups, but for now still availableSpare room on first floor with air mattress, semi-private bathroom, stairs at entrance(s)Very mobile on bike, likely able to borrow car if neededI can offer some financial support as well; the MAMAS group is taking venmo donations to cover grocery/supply requests that come in, and has seen requests for funds toward rent and other expenses
Volunteer 2Art, music, writing, Conversation/companionshipI am currently out of town but have a room in Cambridge available immediatelyA single room in a three-bedroom apartment with two roommates, available now until May or so
Volunteer 3Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Storage spaceHi - My husband and I both work - he in music and me in voter rights and turnout - we will see how much we are working from home and how much we're able to be available but as well as with our known network of neighbors and friends we would be happy to have an extended version of being able to connect any resources we can with any needs that arise and see what is possible moving forward!maybepossibly, obviously this is a complicated time - we currently have a couple of students on our 3rd floor until they get picked up from early college closures. Open to people in extreme need for a short term - more discussion required.Yes
Volunteer 4Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Cooking, Delivery, Art, music, writing, Conversation/companionship, Housecleaning, Social services guidance (filing for medicare, unemployment, etc.)Maybe, but I’d have to discuss it with my roommates on a case-by-case basisI don’t have a car, but do have a bike with a basket and could deliver stuff near my apartment (Central-Kendall area)Thank you so much for doing this! If you need help planning/coordinating anything, definitely feel free to email me; I’d be happy to help!
Volunteer 5Book recommendations, help accessing free online and library resourcesNoMaybe
Volunteer 6Childcare, Cooking, Delivery, FoodNoYes
Volunteer 7Childcare, Cooking, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalkingNoYesDuring quarantine I will have an 8-year-old with me.
Volunteer 8Childcare, Cooking, Food, Storage space, Conversation/companionshipNoNo
Volunteer 9Childcare, Cooking, Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionshipNoNo
Volunteer 10Childcare, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionshipNoYes
Volunteer 11Childcare, Delivery, Petcare/dogwalkingNoYes
Volunteer 12Conversation/companionship, On the phone or electronic, support, search for info or resources. If there is anything I have that someone needs, glad to share. NoNoI am social distancing as I have multiple high risk factors. But remotely, glad to help.
I am wondering about the well-being of disabled and elder and ill persons, not only in the community, but in care facilities. Without visitors or religious and community group meeting, the lack of oversight and the isolation may be very detrimental. ? Increase zoom or FaceTime remote visiting availability to persons that typically have in person supports. Thank you to all our neighbors!
Volunteer 13Conversation/companionship,We are happy to make multiple small-scale donations to people in need.NoYes
Volunteer 14Cooking, Conversation/companionship, Translation (note languages below), HindiI'm working from home so I'm available to help in the evenings. I'm also happy to help with tech/spreadsheets/some data scienceNoMaybe
Volunteer 15Cooking, Delivery, Conversation/companionshipNoYes
Volunteer 16Cooking, Delivery, FoodI can do pre-planned deliveries, but work during the dayNo
Volunteer 17Cooking, Delivery, FoodNoYes
Volunteer 18Cooking, Delivery, FoodNoYes
Volunteer 19Cooking, Delivery, Food, Conversation/companionshipNoYes
Volunteer 20Cooking, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalkingNoYes
Volunteer 21Cooking, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalkingNoYes
Volunteer 22Cooking, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionshipI would love to help senior citizens in Cambridge. I am also open to helping with childcare/pet care in emergencies but can’t commit to anything regularly scheduled.NoYes
Volunteer 23Cooking, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionshipNoYes
Volunteer 24Cooking, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Storage space, Conversation/companionship, HousecleaningNoNo
Volunteer 25Cooking, Delivery, Food, Storage space, Conversation/companionshipNoNAYes, pending scheduleExcited to help!
Volunteer 26Cooking, Delivery, Social services guidance (filing for medicare, unemployment, etc.), Translation (note languages below), Able to translate between French and EnglishNoNo
Volunteer 27Cooking, Delivery, Translation (note languages below), MandarinNoMaybe
Volunteer 28Cooking, FoodNoNo
Volunteer 29Cooking, Food, Conversation/companionshipNoMaybeThis is an excellent idea.
Volunteer 30Cooking, Food, Conversation/companionship, Drafting and distribution of Public Service Announcements to communityNoMaybeThank you for doing this.
Volunteer 31Cooking, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, HousecleaningNoN/ANo
Volunteer 32DeliveryNoYes
Volunteer 33DeliveryNoYesThank you!!
Volunteer 34Delivery, Conversation/companionshipNoYes
Volunteer 35Delivery, FoodNoYes
Volunteer 36Delivery, FoodNoYes
Volunteer 37Delivery, FoodNoYes
Volunteer 38Delivery, Food, Art, music, writing, Conversation/companionshipNoYesI work full-time, now from home. Have availability after work hours. Would need to be arranged ahead of time.
Volunteer 39Delivery, Food, Internet subscriptions (share your netflix, prime, hbo, etc!), Storage space, Conversation/companionship, Very simple conversational Cantonese/MandarinNoYes
Volunteer 40Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalkingNoYes
Volunteer 41Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionship, Translation (note languages below), Turkish, Persian, ~ItalianGreat idea - thank you for organizing this! My husband and I are working remotely full time, so we may not be able to commit to regular child or pet care but we would be happy to help out in any way we can. Our lovely oldie goldie retriever says he is up for the task of cheering up as well, so keep him in mind if you/your furry friends need company :)NoNo
Volunteer 42Delivery, Food, Storage space, Conversation/companionshipNoI do have a well equipped bike with panniers (saddle bags) so I can do moderately sized deliveries quickly in my neighborhood
Volunteer 43Delivery, Food, Translation (note languages below)NoYes
Volunteer 44Delivery, Petcare/dogwalkingNoNowill help with dog walking if possible to do outside, but can't do other pet care
Volunteer 45Delivery, Petcare/dogwalkingNoYes
Volunteer 46Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Art, music, writingNoYes
Volunteer 47Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Art, music, writingNoNoYesNone
Volunteer 48Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionship, HousecleaningI can't drive and don't have a car but I can carry groceries from Fresh Pond Mall to places within a 30 min walking perimeter, and I can run other similar errands for people.NoNo
Volunteer 49Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionship, setup online deliveries or setup apps on phoneThank you! Helping in the clost vicinity would be the easiest (Huron Village)NoMaybe
Volunteer 50Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Internet subscriptions (share your netflix, prime, hbo, etc!)NoYes
Volunteer 51Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Storage spaceNoYes
Volunteer 52Delivery, Storage spaceNoYes
Volunteer 53Delivery, Storage spaceNoMaybe
Volunteer 54Delivery, Storage space, Conversation/companionshipNoYes
Volunteer 55Food, Art, music, writing, Mental health counselingNoMaybeliability issues in offering mental health counseling?
Volunteer 56Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Art, music, writing, Conversation/companionshipNoI have a bike so can make small deliveries.
Volunteer 57Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Art, music, writing, Conversation/companionship, Translation (note languages below)I also speak Spanish, not comfortable translating legal/medical terms as these are best handled by a professional in these fields, but good for day to day needs and assistanceNoNo
Volunteer 58Mental health counseling, by phone schedule permitting. Experienced.Time to slow down, get cozy with aloneness and build solidarity at the same time. Would love to receive Italy-inspired Violin Valentines ! Thanks for galvanizing our capacity for exchange with each other in a sober time... Can offer tarot reading over the phone for psychological orientation, support, and illuminating choices. Can also recommend good books and online films.NoNo
Volunteer 59Mental health counseling, Conversation/companionshipNoNo
Volunteer 60More offers later. NoMaybe
Volunteer 61Neighborhood Pod Point PersonNoYes
Volunteer 62Neighborhood Pod Point PersonNoMaybe
Volunteer 63Delivery, food, and other: public health practitioner who can connect people with public health guidance and reproductive health resources/inquiriesNoYes
Volunteer 64Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Childcare, Cooking, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionshipNoYes
Volunteer 65Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Childcare, Cooking, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionship, Housecleaning, Translation (note languages below), I have experience working with children and seniors (completed CORI). Worked in a medical clinic before as wellKorean, Spanish (conversational)NoN/AWhile I have a full driver license, I do not own a car. Happy to drive using zipcar or other form
Volunteer 66Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Conversation/companionshipNoNo
Volunteer 67Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Cooking, Delivery, Food, Conversation/companionshipNoN/AYes, later in the week after I unload in storage from a recent event.Glad to offer help.
Volunteer 68Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Cooking, Delivery, Food, Storage space, Conversation/companionshipNon/aYes
Volunteer 69Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Cooking, Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionshipNoYesI still have to work full-time, but happy to help as much as I can.
Volunteer 70Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Cooking, Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Storage space, Art, music, writing, Conversation/companionshipNoYes
Volunteer 71Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Cooking, Delivery, Storage spaceNoNo
Volunteer 72Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Cooking, Food, Petcare/dogwalkingNoNo
Volunteer 73Neighborhood Pod Point Person, DeliveryNoYes
Volunteer 74Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Delivery, FoodNoYes
Volunteer 75Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Delivery, Food, Art, music, writing, Conversation/companionshipNoYesI am concerned that seniors in our community are not getting enough communication and help
Volunteer 76Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Art, music, writing, Conversation/companionship, Social services guidance (filing for medicare, unemployment, etc.)Social services guidance (filing for medicare, unemployment, etc.)NoYes
Volunteer 77Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Internet subscriptions (share your netflix, prime, hbo, etc!), Conversation/companionship, Translation (note languages below), Portuguese, Spanish, French, Cape Verdean CreoleAnother side bonus - we are experts on chocolate (really, it's our job) and also on tech/data science. Would be happy to arrange deliveries of pre-packaged chocolate and host online/Google Hangout tastings for neighborhood friends to boost morale!Portuguese, Spanish, French, Cape Verdean Creole. We can also connect to fluent speakers of others if it would help (they are our fellow academics) - e.g. Haitian Creole, Japanese, several African languages as needed.NoYesThank you for organizing this!
Volunteer 78Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Storage space, Conversation/companionship, Translation (note languages below)I am close friends with someone who would be willing to perform translations into/from Mandarin Chinese (he is fluent in writing/reading/speaking/listening)NoCan rent zipcar as needed, but I would have to pay per-use. Can also use my bike to get around
Volunteer 79Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Delivery, Petcare/dogwalkingNoYes
Volunteer 80Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionshipNoYes
Volunteer 81Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Internet subscriptions (share your netflix, prime, hbo, etc!), Mental health counseling, Conversation/companionshipNoNo
Volunteer 82Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Internet subscriptions (share your netflix, prime, hbo, etc!), Storage space, Art, music, writing, Conversation/companionshipNoYesYesterday I started an ad-hoc mutual aid group we are calling Neighborhood 9 Mutual Aid. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm organized and have a bias for action. Today we're up to about 20 households. So I'm not actually signing up to do more volunteer work here. My main goal/question is to connect the Neighborhood 9 group up to this larger group somehow.
Volunteer 83Petcare/dogwalkingNoYes
Volunteer 84Petcare/dogwalking, Conversation/companionshipNoYes
Volunteer 85Storage space, Am a librarian, can facilitate access electronic resources (e-books, scholarly articles for students now remote, etc.)Arabic + PersianNoNo
Volunteer 86Translation (note languages below), English to Spanish or Spanish to English My husband can also translate SpanishNoNo
Volunteer 87Translation (note languages below), Spanish SpanishNoMaybeI wouldn’t want to get any closer than six feet from anyone at any point. I’m in self-quarantine mode with my family. I can help by phone and videochat. I’m avoiding going out entirely.
Volunteer 88DeliveryI would like to assist with feeding the school children in needNoYes
Volunteer 89Cooking, Conversation/companionship, Translation (note languages below), Support in French, Italian, or ArabFrench, Italian, ArabicNoYes
Volunteer 90Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Cooking, Delivery, Food, Social services guidance (filing for medicare, unemployment, etc.)NoYes
Volunteer 91Delivery, Art, music, writing, Conversation/companionshipNoNo
Volunteer 92Neighborhood Pod Point Person, Cooking, Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Social services guidance (filing for medicare, unemployment, etc.)NoYes
Volunteer 93Cooking, Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Internet subscriptions (share your netflix, prime, hbo, etc!), HousecleaningPlease let me know what's needed.NoYes
Volunteer 94Medical advice (if you are a medical professional only, please)I am the small business owner of Sweet Spot Dental here in Central Square. We are closed for all routine dental care, but I am open for emergency dental care. That means if a tooth is bothering you (or something else in the mouth), I would be more than happy to help! Please give our office line a call or send us and email and I will personally reach back out to you.

You can also check out our website for details:
NoN/ANo This is a crazy time for everyone, but I believe these are also the moments that we can see the beautiful way a community can come together.

Stay strong and healthy everyone!
Volunteer 95Cooking, Delivery, Food, Petcare/dogwalking, Internet subscriptions (share your netflix, prime, hbo, etc!), Conversation/companionship, HousecleaningWe have cleaning supplies we are willing to share, some supplies of dried and canned beans, writing supplies, a spare computer monitor, a Nintendo Wii with Just Dance, and plenty of books to share. NoN/AIn the evenings we have a car available for planned deliveries. However, my partner is a healthcare worker and the car availability is dependent on him being home from work.I'm so grateful for this network. I've been feeling anxious and pretty useless, and appreciate an opportunity to channel that energy in to helping others as much as I can.
Volunteer 96Cooking, Petcare/dogwalkingNoMaybe
Volunteer 97Delivery, Petcare/dogwalking, Art, music, writingI’m also happy to teach some watercolor basics virtually if anyone is looking for activities to keep their spirits up. I also have some art supplies I can donate, and am happy to brainstorm arts and craft activities to do with kids (I have some experience with ages 4 and up).NoBike access - can run errands/make small deliveries Thank you to the organizers. My husband and I hope to help our neighbors in any way we can. Since he is a medical professional we are keeping ourselves isolated to avoid spreading anything he might be exposed to at the hospital, but I am happy to help from a distance and can make any small deliveries/errands in the neighborhood using my bike.