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8/28/2015Cultivating a Culture of Risk-Takers Leads to Innovation in Schools
8/28/201511 of the Best Back-to-School Apps for Teachers
8/28/2015Teachers Report: We Need More Resources on the Middle East
8/27/2015The Great "Back to School" Migration
8/27/2015From Wealthy to Homeless: Meaningful Learning in a Classroom with a Range of Backgrounds
8/27/2015Communicating our Academic Values to Young Thinkers
8/25/2015Educación Cooperativa y Tecnología
8/25/2015I Want to Know More About Private School Franchises's a question so technically RED, but I don't know if any of us can speak to this. -- sR
8/25/2015No Fixed Roads in the Classroom
8/25/2015ARIS Global Game Jam, October 2015
8/24/2015Is There a Tool to Help Track Progress Over Time? <3 Patrick Goertz and our community. He responded completely on his own. --SR
8/22/2015Abbas ALazawy: I'm English teacher. What are the best ways to teach students who are speaking Arabic language?
8/21/2015Getting Student to Define a 'Fact'
8/21/2015"Please Call Me Jason": Supporting Our Transgender Students FB.
8/20/2015The 16 Touch Method
8/20/2015The Delicate Balance
8/20/2015Shoes for Teachers: What's on Your Feet? Nav. Image. FB.
8/20/2015Alternative Format for the Edutopia Site?'m not quite sure what to say about this one. LRT Agree KS What is a televised magazine format? Like the news? GP
8/20/2015Reading: Bringing the Background Up Front
8/20/2015educ8ter1: At what point would you recommend using this linguistic strategy? Would it be for older children? someone ping the blogger on that one? I'm not sure I have the background to answer it. LRT Will do. -- SR
5/3/201419 Proven Tips for Getting Parents Involved at School for Back to School. Image. FB.EDU
8/18/2015Creating a Love of Poetry in Middle School, GPImage.
8/18/2015Help Needed: Resources for Spanish Classroom
8/18/2015Dakota: Any other great question games out there? Maybe an app?
8/17/2015My Best (Professional) Self Image.
8/17/2015Being Nice Isn't Enough: Supporting School Staff for Success
8/17/2015No Day But Today: One-Day Teaching Resolutions LRTNav. Image. FB.
8/17/2015Advice Wanted on Books and Short Stories to Read in the High School Science Classroom LRT
8/17/2015Implementing EAL After-School Programs
8/17/201517 Ways to Help Students With ADHD Concentrate Image. FB.
8/17/2015nfarlow: This sounds like a great program. I wish there was something like this for high schoolers!
8/17/2015Virginia Pratt: My biggest question/ concern is, what happens with the kids who are not super-organized, and whose books/journals may not "look like the teacher's" or fit a model? Are they penalized for this, or is there support? I'm very leery of projects where the appearance and organization take precedence over the learning displayed....
8/14/2015Help! HS Teacher Needing Ideas and Support
8/14/2015Intrinsically Motivating Professional Development
8/13/2015HSchied: "Can anyone share thoughts on using flexible classrooms in high school - beyond reconfiguring desks or using tables? I'm curious as to how it works as groups of 25-30 students move in and out of a classroom 6 times a day? Your insights would be appreciated!"
8/11/2015Raquel Morales: "Hi. This is very interesting and new (for me). I just started teaching a group of tennagers and a group of primary school kids, and I'm looking for ways to entertain them while teaching English. I would love to have more info about it! Thanks."
8/11/2015Are You Ready for the New School Year? Image.
8/11/2015Heidi Pauer: I teach in a school where no one has his/her own classroom. We all share rooms. I often change the arrangement of the desks and put them back in within one class period. Do you have any suggestions for creating a conducive space that is shared by multiple teachers who may or may not have the same philosophy of education?, LB
8/11/2015kristinad: I'm still new to the teaching profession and wanted to get a better idea of if and how collaborative inquiry is present in our schools? How are schools, school boards and teachers being encouraged? how are they being supported? any thoughts or insight would be great, thank you. & (same question on two different blogs)
8/10/2015Ann Oberg: Looks like a lot of these are for K-12. Does anyone know of another good resource for grants for community colleges and technical schools? Thanks!
8/10/2015What Does a 21st-Century Classroom Look Like: Justification for Answers, GP
8/10/2015Tips for Teachers: How to Deal With Upset Parents, GPImage. Nav.
8/10/2015Don't Ask, Don't Tell in Our Schools, LBImage. Nav.
8/10/2015Collab Lab: An Experiment in Leadership and Growth're promoting this piece in our e-newsleter. ONE new comment would be welcome.
8/6/2015Tina Andres: While I personally love the ideas here in this article, realistically and ideologically I have numerous problems with it. First of all, I really think that all educators need to stop perpetuating the idea that teachers are supposed to spend ANY of their own money to make their classrooms inviting. I get that there are thrift stores and there are cheap bean bag chairs and they are cute. I also get that many teachers can't afford to make their own home inviting because of low pay and the money they spend buying basics for their own classrooms. Secondly, I am in a classroom where I cannot even move between the students because three of my five classes have 40 students. There isn't even room enough for one extra table for my own stuff let alone the types of spaces discussed here. I am glad that the teacher here desires to create this type of environment for students but teachers need to stop spending their own money to do it. It iS a big deal and shouldn't be ignored with happy, cheery posts about colorful, creative classrooms designed on the dime of the teacher and not the public education system.
8/6/2015Erica: After your school reviewed the data, what decisions were made to increase student achievement? Were decisions made as a whole school or by grade level? Has your school transitioned into collectively analyzing data in other content areas or are you still focused on math?
8/6/2015kgteach15: I would like to know how some of the schools that are incorporating this on a school level do it with RTI, specials, lunch and required minutes to be met in a day? I would like to approach my administration about it but I know some of the topics that will come up as barriers. Thanks in advance for responses!
8/6/2015Kanwal: great article, I will be working with second-grade in September, do you have an ideas how I can incorporate this into my classroom?
8/5/2015Angie Wilson: What do you think about having students blog with a public access to comment? I think it would make it very engaging and show of sense of ownership while making it meaningful, but the criticism could be harsh.
8/5/2015Czechjane: I am about to start my first year of teaching English as a foreign language and was encouraged and inspired to make the classroom an innovative and engaging space. I especially liked the segment on the seating arrangements. Do you have any advice for making a seating chart arrangement if you have no idea of the students' learning styles or personalities before the year starts?
8/5/2015H.Wilson14: Since I was still able to keep my own classroom that is across from my co-teacher, we have decided to try and utilize both spaces for the benefit of our students. Her room will be used for math, science, and technology while mine will be used to teach reading, writing, and social studies. Each is set up to our own strengths, though we fully plan on team teaching all subjects together at the same time. Now my question: I am wondering if anyone has any advice or can direct me to information on how we can best utilize the space in our classrooms for the specific subject areas as well as to facilitate our collaborative model.
8/5/2015bkenyon26: I had been living by the philosophy that students must continuously engage with the material to make any useful sense of it. Students would be assigned an average of 15 minutes of homework per night. When it came time to check/collect the work I would either find near carbon copies of homework within the class or I would get an apathetic shake of the head. I realized something was not working. The challenge for me, as a new teacher, is how do I find that perfect balance and how do I motivate those who have seemingly checked out?
8/5/2015Technical Writing: How Usability Endures
9/9/201432 Strategies for Building a Thriving Learning Environment this for BtS. Image. FB.EDU
8/5/2015Back-to-School with Pinterest FB. Nav.
8/5/2015Lillith: "How do we help teachers to develop "grit" for their profession? How do we keep them in the classroom rather than letting them teach a few years and then go on for another degree that takes them out of the classroom? I am thinking of great teachers who became administrators, coaches, or psychologists."
8/4/2015Erika T: What do you all think of the flipped classroom method, where the homework is to watch a video with the lesson material and take notes. Then, in class, the students can complete a practice assignment and ask questions and receive assistance where needed?
8/3/2015A Tale of Two Perspectives: My Experience Starting with a Clean Slate FB. Nav.
8/3/2015Why New Rules Make it Harder to Teach Literature
8/3/2015Kristen Garavaglia: Does anyone have tips for quick and effective ways to provide feedback to students using exit slips?
8/3/2015crissy531: Can flipped learning be beneficial to the online K-12 learning environment?
8/3/20155 Steps to Help Your New Teachers Grow feels like basic information. Is it? Should the post be promoted? -- SR I think it seems pretty obvious, but I guess it couldn't hurt as a reminder for new admins. LRT these are basic, but many of these things get lost in the back to school shuffle admins have to do. They are so busy dealing with custodial, PD plans, new initiatives, last minute hires, etc that all too often these ideas get lost. JT While it seems basic to us, I think the audience that needs to see it is the new teachers themselves. They don't know what they should have/know, and maybe this can help them ask. (LB)
7/31/2015The Lengths Teachers Will Go FB.
7/31/2015The Grit to Jump Hurdles & Grace to Recover From Them, GPI love this post. LOVE IT. -- LRT Thanks :) KS This needs promotion--GP Image. FB. Nav. Tweet.
7/31/2015What Students Leave Unspoken Image. FB.
7/31/20155 Quotes to Focus You This Fall FB. Nav. Tweet.
7/31/2015What Minorities Need from Educators to Fill the Student Achievement Gap
7/31/2015Student Choice and Station Teaching Tweet.
7/31/2015Sustained Slient Reading in High School FB.
7/31/2015Sharlene: Thanks for the great ideas. I am excited to implement PBL into my teaching. Question: Does any direct instruction occur? For example, what if I am teaching how to write expository essays? Should I not teach the structure first and then assign a project that incorporates that style of writing?
7/30/2015The Importance of Foreign Languages in Elementary Schools
7/30/201510 Ways Teaching is Like Flying I put the link in my browser, it said I did not have permission to view. (KS) Image. FB.
7/30/2015msartsy: "Can you suggest strategies that are specific, with real scenerios that are practical in the classroom? Thank you."
7/30/20153 Activities to Try With Your English Language Learners Image. FB. Tweet.
7/30/2015Educators: The New Superheroes
7/30/2015Matthew Steven: This is a great article, however i am confused about the positive compliments part. "I like the way Allen is sitting." Is this bad
because it is a minor behavior, or because we are over complimenting kids? I tell kids thanks for doing certain things, like "thanks for
coming in and getting to work", I like the way John, Bob and Lisa came into the class and got their materials out". "I appreciate you raising
your hand", etc. Please explain more :) is on Facebook.
7/29/2015The Balancing Act: Mental and Physical Exercise
7/28/2015Classroom Culture and Pencil Procedures FB.
7/28/2015Lemino: Thanks for sharing. I found the headline very promising - these skills can be taught, and grade is relevant too (my son is now between 7th and 8th). But not only do I now know how to choose a skill, I am not sure it's only one. And also, I am not sure how realistic that is in relation to his reading task for the summer.
His class was required to read "Les Miserables" full version book, it's almost 700 pages (The Hebrew translation). And for my son, who views any book with over 100 pages a struggle, this one is a torture.If I would stop him or slow him down - even if it is for the improvement of his skills, it will be viewed as a disturbance. In other words - I fear it's too late... Isn't it?
7/27/2015What Did I Assume About My Students' Summers? FB. Nav.
7/27/2015Destination Education: What is a Must-See Place in Your State?, GPImage. FB. This is more a UGC opportunity.
7/27/2015Back-to-School Letters: Assign Homework Before the Year Even Starts! FB. Nav. Tweet.
7/27/2015Advice Wanted for Collaborative Online Projects
7/27/2015Can We Make the Teaching Profession Noble Again?, GPImage. FB.
7/27/2015Advice Wanted: Ideas for Implementing MinecraftEDU in the Classroom
7/27/2015irfanlani: "Hi, I am Teach For India fellow and have started teaching coding to my kids in a low income school in Ahmedabad, India. I started it after participating in the Hour of Code event last year. Considering my experience, I believe that coding really helps in thinking, literacy and Math. This year, I am pursuing it as a project and want to find out in context of my community how does it impact learning. Moreover, I also want to document a flow which the enthusiastic teachers can try it in their classroom so that coding can be prevalent in schools in India also. I would really appreciate thoughts, comments, guidance or help. Thank you."
Transformational Leadership: Engineering Creative Solutions're promoting this piece in our e-newsleter. ONE new comment would be welcome.
Five-Minute Film Festival: Inspirational Teachers're promoting this piece in our e-newsleter. ONE new comment would be welcome.
7/24/2015Induction Programs Need to Be Better opportunity. - SR Tweet.
7/24/2015How to Utilize PLCs as an Administrator
7/21/2015Thinking on Their Feet: Instructional Carousels FB. Tweet. Nav.
7/20/2015Dawn Hood: I really liked how you pointed out that creative destruction can be a positive thing in education - changing the focus from knowledge consumption to production. What are the key things that need to be done in order to shift our definitions of roles in education so that we are meeting these changes head on? responded.Pinged the author.
7/20/2015Going Beyond Exam Results: Developing Soft Skills in Students
7/20/2015The Fundamental Elements of Mentorship
7/20/2015Word Study Collections in the Elementary Classroom FB. Tweet. Nav.
7/20/2015Does Anybody Else Use Whole Brain Teaching?
7/20/2015Secondary English Teacher Seeking Virtual Project Collaborators!
7/20/2015Lauren Anderson: I am thinking of having my students have pen pals in Africa because I know someone who is teaching science there. I was wondering if anyone knows how they have been able to fund sending the letters because I feel it could be expensive.
7/17/2015CMG:"This is a issue that needs to be given more time in our schools. Learning to eat well is an important lesson that last a lifetime. Is there any one website that is better for elementary use?"
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