Status of Group D Joinings in Departments Haryana
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Status of Group D Joinings in various Departments of Haryana
#Name of DepartmentDept. IDSum of
Total Posts
No. of JoiningsName of OfficerDesignationMobile No.Remarks
1Administrator General & Official Trustee50122Rajbir Singh Dy.Superintendent8901285472Appointment letters issued to all the 02 candidates.and all 2 candidates has joined on 25.01.2
2Advocate General5024132Vivek SainiDeputy Advocate General9996669666
3Agriculture503694545Sh. Tara ChandDeputy Superintendent9417289608Out of 694 candidates, 2 posts have been withheld by HSSC. 590 candidates have reported till now and 590 have been issued appointment orders. 47 candidates belong to District Jind who were asked to come when the Model Code of Conduct is over.
4Animal Husbandry & Dairying504196864Dr. Anil BanwalaCredit Planning Officer9417431253Total posts 1968 out of which 81 peon list recived to the department by HSSC out of which 64 peon have joined the office. Remaing 17 candidates joining under process and 2 posts have been withheld by HSSC and on 1885 posts stay vide CWP No. 30376 of 2018 High Court.
5Archeology & Museums5051210P.S.9464097908Out of 12 candidates, 08 Attendants, 01 Moulder and 01 Galllery Attendant have been joined this office
6Architecture Department50696Sh. B. B. MehtaSenior Architect9814145461All 9 candidates recommended by HSSC have been issued appointment letters on 22.01.2019 with 15 days time for joining.
8Ayush5084839Dr. Satpal BahmaniDirector AYUSH Haryana855889441141 candidates have reported out of which 39 have joined their duties.
9Chief Electrical Inspector50944Sh. Sidharth ChaudharyExecutive Engineer9988878790Appointment letter issued to all candidates on dated 22.01.2019 and all candidates has joined on 24.01.2019 F.N.
10Chief Electrol Officer5102323.
11Civil Aviation51177NARESH KUMARAdministrative Officer9780430460All 7 candiates are joined.
12Command Area Development Authority (CADA)5123223Rajesh YadavOfficer on Special Duty964699933027 candidates have reported in CADA office. After scrutinizing the documents submitted by the applicants, all the 4 candidates belonging to sports category(ESP) could not able to produce the required Sports Gradation Certificate issued from the Competent Authority.
13Development and Panchayats513300263Surya ParkashAssistant Director Panchayats7087084929Appointment letters have been issued to all the selected candidates but some of the candidates have yet to respond.
14DG Police5141079750Bharat Bhusan BhatiaSupritendent9779930839Units Alloted to Selected Candidates
15Employment5169385Madhu SharmaDeputy Director805440005490 candidates have reported out of which 85 have joined.
16Environment517119Dr. R. K.Chauhan Joint Director 9417315362Appointment letter has been issued to all the candidates. 09 Candidates has joined their duties. However, 02 candidates has not joined their duties yet.
17ESA5155448Dr. N.R.SheoranAddl. Director94175137951 candidate belongs to district Jind.
18ESI Health Care518340158
Dr. Mahavir Sharma
Deputy Director94165 94345Appointment letters in the case of Head Quarter have been issued. Copy of the appointment letters available on the department website. ( Two candidates joined the head quarter today. Total 339 appointment letters has been issued to the candidates and 158 candidates join their duties till 29.1.19 including hq
19Excise & Taxation519390390
20Fisheries5202115Sh. Prem Singh MalikJoint Director Fisheries9416635982Appointment letters has been issued to 21 candidates out of 21 candidates. 15 Candidates has been joined at their posting station till 05-02-2019. As per request received from Sh. Rajesn S/o Paramanand he will join in March, 2019 on discharge from Military.
21Food & Drugs (Admin)5215042Sh. N.K. AhoojaState Drugs Controller, Haryana9878748899Appointment letters has been issued to all candidates . The candidates who have been issued appointment letters, have been advised to joint their duties in the subordinate offices of Food and Drugs Administration, Haryana along with medical fitness certificate from concerned Civil Surgeon/Senior Medical Officer/Medical Officer, within 15 days.
22Food & Supplies5228181Sh. Jai Pal SinghAdditional Director, Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Haryana Chandigarh9466490707Appointment letters have been issued to all candidates posted at head quarter and Sub Offices except District Jind. The candidates who have been issued appointment letters, have been advised to join their duties at head quarter/Sub Offices and also request to get medical fitness certificate from Medical Officer General Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh / Concerned Civil Surgeon immediately after joining.
24Haryana BC & Economically Weaker Sections Kalyan Nigam5241614RAJ PAL SINGHADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER9356925624Out of 16 selected candidates, 14 candidates has joined in the Corporation. One candidate namely Ms. Tanu D/o Satbir Singh Roll No. 4182155613 and the other does not want to join as per intimation vide her Email Dated 25.01.2019 and other Sh. Jashwant Singh S/o Sh. Dharam Pal, Roll No. 4181165457 has intimated that presently he is not able to join and his post may be kept hold for some time. In this regard the letter is being issued to the HSSC.
25Haryana Board of School Education525116102ANAND SHARMAASSISTANT DIRECTOR (ADMINISTRATION)9466339359Out of 116 selected candidates 102 candidates has joined in Board of School Education Haryana, Bhiwani up to 19.02.2019.
26Haryana Labour Welfare Board52655Smt. Manju BalaLabour Welfare Officer998822677804 candidates out of 05 candidates joined their duties in Haryana Labour Welfare Board. 01 candidate from Jind Constituency will join on 01-02-2019 please
27Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA)52733O.D.SharmaProject Director9466463335Appiontment letters issued to all the 03 candidates on 23.01.2019 and all the 03 have joined their duties.
28Haryana Seeds Development Corporation Limited5281010Mrs. Paramjit KaurAssistant Personnel Officer9872123349Appointment letters were issued to all 10 candidates, all have joined their duties and one of them has resigned.
29Haryana State Agriculture Marketing Board5294745Rajesh SangwanCFA9888182822 Out of 47, appointment letters issued to 45 applicants. Two candidates did not turn up for document verification.
30Haryana State Pollution Control Board5302419Smt. Lalita KhuranaSuperintendent9103500003Appointment letter have been issued to 19 candidates for the post of Peon and Field Attendent by the HSPCB. 01 No. candidate did not report at Head Office. Out of total 24 candidates 04 candidate were not according to the requirement sent to HSSC by the HSPCB. Therefore, names of 04 candidates have been returned to HSSC letter No. HSPCB/Estt./2019/612 dated 25.01.2019 as they were not as per requirement of the HSPCB and demand for 02 Peons (ESM Gen-01 and Gen-01) and 02 Field Attendant (ESM SC-01 and ESM BCA-01). The candidates who have been issued appoinment letters have joined their duties .
31Haryana Tourism53143
32Haryana Tourism Corporation Limited532305
33Haryana Woman Development Corporation5331110Vinod Kumari Administrative Officer9417724660Appointment letters has been issued to 10 candidates. Out of 11 candidates, 09 candidates have been joined and one candidate has not joined. However, 01 candidate has not reported in this office as yet.
34Health Service5344535Dr.Suraj Bhan KambojADGHS941647603335 Candidates have joined so far. 4 Candidates from Jind were asked to come after 31st Jan. Registered letters are being sent to remaing Candidates.
35Higher Education535326256Sh. S. P SukhijaJoint Director9855044389Status as on 07.02.2019: Station/joining alloted to 318 candidates (peons &library attendents), out of that 286 stations/joining were alloted/given to peons and 32 were alotted to library attendents. Total candidates joined so far are 256. out of that 229 candidates have joined for the post of peons and 27 have joined as library attendents. 8 cases are in process.
36Home Guard and Civil Defense536189
37Horticulture537183142Sh. Satbir SharmaEstablishment Officer9779888014Appointment letter have been issued to 164 candidates for the post of Peon, Mali, Cook and Lab Attendant by the Head Quarter and out of 183, 126 employees have been joined. Appointment of 19 Candidates of Jind kept reserved and appointment to be issued after completion of election process.
38Hospitality Organisation5386821Sh. Radha KrishanEstablishment Officer8556020344Appointment letter have been issued to 21 candidates for the post of Peon, Helper, Halwai Helper, Store Helper, Frash and Tandooria by the Head Quarter out of 22 candidates because one candidate is absent. 21 employees have been joined so far. Appointment in respect of 46 candidates belonging to rest of two categories posts i.e. waiters (37) and Cook Helper (9) has been forwarded to Govt. for taking appropriate decision.
39Housing Board Haryana5391312Gurdail SinghAdministrative Officer9872701490
40HPSC54099Sh. Nishant Kumar Yadav, IASSecretary9717181736Offer of appointment letter issued on 24.1.2019 and out of total 9 new selected peons 8 have joined their duty on 24.1.2019 A.N and last one peon has join his duty on 25.1.2019. Now all peons have joined their duty in the Commission's office. Note- Sh. Nishant Kumar Yadav, IAS, Secretary, HPSC has been appointed as Nodel officer with immediate effect vide this office letter No. BF 10/93-CAG/9678-9679 dated 24.1.2019 in place of Sh. Manish Kumar Lohan, HCS, Deputy Secretary who has been transferred from this office on 10.1.2019.
41Industries & Commerce5418680APURVJoint Director (Admn.)Out of 86 total 78 Appointment letter issued. 4 candates of Jind kept reserved and appointment to be issued after completion of election process
42Irrigation & Water Resources54231332544P K LUTHRASE/WORKS9896204291Joining of candidates is in progress.
43Labour54310982Out of 108 total 80 No. of candidates have joined.
44Law & Legislative54418
Ms. Punita Bashamboo
Officer-on-Special Duty9815133447The advice has been sought from the office of Worthy Chief Secretary vide D.O. No. PS/LRH/2019/1661, dated 24.01.2019 that 25 post of Peons and one post of Frash have been filled up on contractual basis under Part-II of the Outsourcing Policy and status quo has been granted by Apex Court in SLP No 33265 of 2018 titled as State of Haryana & others Vs. Yogesh Tyagi has been maintained vide order dated 26.11.2018 and the same is fixed for 22.02.2019 and advice has been sought by removing in place of regular hands and formula of 'Last come First Go' or 'First Come First Go' is to be adopted or as to whether the appointtees be allowed to join subject to verification of educational qualification or such appointtees be allowed to join as per the HSSC letter dated 21.01.2019.
45Mines & Geology5453833Sh P.K SharmaState Mining Engineer941768971535 Candidates for Mining Guards and 3 Candidates for Peon were recommended by HSSBC. Out of 35 candidates of Mining Guard ,30 candidates have been joined and Out of 3 candidate for Peons, 02 Candidates have been joined. Thus total 38 candidates, out of these 32 candidates have been joined.
46New and Renewable Energy54683O.D.SharmaProject Director9466463335Appointment letter issued to 07 candidates out of total 08. Remaining 01 candidate has informed in writing that he has been selected as TGT Science and will not give his services on Group-D post. Till today i.e. 6.02.2019, 03 candidates have Joined and 01 has to submit medical fitness certificate and after that she will be got joined expectedly by tommorow. Remaining 03 to whom appintment letters have been issued have submitted request in the office that they are serving defence personals and need extension in time for joining so as to get discharged from their units & to join thereafter.
47O/o Chief Secretary547187152Appointment letter issued to 171candidates out of total 187. There are 16 candidates belonging to Jind to whom appointment letters shall be issued after 31.01.2019. Till today i.e. 30.01.2019, 140 candidates have submitted their Joining, one candidate’s name has sent back to HSSC, as wrongly recommended. Clarification has been sort from HSSC for 5 candidates and remaining 25 have not joined so far, though they telephonically informed. Medical certificates have been received from 115 candidates.
48PCCF Wild Life54876
49Prison5493831Sh. Anil KumarSuperintendent Jail9467700111Appointment letter issued to 1 Peon in Head Office and 3 Cook of DJ faridabad. The said candidate has not reported till date and 2 cook has not appeared. 2 cook and 1 orderly candidate selected has not reported .
50Prosecution5504437Sharwan SinghAdministrative Officer9416549808The Department has received a recommendation of 43 candidates from HSSC and one candidate has not been recommended by HSSC due to techinical reason as per intimation received from their office vide letter HSSC/Confd./Recomm/2019/1126 dated 21.01.2019. The appointment letters has been issued to 43 candidates and out of these candidates no candidate has been posted in district Jind. 06 candidates belong to the district Jind and they have been directed not to join before 31.01.2019.
51Public Health Engineering551142133Devender DahiyaSuperintending Engineer9812619000Total 141 Candidates were selected by HSSC, 133 has joined their duties at respective place of posting and 08 number candidates has not joined duty till date.
52PWD (B&R)55223551735N.C. JainRegistrar9914009829Joining of candidates is in progress.
53Rajya Sainik Board5535025Sh. Ram SinghUnder Secretary9781034308
54Registrar Cooperative Societies554177164Sh. Rajinder SinghAdditional Registrar9896002989A total of 176 candidates have been recommended by HSSC. The appointment to 157 candidates have been issued (excluding 15 candidates belonging to Jind District) out of which 147 candidates have joined the department.
55Revenue & Disaster Management555975738Only 839 candidates had approached to the department for joining.
56Rural Development55677Sh.Sumit KumarJoint Director (Admn.)84100000227 candidates had approached to this department and appointment letter issued to all.
57SC Finance & Development Corporation5571313Sh. Jaipal Singh RohillaSuperintendent941625521813 candidates have been joined out of 13
58Science & Technology55811Sh. Rajvir SinghPrincipal Scientist (SG)9417849325HSSC recomended 1 candidate for Science and Technology Department and the said candidate joined on the post of Peon on 01.02.2019 in the department.
59Secondary Education55916211179Sh. Rajiv Prasad, HCSJoint Director (Admn)8054003009Out of 1617 recommendations received from HSSC. 1539 appeared for document verification. Appointment letters has been issued to 37 candidates for posting at HQ (37 have joined so far and one candidate not appear in HQ) and orders regarding allotment of District have been issued to 1501 candidates, appointment letter will be issued by respective DEOs (appointment letter issued to 1142 candidates). 360 candidates not appeared in concerned DEOs and 78 candidates not appear in the Head office for verification of documents so no district allotted to the absent candidates.
60Skill Development and Industrial Training560614492Sh. P.S. NarwalAD(T)/Nodal Officer9467755641Out of 614 recommendations received from HSSC. 559 appointment letters has been issued out of which 492 candiates has been joined his duty in the Department. Due the model code of coduct in Jind District appointments letters to 53 candidates were not issued and due to dispute appointment letter of 2 candidate were also not issued. Exact joining status of candidates posted in field will be submitted after obtaining the report from respective Institues.
61Social Justice & Empowerment5614730Smt. Alka YadavJoint Director7508291618Out of 47 candidate, appointment letters have been issued to 30 candidate. 8 candidates belong to jind district they will be join after the model code of conduct ceases to operate. One candidate prikshit s/o Ramesh kumar was return to the HSSC because his name had been recommneded against the post of Lady Attendant.
62Sports & Youth Affairs5624434Avneet Kumar Avneet Kumar (Nodal Officer)9216191009
HSSC has recommendations 44 candidates.
The 05 candidates are recommended against ESP
04 Candidate not received document.
01 candidate does not want to join.
Appointment letters have been issued to 34 candidates.
26 candidates have joined in field office
1 Candidate at HQ
63State Seed Certification Agency5632220Parveen KumarSuperintendent/
Nodal Officer
9463087172Out of 22 candidates, 20 candidates have been issued appointment orders and they have joined duty. One (01) candidate's documents are not complete. So, this office has already written about this to HSSC for clarification. Left one (01) candidate has not reported in this office.
64State Transport564837544Sh. Virender Kumar DhayiaAdditional Director 9872603090Requistion for filling up 837 Group D vacancies was sent to HSSC. Out of which 776 candidates were recommended and the recommendation of 61 candidates was with held by the HSSC. Out of above 776 recommended candidates 138 candidates were against non technical posts such as Peon, Daftari, Announcer and 638 candidates were recommended against technical posts such as Helper Mechanics, Helper Electrician, Helper Welder, Helper Carpainter, TyreMan and Store Man etc. Against the 638 technical posts the department received only 143 persons who have the requisite or higher qualification in the same trade or in other trade where as 495 are non technical candidates. As per the directions of the Government, depots/Stations have been allocated to all the recommended candidates. Out of 138 non technical candidates 122 candidates have been joined totheir allocated stations and out of 638 candidates recommended against technical posts, 582 candidates have been allocated depots as per their option and 537 candidates has been joined the depots as per their option.
65State Vigilance Bureau5651310Dr. M. Ravi Kiran, IPSInspector General of PolicceOne peon and one water carrier cum cook has joined to this office and we are waiting for other candidate to complete their medical test.
66Supplies & Disposals5661010Sh. Sudhir RanaAdditional Director (Admin)9988506409Total 10 Nos. candidates reported for appointment. 9 Nos. Appointment Letters issued. 01 No. Appointment Letter not issued since candidate belongs to Jind District. 09 Nos. Candidates submitted their joining.
67Technical Education5676855Sh. K. S. JamwalJoint Director (Admin)9501676637The allocation of station made to 62 candidates. The 05 candidates recommended against ESP and ESM category has not been allocated station as the candidates could not produce the requisite certificate. The appointment letters being issued by the respective Director Principal/ Principal and case of 03 candidates who do not possess the required qualification has been sent to W/CS for advise.
68Town & Country Planning568138116N.S. ChauhanChief Town Planner 99999990063Appointment letters issued to 114 candidates (who have reported) out of total 137 candidates. Appointment letters for 7 candidates from Jind district will be issued after 31st January, 2019. Further appointment letters have been issued to another five candidates on 24.01.2019 and so far 9 candidates have joined duty. Today another 26 candidates have joined duty i.e. 35 in total out of 137 candidates.
1 more joined in late hours on 25.01.18. Total 98 candidates have joined as on 28.01.2019. One candidate is found temporary medically unfit for three months. Further appointment letters have been issued to all candidates except the 7 candidates who belongs to District Jind. As on date (30.01.2019) 106 candidates have joined in the Department.
69Treasury & Account56910699R K RathiJoint Director (PDC)921672088499 candidates joined out of 106 till 15/02/19.
70Urban Estate5701515Desh RajDeputy Director9467717401All 15 selected candidates have been joined in the Urban Estates Department as list made available by HSSC
71Urban Local Bodies571822699Out of 820 Candidates Appointment letters have issued to 792 Candidates and Appointment letters of remaining candidates could not be issued due to different reasons received from respective offices.
72Urban Local Bodies cum Fire Service572109Sanjeev Superintendent 988817671209 candidates joined out of 10 . One candidate not reported till date
73Welfare of SC & BC5734538Satnam KhambhraDeputy Director8968612130Out of selected 45 candidates, appointment letters have been issued to 41 candidates till 25.01.2019. And appointment letter of remaining 4 candidates belonging to Jind their appoinment letter have been issued. 7 candidates have not joined till 05.02.2019.
74Women & Child Development57411187Dr. Sarita MalikAdditional Director Out of selected 111 candidates, appointment letters have been issued to 88 candidates who reported for counseling on 23.01.2019. Appointment letters to candidates belonging to Jind will be issued after 31.01.2019 as per the instructions of Chief Secretary, Haryana. Remaining candidates are expected to come today.
GRAND TOTAL1821812628
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