StateMain FDRs online?Other form online?If yes to both / either being online, where are they?DisclosureIf no to being online, how to obtain?How long did it take to get it?DisclosureTotal pointsNotes
The 26 Members of the Judicial Conference of the United StatesYesN/APosted on a U.S. Courts websiteWe asked for the 12 of 26 2022 FDRs not yet online on Jan. 5Email the AO, via 4Made request Jan. 5; received acknowledgement Jan. 26. Checked on Feb. 5 (20 business days later), and only four of the 12 had been uploaded
AlabamaYesNoVia search on the AL Ethics Commission websiteCJ Parker's 2022 Statement of Economic Interests5AL justices file a second form listing business interests and liabilities that "shall be sealed and kept confidential by the Clerk of the Supreme Court"
AlaskaNoN/AEmail the Alaska Department of Administration at or doa.apoc@alaska.gov3 hoursCJ Maassen's 2022 Personal Financial Disclosure (for CY2021)6Sent email 12/15; received report three hours later
ArizonaYesN/APosted on the AZ Secretary of State websiteCJ Brutinel's 2022 Financial Disclosure Statement10
ArkansasYesN/AVia search on AR Secretary of State websiteCJ Kemp's 2022 Statement of Financial Interest10Called Sec. of State's office on 12/14; was told exactly where to find them
CaliforniaYesN/AVia search on CA Fair Political Practices Commission websiteCJ Guerrero's 2022 Statement of Economic Interests10
ColoradoNoYesThe gifts report is online; locate via search on the CO Secretary of State websiteCJ Boaright's 2023 Q3 Gifts and Honoraria ReportThe main FDR is not online; email the Colorado Secretary of State at CPFHelp@coloradosos.gov6 hoursCJ Boatright's 2022 Personal Financial Disclosure Statement8Sent email requesting FDR on 12/14; got an email with the attachment six hours later. Justices are not required to relist assets; they can simply check "no change" (but was also sent CJ Boatright's initial disclosure from 2021 with all his assets listed)
ConnecticutNoN/AEmail the Law Library Services of the Connecticut Judicial Branch at lawlibrarians@jud.ct.gov7.5 business daysCJ Robinson's 2022 Financial Disclosure Statement2Sent email on 1/10; received on 1/19 and was told "fees would be waived," meaning CT was one of only two states, NJ being the other, the considered charging us for access
DelawareNoN/AFill out a FOIA request with the DE Public Integrity Commission here4 hoursCJ Seitz's 2022 Public Officer Financial Disclosure6Filed a FOIA on 12/14; received an email with the FDR four hours later
FloridaYesNoVia search on FL Commission on Ethics websiteCJ Muniz's 2022 Disclosure of Financial InterestsEmail the Florida Commission on Ethics / Public Records at to get the gifts report ("Form 6A")20 minutesCJ Muniz's 2022 Disclosure of Gifts8
GeorgiaYesYesVia search on GA Gov't Transparency & Campaign Finance Comm'n websiteCJ Boggs' 2022 Financial Disclosure StatementThis is "yes" for the second form, the Rule 3.15 Report, which is searchable online on a GA Supreme Court websiteCJ Boggs' 2023 Rule 3.15 Report (which was nothing to report, hence the screenshot)10Emailed GA on 1/17 requesting the gift disclosure report; was directed to online database
HawaiiYesN/AVia HI Courts websiteCJ Recktenwald's 2022 Financial Disclosure Statement and Amendment10
IdahoDoesn't appear to require the filing of annual financial disclosure reports by state supreme court justices0
IllinoisYesN/AVia search on IL SOS websiteCJ Theis' 2022 Statement of Economic Interests10
IndianaNoN/AEmail the Commission on Judicial Qualifications at work hoursCJ Rush's 2022 Statement of Economic Interests6Sent email request at 2 p.m. on 12/14; SEI received first thing the following morning
IowaNoN/AEmail State Courts Administrator Bob Gast at or bob.gast@iowacourts.gov3 work hoursCJ Christensen's 2022 Statement of Personal Financial Disclosure6Sent email on 12/14; received the disclosure that afternoon
KansasNoN/AEmail the Kansas Judicial Branch at financialdisc@kscourts.org3 work hoursCJ Luckert 2022 Financial Disclosure Report6Sent email request at 2:30 p.m. on 12/14; SEI received first thing the following morning
KentuckyNoYesThe reimbursement report is online, includes all KY judges and justices and posted quarterly: > About the Courts > Circuit Court > Judicial ReimbursementsKY Judges' and Justices' Q2 2023 Public Report of ReimbursementFor the FDR, email the Registry of Election Finance executive director, John.Steffen@ky.govMore than a month for the FDRCJ VanMeter's 2022 Financial Disclosure Report5.5Sent email on 12/14 asking for FDR; sent another email 1/10; received report on 1/23; sent email asking for second (reimbursement) report on 1/23 and received the link within an hour
LouisianaYesNoVia search on LA Supreme Court websiteCJ Weimer's 2022 Personal Financial Disclosure StatementFor the second report, email Louisiana Supreme Court Community Relations, rgunn@lasc.org4 work hoursWas told CJ Weimer didn't receive extra-judicial income in 2022, so he didn't have to file a second report8
MaineNoN/ACall the clerk's office at the ME Supreme Judicial Court at 207-822-4151Received by the end of the phone callCJ Stanfill's 2022 Financial Disclosure Report8Was told ME Courts can charge $2 for first page; $1 for each additional page, but fee was being waived
MarylandNoN/AEmail the MD Administrative Office of the Courts, debra.kaminski@mdcourts.gov7 business daysCJ Fader's 2022 Financial Disclosure Statement2Sent email on 12/14; received 12/22
MassachusettsNoN/ACreate a username and password via this State Ethics Commission website 5 work hoursCJ Budd's 2022 Statement of Financial Interests6Sent request to create username and password on 12/14; was approved 12/15; created them moments later; accessed the report soon after
MichiganNoN/AEmail any of the MI Courts PIOs listed here3.5 work hoursCJ Clement's 2022 Financial Report6Sent email on 12/15; contact was out sick for a few days; received 12/19
MinnesotaYesNoVia search on MN Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board websiteCJ Hudson's 2023 (through Sept. 30) Statement of Economic InterestThere's a second report on extra-judicial compensation; emailed in the Minnesota Court Information Office7 business daysCJ Hudson's 2022 Compensation for Extra-Judicial Activities7Sent email on 1/17 about the second form; was mailed/postmarked later that day; received it 1/28
MississippiYesN/AVia search on MS Ethics Commission websiteCJ Randolph's 2022 Statement of Economic Interest10
MissouriNoN/AGo to the Missouri Supreme Court building in Jefferson City, and once there, you can view themNotes on all nine justices' (seven active; two recently retired) 2022 Financial Disclosure Reports0.5Fix the Court hired a freelancer, E.J. Haas of Columbia, Mo., to travel to Jefferson City to obtain the reports. Once there, she was told she couldn't leave the building with copies — not what CPI was told in 2012 — so she painstakingly took notes on all of them
MontanaYes N/AVia search on MT Commission on Political Practices websiteCJ McGrath's 2022 Business Disclosure Statement10URL is very long so we made a link
NebraskaNoN/AEmail the Clerk of the Supreme Court at nsc.clerksoffice@nejudicial.gov3 business daysCJ Heavican's 2022 Financial Interest Statement4Sent email on 12/15; received statement on 12/20
NevadaYesN/AVia search on NV Judiciary websiteCJ Stiglich's 2022 Financial Disclosure Statement10
New HampshireNoN/ACall the NH Supreme Court clerk's office, (603) 271-26465.5 work hoursCJ MacDonald 2022 Financial Disclosure Statement6Sent email to NH Judicial Branch press office on 12/15, but they never responded; called NH Supreme Court on 1/10
New JerseyNoN/AFill out a form and send it in, or email the assistant to the clerk, stephanie.corbopecht@njcourts.gov32 business daysCJ Rabner's 2022 Financial Reporting Statement1Mailed form on 12/20; followed up with calls and emails on 1/18 and an email on 2/8; received it as a PDF attachment on 2/8
New MexicoYesYesVia search on NM Secretary of State websiteCJ Bacon's 2023 Financial Disclosure Report (for CY2022)For the second report, couldn't locate it so emailed It's linked to on the court's "Current Supreme Court Justices" page3 business days for the link, but it was online the whole timeAll N.M. justices' 2022 Reports of Extra-Judicial Compensation10
New YorkNoN/AFill out a form; attach form to email, ethicscomm@nycourts.gov18 business daysACJ Cannataro's 2022 Statement of Financial Disclosure2Sent email on 12/15 and again on 1/11; received on 1/14
North CarolinaYesNoVia search on NC State Ethics Commission websiteCJ Newby's 2022 Statement of Economic Interest and AttachmentThere's a second report, the gift report, and we emailed the NC Courts clerk, geb@sc.nccourts.org1.5 hoursCJ Newby's 2022 Gift Report8
North DakotaNoN/ACall the clerk of the court, 701-328-22211 hourJ Schmitz's 2022 Report on Compensation for Extra-Judicial Activities8This is one of the more pathetic disclosures out there — it's just outside income
OhioNoN/ACall the Ohio Board of Professional Conduct, 614-387-93701.5 hoursThen-CJ O'Connor's 2022 Financial Disclosure Statement8Called them on 12/18
OklahomaNoN/AEmail the OK Ethics Commission at ethics@ethics.ok.gov1.5 hoursCJ Kane's 2022 Financial Disclosure Statement8Sent email on 12/15
OregonYesN/AVia search on OR Government Ethics Commission websiteCJ Flynn's 2022 Statement of Economic Interest10
PennsylvaniaNoN/AEmail an AOPC administrator, nicholene.dipasquale@pacourts.us16.5 business daysCJ Todd's 2022 Statement of Financial Interest2Sent emails on 12/15 and 1/10
Rhode IslandYesNoVia search on RI Ethics Commission websiteCJ Suttell's 2022 Yearly Financial StatementTo get the gifts report, email Assistant State Court Administrator Lexi Kriss, akriss@courts.ri.gov10 business daysCJ Suttell's 2022 Financial Reporting Form6
South CarolinaNoN/AEmail Lauren Brown, public information director,
South Carolina Judicial Branch,
2 business daysCJ Beatty's 2022 Disclosure Statement4Left VMs on 12/15 and 12/18 in the wrong place; emailed the court's press office on 1/10 and received the disclosure two days later
South DakotaNoN/AEmail Alisa Bousa, public information officer, Unified Judicial System, hoursCJ Jensen's 2023 Compensation Report (sent 12/15/23; dated 12/31/23)8Received this document on 12/15, yet it was dated 12/31, i.e., two weeks into the future
TennesseeYesNoVia search on TN Ethics Commission websiteCJ Kirby's Statement of Disclosure InterestsSee noteSee noteCJ Kirby's Public Report of Compensation5.25Access to the second disclosure was initially denied because the requestor (Gabe) is not a Tennessee resident; Gabe then contacted a Tennessee-based reporter, who requested it on 2/1; was received on 2/2
TexasNoN/AEmail the Ethics Commission at openrecords@ethics.state.tx.us5 business daysCJ Hecht's 2022 Personal Financial Statement4Sent email on 12/15; received report on 12/29; not counting 12/22, 12/26, 12/27 and 12/28 as business days
UtahDoesn't appear to require the filing of annual financial disclosure reports by state supreme court justices0
VermontNoN/AFill out this form on the Vermont Judiciary's Data and Information Requests website2 work hoursCJ Reiber's 2022 Annual Financial Disclosure8Submitted form late on 12/15; received disclosure early on 12/18
VirginiaYesN/AVia search on VA Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council websiteCJ Goodwyn's 2022 Statement of Economic Interests10The Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council website crashed the day we released our report (bc ofc), but the Council's executive director told us it should be back online later in the day
WashingtonYesN/AVia search on WA Public Disclosure Commission websiteCJ Gonzalez's 2022 Financial Affairs Statement10
West VirginiaYesNoVia search on WV Ethics Commission websiteCJ Walker's 2022 Financial Disclosure StatementEmail WV Supreme Court clerk, casey.forbes@courtswv.gov10 business hoursCJ Walker's Judicial Financial Disclosure Statement8
WisconsinNoN/AFill out a form on the Ethics Commission website; email it to ethics@wi.gov30 minutesCJ Ziegler's 2023 Statement of Economic Interests (for CY2022)8Sent email on 12/15
WyomingYesN/AVia link on the WY Supreme Court website — right column, under "Reporting"All five justices' 2022 Justice Compensation Reports are in a single PDF10Per the Code: "The public [disclosure] report [...] shall be made at least annually, except that for reimbursement of expenses and waiver or partial waiver of fees or charges, the report shall be made within thirty days following the conclusion of the event or program."