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Primrose LoeblGoFundMeHello, my name is Conrad Loebl and I’m asking for your help today to help my best friend and mother, Primrose, from displacement, who is also currently battling Stage 3 Lung Cancer. She has now been displaced by the fires in Lahaina, as the family who owns the space she is residing, needs to move in after losing their home to the fires. My mother moved back to Maui 8 years ago to finish out her days back home where she, as well as my brothers and I, were born and raised. The money we raise will help with moving costs, as well as securing a residency for a time so she can focus on her health. As you can imagine, space is very limited on the island as thousands of people have lost their homes, and rent is not cheap. My mother had a previously unique situation that allowed for her stay where shes been since moving in from Portland. My mother and many family members have endured a large amount of stress, grief and trauma, and this would help alleviate some of the stress my mother already has to deal with battling for her health. Please help if possible.
Tony & NoeGoFundMeThis is Tony and his father Noe. Tony is born and raised in Lahaina. Noe has been a resident of Lahaina for almost 20 years. Tony is 13 years old and has a heart condition which requires him to be on a 24 hour monitored pacemaker. Noe is a hard working single father who does his best to support his son and make him happy. On August 8th 2023, they lost their home and all of their belongings to the Lahaina wildfires. Noe also lost all of his work and means to support him and Tony. They are currently being temporarily housed at a Kaanapali resort and they don’t know how much longer that will last. They have received very little financial support in comparison to what was lost and what is needed to start over. Because of Tony’s heart condition he is unable to do most of the things he loves such as sports, paddling, swimming etc. Tony does love video games. Thanks to some funding I was able to put together I was able to get Tony a PlayStation 5 and some new clothes to go back to school with. It’s a good start but there’s still a long way to go before life for Tony and Noe begin to feel normal and stable again. They had no luck with their donation page they started through spot fund so I created them a go fund me and made this video in hopes to spread awareness and raise every dollar possible to get them back on track. Please contribute however you can even if it’s just sharing this post, this video or this story. Despite everything they have been through, Tony is a positive and kind young man who deserves to get back to a level of stability and normalcy in his life. Also, Tony is part of the make a wish foundation and his wish is to meet Dwayne The Rock Johnson, he has been waiting over 3 years since they put in that request.
Carino-Valiente FamilyGoFundMeAloha, My name is Mellian Valiente from Lahaina. Family of 5. (3adults,5yrs old, 22days old baby boy) We are one of the victim from lahaina wildfire last august 8. I decided to make the go fund me even if its late. We had lost everything and im organizing this fund for my family to start all over again. In this hard time, we humbly asking/ requesting any amount of donations. This funds help us to recover from this tragic event.
We are thankful for all your support and generosity. We appreciated all the help and prayers to my family.
Christel Bermudez & LeoGoFundMeAfter submitting my family members for help I guess I have found myself needing a little bit of help as well. I was hesitant to ask for help since so many have lost way more than I did and I hate asking for help unless I really need it. The decision to leave Maui was tough but is much needed. My boyfriend and I already talked about moving to the mainland last year (“by next year” we said, which is now this year!) The fire was the most ugliest, unwelcomed push. Unemployment isn’t enough to sustain our lives here, so we decided to make room on the west side for the people that really need it the most. Donations go toward baggage fees and flights for our three cats, apartment necessities (bed, blankets, etc), and transportation funds while we wait for our vehicle to ship out. I also have an Amazon registry if you’d like to help out that way as well.
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Randall & Melissa OkanoGoFundMeRandall & Melissa Okano along with our entire Ohana lost everything home their truck and all their memories. I know we are late at getting them assistance but I am hoping to help get them some blessings to help get their lives back on track and peace of mind not having to worry about finances on top of everything else. We appreciate your Kokua. Or Donate via Venmo
Saori Okazaki ArnoldGoFundMeMy friend, Saori Arnold lost everything - her home, belongings, and cars - during the Lahaina Fire on August 8, 2023. The only silver lining was that her entire family, including her seven dogs, managed to escape without major injuries, although it was a close call. Saori and her family continued to move for emergency evacuation, and it wasn't until early the next morning that they finally found a bit of calm in 25 miles distance from Lahaina. Unfortunately, her self-employed jewelry studio for "Piece of Ocean Maui", the center of her livelihood, was also completely destroyed. Despite these challenges, she has been utilizing the limited tools and materials to turn the shelter unit into both a living space and a studio. Slowly but surely, she is rebuilding her business for the future. Her hope is to open a dedicated studio soon and work towards stabilizing her family's life. As a friend, I have initiated this fund with the aim of gradually repurchasing the lost tools and materials, supporting her in restarting of her dream as soon as possible. I sincerely hope that many of you can join in providing warm encouragement and assistance. Your generous support is greatly appreciated. Yours faithfully, Yoshihiro Kogure
Katrina & Alfie MalapiraVenmoAloha My name is Kathrina Malapira we are a family of 5 lost everything from the apartment.I have 3 small kids and any amount can help.God Bless everyone!
Martinez 'OhanaGoFundMeSingle mother with 6 children and one grandchild all born and raised here on the island . We are devastated to see our home town go up in flames we barley made it out . we are asking the community for help. We suffered like many from the fire. We lost our homes, we lost our jobs, and we lost our beautiful city . We barley made it out. Please if there’s anything you can to help we would really appreciate it. God bless you guys and God be with us all.
Edna LanaVenmoAloha, my name is Edna Lana and I'm a victim of the Lahaina wildfire. I lost the apartment I'm renting, my old car and everything. All I have was my one uniform as I worked that day. My daughter and her boyfriend was staying with me, till they found a place then the tragedy happens and their belongings got burnt too. Also, my job was affected too, not sure when the store will be open as water got contaminated.
Please help so I could replenish what I've lost and start over again.
Mahalo for your love, kindness and support.
Jhoana Maica Agbayani,
Aiden, Leah, Leo Agcaoili
GoFundMeMy family lost everything from the lahaina wild fire that happen on august 8,2023. We lost our home, Cars and all our personal belongings. Any amount will help my family get back on our feet. Mahalo
Juilliet Martinez & FamilyGoFundMeHello my name is Juilliet Martinez I was born in raised Maui Hawaii my home is Lahaina for as long as I can remember. From king Kamehameha 3 to Lahaina intermediate all the way to Lahaina Luna that town is my home my place our daughter was also born here and we were hoping to raise her here . The day of the fire we almost got stuck but because of a friend’s husband we were able to flee and with our family . if it wouldn’t have been for that Safeway run I think we would have perished too . We left with nothing but medical paper for our daughter. Both me and my partner are Lahaina Luna graduates and worked in front street a block away from our home . We like many other lost everything so any Kokua would be appreciated . we give all our mahalo to every person that has helped us threw this . We are beyond grateful for everything everyone had done and that we are all okay . God bless you all and multiply it back to you . If possible we also ask for prayer for family and myself mahalo ❤️ #lahainastrong
George DacuycuyGoFundMeBorn in 1948 in Ho'olehua, Uncle George Dacuycuy is a revered U.S. veteran who, alongside his partner Aunty Harrilyn, faced the heartbreak of losing their Lahaina apartments to the raging August wildfires. (Aunty lived in the building across of him.) While grateful for the temporary relief from the American Red Cross & FEMA, the looming end of hotel accommodations and daunting housing choices from the Hawaii Public Housing Authority (HPHA) weighs heavily on him. Leaving Maui and all his family behind isn't an option as offered by HPHA who maintains they only have inventory on outer islands. It's been a series of unfortunate events from almost losing his own life, to mourning his last surviving sibling, to facing a 5 year housing waitlist crisis for seniors; the undue stress and anxiety is becoming unbearable and leaning towards depression. On the flip side, as he grapples with securing permanent housing, he's humbled by the outpouring of support shown during these hard times. Your donations will directly aid Uncle George's housing quest, restoring his peace, stability and sanity. Mahalo for your contribution.
Pilapil Family (Mario & Buenaventurada)GoFundMeMy name is Ronnie, my parents went on vacation for my dad’s retirement. My dad worked hard for how many years here in Maui. My mom had a stroke while they were on vacation and now their coming back to Maui to a burnt house and nothing left for them. They lost thier car, all their belongings including their cash money in the safe (they’re thinking that it’s impossible to have a wildfire in hawaii) losing the total amount goal of this gofundme that shows above. We are not aiming to replace the whole amount but we still believe that there are good people with a gold heart to help them financially and my mom to recover. Please if you could help my parents to get back on their feet . Mahalo to all of you. God bless
Topinio & Agbayani ʻOhana (Janice, Robinson, Althea Jane)GoFundMeI, Janice Agbayani, together with my Ohana, Robinson Topinio and our 7 years old daughter, was affected from the wild fire in lahaina on 8/8/2023. Due to no signals and warning we had lose our home, vehicle and all our belongings. We are trying to get back of finding a place to stay and asking for some help to get all we need to provide for our daughter.
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Hernandez Arvizu Family (Valentin, Alejandra, Luis, José, Emma, & Edwin)GoFundMeMi nombre es Alejandra Arvizu mi esposo Valentin juntos con nuestros 4 hijos de 10, 8 ,4 y 1 perdimos nuestro hogar todas nuestras pertenencias personaless y nuestros carros en incendio de lahaiana gracias a dios todos salimos con bien cualquier ayuda nos servirá a seguir adelante. Al igual que muchos otros, no tenemos ropa, pañales, fórmula, leche, lo esencial. Perdimos todo y no tenemos nada con nosotros. Actualmente estamos en uno de los refugios. Lo importante es que todos estemos bien, seguros y juntos. Por favor, cualquier cosa ayuda. Cualquier pequeña ayuda para mí cualquier mi familia. Estamos tan agradecidos por todo la ayuda. ¡Gracias!

English Translation:
My name is Alejandra Arvizu. My husband Valentin and our 4 children who are 10, 8, 4, and 1 years old lost our home and all our belongings, and vehicles in the Lahaina fire. Through God’s grace we are all in good health. Any assistance will help us move forward. Just like many others we don’t have clothes, diapers, formula, milk, any essentials. We lost everything and having nothing on us. We are currently at one of the shelters. The important this is that we’re all okay and safe and together. Please anything helps. Any little bit helps for me any my family. Truly grateful and appreciative . Thank you!

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Reynon 'OhanaGoFundMeAs I breakdown in tears writing this feeling helpless I need to do something for my family. My mom was just saying yesterday how she had spent too much money on groceries and was afraid it would all go bad due to the power outage from hurricane Dora’s wind. She did not know then that would be the least of her worries. Our town, our schools, our memories, jobs, cars, and our childhood home all burnt down to ash.. where will they go? What is left?My mom and dad are godly people and believe they can overcome any obstacle through god although I am asking for help, if anyone anyway can help I hope this reaches you. They’ve been through a lot of fighting in the last year and I know they need any ounce of help they may obtain.
Green Family (Dylan, Katyana, Lillian, Liliani, Oliver Green)GoFundMeWe are beyond thankful that our little family made it out safely, even our animals, along with the rest of my family in town. Dylan and I were home with our 9 yearl old and our 2 week old(at the time). We, like most others, completely lost everything. Anything helps.
Raboy 'OhanaVenmoAloha. My name is Riz. On August 08, we lost everything we had in the Lahaina Fire. Please consider helping us. We are grateful for the love, prayers and your generosity. God Bless.
Linaea DaltonVenmoI lost my home and all belongings like so many of us. I will be placed somewhere else other than here on the West side of Maui. So my home and where I call home are both gone.Thank you to all the charities and programs that have helped get me this far.
Nakamura ʻOhana (Ryan, Sibel, & Ryan Jr.)GoFundMeHello, my name is Ryan Nakamura. We lost our house in the Lahaina wildfires. It shames me to extend my hand for funds. I never wanted to ask for handouts. But this is a unique and devastating situation. I served in Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom. I retired with a battered psyche. This is, by far, harder to deal with than any War. There are many in far worse situations than myself, but I must look after my wife Sibel, and seven-year-old son Ryan Jr.
It took me over 30 years to finally have a home where I was born and raised. Just 2 years later it is gone. I don't know how things will turn out. I feel like I am not even at the starting point yet. So please help out Lahaina... If not specifically for me... please help out one of the many families in need. You will not have trouble finding them. The funds received will be used to aid in our recovery process. I am not a word smith and for those of you who know me, I am a man of few words and have difficulty expressing my thoughts and emotions. I thank you (from the bottom of my heart) in advance. MAHALO.
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Fernandez and Sumngat Family (Angelica, Christine, Mark, John, Freddie and Evangeline)GoFundMe Aloha! My name is Angelica Sumngat and we are one among the many families in Lahaina who lost a rental home that belonged to my aunt and uncle. Beside from their home that is gone, one week ago before the wildfire, my uncle passed away. While his family was grieving and preparing for the burial service, their house and belongings were destroyed. We know, lots of us have been asking for help but if anyone would like to extend their help, we are are grateful. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Mahalo.
Pamela Greenwood-VeraGoFundMeI have lived on Maui for almost 30 years. Thankfully, myself and my family were all able to make it safely out of Lahaina to the the night of the fire. My home is one that survived the fire but i am unsure if I will be allowed to stay in my home once the demolition phase starts as I am very near the burn zone and we are being told the conditions could be toxic. I have been self-employed for 15 years at Island Bookkeeping Solutions. My business is dependent upon many other businesses that operate in Lahaina. Sadly, more than half of my client’s businesses were lost to the fire and several more will not survive the aftermath of the fires, leaving me unemployed. This, in addition to the possibility of having to leave my home of over 13 years, is weighing heavily on me. I am humbly asking for help.
Kenolio 'OhanaVenmoAloha, my family of 4 soon to be 5, were one of many affected by the wildfire. We (JR and Kanoe) are born and raised in Lahaina and our families have strong roots to Lahaina. Our home was sown back into the land and we are believing that God will recover all in time. Mahalo for your generosity and kokua during this time!
Savou and Bloomfield ʻOhana (Tui, Laumanu, Viene Si'i, Kava, Tuiasi Jr., Ofa, Paula, Apikale, Catherine, Fisimani, & Marybeth)GoFundMeThis is for a best friend who has lost everything in the fires in Lahaina. The funds donated here will go directly to her and her family of 11 to help them with supplies and finding permanent housing. Oh Savou became my bestie on the phone when I called to make some arrangements at the hotel we were staying at. She has a heart of gold and a love for God and her family.
We instantly bonded and have reminded in contact since. We all are hurting for our neighbors and wish we could do something, please consider donating to her family to rebuild, they have lost everything. Let’s show our neighbors some love ❤️ from here.
Restoration of Kamehameha Iki & the preservation of Hui Waa O KauluaGoFundMeThe purpose of this fund goes beyond mere monetary support. It's an embodiment of our interconnectedness, a testament to our shared humanity. Funds raised will be thoughtfully directed towards providing essentials – sustenance, clean water, supplies. We're dedicated to playing a role in the restoration of Kamehameha Iki, in preserving the spirit that lives within these walls. We're equally committed to supporting the vital purpose of Hui Waa O Kaulua, an emblem of our enduring resilience.
Cij Laniakea Chee, Teliyah Napoleon (11), Kailani Napoleon (4), & Tyde Napoleon (2)VenmoMy kids & I arrive to Lahaina December 2022, feeling domestic violence and starting over. Had our own apartment at Weinberg, a job lined up, and kids enrolled in school right away. On August 8th everything I worked hard for was taken away within minutes. Currently being sheltered from Redcross at Papakea, eviction on Oct 31. Waiting on an extension.
Dela Cruz Family (Rogelio & Nida)GoFundMeHi my name is Charmagne and i am helping my aunty Nida and uncle Rogelio who lived in Lahaina and their house was one of the not so lucky ones that got destroyed from the wild fire.. we are trying to earn fund to help them get back on their feet.. any amount will be helpful.. Much mahalo
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Ka ‘Ohana Kaneakua (Jay, Hope, Jireh & Adonai)GoFundMeAloha my name is Hope Kaneakua. My husband and I along with our two beautiful children + our pup had lost everything. We literally just moved sixteen days to Lahaina before August 8th. So with that said, we can’t get any help or relief funds due to not having any proof of residency. My ‘ohana is safe and we’re altogether. With that, we are blessed. We are more than grateful for any help in any way mahalo nui loa
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Ko ʻOhana (Kawehi, Deborah, Nainoa, Kamaka, La'akea, Xylia & Peyton)GoFundMeWe are ʻOhana Ko (Kawehi & Deborah) family of seven- our keiki aging 23 to 3 (Nainoa, Kamaka, Laʻakea, Xylia & Peyton). Fifth generation family here on the beautiful island of Maui. We are completely heartbroken as we not only lost our home of 21 years but lost our beautiful & historic Lahaina Town due to the Lahaina wild fire on August 8th, 2023. We are fortunate to have our lives & are grateful for the community in which we live. This fund is to help our family rebuild our lives. We appreciate your love & prayers. Mahalo
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Utrillo 'OhanaGoFundMeAloha, my name is Stefania, and I’m raising funds for my dear friends, Tyrene and Jojo Utrillo, and their 3-year-old son, Linkin. I first met Tyrene a decade ago, and I was immediately drawn to her humility and peaceful demeanor. She has been a wonderful friend to me ever since.Unfortunately, their townhouse burned down in the fires. Now, they are back at their family house in Lahainaluna, having to overlook the disaster zone. Tyrene and Linkin escaped the fires with a neighbor, and JoJo watched his hometown burn from the top of the road. I’m hoping to raise enough money to help them through this unimaginably difficult time. Every dollar will go directly to their bank account for basic needs, healthcare, rebuilding, and whatever else is needed as time goes on. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated, Mahalo.
Hernandez Padilla FamilyGoFundMeThis family, including their 94 year old father, successfully fled the fire in Lahaina. Sadly, their nephew perished.
Wilson ʻOhanaGoFundMe My name is Nicole and I'm fundraising for my family who live in Lahaina, Maui that was recently destroyed by a devastating fire. The fire spread so quickly they fled in house slippers, grabbing what they could. A few belongings, the two dogs, and only one of a few cats. They lost the house. My aunt Ann Carroll- her daughter, my cousin Ashlan & her husband Steve, along with their two daughters. They lost everything.
Vergara FamilyGoFundMeAloha! Any amount will be a greatly appreciated. Our family lost our home in Aulike Street along with my dad’s car. We very blessed that all our family members are safe. Mahalo for your thoughts and prayers. May God bless you!
Jason & Yesenia ElizaGoFundMeTheir names are Yesenia and Jason. They were complete strangers to me until that Tuesday afternoon when they were driving on Front Street trying to get to Honokowai for safety. She saw a silhouette on the road and wasn’t sure if it’s a person. That silhouette was mine, I was shouting for help! There were a few cars before them that drove past me and didn’t help. Yesenia asked Jason to stop so I can get in their car! She was 8 months pregnent! They had to quickly evacuate their place they didn’t get to bring anything with them! As in nothing, not even a bottle of water! THESE 2 SAVED MY LIFE!!! I could be just a “body count” by now if they didn’t help me. They could have just dropped me off somewhere in Lahaina away from the fire only for me to beg people again to give me a ride. She will give birth soon. I WANNA DO SOMETHING FOR THEM! Help me help them!
Misti Kotter & Olivia KotterVenmoAloha, my name is Misti Kotter. Thank am born and raised on Maui and from Lahaina. On August 8, 2023 my wife, our two cats and I lost our home just like the rest of my family, my neighbors and my community did that day. It has been a struggle to jump through all of the hoops to find help and continued assistance. One of my jobs burned to the ground and we our laid off of our other job at the moment. Asking for any help we can get at the moment. Mahalo.
Peachie Garcia & Alessio SabinoGoFundMeAloha! My name is Peachie Garcia. I have made Maui my home for the past 16 years. My son, Alessio Sabino, and I are heartbroken by the loss of both our homes, our town, and workplace. I have been a teacher at King Kamehameha III Elementary School since 2009. Alessio attended KKIII and has been serving the school community as the IT Tech support for the past 3 years. We love KKIII and the Lahaina community of friends whom we now call our Maui ohana. We are so grateful for family, friends, and community members who have continuously been providing us support during this difficult time. We pray for healing of families as they grieve their losses. Mahalo in advance for the kindness and generosity you can offer us as we rebuild our lives.
Blake Parrish Drewry VenmoBlake Parrish Drewry is a fisherman in Lahaina, the fire took everything from him. Including his home, vehicle, and job. Blake has been helping and giving to those also in need, he helped get hundreds of surfboards from Oahu to give to those who lost everything. He has such a big heart and loves Lahaina and Maui.
Fox Family (Walter, Rosalie, Nathaniel Fox) & Dalipe Family (my dad, Federico & mom, Leonida)VenmoAloha! My name is Rosalie Fox and we are one among many families in Lahaina who lost their home. My mom&dad lost their home as well. I have a child as well. Aside from our home that is gone, my work place in Front St is gone as well. Currently, we are all staying together during this difficult time. We know, lots of us have been asking for help but if anyone would like to extend their help, we are are grateful. Any amount is greatly appreciated.
Rosales Family (Antonelle, Hanzel, Andreizel, Aezhelle An, and Hanzel Jr.)VenmoMy family is a resident of Lahaina. We are 5 in the family including my husband & 3 kids. We are very lucky that we are able to get out of the fire but unfortunately our belongings & house got burned down. Any help big or small is greatly appreciated. Thank you for the love & support.
Galvante ʻOhanaGoFundMeGood day sir/mam. My name is marinel pilapil Galvante a resident of lahaina Hawaii USA. I am one of the casualty who have gone a house and everything from the wild fire disaster.I am asking for any help specially financially right now so i could start and rebuild a home and start again my normal life. Any donation would help . Thank you
Shirley ChungGoFundMeAloha. We’re asking for help for our 91 year old grandma. She lost everything and we mean EVERYTHING to fire. She fled with just an overnight bag, never imagining this. She didn’t just loose her long time home, but also her town. The town she raised her kids. The town where she and her husbsnd owned The Lahaina Poi Factory and made poi for all of Maui until the 70s. She is safe and now with her daughter and son in law. We are asking for any help possible because she (they) were way, Way, WAYYY underinsured. Never has it been more true that, every dollar counts. She needs EVERYTHING. Clothes, shoes, food etc. Hopefully soon she will have a permanent home and this money would help with ALL home furnishings, cleaning. supplies, food, condiments etc. Any kōkua helps. Every dollar adds up. Please share.
Harrilyn RobelloGoFundMeOur beloved parents, Harrilyn and George, residents of Wainee Street, found themselves in the heart of this nightmare. With no advance warning and just seconds to spare, they fled their burning complex, leaving behind years of possessions and cherished memories. While we are profoundly grateful they escaped, the raging flames spared nothing they owned. Their home, once a sanctuary, is now sadly reduced to ashes. Your love, prayers, and support during these challenging times have been a beacon of hope for our ohana and our community. While our hearts swell with gratitude for our parents' safety, we also send out thoughts and prayers to everyone affected from the aftermath. Let's unite in supporting those broken by this tragedy.
TADEO/LARROBIS/TABUCBUC ʻOHANAVenmoAloha friends and family, I am humbly asking for your support in these desperate times. Please consider donating to help rebuild and get through these next few days, weeks and months to come. We lost everything in the fire but we are very thankful we are all alive and well. My daughter was all ready to leave for college that week, all her packed bags are engulfed by the fire. Zaiden- the newest member of the Ohana, born 8/8/2023(the day of the fire) lucky to get to the hospital on time.We appreciate all the help.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Ramos Family (Wally, Nida, Manuel, and Jose Ramos)GoFundMeMy family is one of many that got affected by the Maui fires in Lahaina. Our grandparents home, where our family lived in is gone. With very short notice of the fire spreading, they were only able to escape the flames with the clothes on their back. They have no home to come back to. Their house was the main house everyone would go to when visiting Maui. It was all of our second home.
Maui Kupa'aGoFundMeThe purpose of this fund goes beyond mere monetary support. It's an embodiment of our interconnectedness, a testament to our shared humanity. Funds raised will be thoughtfully directed towards providing essentials – sustenance, clean water, supplies. We're dedicated to playing a role in the restoration of Kamehameha Iki, in preserving the spirit that lives within these walls. We're equally committed to supporting the vital purpose of Hui Waa O Kaulua, an emblem of our enduring resilience.
Hawaii FabricationGoFundMeHawaii Fabrication, a local small business, was destroyed last week in the Lahaina Fire. Located in the heart of Lahaina in "ground zero" our work trucks, base yard, welding, and sheet metal shop, were 100% destroyed in the fire. Our complete loss is over $300,000 (not including our buildings) As we work alongside other local companies to clean our community; our number one need is a mobile welding service truck. We will use all donations to cut up metal, steel, and rebar, and clean out building materials to help search and rescue teams enter into safer environments. With your help, we can begin the community cleanup and rebuild Lahaina.
Your donation will be used to purchase; Welding Equipment, Steal Cutting Saws, Grinders, Welder Generator, Oxy acetylene torch, PPE (to keep our team safe), Hand and Power Tools. Mahalo, for your help to get us back on our feet. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!
Carleigh MunzGoFundMeAloha, my name is Carleigh Munz. I lived in an apartment in Lahaina with my two cats, Kalua and Mochi. When the fires began I only managed to leave with my cats and a small bag of personal items. While it seems like my apartment may still be standing, I have not been able to get any information on whether anything inside is salvageable or if we'll ever be able to return. I have since re-located to Minnesota to stay with family while we wait to find out when and if we can get access to assess the damage. Any help would be so greatly appreciated as the re-locating and starting from scratch costs are really adding up. Wishing everyone the best and sending lots of love to my Lahaina Community! I hope to return soon!
Jacob CornellVenmoI lost my house and all of my belongings in the Lahaina fire. I lived at Shark Pit at the south end of Front St. I have been unemployed for the last two months as well.
Kamāhie Baricuatro & Rayden DekneefVenmoMy name is Kamāhie Baricuatro. I am from Lahaina Maui. My fiancé (Rayden/Kanaloa DeKneef and I were living on property of my childhood home at the time of the fire. Both my childhood house and the house we were living in, along with my mom’s other tenants, did not survive the Lahaina fire on August 8th. Kanaloa and I were not able to gather any of our belongings because we were stuck at the Police road block at the bottom of Lahianaluna Rd. when the fire started to move down the hill. Kanaloa and I jumped out of our friends truck and ran up Lahainaluna where we caught my mom pulling out of our driveway with my dog and sister in the car. We were able to stop down the road to get my grandma, who was home alone at the time. We were able to navigate the maze of down polls, trees, and roof and escaped safely heading towards Kahului, only to turn around and see our home blanketed with a thick cloud of black smoke and flames taller than the buildings. We are so very fortunate to only have lost material belongings, but we are sad knowing we left my dads ashes behind and all our memories and photos in our home is now gone. Anything is more than a blessing. Mahalo nui for your help.
Susan NealyGoFundMeGrabbed my handbag and threw a sarong around my person and drove north 2 miles to a friends place. All basics must be replaced… no job as tourists are gone. Scant unemployment, was not on the job long enough. Starting again at 68. Any kindness appreciated.
Kerry Buitrago and David Foss GoFundMeAloha my name is Kerry and my boyfriend Dave and I, our cat Mai tai and chihuahua Taquito, lost our condo and everything in it, as well as my car. We lived at 1010 Front street. I evacuated on foot down baby beach while Dave stayed behind trying to put out the flames and saw our condo catch fire and tried to get out in his van but had to jump out and get into the ocean near the rock wall until rescued by the coast guard. We loved our beautiful town of Lahaina. Any help is greatly appreciated during this heartbreaking time. Or donate via Venmo.
Somers Family (Miranda and Ninoska)GoFundMeI have been in Maui for 30 years and have always loved Lahaina for it's charm and Hawaiian feel. As the fires on 08/08/23 ravaged through it, because of the huge wind storm and dry surroundings, we lost everything that we own, many of them irreplaceable. I’m thankful to have made it out alive with all my loved ones, but my heart is broken for the people and the town that I grew up as young adult and gave me so much throughout the last 30 years. Please help us so we could stay and help.Very much appreciated, Ninoska and Miranda. Or donate via Venmo.
Flores Family (Mariel Ann, Ariel, Adriel Matthew, Azriel Mackenzie and
Avrielle Maelie)
GoFundMeAloha! As most of you know, my family and I lost our home and our daily car due to the devastating wildfire that happened on August 8, 2023. If you are able to help in any way, for us to get back on our feet, it would mean so much to us. We truly appreciate any and everything you are able to give. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, MAHALO!
Lorenzo Family (Paolo, Glorymae, Damian Zack and Sofia Sage) Bagay Family (Allen) & Suguitan Family (Mary Jane)VenmoWe lived by Kuhua Street near the pioneer mill. We lost everything, our home, belongings and a car. The things that I and my husband worked hard for how many years for our kids. We have a 7 month old daughter and a 5 year old son who supposed to start kindergarten the next day after the fire. Things happened so fast that we couldn't save anything for our kids or ourselves. After the day of the fire, we weren't able to go to work but we still need to pay for our bills, that's why I've made the decision to ask for some financial. Please help us to get back on our feet, to start a new life. We can't thank each of you guys but please know that we appreciate all your prayers and help. May God bless us all.
Cicchino Family (Andreza, Ellie, and Mike)GoFundMeThe Cicchino Family lost their home and both of their businesses while running for their lives. They are trying to get back on their feet and provide some normalcy, certainty, and eventually joy to their 5 year old daughter Ellie. Please read their story in the gofundme. This HEROIC family risked their lives over and over and over again to save others. They saved so many strangers and would have done the same for your family if they had been there that day, even your furry best friend. They rescued them too!
Nakagawa Family (Haruo and Lillian)GoFundMeOn August 8, Haruo and Lillian Nakagawa lost their home in the Lahaina wildfires. The house was passed down by Lilian’s mom Yoshiko Masuda (fondly known throughout the Lahaina community as “Grandma”). Barely escaping the fires, they had to quickly evacuate with no time to grab any of their belongings which were all lost in the fire as well. Originally from Maui, the family moved to Molokai in the 60’s and moved back to Lahaina where they’ve called home for the last 30 years. They have 3 children, Ann, Kim, and Ray, two of whom lived with them and also lost everything. In addition to dealing with their loss from the Lahaina fire, a few weeks afterward their Molokai home was broken into and vandalized. In support of Haruo and Lillian, we have started a Go Fund Me for those who would like to help the family.
Aveado Family (Balbino IV, Christine, Cornelius, & Balbino V)GoFundMeAloha, I’m a single dad of three kids and we have been displaced by the fire that happen in Lahaina. We would be much grateful for any donations that could help me and my little family thank you much Mahalos in advance, Aloha and have a blessed day!
Or donate via Venmo
Recites family (Mel, Dex, Sophia, & Aleiya)VenmoMy family and I were living on Aulike st in Lahaina. Like most people, our house didn’t make it and also my place of work on front st. We are born and raised here on Maui and have two girls 3 & 6. We are beyond thankful and appreciative of any blessings given. Mahalo!
Or donate to their GoFundMe shared with extended family here
Amanda Vierra, Ivan Ayudan, Konner, & IsaiahGoFundMeMy family and I were living in my boyfriends great grandmothers home next door to his mother and up the road from his grandma who just died of cancer in June. We lost all three homes that day as well as my job at West Maui Sports and all of my boyfriends tools for carpentry. We were able to make it out with our dog and cat but wasn’t able to grab anything else. It’s been a struggle getting things together and with school and transportation and all the forms and paperwork needed to be done just to get help to be able to make it. But barely. It has been through random people we have been able to stay afloat and it amazes me on the kindness people have . No one on our street made it out. It’s scary to believe we could have been apart of that…… I’m thankful for anything that anyone can do.
Or donate via Venmo
Tamayo Family (Joel & Debra)VenmoDisplaced because of the Maui wildfire.
Magnus TeixeiraVenmoAloha, my home and workplace burned in the Lahaina Wildfires. Any help is appreciated.
Or donate to Magnus & Friends via GoFundMe | GoFundMe 2
Roxanne and Rodney Medeiros GoFundMeMy aunty Roxanne Kinores-Medeiros and Uncle Rodney Medeiros have called Lahainaluna road home since 1984. A Lahainaluna HS Alumni class of 1974, Lahaina runs through Roxanne’s blood. The loss of the town is something she may never recoup from. It hurts to the core of who she is that the ace she has spent most of her life is gone. They have no had access to their property however they know everything is completely lost. There’s nothing to ‘go back to’ and it is very sad.
Morales Vazquez Family (Rocio & Dylan)GoFundMeMe and my son - we used to live in the Front Street Apartments. I worked as a prep worker for old Lahaina Luau and he works at Leodas Kitchen and Pie Shop. We lost like many others everything. But thank God we made it out alive. I'm supposed to go into surgery next month on Oahu, but it got postpone due to the situation we are in right now. Any funds will go towards helping us get back in our feet anything and rebuild as we recover from the destruction and loss the fire brought.
Like many families our road to recovery is long so any help is truly appreciated it. I do know a lot families are going thru the same so any amount helps truly! May God bless Lahaina town and our community and thank to you so much for taking the time to read this god bless and aloha.
Or donate via Venmo | Venmo 2
Topinio ʻOhana (Juliet, Nathaniel, & Julien)GoFundMeAloha, my name is Juliet Topinio and I’m fundraising for my family who were affected by the wildfires in Lahaina Maui. It’s really heartbreaking to see our home gone, memories, and all of our belongings! But we are still very bless that all our families are safe, and most specially my 8 month old boy, his name is JULIEN and that’s all that matters. We just need your support to start over and we appreciate any blessings we receive. Aloha and Mahalo from Topinio Ohana. Maui Strong!!!
Nancy Morales Vazquez & FamilyGoFundMeHi to whoever is reading this my name is Ashley Angeles I am 21 years old and on August 8,2023 me and my entire family lost our home due to the fire in Lahaina, Maui we have lived in Lahaina our whole lives and now many people have lost family members, homes and our sweet hometown we call Lahaina I feel for everything that’s going on right now, I pray for not only my family but for all of of Maui who are struggling right now , I pray for the people we lost in that fire. I only ask if you can help out in anyway we would truly from the bottom of our hearts would really appreciate you! I also want to say a big thank you for the people who have helped me and my family as well as many other people on Maui and who continue to help out ! Much mahalos we will get through this tragedy who took so much from us
Or donate via Venmo
Torricer-Lacuesta ʻOhanaVenmoDue to the fire, unfortunately me and my family’s house didn’t survive. I’m currently in my 3rd trimester. Devastatingly, all of my baby’s precious belongings are gone. Anybody who is willing to donate any amount is very much appreciated.
Tapucol FamilyGoFundMeHi my name is Mary Ann made a gofund me for my dear friend Teresa who is a Nurse in Maui Health System Hospital. She is a good friend of mine but she is also a Nurse in only 1 Hospital in Maui, working tirelessly in the service of others in their time of need.
Because of the Lahaina wildfire, she and her family have lost their home and everything.
Now it is our turn to help her and her family.
Linda Rickabaugh & Linda HerbertGoFundMeLinda R has lived here in Lahaina for 32 years and Linda H for 23 years. They’ve lost everything to the fire. Including the most valuable. They did not have renters insurance . They are 61 & 66 years old. They are so sweet and amazing people. They have a place to sleep for now but they cant stay permanently will need a home of their own again.
Holley Amber LevyGoFundMeMy birds, tortoise and I made it out alive…on foot having to leave everything behind, to be quickly consumed by the flames. We lived on Luakini st near the Banyan tree and I have not been back. Memories so painful. Because I have no car, I am hoping the Gofundme can help with that. Living alone with no transportation is twice as hard after going through such frightening horror on Aug 8. A stranger with a car saved my life that day by picking us up out of harms way from the street.
Cecelie Lopez (Piper and Isaiah) GoFundMeMy name is Cecelie and I am a resident of Lahaina, Maui. I am fundraising for myself and my two children, ages five and seven. Due to the incomprehensible circumstances caused by the Maui wildfire disaster we lost our Lahaina home, my employment, and our precious community. As a single mama of 2, I have worked hard to provide for my babies, secure stable and safe housing, build a successful business, and stay active in the community. We are now mourning the loss and devastation of the beautiful life we had been deeply rooted in. As I continue to navigate this unimaginable situation my family and I would appreciate any support provided. Funding will go directly towards a security deposit and first months rent for a new home, covering the cost of vehicle damage repairs and maintenance, fulfilling monthly bills, travel expenses to ensure continued childhood education, and to aid in providing new employment opportunities. Or donate via Venmo.
Acio Ohana (Jimson, Trixia, Jimson-Taj, Tatum-Jewel, Teiya-Journey)GoFundMeAloha! We are Ohana Acio - Jim, Trix, Taj (16), Tatum (11), & Teiya (9). We lived on Malanai Street, Wahikuli. Unfortunately, like so many others, we to lost our home, 3 cars, & all our possessions. I don’t want to say that we lost everything because with God’s blessings we still have the most important-we still have each other! Most things can be replaced, unfortunately not all…but that’s ok! We will get through this & come out stronger Lahaina Ohana! We would like to Mahalo everyone for your donations but most importantly for your special blessings & continued prayers. God bless us all! Or donate via Venmo.
Daniel Lopez VenmoOn the day of the fires, my girlfriend (Emelie) and I lost her apartment and the jeep we were on front Street with we manage to escape with our lives, but most of our belongings are gone. We are the lucky ones to have escape with our lives. We appreciate your kokua.
Johnson FamilyGoFundMeZac and Kelly Johnson and their two young children (Waylon & Goldie) lost their home and everything in it in the Lahaina fire. Zac and Kelly were both born and raised on Maui and have been a member of the community here for 30+ years. They are a very close-knit family and consider all their friends part of their Ohana (family). They never hesitate to help others and we are hoping you can join with us to help them now. All donations are greatly appreciated and will go directly to the Johnson family and helping them rebuild a new home in the community that they have lived in, loved and contributed to their entire lives. Or donate via Venmo.
Ben Albiller and FamilyGoFundMeMy name is Ben & my wife Daisy Albiller and I are blessed with 3 Boys Chester, Jake, and Jayson. Our home got destroyed on August 8 from the Wildfire at Lahaina, Maui. We lost everything inside including my son's car and my brother's car. Like so many others that lost their homes and belongings, this fund will help us with getting our immediate essentials, replace belongings, and take necessary steps to rebuild our lives. We are so overwhelmed by the outpouring love and support, and we are filled with gratitude for all the kind souls who have been so generous and uplifting. Or donate via Venmo.
Pascua & Cabo Family (Betty, Kharen, Elvie Czarina) (Luewelyn, Moises Cabo)GoFundMeAloha, my name is Christofer and I am fundraising for my family. My whole family and I lost our home during the Lahaina Fire. We lost our home, but not our Hope. It is still heart-breaking every time we think about it but we have to remain strong as a family and as a community. It took us a years to finally be able to purchase our own home that we can call our own. But within just 9 years of making our memories there, it was taken by the Lahaina fire. I know many families lost their home too, that is why any amount will do. Just something to get us through. We appreciate all your financial support, prayers and encouragement. Mahalo Nui Loa. GOD bless Lahaina! Or donate via Venmo.
Sanchez Contla Family (Marily, Levis, David, & Gael)GoFundMeAloha my name is Marily Contla i having in lahaina about 20 yrs and as everyone knows we have lost everything on wildfires in lahaina home, Jobs , car , kids future saving and son's school and we will appreciate any help that will help for our kids and to start a new life this ....any help is a blessing for us to race our kids ...Mahalo and God Bless everyone
Or donate via Venmo
Ang Family (Precious Angel, Baby Amber, Abigail Grace, Norbert "BJ", Christie Marie, Norberto "Bert", & Evelyn Rose)GoFundMeAloha! With our family of 7, we've stayed together while growing our families. From the 7, we've grown into a family of 20. It was a home, a family home to where we all stamped our hands or the baby's feet on the cement, just where there was always joy echoing the halls. Very fortunate for all of us to make it out, especially with our few animals (cat + 3 dogs) we was able to round up. The unfortunate part is, we've lost our home that our dad ("Bert") has built for us all. Alongside, we've lost two vehicles, our turtle, couple birds and my dad's motorcycle. It'd be such a blessing on top of the blessing of us surviving, for any donations! Anything, is very much everything 🫶
Or donate via Venmo
Jennifer Harvat, Jay Collins, & FamilyGoFundMeOur story is together as me and my boyfriend and 3 sons, daughter in law, and grandson have lost our family home along with all of our belongings and vehicles and sad to say our dog Snooki. But now we our trying to move forward one day at a time even if feels like one minute at a time but we are trying to stay strong keep our heads up and rebuild our lives and memories together as a family. As we have been told by people from red cross and fema we should come up with a plan to move away from the aina which we have always called home and we refuse to let that happened, so anything helps to keep our ohana MAUI STRONG.
Or donate via Venmo
Kintz Family (Brad & Carrie)GoFundMeBrad and Carrie are grateful to have evacuated to safety, however they did not grab many essential or beloved items in their haste to leave. Brad had lived in this house for almost 30 years and a few renovations had recently been completed. Brad and Carrie want to stay and rebuild their lives and community. Any support will go towards their basic needs, as well as funding the rebuilding of their home. Please consider donating or sharing within your network.
Ceon FamilyVenmoMy family and I are one of the victims of that Lahaina wildfire. We lost everything we worked hard for such as our home, our save place, and comfort zone. This has been sure a devastating experience for everyone. The thoughts we have everyday on how to restart all over again, with nothing is really devastated. My family and I need financial assistance the most, because we have upcoming bills coming up soon, we spoke to all those financial assistance people and we was told that we aren’t qualified or it’s either “you need this document”. Along with FEMA, for our lose property we have to do a SBA Loan but my family don’t wanna do a loan since they had loan basic all their life and they know how hard it is to pay it all off. Absolutely any amount will help my family and I get on our feets again. I just want to say thank you in advance for everyone’s help, much love from my family and I. MAHALO 🫶🏾
Rafael "Letoa" Amorim SorioGoFundMeHi my name is Megan Davenport and I am a friend of Letoa. He is my husband’s first coach in Jiu Jitsu and is considered family to us. We have actually planned a trip to go visit him next month during our honeymoon but unfortunately Letoa’s home and Gym were completely destroyed from the Fires yesterday in Maui. We want to help out brother, so if you can make a donation even a small one. He doesn’t have any essentials, not even a toothbrush, but he was able to rescue his sweet puppy. This fundraiser is for Rafael Amorim Sorio whom lives in Lahaina Maui Hawaii.
Flo Bayol & FamilyGoFundMeHello friends, family and everyone else! Like many others in Hawaii over the past few days, my twin brother Flo and his two sons had to evacuate their house minutes before the fires took their house. They had no time to save any of their belongings and were left with only the clothes on their backs. I’m reaching out to you all and see if you can send anything to make them whole again. They will have to purchase everything from scratch, and every little bit would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, and please reach out to me if you have any questions. Sincerely, Maxime
Anthony "Tony" GarciaGoFundMeHello, my name is Amanda and I am starting this fundraiser for my friend Anthony "Tony" Garcia, he was affected by the Lahaina fire on Maui. Our friend Lawaia stumbled upon him down by the Banyan tree on Front Street a few days after the fire, he had been clearing the area of diseased animals and slept there on a metal cart waiting for help to arrive. Tony told us his miraculous story of surviving the fire and it just breaks your heart. "I was having a beer at Amigos, someone mentioned there was a fire. I tried to go home and check on my apartment but it was on fire already. I headed back down toward town but had to hide behind a fence at baseball field. I climbed over another fence close to the aquatic center and then I saw a house on the corner explode, next thing I know I heard what sounded like a magnum go off, bullets were zipping around along with the embers darting around everywhere, it was really bad." Tony eventually made it to the Banyan tree and spent the night there on a bench. He encountered some not so nice people and his life was in danger for a second time but what they didn't know was that Tony is a Vietnam Vet (that did three tours) and carried his trusted Bowie Knife on him at all times. Tony moved to Lahaina in 1993 and has lived on island since then. Anyone that knows Tony loves him deeply, he is kind, loving and sweet as ever. This fundraiser will first help us with buying Tony a car (He wanted me to mention he's never had a ticket in 65 years!) so he is mobile again, it will also help him with cost of living.
Travis SheffieldGoFundMeHi, my name is Tammy Sheffield, and I am raising funds for my son Travis and the Lahaina Maui community to help recover and rebuild what was lost to the wildfires that ravaged the town. My son and the people of Lahaina desperately need help as they face the destruction left by the wildfires that just about burned up every part of the community. Many, my son included, lost everything. Travis and some of his friends barely escaped the fires; the video he shared shows the desperation of those trying to escape walls of flames - many did not get out in time, and many are still missing. As Travis and Lahaina face the next several days, weeks, and months the need for supplies will grow. I don't have the power and resources to provide what my son will need, much less the entire community, but I know that there is power in numbers, and with your help, we can help Lahaina recover. I am asking everyone that can help to donate to this fund so we can help Travis, friends, and Lahaina recover from the fires. All money donated to this fund will go directly to Travis. He will use the funds for what is needed to sustain himself and to help his friends and the community with resources to rebuild. I know there are many donation options for the wildfire recovery, and my request is another among the many, but please consider donating to help Travis. I know he will use the funds in the best way possible to help those in his community.
Catherine Jose (Cocay) & FamilyGoFundMeHi, my name is Lorraine, and I have a great friend of mine Cocay and her family who were affected by the monstrous FIRE that engulfed the whole town of Lahaina in Maui. Cocay escaped the fire leaving everything behind just to save her life and her family. She described it as raining fire from the sky!!! The whole town was a disaster. My heart and soul are broken for our fellow people in Maui. We’ll pray for continuous safety, strength and comfort. The funds collected will be deposited to her bank account. Cocay and her family has been displaced from their home. No means of livelihood at this time. I admire Cocay’s tenacity, because she always see the positive side of things. Her store for more than 20 years caught on fire leaving nothing but just ashes. So many of her memories are now just in her mind. Cocay is so fortunate that her home was spared, as it was situated aware from her store. I do know that she needs our help right now. She has been a giver all her life. I know she has a lot of friends that care for her. Let’s show her the love and support we can give. Any amount would be really appreciated. ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you so much!! ♥️♥️♥️
Doan Family (Lahaina Gems)GoFundMeHi, we are the Doans, and we owned Lahaina Gems on Front Street. Our family-owned business has been in Lahaina for 25 years. Unfortunately, on August 8th, we lost everything due to the wildfires. We lost our shop, house, cars, moped, important documents - everything. We suffered a total loss. Luckily, everyone in my family is safe. We want to use these donations to get back on our feet and hopefully do business again and remain in Lahaina. No amount is too small, and all donations are so appreciated. Mahalo for your help.
Omiat FamilyGoFundMeHi we are the Omiat Family and we are fundraising to seek support in recovering from the Lahaina wild fires. We are fortunate to have escaped the fires we did lose our home and our jobs due to the fire. We are staying with family members but are in need of financial support due to losing our places of employment. Any donations would be greatly appreciated and would help us say afloat in these hard times and hopefully help us begin to rebuild.
Sierra DagupionGoFundMeMy name is Sierra and I’m born and raised in Lahaina. I just turned 24 years old. Due to recent tragic events, I lost my hometown and child home house in Lahaina. Any monetary donations will help me start over, and assist in my monthly bills as I figure out the next step in the future.
Thank you for your support and prayers to Lahaina. Lahaina Strong
Or donate via Venmo
Ancheta FamilyGoFundMeHi, my name is Glenda Ancheta and my family lost everything in the fires. We not only lost our house and our car, but the memories that we had in our home. Your donations will be used to help us find a new place to call home, and no donation is too small. We appreciate your help, and if you are able to share our GoFundMe, we would appreciate it. Maraming salamat po!
Or donate via Venmo
Ama & Norma NacapuyGoFundMeHi, my name is Am. My wife Norma and I are fundraising to seek financial support after the Maui Fires. We lost the home that we have been renting for the past 12 years. Both of our vehicles, a car and motorcycle has burned. These funds will help to support us as we find a new home to rent, which is so hard to find here on Maui. We both came to Hawaiʻi in 1984 from the Philippines, first to Molokai and now call Maui our home. We appreciate any donations to support our family at this time. Thank you so much!
Cassidy Family (Amanda, Zach, & Ann)GoFundMeTo add insult to injury, I recently found out that I was denied help from FEMA because I have renters insurance. We lost our jobs, town, as well as our home. Our friends and family are safe, we are so thankful to have made it out alive. We are still in shock. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I will go live soon to tell our full story. These funds will help us with renting a new home, replacing our belongings, and overall just helping us recover from the devastation. Please share if you are unable to donate.
Rillang Family (Jeffrey, Moana, Jordynn-Grace, Lily, & Victoria)GoFundMeWe lost everything from the August 8th fires, including our home, jobs, family pictures (including special memories we can't replace of my father who passed in 2002), personal memories, important documents (like birth certificates, naturalization documents, etc.), and more. Our youngest child, Victoria, has cerebral palsy and autism, and will possibly need to use a wheelchair soon due to her muscles weakening. Unfortunately, we lost her leg braces in the fire. She's an extremely intelligent kid, but it's been hard for her to operate on her own. We are hoping to use these funds to build, heal, and move forward from this tragedy. Any and all donations, no matter what amount, are very much appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.
Or donate via their Amazon Wishlist | Old GoFundMe
Agonoy & Galanza FamilyGoFundMeHi my Name is Karen Agonoy my family is one of the victim of the wild fires at Lahaina Maui Hawaii we lost our shelter.we lost everything.please help us to get back on our feet.we need financial just to sustain our daily needs Thank you
Linda & Hector LagpacanGoFundMeAloha, my name is Linda Lilibeth Lagpacan and my family and I lost everything from the fire including our important documents such as passport and other forms of identification. Your donation will greatly help us as we try to get up on our feet. This will help us with housing, food, medical, and education for my grandchildren. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Aguinaldo FamilyGoFundMeAloha, I’m Nathaniel Aguinaldo an Uber driver in Maui. My family and I lives at 844 Kaakepa Street in Lahaina. Well It’s been over a month now since that deadly wildfire swept through our historic town and burned down everything we work hard for. Still thankful that my family is safe but we loss our home, our car and all our belongings. Now getting through all this and starting over again is the hardest part. Still don’t know what the day brings and still haven’t figured out things with our unknown situation. Lots of us here have loss our jobs. My minivan which is the primary source of livelihood for my family got burned that’s why I’m here hoping I could touch you guys heart and be able to assist us get through this difficult times. I created a gofundme to gather fund to help us in our recovery.
Alisi Finau & FamilyGoFundMeAlisi and her family were one of the many Maui families directly impacted by the torturous Brush Fires in Lahaina. Gratefully, they were all able to escape in time from this horrific event but unfortunately lost everything they owned to the fire. Their home, the childrens school, Alisi's sister's housekeeping business, all the children's clothes and toys, important documents like their IDs and passports, her parent's much-needed medication & prescription glasses, and Alisi's laptop. Though grateful to be alive, they have nothing they own but clothes on their back.