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IAESTE Day 2017
Birthday party
October 20, 2017 IAESTE promotional video worldwide premiere.
Kick of of IAESTE Teddy Bears travels
Events organised by IAESTE committees
Collecting videos of IAESTE members blowing 70th birthday cake. Likes competition.
Teddy Bear TravelOctober 20, 2017 – January 2019 (AC Cyprus)Following the concept of the 65th anniversary, teddy bears will travel the world and visit as many IAESTE countries and committees as possible. Teddy bears will kick off on the IAESTE Day 2017 and at that day they will start the journey from Vienna (CEC).
Panel discussionAC 2018Panel discussion with IAESTE stakeholders: employer, alumni, student, governmental institution, IAESTE
representatives. (will take place just after the AC Opening Ceremony)
IAESTE 70th Anniversary DinnerAC 2018Gala dinner with special 70th Anniversary program, live music and other attractions.
International Evening @ACAC 2018Participating countries will display their performances: dance, music, singing…
Alumni challengeasap (presentation at the AC 2018 & AC 2019)The challenge is to find the most famous alumni in the country and present it at the AC. There should be an interview with predefined questions, maximum duration of 3 minutes.
History bookletpublished by AC 20192nd edition of the IAESTE History booklet, based on the 2008 edition.
Pictures from each country and short stories/description will be added. Also more info about James Newby and the timeline of IAESTE history.
Summer reception celebrationsJune – September 2018Coordinated summer reception events for IAESTE trainees and members with focus on 70th anniversary celebrations.
IAESTE in one photo competition14th March 2018 – July 2018The purpose of the competition is to raise awareness of IAESTE, to engage our members, students and alumni, and to produce marketing materials that we can use during our 70th celebrations and beyond. Once the competition is launched we invite you to use the materials we will share on this website to help us promote it to all your students/members/volunteers/alumni etc.
70 days of IAESTEAugust – October 2018The concept is to have 70 days of IAESTE published through social media channels: LinkedIn (with posts about work – employers/universities), Instagram (with posts about experience - history), Facebook (with posts about discover – IAESTE countries + international understanding).
It will start 70 days prior to the IAESTE Day 2018 and will have one post per social media channel each day.
IAESTE Day 2018 - final of IAESTE 70th anniversary celebrationsOctober 20, 2018IAESTE Day celebrations worldwide
ReportAC 2019, CyprusFinal of IAESTE Teddy Bears travel and report on 70th anniversary celebrations
AC “Secret Santa”AC 2019, CyprusCountries will bring presents to the Annual Conference where a lottery will decide who will get a present from whom.