The One Loot Table To Rule Them All
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NameDescriptionEst. ValueRarityWeightCategoryPropertiesRequirementsAuthor
Oily RagsThree oily rags in an old wicker basket.0.2 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
PickleOn the floor, you find a single pickle wrapped in an oily paper bag. It has a strong distinct smell, but otherwise seems like a normal pickle.0.05 gpMundane1 lbTreasureUnknown
Ancient SwordA used, slightly rusted double-bladed sword.2. gpMundane3 lbWeapon1d4 Piercing - Finesse, LightPlatypusPal
Andar GemAndar is hard and durable, yielding translucent gems that flash green-red or brown-red when properly faceted.15. gpMundanen/aTreasureBaldur's Gate
Banded Agate GemA round translucent white gemstone with a ring of striped brown through its center.10. gpMundanen/aTreasureDMG
Barrel o' EelsA large barrel of pickled eels. The barrel can be re-used, but it's unlikely the smell of pickled eel will ever truly be washed out.5. gpMundane35 lbTreasureUberbeard
Barrel o' NailsA newly crafted barrel filled with iron nails. Might be difficult for the players to get this around if they don't have a cart.5. gpMundane40 lbTreasureUberbeard
Beaver PeltsA string of eight beaver pelts.1. gpMundane20 lbTreasureUberbeard
BeltAn old leather belt.0.15 gpMundane1 lbTreasureUberbeard
Black Velvet MaskAn ornate black velvet mask sitched with silver thread.25. gpMundanen/aTreasureDMG
Blank ScrollA blank scroll. It could have any spell in the world on it, eventually. The possibilities are endless.0.5 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
BlanketA thick woolen blanket. Something like this is perfect for wrapping up during those long cold nights spent staring at a cave wall.0.35 gpMundane3 lbAdventuring GearPHB
Blood Stained DressA blood-stained dress which, despite being found in ruins which have lain undisturbed for centuries, is still a vibrant, stunning blue.2. gpMundane2 lbTreasureUberbeard
Blood-Soaked BookA blood-soaked book; a partially written history about a long-lost keep on the borderlands. The last written page is done in a different hand, and is scrawled with “The rules have changed!” in large, bold letters. Roughly a third of the book (of 100 pages) has been used. 5. gpMundane1 lbBookLanguage: CommonUnknown
Blue Quartz GemA small quartz gemstone shaped in a bevelled square. It is transparent pale blue in color.10. gpMundanen/aTreasureDMG
Blue ScarfA finely woven blue wool scarf.1. gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Bone Butter ChurnA butter churn made of bone slats, bound with hoops of silver. A scrimshaw scene depicting a crowd of human villagers beating a Halfling with shovels and hoes wraps around it.0.5 gpMundane1 lbTreasureUnknown
Bone DiceA pair of engraved bone dice.25. gpMundanen/aTreasureDMG
Bone FragmentsBits of bone from an unknown creature.0. gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Bone NeedleA long needle carved out of bone.0.25 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Broken SwordThis is simply a regular sword that has been partially broken, in combat or however. Most people would just get rid of it, but maybe this sword has a nice hilt or sentimental value. 0.5 gpMundane3 lbWeapon1d4 Piercing, Finesse, LightD&D Wiki
CandleSix red wax candles. 0.01 gpMundanen/aAdventuring GearFor 1 hour, a candle sheds bright light in a 5-foot radius and dim light for an additional 5 feet. PHB
Carved Bone StatuetteA carved ox bone female figure statue on a wooden base. The statue is 16" in height.25. gpMundane1 lbTreasureDMG
ChalkA small piece of chalk used to draw on any hard surface.0.05 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Cloth ScrapAn old scrap of cloth from a shirt or sheet of some kind. 0. gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Cloth-of-gold VestmentsThese holy garments are made of silk interwoven with gold threads.25. gpMundane3 lbTreasureDMG
CombA small wooden comb.0.2 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Cooking PotA cast iron cooking pot. It smells like it was last used for soup.0.2 gpMundane2 lbTreasureUberbeard
Copper AcornsHeavy, solid copper acorns with perfect natural detail.1. gpMundane2 lbTreasureThese acorns drop from the oak-like trees that sprout on the graves of Copper Dragons. They can be lethal when falling, often embedding themselves in the ground./u/gimme_some_sunshine
Copper ChaliceA small copper chalice with a silver filigree.25. gpMundane1 lbTreasureDMG
CrowbarUsing a crowbar grants advantage to Strength checks where the crowbar’s leverage can be applied.2. gpMundane5 lbAdventuring GearPHB
Crude BoxA wooden box. Carved by someone who has had no formal training in woodworking, and it shows.0.15 gpMundane1 lbTreasureUberbeard
Crude Holy SymbolA crudely carved wooden holy symbol.0.5 gpMundane1 lbTreasureUberbeard
Crude PipeA crudely carved wooden pipe.0.15 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Curious Powder BoxMetal box of unidentifiable powder.0.5 gpMundane2 lbTreasureUnknown
Dead FeyA long-dead fey, dried and petrified as a trophy and hanging from ceiling.5. gpMundane120 lbTreasureUnknown
Deer BustThe mounted head of a deer, it's impossibly massive horns have broken in places.5. gpMundane7 lbTreasureUnknown
Demon's Vale WineA one-gallon cask of Demon’s Vale Wine; a fiery red wine known to be made from hot peppers.10. gpMundane10 lbTreasureUnknown
Dice (6 Sided)A six sided dice. Probably used in some silly tabletop game.0.15 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Dinosaur Bacon18 dried rashers of meat, possibly the largest rashers you have ever seen. They are wrapped in a sheep bladder cloth which has been labelled "THUNDERER MEAT" in large, rough handwriting.10. gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Dire Bat WingsHanging from a drying rack are two large Dire Bat wings. It is unclear how long they have been seperated from the rest of the bat, but they are in good condition and could potentially be used as a crafting material.2. gpMundane4 lbTreasureUberbeard
Disk of BalanceA disk of finely polished stone. On one side, the Elvish rune for death is inscribed in blackest obsidian. Upon the other, the Dwarven rune for life is inscribed in the palest ivory.4. gpMundanen/aTreasureUnknown
Weight Training EquipmentThe party finds a complete set of bronze and carved stone weight training equipment issued to the 4th army of some Ancient Empire. There is an inscription in one of the weights that reads "Dost thou even lift, brother?"20. gpMundane200 lbTreasureUnknown
Dried FlowerA flower that has been dried out to preserve it.0. gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Dust RubyA ruby the size of a man’s fist which sparkles and gleams with the promise of untold wealth in the faintest of lights, but which crumbles to dust upon the lightest touch.0. gpMundanen/aTreasureUnknown
Electrum BracerAn archer’s bracer of leather and electrum.2.5 gpMundane1 lbArmorPlatypusPal
Leather BallA leather ball stuffed with chicken feathers. On a DC 15 peception check the player can find an electrum ring amongst the feathers.3.5 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Empty VialAn empty vial, just waiting to be filled with something more valuable than itself.0.35 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Eye Agate GemThis simple agate gem has translucent circles of white dotted around its surface which bring to mind the image of an eye.10. gpMundanen/aTreasureDMG
Fat Cat StatueA life sized copper statue of a fat cat with amber eyes that purrs when stroked. Curiously, it does not detect as magic.5. gpMundane2 lbTreasureUnknown
Fine CheeseA 5’ diameter wheel of fine, aged cheese0.5 gpMundane4 lbTreasureUberbeard
Fishing TackleUseful for catching fish.1. gpMundanen/aAdventuring GearPHB
Flesh ShieldA small wooden shield bound in human skin bearing a tattoo that appears to be some sort of map. The skin is held in place with a rim of beaten copper.7. gpMundane6 lbArmorProvides +2 ACUnknown
Flint & SteelA carved steel striker and a piece of shaped flint that allows the user to start a fire.0.3 gpMundanen/aTreasurePHB
Fool's GoldA handheld water pan with a number of chunks of pyrite in it, otherwise known as "Fool's Gold". You might be able to convince someone that these nuggets are real gold, but not for very long.0.5 gpMundane1 lbTreasureUberbeard
Fragrant TorchesA bag containing 1d8 torches infused with pleasant fragrances. This may have been owned by a tanner, to cover the overwhelming stench of tannin that is used in the leathermaking process.4. gpMundane2 lbTreasureUberbeard
Frolee's Guide to Follicle PerfectionA wizard called Frolee appears to have mass produced a five page guide to mustaches and beards. It has a unique, hairy cover made out of bearskin.2. gpMundane1 lbBookLanguage: CommonPlatypusPal
GarlicA wreath of eight garlic buds.0.2 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
GemA teal gem.1. gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Gem of AzuriteA small Azurite gem. It is opaque and a deep mottled blue in colour.10. gpMundanen/aTreasureDMG
Glass SphereA 14 inch diameter sealed glass sphere containing water and an ornamental fish.3. gpMundane8 lbTreasureUberbeard
Glittering GlassA sparkling handful of raw gems.0.01 gpMundanen/aTreasureThese convincing rocks are actually made of a river-tumbled glassy stone that is said to form from the aftermath of elemental turmoil./u/gimme_some_sunshine
Glitternight DustThis is a tiny jar of glitternight dust. (a narcotic)3. gpMundane1 lbTreasure
Glow StoneA small green stone that gives off a feint light that's practically imperceptable in anything other than pitch black darkness. It could be used as a marker or a light source in a pinch.2. gpMundanen/aTreasureProvides dim-light for a 5 foot radius.
Goat JerkyA pound of goat jerky.0.2 gpMundane1 lbTreasure
Gold BraceletA small gold bracelet. It's design is plain so as to be appropriate for anyone.25. gpMundanen/aTreasureDMG
Gold LocketA charming golden locket with a painted portrait inside.25. gpMundanen/aTreasureDMG
HammerA crosspeen hammer forged from steel. It has a gently crowned flat face that has been hardened and tempered for toughness. The handle is hand carved ash, flame treated and oiled.1. gpMundane3 lbAdventuring GearPHB
Hand Mirror2. gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
HematiteA rather dull gray-black hematite gem with the remains of a necklace fasten on its back.10. gpMundanen/aTreasureDMG
Holy BonesA reliquary containing the bones of an ancient holy man0. gpMundane2 lbTreasure
Holy BookAn old tome, written for the clergy of Pelor. It has a stiff leather dust jacket which has been worn down on the spine and a broken clasp once used to attach a chain4. gpMundane1 lbBookLanguage: CommonUberbeard
Holy Ice SymbolAn ornate block of ice carved into an ancient holy symbol. The carving has a subtle taint of magic to it, but it's not exactly clear what prevents it from melting.400. gpUncommon2 lbTreasure
Holy SymbolA wooden holy symbol. 0.25 gpMundanen/aAdventuring GearUberbeard
HoneyA quart of honey.1. gpMundanen/aTreasure
Honeysuckle PotionA small, crystal vial of a clear, viscous liquid that smells strongly of honeysuckle.4. gpMundanen/aPotionDrinking this potion will heal a character 1d4 - 1 health.Uberbeard
Hope ChestA delicately carved hope chest of polished cherry wood. The box contains nothing but a remarkably fine, gray sand drawn from some unknown locale. Beneath the new moon, this sand glows a faint blue.10. gpMundane30 lbTreasure
Inhalation Herbs & EssencesInhalation herbs & essences provide natural healing remedies for all manner of symptoms such as headaches, colds and flu.0.2 gpMundane2 lbTreasure
InkA vial of black ink, for use with a quill.0.6 gpMundanen/aTreasureWhen unstoppered underwater, this item causes an inky cloud to fill a 10′ cubic area which lasts for the duration of the room. It effectively renders all characters and monsters in the area obscured from ranged attacks.Uberbeard
Iron BuckleAn iron belt buckle that's beginning to rust.0.03 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Iron EarringAn iron earring. Missing it's twin.0.1 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Iron NailA large iron nail, useful for fixing things together.0.03 gpMundanen/aTreasureUberbeard
Iron SpikeA large iron spike, useful for fixing heavy items together.0.35 gpMundane1 lbTreasureUberbeard
Iron TorcAn iron torc with six small silver figurines: A hare, a horse, a spear, a wolf’s head, a simple circle, and an oak tree.9. gpMundanen/aTreasure
Ivory Peg LegWhale ivory leg prosthetic5. gpMundane2 lbTreasure
Jar o' EyeballsA jar containing six eyeballs (2 human, 1 goblin, 1 ogre, 1 worg, and 1 hawk) in a clear liquid.2. gpMundane1 lbTreasure
Jerked Meats½ of jerked meat0.1 gpMundane1/2 lbTreasure
Keg o' NailsA 35 lb keg of iron nails2. gpMundane35 lbTreasure
Knee BreechesA pair of bear fur knee breeches, slightly worn from having been used when horse riding.1. gpMundane2 lbTreasure
LanternMundane1 lbAdventuring GearA Lantern provides bright light within a radius of 10 squares. The light lasts 8 hours per pint of oil.Uberbeard
Lapis Lazuli GemA gem of lapis lazuli, dark blue in colour with light yellow flecks.10. gpMundanen/aTreasureDMG
Large Pile of CoalA large pile of coal. Two small, rough diamonds are hidden near the bottom. (20gp, 25 gp)MundaneTreasure
Lead CoinsSatchel of gold painted lead coins.0.1 gpMundane1 lbTreasure
Leather QuiverMundane4 lbTreasureUberbeard
Leather SatchelMundane1 lbTreasureUberbeard
Little Riding HoodA bright red hooded cape sized for a child, spattered with dried blood.1. gpMundane1 lbTreasure
Lynx Eye GemLynx eye is a specific type of labradorite (a feldspar gemstone). Labradorite as a class of stones is pale to dark gray and has patches of colored reflections. This "flash" is most commonly blue but can be of all shades. "Green Flash" labradorite is called lynx eye in the Realms. 10. gpMundanen/aTreasureBGII
Lynx Eye GemLynx eye is a special type of labradorite. It is pale to dark grey and has patches of coloured reflections. This "flash" is most commonly blue but can be of all shades. "Green Flash" labradorite is called Lynx Eye in the local regions.10. gpMundanen/aTreasureBaldur's Gate
Magical Ring of EngagementSomeone used this to get married10. gpMundanen/aRing
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