23/2/2024Four Thousand WeeksOliver Burkeman9/10A fresh, novel and eye-opening discussion on time management
22/01/2024Making ComicsScott McCloud10/10The third in the trilogy - just as fantastic as the first. A bit more technical, but what a method of teaching!
31/12/2023Time Enough For LoveRobert A. Henlein10/10What a bizarre, original, phenomenal book to end the year on. I've never read a book like this.
03/12/2023Deep ThinkingGarry Kasparov10/10A beautiful, optimistic take on machine intelligence and human creativity from a master.
20/11/2023Understanding ComicsScott McCloud10/10Phenomenal book on not just comics but picture-making, art and creativity in general.
29/10/2023Age of the CityIan Goldin and Tom Lee-Devlin8/10Some interesting ideas in this book - makes me more optimistic for the future of societies and cities.
15/10/2023Breaking and EnteringJeremy N. Smith6/10Interesting at parts - but feels more like a novel than I would've liked.
15/10/2023Blood, Sweat and PixelsJason Schreier10/10I love this book - a no nonsense look at the realities of game development, across many different games and team sizes.
13/10/2023BedlamDerek Landy7/10I get the feeling he's really enjoying himself writing this book. Getting rambly for sure, but still enjoyable.
22/09/2023How To Fail At Almost Everything and Still Win BigScott Adams5/10Some interesting nuggets, but nothing groundbreaking.
14/09/2023The Tenth MuseCatherine Chung9/10Crazily beautiful and complex.
12/09/2023Decoding GreatnessRon Friedman9/10
A surprisingly enjoyable and useful book that I'll return to. Lots of great stuff in here to take notes on and improve for myself, I relate to a lot of it.
12/09/2023MidnightDerek Landy8/10A bit more twisty and shambly than the previous - but I still love the way I get transported. Also - he's funny!
29/08/20023Pomodoro Technique IllustratedSetaffan Noteberg6/10I love the technique - the book is a bit repetitive. It's a simple technique.
24/08/2023Forgotten CountryCatherine Chung10/10Traumatically beautiful.
16/08/2023Banksy - The Man Behind The WallWill Ellsworth-Jones8.5/10
A really interesting portrait of Banksy that is old but doesn't feel dated. Full of interesting perspectives - and the best part is that it doesn't try to unmask him.
06/08/2023Skulduggery Pleasant - ResurrectionDerek Landy9/10
I'm BACK IN THIS WORLD! I can't believe there's like 5 more of these that are already out, I thought it was all over! So good to revisit fantastical worlds of your childhood.
01/08/2023And Away...Bob Mortimer9/10Really beautiful and hiliarious. Great personal insight into the life of a shy person - and also makes me want to eat pie.
09/05/2023The SilkwormRobert Galbraith6/10Annoyingly hard to put down, gory and not extremely satisfying. Not my kinda book.
09/05/2023Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and TomorrowGabrielle Zevin10/10I've never read a book like this. What a crazy, beautiful, nuanced, clever book. Will re-read many times over.
25/03/2023Big MagicElizabeth Gilbert8.5/10
A really kind, interesting, gentle and soulful take on the creative process, with lots of new metaphors that give a lot of food for thought.
24/03/2023Real Artists Don't StarveJeff Goins4/10
Not for me - I felt like everything in this book was quite general and fairly obvious to me, and he didn't go into any specifics. Useful if you need to build a mindset.
18/03/2023RonnieRonnie O'Sullivan9/10
A beautiful look into the mind of someone who redefined the game, all the ups and downs. The last chapter on him becoming the world champion is brilliant.
14/03/2023In Search of Norman Rockwell's AmericaKevin Rivoli9/10A beautiful pairing of two mediums - with the focus on the story, on the beauty of everyday
08/03/2023Beeple: Everydays, the First 5000 DaysMike Winkelmann10/10Eternally an inspiration - you can literally see an artist evolve and grow before your eyes with each page.
23/02/2023Zen in the Art of WritingRay Bradbury7/10Some gems in there, and I really like his attitude to writing. Some really really esoteric stuff in there too - it's fascinating.
21/02/2023Set The Page On FireSteve O'Keefe7/10
Nothing revolutionary, but a really good overall view on the process of being a successful writer. It's succinct and I like that about it.
21/02/2023The Art of EncantoJuan Pablo Reyes Lancaster Jones8/10
A really good extension of the film, showing the parts that made it and the parts that didn't - and the process of how they got there. Some of the artstyle I wasn't a massive fan of, but it just shows the huge range that exists during visdev! Had a small part on 3D modelling the character when figuring out Mirabel that I liked, and the final animated drawing is awesome.
17/02/2023The Art of Love Death and RobotsRamin Zahed9/10
A collection of beautiful art and insights from a show that is really changing the landscape of animation. I just wish there was more.
11/02/2023Private PeacefulMichael Morpurgo8.5/10A very sad, sweet, tale. Felt a bit tropey at times, but the ending cuts straight to the heart.
08/02/2023XHATHicham Hibachi8/10
Enjoyable stuff - ends up a bit repetitive over time, but he's really got the urban samurai style dialed down. Love some of his cel rendering.
07/02/2023Sketchbook 2022Kim Jung Gi10/10One of the greatest to ever pick up a pencil - rest in peace. Now I really want his first sketchbook, from 2007!
04/02/2023Just My TypeSimon Garfield9/10
A book that manages to make a possibly quite dull and dry topic into something very fun, warm and interesting. Really brings insight into the process of making type and the history behind it, with some great stories!
30/01/2023Eleeza: The Art of Eliza Ivanova3DTotal + Eliza Ivanova10/10Another favourite artist of mine - no one does it like her.
12/01/2023DuneFrank Herbert9/10Back into the world of fiction - a beautifully written and immersive world woven with immense skill and care.
03/01/2023The Talent CodeDaniel Coyle9/10
Lovely book, engaging and wonderfully written with lots of stories to keep you engaged. A very convincing argument for Myelin, and I loved the bit at the end talking about teachers and mentors.
20/12/2022Art MattersNeil Gaiman, Illustrated by Chris Riddell9/10Beautiful, short and concise - the last essay is absolutely gorgeous. And Chris Ridell's illustrations are amazing - I'm a new fan.
17/10/2022Show Your WorkAustin Kleon10/10Short, punchy and beautifully written - a convincing piece on sharing your work.
09/09/2022National Geographic: The PhotographsLeah Bendavid-val10/10An inspiring look into the history of photography - the amount of work behind each photograph is colossal and astounding.
14/08/2022The Style of LoishLois van Baarle10/10One of my favourite artists. Reading this, I can tell my eye is getting better!
19/07/2022The Art of Fallout 4Dark Horse Comics10/10I love the Fallout universe, and this book is pretty thick! It makes me want to be a concept artist.
17/07/2022Bird By BirdAnne Lamott10/10Fantastic book, one of my favourites. For writing but applies to everything - she's clearly a fantastic writer.
26/06/2022FlowMihaly Csikszentmihalyi9/10Explores Flow in depth, but also so much more than that - a life philosophy I've thought about before.
26/05/2022Leonardo da Vinci - The BiographyWalter Isaacson10/10
This was so well written and so much better than the Charles Scholl biography. Beautiful images, and a moving look into Da Vinci's life.
01/05/2022The Remains of the DayKazuo Ishiguro10/10A phenomenal book, an instant favourite. So much to re-read.
03/02/2022The Science of StorytellingWill Storr7/10
Loads of great practical advice for storytelling - posits the idea that all stories come from characters. I liked the actual story bits over the advice, maybe that means I don't love the craft of storytelling.
27/01/2022Breakfast of ChampionsKurt Vonnegut8/10A really unique book, totally messed with my head. Never really read anything like it.
09/01/2022Art Fundamentals: Theory In Practice3dtotal Publishing8/10
Really awesome to see the progression of artwork. The reflection of artists on their previous work is invaluable, and there's a really good range of types of art.
06/01/2022In Other WordsJhumpa Lahiri9/10
What a curious, amazing journey laid out for all of us to experience. She's so precise with her words. Great pointers on creativity and going between two worlds.
25/12/2021MillionsFrank Cottrell Boyce10/10So good, so warm and so gorgeously written. SO funny too! One of my absolute Favourites.
15/12/2021Sketching from the Imagination: Anime and Manga3dtotal Publishing9/10Great book - more stylized, but some more gorgeous pieces in there.
13/12/2021Sketching from the Imagination: Characters3dtotal Publishing10/10Some gorgeous drawings - a great way to get inspired and to figure out what I like.
25/11/2021RangeDavid Epstein10/10
HELL YEAH. A phenomenal book that explores thoughts I've had so well, with convincing and compelling arguments and examples. A must read.
17/11/2021The Language of Graphic DesignRichard Poulin7/10
A really good, broad reference manual on the fundamentals of design with a lot of great examples and history. However, for a book on design it's really fucking hard to read.
12/11/2021Make Your Art No Matter WhatBeth Pickens8/10
Pretty good, diverges from the title and ends up being a manual on being an artist in general, but it talks a lot about the parts of the artist experience that I don't think about! Some great quotes in there.
1/11/2021The Ungrateful RefugeeDina Nayeri9/10
The first time reading a book was so emotionally draining and painful that I almost couldn't continue. Lots of relatable experiences, and some amazing stories, and some great philosophy.
20/10/2021How I Make PhotographsJoel Meyerowitz9/10What a great, strong look into a master's method and philosophy. Great photographs too.
01/10/2021The Language of KindnessChristie Watson 10/10
Teared up a lot, made me think about how I should give back, use my skills for good instead of selling things. Finished on flight to Toronto.
26/09/2021Crying in H MartMichelle Zauner10/10A powerful, deeply relateable book. I teared up a bit, thanks Cass for the recommend and letting me borrow it.
25/09/2021The Freelance ManifestoJoey Korenman10/10GOOD BOOK. It's my second time reading it and I resonate deeply with it.
18/09/2021Daily RitualsMason Currey9/10
Lots of interesting facts on a lot of different lives, so much to learn from a lot of different people. It informs the way I want to shape my life.
16/09/2021Atomic HabitsJames Clear10/10
Lots of strong advice, and the main reason for doing everydays - just a tiny bit better everyday is all you need. Lots and lots of great strategies on breaking bad habits and making good ones.
11/09/2021The $100 StartupChris Guillebeau7/10
Good ideas and some wisdom, I agree with the general theme of looking for freedom by giving value, but some of the money stuff doesn't sit right. I like the final chapter though.
11/09/2021Starting PointHayao Miyaki9/10
Full of a lot of wisdom, someone who has pushed and pulled a lot of the world. Someone full of a lot of strife and love. Reminds me of Dad. Worth a re-read, especially after I watch some more ghibli films. The last chapter was really good, and there were some banging quotes in there. It's just a bloody long book.
04/09/2021The Meaning In The MakingSean Tucker10/10Phenomenal book, one that I will read over and over again. Great writer.
01/09/2021Deep WorkCal Newport10/10Great philosophy and advice, he makes it quite applicable. Life transforming stuff, confirmed and expanded on what I think.
08/08/2021Leonardo da VinciCharles Scholl6/10It does what it says on the tin - it goes very very indepth to da Vinci's life. Definitely lots to learn but a lot of very dry stuff.
05/08/2021The War of ArtSteven Pressfield10/10
Really interesting and insightful book that is both simultaneously so aligned and so different from the way I think that it makes me lean in. Made me consider higher powers.
18/06/2021Living with a SealJesse Itzler10/10Really funny book that makes me want to jump in a lake and run in the rain. BADASS. Finished in one day.
02/06/2021Good to GreatJim Collins8/10Some really powerful ideas that are interesting and important to convert from a business sense to art, or just life in general.
18/05/2021Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982Cho Nam-Joo10/10
A really powerful, impactful book. It's important to read other viewpoints that are so far removed from your life experience, but so much of it sounds familiar from the stories I hear from my relatives.
16/05/2021The Beginners Guide to ZBrush3dtotal Publishing8/10
I can't give it an accurate rating because I haven't used it in conjuction with ZBrush - but a really good primer on the interface, I'm sure.
06/05/2021The Midnight LibraryMatt Haig10/10I almost teared up, what a gorgeous book on so many levels. A bit of science fiction, a lot of life, and lots of love.
26/04/2021Creative StruggleGavin Aung Than8/10A really short, sweet book of quotes on creative problems from masters, with some impactful cartoons.
14/04/2021How To LiveSarah Bakewell10/10Gorgeous book on a really interesting man. Ignited a small passion for philosophy.
31/03/2021The Five People You Meet in HeavenMitch Albom10/10A short, amazing, touching story on life. Such a gorgeous world, such a great writer.
26/03/2021The Obstacle is the WayRyan Holiday10/10
Awesome book that contradicts itself at times but the ideas are great - stuff that I do but needed reinforcing. Read on the tube.
19/03/2021Catching FireSuzanne Collines8/10Actually not a bad book, such a cool idea and great world building.
08/03/2021The Creative HabitTwyla Tharp10/10A thorough book on creativity and cultivating it as a habit - demystifying it.
07/03/2021HungerMichael Grant9/10What a terrifying book. Such a great fantastical world.
25/02/2021The Animators Survival KitRichard Williams8/10
Really handy reference for animation, lots of great stories, makes me want to get into traditional animation. Lots of respect to the old school guys and all their passion. Great for injecting life into movment.
24/02/2021The Wolf of Wall StreetJordan Belfort10/10Such an engrossing book. Really well written.
16/02/2021What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business SchoolMark H. McCormack7/10Good book on mastery of business. Dated but good stuff on starting and building a business.
07/02/2021Light for Visual ArtistsRichard Yot8/10Great reference book on lighting with a lot of good examples, and some philosophical nuggets too.
05/02/2021The Dying of the LightDerek Landy10/10Such excellent use of words - what a wonderful, beautiful world with amazing form, what a great way to end the series.
04/02/2021Collection IVSean Tucker9/10Gorgeous pictures from a weird year of lockdown, peppered in with some good musings.
03/02/2021MasteryRobert Greene10/10Too much to sum up in one sentence - eerily adjacent to my own way of thinking, and I'll carry it for the rest of my life.
16/01/2021Uncommon TypeTom Hanks10/10I mean, come on. Gorgeous fiction, every story is an absolute trip to a different universe, and they're all so fucking VIVID.
Lots of cosmic ideas and awesome diagrams. It's a bit fruity for me but I'll have plenty of ideas to draw from. Kinda like a sacred geometry reference book.
30/12/2020The Mosaic PrincipleNick Lovegrove10/10
Awesome book - full of great philosophies I'll carry with me, one of the few I agree nearly 100% with. I hate the way he goes from one chapter to another, though.
28/12/2020Thinking With TypeEllen Lupton8/10Good lessons on typography - a great reference book, quite dense, lots to re-read, funny sometimes!
22/12/2020GritAngela Duckworth10/10Really good development of grit, and even more on how to give that to someone, to a kid!
17/12/2020Thinking, Fast and SlowDaniel Kahneman9/10Dense but really good insights into human psychology and common mistakes - got some great takeaways.
1/12/2020The Moment It ClicksJoe McNally10/10Awesome stories and lessons about photography.
16/11/2020The Four Hour WorkweekTim Ferris5/10Some good ideas and good overall direction - but very new-agey and not very applicable to the arts
10/26/2020Art Fundamentals, 2nd Edition3D Total9/10Great general primer on art, lots of gorgeous pieces.
07/09/2020GweiloMartin Booth10/10What an awesome, random find - makes me miss Hong Kong, and I really appreciate the perspective he has; funny guy!
06/09/2020How to be a graphic designer without losing your soulAdrian Shaughnessy7/10Some good musings on creativity and running a studio.
31/08/2020AkiraKatsuhiro Otomo7/10Awesome amazing drawings - story is a bit hard to follow for me, kinda reminded me of Attack on Titan or Death Note.