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Stroud High School - Year 10 English, Maths, Science
SubjectTeaching GroupTeacher InitialsDate SetHomework SetDate DueWorksheet/ Resources Required Yes/No
SubjectTeaching GroupTeacher IntitialsDate Set
Homework SetDate Due
Worksheet/ Resources Required Yes/No
Science (Bio)10vTJL4/4/19complete the graph plotting of the class results and write an explanation for the results (think enzymes)23/04/2019graph paper
Biology10DTJL3/4/19Use the emailed mark scheme to mark the respiration hwk and then prep yourselves for the breathing and resp test 1st lesson after Easter23/04/2019emailed
Biology10BMJH02/04/2019Revise for a test on breathing and respiration.23/04/2019
Physics10wMJH02/04/2019Revise for a test on mains electricity. Review last topic too- electric circuits- because there is overlap in the test.23/04/2019
Use padlet for revision notes and questions
chemistry10VRCC01/04/2019Continue to consolidate your understanding of the electrolysis topic using your booklet, notes and padlet. We are almost at the end of the topic so you need to be confident on how to write half equations etc.24/04/2019no
English10PEKD29/03/2019Read and annotate the final pages of chapter 8 - Simon's encounter with the 'Lord of the Flies'.  Make notes on the questions given on handout ready to discuss next lesson.03/04/2019Yes
Chemistry10VRCC29/03/2019Practice forming the correct formula for substances- complete the sheet given out (which included a table of ions) in Wednesday's lesson as well as completing/correcting the back page of the homework sheet you had from Mrs Lynch. Finished and it hasn't taken 30 mins? Head to padlet and complete a quiz.24/04/2019YEs
Biology10bMJH29/03/2019Try the sheet to introduce photosynthesis.02/03/2019Yes
Biology10DTJL27/03/2019Complete the emailed set of exam style Qs - practice for the test after Easter - you'll have to source some graph paper - try https://montcs.bloomu.edu/~bobmon/Graphics/Graph%20Paper/engineering-graph-paper-small.png right click and print the image03/04/2019emailed Qs
Chemistry10BRCC27/03/2019Spend 40 mins practising balanced symbol equations (use the sheet from last lesson or padlet if you finished that)01/04/2019Yes
Chemistry10DCSH27/03/2019Complete questions on p.16 in your booklet. 01/04/2019booklet
Physics10VIG26/03/2019Revise for the mains test on Tuesday next week. Use the quick fire questions to practice your understanding.2/4/2019yes
Physics10AEMW26/3/19Finish alpha and beta decay equations sheet4/4/2019
English10MKK25.3.19Read extract from Ch8 'Simon had passed through the area of fruit trees..' to 'All at once they were running away, as fast as they could, through the forest toward the open beach'.Make detailed notes on the importance of this episode in the novel-what themes is Golding exploring? Include 5-8 key quotations which you have analysed in detail.28/03/2019text
Physics10EIG22/03/2019Complete circus questions 5 and 7 of the topic Particles by next lesson. Make sure you mark it once completed.27/03/2019
Chemistry 10DCSH21/03/2019Complete p.12 and 13 in you booklet. If you are not sure, use the Kerboodle textbook to look things up!27/03/2019booklet
English10PEKD20/03/2019Read and annotate the extract given.  Answer the Language Paper 1 practice question - 'How does Golding use language to present the boys' fear?'  Write your response on a piece of lined paper - ideally write in timed conditions (10 minutes)  You should aim to identify 4-5 key language features / words / phrases and explore the effect of these (ie. not full PEEECE style).27/03/2019Yes
Science - Physics10VIG20/03/20191) Review your understanding of Mains - read through revision notes (2) get organised - some of you have loose documents in your exercise book.26/03/2019
biology10WCN20/03/2019To continue with your powerpoint on the risk factors associated with non communicable diseases.  1/4/2019n
chemistry10ESM19/03/2019complete p20/21 from acid reactions booklet25/03/2019
English10PEKD15/03/2019Read and annotate the section from Chapter 7 where they 'play' at killing a pig.  Up to 'and everybody laughed.' (P.138 - 143 in 'Snake covered edition).  How is 'The darkness of man's heart' suggested here?  Find and explore some juicy quotes to share in class next week.
Science10BMJH15/03/2019Try the retest questions on circulation and NCD26/03/2019Yes
Biology10DTJL14/03/2019Put on here late but I had asked you to complete the graph plotting of the class results and write an explanation for the results (think enzymes)20/03/2019
English10MKK14.3.19Select 4-5 quotations which describe Castle Rock at the end of Ch5. Add them to your 'island notes' page. Annotate your ideas on how Golding uses language to make this place seem threatening for the reader and foreshadows later violent events.22.3.19text
English10QJK14/03/2019Finish PEEECE paragraph
Chemistry10DCSH13/03/2019Mke sure you have completed p.7-9 in your booklet (including balanced symbol equations). Challenge question: What are the ionic equations?20/03/2019booklet
Sci - Physics10VIG12/03/2019Your home work is to complete a page in the booklet that has the title - Power (either page 8 or 9). 19/03/2019YES
Science Physics10WMJH12/03/2019If you were two grades or more below target, try the retest. It is optional for everyone else. You could all watch this documentary about the history of domestic electricity supply. It's optional but actually quite interesting! Honest! https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5khmpc19/03/2019
Sci (Biol)10VTJL12/3/19Prep for test on heart/circulation and non communicable disease - mark the Qs from the cover lesson using the emailed answer sheet21/3/19emailed answers
Physics10AEMW07/03/2019Revise for mini re-test on Mains and Static topic which will be on Tuesday 12 March and end of topic test on Particles which will be on Friday 15 March.12/03/2019
Science (biol)10VTJL7/3/19Complete the exam paper emailed to you all. Will help with preparation for the end of topic test on circulation and non communicable disease on Thurs 13/3/19emailed
Biology10DTJL6/3/19Complete the exam paper emailed to you all. Beginning of little and often revision12/03/2019emailed
Physics10BEMW05/03/2019Isaac Physics assignment12/03/2019
chemistry10ESM5/3/19Prep for test on metals: mindmap/revision cards. Use BBC Bitesize 11/3/19
Chemistry10VJL/RC01/03/2019Complete followup homework sheet on back to basics topic13/03/2018Yes
Chemistry10DCSH04/03/2019Learn the formulae of common ions by heart (booklet, p.8)
Physics10EIG01/03/2019Complete pages 7 and 8 in your Particles booklet.06/03/2019yes
English10MKK28/02/2019Finish your A3 diagram on savagery versus civilization Ch1-408/03/2019text
Science (biology)10VTJL26/02/2019Complete Centre pages from circulatory system booklet (blood components) Don't do steps 1-4 on the task but start at step 5 then do the Qs on the opposite page. Hand in 7th March in lesson even if I am not there
Chemistry10DCSH27/02/2019Biomining assignment (instructions on p.4 in your booklet)06/03/2019
Biology10AMJH27/02/2019Finish off/ catch up with the non-communicable diseases work. I have emailed you about it.05/03/2019Yes
Physics10AEMW26/02/2019Isaac Physics assignment07/03/2019
chemistry10ESM26/02/2019Read and answer questions p16-20 in metals booklet04/03/2019
Biology10DTJL26/02/2019Revision for test on Circulatory system and non communicable disease next Wednesday06/03/2019
English10MKK25.2.2019Write 2-3 peeece paragraphs in response to the question: how does Golding present Simon and what is his significance in the novel? Use the extract on the sheet we annotated as a basis.5.3.19
yes-extract and notes
English10NJF13/02/2019Context research: 1) The Coral Island - what was it about?  What parallels are there between this and 'LOTF'? Search for a summary and see how Golding chooses to subvert this classic children's text.  Extra challenge = read the text itself.  Here's a free copy http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/646?msg=welcome_stranger Context 2) research the parallels between Jack and Hitler.  If Jack can be seen to represent Hitler, who might Ralph be seen to represent....?  SPANISH STUDENTS - we've all watched most of the film version.  Catch up with us asap.  Here are links to youtube where you can watch it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puglTctwozM
chemistry10ADPM15/02/2019complete pages 7, 8 and 9 in the metal reactions booklets (booklet attached with email sent)25/02/2019
Chemistry10WDPM14/02/2019Revise for test on Back to Basics part 1 and part 2 (Wed 27th Feb week). Read email for more support with this27/02/2019
Chemistry10DCSH14.02.2019Produce a creative and colourful teaching poster on how
to convert word equations into balanced symbol equations
chemistry10BRCC14/02/2019Read pages 18-19 and complete questions pg 20 booklet. Use the rest of the 40 mins homework time to do revision for test on WEdnesday 27th Feb27/02/2019
Biology10DTJL13/02/2019From non communicable diseases booklet finish sheets - 'how big is the risk (not Q3), Effects of smoking (not Q3 or follow up)Treating cancer sheet (towards back of book - multi choice) and Qs on cholesterol - research LDL and HDL. Also have made sure that all revsion resources for the topic have been finished - test coming up 2nd week after half term26/02/2019booklets
Physicss10WMJH12/02/2019Do the components quiz sheet, and plot the diode graph.26/02/2019Yes
Physics10AEMW14/02/2019Kerboodle assignment P6 Homework: Molecules and matter 126/02/2019
Physics10BEMW12/02/2019Kerboodle assignment P6 Homework: Molecules and matter 126/02/2019
Chemistry10VJL / RC11/02/2019Think about and act on your HTI for the basck to basics module and bring evidence of your work along to lesson.27/2No
biology10WCN08/02/2019To complete the exam question on arteries veins and cappillaries. 12/2
Physics10EIG08/02/2019Do the Mains (and static) circus questions 4 and 5 - mark it aswell. 13.2.19
English10MKK07/02/2019Start your 'Evolution of the beast' A3 diagram.  Add quotations and analysis from chapters 1 and 2 about the beast / fear etc12.2.19text
Science: Physics10WMJH06/02/2019By next lesson, make sure you have finished your two IV graphs and written up the notes on ohmic and non ohmic conductors.12/02/2019No
Science10VIG05/02/2019Physics - you will have a topic test soon so you must the topic of electricity. Its topic 3 here: https://padlet.com/shs_physics/ehlb92a3py7v. For those going to spain I suggest you print off the quick fire questions and use them to help you. 12/02/2019yes
chem10ESM05/02/2019complete p12 in metals booklet11/2Y
Sci (biol)10VTJL05/02/19Use circ booklet - complete  p4,5 & 6 to get your head around differences between arteries veins and capillaries14/02/2019
Biology10DTJL5/2/19Use the spec extract I have emailed and the notes (or your revision guide or kerboodle) TO MAKE REVISION RESOURCES ON TEH NON COMMUNICABLE DISEASES SECTION OF THE SPEC. 30 MINS PER HWK OVER THE NEXT 2 HWKS. (oops caps lock!)complete for after half termemailed
chemistry (Combined)10WDPM5/2/19Complete the Water Works assignment. You can find it here: https://padlet.com/shschemistry/y10homework 14/02/18
Physics10AEMW5/2/19Print out and file revision notes from padlet for Particles topic PLUS catch up on any past Isaac Physics homeworks14/2/19
Physics10BEMW5/2/19Print out and file revision notes from padlet for Particles topic PLUS catch up on any past Isaac Physics homeworks12/2/19
English11LMCH30/1/19nalyse your three aspects of Golding's narrative style from your fire poem1/1/19
English10PEKD30/1/19Start your 'Evolution of the beast' double page.  Add quotations and analysis from chapters 1 and 2 about the beast / darkness.6/2/19Text
biology10DTJL30/1/19V quick hwk - use kerboodle or revision guides to finish notes on Coronary heart disease - causes & treatment, use of stents, statins, and heart and heart valve replacements (including artificial as well as 'natural,)5/2/19
Chemistry10BRCC30/1/19Act on your electrolysis test HTI- I will need to see EVIDENCE that you have done so6/2/19
Physics10VIG30/1/19Electric circus questions 8, 9 and 10 - make sure your answers are clear, then mark it.
chemistry10DPM29/1/19Revise for test on Electrolysis. Test on 8/2/20188/2/18
chemistry10ESM29/1/19complete pages 5,6 of metal reactions booklet4/2/19
biology10WCn25/1/19To revise everything on enzymes and digestion for the test next weds30th jann
English1oQJK25.1.19Re-read from p20 to the end of Chapter 1.
English10PEKD24/1/19Complete a page of notes reflecting on chapter 1 - key events / characters & themes introduced / key symbols / key quotations.30/1/19Text
English10MKK24/1/19Create a detailed diagram on the conch: what it symbolises, quotations from Ch1 which describe its appearance, characters' attitude to it and the powerful effect of its noise.1/2/19text
Biology10DTJL24/1/19Complete the following on Kerboodle (follow the link) and make any notes you need to to firm up your understanding https://www.kerboodle.com/app/courses/46561/modules/Resources/node/15608/page/1/content/127391   and https://www.kerboodle.com/app/courses/46561/modules/Resources/node/15605/page/1/content/12741230/1/19
chemistry10WDPM23/1/19In Back to Basics part 2 booklets complete p. 8 "Heating and Cooling Curves"31/1/19
chemistry10ESM22/1/19Use BBC Bitesize and your booklet to revise electrolysis topic. complete practice test on BBC bitesize
Sci Biol10VTJL22/1/19As well as kerboodle/revision (see below) complete quick labelling sheet on the heart in prep for heart dissection5/2/19Q sheet
Physics10AEMW22/1/19Isaac Physics 10-04 HW Mains 0331/1/19
Physics10BEMW22/1/19Isaac Physics 10-04 HW Mains 03 PLUS revise for test on 'Mains and Static' topic and mini test on 'Electricity' topic which will both be on 22/1.29/1/19
English10MKK21/1/19Start a character profile for Ralph and Piggy: for each character find 5 key quotations from p11-17 which communicate their appearance, personality and attitude to the island. Make notes around the quotations.24/1/19text
English11QJK18.1.19Write a detailed paragraph to answer the question: how does Golding create impressions of Piggy. Make sure to analyse language at word level and squeeze your quotes. Look at more than one quote in this paragraph please! 
Science10EIG18/1/19Print off revision notes for Mains and read pages 1 and 2. Do Mains circus questions 2 and mark23/1/19
Sciience (biol)10VTJL17/1/19Complete the Kerboodle tests on digestion and enzymes and carbs etc (have a look at which have been set) then use  results of this to revise for a test on Carbs, lipids, proteins, enzymes and digestion31/1/19
English10PEKD16/1/19Create a page of notes on the conch - include key quotations and analysis.  Consider its symbolic function and how different characters react to it at this early stage in the novel.24/1/19Text
biology10WCN16/1/19To complete the test i have emailed to you23/1/19y
Physics10VIG16/1/19Do T3 circus question 4 and mark it. Then read through the revision notes pages 1 to 322/1/19y
chemistry10ESM15/1/19Complete pages 17 and 18 in electrolysis booklet
Physics10AEMW17/1/19Isaac Physics 10-04 HW Mains 02 PLUS revise for test on 'Mains and Static' topic and mini test on 'Electricity' topic which will both be on 22/1.22/1/19
Physics10BEMW15/1/19Isaac Physics 10-04 HW Mains 0222/1/19
biology10WCN11/1/19To complete the kerboodle sheet 3.2 that i have emailed to you all. 16/1/19
English10MKK11/1/19Finish your comparative paragraph on 'Storm on the Island' and 'The Prelude'17/1/19anthology
English10PEKD10/1/19Write a detailed PEEECE paragraph about the introduction to Piggy in chaper 1.16/1/19
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