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Updated 17 July 2018Please be advised that I'm not a finanical adviser and all I present here is only my humble opionion; to show you my way of investing in ICO. Investing in ICO is risky and you might loose your money.
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NameRating Without HypeRating with HypeDescriptionTypeStageIdeaStartEndCan you participate?StartEndPriceICO TokenTotal TokenICO %ICO Market CapWhitelistKYCToken burned or not issued Team LockupsWhale RestrictedGeo RestrictedCore TeamAdvisors CommunityMediaPriceROIProjectTeamEconomyHypeIan BalinaOhHeyMattySergioTheGobOneAverage
Seele.pro79%83%YesPowered by an up-scalable Neural Consensus protocol for high throughput concurrency among large scale heterogeneous nodes and is able to form a unique heterogeneous forest multi-chain ecosystemNewBlockchainMVP9??$0.0388485,000,0001,000,000,00049%$18,800,000YesYesNoYesYesYes9928,000979%89%68%96%
Bee Token77%83%YesShort-Term Housing RentalsDAppAlpha7FinishedNo31 Jan 2018$0.1000150,000,000500,000,00030%$15,000,000YesYesNoYesYesYes10925,00010$0.01-92%54%95%82%100%In my opinion it's going to be big80%78%81%91%83%
APEX77%81%YesConsumer-Brand InteractionsDAppBeta7FinishedNo29 Jan 2018should last few minutes$0.1700150,000,000300,000,00050%$25,000,000YesYesNoNoYesYes9919,1319$0.03-80%63%89%79%93%I'm on the whitelist.72%96%81%88%84%
Wabi88%81%YesProduct tracking systemDAppProduction9FinishedNo30 Nov 201728 Nov 2017$0.250046,000,000100,000,00046%$11,500,000YesYesNoYesYesYes998,0009$0.3123%79%89%96%60%My best investment so far88%92%96%86%91%
Wanchain85%80%YesFinancial infrastructure, connecting different blockchainNewBlockchainMVP9FinishedNo3 Oct 20174 Oct 2017$0.3400107,100,000210,000,00051%$36,000,000YesYesNoNoYesYes9910,0009$0.92172%79%89%87%66%Ian's 100x (1), I've missed it, planning to invest during the initial renbound89%96%95%94%94%
Bluzelle73%80%YesDecentralise Enterprise DBInfrastructureMVP9FinishedNo18 Jan 2018a month after ICO$0.1182165,000,000500,000,00033%$19,500,000YesYesNoNoYesYes7924,00010$0.139%68%77%72%100%I'm on the whitelist, Very messy ICO, this same is with the another Pavel's project Fortuna. I'm in the group 2 on the whitelist.88%90%81%85%86%
Havven79%79%YesA decentralised payment network and stablecoinCurrencyMVP9FinishedNo1 March$0.500060,000,000100,000,00060%$30,000,000YesYesNoYes?Yes8920,0005$0.14-72%68%83%85%80%Very active and professionaly organise GitHub. I'm going to watch the hype growing around it, with agressive marketing they should get 50K users and mega hype in few weeks, which means that its rating can grow to 80%, however keep in mind this is marketing connected to AirDrop only. I think I start div by 3 project with Bounty program like this.
Orchid Protocol84%76%YesVPN, truly free internetInfrastructureMVP10FinishedNo$0.368360,000,000100,000,00060%$22,100,000YesYesYesYes9910,000670%89%93%54%Interesting project. The team looks good. I'm watching it. They have big (10K) twitter commmunity. I found that the project won't be available for normal investors. 86%72%79%
Experty68%74%YesExpert, Support Platform, call the expertDAppMVP622 Jan 2018Should last an hourNoShould be sold out on presale$0.287933,000,000100,000,00033%$9,500,000YesYesYesYesYesYes5819,0009$0.10-64%52%62%90%93%ICO similar to Wabi, bonuses locked for min 1 month. I'm on the pre-sales whitelist, A lot of hype, it should be nice ROI considering low market cap of $10mln93%80%80%84%
Bread82%74%YesCoinbase like platformDAppBeta8FinishedNo19 Dec 201724 Dec 2018$0.360088,894,087160,000,00056%$32,000,000YesYesNoYesYesYes998,0007$0.34-5%64%89%91%52%I'm going to keep the tokens for a while88%90%92%76%87%
Nucleus.Vision71%73%YesRetail, Beacons likeDAppBeta7FinishedNoAirDrop onlytwo weeks after ICO$0.00805,000,000,00010,000,000,00050%$40,000,000YesYesNoYesYesYes9913,00010$0.00-40%63%89%61%79%AirDrop tokens only, the main crowdsale was cancelled87%96%86%86%89%
Gems64%73%YesSmall task automation system (MTurk)InfrastructureMVP9No$0.07502,000,000,0008,000,000,00025%$100,000,000YesYesNo??Yes7950,00010$0.00-96%68%77%47%100%They resigned from ICO, some small airdrop for whitelisted only
Pundi X72%72%YesCrypto ATM network, VISA on the blockchainDAppProduction7FinishedNo21 Jan 2018$0.002017,500,000,00026,515,151,51566%$35,000,000YesYesYesNoNoYes6917,0006$0.00-24%76%72%67%75%It looks very very good. Initially they were asking for $80mln which was too much but they reduced to $35mln and token economy looks much better now. I'm on the whitelist, I'm thinking to invest if my KYC is fine.86%74%80%
Insights Networks67%72%YesBlockchain based data exchange that allows individuals to manage and monetize the data they create in a liquid, real time data marketplace.InfrastructureMVP8FinishedNo14 Feb 2018$0.1917120,000,000300,000,00040%$23,000,000YesYes????5721,0007$0.01-94%67%58%76%88%Average project, weak team, the hype is just picking up. Apparently they have an MVP in private testing.
Kairos75%72%YesFace recognition servicesInfrastructureMVP10FinishedNo$0.1650181,800,000450,000,00040%$30,000,000YesYesNoNoNoNo10912,000770%95%60%64%Solid project, however I don't think it needs to use blockchain, the utility tokens look to me like a promotional strategy only, plus ICO is an easy source of money85%85%
Orace Networks84%72%YesEthereum-based public network with PoA consensus, which makes Smart Contract execution faster and cheaper.NewBlockchainBeta6FinishedNo17 Nov 20171 Dec 2017$0.0704179,522,000256,460,00070%$12,641,000YesYesNoNo794,0006$0.0921%84%77%90%36%Ian's 100x (5), I've missed ICO87%90%96%92%91%
Refereum64%72%YesThe decentralized referral marketplace for games that pays youInfrastructureMVP5FinishedNo8 Feb 2018$0.01002,500,000,0005,000,000,00050%$25,000,000YesYes????7730,000964%70%58%96%Looks like a solid project, I watching it.
ICON75%71%YesPlatformNewBlockchainAlpha9FinishedNo20 Sep 2017$0.2385400,230,000800,460,00050%$95,447,000YesYesNoNoYesYes998,0009$0.56135%79%89%57%60% I was late for the ICO84%88%88%96%89%
MedicalChain71%71%YesMedicalchain uses blockchain technology to securely store health records and maintain a single version of the truthInfrastructureMVP7FinishedNo1 Feb 2018$0.1371175,000,000500,000,00035%$24,000,000YesYesNoNoYesYes7912,0009$0.02-85%66%77%70%72%It looks very good, the only consern is that average price per token for whole fundreising is going to be $0.13, while ICO price is going to be $0.25. Additionally there is no lockups and there is 0.5Bilion token to be put on the exchanges. The hype is amazing. Good flip candidate76%76%
Dock.io63%71%Yesdecentralized data exchange protocol that lets people connect their profiles, reputations and experiences across the web with privacy and securityDAppMVP7FinishedNo21 Feb 2018$0.0667300,000,0001,000,000,00030%$20,000,000YesYesNoYes?Yes8620,000954%71%65%96%Another data exchange project. Good team, hype is OK. Small hard cap.80%80%
Dadi65%70%Yesdecentralized cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionalityInfrastructureMVP8FinishedLottery from the whitelistedNo29 Jan 201828 Feb 2018$0.483360,000,000100,000,00060%$29,000,000YesYesNoNoYesYes6115,00010$0.09-82%67%40%87%85%Design of the webside and provided materials about the project are amazing, no wonder, all people from the team were working in design and marketing related industry. Question is if there is a value behind the fasade. 84%85%85%
Unibright78%70%YesUnified framwork for business blockchain applicationsInfrastructureAlpha9No PresaleNo20 Apr 2018$0.1400100,500,000150,000,00067%$13,500,000YesYesNoYes??778,0005$0.03-81%68%69%97%44%An interesting project, I'm going to watch and maybe invest a little bit
PROPS76%69%YesYoutube, StreamingInfrastructureBeta5FinishedNoSold out in pre-salesQ1 2018$0.1300200,000,0001,000,000,00020%$26,000,000YesYesNoNoYesYes988,000673%85%71%48%I was too late for pre-sale, I won't participate in ICO, there is a chance to get tokens from pre-sale waitlist.84%84%97%88%
WePower68%69%YesGreen energy trading platform, (green version of Power Ledger)DAppMVP10FinishedNo1 Feb 20181 March 2018Instant$0.2691130,050,000289,000,00045%$35,000,000YesYesYesYesNoYes6712,0009$0.03-87%57%64%84%72%Approved by Eropean regulator, a little bit similar to Power Ledge. This project looks good. I'm going to invest.83%83%
CoinVest72%69%YesMultiple cryptocurrencies and index funds with one accountDAppMVP814 Jan 2018No1 Mar 2018$0.800037,500,00075,000,00050%$30,000,000YesYesNoYesYesYes999,770855%89%71%61%Good project, solid team. I didn't get to pre-sales, I'm going to try ICO91%91%
QLink73%69%YesDecentralise WiFiInfrastructureMVP5FinishedNo22 Dec 2017$0.0862224,000,000600,000,00037%$19,300,000YesYesYesYes997,0009$0.05-41%64%89%66%57%I don't like the idea.82%86%78%82%
Savedroid70%69%YesUnique ai-fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for massesDAppProduction9FinishedNo9 Feb 20189 March 2018$0.01256,000,000,00010,909,090,90955%$75,000,000YesYesYesYesNoYes7815,000579%73%58%65%Looks interesting, they claimed to have a final product. Maybe I'm going to invest small money.
Credits61%68%YesDecentralized financial systemInfrastructureDemo9No1 Feb 201828 Feb 2018$0.1900105,263,158175,438,59660%$20,000,000YesYesYesNoNoNo5621,0008$0.17-9%32%53%97%92%They try to do something similar to Ark, but their team is far less capable. I'm out
Nebulas76%68%YesSearch framework for all blockchainsNewBlockchainMVP9FinishedNo16 Dec 2017$1.500040,000,000100,000,00040%$60,000,000NoNoNoNo1093,0009$1.38-8%79%95%55%45%Ian's 100x (4), I was too late for ICO87%83%91%87%
Simple Token73%68%YesCustom Tokens for EverybodyInfrastructureAlpha8FinishedNo1 Dec 201719 Dec 2017$0.0837259,627,030800,000,00032%$21,728,000YesYesYesYes997,0008$0.05-41%67%89%64%53%Very good investment, I'm going to keep the tokens for a while86%95%93%87%90%
Ink Protocol61%68%YesDecentralized reputation and payments for peer-to-peer marketplacesInfrastructureGitHub922 Jan 2018No22 Jan 201828 Feb 201828 Feb 2018$0.1000150,000,000500,000,00030%$15,000,000YesYesNoYesYes7720,0007$0.02-80%32%70%82%88%Looks like a good, solid project, partnership with Quantstamp, amazing ranking on Alexia, however there is no hype yet75%80%76%77%
NEX73%68%YesDecentrelise NEO exchangeInfrastructureMVP10No presaleNo$1.000025,000,00050,000,00050%$25,000,000NoNoNowNoNo9910,000670%89%59%54%Very interesting project, no hype yet, solid team, I'm going to watch it. It might be very good investment.
CommerceBlock71%68%YesCommercial data, trade invoicesInfrastructureMVP7FinishedNo19 Dec 2017$0.0625400,000,0001,000,000,00040%$25,000,000NoNoYesYes9914,000466%89%58%58%Good project, they are going to burn unsold tokens, I was to late for ICO, I can try buy from exchanges81%76%87%81%
ArcBlock61%67%YesThe World's first blockchain ecosystem for building and deploying decentralized applicationsInfrastructureDemo8FinishedNo3 Feb 201810 Feb 2018$0.537683,700,000186,000,00045%$45,000,000YesYesNoNoYesYes7815,00010$0.17-68%31%73%80%85%Look like a solid project except the product itself :). They have proof of concept only which means high risk investment. Very small team. There are some gosips that they fabricated the partnerships. KYC submited87%86%87%
SelfKey67%67%Yesblockchain based end-to-end digital identity system with an integrated marketplace, designed to put identity owners in control of their personal dataDAppAlpha8FinishedNo14 Jan 20181 Feb 2018$0.01101,980,000,0006,000,000,00033%$21,800,000YesYesYes?YesYes7913,5007$0.00-85%55%77%68%69%Nice clean project, not very original, strong team, most likely successful after hitting the exchanges, In my opinion should bring nice ROI. Didn't make the ICO, sold out in 8 min. I didn;t make it.88%76%95%86%
BitDegree60%67%YesOnline courses, Udemy on blockchainDAppAlpha7FinishedNo1 Dec 201728 Dec 2017Instant$0.0734336,600,000660,000,00051%$24,700,000NoNoNoYesNoYes5917,0009$0.01-90%54%66%61%87%I'd like to test the Hype strategy, Suppoman is promoting the coin so i predict that +50K ppl is goin to jump on the band wagon70%71%71%
Telcoin67%67%Yescryptocurrency distributed by your mobile, money remitanceCurrencyAlpha9FinishedNo12 Dec 201730 Dec 2018$0.001025,000,000,000100,000,000,00025%$25,000,000YesYesNoNoNoNo8810,0009$0.00-23%68%79%53%66%Good, solid project with a strong team, hyped by Ian Balina and his investment of $15K in the pre-sale, I didn't like the qty of tokens82%76%82%80%
Current62%66%YesCurrent is an incentivized, blockchain-enabled streaming ecosystem that lets you choose how to stream and pay for your media.DAppMVP6FinishNoFinish$0.2400125,000,0001,000,000,00013%$30,000,000YesYesNoYesYesYes5715,000952%57%75%81%It might be a good flip nothing else. Not sure about the long term. I'm watching it, I like the hype around this project. I like american projects, their know how to generate insane hype.
GoNetwork55%66%YesPayments on mobiles, kind of PayPalInfrastructureGitHub8FinishedNo$0.935750,000,000100,000,00050%$46,786,000YesYesNoNoNoYes7851,0001031%73%62%100%I'm on the whitelist. I still keep in mind the FUD around attitute of some team members. I'm watching the news about the evil duch auction. Also it looks like their github udates are finihsed few months ago. I've also added the potential effects of duch auction on the hard cap, considering hyper hype around the project and Ian B. pumping advicer role.100%81%91%
Zilliqa75%66%YesSharding — dividing the networkInfrastructureMVP9FinishedNo27 Dec 2017$0.00356,300,000,00021,000,000,00030%$22,000,000YesYesYesYes995,0006$0.03859%68%89%67%39%I'm going buy on exchanges Ian's 100x (No3), new ethereum with faster transaction85%85%85%
STK Token74%66%YesFinance platformInfrastructureAlpha9FinishedNoCancelledAir-Dropping$0.0618275,000,000500,000,00055%$17,000,000NoNoNoYes993,0008$0.01-82%68%89%64%41%I'm going to get some Air-Drop tokens, didn't participate in the ICO, as there was no ICO76%90%87%90%86%
RChain81%65%YesBetter ethereum blockchainNewBlockchainMVP7FinishedNoSep 2017$0.2000100,000,000870,000,00011%$20,000,000NoYesNoYes993,0002$0.11-46%76%89%78%17%Ian's 100x (2), I've missed it91%91%
IoTeX60%65%YesA decentralized network for Internet of Things (IoT) powered by a privacy-centric blockchain. New inproved IOTANewBlockchainDemo9FinishedYesSoon$0.00702,400,000,00010,000,000,00024%$14,025,000Yes?No?NoYes9959,000542%89%50%80%Token economy data are missing, from now in this case I put ecomony rating to 50%. I like the idea, depends on token economy and testnet release in April but it looks promissing.
BlockStack71%65%YesDecentralized internet where users own their data and apps run locallyInfrastructureAlpha7FinishedNo16 Nov 20171 Dec 2017$0.1623308,000,0001,540,000,00020%$50,000,000YesYesNoYes998,000666%89%57%48%Very solid and interesting project. I missed the ICO. I'm goin to watch the price and might buy after a deep.83%95%89%
Remme57%65%YesNo more passwords — no more break-ins. REMME implements unbreakable, foolproof user authentication to protect your users, employees, and company’s data from cyber attacks.NewBlockchainMVP8FinishedNo13 Feb 2018$0.0400500,000,0001,000,000,00050%$20,000,000YesYesNoYes?Yes4125,0007$0.01-85%78%28%67%88%Intresting idea, they are going to create new blockchain, looks very good on the whitepapers. They have a pilot program at the moment. Ukrainina team, hard to identify their abblities, many mentioned links to the pages they were working at do't work, they mainly were working for local Ukrainina companies, few average advisers, the team looks below average. However the hype is picking up.It looks like they have a good marketing team and they are very active in promoting the comapny.
Endor74%65%Yes“Google for predictive analytics”. The world’s first predictions protocol, powered by Social Physics technology, and Blockchain infrastructure.InfrastructureMVP10FinishedNo?$0.1500300,000,0001,500,000,00020%$45,000,000YesYes???Yes1099,000370%95%56%39%Good team and interesting product, which according to ppl form Endor was tested with blockchain. I'm watching it
CoinFi62%65%YesCrowdsourced and professionally curated researchInfrastructureGitHub8CancelledAirDrop InsteadNoCancelledAirDrop Instead$0.1000150,000,000300,000,00050%$15,000,000YesYesNoNoYesNo7917,5005$0.01-90%31%77%78%73%Solid team, need to review in a week, they might get more hype. No ICO and presale, tehy drop 500 token to whitelisted people addreses.86%86%
Metronome62%64%YesCross chain currencyCurrencyGitHub8No$3.12508,000,00010,000,00080%$25,000,000NoYesNo?YesYes9912,000831%89%67%68%I don't like the roadmap of the project. However the team is OK and the hype is here, I'm just concern of the way how they are going to sell the tokens - the invert auction80%75%78%
Atonomi69%63%YesAtonomi provides a new security protocol and infrastructure to enable billions of IoT devices to have trusted interoperability for both data and commerceInfrastructureMVP8No$0.0500500,000,0001,000,000,00050%$25,000,000YesYesNoYesYesYes877,500667%75%65%47%Solid project, which is based on an existing company (7years experience), not all of the token economy data are revealed yet, so the ratig is not an amazing one. They have solid team, advanced development of the project, there is no hype yet. Looks good to me. As they are getting more hype and more data are revealed the rating should be much higer.86%87%87%
Crypterium51%62%Yesdigital cryptobank with a credit subtoken and an open platformDAppMVP5FinishedNo31 Oct 20176 Jan 2017$0.2238210,000,000300,000,00070%$47,000,000NoNoYesNoNoNo3520,0009$0.2617%51%38%64%96%Average project with good marketing and hype81%81%
Block EX78%62%YesDAXT, the token to disrupt the ICO market by guaranteeing fair and transparent access to ICO distribution.InfrastructureProduction9FinishedNo9 Feb 2018March 2018$1.200035,700,00064,909,09155%$42,840,000NoYesNo?NoYes882,000291%79%65%14%Interesting project to standarize ICO and create trust. Team looks solid, project is in a production stage. Looks very good to me. I'm watching it, the total supply depends on the price of BTC and ETH, so the token economics figures are approximated. I'm a little bit disipanted it took them few days to add ETH purchase options to the platform. I not so keen to participate anymore
Zebi81%62%YesMakes high value (or sensitive) data readily available for legitimate useNewBlockchainProduction7FinishedNoSoon$0.0333300,000,0001,000,000,00030%$10,000,000YesYesNoYesNoYes951401$0.01-62%99%73%72%4%Interesting ICO from India. They claim to have a working product and the company has already got on-board Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA) to safeguard their land records for milions of ppl. I'm going to watch it. The core team seems to be strong, they have also strong advisors however they didn't put association with the company on their LinkIn profiles so I deducted points. I like the cap only $10M, $2M presale and $8M - ICO. They don't spend monry on marketing as they expect huge interest from Indian investors. I'm not expecting a lot of hype in the west.
HybridBlock71%62%YesEcosystem that leverages the power of cryptocurrencyInfrastructureMVP9No$0.1500400,000,000754,716,98153%$60,000,000YesYesYes??Yes995,000568%89%56%35%An interesting project, solid team, there is no hype. They asking for a lot of money, however project seems to be very big and advanced. They are going to burn unsold tokens.
Evernym69%62%YesSolving the identity silo problem begins with a digital identity that you literally own, not just control — a “self-sovereign” identity.InfrastructureMVP8SoonNo9910,000367%89%50%42%Token economy data are missing, from now in this case I put ecomony rating to 50%. The team looks solid. I like the idea, however I'm not sure if this is a good project for bear market.
Gladius68%62%Yesprotect against DDoS attacks by connecting to protection poolsInfrastructureAlpha624 Nov 201731 Dec 2017NoFinish$0.367634,000,00048,200,00071%$12,500,000NoYesYesYesNoNo587,3005$0.07-82%65%62%78%42%The team looks like a group of friends from uni without much of experience, 2 private pre-sales, 50% bonuses, they pump a lot of money into marketing, artificial hype.84%84%
Ontology64%61%Yesinfrastructure for a peer-to-peer trust network which is cross-chain, cross-system, cross- industry, cross-application, and cross-deviceInfrastructureMVP8FinishedNoCancelledsoldout during presale$0.4000500,000,0001,000,000,00050%$200,000,000YesNoNoNo?Yes9914,000367%89%35%54%Interesting huge chinese project, the team looks to be very strong, the project is very ambitious, hype is picking up. Unfortunately there is no ICO, all was sold out during pre-sales. I'm going to watch the project on exchanges. Paid with NEO. 84%84%
BABB61%61%YesDecentralised banking platform. Access to a bank account for P2P financial services for anyone in the world.InfrastructureDemo7FinishedNoSoon$0.1200166,666,667277,777,77860%$20,000,000YesYesYesYesYesYes6712,0006$0.00-99%30%63%91%60%They are going to use ethereum as blockchain. Very ambitious project I like the idea. No hype yet, the have kind of MVP but for me it's more a demo only. Team looks just OK to me. Project with higher risk.
Kasko2go60%61%Yesreduce insurance expenses by 50% for driving safe by using AI and telematic Big Data assessments with Pay-as-you- Drive modelDAppMVP8No$0.1300402,000,000600,000,00067%$52,260,000YesYesNo??Yes8412,000755%63%62%64%An interesting international project, good team, so so adviser. With the current market I'm going to invest only in a very good project, so I'm out.
Ocean Protocol60%61%YesA Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AIInfrastructureGitHub77 March 2018No7 March 2018$0.0633352,500,0001,410,000,00025%$22,300,000YesYesNoYesYesYes9714,0005$0.17175%30%81%71%62%I eliminated this project in the ICO failed to qualified sheet, which is the prerequisit, however for the last time I'm adding one of these project to evaluation sheet
Fortuna66%60%YesThe First Blockchain Platform for Global OTC Derivatives MarketNewBlockchainWhite Papers9FinishedNo21 Jan 2018Should be done after 1 minute$0.080025,000,0001,000,000,0003%$2,000,000YesYesNoNoNoYes9910,0003$0.02-73%33%89%75%42%Another interesting project from China. First project of this kind. No hype in the western world yet. OhHeyMatty supports the project and create hype.89%89%
Insurepal63%60%YesDistributed social proof insuranceInfrastructureGitHub7FinishedNo16 Jan 2018$0.0896201,000,000300,000,00067%$18,000,000YesYes??NoYes7810,4005$0.01-89%30%73%85%51%Unique project from Slovenia. Good team, there is no hype yet. Very early stage of the project, so high risk involved . They don't ask for a lot of money, also they've already raised a lot of money during the pre-sale. It looks OK for flip, risky for long. I've missed it :), it was fast.
Fusion62%59%YesPublic blockchain devoting itself to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-datasource smart contracts.NewBlockchainGitHub10FinishedNo1 Feb 201811 Feb 2018$2.929720,480,00081,920,00025%$60,000,000YesYesNoNoNoYes998,5006$1.07-64%43%89%55%50%I like newblockchain project, however it's very risky one. I've invested only 3ETH and got 1ETH worth FSN.85%85%
LOCI68%58%YesPatents etc. on blockchainDAppBeta9FinishedNo8 Dec 201731 Dec 2017Instant$0.440050,000,000100,000,00050%$22,000,000NoNoNoNo672,0006$0.02-95%65%64%74%30%Nice idea, average team and no hype72%72%
INS Ecosystem48%58%YesEcosystem connecting grocery manufactures and customersDAppGitHub3FinishedNo4 Dec 201725 Dec 2017$1.433330,000,00050,000,00060%$43,000,000NoYesNoNo9517,0009$0.51-65%13%73%59%87%Good for fast flip, looks a little bit dodgy to me75%83%79%
Petro42%57%YesThe crypto-asset of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,currency backed by raw materialsCurrencyWhite Papers1020 Feb 201819 Mar 2018No20 March 2018
until exhausted
$60.000082,400,000100,000,00082%$4,944,000,000??NoNoNoNo99100,0001024%89%15%100%For sure it's not a standard ICO, and I don't think my parameters can accurately describe it. It's a financial experiment of the gov of Venezuela. It might attract a lot of ppl looking for an alternative system of economy or just supporters of president Maduro and his ideology. The red flag for me is the fact that the exchanges which are going to trade PTR need to be accepted by Venezuelian Gov. Also I'm not sure about the team, there is nothing about it on the afficial page, I would think that the gov of Venezuela can provide the best ppl. To be honest I don't know what to think about it, it might go big and create some kind of alternative movement or might be a total dissaster. The question is how trustworthy is Venezualian Government.
Seal.Network70%56%YesSeal is a blockchain powered product authentication and services platform which will provide consumers and manufacturers with product trustDAppBeta1025 Feb 2018$0.0677492,000,0001,200,000,00041%$33,312,000YesYesYesYesNoYes891,500266%83%61%13%Another Wabi like project this time from The Nederlands for luxuries products. Good team, ok ICO economy. Presale starts in 2 days. I'm going to participate.
BlockHive71%55%YesFirst Digitalized Loan Agreement on Blockchain That is Legally,Binding Using Future Loan Access Token (FLAT)InfrastructureBeta9FinishedNoNow$0.0400300,000,0001,000,000,00030%$12,000,000YesYesNoYes??67500278%63%71%10%I like the project, unfortunately nobody knows about it. The team is OK two stars, advisors are academics and Estonian businessmen.
Celsius67%55%YesBuilding a P2P Decentralized Lending & Borrowing PlatformInfrastructureMVP7FinishedNo15 March$0.1538325,000,000650,000,00050%$50,000,000YesYesYes?NoYes884,000266%79%56%20%They were planing to release the app in January, there's nothing so far. I'm not inpresed
FortKnoxter67%55%YesSecure messsaging and calling with blockchainDAppMVP715 Dec 20175 Feb 2018No19 Feb 201818 Mar 2018Week after ICO$0.186780,325,000135,000,00060%$15,000,000YesYesYesYesNoYes471,500354%52%97%17%It looks like they have a good advisor from token economy :),also it looks like they want to jump on the band wagon of crypto, I don't think their project need to use blockchain83%83%
NTOK67%55%YesPeer to peer learning platformInfrastructureMVP7FinishedNo1 Mar 2018$1.000015,000,00021,428,57170%$15,000,000NoYesNoYesNoYes493,000266%59%76%17%It looks like an interesting project, the red flag is that they cooperate with ICO Box, out of the box ICOs company. Additionaly the ppl on the telegram channel are not very knoledgable. At the moment they are running presale
Ceek53%52%Yes Omni-channel distribution of Virtual Reality (VR) experiences who creates, curates, and distributes VR contentInfrastructureWhite Papers95 Feb 201818 Feb 2018Yes$0.2000500,000,0001,000,000,00050%$100,000,000Yes?NoYesNoNo9912,000323%89%48%48%There are 600K followers of their facebook page, how legit they are this is a question. Partnership with Universal, T-Mobile and partnership with Apple. They are planing to use Chainlink to connect with banks and outer sources of information and interaction. I'm out, as I don't feel it. They ask for a lot of many for a very ambitious project.
TokenPay49%51%Yesself-verifying payment platformDAppBeta5FinishedNoFinished$5.326314,250,00025,000,00057%$75,900,000NoNoNoNo359,000860%38%49%59%76%76%
Hashgraph48%50%YesConsensus mechanism, better than IOTA and ETHNewBlockchainMVP9No7612,000579%65%56%There is no enough data for a full review, but even without token economics it looks good. Product with a patent, no open source.
CargoX52%49%YesDisrupting the Shipping Industry With Smart B/L on the blockchain there will be no need for paper B/L anymoreDAppWhite Papers8No23 Jan 2018$0.100070,000,000116,666,66760%$7,000,000YesYesYesYesYesYes557,4005$0.03-71%9%50%97%42%Another whitepaper project from Slovenia. An interesting niche, good idea, average team, hype is picking up.The low cap migth make nice ROI in a bullish market.
VideoCoin57%49%YesDecentralised video encoding storage and distributionInfrastructureWhite Papers10?No?$0.1266395,000,000790,000,00050%$50,000,000YesYesYes1095,000324%95%52%27%There are still mising some token econmy data, I aproximated them. Team looks amazing, however it looks like white paper project. I've heard than Ian Balina is shilling it.84%84%
Datawallet57%49%YesDatawallet is a decentralized data exchange that allows users to put the data they create online into one unified profile, and share it with interested companies in return for cryptocurrencyDAppMVP722 Jan 2018NoSoon$0.1800166,666,667505,050,50533%$30,000,000YesYesNoNoNoNo655,0003$0.01-96%54%55%61%27% Presale is going at the moment, min cap $50K, interesting project, average team no hype at this stage58%58%
ORGIN45%48%YesThe Sharing Economy without IntermediariesDAppMVP9SoonNo8813,000556%79%59%Good team and good organic hype, missing economy data, it seems like more than 70% project. I'm watching it.
The Key52%46%Yesdecentralized ecosystem of an identity verification tool using national big-data and blockchain, (Chinese Civic)InfrastructureWhite Papers9FinishedNo1 Feb 2018Should finish in hours$0.03505,100,000,00010,000,000,00051%$22,000,000YesYes?YesNoYes7728,0008$0.01-80%23%70%63%92%Very risky project from China. High risk high reward invetment. I'm out after they change the price of token for crowdsale.63%63%
Lamden55%46%Yessuite of developer tools that speed up the process of creating new and custom blockchains and apps, the token connects these new projects together and with mainchain cryptocurrencies (blackbox crypto for mases)InfrastructureDemo8FinishedNoFinishInstant$0.0698143,300,684204,715,26370%$10,000,000NoNoYesYesNoNo363,4002$0.04-48%31%42%93%18%I try to invest in all new blockchains projects or interesting infrastructure project, it was one of them, however extreamly risky, and that's why I sold it after x3 gain
Black.Array49%43%YesSupply Chain Management & Logistics Solutions.DAppDemo9FinishedNo5 Jan 201814 Jan 2014$0.128363,145,00088,410,00060%$8,100,000YesNoYesYesNoYes603,0004$0.02-83%19%36%92%25%Interesting project, very similar to Wabi, however Wabi had a ready product. Here I'm not sure about execution and profesionalism, therfore I'm out81%81%
Vice47%42%YesGet Paid To Watch Porn ( it is a fork of steem blockchain)DAppWhite Papers915 Jan 2018No1 Feb 2018$0.05002,000,000,0004,000,000,00050%$100,000,000YesNoNoNoNoNo992,500510%89%41%28%An unique project, it looks like first of its kind. They want from us a lot of money. At the moment there is no hype arund the project, except Suppoman anauncement that he's going to invest. I'm watching it.
AidCoin47%40%YesAidCoin is the token used to donate transparently and to power AIDChain, a platform that provides an ecosystem of services for the non-profit sectorDAppDemo8No16 Jan 2018$1.050030,095,238100,000,00030%$31,600,000YesYesYes?NoYes752,4003$0.05-95%18%62%63%19%Very unique charity service on ETH bockchain from Italy. They finished pre-sale in a short time, it means there is an interest. Overall it looks just average at the moment. I'm out