Day / Date RangeEvent NameDescriptionTime Commitment
Cash-Drive FundraiserSelecting Vendor (WeFund4U past 2 seasons), scheduling video with coach, emailing parents to remind about emails and scheduling coordinator to come speak to team at practice. Minimal work to setup and manage. Possibly get prizes donated for highest funds raised.3 hours - coordinator
Senior NightCoordinator and volunteers needed. Senior photos and banners created, picked up and hung. Decorations, flowers to parents. Distribution of questionnaire to seniors. Booking announcer. Overseeing event that evening5 hours - coordinator; 1 hour commitment volunteer help
Uniform Distribution / CollectionCoordinator and volunteers needed. Coordinator launders and separates uniforms into bags by number and size, ensuring we have all colors/pieces by number. Sort bags into bins and bring to distribution event. Collect and sort other team swag to be distributed into tubs and bring to distribution event.3 hours - coordinator; 30 minute volunteer to help with distribution at practice
Uniform CollectionCoordinator and volunteers needed. Provide plastic bags to collect and check-off pieces and uniforms by player. Launder and sort uniforms into bins for next year. Provide list of uniforms not collected to coach or team parent to follow-up on.3 hours - coordinator; 30 minutes volunteer to help with collection at practice
Team Apparel OrdersCoordinator: Select vendor and items to be listed for sale. Setup online order form, start and end date for ordering. Distribute order forms and communicate/remind of start/end dates. Coordinate distribution.3 hours - coordinator
Pancake Breakfast / Silent AuctionCoordinator: Contact Applebees in MiraMesa to schedule event and collect tickets with estimated attendees. Distribute tickets to teams and schedule servers or team volunteers. If adding Silent Auciton, create outreach list and get volunteers to connect with local businesses, event centers and experiences to provide donations for silent auction. Group and present auction items at event. Provide bidding sheets, open/close bidding times and checkout winners for collection. 3 hours - pancake breakfast coordinator; 10 hours Silent Auction Coordinator (could be more depending on how many volunteers assist)
Team Party & AwardsCoordinator: Book venue, plan and order decorations, food, setup audio, tables, chairs, etc. Setup sign-up genius for volunteers to help with setup/cleanup.3 hours - coordinator; 30 minute volunteers
Game Day SpotterCall out goals, assists, ground balls, faceoff possessions with the player number and communicate to the scorekeeper. On field.1.5 hours
Game Day ScorebookRecord in offical team scorebook all game goals, assists, ground balls, faceoff possesions, penalties and timeouts at game time. On field.1.5 hours
Game Day AnnouncerPlay music, announce teams, play national anthem and announce goals, assists, etc at game. On microphone in box.1.5 hours
Game Day ScorekeeperManage scoreboard, scores, clock, time start/stop, timeouts from booth.1.5 hours
Game Day Penalty ClockKeep official penalty clock when penalties are called in game. On field.1.5 hours
Game Day Snack BarVolunteer during game to sell concessions.1.5 hours
Game Day Team DinnersCoordinate team dinners, collect & distribute donations to pay for items or volunteer to bring a dish to team dinner.1 hour