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TimestampNameStageLMI or SynergyStatus Mark's thoughtsemail you would like us to send results toYour phone number Name of individual who passed these questions along to you.2. What is the biggest challenge, you face, in any area of your business, career, or life?1a. Which of the four shapes do you like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th. [Cube]1a. Which of the four shapes do you like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th. [Pyramid]1a. Which of the four shapes do you like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th. [Wavy Line]1a. Which of the four shapes do you like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th. [Ball]1b. Which of the following four things would cause you the most frustration 1st (most), 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th (least) [Not being done properly and in order]1b. Which of the following four things would cause you the most frustration 1st (most), 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th (least) [Out of control]1b. Which of the following four things would cause you the most frustration 1st (most), 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th (least) [Boring or Not fun]1b. Which of the following four things would cause you the most frustration 1st (most), 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th (least) [Conflict with others]3. If anyone could help you in any area of your career, business, and/or life what would you love help on?4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you like to change?5. If what you believe is not true, would you want to know it?Would you like a complimentary 30 minute personality interview/strategy session?Person Doing Follow UpDate Of Follow UpAV Lead RatingMark's ThoughtsWho made the call to connect.6a. From a 1 to 10, 10 being the best, how coachable do you believe you are?6b. How would you respond if someone said they thought you were coachable at a 2.5?7. If you were being coached one on one, what would be three things you would want to accomplish over the next 90 days?What industry are you in and what is your position within your company?6c. My minimum income goal is . . . 6b. My WOW / really exciting income goal is . . . Referral Code:1. MCAT Notes - EVA who entered info and DATE2. BEST Strategy3. Who will Pursue# of ContactsResultsPAIDMark's Gut Lead Quality for AVBrianne's Lead Quality - Mastermind PartnershipsLast Date Of ContactNotesTrackedTimestampBiggest ChallengeDays In ProcessLevel 1 & 230 Minute Strategy SessionBusiness X-RayLevel 1 Sale - Mastermind PartnershipsLevel 2 Sale IPLevel 3 - ActionVisionLevel 4 - E-VA
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11/20/2012 23:31:56Perry PlotkinPerry@SynergizeInc.com630-739-9489Your emailingsFiguring out where the intersection is of my natural talents, personality type, skill set, and money making opportunities for a business that I can really devote myself to so that I can get out of debt and quit my day-job.

BTW - Question 1b asks: "Which of the following four things would cause you the most frustration 1st (most), 2nd, 3rd, and then 4th (least)." What frustrates me most is that one of the answers is grammatically incorrect by saying: "Not being doing properly and in order". Don't you mean "Not being DONE properly and in order"? Just saying.
234132415582Figuring out where the intersection is of my natural talents, personality type, skill set, and money making opportunities for a business that I can really devote myself to so that I can get out of debt and quit my day-job.Be nicer to myself.Yes for sureYesMark Boersma11/23/2012 15:00:56Perry called us because no one had called him.86They are probably right! But based on THEIR semantics and expectations. I of course have MY OWN semantics and expectations. So share with me specifically what yours are so we can work together on understanding each other and maybe we can both make some progress. You may find out that I really don't want to go to where you are trying to lead me, or you don't want to lead me where I want to go. Or that we are a great team. Who knows.I don't really have sub-tasks that I need coaching and accountability for, I just need to figure out where the intersection is of my natural talents, personality type, skill set, and money making opportunities for a business that I can really devote myself to so that I can get out of debt and quit my day-job.
11/23/2012 18:32:38Mitch Nielsonmitch@msncpa.com480-635-1040Mark BoersmaI feel like my contribution is not valued, and I see no opportunity in my current position.214331245267I could use help changing companies or starting a business.I would like to be a better conversationalist.Yes for sureYesMark Boersma11/24/2012 8:10:18emailed him.57It would not surprise me. While I take time to consider my position, once I have developed a position I want to be shown why my position is not correct. I want to decide the following three things, coach or not in the next 90-120 days.
1. Make a decision to join a different company or to start a business.
2. If joining a new company I need to:
a. narrow the companies that I would like to work for to 2 or 3
b. update my resume and start developing relationships to help my search
3. If starting my own business the biggest item I need help with is sales and marketing.
11/24/2012 7:56:18John Schiffmanj.schiffman@schiffman.com603-448-6655Mark Boersmaestablishing relevant goals214332145357people skills & ability to management addicitive behaviorsability to move at the speed of other people & enjoy the processYes for sureYesMark Boersma11/24/2012 8:10:18emailed him and then talked to him for 20 minutes later in the day66Obviously he is to be listened to & evaluated. Anyone who devleops this misisonary sales tool must have osmethngot offferso ihe can read my typing impared responses, he/she might be wiorht a tryesatblish realsistc goals
agree on measurement process
evlaaute teh pricng structure
6/8/2018 15:32:45Diane LoganLMIBeanthere4u@gmail.com6197506944Mike DisneyTime management 243124314862OrganizationBe more focused on the task at hand Yes for sureNo Thank You87It would bother me a little at first but than I would have to ask myself what am I doing to make them think thatReaching Gold level in my businessNetwork Marketing- Executive 6000/yr100,000/yr
6/8/2018 15:33:01Diane LoganBeanthere4u@gmail.com6197506944Mike DisneyTime management 243124314862OrganizationBe more focused on the task at hand Yes for sureYes8It would bother me a little at first but than I would have to ask myself what am I doing to make them think thatReaching Gold level in my businessNetwork Marketing- Executive 6000/yr100,000/yr
6/8/2018 18:30:59HarrySynergysales@gingerbreadman.com5306220550Michael DisneyCashflow, cashflow, cashflow....214332415384Becoming better at understanding and instituting new technology both in my personal as well as in my business Become a better readerYes, I think soNo Thank You87I would ask for specifics on how they came up with the assessmentBecoming more savvy technically
Improve my cash flow both personally and professionally
Create more free time
Architectural Millwork/
Historical Restoration
6/8/2018 18:34:23Jerry Balistreri? LMIjbsdfs@att.net619-583-0400Mike DisneyNew Business 432123416662What stops poditivityMy fearsYes for sureYes85How coach able are theyHow to work less and make more
How to use the internet for marketing
How not to accept no
Funeral Director FDR 2912
Specializing in advance Funeral Directives
The answer to the question below
I like to pay even for the complementary session
I don’t like to waste any body’s time
6/18/2018 10:03:18Dennis W. Dybiczmarketandmatch.dennis@gmail.com775 303 3301Robin BenjaminConnecting with people243142313854Relating to peopleGiving up to soon, many times in my life I said, oh well, best to just move onYes for sureYes8I'd refute it, I would like to think I was quite a bit more coachable than thatRelate well to people by being articulate. Being able to get my point across. Not to give up too soon.Retired, pensioner,Real Estate Referral agent, Entrepreneur, ZIJA rep, Melaleuca Rep, others, just started on manufacturing/assembly at Tesla, Campaign volunteer GOP, Church Food Ministry Volunteer, Convention of States Associate/Volunteer, March for Life Volunteer, Manage a Feral Cat Colony/Foster Cat Program Volunteer, Student of the Bible120,000360,000
6/20/2018 13:20:12Maureen VosinakisMaureenvosinakis@gmail.com4432524195Robin BenjaminGetting things accomplished in a timely manner. I am very much a procrastinator.432132417562Building self confidence in myself.Being more organized.Yes, I think soYes8I would ask why they say that.Action plan, reach the next group level in my company, Make $5-10,000/monthHealth and wellness Director 3$60,000$120,000LIL
6/26/2018 13:50:43Mark Shuey, Sr.mark@canemasters.com775 772 9471Robin BenjaminGetting the cane out to seniors324142317472The market for seniors to wake them up, teach them that the cane is not a crutch, not look older and doesn't mean they are handicapped. over 45% of women in the USA will be assaulted, the cane would be a huge asset, carry themselves properly, keep their balance, defend themselves. Over 100,000 people die from unnecessary falls annually in USAManage, develop, create, sustain relationship/communication really well, that would be coolYes, I think soYesRosanna7I would listen, that's the only way you can learnCommunicate proficiently, get into the Senior Market, earn $100,000 netI'm the go/fer I go for this, I go for that, President/Cane Master/Grand Master of Martial Arts: Health/Personal Protection/Self-Defense/Mobility Training/Balance$48,000$500,000 a year NetTBD
6/26/2018 14:29:36sulaymanbah96@gmail.comHelping the sick and disables+2202216265Robin BenjaminThe biggest challenges of my life is basic necessities 111111112222I will love to help the sick and the disablesNothingYes for sureYesRosanna3 that's goodAble provide my basic necessity,pay for my career and help othersI am a nurse assistant (junior nurse)D37476Achieving what I want
7/5/2018 13:02:50Nina Caudill1ninacaudill8@gmail.com7752292315Robin BenjaminHaving enoughF time321423415555Finishing my houseBe financially secureYes for sureYesRosanna10Tell me why? I'm listening.Get my house built, 12.12 plus addition of 12.6.Get my transportation work. Earn $3,000 a month.Co-Author/Artist/Clerk Trainer at Quick Stop for Ravender "Rav" PrasharMy SSI is $889 to be able to survive, I average $500 month average working part time at a Quick Stop$3,000/$36,000 annuallyN/A
7/13/2018 10:50:23Lisa DixonLisaldixon.dld@gmail.com720-989-1151Kevin JohnsonChanging sabotaging Subconcious beliefs342121435564Step by step planBe more socialYes for sureYesEmily7/13/189I would as their basis for that belief and their definition of coachable.Establishing a residual income of $100 a day. Connectung with people regularly that I can learn from and have a car of my own. 🚗Na$5,000$10,000 a mo.Na
7/23/2018 8:53:01Murray Greenbeergmgreenberg@rkgcpa.com215-641-8300MAttTrying to get new clients and better143214232855see #2My weight and dispositionYes, I think soYesMark and Matt7-23-18 w Mark and Matt at 1:00 Cent7AvaLynda and Matt6They may or may not be correct depending on the day.GETtint some new and better clientsPublic acct acciounting partner175000being happy and satisfiedgetting notes in now for Mark's 1:00 Follow up. AC
7/23/2018 12:13:40Phil Eldredphil@phileldred.com4436291815Robin BenjaminMoney - cannot seem to focus on the system to make money on234123414682AbundanceBeliefs about moneyYes for sureYesAC - Younggevity Biz, under Dennis, working for Robin. 86 years old. Not making it in network mktg. 5Not sure!Pay off debts; significant income flow; be a leader in my company.Network Marketing, Senior Associate$100K$250KLIL
7/25/2018 7:39:40Norm Schaefernschaefer@curtis1000.com7708621073Mark B.advancing to senior management214312343377figuring out how to advance in my careerfitnessYes for sureNo Thank YouMark 7-25-18 Mark Mark8They don't know me very wellnot surePrinting company - sales director150,000250,00007/25/18
7/28/2018 9:43:09Madison Batzmadisonbatz@gmail.com775-671-4335Itsel DavalosMy age. 214312433386Getting more knowledge and experience I would want to be a little less critical to my self. Maybe - dependsYesSteve Neff - Hiring Prospect (Elise) 7I would ask them what I could do to be better and take the feed back. Bettering myself in the processProblem thinking, my professional appearance, and management skills. Home Health/ Home health Coordinator Making 14-16 dollars per hourMaking at least 20 dollars per hour
7/31/2018 4:09:55Socorro Vargasharosocorro@gmail.com7752308608ItzelI tend to worry more about work life than personal life (excluding anytime I have with my daughter)213432415375Being able to work more and have a good support system I would love to be able to balance my personal life and work life equally. I usually end up working more than anything elseYes for sureNo Thank YouSteve Neff - Hiring Prospect (Elise) 10I would want to know what I do wrong so I can improve myself.I would like to gain more knowledge in caring for people, new tricks I could use, being able to make someone happy Allevia and cargiver22,00035,000
7/31/2018 13:37:12Socorro Vargasharosocorro@gmail.com7752308608ItzelBiggest challenge is saying no weather its working more hours or different shift to my friends wanting to hang out when I'd rather relax. 312432416365Either get a job with better hours or a roommate to help with bills so I have more time and energy to go back to schoolI do tend to procrastinate at home a lot I'd love be on top of my chores and cleaningYes for sureNo Thank You10I would like to know what I can do to improveGet back on my feet financial wise, Be able to spend more time with my daughter, Be able to safe enough to go back to schoolAllevia22,00045,000
7/31/2018 17:30:43troy bhaertroy@amazingbusinesstools.com7756904195robin BenjaminGetting to the right people - decision makers243141236554Strategies to make it fasteror more reliably through gate-keepersI think I am already making those changesYes for sure8/2 - ED put info in MCAT and LM to schedule 30 MSS9LOL. It depends on how much I believe in the coach. If I have doubts, a 2.5/10 attention might be about right increase productivity, close more sales, increase partnering opportunitesBusiness consulting & savings, Independent contractor$40k this year$100k 2019
8/1/2018 16:28:50Adel Ahmadadel.familyfirstlife@gmail.com7753439066Robin BenjaminConstant montivation134243125654businesstoo disorganizedYes for sureNo Thank You8/2 - ED - put info in MCAT and ALL doc - did not call8That i wasn't interested in what was being taught to me. 1. Being able to stick to a schedule 2. Organizing my entire room and various files 3. daily exerciseLife Insurance, Field Underwriter 50,000100,0008-2-18 and 8-6-18 AC
8/1/2018 16:36:02shania kingshaniaking49@yahoo.com7753099949Theresa - Itsel DavalosI would say the biggest challenge is getting close to on going clients.111131434254I would love to learn more, and grow as much as I can in all aspects of care giving. I would like to become a CNA, eventually.I can be a gullible, I would change that because some people take advantage of that. Yes, I think soYesEmily8/6 - this is a Steve Neff/Allevia Living lead9I would think that's their opinion or I would ask for help to improve myself.I would personally and professionally take any given advice to further my knowledge.Eden Home care as a certified care giver.22,00045,000
8/3/2018 2:01:52Kevin Johnsonkoolkev79@yahoo.com8034465618Mark Boersmaa certain level of income consistantly every month431234127724Making $10,000 a monthmy weightYes, I think soYes9I would not believe them its their opinion of me not mine1. earn $5,000 a month in income

2. Lose 20 pounds

3.Write the sceenplay for my TV show
Entertainment Industry
$5,000$50,000 a month!!!!!
8/7/2018 5:40:22Dave Mullinsdmullins@mobileappsforcharity.com860-573-9347Robin BenjaminSimplifying my business message. 314231246266Sales help. Finding some of the right people to generate sales for the great products we have.Inside, I am an enthusiastic person. I would like to let that enthusiasm out to be seen by others.Yes for sureNo Thank YouElise/Mark8/9/18 6:30a cst appt w/ Mark9Everyone is entitled to their opinion.- find some new sales people
- discover 1-2 new marketing products which are complementary to my current offering
- Simplify my message
marketing, co-founderN/A - I am not wired that way. It is what it is and my main goal is to have fun on the way.N/A - I am not wired that way. It is what it is and my main goal is to have fun on the way.ES 8/7/18
8/13/2018 15:42:28Iliana Riverailianar12@gmail.com3122858509Edward RiveraI have time, but I do not know how to use my time well. I get easily distracted.231441326446Feeling competent in my chosen field of study and getting a flexible job for health sake.I want to be able to walk and run again. I want to have enough strength to smile for a long time.Yes for sureNo Thank You7Obviously self-conscious and a bit offended (not sure if that's the right word to use).I would love to get a job that I can have fun doing at home, or in the office twice a week.n/a9,00050,000
8/16/2018 15:32:42Wes Duncanwes@wesduncan.com7027673733Robin BenjaminTrying to connect with donors who have money to contribute to the campaign.132412432567When I already have the job of Attorney General I would most like help with communicating Leadership, honing my skills, vision, mission, values to my staff and over all cultivating leadership skills. I want to build a team of leaders, achieve their dreams as well.I think sometimes I sweat the small stuff, sometimes I'm not good about taking a step back to look from the Big Picture Perspective...I want to be able to take that step back, see the big picture and act with confidence.Yes for sureYesElise/Mark/Robin9I would want to learn why they thought like that and how I could improve. Effective fund raising. Connecting with people. Communicating the vision that inspires other.Partner in a Law Firm of Hutchison and Steffen. A year ago I was the First Assistant Attorney General, Major in Air Force Reserve.Dad and Husband.$125,000$500,000 a yearGOP Project ES 8/17/18
8/22/2018 7:21:13Robin BenjaminMarketandmatch.robin@gmail.com7758159076TeamMy health324132416482Relationships Be Abe to truly help others reach their full potentialYes for sureYes7Obvious I need to change my thinkingHave Jesus call me friend Restore my family Help Heal our USA Retired6000015;000 monthlyAC 8-22-18
8/23/2018 16:06:18Mark Reynoldsmark@blackhallpartners.com7732940603Funding314234126554lower blood pressureYes for sureNo Thank You3They may be highReal estate development President$1 million$ 5 million new debtES 8/23/18
9/9/2018 22:49:49Robin Benjaminmarketandmatch.robin@gmail.com7758159076Mark BoersmaMy health.234131425483I want to make a positive difference in the lives of others, to help free people from the bondage of disease, finances, destructive behavior in the time I have left I want my work to be my prayer.To take the ideas in my head and share them, determine the most useful and help implement them.Yes for sureYes8What can I do to improve?Become a respected compelling communicator. Get projects I believe in moving forward efficiently, effectively with great impact. Get a CC up and running, Mini Seminar in Oct, fill the 300 capacity of our church's small sanctuary and take the concept of LMI/LP/Discovery Learning abroad on Cruise Ships, floating University.
LMI Volunteer
$180,000$500,000AC 9-9-18
9/11/2018 8:20:05Michelle Romanomgromano2@gmail.com215-208-6162What are the next steps to advance myself to the next level.413243218453All three and more belief in myself.Be smarter Yes for sureYesEmily9/11/18 - scheduled 30 MSS for 9/18/189They are completely wrong and do not know anything about me.How to move forwRdcwith my 2 careers, manage time, make some moneyInvestor and actor50,000100,000.00ED 9/11/18
9/14/2018 12:37:17Iliana Riverailianar12@gmail.com3122858509Edward RiveraI struggle to find the motivation and determination, and willingness to put the necessary work in because it takes up a lot of my physical energy. I have health problems.324141327373How do I manage my time where I can get everything done, but also allow my body rest. I get tired really quickly due to health problems. I tend to give up because I'm so tired all the time.I would like to be able to have prolonged energy, not necessarily healing because I'm fine with having different abilities. Yes for sureYes6I would believe them, but I would be shocked anyone would want to put that amount of effort into me.1) I want to learn how to trick myself into doing the necessary work. 2) I want to learn how to be more efficient at doing my work so I don't exhaust myself. 3) I would want to learn better communication skillsN/A9,00060,000AC 9-15-18
9/18/2018 22:29:13Rich Cruzrichcruzchicago@gmail.com7082971535Mark B.Picking a direction for my career.314223415483Deciding what I should be in my career.Getting rid of unhelpful obsessions.Maybe - dependsYesAvaLynda9-20-18AvaLynda8I'd say that I doubt that. I've been coached before with success.Choosing the best thing I could do to help others and make money doing it.

Creating a product to sell.

Getting my head in the game to accomplish the former two while working my full-time job and taking care of my family.
Non-profit. Marketing director.$120,000$200,000ES 9/19/18
9/20/2018 11:30:07akanbi donalrdaabdullahiakanbi @gmail.com7064364496emilyCapital to invest1111101Fund raiseDestinationYes for sureYesEmily9-20-189I will prove the person wrong with my careerCapitalSelf employment in engineering$1,000,000achievement1992ED 9/20/18
10/7/2018 18:52:18Howard Bushmoderndayinventors@gmail.com8142480991Raising Start Up Capital 124331424385Raising Capital for BusinessNot Not to Asume so quickly Yes for sureAvaLynda18/10/08AvaLynda7Disagree 100Getting things done on time, Great product Launch, Help others do the sameInventing CEO10,000100,000AC 18/10/07
10/7/2018 18:52:18Howard Bushmoderndayinventors@gmail.com8142480991Raising Start Up Capital 124331424385Raising Capital for BusinessNot Not to Asume so quickly Yes for sure7Disagree 100Getting things done on time, Great product Launch, Help others do the sameInventing CEO10,000100,000
10/8/2018 19:09:03John Bachjohnrbach@elitecreditsolutionsusa.com8133176776Robin BenjaminGetting people to pay me as they have promised. The uncertainty of when I'm getting paid. I can be broke one day and rich another. The amount of new contracts I get signed and the amount of successful marketing I do, does not always reflect a true picture of my financial success in the business. 124312432486Support help, either Filing or typing and preparing letters.That money and my desire to be successful is almost an obsession with me. I would like to get this business to a level, with help, that I can enjoy life sometimes. Spend time with my kids, take a vacation, go to the beach. Just not wake up, work 12 hours, go home, eat, and fall asleep - 7 days a week.Yes for sureYesAvaLynda 18/10/9AvaLynda7Without knowing me, that would be an unfair commentIf I can solve the income uncertainty, all the other things would fall into place. I feel I'm very good at business and marketing. I've achieved a lot Of great things in this business. I just have roadblocks that I can't get past and mainly due to regulations in this industry, that prevent me from reaching the levels I should and desire in the near future. Credit Repair. I'm the owner20,000over 100kAC 18/10/08
10/15/2018 19:30:40Rex Biggsrbiggs@rektio.com317-954-5067click funnelsManaging growth214323144457Marketing PlanExpectationsYes for sureYesElise18/10/16Elise9They would need the ability to self reflect and realize if they aren't willing to learn and evolve they will be stuck where they are. 1) Hiring the best people
2) Solidifying the Vision for the firm
3) Marketing Plan
Accounting- Founder$300,000$500,000 in RevenueED 10/16/18
10/19/2018 16:28:53Jody KuhnJody@ContactKuhn.com248-6446-3838Elise SimsIntegrity214332435386Life balance that worksTaking more time for myselfYes for sureYesElise18/10/19Elise9Inquire whyLive more healthy, help more people, work lessPublic accounting, ownerreached my goal$10,000,000AC 18/10/21
10/28/2018 19:24:42Korene L Clopine Seamankorene@klcsloanteam.com6233400934email I received from your companylife - parent is critically ill and is dying314213424484time managementallocation of timeYes for sureAvaLynda 18/10/30AvaLynda8I would ask them why they thought so and what they thought I needed to change

I have a website, blog, multiple social media. but I would like to energize & Implement my auto responders, build my landing pages and integrate them, and finally to make my marketing more effective with great ROI
mortgage origination / business referral networking I am the owner/manager/investor375,000.00750,000.00AC 18/10/29
10/28/2018 19:38:52Scott Weinstein CRPC FSS LUTCFscott@iprotectdignity.comEnding business relationships, saying goodbye6306055433Scott Weinstein CRPC FSS LUTCFUnderstanding lack of personal responsibility people have with all the information out there314223415483Saying no or goodbyeWeightYes for sureYesAvaLynda 18/10/30AvaLynda8Everyone is entitled to their opinionI am being coachedInsurance Sales/GA350k$6MAC 18/10/29
11/12/2018 9:26:23Jorge Herrerajorge@herreracpacia.com2103412300Completion124323413584Supervising othersTake more riskYes for sureYesEmily11/12/18Emily8I need an explanationFocus on a step by step processPublic Accounting, Owner$120K Yr, after tax$300K Yr, after taxAC 18-11-13

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