- By ToTheWeb and Meghan Soule
Adapt columns to your company's needs.
BUSINESSWhat are the business goals and how are they defined?.: Is there a clearly defined list of KPIs for the website?
.: Are budgets in place to support these goals and KPIs?
How are expectations set within the company; what is the review process?.: What stakeholders are involved in setting website expectations in terms of leads, pipeline, exposure, etc?
.: Is there a reporting structure and review timeline?
LEGAL & COMPLIANCEAre the legal and compliance requirements documented?.: Yes/No - if no, is there a plan in place to create.
.: Who manages the maintenance of this document?
Who is responsible to ensure the website adheres to all requirements? .: What is the review cadence to enforce compliance?
Is the website set up to comply with current and upcoming legal and regulatory requirements?.: Can the website support new legal requirements such as GDPR compliance?
PEOPLE & TRAININGWhat tools are in available and who managing the programs?.: Are these tools in place now? Who is managing them? Who has login access?
.: Is a review process in place to test their effectiveness?
What training is need to use these tools and who should be trained on these tools?.: Is clear documentation available for teams to understand?
.: Is there a process in place to train relevant staff when new tools are deployed, or when existing tools are updated?
Rolling Review
CONTENT & LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENTWhat are the standard content requirements? How does the content fit in to the customer journey?.: Have personas been created?
.: Is content personalized by user type, geo, etc?
.; Is content mapped to the high-level personas and throughout the customer journey?
.: Is there an ongoing user journey analysis?
Rolling Review
Are content owners defined?.: Does each piece of content have an owner? Do they have a way to view performance?Annual
What is the content review and revision process?.: What is the process to update and add new content?
.: Who is responsible for managing updating content and ensuring compliance with performance and content standards?
.: Is content developed on a set cycle or as needed? Who determines when new content should be added?
.: Are there content templates and guides available for writers to follow.
What is the process for creating and managing content throughout the lifecycle. .: Is there an established process for when and how new content will be created?
.: Is a content template available for writers? Have content standards been created and shared with all writers?
.: Is an archiving process in place?
Rolling Review
Content Optimization: Is content optimized for search and usability?.: Has keyword research by product area been completed? Do relevant teams have access to this information?
.: When new content is created are optimization techniques incorpoated? infographic
.: Is meta data and other important search optimization factors incorporated for every piece of content?
.: Is non-HTML content such as PDFs optimized?
.: Is there an ongoing internal linking strategy in place to improve search crawling?
.: Is organic reporting in place?
.: Has an SEO technical audit been ever been completed? Is this done on a set schedule?
Content Inventory & Audiing: Is an annual content audit being conducted?.: Is there a process for inventorying and auditing the content in place?
.: Does this process include all content types such as PDFs, video, tools and apps?
.: Who initiates and manages this process?
Is there a content localization strategy? .: Does the site reflect that strategy?
.: Is the right content for each market being delivered to that market? What are the gaps?
.: Is there a plan to identify new content for localization?
How is the taxonomy defined, implemented and enforced?.: Is content presented in appropriate silos so that visitors can quickly understand how content is organized?
.: Can new content be easily integrated into this structure?
.: Are the relevant pages and related content to reflect the existing taxonomy?
.: Is reporting set up to reflect this content structure?
Asset Management.: Is there a review of non-HTML content (PDFs, videos) for freshness, messaging and up-to-date branding?
.: Are there standards in place that have been created for search optimization?
Blogs, Videos and Podcasts.: Is a blogger checklist in place to align with best practices, engagement and post-launch success?
.: Is a blogging calendar set up and followed? Is topic and keyword research created for each blog?
.: Is video content optimized and distributed on-site and across other channels such as YouTube and Vimeo?
.: Is there content approval process before blogs posted?
Content Performance Reporting.: Have standards been defined and shared? Are there performance benchmarks for content?
.: How often is content performance reported on? Who has access to this data?
.: Is a process in place to review and act upon the types of content that drive high-converting traffic?
- Who monitors this? Who sees this data?
BRAND MANAGEMENTWhat are the brand requirements and standards and how are they enforced?.: Is there a well-documented messaging and brand voice guide available? How is it communicated?
.: Are there established brand guidelines for items for images, messaging, style?
.: Are there variations of the brand guidelines that need to be created based on channel selection or use case?
Is a process in place to facilitate compliance with new and existing content?.: Is there a frequency for ensuring brand compliance?
.: Who is involved in this process and what is the workflow?
MARKETINGWho is responsible for strategy and execution?.: Is there a team or department responsible for maintaining online/offline channels such as Wikipedia, YouTube?
.: How is content selected for cross-channel publication?
.: Do lead generation standards exist and how are they communicated?
- How is compliance with these standards enforced?
What is the process for managing consistency in messaging?.: Who is responsible for ensuring consistency - everywhere, including images, messaging, etc?
.: Is it clear that all communications - across all channels - originate from your company?
How is reporting standardized across channels?.: Is there a process in place to ensure a consistency of marketing performance reporting?
.: Who needds to see this?
What is the current lead nurture process does it reflect the business KPIs?.: Has a lead nurture program been established for every lead?
.: How does it get implemented across all campaigns?
.: Is there a way to implement as campaigns scale and evolve?
.: Is there a process to measure against KPIs?
Who manages demand generation and ensures relevance and volume?.: Do you know the channels where people are coming from who “convert” on your website?
.: Is this information being communicated across all marketing teams?
.: How are campaigns run to ensure that they are not competing against each one?
.: Is there a guide that includes workflow, design samples and advertising guidelines for all teams?
.: Are cost-per-action goals defined? Does the campaign manager know how much a campaign lead costs?
.: Is "Owned, Earned and Paid" content platforms part of the marketing mix?
& UX
What is the decision hierarchy for deciding the site structure and organization?.: Is the structure designed to be flexible and scalable? Does it work for current and future content needs?
.: Who is involved in deciding the site structure? sitemap
.: Does the structure support business strategy goals such as target markets?
.: What happens with content that doesn't naturally sit within this structure i.e. microsites, landing pages, etc?
Does the site reflect best practices in user experience and design?.: Does the content provide a consistent, intuitive, useful user experience that leads to an action?
.: What ongoing processes are happening to ensure user engagement?
.: Is ongoing user testing being conducted? How are improvements identified and prioritized?
Measuring KPIs.: What are the KPIs and is there a system in place to measure and report on success?
How is visitor behavior measured?.: What key behavior metrics are tracked i.e. homepage bounce rate, days to a conversion, conversion URLs?
.: Is data from on-site search evaluated?
.: Is IP tracking in place to identify activities by target accounts?
Campaign Measurement.: Is there a tool or guide in place that identifies correct tracking based on an agreed naming conventions and definitions?
.: Are campaign managers and agencies aware? How is this enforced?
.: Are campaign tracking URLs being used for accurate measurement?
Has there been an analytics audit to ensure data accuracy..: Has an analytics audit been conducted?
.: Is there an regular, ongoing crawl to ensure analytics code is present throughout the site?
.: Are employee IPs excluded from the metrics? Is this updated on a set frequency?
.: How does the company anticipate and address disruption in analytics? For example, when Google changes it's reporting or problems with tracking code?
What is the reporting cadence?.: When is reporting completed, in what format and who is this shared with?Not Sure
Tracking and Access.: Where and how is data tracked and who has access to it: e.g. Google Analytics and Data Studio, Salesforce, Marketo? Who can create or modify reports?
.: Is the data tracked across platforms measuring on a consistent basis. i.e.
.: Is there a review process to identify cross-platform reporting inconsistencies?
.: Who is approved to view and edit analytics setup: GTM, Google Analytics, Google Search Console?
.: Is there an SEO reporting dashboard for content owners and writers?
AGENCY SUPPORTWhen do we bring in agency support .: What triggers the hiring of an outside vendor?
.: Who owns that relationship?
Who manages vendor review to ensure business alignment and legal compliance..: Is this decided at the product team level or by corporate?
.: Will new vendors be permitted by Accounts Payable?
Onboarding.: What access does a vendor to people, platforms and processes? What access is required? Are there platform or permission restrictions?
WEB TECHNOLOGYWebsite Testing.: Does the website meet current performance requirements such as speed, mobile devices, load balancing, etc.
Capabilities + Integration.: Does the website support required technologies, capabilities and applications (e.g. chat, personalization, localization)?
.: How are integrations identified, implemented and managed (e.g. Marketo, Salesforce)