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7/27/2015What Did I Assume About My Students' Summers?
7/27/2015Destination Education: What is a Must-See Place in Your State?
7/27/2015Back-to-School Letters: Assign Homework Before the Year Even Starts!
7/27/2015The Pedagogy and Culture of Grace and Grit
7/27/2015Advice Wanted for Collaborative Online Projects
7/27/2015Can We Make the Teaching Profession Noble Again?
7/27/2015Advice Wanted: Ideas for Implementing MinecraftEDU in the Classroom
7/27/2015irfanlani: "Hi, I am Teach For India fellow and have started teaching coding to my kids in a low income school in Ahmedabad, India. I started it after participating in the Hour of Code event last year. Considering my experience, I believe that coding really helps in thinking, literacy and Math. This year, I am pursuing it as a project and want to find out in context of my community how does it impact learning. Moreover, I also want to document a flow which the enthusiastic teachers can try it in their classroom so that coding can be prevalent in schools in India also. I would really appreciate thoughts, comments, guidance or help. Thank you."
Transformational Leadership: Engineering Creative Solutions're promoting this piece in our e-newsleter. ONE new comment would be welcome.
Five-Minute Film Festival: Inspirational Teachers're promoting this piece in our e-newsleter. ONE new comment would be welcome.
7/24/2015Induction Programs Need to Be Better
7/24/2015How to Utilize PLCs as an Administrator
7/21/2015Thinking on Their Feet: Instructional Carousels FB.
7/20/2015Dawn Hood: I really liked how you pointed out that creative destruction can be a positive thing in education - changing the focus from knowledge consumption to production. What are the key things that need to be done in order to shift our definitions of roles in education so that we are meeting these changes head on? responded.Pinged the author.
7/20/2015Going Beyond Exam Results: Developing Soft Skills in Students
7/20/2015The Fundamental Elements of Mentorship
7/20/2015Word Study Collections in the Elementary Classroom FB.
7/20/2015Does Anybody Else Use Whole Brain Teaching?
7/20/2015Secondary English Teacher Seeking Virtual Project Collaborators!
7/20/2015Lauren Anderson: I am thinking of having my students have pen pals in Africa because I know someone who is teaching science there. I was wondering if anyone knows how they have been able to fund sending the letters because I feel it could be expensive.
7/17/2015CMG:"This is a issue that needs to be given more time in our schools. Learning to eat well is an important lesson that last a lifetime. Is there any one website that is better for elementary use?"
7/17/2015Martyn: "I wonder what your thoughts are on that? Is the project the question, the process or the outcome (or something else - or all three?)?"
7/17/2015A Letter to My New Principal FB.
7/17/2015Crossing the Altantic: What We Can Learn From England
7/17/2015Summer Reading and the Summer Slide
7/16/2015Advice Needed on the Cost of Setting Up a Classroom, JT, LB
7/16/2015Prepping the Mind for Learning FB.
7/16/2015JenW.: Time can mean different things to different teachers. My first couple years teaching time only meant keeping my lesson flowing so that I could fit everything in the day that I wanted. I would look at the clock and see I was running behind and needed to move on to the next lesson. Now I look at my day and time as how much instruction I am getting in and how am I using my time to be an effective teacher. I have also used restroom break time, dismissal time, and other "non" teaching moments and turned them into teaching time. I know that this topic also goes along with classroom management skills, so are there certain management aspects that help with timing or using all the time we are given to our full advantage?
7/15/2015Using Art to Teach Critical Thinking FB.
7/15/2015Making Connections One Student at a Time, GPImage. FB.
7/15/2015Social Media & Students' Communication Skills FB.
7/15/2015rmcgill: "As a new teacher, this is exactly the kind of connection I would like to make in my classroom. One concern I have is how to connect the kids whose interests and experiences are not mainstream but more unique, especially if they are hesitant to share. I would try to allow for this to happen in individual project work, such as feedback on journal writing. I would love to learn more about how others make these connections in their rooms."
7/14/2015Dawn Hood: "As a former classroom teacher and a current university instructor, I know it is paramount that my pre-service teachers learn to become effective team workers. What advice would you give for new teachers who are looking to work in teams. How do they get started?", GP
7/14/2015Using Words to Create a Positive Classroom Culture FB.
7/14/2015Why I Don't Use Standards-Based Grading
7/14/2015Fairness Versus Equality in Differentiation
7/14/2015Professional Development: Priorities of 1:1 Initiatives FB.
7/14/2015Samina: Hi everyone:
I want to get some ideas to plan effective PBL in primary school and Early Years using ICT.
7/14/2015Erica: Nice work blending the NGSS and PBL together. I agree the two go hand-in-hand. It seems the textbook companies are making the connection too. Last year I piloted the IQUST - Why do organism look the way they do? A unit, which was a blend of the NGSS standards and Project Based Learning. The unit was fun, the kids loved it but I found it lacked the authentic "outside the 4 walls of the classroom" connection. I ended up using a lot of the BUCK Institute resources you gave me a couple of years ago when I took your trainings to enhance the project but it still felt a bit flat. I really struggled with having 5 classes doing the same thing and getting outside sources to contribute to our learning. Any advice as to how I can better bring in the community connection? And any advice on managing multiple classes doing the same challenge or driving question at the same time and still keeping things authentic?
7/14/2015Angela: In reply to "I bet they would complete the "standard" curriculum in half the time it now takes, with high test scores all around. To get everyone to the good stuff, the faster kids would work with and pull up the ones who were behind." -- on what are you basing this bold statement that by using more technology we could complete the standard curriculum in half the time? How will that make kids learn faster? you offer no suggestions or research to back that up. Also, as a former "faster kid," I want to know who is going to challenge and push the faster kids? Had my teachers told me my job at school was to "pull up" the slower kids I would've called BS. I was at school as a student to learn more than I already knew, not to teach the kids who knew less than me. Sorry if that sounds snotty, but how was I to learn more and get ahead if no one was teaching and challenging me?
7/13/201510 Ways Teaching is Like Flying I put the link in my browser, it said I did not have permission to view. (KS)
7/13/2015Advice Needed for Online College Math Courses
7/13/2015Deanna Jay: "I worry about teachers spending valuable time trying to determine a child's 'preferred' style of learning when this is a non-evidence based practice. It's best we teach using evidence based programs and not buy into VAK, brain gym, right and left brain and so many other invalid programs."
7/13/2015K. Svrjcek: "I would love to know what types of writing programs others use in their school and if they like or dislike them!"
7/13/2015Chiaki: "Though I believe no child is bad, there are some very real world issues many students face from outside the safety of the education environment that manifest when they are required to participate in collaborative or self-directed activities. So I am curious what the implementation of these environments looks like in the context of that particular environment. The context of my teaching is primarily a U.S. environment." a specific question, but he's looking to engage on this topic if anyone is interested! - ER
7/10/20157 Ways to Increase a Student's Attention Span FB. Tweet.
7/10/2015How Does Your School Plan for the Fall? FB.
7/10/2015The Utopian Future of Education... at Summer School FB.
7/9/2015If You Had Only One Day, What Would You Teach? Image. FB. Nav.
7/9/2015How to Tell if Your Student Could Benefit From Speech Therapy, GPImage. FB. Tweet.
7/9/2015Busting 3 Myths About Social Emotional Learning Tweet. FB. Nav.
7/9/2015Susan: The idea of having electronic exit tickets is great! I'd like to know more about how this is done.
7/8/20156 Myths About The Flipped Classroom
7/8/2015Help Needed for PBL in an ESL Classroom
7/7/2015Alex Ferenc: Love the ideas but what if the school will not allow the students to use smartphones or twitter? I'm starting my senior student teaching in September just looking for ideas. Thanks, LBOn Facebook.
7/7/2015A PLN's Advice for Getting Students to Take Part in Online Discussions FB.
7/7/2015The Value of Mentoring Programs in Transitioning from High School to College
7/6/2015A Teacher's Persona or Personality: Which is More Important?, ASImage. FB. Nav. Tweet.
7/6/20154 Lessons Learned From Common Core Implementation Content: We're promoting in the newsletter and would be nice to have one fresh comment. (Only need one.)
7/6/2015No Testing, No Grades, No Homework: Adventures at The Albany Free School
7/6/2015Dmytro: Being a PhD student I am half student and half teacher already. It is really good to follow all of the above-mentioned rules, but I have several questions and remarks. To begin with, what if students dislike their subject, but they should study it due to the educational program? In that case, it is possible to say that the subject is irrelevant, but anyway, it should be studied! Also, some students have really bad manners. How can I be related to them with "relatedness"? And the last but not least : how can I point on their competence if they are incompetent? In my times students were different..., GP
7/6/2015Socraticea: I appreciate the positivism and faith in school systems that have been expressed, but I must say a few words for those of us who work in broken schools. Please do not be so naive as to believe that everything that doesn't work in any given the school system is the fault of teachers who aren't trying to make things better. My school is a system led by a dictatorial staff of administrators who believe teachers must be "afraid for their jobs" in order for the principal and her assistants to maintain... (more on blog)
7/6/2015Publishing Student Work While Respecting Privacy FB. Tweet.
7/6/2015What's the Future for Problem-Based Learning? fees like doing someone else's homework- LRT
7/6/2015How to Use a Semantic Feature Analysis
7/6/2015Help Needed: Enquiry-Based Learning EBL is actually a repackaging of AUNE's work in the UK. The organization that held the contract went out of business and their contractors are going all Wild West on us.- LRT
7/6/2015Dmytro: Being a PhD student I am half student and half teacher already. It is really good to follow all of the above-mentioned rules, but I have several questions and remarks. To begin with, what if students dislike their subject, but they should study it due to the educational program? In that case, it is possible to say that the subject is irrelevant, but anyway, it should be studied! Also, some students have really bad manners. How can I be related to them with "relatedness"? And the last but not least : how can I point on their competence if they are incompetent? In my times students were different... as above
7/2/2015Carol Goldie: I've often thought that if there were an app where students log on during class and it would disallow anything but the apps provided by the teacher. A French woman above referenced something like this in France. Does anyone know of such a thing? I think it's called backchanneling?
7/2/20156 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Summer Break
7/2/2015Help! Should We Remove a Student From Class Due to Non-Participation
7/2/20156 Non-Teaching Books Every Teacher Should Read Tweet. Nav.
7/1/2015Technical Writing: Food Labels
7/1/2015Fact, Feeling, and Argument: Helping Students Tell the Difference FB. Nav. Tweet.
7/1/2015Help Needed with Electronic Lesson Plans, GP
7/1/2015Matt M: We have been working hard to make Tier 2 words part of our teachers and students vocabulary on a daily basis. I have seen a couple of different word lists. Does a definitive Tier 2 word list for high school students exist?
7/1/2015MSA: Your videos are a godsend! I'm teaching Gr. 8 next year after 16 years in K-4. I have only seen video #3 from the Edutopia links. I'll watch the rest of the videos.

I'd like to know your rewards and consequences. Apologies if you have already said it on this video #1 which I still have to watch. responded.The question is directed at the author, but any help for this person would be appreciated! - ER
6/30/2015The Most Important People in the Room FB. Nav. Tweet scheduled (HH).
6/30/2015Standing Up for our Children's Health
6/29/2015Visit My EdTech YouTube Channel
6/29/2015Learning To, Learning About, Learning Through - The Heart of Equity in Our Schools FB. Tweet scheduled (HH).
6/29/2015#TCHT: Teachers Changing Habit Together FB. Nav.
6/29/2015Advice Wanted: What is a Resource Specialist's Day Like?
6/29/2015Use "All Star Walkers" for Orderly Lines
6/29/2015Dear Michaela: An Open Letter to Our Daughter, the Teacher's Kid FB.
6/29/2015Teachers Who Were Childhood Victims of Bullying, JT
6/29/20155 Ways High-Quality Literacy Can Increase Student Interest, GP
6/26/2015Lessons for Teachers from Dumbledore Image. Nav.
6/26/2015Jeanette S Baugh: When you figure out how to get all kids to actually read, rather than "fake read," please share it. I have not given up, and I know many students DO read too, but I would sure like the number of "fake" or "pretend" readers to decrease., BS, JTNote: this is on Facebook.
6/25/2015Sitting Ducks and The Vulnerability of Teachers, LB, JTNot really a question or request for help, but this experience really shook the teacher. -- SR
6/25/2015Advice Needed: Purchasing Auto-Tracking Camera for Classroom
6/24/2015Key Factors of Success in Ontario's New Teacher Induction Program
6/24/2015What's the Best Way for Parents to Recruit Supplies for Their Schools?, LRT
6/24/2015Advice Wanted: How to Collect Less Homework from Students, LB, GPAny English teachers could add help for this one. -- AG
6/24/2015Thanks for the Thanks - But What Really Mattered?, GP
6/23/2015Hotel Summer Travel Tips for Teachers
6/23/2015hab55:The minute I turn my back or stop to help a student they're on You Tube, using social media etc. I have asked administration to install blocking software but was denied. Administration does not support me. Phone calls home don't help. I am repeatedly told by administration that if I had better classroom management skills, I wouldn't have these problems. I've taken two classroom management classes, however the strategies are based on a "traditional" classroom model of 30 kids all learning the same thing at the same time. When I ask for advice, I am told I need to adapt what I learned to my individual class. HELP. Does anyone teach in a similar situation? What worked or didn't work? Does anyone have know of any resources?, LB
6/22/201510 Great Ways to Use a Document Camera
6/22/2015Four Innovators Challenge an Innovative Educator
6/22/2015Help: How to Determine "Quality" in Online Sources?
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