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TimestampFandom?Ace Character?Aro Character?
Non-Sexual Relationship?
Non-Romantic Relationship?
Sex Scene?Triggers?TitleAuthorCharacter 1Character 2Character 3LinkOther notesIf yes (Ace)If yes (Aro)AU?AU Type
3/17/2016 17:46:28
Supernatural, Marvel Cinematic Universe
ImplicitNoNoNoNoStrong violence, DeathThe Last Archangelinukagome15Gabriel (Supernatural)Tony Stark

Supernatural/Avengers crossover. In which Gabriel didn't die permanently when Lucifer killed him, instead being reborn as Tony Stark. When he recovers his Grace in Afghanistan and remembers who he is, he starts a journey to find his home.
Main CharacterNo
7/4/2015 10:53:19A Song of Ice and FireExplicitExplicitYesYesYes, but non-explicitAcephobiaThe Kids Are AlrightSunkellesArya StarkShireen BaratheonSansa Stark
This is an ensemble fic featuring many different pairings, but the aro ace character's story and platonic relationships lie at the heart.
Main CharacterMain CharacterYesModern
7/4/2015 10:57:30A Song of Ice and FireExplicitNoYesNoYes, explicit
Strong violence, There are mentions of past abuse and rape.
Loud Pipes Save LivesSexghosts Sansa StarkBrienne of TarthArya Stark
This is an ensemble fic featuring a lot of characters and pairings. One of the main pairings has a non-sexual relationship, and one of the main characters is explicitly asexual.
Main CharacterYesModern
10/18/2015 14:02:47Agents of SHIELDExplicitExplicitYesYesNo
Internalized amatonormative expectations
caught in a sea of clouds
absolutelywriteJemma SimmonsLeo Fitz
Takes place immediately after AoS season 1.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
9/1/2015 0:27:52Assassin's CreedExplicitNoNoNoYes, but non-explicitThistleheadssostrangechild
Ratonhnhaké:ton | Connor
Aveline de Grandpré
Main CharacterNo
7/10/2015 15:37:55
Avatar: The Last Airbender
There is Always Time for Pai Sho
In which Zuko is working too hard (as usual), and his uncle corners him to talk about it. Written for Asexuality Awareness Week 2011.
Main CharacterNo
7/10/2015 15:28:10
Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: Legend of Korra
the rebellion in her bones
pwnedbypineappleToph Bei Fong
Toph has never been afraid of doing something different. Aromantic!Toph character study.
Main CharacterNo
7/10/2015 23:07:18Big Hero 6ExplicitExplicitNoNoNo
the sun came crashing in
FoxGladeTadashi HamadaCass Hamada
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/10/2015 15:44:39Doctor WhoImplicitImplicitYesYesNoLet's Do ItcharameiFourth DoctorRomana
The Doctor and Romana try to make sense of this 'romance' thing.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/10/2015 21:45:01Doctor Who (1963)ExplicitImplicitYesYesNoAce To AceTheRangressJamie MacCrimmonZoe Heriot
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/10/2015 21:44:01Doctor Who (1963)ExplicitNoYesNoYes, but non-explicitStrong violence, DeathReason is a LiarJulisCaesarLeela (Doctor Who)Rodan (Doctor Who)
Main CharacterNo
7/26/2015 13:20:09Dragon Age IIExplicitNoYesNoNo
Acephobia, Mentions of past abuse
Moving ForwardKihaduFenrisM!Hawke
Fenris struggles to come to grips with his asexuality in connection with any kind of potential relationship with Hawke.
Main CharacterNo
7/10/2015 15:34:08Dragon Age II ExplicitExplicitNoNoYes, but non-explicitUnderage sex, DeathSex and MagicDefiraFemale HawkeBethany HawkeMalcolm Hawke
Sex and magic are two things that Josefina Hawke is fairly certain she will never understand. One of them she is supposed to desire, and the other she is supposed to despise. She’s fairly certain she has them around the wrong way.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
5/1/2017 18:01:57Dragon Age: InquisitionExplicitNoYesNo
No, but they almost have sex
Rape/non-con/sexual assault, Acephobia
Ace of DragonsDragonBanditDorian PavusIron Bull
When Dorian comes to Bull's room there a moment where Bull thinks it's going to be easy. The Altus is an open book, Bull knows exactly what to give him. Except he's wrong. And suddenly Dorian is a lot harder to work out.
Main CharacterNo
2/13/2016 23:26:20Elementary (TV)ImplicitImplicitYesYesNoIt Means SomethingBibbsch Sherlock HolmesJoan Watson
Joan has a particularly weird Valentine's Day morning. (Queerplatonic Relationship)
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/26/2015 13:30:01
Fullmetal Alchemist - All Media Types
ExplicitNoNoNoNoAcephobiaVoidTierfalEdward Elric
Mentions of potential Roy/Ed. Summary: Scientifically, he knows exactly what's missing, but for once he can't fix it by force of will.
Main CharacterNo
7/7/2015 12:07:55GleeExplicitExplicitYesYesYes, explicit
Death, Rape/non-con/sexual assault, Abuse, Acephobia, Eating Disorders, OCD, Transphobia
Four Ace FacesluvtheheavenEmma PillsburyMarley RoseKurt Hummel
The fourth ace face is Shannon Beiste -- she's not trans in my story despite the season 6 canon. But Unique is heavily featured as a trans character and Kurt is also genderqueer in this version of events. It's a 47,000 word novel-length story.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
2/27/2017 14:17:11Gravity FallsImplicitImplicitYesYesNo
Strong violence, Death, Suicide, Rape/non-con/sexual assault, Abuse
Blue BayouThe_LionheartOFCStanford Pines
What did Grunkle Ford do on his decades-long intergalactic journey home?
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/15/2015 4:29:15Harry PotterExplicitExplicitNoNoNounreachablemalapropismCharlie WeasleyBill Weasley
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
8/14/2015 12:29:03Harry PotterExplicitExplicitNoNoNoInternalized AcephobiaLove in the Time of WarguardyanangelCharlie WeasleyBill Weasley
Author Summary: In which there is talk of a wedding, a war, and why love is important in both of them. Aro!Ace!Charlie Weasley and Bill being bros. Set during DH. For Asexual Awareness Week 2013.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/2/2015 15:53:55Harry PotterExplicitExplicitNoNoNoNoneSomething NewCajunhuskerHarry PotterDraco Malfoy
When Harry and Draco discover something interesting about each other, they start a group for people that might be like them. They want people to not feel as confused and lost as they were when they first discovered their orientations. And sometimes, even Malfoy can learn something new.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/15/2015 4:37:33Harry PotterExplicitNoYesNoNo
Death, There is an intimate scene between the two main characters - no sexual contact at all, but there is nudity.
ShelterygrainetteSirius BlackRemus Lupin
Main CharacterNo
7/15/2015 4:42:17Harry PotterExplicitExplicitNoNoNo
There are several mentions of kissing and some brief discussion of secondary characters' romantic relationships.
wake each day with your thoughts
thelemonisinplaySirius Black
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
12/8/2015 23:09:16Harry PotterExplicitNoYesNoNo
internalized Acephobia(maybe?), PTSD, Depression, Potions/Alcohol Abuse
Cake, PleaseLeontinaDraco MalfoyHarry Potter
Author Description: Harry is struggling with mental health issues, and Draco is struggling with his sexuality. They both feel alone and broken, until Harry hires Draco as a portrait painter.
Main CharacterNo
7/13/2016 21:47:24Harry PotterExplicitExplicitYesYesNo
War reference, death reference
Love in the Time of WarguardyanangelCharlie WeasleyBill Weasley
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/10/2015 15:39:35Harry Potter - Fandom ExplicitNoNoNoNoAcephobia
more interested in dragons
facingthenorthwind (spacegandalf)
Charlie WeasleyMolly WeasleyBill Weasley
Charlie's always been more interested in dragons than girls. Or boys, for that matter. And at twenty-nine, he finally decides to tell his mother. He doesn't have high hopes.
Main CharacterNo
7/19/2015 10:39:59
Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Abuse, Acephobia, Kissing
Cassiopeia BlackGehayiCassiopeia BlackMarius BlackHorace Slughorn
This series is archive-locked on AO3. It is about Cassiopeia Black's struggles with her intolerant culture.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/19/2015 19:07:56HomestuckNoNoYesNoNo
Dystopian Society, Nudity, Physical Intimacy
It's Probably Plain to See That I Got a Whole Lot of Pain In Me
mercurialMalcontentGamzee MakaraKarkat Vantas
"Your moirail is something of a shambling disaster -- his hair is a tangled, frizzy mess, his clothes are tattered at the hems and grimy, and he could stand a wash or five himself. But it isn't, you've realized, that Gamzee doesn't want to care for himself, it's more that he doesn't know how to take care of himself well. You're not sure why, since he had access to the same schoolfeeding as everyone else, but maybe it was because he was alone too much for so long. Maybe it's hard to care, or know to care, when there's no one to fuss over you."
3/17/2016 17:25:37HomestuckImplicitNoNoNoNo
Strong violence, Death, Suicide, Rape/non-con/sexual assault, Abuse, Acephobia
"Helpful"AnonEridan AmporaVriska SerketGamzee Makara
Eridan intends to die rather than have sex. Things get worse.
Main CharacterYesNon-SGRUB
7/19/2015 18:18:48Inception (2010)ExplicitNoNoNoYes, explicitStrong violenceAllowedthe_ragnarokArthur (Inception)Eames (Inception)
Well-depicted Arthur/Eames. Very explicit.
Main CharacterNo
7/10/2015 23:30:48
Iron Man - All Media Types, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Thor - All Media Types
ExplicitNoYesNoNoReunionusedupshiverLoki (Marvel)Tony Stark
Main CharacterYesHuman, Roomates/Housemates
7/15/2015 20:07:43
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
when you have bad friends
i'll trade my soul if you'll do my homework
worst roommate ever
i love fon but i love lal more
They don't have sex but they do kiss and cuddle...there might be sex in the future but it's not important to Tsuna and Reborn doesn't pressure him for it. The 'Explicit' asexuality is the author saying Tsuna is asexual, or maybe demi, but Tsuna doesn't say it to anyone in the fic.
Main CharacterYeshigh school/college, demon summoning
8/2/2015 14:03:01
Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
Rape/non-con/sexual assault, Abuse, Age Difference, Compulsory Sexuality, Dystopian Society, Sexism, Physical Intimacy
Mafia Ever AfterLuki Dimension BianchiReborn
Also at:
Bianchi is asexual. Unfortunately, she is an asexual woman in the mafia. And for women in the mafia, that is Not. An. Option.
Main CharacterNo
7/26/2015 21:12:22
Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball
ExplicitNoNoNoYes, explicitUnderage sex
A Liar or a Lover (Part of the Polyamory Series)
EuphorionKuroko TetsuyaKagami TaigaAomine Daiki
Notes: This is a story about a polyamorous relationship between the three of them. Kagami is ace but not aro. Aomine and Kuroko still engage in sexual activity throughout. AOMINE IS INSENSITIVE/ A BIT ACEPHOBIC AT FIRST.
Main CharacterNo
7/26/2015 20:49:57
Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko's Basketball
No, but they almost have sex
the warmth of your love
MurasakibabeKuroko TetsuyaKagami Taiga
Author Summary: kuroko is asexual and kagami is an angel. Notes: much kissing, and though things don't get too close there is the intention of having sex.
Main CharacterNo
8/30/2015 2:44:00
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ExplicitNoNoNoYes, but non-explicit
The King of Second Chances
Vera (Vera_DragonMuse)
Bruce BannerClint BartonNatasha Romanov
Side CharacterNo
10/8/2015 12:22:38
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ExplicitNoYesNoYes, explicitAn Ethical DilemmaAkabitBucky BarnesSteve RogersDarcy Lewis
It is a threesome where one member of it is asexuality.
Main CharacterYesSoulmates
11/7/2015 18:41:28
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Suicide, Acephobia, Self-harm
Not AloneArkadaClint BartonAvengers
Main CharacterMain CharacterYesCanon Divergent
11/7/2015 18:53:07
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ExplicitNoNoNoYes, explicitViolenceThe Marvel FractionsNonymosClint BartonBruce Banner
They are in a mixed-orientation relationship.
Main CharacterYesCanon Divergent
11/8/2015 23:41:22
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Platonic' is the hardest word
Clint BartonNatasha Romanoff
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
11/8/2015 23:47:57
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Walking like a man, hitting like a hammer
Maria Hill
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
11/7/2015 18:16:54
Marvel Cinematic Universe
To live for a moment in unison
Sidney Sussex (SidneySussex)
Phil CoulsonClint Barton
Main CharacterNo
11/7/2015 18:06:18
Marvel Cinematic Universe
all my life I wasn’t trying to get on a highway; I was wondering which way to go
Phil CoulsonJARVIS
Main CharacterYesCanon Divergent
8/19/2015 0:50:01
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ExplicitNoNoNoYes, explicit
Strong violence, Abuse, Panic Attacks
It's Not LinearchayaSam Wilson
Side CharacterYesCanon Divergent
11/7/2015 17:46:01
Marvel Cinematic Universe
NoNoYesYesNoPast BrainwashingUnder IcefmoSteve RogersBucky Barnes
YesCanon Divergent
11/7/2015 17:55:57
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rogers & Barnes: Partners
trieduntureSteve RogersBucky Barnes
Main CharacterNo
11/7/2015 18:25:55
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ExplicitNoNoNoYes, explicitCare and MaintenanceDira Sudis (dsudis)Steve RogersBucky Barnes
Main CharacterNo
11/7/2015 19:09:30
Marvel Cinematic Universe
never gonna find it (if you're looking for it)
red0aktreeSteve RogersBucky Barnes
Main CharacterYesTattoo artist
11/9/2015 0:25:49
Marvel Cinematic Universe
a shoebox of photographs with sepia-toned loving
fireblazieSteve RogersBucky Barnes
Main CharacterYesNurses
9/22/2015 23:48:16
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ExplicitExplicitNoNoYes, but non-explicitgrey and other colorstheapplepielifestyleTony StarkSteve RogersNatasha Romanov
There is one demisexual/demiromantic character and one asexual character.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
9/23/2015 1:49:16
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ExplicitNoNoNoYes, explicitBDSMPerspectiveSilverlace_VineTony StarkSteve RogersBruce Banner
Main CharacterYesCanon Divergent
11/23/2015 10:20:18
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ExplicitExplicitNoYesYes, but non-explicit
Underage sex, Acephobia, Suicidal ideation, compulsory sexuality
if you gave me half a chance
SailorChibiTony StarkSteve Rogers
One character is aromantic and demisexual.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNoCanon Divergent
12/18/2015 16:40:24
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ExplicitNoYesNoNoCoercionProlonged ExposureAvaKellySteve RogersBucky BarnesClint Barton
Main CharacterYesModern Setting
12/18/2015 21:37:37
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ExplicitNoYesNoNoCherry BlossomsAvaKellyClint BartonBucky Barnes
Contains a polyamorous V with brothers on either end of the v (with no sexual or romantic connection to each other).
Main CharacterYesModern Setting
2/3/2016 16:54:55
Marvel Cinematic Universe
ImplicitNoNoNoNoThe ProposalfmoPeggy CarterBucky BarnesSteve Rogers
Main CharacterYesEveryone Lives/Nobody Dies
2/14/2016 22:53:48
Marvel Cinematic Universe
No, but they almost have sex
Aced itiloveitblueClint BartonPhil Coulson
One character is asexual and one is demisexual.
Main CharacterNo
2/23/2016 11:16:07
Marvel Cinematic Universe
PTSD, Reference to suicide attempt
VerdantZethsaireBucky BarnesSteve Rogers
Main Character
2/23/2016 22:05:28
Marvel Cinematic Universe
No, but they almost have sex
Suicidal ideation
grey as the winter inside the soul
itsmylifekaySteve RogersBucky Barnes
Main Character
7/1/2016 9:32:53
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Five Apologies and a Kiss Goodnight
shadowenClint BartonPhil Coulson
Side CharacterYesFemale!Clint
10/19/2017 12:00:31
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Strong violence, Homophobic Language
Sex, Lies, and Set-upsshadowenPhil CoulsonClint Barton
Main CharacterMain Character
11/4/2016 15:16:07
Marvel Cinematic Universe
we are the things that leave no mark
TozettePepper PottsJarvisTony Stark
It’s actually Jarvis who hires Pepper, like a strange, prophetic coincidence. He sorts through resumes, asks prying questions while using Tony Stark’s email address -- he combs electronic fingers through every aspect of each candidate’s life.
Main CharacterMain CharacterYesSoulmate-Identifying Marks
7/2/2015 15:50:27Mass EffectImplicitNoYesNo
No, but they almost have sex
Lie Back and Think of Thessia
MissMokushirokuLiara T'SoniFemale Shepard
Main CharacterNo
7/27/2015 17:24:54Merlin (TV)ExplicitExplicitYesNoNo
Acephobia, Frank Discussion of Sex/ Sexual Activities
Ace of HeartsbeccadearieMerlinArthur Pendragon
Summary of author's summary: Merlin and Arthur meet, quickly realizing that they are both asexual. The two of them become friends, then more, and do their best to deal with everything in a sexualized world.
Main CharacterSide CharacterYesModern
7/26/2015 21:28:14Merlin (TV)ExplicitNoYesNoNoInternalized AcephobiaOh, You Have A FlagdontkillbirdsMerlin Arthur Pendragon
Part of a Multi-fandom series of fics about ace/aro characters and relationships:
Main CharacterYesModern
7/8/2015 14:36:08
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
(Almost) Everypony Loves Somepony Sometime
Fluttershy tries to come to terms with something that makes her just a little different.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/8/2015 14:37:31
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Pipsqueak and Rumble have been fighting lately. Pip would rather focus on work than take Rumble out on a date and Rumble is getting fed up.
Main CharacterNo
7/8/2015 14:40:30
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
No, but they almost have sex
AcephobiaI Am Not GayDisneyFanatic23Rainbow Dash
After an unsettling experience with Soarin, and hearing that her friends think she's gay, Rainbow Dash starts to question her sexuality. When she finds out the truth, will it jeopardize her relationship with Soarin and perhaps her friends?
Main CharacterNo
7/8/2015 14:42:04
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
ExplicitNoNoNoNoAcephobiaAloneNyronusRainbow Dash
Alone. That's a scary word. Luckily, it's not something Rainbow Dash has to be afraid of. Element of Harmony, Wonderbolt to be, idol to colts and fillies, and all around radical. No, Dash isn't alone. She's completely awesome. There really isn't anything she can't do. Which is why this whole mess is just so dumb. Twilight doesn't know what she's talking about. Dash is perfectly fine, better than fine when you think about it. She really just can't be something as... as uncool as an asexual.... Can she?
Main CharacterNo
7/11/2015 10:40:05NarutoExplicitImplicitNoYesYes, but non-explicitSlimy and Boredmorgaine_has_wonHaruno SakuraUchiha Sasuke
Sasuke is asexual and aromantic. Sakura is in love but lithsexual.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
9/13/2015 12:21:40NarutoExplicitImplicitYesYesNo
unexplicit dwelling on a sex dream
dusty old placesmorgaine_has_wonUchiha SasukeHaruno SakuraUchiha Itachi
Main CharacterMain CharacterYesfix-it fic for the ending
7/10/2015 22:02:55Once Upon A Time (TV)NoExplicitYesYesNoTwo True LovesWinterLochemetRed Riding Hood | Ruby
Belle (Once Upon A Time)
Victor Frankenstein | Dr. Whale
Three times Ruby insisted they were not together, plus one time she admitted they were.

(Queerplatonic Ruby/Whale/Belle fic featuring aromantic Ruby)
Main CharacterNo
10/1/2015 3:09:02Once Upon A Time (TV)NoImplicitYesYesNoTrue Love's KissWinterLochemetRed Riding Hood | Ruby
Snow White | Mary Margaret Blanchard
With both Snow and Charming under a sleeping curse, there's only one person who can wake them.

(note: Ruby isn't explicitly stated to be aro in this fic, but the author has written fic before that explicitly states she's aro)
Main CharacterNo
7/19/2015 18:52:54
Once Upon a Time (TV)
ImplicitImplicitYesYesYes, but non-explicit
Strong violence, Death, Rape/non-con/sexual assault, Underage sex, Abuse
Iron and Blood FyreGrannyOC - Male
Rumpelstiltskin | Mr. Gold
"I was a child - he marked me that night, then came back, found me, turned me." This is a story about surviving horrific cruelty and abuse and that aspect is very graphic. Annetta has two consensual relationships, one with no sex, but a hint of an romantic element and one with no romance, but sexual elements.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/2/2015 16:07:14Orphan BlackExplicitNoYesNoNo
Strong violence, Abuse, Acephobia
A Far CrySaffelloBeth ChildsAlison Hendrix
Main CharacterYesUniversity
5/18/2017 2:17:57
Overwatch (Video Game)
Strong violence, Rape/non-con/sexual assault, I don't know if it counts as aphobia but there's some of the "were you abused as a child and that's why you don't want sex" stuff
Out in the Big Wide Woods
LegendaryBardGabriel Reyes
there is no actual rape except in the very last chapter, which the author has stated is non-canon to the story but it's a lot darker, so avoid that if that will be a problem. Otherwise the non-con stuff is limited to nonconsensual vampire bites.
Main CharacterYesMythical!AU
7/10/2015 15:29:37Pacific Rim (2013)ExplicitExplicitNoNoNoAcephobia
(Probably) 100% Actual Biology
azhdarchidaenNewton GeiszlerMako Mori
Mako's family situation is probably best described as "half the Shatterdome"

...Which can definitely feel a little weird. But sometimes it means that just the right person is around to tell you just the right thing. Even if they end up having a slight tangent on sponges.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
2/13/2016 23:16:35Pacific Rim (2013)ExplicitNoYesYesNoAcephobiaFremdschämenretrovertigo (ellameno)Newton Geiszler Hermann Gottlieb
Newt and Hermann seem to be inseparable these days and unusually close. No one knows what happens between the scientists in those hotel rooms they always share, and the two intend to keep it that way. [Post Movie]
Main CharacterNo
7/10/2015 15:43:10Pacific Rim (2013) ExplicitNoYesYesNo
my heart has been my teacher (and i've learned quite a lot)
shorttfuseNewton GeiszlerHermann GottliebVanessa Gottlieb
The Gottlieb's are having a baby, and Newt is happy for them. Really, he is! He's just going to miss them, is all. He's gotten used to...whatever this is.

Or: Newton is asexual, but he finds himself a family, anyway.
Main CharacterNo
7/19/2015 18:37:30SherlockExplicitImplicitYesYes
No, but they almost have sex
Rape/non-con/sexual assault, Acephobia, Compulsory Sexuality
Searching for Fine DayjaSherlock HolmesJohn Watson
Five times someone tried to "prove" to Sherlock that he wasn't actually asexual, and the one person to whom it didn't matter.
Main CharacterMain Character
5/18/2017 1:19:31Sherlock (TV)ExplicitNoNoNoNo
Referenced Violence, Blood
The ArmoireUndeservingHeroMycroft HolmesGreg Lestrade
Mycroft is explicitly stated to be demisexual in the tags and describes himself as demisexual without using the term within the fic.
Main CharacterNo
7/8/2015 13:27:48
Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
ExplicitExplicitYesNoYes, explicit
Strong violence, Death, Homophobia, Agoraphobia, PTSD
Searching For Supernatural
MonoclePonyArmin ArlertMikasa Ackerman
Everyone is poor, most of them are queer, a whole bunch of them are ill
Side CharacterSide CharacterYesModern Setting
7/11/2015 17:20:42
Star Wars - All Media Types
Discuss This You Should
handschuhmausDookuQui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon is aro-ace. Dooku is implicitly heteroromantic gray-ace, or rather, it is spelled out, but not in those words. Strictly a mentor relationship, though a slightly cuddly one.

May later contain more vignettes.
Main CharacterMain Character
7/19/2015 10:19:20
Star Wars Legends: The Old Republic
Strong violence, Death, Rape/non-con/sexual assault, Abuse
Structural Integrity
Firebirdie (pomegrenadier)
Male Sith WarriorVette (Star Wars)
Author Summary: My SWTOR fic 'verse, featuring a casual attitude towards canon, all the cross-faction friendships, and an improbably nice Sith Warrior.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/10/2015 15:26:35
Star Wars Original Trilogy, Star Wars Original Trilogy
ExplicitExplicitNoNoNoCalling Bluffs azhdarchidaenLuke SkywalkerHan Solo
When Leia can't come along on a routine mission, Han doesn't think much of it. He, Luke, and Chewbacca should still be able to complete the objective just fine, shouldn't they? With extra time to tease the kid over his very apparent disappointment.

But when the mission -- and the teasing -- starts to go awry, Han realizes it might be time for him to re-examine the hand he's been trying to play with.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/10/2015 23:55:07
Star Wars Original Trilogy, Star Wars New Republic Era
ExplicitExplicitYesYesNoSon of NecessityElizabeth (anghraine)Luke SkywalkerLeia OrganaHan Solo
Luke Skywalker, 50 times
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/11/2015 0:08:53
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
No, but they almost have sex
Internalized acephobia, Non-graphic violence
Brass KnucklesskygawkerAnakin SkywalkerObi-Wan KenobiFemale OC
The fic is basically Anakin coming to terms with being demisexual while also participating in an illegal race. (He's also biromantic, but doesn't struggle over that). There's one scene with kissing and groping, but it goes no farther than that.
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
4/18/2016 21:39:37
Star Wars- All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
ExplicitExplicitYesYesNocanon typical violenceThere Is AnotherAugustine 94LukeRey
Main CharacterMain CharacterYesIt probably won't be canon compliant come Episode VIII
7/11/2015 1:14:29
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
ExplicitExplicitYesYesNoDeathOne of a Million
raemanzu/raethewriter and spica-tea
501st clonesBlyBoba Fett
A collection of one shots focusing on different characters. 2, 5, and 6 are Bly/Secura's developing relationship that is sort of romantic sort of not (the most explicit about aceness). 1 is Jesse/Kix/Hardcase brot3, 3 and 4 are cadet Cody and Rex, 7 is Domino Squad, and 8 is Boba Fett and some clone OCs. All ace, and more to come!
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/10/2015 21:51:18
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Death, terrorism, needles, depression, suicidal ideation, drug/alcohol mention
And None Of It Seems To Matter
Kablob, mylordshesacactus
Barriss OffeeAhsoka TanoLuminara Unduli
Still a WIP, but the ace character's ace-ness is already being laid out pretty clearly. Features at least one mutual discussion of boundaries and a distinction between "sexual" and "intimate".
Main CharacterYesCanon Divergence
7/11/2015 1:08:15
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Strong violence, Death, anxiety, PTSD
Live to Fight Another Day
raemanzu/raethewriter and spica-tea
Also features Jesse and Kix as QPPs. All the clones are ace. Explores the aftermath of Fives telling Rex of the conspiracy, and book 1 will end sometime soon after the events of Revenge of the Sith
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/19/2015 17:11:55Stargate AtlantisImplicitImplicitNoNoYes, but non-explicitSee story for warnings.
Forty Years and Eight Pounds (The Skin Hunger Variations)
bironicJohn Sheppard
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
7/2/2015 15:45:12Stargate AtlantisExplicitNoYesNoNoAcephobiaOnly Vaguely SimilarmelonbutterflyRodney McKayJohn Sheppard
Main CharacterYesSentinels and Guides
12/9/2015 1:56:22Stargate AtlantisExplicitNoYesYesNo
Homophobic language, reference to torture
Forty Years and Eight Pounds (The Skin Hunger Variations)
bironicJohn ShappardTeyla Emmagan
Main CharacterNo
12/9/2015 2:08:27Stargate AtlantisExplicitNoYesNoNo
What Buddies Know About Love
busaikkoJohn SheppardRonon Dex
Main CharacterNo
12/9/2015 2:11:56Stargate AtlantisExplicitExplicitYesYesNoEven in Another Galaxy
smallearthcat (vamplover82)
John Sheppard
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
12/9/2015 2:20:10Stargate AtlantisExplicitImplicitYesYesNoNonconsensual kissingMissing CuesInsaneTrollLogicJohn Sheppard
Main CharacterMain CharacterNo
6/30/2016 20:01:51Stargate AtlantisImplicitNoYesNoNoViolence mention
What Buddies Know About Lovw
busaikkoJohn SheppardRonon Dex
Main CharacterNo
7/19/2015 16:35:51Stargate Atlantis ImplicitNoYesYesNoJohn Sheppard's issues
everything you want (you can have)
melonbutterflyJennifer KellerRodney McKayJohn Sheppard
Author's summary: Rodney is in a relationship with Jennifer, but she doesn't at all think that that means he has to spend less time with his best friend. John seems to think so, though, and this bothers her more and more for reasons she can't really explain to herself.
Main CharacterNo
4/1/2016 1:52:19Stargate SG-1NoNoYesYesNo
Strong violence, Death, Suicide, Rape/non-con/sexual assault, Child soldier, references to sexual assault/forced pregnancy
Daniel of AbydosnightspearDaniel JacksonJack O'NeillSam Carter
YesCanon Divergent
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