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This document contains the "index" to the support sections in the other tabs.
Column B contains the search conditions, and column C contains a link to the page with the answer
To find the answer for your question, search on this page by pressing CTRL-F (or CMD-F)
then enter the topic you want to search for. If you have a question about a button, then search for "button"
in column B for the condition and then read column C for the answer/how to handle.
conditionanswer / how to handle
questions about "mobile", IOS, compatibilitysee the mobile tab
questions about social media, facebook, twitter, FB, display the wrong imagesee the social media tab
anything to do with the forms widget / contact / forms / /email thank you / Date and Time Format / Header and Footer code/ Comment / download submitted forms / Discussion / Comments widget, mailchimp, form, mail, mailchimp, contact form, download form output as CSV, TY page, Thank you page, mail obfuscation, obfuscated, email address, addresses, recaptcha, captcha, re-captcha, Zoho, list building, mailing list widget, integrate google calendar in date field contact formo, hide e-mail address, hide email, spambots, spam bots, spam-bots
checkbox, attachments, form submission notification, reply, newsletter, layout, conditional logic, notify, recaptcha 1.0, recaptcha 2.0, wrong format email, numeric , radio button, mail server
see the forms tab
lookup tables, phone numbers, address, street, {{address}}, curly bracketssee lookup tab
if question is about something that is currently not possible / not a feature / or support / code customizations / php code / amendements / triggersee the features tab
icons / Favicon, trust icons, Angies List, favicon, fav icon, "logo on the browser tab", Square iconssee the icons tab
page, delete page, delete post, post, delete news item,see the page tab
API questionssee the api tab
title, titles, same title shows up on various pagessee the titles tab
updates, stylesheet is missing, update, problem after update,
lost configuration, inconsistency, inconsistent, Could not copy file,
changelog, version, release, releases, latest, version number, version numbers, zip file,
delete old versions of the theme
see the updates tab
any widget, csv widget, call out (javascript java script), callout, price table (widget)
radial, signpost, tumbler render problems on mobile handheld tablets, section widget, text widget, gallery, archive/search, calendar, widgets, unistyle, google calendar, paginations (in blogs widget), grayscale, enlarge, custom html widget, latest news post, vector art, vectorart, svg, target (hover, animation)
see the widgets tab
lookup tablessee the lookup tables tab
specific browsers, google chrome, internet explorer, firefox, IE, I.E, IE 11, Microsoft Edgesee the browser tab
anything to do with using or fixing the front-end editor, conflict with the front-end editor, front-end editor broken, how to fix,
nexus theme back end is still messed up and i cant make changes to the theme.
content versions, content versioning
publish, delay, postpone, repeat content,
undo, revert, restore
changes are not reflected in the site
how to NOT repeat (duplicated content, duplicate content problem),
live, cached
temporarily disable pages/posts,
move widget, move row, sections open/close, sections collapse/expand
"Need Help? Ask Questions Here" popup, disable support
see front end editor tab
my site has been hacked, can you fix it, malware, phising, hosting, mail (hosting), mailboxes (hosting), email addresses (hosting), virus, DNS, name server info, do you offer 3 or 5 year packages, "user already in org" , Domain settings, hosts, DNS, records, redirect, nxsaccess=blocked, remove "WordPress" from the address/url, GoDaddy, malicious code, domain transfer (time, how long), client denied by server configuration, AuthInfo Code, EPP code, domain, domains, send_transfer_instructions, sent_transfer_instructions, permalinks, perma links, hosted solution, redirect, old site, re-direct, .htaccess, vulnerabilities,
All versions of PHPMailer before the critical release of 5.2.18 are affected.
See the hosting tab
anything to do with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, remarketing tagsee Google Analytics tab
align, alignment, aligning, text height, line height, line distance (text, images or widgets) Styling, distance between widgets, height rows, height of a row, anything to do with margins and padding (vertical align widgets), top, bottomsee alignment, margins and padding tab
text (distance, line height, text shadow, textshadow, text-shadow), heading, head, h1,h2,h3,h4, headings, paragraph, paragraphs, can't save text changes, bullets, bulleted list, wrapping, wrap, hyphen, soft-hyphen, shy, ​, ­ non breaking space,  , nonbreaking, wrap, break lines, password protected content (WP feature), italic, footnote, voetnoot, foot note, superscript, super script, subscript, sub scriptsee text tab
link, link external website,,,, anchor, anchorssee link tab
image, images, photopack, bulk upload, media, mediamanager, upload, file, media picker, ALT image tags, ALT tags, cropping images, resizing images, edit images, resize pictures, logo, logos, Display forbidden by X-Frame-Options, Cannot redeclare, image popup, grey, gray, image size
"Are you sure you want to do this?" err (when installing the photopack), album, albums, Manual delivery photopack plugin order required, pics, pictures, theme:videoproduction, theme:video production,
dimension,size, anything to do with images, blurry, curly, wavy images, svg, resolution size, upload, own picture, pictures,, EPS, a red x, color, hover, graphics,
see images/photopack/logo tab
anything to do with fonts, Icons, font-families, font families, font family, font-family,see fonts tab
anything to do with checkout problemssee checkout trouble tab
anything to do with PSD filessee psd tab
YouTube, video, Vimeo, Embed, streaming, audio, mp3, sound clips, play music, embed Facebook video, background videosee video tab
anything to do with menus (some clients call those "tabs" or "dropdowns"), navigation, Fixed Headers, fix the menu, external link, in-page navigationsee menu tab
anything to do with performance, google pagespeed, insights, cache, caching, slow, faster, gtmetrix, loading times seconds, render-blocking, Minify JavaScript. Minify CSS, slow page load time, page speedsee performance tab
anything to do with borderssee border tab
questions about documentation, glossary, user guid, manualsee documentation tab
anything to do with languages and translation, multi language, country, countries, locale, translate, translation pack, English, NXS languagepack, localization, WPML, localize validation messages , lorem ipsum, weird text, portugese, latin, spanish, Dutchsee languages and translation tab
search feature, search propertiessee the search tab
anything to do with 301's (redirects), 404 page or 404 errors, not found
"generic errors", "dummy", "search console", 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable, Halted; postid not found;-1, NACK, "error transferring data", 403
Missing temp folder, 401, 403, 500.
see 301 / 404 / errors tab
background image, background slider, banner, background color, page decorator, pagedecorator, page decorators, pagedecoratorssee page decorator tab
slider/carousel widget, "Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).cycle is not a function",
black row at bottom, chopping off the top and bottom.slider, slide,page slider, inline slider
see slide tab (inline slider/in-page slider)
license, licenses, transfer, old domain, order, cart, purchase, multiple items, wrong email, affiliates, affiliate program, download, another site, licensing, how many domains, support, manual, help, call for help, support query, "new customer order" policy, ordernumber, order number, hours of customer service, invoice,invoices, receipt, register, unregister, registrations, unable to complete your registration,
download link, purchase, order, paypal Receipt No, child theme, how to start,
creditcard, visa, payment options, switch themes, compatibility with other themes, Refunds,
returns, vat, taxes, btw, tax, 21%, seat, seats, different websites,
license renewal, license re-new, ownership, iDeal (payment provider in The Netherlands), lingerie, bikeshop,support, bundle (price), bundles (price), getting started, one off, one-off,
demo content, demo data
local, locally, localhost
Manual delivery photopack plugin order required XYZ” (support)
pdf (license, invoice)
currency, euro's
email mismatch, legal invoice, exclusive, exclusivity, undo refund
one-time, perpetual,renewed every year.
string(31) "" object(WP_Error)#2023 (2) { ["errors"]=> array(1) { ["http_request_failed"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(14) "cURL error 7: " } } ["error_data"]=> array(0) { } }
Unable to complete your registration.
its not letting me use my VAT number
see order/license tab/refunds
theme selection (advise), themes, theme portfolio, trying, trial username password, try, compatibility,, mvc5, expired, trial environments, License renewal, reset theme, theme suggestion, suggestions, recommendation, recommandations, looking for a theme, theme specific questions, florist, obituary, funeral home wordpress themesee theme portfolio/trial tab
theme (installation, activation, setup, demo, download, demo data)
memory size of XXX bytes exhausted
"activation and installing", activate
​[Sorry, unable to locate the framework path],
Index.php (Theme / Nexus framework / Not Indexed), existing content, all ready written pages and they do not show up at all?
Is its parent directory writable by the server?
XML file (initial content), tutorial
nexus theme raw
uploading, temporary folder missing.
The theme has no tags
preview, sub folder, subfolder, subfolders, sub folders, turn key, turnkey, turn-key
The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini
see activation and installation
anything to do with SEO (Meta Keywords, meta Descriptions, search engines), page title, page header title,
sitemap, sitemaps, ranking, rankings, rank, Yoast, xml sitemap, Search Console, Google Webmaster tools,
Schema markup, site to not be picked up by Google, w3c validator, Blocked Resources, Yoast Premium, generate xml sitemap, blocked sources, "the focus keyword does not appear"
see the seo tab
anything to do with the footer (including login / copyright link / credit link questions), login popup, widescreen,
sign in, log in, x attempts left, footerlink, footer link, year, forgot log in details, lost password, security, logging in, 2 factor authentication, two factor authentication, google authenticator, Footer html template, date("Y")
see the footer and login tab
anything to do with presales, testimonials from others, uspsee the presale tab
anything to do with price, prices, pricing, discounts, bulk deals, partner program, coupons,
discount program form, discount plugin, plumber shows when using discount plugin
see the partner program tab
sidebar, sidebarssee the sidebar tab
anything to do with ecommerce or WooCommerce, webshop, shop, paypal buttons, bike shop, OrderStorm, shopify, commercesee ecommerce tab
WordPress, backend, back-end, back end, admin, WP, php.ini, shortcode, traditional wordpress, WP content. main content,
widget area (area 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8), upgrade wordpress, update wordpress, wordpress 4.6, compatibility, compatible, worpress platform, wordpress updates
see WordPress tab
anything to do with maintenance mode, "Halted; Website is in maintenance mode; add a maintenance business rule, or move it up in the hierarchy display to customize this message"
under construction
see website/maintenance mode tab
Color/colour, link color, font color, darker, lighter,
password protected color, gradient, gradients, change colors, background color, PMS, pantone, colours,
transparent, see-through, transparency, opaque, palette
see the color / background color tab
Hosting, backup, restore, SSL certificaat, certificate, HTTPS, publish, back-up, backups, back-ups,
anything to do with move/moving/transfer/migrating/migrate, FTP, Hostgator,
password, recover password, password lost, save points, save point,
Can I go back to an older version?
"nxs: rendering of widget [] failed, returning", HTTP to HTTPS is worthwhile
See the hosting / backup / migration tab
testimonials, review, quote, grey quotes, rotating testimonialsSee the testimonial tab
category, categoriessee the category tab
studio, hosting, sitebuilder, user, publish, DNSsee studio tab
adding another value/address/email/phonenumber/Exit intent page popup / phone / phonenumber / phone-number
see address tab
CSS, custom CSS !important, viewportsee the css tab
plugin, plugins, membership, members area, revolution slider, adsense, aweber, calendar, booking, members area,
tabs, accordeon, accordion, online booking/reservation
live chat, chat, clickbank,
post tags, groupon, EZ POPUPS, portfolio plugin, buddypress, bbpress, jetpack, pricing widget, events plugin or plugin,
booking/appointment scheduling plugin, SaaS solution or otherwise, membership plugin that works,
AMP, mega menu
see the plugins tab
fixed header, sticky menu, header, headers, widescreen
script, javascript, head, before body, <body>, tag, scripts,
embed code on page
see the header / scripts tab
Mobile/Responsive/tablet,shrink, resize,window, sizesee mobile / responsive tab
copy paste text microsoft word document, copy row, paste row, clipboard, duplicate page (clone), copy page, replicate page, duplicate page, clone homepage, clone page, copy pasting
text size bigger, font size bigger, font-size, fontsize, duplicate post
see text tab
full width layout, column, columns, boxes, 5, five, 6, six, 7, seven, 8, eight, 12, twelve,
page template rules, row width, rows width, full-width, fullwidth, sidebar, white space on right side
header, footer, sidebar, business rules, row, rows, entire width of the screen,
how to not repeat content, repeated content, content repeated,
content showing ON EVERY PAGE OF THE WEBSITE, horizontal spacing, vertical spacing, horizontal space,
anything to do with layout / layouts, template rules, basics, landing page, page template rules, add, the "always" rule, grid layout, table
see layout tab
reseller, implementation partner, implementation partners, white label programsee partner program / discount / reseller tab
users, collegue, access, role, capability, roles, capabilities, reset password, forgot passwordsee users tab
HTMLsee html tab
how to add links, linking, link, link color, rtl, right to leftsee feature tab
titles, title, breadcrumb, bread crumb, breadcrumbs, target, faq, google calendar, google map,
google maps (routeplanner), blogs, blog widgets, posts, pagination, posting, target, previous link,
next link, read more, event, events, "oops", csv, tables, table, row in table, unable to change the map to be our office location's, Google Maps, Google Maps API,
"This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details"
see the widgets tab
button, "Button: both external URL and article reference are set (ambiguous URL)."see button tab
google web master tools, Google Search Console, Google Search Results, SERPsee the seo tab
homepage, home page, home screenSee the homepage tab
page popup, pop-up, popups, pop-ups questionsSee the page popup tab
unistyle, unicontent, unistyling, unicontentingSee the unistyle / unicontent tab
Items below are uncategorized questions:
Emotional discussion over support responsibility (I believe it is Nexus' fault and I'm getting frustrated...). In general this is about out of scope responsibility like hosting and / or plugins.
Mijn collega heeft aangegeven dat de snelste route naar de oplossing voor uw uitdaging ligt in het contact opnemen met de hosting provider. Hij heeft dat gedaan in zijn rol als meest senior ontwikkelaar van ons product en met de beste bedoelingen en intenties. Ik zie op dit moment geen enkele reden om te twijfelen aan zijn expertise.

Het enige dat ik nu nog kan betekenen is het advies van hem herhalen.

​Met vriendelijke groet,
extended support, custom projectWe don't provide that in-depth custom one-one-one type of support since it would put a tremendous pressure on our support resources. We've introduced Nexus resellers; web design professionals wo they make it their (paid) business for people that don't fit the DIY profile to go from where you are now to a finished website.

You can find them here:

Of course you're free to go with your own preferred professional. 
code customizationswe don't provide support outside the managed features of our themes. If you need customizations done, you will be happy to know that the code is opensource, meaning you can ask any coder to help you out and build the customizations for you depending on your budget. You could try or, or any other marketplace.
I am interested in the bike shop (bikeshop) wordpress theme, but I don't see any button to try or purchase them. How can i get that one?
bike shop
We decided to oput the ecommerce themes (like the bikeshop) on hold until further notice; you cannot purchase them. Should you be in need of an ecommerce solution we advise you to take a look at OrderStorm plugin.
i lost some content of my site, like colours, lookup, telephone numbers, email addresses, corrupted, problem
It looks like all the content is missing from the site. Is this something that can be retrieved?
If any data is lost, you would have to restore a backup of the site (we don't keep copies of the data of your site, so we cannot restore it, unless if we do the hosting). You could best ask your hosting provider on how it works on their specific environment. In our hosted solution this is how it works;
since how long has your business been in business? (how old is the business)NexusThemes has been in business since 2012 (we registered our domain on May 24, 2012)
when I use the search box to enter a query on my site, the search results is empty. How can I fix that?
The search results should be rendered by an "archive" widget, that should be placed on a special "content" template. That "content" template should be configured using a special business rule. That sounds rather complicated, but its not that difficult once you understand how it works. Please see this support video that explains how it works;

Note; for more advanced search capabilities, you should not use/rely on the basic features that ship with WP. Instead we would advise you to then take a look at leveraging Google Search and integrating that on your site, for example by trying this plugin;
wp_foots, undefined, fatal error​That has got nothing to do with our theme, see here;
What services do you offer, other than sell templates? (do you offer website customization and
/ or hosting?). I need a new website, can you help me out?
Our company offers a variety of services; we provide themes as templates, and also offer a hosted solution (more info about that here; We do not provide website customizations ourselves. If you need someone to help you out with filling and implementing the website, you could perhaps try to find one of our resellers to help you with this. More on our resellers can be found here;
How can I make banners of any size responsive, so they’ll work with my Nexus theme?If the banners only consist of images you can use an image widget. If the baner need to have a background image and buttons and text, you could use a call out widget for this (see these videos; If the widgets from our framework don't fit your specific needs, then I would advise to try to find a compatible plugin from the WP plugin repository that implements your needs. We haven't used banners ourselves so I wouldn't be able to give you any advise there, but feel free to try the plugins, and if you find one that works OK, please let us know so we help other people in the future who have a similar question.
We did receive feedback from other users, telling us that;
"I went to look for a plugin for managing my ads (google ads as well as regular ads) and the plugin below is highly recommended by a lot of users, doesn’t need any coding and has sufficient options in place for either responsive or non-responsive WordPress websites. They give quick and good support. You can check it out at:"
How do I clone my website (in studio)? (replicate the entire website)
Can you give me support on exporting and importing (export and import, exported, imported) my site to another domain?
Cloning / replicating a site is a hosting support question. If we do the hosting for you on our studios, then please see the following support video on how to clone a website:
If you don't do hosting at our place, then contact your hosting provider.
How can I revert content back to its original state (of a widget or row)?
mistake, undo, revert, restore, repair content, how, to fix, delete, deleted, accident
Please see the following support video on how to revert content back to its original state (of a widget or row):
How can I revert the state of my WordPress website to a previous moment in time?Please see the following support video on how to revert the state of your WordPress website to a previous moment in time:
How do I change the sender of email administrative notifications in my WordPress website?Please see the following support video on how to change the sender of email administrative notifications in your WordPress website:
Do you have a theme that supports a single page/ one page design?
Any of our themes can leverage the power of in-page navigations. This allows you to create a "one page" website, or to create a
website that has one or more pages that have an in-page navigation. To learn more on how to do that, see here;
named anchors and links
Any of our themes can leverage the power of in-page navigations. This allows you to create in-page navigation. To learn more on how to do that, see here;
step 1 checks
404 / errors
activating and installing
alignment, paddings and margins
checkout trouble
front end editor
footer and login
forms widget / mail
google analytics
header / scripts
Hosting / Backups / Migration
images/photo pack
implementation partners
languages and translation
lookup tables
mobile / responsive
page / post / news
page decorator/background image
page popup
page title
partner program / discount / reseller
performance / cache
slider / page-slider
social media
theme portfolio / trial
unistyle / unicontent
website / maintenance