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OrderField NameLongform NameDescriptionGeocodedRequiredData TypeExpected/Allowed ValuesLast UpdatedNo Longer In UseNotes
1ActiveIndicates whether license is active. The "Active" column is leftover from a previous incarnation of this dataset, back when it included both active and inactive vehicles. In this dataset, all vehicles are marked "YES," for active.Plain TextYES
2Vehicle License NumberThe five to seven character letter/number combination that identifies a unique for-hire vehicle license issued by the TLC.Plain Text
3NameName of the licensed vehicle owner. An owner can be an individual, partnership, corporation, or LLC, and will not necessarily be the driver.Plain Text
4License TypeOnly for-hire vehicle licenses are represented in this dataset. (The TLC issues two other kinds of vehicle licenses: Paratransit and Van)Plain TextFOR HIRE VEHICLERead more about for-hire licensed vehicles
5Expiration DateFor-hire vehicle licenses are good for three years.Plain TextMM/DD/YYYY
6Permit License NumberFive character letter/combination that identifies a unique street hail vehicle permit. With this permit, for-hire vehicles can pick up street hails. Not all for-hire vehicles are street hail permitted (which accounts for why some of this column is blank). For more about street hail permits, see descriptions next to "Certification Date" and "Hack Up Date"Plain TextRead more about street hail livery permits
7DMV License Plate NumberDMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)Five to eight characters, may be all letters, or a letter/number combination. For-hire vehicles require New York State license plates that are embossed with the legend “T&LC" below the license plate number. TLC plates are issued by the New York DMV.Plain TextFor-hire license plates issued before 2006 were embossed with the word "livery" below the license plate number.
8Vehicle VIN NumberVIN (Vehicle Identification Number)Unique code, including a serial number, used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles. Eleven to seventeen characters. Includes both letters and numbers.Plain Text
9Wheelchair AccessibleIndicates wheelchair accessibility.Plain Text[blank], WAV (stands for "wheelchair accessible vehicle")Read about TLC's wheelchair accessibility rules regarding for-hire vehicles.
10Certification DateAny vehicle attached to the Street Hail Livery permit (see Permit License Number) must have all the equipment needed to meet the TLC’s requirements to operate as a Street Hail Livery. For example, it must have a GPS unit, credit card machine, taximeter, and roof light. Once it does, it is offically "certified" as eligible to become a street hail livery, and can proceed to "hack up."Plain TextMM/DD/YYYY
11Hack Up DateOnce a car is certified as eligible to become a Street Hail Livery, it's ready for a safety and emissions inspection, performed at TLC's Woodside facility. If it passes, the car has been "hacked up" -- it's now offically permitted as a street hail livery.Plain TextMM/DD/YYYYFor more about hacking up, see "SHL Hack Up and Inspection Requrements"
12Vehicle YearYear vehicle was manufactured.YYYY
13Base NumberAll for-hire vehicles, including Ubers, Lyfts, et. al., must be officially affiliated with a TLC-licensed base, which is a business that dispatches for-hire vehicles. “Base number” = base license number. For-hire vehicles with street hail permits must be affiliated with street-hail-endorsed bases. As of 8/2018, there are 846 active bases around NYC.Plain Text
For a list of bases, see TLC's 'Current Bases' dataset on NYC Open Data.
14Base NameBusiness name of TLC-licensed base. Plain Text
15Base TypeThere are four different base types represented in this dataset: livery/community car, black car, luxury, and paratransit (about paratransit, see "Notes"). In theory, commuter van bases can also serve as FHV bases, but at the time of wriitng, none are currently licensed as such.Plain TextLIVERY, BLACK CAR, LUXURY, PARATRANS, VANWhile the vast majority of for-hire vehicles are affiliated with either a livery, black car, or luxury base, there are four paratransit bases approved for vehicles with Street Hail Livery permits (rare instances). In theory, commuter van bases can also serve as FHV bases, but at the time of writing, none are currently licensed as such.
16VEHVEH is an abbreviation of Vehicle.Indicates whether vehicle is a hybrid.Plain TextHYB, [blank]Some background behind the TLC's adoption and use of hybrid vehicles
17Base Telephone NumberBusiness phone number for TLC-licensed base. Plain Text(###)###-####
18WebsiteWebsite for TLC-licensed base. Not all bases have websites.Plain Text
Some web addresses include "WWW" (ex: WWW.EMPIRECLS.COM), some do not (ex. DIAL7.COM)
19Base AddressAddress for TLC-licensed base. Plain Text
20ReasonColumn is leftover from a previous version of this dataset, which included both active and inactive for-hire vehicles. "Reason," in that set, referred to the reason(s) behind a for-hire vehicle's suspension, which would be indicated by a letter code (A, B or C, or a combination of those letters). Vehicles with good standing (active) would be indicated by the letter G.Plain Text
G (meaning in good standing)
21Order DateColumn is leftover from a previous version of this dataset, which included both active and inactive for-hire vehicles. "Order Date," in that set, referred to the date of a for-hire vehicle's suspension. Column is longer applicable & hence, empty.Date & TimeN/A
22Last Date UpdatedUpdated daily.Date & TimeMM/DD/YY
23Last Time UpdatedUpdated daily.Date & TimeHH:MM