Basil Downy Mildew Monitoring Records 2018
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State (or country if not in US)Date Symptoms SeenEstimated Date Symptoms StartedReporter NameReporter E-mail or other contact infoField, Greenhouse, or GardenLocationPlant and Planting SizeSeverityHow DiagnosedConfirmationAdditional Description and Comments; have you seen before?
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Alabama6/13/20186/6/2018J Jacobijacobjc@auburn.eduGardenBirmingham, ALSweet BasilModerateabundant sporulation
3 gal pots in driveway
Fayetteville, AR
Unknown cultivar; Bonnie Plants "Sweet Basil" in 3" pots
Leaf yellowing; fruiting bodies visible on lower (abaxial) leaf surface
Several yrs experience (unfortunately)
The Nufar Hybrid basil plants growing my garden (in soil) are not showing any infection at this time.
BC, Canada9/5/189/3/18Karen Brandsonwyndson@shaw.cagardenAbbotsford BCgenovese basilseverevisually
compared to pics
had before and reported before. Grew sweet basil in a different location the last two years and was okay. Haven't grown the genovese in this location for about 3 years. The basil grew longer this time before being hit, but noticed a bit of yellowing earlier in the week, checked the bottom of the leaves and nothing obvious. Picked it this morning after a heavy rain yesterday afternoon and the area with the yellowing leaves was covered underneath the leaves with black. The leaves that still looked good on top were just starting with the black underneath. All DM experiences have been with seeds from Stokes. The seeds this year were from Stokes also, but a different batch than a few years ago.
California6/6/20185/10/2018Edwin TomYoye_tomyoy@yahoo.comgardenSouth Pasadena
sweet basil, seed grown and plants from Trader Joes market
photos sent to Cornell, McGrath
first batch from seed, later added plants from containers from Trader Joes market, yellowing started on the purchased plants then spread to the seed started plants.
California6/10/2018Within the last weekJ Farkas323.939.9880Garden (in pots)Los Angeles, CASweet basil transplantSevereBlack & brown lesions
initially mid-June 2018, but still present as of 9/9/18
6/18/2018Linda Westmorelandlwestmor@aol.comPotted gardenMonroe, CTsweet basil, sweet Italian; medium pots (4)moderate to severevisual inspection - similar to descriptions, imagesnone
never seen before; first noticed leaves yellowing, then brown dirty-looking areas on bottoms of leaves. Appears to have spread between several potted plants.
Delaware6/23/20186/19/2018GardenNew Castle, DESweet Basil Various sizesModerate/severeBlack spores/fuzzy mold under leaf
The plants were started from different seed packages of Sweet Basil/Genovese Basil. They were fine for months, until late June when some began turning yellow. Then after a rainy day, I noticed fuzzy black mold starting to appear on the leaf undersides of all of the basil plants (all 5 plants affected)
District of Columbia
6/10/18Within the last weekH Levine202-380-8768
Garden (started from seed, Southern Exposure catalogue)
Washington , DCSweet basil (Genovese)ModerateBlack spots
Last year lost all three plants in August. This year much earlier, possibly due to wet spring/summer. So far only one plant affected .
Florida27 February 201825 February 2018Rose Derrickrosed@tampabay.rr.comRiverview, FLGardenBasil Full grownCoveredPictures
Florida3/1/181/15/2018Anthony Meolaameola58@gmail.comPlantation,Fl.GardenBasil transplantsmoderate/severedescriptionaffected 3 different plantings
Florida4/28/20184/20/18Yuki Yamasakiyukiko@cutepig.comSafety Harbor, FLGardenBasil Full growncoveredPictures/article
purchsed potted organic basil from Trader Joes, it was healthy about a month, now infected
Georgia5/24/1815-May-18Erin Aegdwolfe@gmail.comflower potsNewnan GAbasil transplantmoderateCornell articlenone
Purchased two basil plants at Lowes. Plants appeared to be fine until weather brought frequent rain and cloud cover. The plants have since been moved to a drier location, and all infected leaves pinched off. Waiting to see if that and fungicide applications help.
Georgia5/25/18May-18N. BrunnerGardenAtlanta, GABasil full grownModeratevisual inspection
Georgia8/20/188/17/18Brigette Brintonbbrinton@georgiasouthern.eduGreenhouseSavannah, GAsweet basil, full grownsevere
Yellowing and buckling of leaves, grey-purple fungal growth between veins visible on adaxial side of leaves.
comparisons to examplars on several websites and in gardening books. Symptoms match downy mildew, not other common fungal pathogens
New to system, other employees have not previously observed. Trimming visibly infected leaves had no effect, infection appeared within days on other leaves. Thai Basil seems unaffected. Only present in 1 of 3 beds in aquaponics greenhouse, aerator is causing raft surfaces to be damp and is aerosolozing water onto the surface of the plants.
Georgia8/20/188/17/18Brigette Brintonbbrinton@georgiasouthern.eduGreenhouseSavannah, GAlemon basil, full grownsevere
Yellowing and buckling of leaves, grey-purple fungal growth between veins visible on adaxial side of leaves.
comparisons to examplars on several websites and in gardening books. Symptoms match downy mildew, not other common fungal pathogens
New to system, other employees have not previously observed. Trimming visibly infected leaves had no effect, infection appeared within days on other leaves. Thai Basil seems unaffected. Only present in 1 of 3 beds in aquaponics greenhouse, aerator is causing raft surfaces to be damp and is aerosolozing water onto the surface of the plants.
Saw this a little last year but not nearly this severe and not on every plant!
Georgia8/20/20188/17/2018Brigette Brintonbbrinton@georgiasouthern.eduGreenhouseSavannah, GA
genovese basil, <2 months old, grown from seed
Yellowing and buckling of leaves, grey-purple fungal growth between veins visible on adaxial side of leaves.
comparisons to examplars on several websites and in gardening books. Symptoms match downy mildew, not other common fungal pathogens
New to system, other employees have not previously observed. Trimming visibly infected leaves had no effect, infection appeared within days on other leaves. Thai Basil seems unaffected. Only present in 1 of 3 beds in aquaponics greenhouse, aerator is causing raft surfaces to be damp and is aerosolozing water onto the surface of the plants.
Illinois07/02/18within a weekChris Apots on porchGeneva, ILsweet basil/full grownmoderate to severeweb pics
photos and wet paper towel test; confirmed by sending photos to M McGrath
First time seeing this in my garden, plant was from Big-Box store, potting soil new this season
Illinois7/4/20187/2/2018Nicole Virgilnvirgil@me.comraised bed gardenElmhurst, ILGenovesesevereweb searcn
Saw it in 2017. Didn't know what it was and it wiped out all 13 basil plants in a few weeks. This year pruned heavily and am waiting to see if we make it through.
Illinois7/18/20183-4 days?Kimberly Hussbsktrn@aol.comgardenYorkville, ILmidgrowthsevereNPR/Cornellphotos sent to Cornell, McGrath
Illinois7/26/187/23/18Michele Paladinopaladino@sbcglobal.netgardenNaperville, ILSweet Basil - full grownseverevisible on all leaves
I purchased a total of 7 plants. 4 from local greenhouse and 3 from Jewel foods grocer. Almost every leaf has visable markings and this occured over a two day period! Saw this a little last year but not nearly this severe and not on every plant!
Kansas12 June 20186/8/18A McCulloughGardenLenexa, KSSweet Basilmild-moderatevisual inspectionphotos at UConn extension website
Kansas8/27/18Megan Kennellykennelly@ksu.eduhome gardenmanhattan KSsweet basilmoderateyellowing upperside, sporangia visible in the fieldKSU Diagnostic lab microscope
initially mid-August
Early august 2018M CoxGardenOlathe, KSGenovese, matureseverevisually
compare to online
Most plants grown from seed, 2 purchased. All have mold spores under the leaves. Mold returned after trimming all visiibly infected parts about 3 weeks ago.
Kentucky10/1/201809/30/18S. Parkercpa232@uky.eduGardenLexington, KYSweet basilseverevisually
Had been growing strongly, but much continuous rain in the last week, followed by very dewy morning.
Louisiana7/14/182013 yearlyGeorge Athertongnsatherton@att.netgardenBaton Rouge, La.Full GrownSevereLSU plant pathologyconfirmed by pathologist
Maine9/4/189/1/18Jen Joaquinjenjoaquin@ymail.comgardenSouth Portland, MESweet Basil, full grown, multiple plantingsmildvisual
experience w/BDM; confirmed previous reportes
This is the 4th or 5th year that we've had basil downy mildew
Maryland5/20/1813-20 May 2018Daniel Muellerdaniel.c.mueller09@gmail.comFlower Boxes
Montgomery Village, MD
Basil transplantmild-moderatedescription/pictures
photos sent to MT McGrath
First week after transplanting was unusually cool and rainy
Maryland5/31/20185/28/2018Guy Kilpatricghkilpat@umd.eduGreenhouse
Upper Marlboro, MD
Seedlings/full grModeratevisual inspection
Varieties: Dolly and Aroma2, grown from seed purchased from Johnny's Selected Seeds; dark spots under leaves and generalized yellowing. Identified on 1 week old and 3 week old seedlings in cell trays.
Maryland7/14/077/5/17Linda Genoveseljgtennis@comcast.netGardenColumbia,MdBasil Full growncoveredpictures
Massachusetts7/18/187/16/18Annalisa Flynnaflynn@umass.edufieldWhately, MAbasil, 300 ft.mildvisible
10x loupe
Maybe 30% of plants affected on lower leaves.
Massachusetts7/22/187/20/18Jeff Brinerjbbriner@aol.comGardenmarlboro, MASweet Genovese basil, full grownMildSpores visible10x loop
All plants. Had same blight last 3 years at same time of year. Just had a lot of rain with high humidity. Recognizing it early this time. Might even save some by picking OK leaves.
Michigan7/2/18within a weekD.pots on porchOakland Countygrown from Burpee SB seedlweb pics
Michigan8/13/188/1/18Mitchell Swindellmitchellswindell@att.netgardenOakland County, MISweet basil, fully grownSeverevisually
Confirmed by sending photos to MT McGrath.
Spread from one side of my basil planting to the other in about a week (10 ft), completely decimated by basil plants (about 50 or so). started when the weather was dry and was under control, but once the humidity increased spread rapidly.
Michigan9/3/188/30/18Brian Batesfarmerbrian14@gmail.comGreenhousePetoskey, MIEverleafmoderatevisual - under leaf
confirmed by experience and Cornell website
yes seen before, we got rid of all susceptible varieties this year which prolonged our growing window
Minnesota6/29/18Barb Gasterlandbarbski1@comcast.netGardenMinneapolis, MNBasil GenoveseSevereCornell examples
This is the first time I have had this problem.I have two afftected plants, I have other varieties that seem to be fine.
Minnesota7/6/18June 1Jenniferjenniferkosch@yahoo.comraised bed gardenMinneapolis, MNGenovesemoderate to severeweb search
Minnesota7/20/18Around 7/5/18Megan Hayhay03484@stthomas.eduGarden
University of St. Thomas, St. Paul
Sweet basil, seedlings ~4 in. tallSevereTalked to & sent pictures to greenhouse manager, who identified it
~20 affected plants in two separate areas of garden. Likely infected seeds. Started in the university's south greenhouse but did not show symptoms until mid July, about a month and a half after transplant. May also be gray mold
Minnesota7/24/187/15/18Meg Salinemegm@salinelibby.comgardenSt. Paul, MNSweet basil, full grownmoderatevisible
I purchased plants at the St. Paul farmers market, and this is the first time I have ever had this issue. Diagnosed by looking at online sites searched on "basil mildew". Basil started out weak (I thought due to too much moisture) then improved, then worsened with yellow leaves and mildew gray under the leaves.
Minnesota7/26/187/22/18Georgiena Norenegeorgienorene@gmail.comGardenMinneapolis, MNSweet basil, full grownSevereBlack spores
compare to pictures on internet
Garden centers
Minnesota8/9/20188/1/2018Jo Haugenhaugenjo@yahoo.comGardenEagan, MNSweet basil, full grownmoderate
Web search photos match gray discoloration under leaves
Confirmed by sending photos to MT McGrath.
Container garden on 2-story deck; seedlings planted next to mint; spreading rapidly; very hot, humid conditions
Mary Maguire Lerman
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Sweet basilseverevisible
compared to photos
Herb garden- we were just going to begin harvesting from these dozen plants. Hot humid weather this past month. Never seen this disease before
Minnesota8/10/188/1/18Daniel Petersondan@habadapt.comgardenRobbinsdale, MNGenovese basil, Thai basilModerate to Severevisually
Photo and symptom comparison
We had similar issues in 2016, but symptoms hit earlier in the season. This season the symptoms have started once supplemental watering was initiated and harvesting (likely spread due to non-sterilized tools.)
Mary Maguire Lerman
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Pesto Perpetuo-full grown moder-severevisuallyConfirmed by sending photos to MT McGrath.
Mary Maguire Lerman
magui011@umn.eduseveral gardens
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Thai Basilmoderate/severeshedding leaves, sporesThai basil held on for awhile
Minnesota8/31/20183/29/2018Ian YounggardenMinneapolis, MNSweet basil from transplant, 10"moderatevisually
Infections earlier in the year killed seeded Thai Basil and Sweet Basil "Emily" in other areas of the garden.
Mississippi6/7/185/25/18GWindhamgarywindham75@yahoo.combig box storeStarkville, MSSweet basil transplantModerateabundant sporulation
A Windham
St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis, MOSweet basil, matureModerate-Severevisually, internet research
New Hampshire
8/28/18Craig Jensensunmooncraig@gmail.comfield, greenhouseRindge, NHEleonora, Thai and Lime Basilmoderate
visual--we've had this before. confirmed with visiting NRCS rep
confirmed with visiting NRCS rep
Nebraska7/31/187/21/18Tylertmagnuson1@mccneb.edufieldomahabasil fully maturetotal loss
New Jersey6/28/186/28/18
New York06/30/176/1/17John Macdonaldbestsafe@capital.netCambridge, NYgardenSeedlings/full grSevereCornell article
Lost 2 lg plantings in 4 raised beds; 10:1 clorox solution 4" of topsoil w/ black pastic
new York5/2/185/2/18Anthony Dtwinmaker3@msn.comgardenpleasantville,NYbasil transplantseverecornell article
bought at home depot already affected. I noted it after brought home. Progressed rapidly.
New York8/6/187/27/18Kathryn Evanspulrang@frontiernet.netGardenBleecker, NYsweet basil, full grownSevere
black spores on underside of most leaves, downy appearance of spores
death of leaves matches Cornell description
Perhaps accounts for early death of my plants last fall
New York8/28/188/26/18D. Jaffelongdaysfarm99@gmail.comfieldCambridge, NYfull grown Nufar basilmoderategray fuzz under leaves
Confirmed by sending photos to MT McGrath.
dew point 75 seems to have accelerated the problem
New York8/30/20188/22/2018j_n_i@hotmail.comgardenHolland, NYlarge sweet basilseverevisual
hand lens
seen before but never took time to id or confirm
New Yorkbefore 8/13/188/5/18Margaret Tomlinsonmargaretdonsbach@gmail.comgardenCatskill, NYGenovese basil, full grownmoderatedk gray spores on underside of leavesplants grown from seed; had same problem last year
New Yorksummer 2017summer 2017Margaret Tomlinsonmargaretdonsbach@gmail.comgardenCatskill, NYbasil, seed-grownmoderateJohnny's article
had never seem this before on basil, but recognized it as downy mildew and thought the basil had been infected by nearby cucmber and squash plants; will try neem oil this year
New York7/17/18Colleen Marroncolleenjim@optonline.netgardenMiller pl, NYFull grownseverecornell article
North Carolina5/24/20185/24/2018lukepotschapel hilltransplantcoveredpictures
purchased at lowes / all plants have same symptoms when returned to lowes
North Carolina6/30/2018June, 2018Perdita Holtzperdita_holtz@yahoo.comraised bed gardenChapel Hill, NCGenovesemoderate to severeweb search/pics
I lost my 2017 plants to this as well and, if I recall correctly, my 2016 plants also were affected, but not as badly as 2017 and 2018. Home started seed (Botanical Interested, packed for 2010).
North Carolina7/4/186/20/18Susansusancera@alumni.duke.eduGardenRaleigh, NCsweet basil/full grownmoderate to severeCornell examples
We have seen this each of the past few summers. Basil starts out strong and as it matures it gets the mildew.
North Carolina7/16/201807/14/2018Inga Meadowsinga_meadows@ncsu.edufield (sentinel plot)Waynesville, NCSweet basil, full grownMildSpores visible
microscope; experienced reporter
About 10% of plants affected; caught it early probably. Yes, have seen BDM before.
North Carolina7/30/20187/15/2016Piper
Carrboro Community Garden
Carrboro NCall varietiesseverevisual inspection - similar to descriptions, images
North Carolina8/12/188/1/18JoAnne Van Tuyljovantuyl@gmail.comgarden potCarrboro, NCsweet basil, full grownModerate to Severevisually
yellowing, gray spores, wilting
Similar to 2017, though it came later then (September)
North Carolina8/18/18some time since 8/12/18Valerie B.faeriesea@aim.compots outsideAsheville, NC
Italian large-leaf (Ocimum basilicum), mostly full-grown
severevisually (esp. on leaf undersides)
via identifications outlined on,, and
Never seen before. We have been away from house (and plants) since 8/11, and when we returned on 8/18, immediately noticed all our basil plants looked terrible. They SHOULD have good air flow where they are, and are in well-drained soil/pots, but they supposedly got 1.3+ inches of rain just in the past 2 days. So, we assume it has been rainy and humid the past couple of days, but Asheville supposedly (via sites like got NO precipitation for 5 days before conditions should have been dry/less humid for those 5 we're kind of perplexed.
North Carolina9/3/20188/25/2018Tinapots outsideWinston-Salem, NCbasil, seed-grownseverevisuallypurchased plant from local family garden store
North Carolina09/05/1809/01/18Nicole Pritchardincaudill@gmail.comPotted gardenBurlington, NCsweet basil mediummoderatebrowning, then spores under leaf
visual diagnosis
leaves begin to blacked from the outside to the stem, black "moldy" spores creep on underside and move up the plant
North Carolina
Ohio7/16/18just nowSusan Stewartsstewart@ultimatecloth.comearthboxDelaware, OHFull GrownSeveregoogle
Have never seen this before. The plants have been large and healthy with many cuttings - then just started seeing a lighening of the leaves and when I cut some of the healthiest ones, I noticed a grey powdery film on underside of the leaves.
Ohio8/27/188/20/18Brian Raufamilyreyesrau@gmail.comGardenCincinnati, OHSweet BasilSevereFuzzy dark growth underside of leaves, yellowingConfirmed by sending photos to MT McGrath.
Pennsylvania7/26/187/15/18Christina Vuonocevuono@gmail.comgardenPhiladelphia, PAGenovese basil, full gorwnseverevisible
I purchased these plants from store. This is year 3 of blight. We've had constant rain for 4 days. Yes, third year.
PennsylvaniaMid-MayEarly MayJennifer Wthewhatleys.shared@gmail.comWalmartParkersburg, PASweet basil plantSeverevery visible spores on leaves
Possibly purchased with the mildew; husband noted yellowing within first week of purchase (I was out of town)
garden (raised beds)
Philadelphia, PASweet & Genovese, full grownSeverevisually
Compared to photos
We saw this during the past two growing seasons; assumed it was leaf burn; on both purchased plants and seed-grown
Pennsylvania9/11/189/5/18Timothy Ziegertzieger@gmail.comGreenhouseDalton, PAGenoveserModerate
Visual - chlorosis of upper leaf surface distinct from typical deficiencies; observation of brownish spores on abaxial surface
comparison to online descriptions and images; previous experience with downy mildew
We have dealt with downy mildew before. In the late morning summer/autumn months our crops are most succeptable to it, though we typically manage to avoid an outbreak. When the humidity in the greenhouse is too high at night, and the plants aren't dried out quickly enough in the morning, conditions are ripe. This is more common in the late summer/fall because of moderately high temps in the day and cool temps at night, in addition to decreasing daylight hours. We've applied OxiPhos in the past with good results. We applied it to this crop after seeing symptoms, and disposed of the entire crop. We intend to employ preventative measures during this season.
Rhode island8/16/188/10/18Scott Ruhrensruhren@asri.orggarden, pottedWakefield, RIsweet basilmoderatewilting, yellow, gray fuzz underneath
Confirmed by sending photos to MT McGrath.
third year of occurence, bought these plants foodstore organic plants, usually use seed
South Carolina6/25/20186/18/2013Anthony Keinathtknth@clemson.eduGardenCharleston, SCSweet basil, a few plantsSlightSymptoms and sporulation
Microscope; confirmed reporter
Clemson University's Coastal Research and Education Center Urban Research and Demonstration Area. Yes, have seen many times over the years.
Tennessee6/4/185/1/18Gerry O'Neilluglysock@gmail.comGarden CenterOak Ridge, TNBasil transplantsModeratevisual inspection
Seen at local Garden Center, labeled "Papa Joe's Plants." Recognised symptoms. Did not purchase.
Tennessee6/12/186/1/18A Windhamawindham@utk.eduGardenFranklin, TnSweet basil 18"Moderateabundant sporulation
hand lens
Observed in multiple plots in a community garden
Tennessee6/25/18couple of weeks agoMaryanna
pots in front of house
Hendersonvillesweet basil/full grownsevereweb search
I have 3 pots. One pot from last year with old soil is not so bad; 2 other pots with soil bough this year are much more severe.
Tennessee6/27/186/20/18Zach Hansenzhansen1@utk.edufield (sentinel plot)Knoxville, TNSweet basilMildSporulation
microscope; confirmed reporter
University of Tennessee Organic Cropping Unit - basil sentinel plot next to cucurbit downy mildew sentinel plot - had been reported in other parts of Tennessee already this year
Tennessee7/7/18purchased 7/4/18Kristenplant@AMOTHERSITE.COMpots on porch
thompsons station tn
sweet basil/full grownSevereweb search
Tennessee7/28/187/15/18Bill Stanleybill.stanley@gmail.comGardenKnoxville, TNLemon basil, nursury plantsSevereBlack spores, gray leavesVisual
Purchesed from local nursery, have seen this the past several years; had to throw away entire planting early this year (Aug 5)
Texas4/7/184/2/18LaRae Alcidorlralcidor@gmail.comPasadena, Txgardenbasil transplantsmoderatedescription/picturesaffected 2 plantings
Texas5/15/185/5/18Sarah AGardenAustin, TXBasil transplants/seedingsModeratePictures
Vermont9/1/20188/29/18Althea Spenceralthea.spencer@gmail.comGardenSpringfield, VTSweet basil, matureSevere
Visual - brown spots on leaves, black spores on underside of leaf
Unconfirmed, reasearched online- compared photos and description
First year garden, plants grown from seed. Plants were healthy prior and we were able to harvest leaves in early/mid August. No irrigation in our garden, we'll try increasing plant spacing next year. Several of our crops had mildew issues this year, we've had periods of rain and high humidity since mid July.
Vermont9/3/189/1/18Tatiana Schreibertatianas@sover.netgarden
Westminster West, VT
sweet basil and genovese, full grownmoderatevisual - yellowing on top surface, brown spores underneath
Virginia5/1/184/27/18Chris Lewisvlmchris@aol.comNewport News,VAGardenBasil transplantsSevereBlack spores under leafPurchased plants 4/27/18. Probably already infected
Virginia05/01/1805/18/18Jamie Harrisharris.charliebrown@gmail.comGardenVirginia Beach, VABasil transplantModeratedescription/picturespurchased Sweet and Pesto Party Basil from Home Depot
Virginia5/23/18May 2018Courtney AGardenChantilly, VAbasil full grownmoderate/severepictures
had 2 different basil plants from different stores, one was infected (from home depot), then it moved to the next plant (local nursrey) the following day
Virginia6/2/185/30/18Jill Pollokjrp5078@vt.eduGardenMachipongo, VABasil PlantsModerateSpores Visible
Virginia6/5/185/25/18Jose Garciajosefg1@vt.eduCommunity gardenPungoteague, VAbasil plantsSevereSpores Visible
Virginia7/28/187/14/18John Lambrightlambrightjj@yahoo.comgardenVirginia Beach, VASweet, Genoa Basil Grownsevarevisible all leaves
Purchased some from home depot others from Burpee and Ferry Morse Seed.
Virginia7/30/187/20/18E. CoopergardenFairfax, VAsweet basil - full grownmoderatespores and fuzz
Virginia7/31/20187/26/2018Jenny De SotoDeSoto.ja@gmail.comGardenRichmond , VASweet basil, transplantsModerateBlack spores visible underside of leaves
Virginia8/4/20188/1/18Sarah Graingersarahgrainger09@gmail.comgardenVienna, VAsweet basil, full grownmoderateblack spores on underside of some leaves
Home Depot in May. Beautiful bush until leaves started to curl in a couple days ago then mildew visible today on about 20% today, perhaps due to excessive rain
Virginia9/16/189/10/18Zelalem Mershazmersha@vsu.eduField, Sentinel PlotPetersburg, VAGenovese, maturesevereVisuallyyes
West Virginia8/6/188/3/18Mahfuz Rahmanmm.rahman@mail.wvu.eduGreenhouseMorgantown, WVSweet basil, seedlings ~4 in. tallmoderateSporangia, microscopic
confirmed reporter
Needed non chemical control option
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