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Stroud High School - 8B Homework
SubjectTeacher InitialsDate SetHomework SetDate DueWorksheet/ Resources Required Yes/No
REJH23/4/18Spend 30 minutes researching the Aborigines in Australia30/4/18no
FrenchLC20/4/18Learn between 3 and 10 adjectives to describe opinions on food24/4/18
MathsMSH20/4/18Homework Booklets - Gradient24/4/18
GeographyEU19/4/18Todays lesson didn't go to plan with all the IT problems so you have today's homework and Tuesday's lesson to complete your assessment.2/5/18
REJH19/4/18Create your moral ocean23/4/18no
GeographyEU18/4/18You have todays homework and one more lesson to complete you assessment on 'flooding in Bangladesh in 2007'24/4/18
HistoryNAL16/4/18(i). Update/improve your Matthew Hopkins source evaluation answer (if needed). (ii). Finish, print off and stick into your exercise book, your completed timeline of key events for the period 1660 to 1760.20/4/18Yes
scienceKBJ26/3/18Complete experiment in the booklet page 7 and do sections 1 and 3 (not 2) on page 8.29/3/18y
GeographyEU22/3/1830 minutes working on your 'Flooding in Bangladesh' assessment19/4/18
GeographyEU21/3/18Just make sure your book is really organised in terms of all the work we have done on rivers and flooding so far. Work from IT all printed out and stuck in? We start our assessment tomorrow.
FrenchLC21/3/18Conitnue preparing your role play/poster etc. on the topic of clothes. Remember to include the when words with three tenses and the "this/these" and some adjectives which agree.
artst20/3/18Complete A3 textures page  - add textures to your page, explore a range and annotate.You must bring in the required textures for your lesson on 17th April17/4/18
EnglishMCH15/3/18Explore how Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth in Act 1 scene 7. Write a PEEECE paragraph to express your view and say a lot about a little18/3/18
HistoryNAL12/3/18Do 30mins research on how Tudor and Stuart society / authorities (c.1500-c.1700), tried to deal with the poor (especially what they called 'vagabonds') and what they tried to do with those convicted of being a witch.19/3/18Yes
scienceKBJ12/3/18Revise for heating and cooling topic test on friday16/3/18y
FrenchLC9/3/18You all MUST know (understand, say, write) I can I can't I must I mustn't I want I don't want. Challenge: Can you learn other forms of these verbs too ( we or they for example?)21/3/18
MathsMSH8/3/18QQQ Transformation sheet13/3/18y
GeographyEU8/3/18Stick a picture of an ox-bow lake in your book. Don't forget to give it a title to tell me what it is and where it is.13/3/18
REJH8/3/18Finish your reflection piece on the Holocaust. 30 minutes only.12/3/18no
FrenchLC7/3/18Learn the irregular verb vouloir - it's in your ref book - two suns page9/3/18
GeographyEU7/3/18Make sure you finish and print the work you did on the location of waterfalls. Stick in your book.8/3/18work from lesson
EnglishMCH5/3/18Imagine you are Macbeth write a letter to Lady Macbeth informing her of your dark thougths and desire following your emeting with the weird sisters
MathsMSH27/2/18Homework booklet - check corrections for fractions, complete equations section5//18Yes
HistoryNAL26/2/18Use what you know and have already researched about what Oliver Cromwell did (see your mindmap) in Ireland in 1649 and as Lord Protector during the 1650s to write four sentences that evaluate what the historian Michael O'Siochru says about Oliver Cromwell. Use evaluative words like: valid/invalid view; strong/weak view; right/wrong when he says that ...; convincing/unconvincing view ... Make sure you use what you know (known as contextual knowledge) to evaluate, or assess, this historian's interpretation. 5/3/18Yes
HistoryNAL22/2/18Do 30mins writing up neat version of your draft answer to the question: How useful is Source 6 for an enquiry about Oliver Cromwell? The writing frame in available to you in the History Year folder / Cromwell or on the padlet page for Oliver Cromwell!2/3/18Yes
GeographyEU22/2/18Stick your worksheet of key words into your book and the diagram to go with it. Try and learn what the key words mean.27/2/18yes
REJH22/2/18Top 10 facts on what we have learnt so far26/2/18no
FrenchLC21/02/None set
GeographyEU21/2/18Have a discussion with your family tonight about where the water that they have drunk today may have been in the history of planet Earth!22/2/18
HistoryNAL19/2/18Use your research on Oliver Cromwell to complete your 'mindmap' on him, making sure that you do follow the 'mindmap' rules!23/2/18Yes
EnglishMCH19/2/18Annotate your witches scene in your with ideas about performance, set design, movement, delivery of lines 21//2/18yes
MathsMSH19/2/18Revise for test next weekn/an
MathsMSH6/2/18Complete angles in parallel lines sheet - You MUST give reasons for your answers9/2/18Yes
HistoryNAL5/2/18Use your previous hwk research on Oliver Cromwell to do 30mins adding to/developing your Oliver Cromwell Mind map. You will have a further 30mins hwk on Mon19th Feb to complet the mindmap19/2/18Yes
FrenchLC2/2/18Revise for the assessment as discussed today6/2/18
GeographyEU1/2/18A very small homework today as you have all worked so hard on your Cape Town project that you all need a little rest I'm sure!  At the start of next lesson be prepared to name 3 rivers and tell me where they are - no need to write anything down!6/2/18
no (perhaps an atlas)
REJH1/2/18Find out about Maimonedes5/2/18no
EnglishMCH31.1.18Apply Freytag dramatic theory to An Inspector Calls or Macbeth or a play of your choice
GeographyEU30/1/18I am taking your group project and a)level descriptor sheet b) marking grid and c) citizenship level sheet in tomorrow AT THE START OF THE LESSON. Those of you who were a bit disorganised with all this today only have this evening to get everything sorted out!1/2/18Project. Marksheets on year folder
EnglishMCH29/1/18`Create storyboard of a myth of your choice. If you get stuck use the one we did in class2/2/18
HistoryNAL29/1/18Do 30mins hwk that includes researching Oliver Cromwell and knowing what the main rules of doing a 'mind map' are. Use the internet / Youtube to find out more about both. Tony Buzan is the inventor of 'mindmapping'. You can watch his videos on Youtube, explaining what they are and why it is such a good idea to do them! You don't have to watch anything, but just make sure that you have research materials with you on Friday's lesson and the mind map rules, so you can create your own 'mindmap' about Oliver Cromwell.2/2/18Yes
MathsMSH29/1/18EITHER section D or E solving equations1/2/18y
EnglishMCH25/1/18Bring in Greek Gods project for next lesson and continue with reading journal29/1/18
scienceCN24/1/18To complete the newspaper article on antibiotics + produce a revision aid on the microbes topic. 29/1/18n
MathsMSH18/1/18Learning review book - Fractions23/1/18
FrenchLC17/1/18continue working on your project - future lessons and homework are marked in your plannerongoing
GeographyEU18/1/18Spend another 30 minutes working on your project.23/1/18instructions - year folders
GeographyEU17/1/18Spend 30 minutes on your group Cape Town project.23/1/18instructions - year folders
MathsMSH15/1/18Expand and simplify sheet Q's 1 and 219/1/18Yes
HistoryNAL15/1/18Complete a final, neat version, of your answer to the Explain why the civil war started in 1642?' question. Use / refer to the padlet page on the Civil War for sentence stems that you might want to use + key words lists (to check you are including) and the mark sheet. Make sure you have proof-read your answer before the lesson, checking for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors as well as highlighting where you have used topic-specific words and phrases that are relevant to your answer.19/1/18Yes
EnglishMCH11/1/18Reflect on your knowledge and understanding of classical literature of ancient Greece and Rome. Can you think of examples from these cultures that are still with us today in readiness for the start of our next unit of work15/1/18
MathsMSH9/1/18Averages from tables - Amazon & Google Play Reviews15/10/18y
HistoryNAL8/1/18Do 30mins hwk drafting out in rough your two-sentence introduction and a single paragraph explaining why one or your three chosen reasons/factors/causes of the English Civil War led to war in 1642. Make sure you read through, print off and bring with you to your next lesson copies of the three padlet documents relating to this question: (i). the question & sentence stems (ii) the mark sheet (1-4 expectations on skills) and (iii) the key words list. try to make sure that you incorporate a wide range of these key words somewhere in your answer - although they must be appropriately used! You will carry on with the planning/drafting and writing up of youyr answer on Monday 15th and then finish off the entire answer for hwk, with the deadline being Friday 19th Jan.15/1/18Yes
scienceKBJ8/1/18Using your HTI from your test and do wht it says to improve your knowledge of the drugs and Microbes topic.10/1/18y
FrenchLC5/1/18Continue with the poem crossword and start thinking about a story you would like to tell in a simple poem like the one we just studied. You could look up some vocab you would need if you have time.9/1/18
MathsMSH4/1/18Averages from tables9/1/18y
GeographyEU4/1/18Before our next lesson (Tues) make sure that you have had a group meeting to decide who is doing which section of the Cape Town project and to discuss how you are presenting the information in your books and then make a plan for yourself about what you need to do as an individual in the next three geography lessons.9/1/18instructions on year folders
ArtHC2/1/18Develop you practical animal booklet making16/1/18n
EnglishMCH3/1/18Complete assessment annotated in lesson10/1/18
scienceCN3/1/18To complete the conclusion of the practical discuss the limitations of the method and any improvements. 5/1/18n
GeographyEU3/1/18Make sure that all the work you have completed already is neatly presented in your book. Most of you will need to stick the Angola/UK work into your book and some of you may have done the Rio work too. Tomorrow we start the unfair world assessment so make sure you are up to date!4/1/18
ARTst2/1/18Bring in newspaper ready to start your sculptures on the 16th Jan. Make sure you have your zoomorphic animal and pictures to reference 16/1/18
scienceKBJ2/1/18Revise for test on Drugs and Microbes4/1/18y
SpanishSAH12/12/17write letter talking about your animals (try to also talk about another person/people; see example on year folders.13/12/17year folder ppt
FrenchLC8/12/17Read the notes in your ref book about the past tense (first 4 pages) as this will help you remember all the details we have covered and you will need these early next termJan
GeographyEU7/12/17We are studying how 'unfair the world is'. I would like you to spend an entire day appreciating what you have that many children throughout the world do not have. Tell your parents at the end of the day.after Christmasno
EnglishMCH6/12/17Imagine you are the inspector: assess who is responsible for Eva's sad demise and conclude your thoughts.12/12/17no
FrenchLC6/12/17I am not setting homework tonight - it will be part of the homework I set for you this Friday.
GeographyEU6/12/17Find a thought provoking quote about world poverty and write it in your geography book (only a short homework today as our energy levels are flagging!!)12/12/17no
HistoryNAL4/12/17Complete the timeline sheet handed out during the lesson today and use the blue booklet (also handed out during the lesson) to help you complete the timeline.8/12/17Yes
EnglishMCH4/12/17Prepare for library lesson. Use your time to read fiction book in preparation for next lesson5/12/17
MathsMSH4/12/17Revise for test7/12/17no
EnglishMCH30/11/17see p78 of your book. Either design a stage set using the direction of the writer as a guide or design appropraite costumes for each charcter in the play2/12/17no
HistoryNAL27/11/17Complete the true or false statements on the worksheet (on the padlet page) using the 'Origins of the English Civil War' sheet (also available on the English Civil War padlet page.)4/12/17Yes
scienceKBJ27/11/17Find out what vaccinations you have had29/11/17no
GeographyEU23/11/17Whilst you are enjoying your weekend I would like you to imagine you are a demographer (you study people in different countries). Be ready to tell me 5 things you could count for all the countries of the world which would tell you about the development level of the country (NOT the ones we talked about today in the lesson though!). For example I might count the number of dentists for every 1000 people living in the country or how many people live in each household. What would you count? We will write about these during our next lesson so you need to spend your homework time thinking!28/11/17no
EnglishMCH22/11/17Imagine you are Eva Smith. Based on p14-15 empathise with her position and write an entry in her diary where she is stacked from the factory. Remember to consider the situation in 1912 with little to no welfare. Was Birling exploiting his workers or was he just being a hard-headed businessman. What would Eva think? Challenge: create a voice for Eva in your diary.29.11.2017text
GeographyEU22/11/17Next lesson we are looking at how unfair our world is. Use data tables in an atlas (I have some in my classroom) or the internet (if you have access) to find out the life expectancy, the GDP per capita (money per person) and literacy rate (what percentage of people can read/write) for the UK and for Chad in Africa. Write these down in the back of your book.23/11/17atlas or ICT
ARTMF/st21/11/17This term complete 2 homework tasks from the bronze, silver gold sheet - this must relate to your story within MF's lessons 11/12/17
MathsMSH20/11/17Using the rules of indices simplify the expressions on the worksheet23/11/17y
HistoryNAL20/11/171). Fill in the first column of the sheet for the 'Rainbow Portrait' + annotate portrait to show where items are + colour in the portrait! 2) = Extension = Research the 'Rainbow Portrait' so you can then fill in the second column. 27/11/17Yes
EnglishMCH20/11/17Read p10-11. This is a critical part of the play. Analyse the reaction of the characters to the Inspectors arrival. Aim for 5 key points for next lesson.22.11.17no
scienceKBJ17/11/17Reducing the spread of disease Charities such as Oxfam and the Red Cross support
people in developing countries. Write a letter to one of these charities explaining
why they should spend money on educating people in developing countries about
how to reduce the spread of disease. You may wish to use a specific example of
a disease to explain your reasoning. You should explain the benefits of
educating people and may give suggestions about how the charity could go about
EnglishMCh16/11/17Imagine you are Edna listening at the door of the section of the text you have been given. Write your thoughts on what the Birling family are discussing. What would you be able to infer and deduce from their discussion? If you want to be a particularly nosey servant you could peak through the keyhole and consider the importance of Priestley's stage directions.20/11/17yes
HistoryNAL13/11/171). Bring in two large images of your choosing related to the 'problem' in Elizabeth I's reign that you were allocated by your team in the lesson today (Mon 13th). 2). Bring in an enlarged version of your paragraph that answers the question: How successfully did Elizabeth I deal with this problem during her reign? Remember to use the stimulus points and paragraph writing frame guidance to help you. This is available on the SHS padlet page for Elizabeth I - at the end of the document.20/11/17Yes
REJH13/11/17Spend 30 minutes matching up the biblical and secular advice on happiness - the sheet is on the padlet page20/11/17yes
sciencekbj13/11/17look up answers to the question on page 6 of the booklet, and make sure that they are correct using notes or bbc bitesize.16/11/17y
FrenchLC10/11/17Read your notes on the past tense and relate them to what we did in the lesson today. You could highlight them or colour them in. You will need to use them in the next few lessons so make sure you are familiar with them.
MathsMSH9/11/17Fraction arithmetic. You MUST show your workings. Any work with no workings will not be accepted as completed14/11/17y
GeographyEU9/11/1730 minutes working on your limestone article. You will be expected to hand this in at the END of your next lesson (in IT 26) which you will have to complete the article. If you think you have finished check the assessment mark scheme to check you have included everything and if time do something above and beyond expectations such as adding a section all about carboniferous limestone in Yorkshire for example.14/11/17
REJH9/11/17Complete your five divine fixes to finalise the upgrade to LOS 2.013/11/17no
FrenchLC8/11/17Find your notes on what we looked at today - in your year 8 reference book. And read them.
GeographyEU8/11/17Spend 30 minutes working on your Cheddar assessment14/11/17yes
artst7/11/17Task 1 - Print your photos you have used to produce your zoomorphic animal and stick in your sketchbook. 2 complete your zoomorphic peice, either on photoshop or drawn, painted etc. 21/11/17
HistoryNAL6/11/17Do some research to complete your own copy of the incomplete timeline of key events during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603). The incomplete timeline can be found on the SHS padlet page and in the Year 8 Year folder for History.10/11/17Yes
EnglishMCH6/11/17Read a fiction book and bring to library lesson so you are prepared to discuss7/11/17no
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