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TimestampNameStageStatus Mark's thoughtsemail you would like us to send results toYour phone number Name of individual who passed these questions along to you.2. What is the biggest challenge, you face, in any area of your business, career, or life?1a. Which of the four shapes do you like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th. [Cube]1a. Which of the four shapes do you like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th. [Pyramid]1a. Which of the four shapes do you like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th. [Wavy Line]1a. Which of the four shapes do you like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th. [Ball]1b. Which of the following four things would cause you the most frustration 1st (most), 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th (least) [Not being done properly and in order]1b. Which of the following four things would cause you the most frustration 1st (most), 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th (least) [Out of control]1b. Which of the following four things would cause you the most frustration 1st (most), 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th (least) [Boring or Not fun]1b. Which of the following four things would cause you the most frustration 1st (most), 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th (least) [Conflict with others]3. If anyone could help you in any area of your career, business, and/or life what would you love help on?4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you like to change?5. If what you believe is not true, would you want to know it?Would you like a complimentary 30 minute personality interview/strategy session?Person Doing Follow UpDate Of Follow UpAV Lead RatingMark's ThoughtsWho made the call to connect.6a. From a 1 to 10, 10 being the best, how coachable do you believe you are?6b. How would you respond if someone said they thought you were coachable at a 2.5?7. If you were being coached one on one, what would be three things you would want to accomplish over the next 90 days?What industry are you in and what is your position within your company?6c. My minimum income goal is . . . 6b. My WOW / really exciting income goal is . . . 1. MCAT Notes2. BEST Strategy3. Who will Pursue# of ContactsResultsPAIDMark's Gut Lead Quality for AVBrianne's Lead Quality - Mastermind PartnershipsLast Date Of ContactNotesTrackedTimestampBiggest ChallengeDays In ProcessLevel 1 & 230 Minute Strategy SessionBusiness X-RayLevel 1 Sale - Mastermind PartnershipsLevel 2 Sale IPLevel 3 - ActionVisionLevel 4 - E-VA
11/20/2012 23:31:56Perry PlotkinPerry@SynergizeInc.com630-739-9489Your emailingsFiguring out where the intersection is of my natural talents, personality type, skill set, and money making opportunities for a business that I can really devote myself to so that I can get out of debt and quit my day-job.

BTW - Question 1b asks: "Which of the following four things would cause you the most frustration 1st (most), 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th (least)." What frustrates me most is that one of the answers is grammatically incorrect by saying: "Not being doing properly and in order". Don't you mean "Not being DONE properly and in order"? Just saying.
234132415582Figuring out where the intersection is of my natural talents, personality type, skill set, and money making opportunities for a business that I can really devote myself to so that I can get out of debt and quit my day-job.Be nicer to myself.Yes for sureYesMark Boersma11/23/2012 15:00:56Perry called us because no one had called him.86They are probably right! But based on THEIR semantics and expectations. I of course have MY OWN semantics and expectations. So share with me specifically what yours are so we can work together on understanding each other and maybe we can both make some progress. You may find out that I really don't want to go to where you are trying to lead me, or you don't want to lead me where I want to go. Or that we are a great team. Who knows.I don't really have sub-tasks that I need coaching and accountability for, I just need to figure out where the intersection is of my natural talents, personality type, skill set, and money making opportunities for a business that I can really devote myself to so that I can get out of debt and quit my day-job.
11/23/2012 18:32:38Mitch Nielsonmitch@msncpa.com480-635-1040Mark BoersmaI feel like my contribution is not valued, and I see no opportunity in my current position.214331245267I could use help changing companies or starting a business.I would like to be a better conversationalist.Yes for sureYesMark Boersma11/24/2012 8:10:18emailed him.57It would not surprise me. While I take time to consider my position, once I have developed a position I want to be shown why my position is not correct. I want to decide the following three things, coach or not in the next 90-120 days.
1. Make a decision to join a different company or to start a business.
2. If joining a new company I need to:
a. narrow the companies that I would like to work for to 2 or 3
b. update my resume and start developing relationships to help my search
3. If starting my own business the biggest item I need help with is sales and marketing.
11/24/2012 7:56:18John Schiffmanj.schiffman@schiffman.com603-448-6655Mark Boersmaestablishing relevant goals214332145357people skills & ability to management addicitive behaviorsability to move at the speed of other people & enjoy the processYes for sureYesMark Boersma11/24/2012 8:10:18emailed him and then talked to him for 20 minutes later in the day66Obviously he is to be listened to & evaluated. Anyone who devleops this misisonary sales tool must have osmethngot offferso ihe can read my typing impared responses, he/she might be wiorht a tryesatblish realsistc goals
agree on measurement process
evlaaute teh pricng structure
11/26/2012 12:14:51Robert Lowesomafleurier@gmail.com630-957-8594Organization, support314231426284Helping to build a network of likeminded individuals Lack of focus and disciplineYes for sureYes77I would want to know their reasoningEstablish a consistent income. Increase discipline and focus. Build professional network
1/23/2013 12:33:16Connieconniec1@hotmail.com408-219-9868William luisBig stock trading going in bad direction314232416383InvestmentAgeYes for sureYesRobert Lowe1/23/2013Called her and scheduled appt.
She was not in MCAT so I created a contact record for her in there as well and imported all the BC and LH, etc. she shared in survey.
107I would like to know the reason why they think that way1. How to form a company/business license/ taxes/ accounting
2. How to get investment funding
3. How to evaluate business idea
9/4/2013 11:42:06Donna Hinkelmandhinkelman@satx.rr.com210-313-0827going to the next level....knowing what 'next' is for me124341325375defining my 'next', how to get there and how to be excellent at itto always be thinking ahead strategically and actually implementing - being proactiveYes for sureYes56Why? What is your assessment based on?1) consistently presenting myself as a top leader and redefining my in my own mind
2) being 100% on top of my responsibilities
3) being strategic and proactive in both professional and personal aspects of my life
multiple (holding company)
corporate communications (VP)
6/25/2014 15:51:42Mike Disneymike@disneyfinancial.com619-670-9400x306Mark Boersmatime to clone myself431241238435not too sure about this oneI think that I am nearly perfect.Yes for sureNo Thank You58I would listen for improvement ideas.cloning myself and growing my business without working harder.Mortgages/Real Estate
9/8/2014 19:20:08John Murphyjohn@pacificonemortgage.com206-499-5626Mark BoersmaFinances are not what they should be.314212434385Building on and filling in my current business plan.I would be more strategic and structured with my time,Yes for sureYesmark - X-Ray Sold Apt. Scheduled86I would slap them around and ask them why they felt that way!1) Refine my branch and personal business plan to improve and solidify.
2) See a visible increase in production.
3) Explore some outside the box opportunities and determine if they were worth pursuing and how best to do so.
Mortgage; Branch Manager
9/24/2014 20:27:41Rebeccarsnider0877@gmail.com616-901-9079Mark BWhat to do321412344448figure out what to do and what I should dothat I didn't over analyze everythingYes for sure87Ask them whyFigure out what I need to put my time into
How to make more $
What areas in my life are lacking
Realtor - Team Captain
9/30/2014 12:58:56Joe Tufojoe@joetufo.com925-522-0700mark BoersmaNot having prospective clients do what they commit to doing in the time frame they have committed to performing.412331427265Closing more salesI want to be more like Jesus Christ.Yes for sureYes97I'd have to listen intently to what they say and humble myself and pray and seek God's face.1. Earn $700,000 in income
2. De-cluttering - don't leave a legacy of "crap."
3. Be a better servant
Financial Services

10/11/2014 9:47:55Lorie Pembertongamechangerbiz@gmail.com281-515-8204Mark BoersmaBeing able to recognize different personalities and having conversations that encourage productive communication with types not similar to me.324113244565Creating a bigger internet presence to improve lead quality and quantity.The ability to balance friendship with leadership so team members will be excited about autonomy and using the system.Yes for sureYesmark - apt. sch. for Mon. 1 pm 10/11/2014 14:25:5586I would want an example of the things I have done that make them see me as un-coachable.1. Stronger sense of how to sell without selling.
2. A way to have well attended business meetings.
3. A simpler training system to incorporate the current system
I am an independent consultant with Sozo Global. Direct and mlm marketing
1/5/2015 18:32:26Laurarenexpros@gmail.com630-664-4333Karen CarlsonKeeping up with paper work312432146338Help with the paper work and organization implentationmore focusYes for sureYestl - lm 1/8/201587It would be hard to except and humbling but would ask what do they see in me that made them say that and how can i change it.grow my social media and person growth in discipline, and have clean officeOwner of a painting and remodeling company
1/12/2015 11:43:32Dennis Clarkdennis@mortgageloansofamerica.com402-333-5432Brianne EdwardsPutting the proper systems in place to allow me to get out of the back office portion of the business and go out and generate more business.124332414484See above.To be more disciplined on working on my business and not working in my business.Yes for sureNo Thank YouBrianne1/12/201575I honestly don't know.Set up a system to get me out of the loan processing portion of my business.

Increase my loan closings to 10 loans per month.

Set up 2 or 3 platforms to generate leads and have great follow up process or funnels set up to convert the leads into loans.
Mortgage Loan Origination
1/12/2015 13:14:47Brenda Grayldytinr@comcast.net815-557-9752attracting enough clients412321436266effective low cost marketing strategies to grow my client basemy tendency to sometimes procrastinate when i know i should be doing somethingYes for sureYesBrianne1/12/201593I would disagreemore confidence, a way to end procrastination, how to attract more clientsI am a Clinical Hypnotist with my own practice
1/22/2015 17:55:57Christopher Dorsanochris@trufocus.net630-991-7406 Karen CarlsonExpanding the business with a steady clients.234123414682Guidelines on how to develop more business.How to write out better drafts that will speak to my audience. Yes for sureYesBrianne1/26/2015108I would ask how I could improve in that particular area.1) Business Strategies
2) Better Marketing
3)How to relate to the customer
Digital Film-making - CEO
Chemical Distributor - Accountant
LTTV - Production Assistant
1/28/2015 11:28:49Ryan Pubinsryan@alisonmortgage.com631-902-3700Brianne EdwardsCurrently my biggest challenge in business is getting in front of potential clients and building trust with them. I am not afraid of the challenge, but I do recognize that it is currently the the goal that needs the most attention.124331244367I would love to have help making myself and the company more marketable and recognized in the industry. Be less impulsive when making big decisions.Yes for sureYesBrianne1/28/2015105I would ask the person to put that theory to the test. I am confident I would prove to be more coachable than a 2.5.1. Start a blog - business/marketing oriented
2. Build a list
3. have all online personas (linkedIn, website, blog site, etc.) updated and looking professional.
I work at a Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Banking firm. My job title is loan analyst but I also spend a large portion of time on marketing for the Loan
2/4/2015 14:06:39Barry Huxmanbarryhuxman@ymail.com303-817-7044Mark BoersmaOne issue I've found to be a challenge in both my professional and personal life is time management. I am interested in finding ways in which to balance out making the income I desire and enjoying it at the same time. 324141327373Psychology. Understanding how to help myself and others gain the fullest potential out of life. I am very much a creature of habit. I don't mind some of my good habits of course, but I tend to fall into routines and forget to stop and look around. Might be missing a lot. Yes for sureYes97I would disagree and ask for examples. I'm a humble person who's gained a lot from asking questions, listening and watching others. Even if I've learned what "not" to do. 1. How to understand myself better.
2. Balance between structure and being too ritualistic.
3. Making more out of my time.
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery. Sales Executive.
2/5/2015 2:41:56Nick Restuccianrestuccia@rizzorestuccomia.c781-883-7175e-maildeciding to retire and the next phase432113425663Better manage peopleGetting tooexcited about situationsYes for sureYesBrianne2/6/201557i would probably believe itmanage stress better
learn moderation
calm down a bit
CPA-Managing Partner
2/15/2015 12:44:54Christine Johnson CPAcsjohnsoncpa@msn.com623-465-5554Having patience with clients wasting my time & not listening214323414484More $ for the incredible amount of time that I spend in my practice - better compensation - to be able to work 40 or less hours a weekBeing a CPAYesMark2/15/201578Depends they may be righthow to reduce admin time
how not to bring feelings from the pass into current client relationships
how not to feel resentful about working so much & misssing out on having a live just to barely pay the bills
Sole Practioner CPA
2/17/2015 12:16:40Matthew Cameronmatthewshanecameron@gmail.com615-972-5915Karen CarlsonTurning my natural gifting and energy into a steady income stream.421343218534I'd love a partner or employee that could turn my energy and ideas into webpages and text :)I'd be musical, artistic and enjoy cooking (any one of the three).Yes for sureYesKaren2/17/201588I'd ask them to explain how they came to that conclusion and try hard to understand.Help to quickly actuate the ideas I've been working toward for the last year. Coaching, Masterminding and Do it for You.Entrepreneur. Self employed for 20 years.$50,000$100,000
2/17/2015 22:31:35Sherry Please do not contact815-931-9386KarenA solid plan and trust and support. 431223146626Businessindecisiveness and procrastinationYes for sureYesKaren2/18/201573I would walk away because that person is not for me thenForming a solid business plan from my ideas.
Getting my fiancé here.
Setting up a working system to get paying clients
Sales and marketing. I am the owner$12,000$800,000
2/24/2015 12:04:51Belen Cusibelen.cusi@gmail.com210-248-8825Ken BucciTaking action without overthinking and stopping myself, procrastinating or justifying my inaction.314212434385Taking bold action without fear, self-consciousness or perfectionism.I wouldn't change anything.Yes for sureYesMarkAppt set for 3/2/15 - mb met with her on 2/24 as well.Spread love and connection. People know they loved.99I would say "What makes you think that?"1) Starting a small business and gaining first 2 clients
2) Creating 25k of extra wealth
3) Solidifying an early morning routine, making it untouchable, happens every day, no matter what
Human Capital Management, Outside Sales at ADP

(writer, musician, athlete, aspiring entrepreneur)
2/27/2015 16:21:31Clement Smithclements@iffghomeloans.com310-850-7072MyselfStaying focus, disciplined and developing a system that allow me to reach my full potential 324112434484Career/BusinessMy inability to stay consistence Yes for sureYesBrianne3/2/201597Prove me wrong and show me the areas you thought I was not coachable in. Setting realistic goals
Mapping out a plan of action
Being held accountable to the plan
Real Estate Lending/Mortgage Banker. I am a loan officer with Integrity First Financial Group$150,000$350,000
3/4/2015 0:58:08Matthew Mgrieco07@gmail.com978-305-2444KenChallenge - managing employees while at the same time executing many of the tasks

Fustration - devoting time and effort into new hire training vs turnover
123412342468Delegation Less of a perfectionist Yes for sureMark / Teresa3/4/2015Ken Bucci's nephew I believe.106I would not have a problem everybody's entitled to an opinionBetter execution on decisions
Less activity more results
Delegation of tasks and duties
Make time to involve self more areas of business
Saas industry, software, Revenue management
Finance Manager with opportunity The branch and other parts of the business
3/4/2015 10:21:58Kim Orsini-Pentaorsinispqr@gmail.com617-816-2708Mark BoersmaAntagonism -- from family (historically, in personal life) and professionally, from DC bureaucrats.314223415483FINANCES!!!!I would be 7 inches taller.Yes for sureYesKaren3/4/201577I would ask what they see that caused them to arrive at that number.New approaches to problem solving.
Being more persuasive - with investors and clients.
Recognizing key qualities in others, i.e. new hires, clients, investors, etc.
I am founder/owner/operator of Orsini S.P.Q.R., INC., an importing and soon-to-be distribution house of fine wines and artisanal liqueurs.$500,000$1.5-2 million
3/11/2015 10:22:04Jon Beckerjbecker@iun.edu219-765-7826Teresa LekanIn business, marketing and organization; in life, productivity.423121346365Honing in on and marketing a niche for my speaking business.Lack of focus.Yes for sureYesGingerAnne / Teresa - scheduled 30 min for 3/183/11/201587I would be surprised, but it's relative based on what a 2.5 looks like to me versus what a 2.5 is to them. :-)Fully upgrade my website to include audio and video speaking example, develop a digital product that I could monetize through my website, and gain at least three paid speaking engagements.I am in higher education (25 years as a college teacher), but I want to move into public speaking. I am a "solo-preneur". You can learn a bit more about my background at$100,000$10,000 per month
3/11/2015 16:27:45J Paulsenjcpaulsen@sbcglobal.net847-529-5200Karen Carlsonexpanding the business globally on a wider scale124313242567marketing for business through social mediafinished my military career to 30+ yearsYes for sureNo Thank YouKaren/Brianne?3/18/2015Accepted invitation to a phone call.88Listen to their reasons whyunsureProfessional Development -President/CEO$250K$2MM
3/12/2015 8:41:08Kevin Kingkaking@myhst.com630-386-5306Mark BoersmaGetting more, better, faster clients without missing out on recruiting the best people into my agency.231434125726Developing systems I can execute simply & consistently and be able to follow-through with clients better.Overcoming the emotional longing to disconnect from executing key tasks because they seem overwhelming. Seeing clearer into the most important things at the time and simply executing.Yes for sureYesMisty :)58Maybe they see I can be stubborn. Maybe they are in another dimension. But if they did say 2.5 - I would be excited to know how I can be an 8 or a 9.Removing emotional disconnects.
Transfer Expressive energy into the Driver and less into the Analytic.
Surround myself with amiables so I can be more Driver.
So I can ultimately be a selling, recruiting machine. Have fun while I'm doing it and not look back.
Health Insurance - District Manager (Sole Proprietor) - $87,500$250,000
3/12/2015 9:29:40Dominic Herrickdominic.herrick@gmail.com360-312-3733Steve MinnichCompetency. Demonstrating it, Finding it in others. Finding it in systems.124312342477Getting the right people: 1)On my team 2)In front of me and my team members.Short term memory. I can talk and warm people in conversation, but forget the person and the conversation later that day. I feel shallow and that I don't really care.Yes for sureNo Thank YouMark/Steve109I would want to know what I am doing that is giving that perspective and also how to change it, if I do not know how.Increase my understanding of how to help people. Finding a way to get in front of the right people to help. Getting the right team members in the right job to help my business grow.Insurance. Owner of a State Farm office$200,000$400,000
3/13/2015 12:15:01Christina Mariechrishessel@hotmail.com314-503-8596Kevin Kingcold calls214331245267I'd be smarterYes, I think soYesBrianne3/13 - appt was setcame from email sent to Kevin's database34doubtfulmore salesHealth insurance sales, District manager$50,000$150,000
3/15/2015 14:46:59Azam Vazirivaziriazam@gmail.com630-907-0239Karen CarlsonBeing convincing enough, effective word usage, and memorization of important facts and figures In life.
Closing sales and qualified leads, in business.
143214232855Can't afford it at this time. Otherwise I would.To be a better listener, and more effective executer.
Yes for sureYesKaren?12At present, I know myself best. 2.5 was long time ago, I am 60 now.Help with Social media, how to be pushy and close more.I am with World Financial Group, a Transamerica company. I provide financial services.
I am also affiliated with Heartland Institute of Financial Education (HIFE), a non-profit organization that providesfinancial literacy to general public for free.
I have just joined a company recently that provides credit restoration and identification protection called Financial Education Services (FES).
40000/yr.250000/ yr.
3/16/2015 13:31:27David Parkerdparkerpainting@aol.com617-710-6135Ken BucciI have an idea of what I want my business to look like and to be, but I do not take the necessary actions to get there. I don't work at it. 132441235447A business plan and strategy. Becoming more organized and more proactive. My lack of organization and direction in work and household finances causes me the most stress.Yes for sureYesBrianne/Mark3/18/2015103I would disagree, but my feelings would be hurt.Feel more in control of my business/finances, become organized personally, begin to repair creditPainting/Owner$50,000$150,000
3/16/2015 14:06:52Marco DiScipiomarcods@comcast.net781-393-9111Ken Bucciprocrastination423131247355procrastinationself-righteousnousYes for sureYesBrianne/Mark3/17/201585Depends on how it's being presentedBegin changing procrastination
Begin changing self-righteousness
Begin earning more income
martial arts
3/19/2015 10:32:45Lawrencelnichols@isler-kf.com541-882-2575do not knowretirement321412434457mergerstime devoted to familyYes for sureNo Thank YouBrianne / Teresa3/19/2015lm 4/2/1587ok doesn't bother metime management, helping clients, allocating incomePublic Accounting, managing partner$450,000$750,000
3/23/2015 13:56:16Brenda Graychange@hypnobybrenda.com815-557-9752Karen CarlsonFinding the right marketing tools and processes to get a steady flow of clients412312435366Creating a consistent business system, coaching or mentoring in business mattersI would strive to be more assertive, eliminate procrastination and increase my focus to stay on taskYes for sureYesKaren3/24/2015strategy session 3/25/15 - Karen - completed; challenge saving record notes in MCATKaren96I would disagree, but i would first ask how they came to that conclusion.Seeing a minimum of 4 clients a day
Creating more engaging website content
Create consistent marketing plan to produce steady client base
Health & Wellness; I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist with my own practice. I am the only hypnotist and I provide sessions from 2 locations. $50,000$100,000
3/24/2015 16:39:04Donald Beres Jr.sinbadthesailorman.beres47@gmail.com219-286-7443Karen CarlsonOver coming a broken Marriage and the loss of a personal relationships with my three children.234121434484I would love help in becoming self sufficient, Getting Off of Social Security Disability and Own a Business that secures a legacy for my Three Children and my Grand children and theirs. The ability to be hurt by those I love and the ability to severely hurt them with only words.Yes for sureYes
66I did either ask why or let it go. Not react at all. I 'd just take in and disprove it or accept itGet my Ideal on what I spent four and a half year on too work,
Get my Non profit or an equally or better Non profit that accomplishes What I wish to accomplish; Started and growing.

Reestablish a working family unit with my three Child and theirs.
Advertising? Owner/ Fonder$24,000$500,000
3/24/2015 21:02:44Julie Rupptoddandjulierupp@gmail.com260-797-2802Mark BoersmaMy biggest challenge is myself. Prioritizing activities, making the most of my time, and being fully present in each moment.421331247337I would love help getting my business to the next level as well as putting together a game plan for getting our non for profit out of the idea phase and into the implementation phase.I would like to be more relational. I would like to think of others feelings and emotions and relate to them.Yes for sureYes99I would ask why they felt that way and what I could do differently to be more coachable.I would want to become a Team Coordinator.
I would want to promote a Team Coordinator.
I would want to loose 5 lbs.
I am an Executive Team Leader with ACN, a broker for telecommunications and energy.$65,000$175,000
3/24/2015 21:03:29Toddtoddrupp82@gmail.com260-797-3265Mark BoersmaFinding the right environment that will use my gifts and talents.234112343575Figuring out a profession that would use my gifts and abilities. I would change my ability to make decisions quicker.Yes for sureYes105First, I would consider the source. If it was someone that I trusted, I would ask them why they came to that conclusion, listen to them and then evaluate how I can change.
If it was someone that I did not have a relationship with, the comment would not carry much weight and I would move on.
1. Find a job that I enjoy
2. Be coached on public speaking
3. Speak 3 times in front a large group.
Sales. Territory Manager at Security Solutions ADT. $65,000$250,000
3/25/2015 5:04:48Lauren Cassidycolourcassidy@yahoo.com630-673-0052CarolHaving clients that last for a long time. 243143216752Customer retentionBe more savvy on Social media and technical things
Not gossiping in front or about people when I am doing hair
Yes for sureYesKaren3/31/2015strategu session; Level 1 & 2 questions; invited to calls; sent follow up surveyKaren102Wrongdo and learn things that I have a hard time at. Like writing my blog
Social media plan
more referrals
Hair stylist
makeup artist
have business for 11 years
3/26/2015 10:59:27Donald F Randolphdonald.randolph@att.net630-289-5550Karen CarlsonDeveloping a new business 314221345276MarketingprocrastinationYes, I think soYesGingerAnnestrategy session; MCAT notesKaren77I would be interested in knowing this, and why?1. Understanding my product
2. Marketing
3. Developing leads
Insurance and service Owner of company$54,000$72,000
3/31/2015 14:46:59Vicki Williamsvickiw@anchormort.com334-233-5626internetNot having enough time to do everything that I need to do. People that make the same mistake over and over and expect different results.
People that are more worried about what others are doing or not doing ; rathering than just doing their job.
412324316554Facing conflict and constructive crictism in a positive manner.
Time managment to allow time for my health and happiness.
Lose Weight! and learn to relaxYes, I think soYesKaren57they might be right.being able to take time to exercise and not always be in a hurry. Also would like the events of the day not control business and I am the owner and loan officer/branch manager$500,000$1,000,000
4/1/2015 17:24:00Jesse VanWayvanwayj@yahoo.com801-901-8443Brianne Edwards On Behalf of Business/Community Partnerships Meetup GroupMy biggest challenge is learning how to build relationships (network) properly, in my own business, in my career outside of my startup, and with others on a personal level.314231246266I would be happy to help others by drawing on my experience as a project manager, and 15 years of IT experience.If I could change one thing about myself, it would be that I was more perceptive of others thought, feelings, and desires.Yes for sureYesBrianne99If someone said I was coachable at a 2.5, I would ask them to coach me on the reason they felt that way, and how they thought I could improve.I would like to make progress on my startup, with a go-live possible within 6 months. I would also like to find employment outside of my own startup within the next 60-90 days, and a living situation that I enjoy, rather than the last-minute apartment I'm currently living in.I am the owner of a mobile app/web startup, and currently seeking outside work as an IT Manager / Project Manager.My income depends on the work I'm doingMy income depends on the work I'm doing
4/6/2015 23:57:15Nathan Atwatern8ath2o@gmail.com801-452-5104Closing the deal. Perhaps missing the opportunity.324123145555I want a small group to join my session once a week so I can refine it and get feedback from like-minded people.My mind-set; I don't think "wealthy", I have been trying to change it for awhile now.Yes for sureYesTeresa4/7/2015scheduled session 4/978I would ask them to explain so I can learn how to become more coachable. My goal is to attain a 10.A team of like-minded people who attend my sessions weekly.
A good website.
How to find clients.
Owner, Consultant$75,000$100,000
4/13/2015 19:32:21Robertrobert@sdmg-llc.com303-260-9929MarkTime Management324121435384Time ManagementWaste less timeMaybe - dependsYes57Wouldn't bother meTime Management
Cash Flow
Tax Strategies
Owner, two companies:
RV Glass Specialties: Glass repair and replacement of RV's
Sled Dog Marketing Group: Business consulting and marketing for small businesses
4/14/2015 16:50:09Erinirish5mac@yahoo.com630-497-0138JoAnne McElroyAs with my answer to most questions, "It depends."

Physically, I am currently challenged financially and it feels like that holds me back with everything else.
Process-wise, I am very challenged with understanding and navigating online tools/communities to gain a following with the goal of augmenting my business.
In terms of Personality traits, I am plagued by taking things literally and negatively.
432143218642I'm seeking a mentor and really just trying to understand how to get into the mix of related communities, to connect with others doing related things, to gain a following with those who would be interested and engaged.I tend to be very literal and to move slowly, trying to figure things out from afar when not knowing how or where to dive in, get creative and just figure it out. I also tend to feel negative or frustrated.Yes for sureYesBrianne4/15/2015LM87I would try to understand what their process was, what contributing factors are underneath that belief.My goals for the next 90 days are the same with or without coaching:
I want to finish writing my book and to understand what I need to know for publishing (traditional vs self-publishing and next steps).
I want to finish writing the workbook that goes along with it and begin printing and selling it on my website.
I want to grow my audience and engage in related communities.
This is a complicated answer: I left a 9 year career in management consulting, specializing in change management/ organization effectiveness, to discover my passions, build a career around them and write a book about it.
I am two years into that journey and did indeed discover my passions. I'm in the process of building a career as a writer, speaker and adventurer with a focus on personal transformation through nature and adventure travel/expeditions.
My current status is nomad without an income. I am roughly halfway through writing my first book. (more info:
4/15/2015 12:08:18Austinaustin@brazeehuban.com413-443-9158legacy partnersCleaning out 40 years of clutter.314232416383Getting rid of unneeded files, papers,clutter, junk, more easy goingYes for sureNo Thank Youmb4/15/2015Good lead to get all over quickly. :-) 67They might be right?rest, relaxation and vacationmanaging partner in a local CPA firm$300,000$500,000
4/15/2015 23:14:44Donna Sawickidonna@ simplydonna.com630-992-8000Karen CarlsonProcrastination, overwhelmed, and over thinking things314221435285Website, financials, and to have an assistantI wish I got things done quickerYes for sureYes76Just surprisedFinish website
Launch my product/offer
Branding/Design - I'm it!$5,000$100,000
4/22/2015 13:19:32Nicholas Cox ncox@advancedlabelworx.com865-255-5605Lana SellersConvincing everyone to move as quickly as I like to. 214343126455I would welcome the opportunity to have someone help me with money management and organization. Sometimes I wish that I had more patience and could live more in the moment and not focus on what is to come. Yes for sureYes# not good, but works with Leslie7mb - I think a pretty good lead.
84I would ask them if it is possible that the coach has not perfected the art of coaching? 1. I would like to significantly improve my organizational skills.
2. Patience
3. Ability to quickly memorize things
I am in the label manufacturing industry and my position is a sales representative. $60,000$150,000
4/23/2015 7:27:07Leslielafwaf@yahoo.com865-202-3138bossassertiveness312434126536mentornothingYes for sureYesLidia / TeresaTL - 5/11 - set appt8mb - A very strong lead I believe.
108I would listen to hear what they had to sayyes... Increase my sales to make more moneylabel industry$150,000$300,000
4/27/2015 20:28:06Michelle Brownhildazmb5@gmail.com616-202-8872I am a need to have things in order person. 423123416572I would like help in finding a way to work a more flexible schedule.I would be a more patient person. Yes for sureNo Thank You4mb - May be a good Mastermind Partnership lead. Doubtful if strong AV lead but ? ? ? One of the E-VA's should do a Level 1 or 2 on him. Almost seems like he's looking to become an E-VA?88I would ask what area they believed I could be more approachable and coachable.1. I would like to learn how to find virtual jobs.
2. I would like to know how to solicit myself to find the most beneficial work at home virtual assistant opportunity.
3. I would like to learn what the expected future in said market is prospected to be in coming years.
I am leaving the State of MI as a caseworker.$30,000$50,000
4/30/2015 12:11:04James WagleyJewagley@gmail.com832-326-6747Brian edwardsMarketing for my business.213431245258MarketingMore patienceYes for sureYes8Try to understand why they have that perception. New marketing ideas, raising capital, Senior manager with Dupure International. And partner with First financial merchant services$150,000$250,000
5/11/2015 12:29:21Jeanne Prombomklady95@att.net630-991-3404Kevin KingMaintaining the discipline and focus to adhere to my 6 most important list on a daily basis342113424763This is a tough question, because I know what to do; it's, maintaining the discipline and focus to do it.Wow, I don't think I'm anywhere close to perfection, but I pretty much like who I am. I guess having a better sense of awareness.Yes for sureYesTL5/11 - had 30 min10I would do whatever it took to show they were wrong.Double the size of my team
complete 20/20
Enter DIQ
I own my own Mary Kay business and I am currently a Team Leader$50,000$150,000
5/11/2015 21:04:14Carrie Garsteckicgarstecki@yahoo.com630-740-6116I say time mangement, but it could be a lack of passion/focus.321431426356I am not sure.I lack self confidence.Yes, I think soYesTL - also registered for live event5/12/20153I would be okay with that. I am not that far off from what I believe.Again I don't know. I guess I would like the words to be able to communicate effectively and confidently.I have 2 jobs, Human Resources with Pearson and Real Estate Broker with Daniel And Associates Real Estate.$46,000$60,000
5/14/2015 19:04:40Tim Bernechetimothy@Berneche2.com630-534-6654Time214324134556Hard to say, I've had a lot of good coaching over the past five years.Not be so angry at the world.Yes for sureNo Thank YouGC5/14/20158I would have doubts.Honestly I am in great shape - I have a large church addition that is going to keep me busy the next 90 days, and I have a very good fee to where this should be the most profitable of my 10 years in business.Architecture, Architect$150,000$300,000
5/15/2015 17:10:31James Fostmeierjamesf@fairwaymc.com715-384-7878Teresa LekanNot having enough Patience314241327274Get better at marketing and making systems run more efficientMy ability to dunk a basketball. To be able to make decisions quicker. Yes for sureNo Thank YouTL - James already talked with Mark, we're pursuing his team / the owner5/15/20157I'd ask them why they said that and figure out what I did wrong. Then I'd cover that topic more with them. Mortgages - Marketing$0$0
5/25/2015 13:49:11Mark Vordtriedemark@businessinnovator.com314-971-0763Randy Eickermanno Changing Business direction
o Skills at Gravity Marketing
111133334444o Changing Business Direction
o The ability to do Gravity Marketing and improve overall marketing of my businesses
Change from doing work that I do phenomenally well, but don't really like--to doing something I love, that incorporates all my hobbies and passions, is fun, and is something that customers will pay a lot of money for.Yes for sureYesBrianne - He is a referral from Randy. We asked him to fill out survey prior to meeting with Mark. Emailing with him to schedule a 30 min.85This would happen if any "mix" of the following conditions existed in the coaching relationship:

o The Coach was not qualified to coach--We all know there are thousands and thousands of "self-assigned" coaches out there...each with their own method--effective or not
o I have/ had no respect for the coach.
o The coach does an ineffective job of coaching me
o The Coach always preaches to the SAME "canned" materials and methods--and tries to apply them to everyone
o The Coach is more interested in the "razzle dazzle" of marketing their service like an Infomercial, than in "real-life" non-marketing execution
o The Coach hides behind electronics and is not courageous enough to address/ deal with "face to face" challenges that may occur with a client, either with the client's issues, or issues regarding the Coach's advice and technique
o The Coach himself is VERY narrow minded in his/ her belief system

This is a hard one for me to answer in the context of not having spoken with you. To date, I have looked at your website(s), You Tubes and information about you on your website, and to be honest, I STILL have no idea what you do.

It's clear that you do hundreds of things, you volunteer and do a lot of great things for people in your life. I applaud you for those things.

So, the fact that as a potential new client, I have not clearly understood what it is you do, and what you can provide to me (a well educated, successful person)...this suggests that either I am too "dense" to understand this....or that your approach to marketing and sales of what you do needs to be improved?

Currently, I do not understand what Value you could provide to clients since you " at first glance" per your info, appear to be a "highly energized" marketing master of virtually everything. I wonder about your ability to step out of the "marketing/ sales" approach and focus on a specific client's issues while leaving your BOS system on the shelf?....or at least acknowledging that there are hundreds of Coach-based "models" out there that may be equally effective.

I look forward to our discussion on these initial impressions.

Recognizing that your initial 1/2 hour phone discussion, like many marketing/ sales techniques, is designed to "Wow" a client, knock their socks off, and provide stimulus to "hook" a new potential client into your programs, I am willing to hear more about it.
I have owned and operated my Management Consulting firm for 20 years now. As a highly experienced "change agent" I do:

o Executive Coaching
o Organizational Cultural Change
o Process design/ redesign for Performance, Effectiveness and to become more competitive
o Design of ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and AS9100 Quality Systems
o Implementation of QA/RA requirements for FDA and other Regulatory bodies
o Provide consulting support for Manufacturing, Aerospace and Medical Device Manufacturers
Seriously? can bring me this?Seriously? can bring me this?
5/27/2015 10:45:42Edward Reeveew.reeve@yahoo.com630-650-9550Kevin KingMy biggest challange is: getting people to believe me when I tell them what I feel and know about something is true. Overcoming their FEAR is the hardest thing to do and so frustrating that I almost give up, then I look at my goal and it is worth the pain to get there!234141326473A message to send to people under 10 words that will definetly knock their socks off!My voice, it sounds like a woman to many.Yes for sureYesschedule 30 minute with Karen, Teresa, Gingeranne - not strong lead9They are wrong.My goal over the next 90 days would be at least 25 customers and 4 associates.Electricicity and natural gas conversion to a lower cost GUARANTEED!
I guess you could officially call it MLM or networking, it is a little of both.
5/27/2015 16:20:28PaulPaul@WilsonABQ.com505-293-1224Don't know.Time prioritization421342318444Systems.I am just fine the way I am.Yes for sureYesalready a client9Bring it.Control of time-day.
Automated systems.
More time-freedom (to create).
Real Estate; Broker-Owner of boutique company.$200,000$500,000
5/28/2015 15:07:46Michael Kellyhuntleypartners@yahoo.com630-291-0400Karen CarlsonTalking to enough people and following a plan314224315573lead generation.greater since of urgency Yes for sureYesKaren?6Would say I wasn't that low on the scaleCall on potential clients with greater confidence.
Increase number of calls
consistency in following a plan of action
Financial Advisor
Area Vice President
5/28/2015 19:02:05Staceyservice@staceymdesign.com630-803-1126Karen CarlsonCustomer acquisition.432124136734Customer acquisition.More decisive.Yes for sureYesKaren? 8I would not care that much.Custom acquisition help.Art and design. Art director.$80,000$150,000
6/1/2015 14:53:01Johnrainbowprinting@att.net561-364-9000Mark BoersmaWhat to do to survive.314231246266growthTo be organizedYes for sureNo Thank YouLidia8I'd probably ask them why they thought that way and could we change that.Have a clear and executable plan
See the plan implemented
Start to see positive results
$100,000Get business to thrive again to position it for sale
6/2/2015 19:03:40Aaron ReynoldsSometimes it is time management. Cold calling234113423683Cold callingOrganization in the office. Priorities Yes for sureYesMark/Misty6I would think they were wrong. Cold calling. Organization. Setting goalsInsurance industry. Insurance agent$55,000$100,000
6/3/2015 10:33:07Candy Cranecandyc@ghimaging.com2317335664not enough time in the day432121436464making time for everythingI would like to be more of a people personYes for sureNo Thank Youcalled - no interest9I don't think I would believe themTime management
People Skills
Digital Printing - Controller2%20%
6/4/2015 3:49:08Lara pyattgleesongirl86@yahoo.com636-359-8049Misty reynoldsTalking to "strangers"234123414682Talking to "strangers"Talking to strangersI don't think soYesMark/Misty4Good luckI don't knowRetail sales, advanced consultant1000030000
6/4/2015 16:03:56Edward Reeveew.reeve@yahoo.com6306509550Lidia MoralesGetting people to believe that what I'm doing is real!324132416482Learning to get people to believe.My voice, it sounds like a woman.Yes for sureYes9I would say they are totally wrong.Change my voice, my apperance and my attitude toward leaders.Energy industry MC.1200015,000 a year more.
6/8/2015 12:43:06Dan Oehldoehl@amfam.com509-944-5410Steve MinnichSingle income household. Saving enough money for retirement. I want to purchase a home. Now living in one of my rentals. To have enough money to retire someday. My insurance practice could be run without me but I can't depend on that.234121434484Direct me to financial freedom. I've always felt that I was good at that. Now the stock market is way too high. It's just gambling now. I have real estate. I purchase rentals and I can control the success of this investment. Time could be a challenge as a single dad. I could spend a bunch of time researching but just so many hours in the day.Spend more time doing things I think I would enjoy. I work too much instead of spending time at the lake or camping, fishing. I'm always worried about money. I feel like I'm wasting the opportunity.Yes for sureNo Thank You8shocked but would want to hear reason behind that and would be open to adjusting evaluation of myself1. Where I can see my money growing and have access to that
2. How I can be better at time management and more free time and working time is more effective and efficient
3. Business coaching to get external help on how I can improve
Home and auto, commercial, business, also life insurance but only term and whole life (not IBC designed) no health insurance
buys his own health insurance through MediShare
$60k / $1k living exp$1 million / realistically $100K
6/8/2015 13:20:54Steve Grannemannstevejwre@ktis.net573-486-3127Misty ReynoldsFiguring out my biggest challenge. Ha!!213412433377Obtaining listings.To quit using Tabaco.Yes for sureNo Thank YouGingerAnne5I could understand why they thought that, as I can be set in my ways sometimes.Learn how to help my clients better.
Develop better organizational skills.
Learn better marketing techniques.
Real Estate

6/9/2015 16:18:10Karen I Boykinkaren_boykin@glic.com314-800-1139Teresa LekanOperational system break downs that are out of my control, ie. on the vendor / service provider side that eat up my staff's time and cause me to spend time getting involved in things that do not produce revenue.

Additionally, like most sales people, plenty of well qualified ideal client prospects to meet with.
124321433386Streamlining my technology across all of my vendors/service so that operations and marketing processes could run more smoothly.I've been doing focused, intense work in this area for the last 3 years more than every in my life, and it has paid big dividends. If anything, I want to live and embrace fully every day, all that the day unfolds. I try to control less and allow more and believe that others are capable and are willing to help me succeed.Yes for sureYesalready scheduled for 6/229I'd consider that view point and ask what observance gave them that impression. I'd listen as openly as possible and look for other times that someone else in my life may have told me the same thing.
I am also not responsible for other's filters, only for the energy that I put out to others. If I find truth in the statement " you are coachable at a 2.5", I would apply EFT and meditation toward becoming more coachable.
I have a mindset coach I've been working with for three years and a referral coach I've worked with for a little longer than that.

My next area to tackle is practical applications for streamlining operations and marketing. Even though I have people working for me who I trust in both areas, my current belief is that my two main vendors for my business are under staffed and difficult to do business with. However, from a monetary stand point, it makes sense to continue with them.
Insurance and investments; financial, estate and retirement planning
6/10/2015 11:36:15Mike Sanderstorabbmike@gmail.com314-327-3932Teresa LekanProcrastination124323143557Procrastination and finishingReaching my full potentialYes for sureYesalready scheduled for 6/167I would believe them because their perception of being able to teach me presents an obstacle to me learning.Complete my systems for prospecting and closing
Educate myself more on what I sell
Develop a system for duplicating myself
6/10/2015 12:11:18Dawn Pagedawnsts@yahoo.com573-680-7509MistyRight now my biggest challenge is finding a way to get others to see the future and know that change isn't always a bad thing.431212345546Finding a way to get help in my business and bring in enough to cover that cost.I don't think anything, but If I had to pick one thing I guess it would be planning. I use to be a great planner and now I slack in that area.
Yes for sureYesGingerAnne87I would tell them that I can listen to new ideas, I can take criticism and admit when I am wrong and am always open for new and easier ways of doing things. How to get others to listen.
Better time management I think.
Less hours at work.
Graphic design work on custom t-shirts$50,000$125,000
6/11/2015 10:10:20Sofia Leonsofialeon1211@gmail.com630-849-1831Mark BoersmaCommunication Skills234123414682Career. Confidence. I want to be confidant enough in myself and work to accept rejection.Yes for sureYes87I work harder to prove them wrong. I would ask what areas they see me failing in and go above and beyond their expectations next time they see me.Confidence.
Networking Skills.
Team Building Skills.
World Financial Group.
Financial Advisor
$2,000 monthly$5,000 monthly
6/11/2015 10:16:28Sofia Leonsofialeon1211@gmail.com630-849-1831Mark BoersmaConfidence. 234123414682Career.I would like to be confidant enough to accept rejection. Yes for sureYes87I would ask them their reasoning behind it and go above and beyond to change their mind by the next time I see them.Confidence.
Team Building.
World Financial Group
Independent Consultant
2,000 Monthly6,000 Monthly
6/17/2015 16:47:36Walt Trockwpt111@comcast.net224-532-6116do not knowMy personality is straight forward and blunt. I seem to lack the normal graces exhibiting what seems like very little empathy. In being so direct, I expose too much of myself too soon way turning most people off.234141326473Financial backerLearn how to be a better listener. Yes for sureYesMark - scheduled 30 min. for 6/1866I would ask for an example to emphasis what they are referring too.1. Establish good rapport with 10 producing loan brokers
2. Launch the new SBLC company
3. Cruise the Mediterranean on a 30 day voyage.
Commercial Lending, Company developer.$150,000$250,000 annually
6/19/2015 684-8880Staffing234114323773Market my businessAggressivenessYes for sureYes96I will accept itIncrease Sales
Get More projects
100KAround 300K
6/24/2015 10:02:55Terrytglad1123@gmail.com214-679-9042Legacy Partners emailKnowing what to say when meeting someone for the first time. 321421435357Speaking on the spot. Finding the correct words instead of my brain just freezing.Better planning and organization.Yes for sureYesAngel108I would like to know why. Organization
Speaking on the spot
Commercial Real Estate
Property Management - Office, Industrial, Retail
7/1/2015 6:38:44Jody Blair1977@aol.com630-373-8394Karen carlsonMotivation, the long process if building good solid relationships and follow up. 431243218633Flow of two minute what is it!WeightYes for sureYesKaren - Speed Coaching 95Be surprised because I take direction well. Accomplish 2 levels in this organization. Direct sales. Independent distributor100,000$400,000$
7/1/2015 9:25:35Greg 376-8415 ext 232Legacy Partners E-mailFinancial pressure.214334215564Yes.Level of self-confidence.Yes for sureYesAngel7/2/201588I would want to know the basis for that assessment.1. Land several new income producing projects.
2. Have a workable strategy for work/life balance.
3. Create a 100% debt elimination strategy.
Forensic accounting in public practice; expert witness in courts of law; performing business valuations, fraud investigations, commercial and family law litigation support. I am the organizer and managing member of Reagan FVL, LLC, a new business entity in Charlotte, NC.$165k$500k
7/1/2015 13:46:39John Barnakjbarnak10@gmail.com630-439-6385Karen CarlsonTime Management 314223145456Time Management NothingYes for sureYesKaren - Speed Coaching?note: Ed Kirch's Renatus team member - meets on Thurs morn102They don't know meEfficient Scheduling, Time Blocking, Lead GenerationReal Estate, Investing, Team Building, Personal Development, and Business Builder100,000250,000
7/2/2015 8:47:52Marcia TaylorMarcia@WhiteRiverTeam.com901-490-4828Karen CarlsonMyself. I have a hard time thinking outside the box. Also, I am great at planning but not so good at execution. Follow through is tough sometimes, when there is not an immediate reward - i.e. paycheck.342132416662Self-confidence and conflict resolution.To be better at conflict resolution.Yes for sureYesJewel's Team member54I'd be offended but would probably listen.,Century 21 LeMac - Associate Broker25,000100,000
7/14/2015 14:18:00pablo lozanopablo.lozano.ramos@gmail.com5-916-032-0687Mark BoersmaI'd say that my every day biggest challenge is to be able to accomplish the given task. When I asked to do stuff that I've never did before is always kind of scary at first, but I also like at the end when I successfully complete the task and the most important is that I've learnt a new thing and I'm a little better than I was yesterday.234123144655I'd love being help in doing a better use for my time. Take more time before making decisions. Sometimes I rush myself and realize that I could have made a better choice.Yes for sureYesMark Boersma will cover - possible programmer105I'd say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, right?Learn new cool stuff.
Prove my capacities.
Have a new friend.
I'm in the software industry, I'm a .NET lead developer.6000 $us12000 $us
7/20/2015 15:16:03Mr. testtesttesttesttest444444448888testtestNo, I would not want to knowNo Thank You10testtesttesttesttest
7/22/2015 23:17:42savan shahsavan.piramal@gmail.com1-213-928-7757In my life i have faced many challenges like starting my company from ground , i am self-made , self paid CEO.213424134547I will be very happy if i will get guidance from more experienced person in my life in regards of career , business and life.In some cases in my team employees are listening music in working hours when i am not into the office , when i am seeing someone like that then i am shouting on them to stop listening music in working hours ... I am getting angry on them .... I want to remove this angry word from my life.Yes for sureYes108If someone tell something like that then i will simply accept that and ask him like how to improve my self to reach at i said, if I will get coached by someone more experienced then me then i will try my best to learn all the things from him after all it is beneficial for me.I am in IT industry working as a CEO.$25,000
7/23/2015 10:46:43Clement Smith IIIclements@iffghomeloans.com310-850-7072Angelina Flemmer Creating a system and the discipline and structure to work the system. 234113423683Creating simple and effective techniques and marketing strategies that create results to have a deeper spiritual relationship Yes for sureNo Thank You99It would be time to listen and try to understand why there is a difference from what I believe to what they perceivecreate a working system, apply the discipline to work the system, and be help accountable to the system. Mortgage lending (Loan Originator)60,000$350,000
7/23/2015 20:11:03Whitwhitkingconnection@gmail.com630-465-9801Getting enough prospects to call.324123415582NetworkingGet rid of fear and insecurityYes, I think soYes87Wow!1. Average 15 meetings/ week.
2. Make $25k
3. Take my wife out for a weekend.
Financial Advisor75000250000
7/24/2015 9:45:10Sylvia Richardssrichards.sme@gmail.com641-451-0527Mark BoersmaTime management.324142317472Goal setting.Be more organized.Yes for sureYes88Try me and see! Also, I would want to know why they thought that to see if they might have a point.Complete the training.
Get started earning income.
Estimate how long it would take me to earn $2000 per month, and how sustainable that income is likely to be.
Higher education.
Student loan administrator for the Accounting Professionals MBA program.
7/26/2015 23:12:21Steven Gueststeven.guest@saiacs.org011-91-7022662466LinkedIn - Mark BoersmaAdministrative responsibilities that are incumbent to my position124332414484getting the details ordered and attended to for meI would like to be able to ask for help, thus not having to explode when I just can't handle any moreYes, I think soYes87I would disagree with them (silently) but would ask them for "evidences"(1) I'd like to analyze my routine and find out what I am doing "wrong," that is, why I am not being as productive as my peers; (2) discuss some reasonable expectations for the things I need to do professionally (occupational responsibilities); and (3) set some goals for personal/professional developmentEducation - Head of Department, Old Testament (teaching at a seminary in India)I am provided for at a reasonable wage, but it is a fixed incomeI am provided for at a reasonable wage, but it is a fixed income
8/6/2015 12:13:08Urica 512-552-2490Procrastination and updated skills to approach the marketplace 234121434484Encouragement and being around like minded individuals will allow me to stay focused and keep the big picture in mind.I would stop doubting my capability to be ssuccessful beyond measureYes for sureYes98That would mean i need to improve. If i trust their judgement, then i understand that sometimes we see ourselves at places or levels we really have yet to arise to.How to put an effective system in place to keep up with activity after I increase activity and production
Set SMART goals and attain them
Building Relationships not just Rapport
Direct Selling, Sr. Director 80K6 figure income
8/11/2015 20:08:32Kim Orsini-Pentaorsinispqr@gmail.com617-816-2708Teresa LekanIn business, dealing with bureaucratic idiocy.

In career, overcoming long-standing perceptions and introducing new, unknown products (although this is actually a lot of fun!)

In life, overcoming my family's long-standing belief in my lack of value.
324121435384Building confidence!!!My horrible time management!!!Yes for sureYesTeresa - getting her started in special Level 2 AV coaching8/12/201577I would ask why.In order:

1. Better understanding the DNA of People

2. Better understanding the DNA of Business

3. Better understanding the DNA of Life
Fine wine and liquor import/distribution500,0005,000,000
8/24/2015 18:42:12JimJimgraf01@gmail.com530-525-0628MarkEnough prospects in my sales funnel from lack of long term daily prospecting214321324275Having a mentor when difficult days or weeks put me off my system. Keeping long term perspective.Having more courage and persistence during the low periods in my business.Yes for sureYesTL - 8/25 - not sure if he's connected into something else? I tried calling 2x and the call can't be completed as dialed/no longer in service97I would say let's prove itConsistent daily prospect calls that generate a conversation with D/M, 1 appointment per every 5 I speak with, 1 new benefit enrollment for every 5 I meet withFamily legal and identity theft plans sold as a voluntary employee benefit50k100k net commissions
9/11/2015 9:30:43Candacecandace.barnes01@gmail.com239-821-1821Teresa LakenPresently, the biggest challenge in my current career is getting others to know the difference between pyramid scheme and excellent opportunity.432131427463I believe others could teach me more than what I know about leadership. This is my #1 love about meeting people. I am able to find qualities in others that I could incorporate within my everyday life. I strive to be the greatest version of myself.How to listen at a deeper level.Yes for sureYesTL 9/11 - replied to her email asking what time works - tried this first before calling since she emailed me after this88I would ask why he/she felt that way and in what ways they feel I could improve.1. Becoming the best leader

2. Getting my company's name and benefits to more people.

3. Helping others improve themselves.
Health and wellness

Independent Distributor
9/15/2015 5:07:33Dennis Shultsdss313@gmail.com219-844-0866GingerSales of Advertising213423414475Sales of Advertising and engeeringAgeYes for sureYes85Don't believeGet Sales goingRadio-Producer0500,000.00
9/19/2015 8:56:14Craigcraigfrendling@gmail.com219-746-2693Amber Kelly Taking time off231443126626time management I would make myself taller but then shorterMaybe - dependsNo Thank YouAmber9/21- Has had coaching in the past so is not interested in that right now.  Was interested in white papers though. I sent him 2 that related to his B.C.8I would say thanks.Accomplish goalsreal estate broker100,0001 million
9/21/2015 17:56:01Dhiren Shah"Darren"d.shah28@gmail.com219-669-0021TeresaImmediate challenge is that we are building state of art giant business model, but are not prepared with Grand opening, employees and event management.. 124331244367HR, and management tierchange from being one man army.Maybe - dependsYesTeresaTL- 9/21 - scheduled 30 min w/ Mark for Thurs 9/24 at 4 pmmb - 8, Change: orgnize myself - know technology // 2 listening skills // 4 sales // 7 Urgency - Why? I can feel the process. Time is running out. // 7 procrastinate - Why? Hobby of reading / gathering knowledge // Coaches response: Not tollerating it at all. Need self-discipline - work? I would say give me a little time, but yes. // (7) - I would believe it. Additional Info: In last 10 years, my wife immiagration issues - 7 years for this - employee back stabbed me. He stole money. Reciently added cousin as a mentor / coach, took 30% of ownership. // 1 on 1 coaching: No, but under process of going through Tony Robbin's Plantium coaching - signed up last week - 1st coaching session on the 8th of Oct. // Phone 1 on 1: 1 year - 30 minutes per week, 3 times a money. Cost: $6,000 for a whole program. 86it's your challenge to coach me. I would believe it.HR, go over with detail structure my business, train employees - mb: Worked with friends and family. If hired people, back stabbed me, not able to train people properly. - 3 employees - Would like to have 4 to 5. - Wife and father - not really customer - wife pregnat - 4 1/2 daughter - 2 - Need full time and 3 part time. Cigar and vape lounge, adding craft beer and wine.$250,000$350,000
9/28/2015 14:37:51Seung-woo Songsportsfn@gmail.com267-519-7907Meetup/AmberLife213442316365BusinessMy personality(Character).

I am too quick to everything.
Maybe - dependsNo Thank YouTL - tt 10/1 - BC is more meeting people / no real challenge; had good conversation and encouraged him to join MM calls / NW IN coffee connections8I will ask him how can I coachable to 8 or 91. Improve English and Spanish
2. Learn to dance
3. Learn to meditate
Pharmaceutical industry and international sales and marketing95,000Go back to Philly with more money
10/2/2015 12:29:29Courtney MurrayMurray.bhi@gmail.com713-494-5172Amber KellyWanting information to be presented precise, smooth, flowing yet since that's not my natural gift I have to overcome that and be comfortable with how I do present information and realize people understand differently. 213421434277Having that natural ability to have a continuation in conversation and not have to try and think how to make it continue to flow with enthusiasm and grace combined. To have the ability to start opening conversations with people. Yes for sureYesAmber10Ask them why is that and what can I do to improve that. To complete my personal goals. I'm a beginner in Team National.
I'm a full time dental assistant.
7k monthly15k monthly
10/2/2015 12:54:54Courtney MurrayMurray.bhi@gmail.com713-494-5172Amber KellyWanting information to be presented precise, smooth, flowing yet since that's not my natural gift I have to overcome that and be comfortable with how I do present information and realize people understand differently. 213421434277Having that natural ability to have a continuation in conversation and not have to try and think how to make it continue to flow with enthusiasm and grace combined. To have the ability to start opening conversations with people. Yes for sureYesAmberAppointment set for October 8th at 5pm10Ask them why is that and what can I do to improve that. To complete my personal goals. I'm a beginner in Team National.
I'm a full time dental assistant.
7k monthly15k monthly 30 minuteAmber1sched. 30 min
10/7/2015 9:54:58Dave Rossadrossa@melfosterco.com309-236-9195an emailTaking action.....having a daily action plan324142317472Action Plan5 million in my bank accountYes for sureYesAngel7Interesting.....why is that?Hire a full time assistant, Written Action plan(s) and goal(s), Close out year with another 1.5 mill in volume (over 3 for the year then)Real Estate: Realtor, Investor, Property Manager50k250k yr30 minAngel1sched. 30 min
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