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HelenCarbon creditsSell carbon credits to domestic market as additional revenue model and/or subsidize the BoP stoves
Jeanette Inyeneri Inyeneri is a Rwandan based SE that distributes clean cookstoves to families on a rental basis. Their model is something to be looked at.
Jeanette Envirofit Direct Competitor (theoretically) cookstoves for developing countries. Model should be compared.Well respected
Jeanette GreenCharDirect Competitor (theoretically) cookstoves for Kenya - sells briquettes, dist. cookstoves. Model should be compared. (
Jeanette Prototype Revisionget a bunch of stove geeks together to reprotoype the stove. make it cheaper, smaller, lighter, etc - could increase the selling potentionalStove geeks!
DeborahEcoventStoveSelling cookstoves and water purifiers to event planners for large scale outdoor events like Burning Man
DeborahCommuniStoveStoves, heaters, and water purifiers for small communities who are transitioning away from Fossil Fuels... see Transition Towns model
Jeanette New ModelDitch the giant stoves. Invest in smaller stoves and focus on making impact. Selling giant, expensive stoves to a niche market isn't going to make any sort of impact agreewhy not do both?
but then theyre not unique
Jeanette Zanmi Pye BwaCookstoves need to be built/ reparable in BOP communities. job creation. $ in country.
and the parts need to be created in country as well
DeborahOutdoorHeatA patio heating unit for outdoor entertaining; restuarants, bars, ski lodges, skating rinks, ice fishing folks
RebeccaIGO contractsBecome the go-to supplier for intergovernmental (or related) orgs who need to source food prep/medical sanitation supplies for relief camps, hospitals, orphanages, etc.
RebeccaMicroconsignmentSmall local entrepeneurs receive inventory at no cost up front, and pay back the distributing org once they have made a sale. More info on how microconsignment works here:
KateMicro businessesEntrepeneurs in devoloping countries use for businesses - clean water, charging cell phone/appliances, renting out, leasing.
KateDude RanchesA fun, social outdoor cooking expereince for dude ranch guests.
KateRanchesCould be used in working ranches where other alternatives are expensive or less accessible.
KateSummer CampsA community building and unqiue way to cook for the campers.
KateEcoResortsA unique, off the grid cooking options that is appealing to eco-minded guests.
KateShantytown SupplyGov't or NGO effort to have cooking, clean drinking water, medical sterlization, charging station, heat for slum dwellers.
KateUCampusStoves that could be used on university campuses for large events, graduations, football games, alumin functions, conferences.
KateCoHousingSell to cohousing community for cooking together (normally 2-3 times per week).
KateWasteproductsSell to lumbermills, furniture makers, others who have wood/combustibles as waste products to generate heat/cook/etc.
KateIncineratorRedesign to burn waste and sell to developing countries.
KateReal GoodsSell through Real Goods
KateObservatoriesSell worldwide to observatories as they are remote, usually on mt tops, away from light pollution.
BrittanyGov't Contract/PartnershipPartner with Department of Agriculture/US Forest Service to supply stoves to huts on Appalachian Trail, national parks, etc.
BrittanyCorporate Partnership/CSRPartner with companies like Coleman & Primus that already produce stoves to bring operating costs down (on terms that social mission remains integral)
BrittanyBackcountryStovesSell to independent backcountry huts in mountain areas of the U.S. with extensive skiing/biking trips for wealthy clients
KateAlaskaAlaska likely tops the list as the state with the most off the grid people. small commnities are a good fit for the stove. Overall, there are 200K people living off the grid in the US as a whole.
KateAthletic EventsRent/Sell to event organizers for hot drinks (made with water) for marathons, triathlons, mt bike, bike, etc. competitions/fundraisers.
KatePreppers!Lest we forget! It's coming. Be prepared!
Tom BDoomsday PreppersGet a partnership with the show "Doomsday Preppers" for some product placement
Tom BYurtsFind Yurt manufacturers, communities, stores, etc. The yurt clientele would appreciate this product
Tom BFood Network, Travel Channel Partner with one of these networks to host a cooking challenge event/TV show only using these stoves to raise awareness, solicit donations, etc.
KateDivide and ConquerSeparate the for-profit and non-profit. See if the for profit can make it without a social mission. Have the non-profit support successful stoves that reach the broader market (families).
KateMongoliaBuilding on Tom's idea, Mongolia is the land of Gers (Yurts). Many are stationary now. Heating, stove and water, bread all useful. Right now they mainly use coal: In Ulanbaataar this causes terrible air pollution.
Tiffany - Mongolia's largest microfinance bank Xacbank has a 'green loan' arm that focuses on distributing energy efficient stoves and insulated heat covers for yurts throughout all 21 provinces in Mongolia. There is possibility to offer in-kind group loans to account for the cost of the stove. Xacbank eco-banking: (
TiffanyCentral AsiaBuilding off Tom & Kate's idea for yurts - expanding distribution throughout Central Asia either through microfinance institutions, Peace Corp economic development volunteers and other agencies working in this region. Nomadic (yurt using) cultures with cold, harsh climates. We could explore Zsoka's idea of floor heating as an additive function of the stove.
KateBoots on the GroundMany military operations are in off the grid locations and the DOD is focusing on this . Even bases are going "net zero"
ArunaLight the FireCreate a cadre of women microentrepreneurs to rent cookstoves for community events like weddings
ArunaAkshaya PatraSell clean cookstoves to Akshaya Patra Foundation to use clean cookstoves in their facilities -
ArunaMidday MealExplore partnership with Indian government to use cookstoves in schools, for the midday meal scheme -
agree but inStove not in India (do you know this? we only have the map of africa)
Aruna: This is assuming that they go into India
ArunaFueling a Higher TasteConsider temples and other religious institutions as potential clients. The social good comes from the "poor feeding" that these temples do. One example is the Thirumala Thirupati Devasthanam -
ArunaAlternative TreatmentsConsider alternative treatment (Ayurvedic) hospitals such as Kotakkal Arya Vaidya Sala ( and others, to prepare medicines
ArunaPilgrimagesIf the stove can be dismantled, it can be used to do "on road cooking" for mammoth pilgrimages -
KateCattle Stations AustraliaThe power grid in Australia does not reach many remote cattle stations. They are a possible market. And they love Barbies (not the doll)
ArunaDrying papadsCan the griddle be used to dry papads? (
ArunaThe TIDE modelSeveral uses of cookstoves can be found here - A student of mine did an internship with TIDE; they are a great organization, and a potential local partner
ArunaBundlingThey should consider the model where there is ability to encourage not only production, but also innovation locally, by constantly experimenting with local materials. They can then partner with an organization like SELCO (, to bundle the lighting and cookstove uses, since their missions are allied, and SELCO has deep institutional connections
ArunaArtisan usageCan it be used in heating to make lac bangles? -
ArunaReligious FiresNot exactly a nonprofit/social enterprise idea - but - can this be used as a substitute for homams or religious fires? ( This would sell well in the case of performing religious rituals for Indians overseas, who are governed by fire safety regulations
ArunaMicroentrepreneurs and Health CampsCreate microentrepreneurs who could rent/sell the autoclaves to hospitals, organizations, foundations and others who run health camps, characterized by high mobility and minimal equipment. Two examples include Rotary ( and Smile Foundation (
ArunaDisparate business model and activitiesCan be used in industries such as jaggery manufacturing ( - watch from 5:59 till 8:40)
ArunaShodh YatraNot exactly a specific idea, but it might be good to take a portable version of the stove on something like a shodh yatra ( and see if it fits in with specific other models/geographical contexts
Jasmin Short Term Rental/Long Term LeasesStoves cen be rented or leased for an extended period of time with an option to purchase, including a deposit fee of $x
Jasmin Buy Back Buy back old stove on completion of 10 year period alternatively, an option for user to purchase a new stove at a discounted rate. 
Jasmin Demo ExpoMarketing strategy to demo the model at an expo such as GreenBuild thereby targeting a wide audience.
Jasmin Educating the massesParticipation in educational forums for social and environmental impact. NetImpact/GreenBuild
Jasmin Alternative Instove FuelAs as ancillary service Instove could form local partnerships to produce alternative fuel for operating stove. eg local farmer, "dung rolls" which are delivered to institutions using InStove  
Jasmin AdaptibilityAbility of InStove to progressively adapt to environmental and social concerns.
Jasmin Getting points for doing goodCorporations that source local harvesting goods  and supports women actvities can sponsor Instove as part of its CR program in addition to promoting sustainable harvesting and production of goods. Eg Lush, Whole Foods, Trader Joes etc 
AyshaOutdoor Turkey Deep FryerUnder a different brand name repurpose/sell InStove as an outdoor turkey deep fryer in the N. American market
AyshaNative American ReservationsAbout 14% of Native American reservations have no access to electricity (Energy Information Administration)--sell Instove as both a cookstove/space heater.
AyshaSeafood Boil CookstoveSell to U.S. South/New England markets as a seafood boil cookstove. Many churches in the South have seafood boil fundraisers--this would give them a chance to get familiar with the product and give InStove access to a target market for the international side of the business.
HunterSell the IPShip just the high temp alloys and have the rest of the stove manufactured incountry, essentially selling the manufacturing process rather than the stoves themselves, price the stove according to the local market.
HunterHouse + StovePartnering with a low-income housing project that builds the stove into the standard home design
HunterLoss Lead Cross SellingSell a home stove as a way to get into communities where you can sell the larger InStove
HunterInclude side productsDevelop side products such as cooking mits, tools for cutting small branches, clamps to remove the pot.
HunterWood delivery serviceDomestic and international look at ways to supply wood as a service after the stoves have been sold, perhaps as a method for recovering lost profits in low-income markets.
HunterMobile payment optionDevelop a system for recieving mobile payments in international markets where mobile money will become more prevelant
HunterRental model in both marketsRenting can be a viable option in both domestic and international markets. Look for ways to use the longer recovery period in developing markets to your advantage.
HunterSell it as a businessSell the stove with attachements, tools and business plan that make it a viable franchise business. Private investors internationally could even be interested in these as small business investments
HunterAdd wheels = Food cartConnect the stove to a cart or trailer or bike, make it a mobile food option for the cities
j: i like this. I would add in a prototype session to make it more portble though. I think he said its 90 lbs now.
HunterChurch campaignChurches internationally host events frequently enough to need this type of stove. They also receive donations enough to pay for one. Create a sales and marketing campaign that focuses on them.
HunterLaundry attachmentIn my research in Kenya I found that women spend upto 6hours a day on laundry especially during the rainy season. Create an attachment that both washes and dries clothes in less time than traditional models. With an all-in-one cooking/laundry/water purification appliance you are cutting down on costs three ways. Perhaps moving out of the BOP into the semi-middle class(wood stove users) can help make this a more viable option. In addition, a laundry business is a real opportunity in Kenya according to my market researchJ:like this, hunter for the win!
HunterBetter brandingBrands can be strong in emerging markets where people use word-of-mouth to share about products. Be sure to develop a consumer brand that people can talk about instead of being confused with your competition
J:yes! needs a brand identity! yesterdays presentation did not give a clear vision of the company or its goals
HunterCar stoveIf your stove is superior to hybrid car engines, perhaps you should be looking at ways to build a better engine for transportation means. This doesn't have to be a traditional car but could be a new vehicle or agricultural tool. This would solve a different environmental/social problem which is still impact.
HunterBake bricksUse the stove as a kiln for bricks that can be used for housing. One stove could make enough bricks for a several houses and then be used to cook for those houses as a community resource. This could be a real application in long term refugee camps where small compounds can be centered around the stove the same way houses used to be centered around a fire pit
J: like this idea but, at least in my experience, bricks are dried in the sun for free. for 1 k they can probably just buy premade bricks
HunterGo bigMake an even bigger stove and try to replace larger manufacturing equipment which can be environmentally damaging
KateIsland HopperThere are 2000 inhabited islands in the Phillipines, many more in micronesia and around the globe. They are challenged for energy, clean water, and have small communities. What a great company to work for going to remote islands to sell something people need! Palm fronds for fuel!
ArunaIndigo dyeingI don't have the appropriate image for this, but low-income artisans can use this vat to prepare indigo dye. They could perhaps purchase this machine as a cooperative and share the facility. Here's an approximation of what I had in mind -
J: I also thought this could be used for dyeing but if you are trying to dye multiple colors at once people will still use fires as aux sources.
Aruna: There are artisan cooperatives in Rajasthan (India) that focus exclusively on indigo dyeing. I was thinking more of those. Indigo is the most expensive dye on the market and the products are also high-priced. I thought of reducing the upfront costs
KateZone InShift focus to Mexico, Central and South Am markets, closer, cheaper/faster to reach and have many social challenges and poverty to addresses.
KateTortillas! Sell to the tortilla industry! Mexicans eating a billion tortillas every day made for $2.5 billion in tortilla revenues in 1996. The tortilla industry is Mexico's fifth largest; tortillas are the single biggest component of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) at 1.97%.Start here to learn about the Mexican market (and other opportunities) and also to spread to other tortilla eating Central and S. Am countries. Adapt the stove to fit this market.
J: This could only be used on large scale production given the price. even a restaurant owner in mexico wouldnt pay 1k when they already have an efficient way of making torts. also, may compromise taste for more puritan chefs
KateBaja BenevolenceSales trips to Baja! Yes! And visit all the upmarket resorts to sell the Baja Benevolence stove. Resorts pay a premium and part helps finance a stove in a poor area of Baja. Tourists like this (and can contribute!), good for community relations in resort area, addresses poveerty issues. Win, win, win! Can then spread concept to other resort areas of Mexican (CANcun Cooking Anyone? AcapulCO Cooking?)
ArunaAmma canteensEnter into a partnership with Government of Tamil Nadu to sell stoves through Amma Canteens, which are low-cost cafeterias that serve meals to low-income populations at subsidized rates ( These are present in Chennai (a major Indian city), and other cities/towns in the state of Tamil Nadu
ArunaRevolution FoodsEnter into a partnership with a company like Revolution Foods ( to use "environmentally friendly" cookstoves to cook meals in communities that are off the electricity/gas grid
ZsokaAlaska One of the best selling point can be Alaska because there are many isolated communities there,rural areas and the temperature requires daily heating at homes.
ZsokaFloor heating solutionHeating retailers can sell instove as an environmental friendly, efficient method to combine floor heating with instove instead of using gas for heating up the water filled pipes under the floor. In EU it is a new market
ZsokaGovernmentDepartment which support low income families in the USA
ZsokaGreen tourismSell instove to green profile hotels where it can be advertised that the water is purified with instove and the food was made in instove, as well
leslieM & amerge or buy a complementary business/supplier to broaden product/service offering to BoP market
lesliemove to Africamove all operations and manufacturing to Africa to better meet demand and lower operating costs
Aruna: I would extend this and say localize innovation and manufacturing
lesliestrategic alliancesDevelop strategic partnerships and formal alliances to build predictable revenue to scaleWorld food programmeintl rescue committeeUNHCR
lesliebambooengage with bamboo farming community to sell inStove
KateBreadbags!Scrap it all and go with the new fashion trend introduced last night by Joni Ernst : breadbags! The true remedy for poverty: tweets: 'My Bread Bags are killing me! Thank god Obamacare graciously helps me get orthotics!' "For every kid to wear bread bags on their feet, we first gotta make sure families can afford 2 loaves of bread."
JeffHigh -efficiency home heatingRetrofit cookstoves with attachment to deliver high-efficiency home heating to rural "off grid" customers (replacement for woodburning stoves)
JeffFocus on the economically motivatedSell to customers that have the strongest economic motivation (eg, customers that buy charcoal would spend less on fuel with this stove)
JeffHigh end domestic restaurantsNovelty stove for specific applications (pizza ovens, outdoor BBQ, outdoor grills)