BCHS Scholarship Spreadsheet 2018-2019
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ScholarshipDue DateAmountRequirements Min. academic requirementsAdditional DocumentsContactsWebsite
National Beta Scholarship1/24/2019250 Awards totaling $20,000High school senior, member of National Beta, plan on attending an accredited university/collegen/aTranscript, ACT/SAT scorehttps://scholarship.betaclub.org/https://scholarship.betaclub.org/
Safe Pedestrians Scholarship1/31/2019$1,000High school senior, must enroll in college Fall 20193.00Transcript, resume, 750 word essay discussing opinion on government's role in protecting pedestriansfrom accidents and measures that can be taken to prevent pedestrian accidentsinformation@nlginury.comhttps://nlginjury.com/scholarship/
Redfin Scholarship1/31/2019$1,000High school senior, planning to go to college, legal U.S. resident, 18 years or older3.50Online applicationhttps://www.redfin.com/resources/scholarship
Future Contractors Scholarship1/31/2019$750Citizen/resident of U.S., graduating high school senior, interested in pursuing a career as a contractorn/a250-500 word essay: "What advantage does college provide in starting and running a contractor busines sversus starting the required four years journey-level experience to become a licensed contractor right out of high school?"cbogue@ccisbonds.comhttps://www.ccisbonds.com/scholarship/
De Novo Scholarship1/31/2019$1,000Legal resident of U.S. or Puerto Rico, planning to attend college,n/an/an/ahttps://www.scholarshippoints.com/win5/?st=2361&aff_sub=scholarship2&aff_sub2=&transaction_id=102d7c31dbd517f96a3fb4d942690a&utm_source=&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=ScholarshipPoints%2B%2410%2C000%2BScholarship%2B(CPA)&
Society of Manufacturing Engineers Scholarship2/1/201910 awards, $1,000 ea.Graduating high school senior, will be attending college to pursue engineering or manufacturing degree2.00Must register to apply https://scholarships.smeef.org/applications/register.asp https://scholarships.smeef.org/applications/?_ga=2.127073162.609942239.1548796462-1979626881.1548796462
SCAD Distinguished Scholar Award2/1/2019$20,000 per yearEnrolled in a SCAD Univerity school, shows great ability in visual arts, performing arts, writing, or equestrian, honors/awards, leadership skills3.75 GPA, 1410 on SAT or 30 on ACTTranscript, offical test scores, portfolio, resumeSteve Mineo admission@scad.eduscad.edu/apply
Yonkers Honda Driving Memories Scholarship2/4/2019$1,000Graudating high school senior, between 16-22 years oldn/aEssay of 600 words or less: describe your family car, the memories you have of it, and a journey it took you on that affected your college experience..."scholarships@yonkershonda.comhttps://www.yonkershonda.com/blog/family-car-college-scholarship-2018
Just4Kids Salon Cosmetology Scholarship3/1/20192 awards, $500 ea.Graduating high school senior intending on going to college, n/a1,000 word essay about children's cosmetologystephen@just4kidssalon.comhttps://just4kidssalon.com/scholarship/
Information Security Undergraduate Scholarship3/1/201920 awards, $1,000-$5,000 ea.Graduating high school senior, attending college to pursue a degree on cybersecurity or information assurance, 3.30Transcript, 1 letter of recommendation, resume, online applicationscholarships@isc2.orghttps://iamcybersafe.org/scholarships/undergraduate-scholarships/
Donald and Barbara Mozley Scholarship3/15/20197 awards, $5,00 ea.Resident of U.S., attending an accredited engineering-technology school, financial need3.5, SAT score of 1220 or ACT score of 271 letter of recommendationn/ahttps://sae.awardspring.com/Home/ScholarshipDetails/85644
KFC Reach Educational Grant Program3/28/201950 awards, $3,00 ea.KFC employee, graduating high school senior, attending college in Fall 20192.50Trascript, ACT/SAT scoresKFCReach@applyISTS.comhttp://programs.applyists.com/reach/
Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship3/30/2017$500between 16-25, U.S. or Canadian citizen2.50application online, 2 essays, and like their facebook pagen/ahttp://www.odenzascholarships.com/awards/9/application_odenza_marketing_group_scholarship.php
Beyond the Cure Ambassador Scholarship3/30/201958 awards, $3,500 eachChildhood cancer survivor (diagnose before 18), U.S. citizen and resident, accepted into college for Fall 20192.50Mailed application, essay, copy of college acceptance letter, documentation of cancer diagnosis, 2 letters of recommendation, transcript, summary of community serviceStephanie Diekemper sdiekemper@thenccs.orghttps://www.thenccs.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/beyond-the-cure-ambassador-scholarship-2019-2020.pdf
University of the Aftermarket Foundation Scholarship3/31/2019$10,000, 80 awardsGraduating high school senior, will be a full-time student at a school in automotive, heavy duty, or collision repair fieldn/aOne-page essay about career goals, transcript, 1 letter of recommendationn/ahttps://www.automotivescholarships.com/apply_online.cfm
SP Scholarship Envisors2/2/2018Total of 10 $10,000legal resident of U.S. or Puerto Rico, high school student planning to attend college in September 2018n/aapplication online, Essayapplications: www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/14803/sp_scholarship_scholarship.phphttp://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10959/2015_scholarship_points_awards_scholarship.php
You Deserve It Scholarship11/29/2018$1,00016 or older, resident in any US staten/aapplication onlinehttps://www.studentscholarships.org/available.php
CHS Scholarship3/31/2017$2,000graduating senior in STEM, legal U.S. or Canadian citizenn/aapplication onlinehttp://www.chsinc.com/stewardship/leadership-development/scholarships
Petter Pasula Study Habits ScholarshipTo Be Announced$500be enrolled in at least a 2 year program in the falln/aapplication onlinehttp://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10516/peter_pasula_study_habits_scholarship_scholarship.php
Get Girls Golfing Scholarship5/15/2017$1,500Female senior, intends on playing golf as freshmen, attend a 2 or 4 year letter of rec, short essay on websitehttp://www.mygolfinstructor.com/scholarship/
MCO Scholarship5/15/2017$500Senior, plan on attending a college or universityn/aessayhttps://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10668/mco_scholarship_scholarship.php
LM Scholarship5/31/2017$500Senior, U.S. or Canadian resident plan on attending a 2 or 4 year collegeGPA 3.0letter of rechttp://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10415/lm_scholarship_program_scholarship.php
10 Words or Less 6/30/2017$500graduating seniorn/aapplication, answer essay question onlinehttps://www.studentscholarships.org/easy.php
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program6/12/2017$1,000seniors or juniorsn/aessay on career and life goalsscholarships@abbottandfenner.comhttp://www.abbottandfenner.com/scholarships.htm
Lift Parts Express6/30/2017$500U.S. or Canadian, graduating senior or college freshmann/aapplication onlinehttps://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10417/lift_parts_express_scholarship_scholarship.php
Lifestyle Dentistry Scholarship6/30/2016$500graduating seniorGPA 2.5application, essary, https://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10857/lifestyle_dentistry_scholarship_scholarship.php
Aspiring Nurse Scholarship6/30/2017$1,000Interested in pursuing career in nursing, and demonstrated academic excellence in math and sciencen/aonline application, essayhttp://www.nursingschoolsalmanac.com/node/17039
Sanders Law Firm6/30/2017$1,000plan on attending a 4 year universityGPA 3.0essaylwidelec@thesandersfirm.com.http://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10901/sanders_law_firm_scholarship_award_scholarship.php
Elks National Foundation: Most Valuable Student11/15/2018$4,000 - $20,000Senior, U.S. CitizenACT/SAT scores, essaysElksMVS@applyISTS.comhttp://www.elks.org/enf/scholars/
Elks National Foundation: Legacy Award2/3/2017$4,000Senior, Child or Grandchild of a living Elks member as of April 1, 2014, must be attending a U.S. college or universityACT/SAT scores, essaysscholarships@elks.orghttp://www.elks.org/scholars/scholarweb/legacy/rules.cfm
Athnet Sports Scholarship6/1/2016$1,000Played sportsn/aessay, personal bio, school infoscholarships@athleticscholarships.nethttp://www.athleticscholarships.net/scholarship-contest.htm
Got a Spine6/2/2017$500Senior, U.S. or Canadian citizen, plan on attending a college or universityGPA 2.5essay questionshttps://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10634/got_a_spine_scholarship_scholarship.php
SanDisk Foundation Scholarship Program3/31/2016$2,500high school senior planning on enrolling as fulltime undergraduate in the fall, legal citizenGPA 3.0application onlinehttps://www.sandisk.com/about/corp-responsibility/scholars-program
Shepherd Scholarship3/31/2017$2,000accepted enrollment at higher education, US citizen, verified affiliation with the Masonic organizationGPA 3.0application onlinescholarships@scottishrite.org.https://scottishrite.org/brothers-in-the-community/scholarships/shepherd-scholarship/
Never Forgotten Scholarship Fund3/31/2016$5,000leadership/service activities, US citizen/permanent resident, plan on attending accrediated university full time 2016-2017GPA 3.0transcript, student statement, online applicationhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxZddLbyp_8BaXE4akxQNzNYZjA/view?usp=sharing
Student View Scholarship4/22/2018variesn/an/acomplete online surveyJohn Becker, 724-903-0439, contact@studentinsights.comwww.student-view.com
Camp Neuro1 Week Camppersonal statement and scholarship essayn/aonline applicationhttp://www.campneuro.org/
Create a Greeting Card3/2/2019$10,000Create a Greeting Cardn/aonline applictionhttp://www.gallerycollection.com/greeting-cards-scholarship.htm
Toptal STEM Scholarships10/14/2019$5,000female aspiring to STEM related career, contribute to Open Source, blog about it, complete online applicationn/aessay on professional goals and how a scholarship will help you achieve themhttps://www.toptal.com/scholarships
Triple Impact Competitor 5/31/2016$1000-$2000current junior, participant in school or club sports GPA 2.5three letters of referencehttp://www.positivecoach.org/our-awards/triple-impact-competitor-scholarships/?utm_source=h5m&utm_medium=e&utm_campaign=tic
Aspiring Business Professional Scholarship Program6/1/2017$1,000Senior, interested in pursing business degree, record of academic success250-500 Word Essayhttp://www.onlinembareport.com/ombar-aspiring-business-professional-scholarship-program
Gen Lloyd W. "Fig" Newton Scholarship4/15/2017$1,000current seniorGPA 3.0http://tai-albuquerque.org/gen-lloyd-w-fig-newton-chapter-scholarship/
College Jumpstart Scholarship4/15/2017$1,000U.S. citizen or legal resident, currently attending/plan to attend an accredited school (including online programs)Online Application, 250 Word Personal Statementadmin@jumpstart_scholarship.nethttp://www.jumpstart-scholarship.net/faq/
You Deserve It Scholarship11/29/2019$1,000at least 16 years old, U.S. residenthttps://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/12809
2016 Scholarship Points Award12/15/2017$10,000at least 13 years old, enrolled or will enroll in US college/university, legal resident of US or Puerto Ricohttps://www.scholarshippoints.com/win5/?st=2361&aff_sub=&aff_sub2=&transaction_id=102c891cfe7c9e17930a8d1504098f&utm_source=&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=ScholarshipPoints%2B%2410%2C000%2BScholarship%2B(CPA)&
E-Waste Scholarship4/30/2019$1,000high school student, entering college, US citizen or legal resident500-1,000 word brief essay about e-wastehttp://www.digitalresponsibility.org/ewaste-scholarship
Paradigm Challenge Scholarship5/1/2017$50- $25,000legal resident, 4-18 years old, have parent/guardian permission to participate, team scholarshipstatement of idea, responses to questions about participationhttp://www.projectparadigm.org/challenge-rules
LGMD Awareness Scholarship5/26/2017$3,000Senior, teach others about Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophies, merit based and social media based2 Essays, signatures to document discussions, online application formhttp://www.jain-foundation.org/scholarship
Mark A Forester Scholarship6/1/2017$1,000currently enrolled in accredited US college/university or will be enrolled in Fall 2017300-500 word essay explaining how you honor America's military heroeshttp://www.rockymountainmattress.com/company/mark-a-forester-scholarship.php
10 Words or Less Scholarship1/31/2019$500between ages of 14-25 who will be attending school Fall of 2017Essay, Answer online on Facebookhttps://www.studentscholarships.org/easy.php
B. Davis Scholarship5/24/2019$1,000include information on where you currently attend school and what your future academic plans areless than 1000 word essay about leadership characteristcshttp://www.studentawardsearch.com/scholarships.htm
Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants6/14/2019$1,000For juniors and seniors. 500-1000 word essay on educational career and life goalsSend by email to scholarships@abbottandfenner.comhttp://www.abbottandfenner.com/scholarships.htm
NFIB YEF (Young Entrepeneur Foundation)1/18/2019$2,000- $15,000Needs to be a senior, needs to own/operate an established businessA few typed essays describing their entreprenuerial experience and their involvement with small businessesMolly Young, Director of NFIB's Young Entrepreneur Foundationhttp://www.nfib.com/foundations/yef/yef-programs/young-entrepreneur-awards/
Greenhouse Scholar12/17/2018up to $5,000 /year- 20,000Senior, U.S. citizen, resident of Colorado, Georgia, or Illinois, annual family income less than $70,000, attending an accredited 4 year institutionGPA 3.5Activities, employment, honors; essay and short answer questions; high school transcript and ACT scores; letters of recommendation; FAFSALindsey Pricewww.greenhousescholars.fluidreview.com
Caption Scholarship11/30/2016$500U.S. citizen, seniorGPA 2.5https://www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/13572/odenza_caption_scholarship_scholarship.php
The DREAMers: The National Scholarship2/28/2019up to $25,000Senior, moved to the U.S. before 16th birthday, DACA or TPS eligible, have significant unmet financial needGPA 2.5 2 Essays, Financial information, DACA or TPS approval or application, transcripts, a referenceTheDream.US@applyists.comhttp://www.thedream.us/scholarships/national-scholarship/
Ithaca College: Park Scholar Award1/15/2017Cost of attendance and a $2,000 stipendAccepted to Ithaca CollegeApplication, Essays, 3 letters of rec, and transcript; Application for Ithaca College completedNicole M. Koschmannhttp://www.ithaca.edu/parkscholars/apply/
Ithaca College: Martin Luther King Scholar2/1/2017$25,000 and upU.S. Citizen, accepted to Ithaca College, from ethnic and racial backgroundsOnline application along with school application, letter of recommendationNicole E. Bradwellhttp://www.ithaca.edu/mlk/apply/
Sixt Scholar11/30/20175 awards for $5,000Senior, U.S. citizenGPA 3.7 - 4.0Transcript, appraisal applicationhttps://www.sixt.com/sixt-scholars/
Andrew Flushe Scholarship11/30/2016 and 6/30/20172 awards for $200Senior, U.S. citizenCreate a public service advertisement video which raises the awarement of texting and drivingpr@andrewflusche.comhttps://www.andrewflusche.com/scholarship/
BigSun Scholarship6/19/2018$500Senior, Student athlete500-1,000 word essay answering the following questions: How did your participation in sports during your high school years influence you?
Has your participation influenced your career goals?
Has your participation influenced how you relate to your family?
Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship 10/31/2017$2,000At least 13, live in the U.S, be enrolled for an accredetited University "Imagine that your high school or college has been overrun with zombies. Your math professor, the cafeteria ladies, and even your best friend have all joined the walking dead. Flesh out a plan to avoid the zombies, including where you’d hide and the top-five things you’d bring to stay alive." (250 words or less)https://www.unigo.com/scholarships/our-scholarships/zombie-apocalypse-scholarship
Khan Law Firm 8/1/2017$1,000You must currently be enrolled in or have been accepted to (and planning to attend) a college or university in the United States.GPA 3.0Official school transcript, essay http://khaninjurylaw.com/scholarship/
Wacky Duct Tape Scholarship March-May 2017$10,000 first place each, $5000 second place each, $3000 third place each, $1000 special categories. Nice prize amount is awarded to the school too (that sponsored the prom).Costumes must be original and will be judged based on workmanship, originality, use of color, use of accessories, and use of duct tape. Photos of the 10 finalist couples will be posted for online voting http://stuckatprom.com/promposal/stuckatprom.com
The Great Scholarship ProgramMarch $250-$1500Interest in a cosmetology career and current cosmetology school studentsrecruiting@greatclips.comgreatclipscareers.com/scholarships
Newcomer Funeral Service Groups10/26/2018(6) $3500 and (8) $500Pursuing a degree in mortuary scienceGPA 2.5Bev Lawson Scholarship coordinator. 877-571-6374 scholarship@nfsgi.comwww.NFSGI.com/scholarship
National Association of Secondary School Principals Prudentioal Spirit of Community Award11/6/2018$1000-$5000Making a difference through voluteering. Grades 5-12, legal resident of US. nassp.org/spirit
The American Legion High School Oratorical Contest1-31-18$14,000-18,000American citizen, student under the age of 20 years, enrolled in 9-12grade high school, school has high cirruculum, participates in the contestn/amust have won the Colorado contestoratorical@legion.org 317-630-1204www.legion.com/oratorical
John M. Belk Scholarship12/3/2018$63,903must be nomiated by counselor, must be attending Davidson College, students who demonstrate intellectural and personal achievement and significant leadership abilityapplication, transcript, letter of recommendationMerit Program belkscholarship@davidson.edu or Ms. Gardner Roller Ligo, Director galigo@davidson.eduwww.davidson.edu
Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship2/20/20183 at $10,000be graduating from high school in 2018, demonstrate an interest in Vegetarianism in the community or at schooln/aapplication: www.studentschloarship.org/scholarship/9544/vegetarian_resource_group_scholarships_scholarship.php
Project Yellow Light Billboard Scholarship3/1/20182 at $2,000be a nigh school junior or senior between 14-20 yearsn/acreate a design for a billboard advertisement to encourage safe drivingapplication: www.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/14801/project_yellow_light_billboard_design_scholarship_scholarship.php
National Farmers Farm Kids Scholarship3/1/20183 at $1,000a high school senior who plans to pursue agriculture-related degrees at an accredited college or universityn/awww.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/13249/national_farmers_farm_kids_scholarship_scholarship.php
SEG Scholarship3/1/2018150 at $10,000a high school senior planning to attend college next year intending to pursue a college curriculum directed toward a career in applied geophysicsn/awww.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/9766/seg_scholarships_scholalrship.php
USPAAC Scholarships3/10/201810 at $5,000be at least 16 years old and a high school senior, be of Asian or Pacific Island heritagen/awwww.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/10177/uspaac_scholarships_scholarship.php
Microsoft Disability Scholarship3/15/201810 at $20,000be a current high school senior with living with a disability (as defined by WHO), whether that be visual, hearing, mobility, cognitive, speech, or other disabilityn/awww.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/12198/microsoft_disability_scholarship_scholarship.php
United States Institute of Peace Scholarships3/15/20182 at $2,500be a high school student interested in learning and writing about issues of peace and conflict, encouraging appreciation for diplomacy's role in building partnerships that can advance peaceabilitywww.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/9221/united_states_institute_of_peace_scholarship_scholarship.php
Beyond the Boroughs National Scholarship3/15/20182 at $20,000be a high school senior accepted to an accredited 4 year college/univeristy/equivalent, be from a low income householdwww.studentscholarhips.org/scholarship/12089/beyond_the_boroughs_national_scholarship_scholarship.php
Harris Poll Scholarship3/15/2018$1,000a legal resident of the UC and DC who are 13 years or olderwww.studentscholarships.org/scholalrship/14804/harris_poll_scholarship_scholarship.php
Sister Rita Jeanne Scholarships3/15/20187 at $3,000a high school senior who is interested in journalismportfolio of journalistic skillswww.studentscholarships.org/scholarship/9759/sister_rita_jeanne_scholarships_scholarship.php
Brockman Scholars Program (Texas A&M University)10/28/201851 scholarships awarded. Covers Texas A&M tuition fees in full, (regardless of whether a scholarship recipient normally resides in-state (Texas) or out-of-state), room and board, transportation, books and supplies, an overseas study opportunity and internship opportunities.Enroll in and successfully complete, both the four-year undergraduate STEM degree and the MS Business graduate degree program, merit-basedMust have a minimum composite SAT score of 1400 or the equivalent minimum composite ACT score of 32Applicants for a Brockman Scholarship must also have applied (and accept) to an approved program of study at Texas A&M University, two reference letterswww.brockmanfoundation.orghttps://brockmanfoundation.org/brockman-scholars-faqs/
Gonzaga Leaders Scholarship2/1/2019$20,000 over four yearsAwarded to Outstanding first-year students with a commitment to academic excellence, leadership potential, and community serviceGPA of at least 3.5 at the time of applicationComplete the Application for Admission to Gonzaga University, Involvement and Leadership Resume, Essay (written, video or audio, or image)https://www.gonzaga.edu/undergraduate-admission/tuition-aid/scholarship-opportunities/gonzaga-leaders-scholarship
Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program12/7/20182500Community service, outstanding qualities in character, integrity and leadershipGPA of at least 3.0https://learnmore.scholarsapply.org/leadersandachievers/?utm_source=MDRe1&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Comcast2019
Daughters of the American Revolution DAR12/20/2018State Winner: $250 National Winners: $500 National winners: $5,000must exhibit dependability, leadership, service, patritoism, must be a senior class student enrolled in accredited public or private secondary school and in good standing with their state boards of educationgrade transcrip, two letters of recommendation, essay, timed essayMarlene Capelle mars1948mars@centurylink.net
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