Regional Calendar Management
Steps LayerExamples
Review Regional Goals and Calendar Checklist
Your calendar should reflect your goals and priorities, it's your road map. Holidays and World EventsRosh Hashana, Pride Month, Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl, movie premieres, the Olympics, Holocaust Rememberance Day, etc.
2Identify Holidays and World EventsWe got you started, but add any additional Jewish holidays, national holidays, and special world events that are relevant to your community. Community EventsMajor concerts, sporting events, festivals, JCC/synagogue events, other youth movement events, marathons, local elections, service projects, etc.
3Map Community and School EventsPlace special events happening in your community that may be interesting to Jewish teens and activities tied to high schools in your area so that you don't plan anything that conflicts. School EventsDances, SAT/ACT/IB/AP testing, breaks, sporting events, club tournaments/events, finals, etc.
Review BBYO International Moments
These are events, initiatives, and campaigns that members around the BBYO movement participate in at the same time, but customized locally. BBYO International MomentsGlobal Shabbat, J-Serve, #givingBBYOday, IC Launch Night, Summer Experiences, etc.
Map Regional Events and Experiences
Build your key Regional moments so chapters can build their calendars to complement Conventions, coordinated moments, and key deadlines. This will set up the framework for naturally building funnels for the chapters. Set a date for Calendar Connect, too. RegionalConventionsTraining institute, Shabbaton, brotherhood/sisterhood weekend, spirit tournaments, Kallah, etc.
6Move Completed Dates to 1 Chapter Calendar Planner, Make Copies for Each Chapter, and Save Links on Last TabSet up chapters to go through the same calendaring process and utilize Regional Board members to support the process.Events (Region-wide or Coordinated By City/Chapter)Kickoff, J-Serve/Global Shabbat/Founders' Day (can be regional or chapter), award night, senior banquet, elections, inductions, rush weeks, calendar connect, etc.
Create and Distribute Your Regional Calendar
Put your Regional dates on a branded calendar templates (available on BBYO's Canva Team and Google Slides) to share with your community.
8Run a Calendar ConnectBring chapters together for a calendar alignment meeting before Kickoffs. This will allow chapters to identify moments to program together and work with Regional leaders and staff to do a final check on their calendars. Chapters should be ready to share out their calendars with members after this meeting. Goals and DeadlinesSteering application due, convention registration (early bird/standard) close, chapter calendar deadline, ISF pledges due, 8th grade recruitment goal, ILN application goal, award application deadlines, etc.
Strategic calendaring is a process where you layer events to see opportunities and challenges during a semester. Remember that knowledge is power. This phase is about confirming specific dates (using any that already exist) to ensure your semesters are successful, set the pace for your community, and so you have a broad view of what's happening. You only need dates confirmed for the calendar, it's ok if you don't know what you're doing at a program yet. Think about opportunities to coordinate timing across all chapters.

This should be used as an active document.
If you want to move your calendar or tracking of chapter calendars to a different sheet your community uses, click the down arrow on the tab you want to copy and hit "copy to existing spreadsheet."

Best of luck, and if you need any help, email us at Have fun!