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CountryNameTimeRoastRFirst Crack startsFirst Crack EndsSecond Crack StartsRoasting notes Roast DateTasting NotesCup Date
SumatraTarbarita Peaberry5:20FC+43:00First and second crack seemed to run into one another2/11/12Still has a bright foundation, rustic, molassas. Honestly, It takes a clear second place to lighter roasts of Guatamalan, Ethiopian and my new rustic favorite, Yemen 2/12/12
EthiopiaDP Sidama Aleta WondoC+2Jan-12(from memory) Bright but full of flavor
GuatamalaAcatenango - Finca La SoledadC1Jan-12(from memory) Great balance. Bright backbone does not overpower nutty, malty flavors. Very good with acidic fruits
GuatamalaAcatenango - Finca La SoledadFC3Jan-12(from memory) Still balanced, dark bitter chocolate flavors dominate
YemenMokha HarasiC+2You can actually smell the spice in the green beans, as compared with other green beans.Jan-12(from memory) Spicy (allspice) and cedarwood. Earthy - WOW!
YemenMokha HarasiFC3Jan-12(from memory) smoky, leathery, rustic flavors
EthiopiaDP Sidama Aleta WondoFC+4Jan-12(from memory) Dark caramel bitter cocoa dominate
YemenMokha Harasi4:50C-03:114:40N/Amany beans retained their chaff2/13/12Argh! Under roasted. Light color. All of the old book taste and little of the spice. Has that herbal / grassy note and Flavor disappears quickly. Drinkable in the way that stale, utilitarian, medium-light roast coffee is drinkable. I figure this was 15 to 20 seconds away from a solid C roast.2/17/12
GuatamalaAcatenango - Finca La Soledad5:15C+23:124:505:15"outlyer" first crack at 2:07. First crack dropped off significantly after 4:30. Likely could have stopped then for C2/15/12After roasting, I thought this was a FC, but after 2 days rest and taking a second look at the beans and ground coffee, I revised the roast to C+. I was also confused when I was drinking it because I thought it was Ethiopian and couldn't understand why the flavor seemed so off for an ET. Now that I'm not so confused, Here's what I tasted: classic coffee, but a very good version of it. Not verly bright, but solid acid foundation. a clean, toasted flavor and once again malty. Seems you can't screw this one up no matter where you roast it. This was probably my least favorite roasting point. Preferred C or FC. 2/18/12
EthiopiaDP Sidama Aleta Wondo5:00FC+42:304:304:40First and second crack seemed to run into one another2/16/12There was a little bit of oil on the beans at grinding time. There's a fruity flavor that des not go away- maybe like melon r vanilla? It's the dominant flavor. It could also be the creamy feel contributes to that. Overlaying that are darker flavors, carmel and a tiny bit of chocolate. There is no bitter aftertaste. Flavors are hidden when the coffee is too hot, best to let it cool, some. 2/19/12
GuatamalaAcatenango - Finca La Soledad5:40FC33:125:11n/aI opened the butter lid twice during first crack in an effort to slow the roast. Appeared to work. I'm going to call this a FC at this point2/23/12Clean and sweet and balanced with a Medium body an clean aftertaste. No significant bitterness. If it weren't so good, I'd call it boring. I didn't get any of the individual flavors, it was just a great, total experience-- a quintessential good cup.2/25/12
SumatraTarbarita PeaberryFC+4Roasted into first crack then stopped. Forgot to log my times. Allowed to off gas for 24 hours or so then sealed to rest.2/20/12Low acidity. Dark flavors dominate, muddy cup-- a mix of indistinguishable dark flavors. Some toffee but not sweet. Also not piercingly bitter. no significant aftertaste. medium body. I only have about 1 pot left of this and I won't be sorry to see it gone. So many other really good flavors to explore, i see no reason to waste my time with this one.2/24/12
El SalvadorFinca La Montanita Bourbon5:15FC+2:304:505:15Roasted into the beginning of second crack. Good smoke. First crack started in earnest around 3:00 & few snaps through 4:20-50. I lifted lid 2-3 times after 4 minute mark to try to slow the roast. Clean flavor on the bean. Good, even color, slight shine.2/24/12Had this one in the car on my way out of town. Don't recall much about it-- I liked it, definitely a FC+. Need to try a lighter roast next time.2/27/12
KenyaNyeri Ngunguru4:58FC43:064:334:54Roasted this into what I believed was the first 2 snaps of second crack. Roast progressed quickly after first crack seemed to taper off around the 4:20 mark. I lifted the lid 2-3 times in an effort to slow the roast. Tasted the bean- had the dark fruit flavor with juicy acid. Cannot wait to cup this one. Beans have a mottled appearance light and dark brown. Wonderful aroma post-roasting. 2/24/12Wonderful cup. Balanced yet full bodied and full of flavor. Aroma of dry beans on grinding had a nice, sharp acidic tinge. But on cupping, the acid was always there, bright but but understated throughout. There was an underlying (but not overpowering) sweetness. Balanced. Flavors of dark fruit faded into hints of molassas. This has been one of my favorite cups so far. So different from the Yemen Mokha Harasi, but I enjoyed it at least as much. Rotten children kept asking for more and left me wanting. I wouldn't change a thing. Called this c+ due to uneven coloring. May have been FC2/26/12
IndiaPoabs Organic Seethargundu Estate5:20C13:004:50Outlyer first crack at 2:16, in earnest by 3:00. Lifted lid twice after 4:00 mark. Initial chaff was very fragmented. At end of roast, chaff still in crack. There are 2 shades. Light briwn (like city) and darker (say city+). The bean flavors are more intense i the darker beans. I'll let this rest. Bean flavors seem undeveloped, and generally mild. Hints of spice. There is a large variation in bean size. I found a peaberry about 3-3.5 mm and some beans are 4mm x 6.5. around 3.5 x 5 mm seems more typical2/25/12yikes-- bad grinder (astually a cuisanart-- mom could not find her real grinder, result was too coarse, about the size of small grains of rice). This tasted like an unremarkable cup. Need to try this one again.2/28/12
EcuadorOrganic Espindola Small Producers5:01C12:564:44Roast resulted in an uneven bean color. No early outlier first crack. Lifted lid twice. Once at 4:20 second at 4:40. Tasted beans-- did taste dill. Should be interesting to cup this one.2/26/12Never tried it. Left the beans in Philly. Oh well, going to try again tomorrow.n/a
EthiopiaPulp Natural Process Limu5:51FC33:035:00A typical Ethiopian, this one held its gound until the 3:00 mark then began first crack. First crack seemed to go a long time, through 4:58 (and possibly beyond). Cracks at 5:30 may have been the start of second crack, but silence till I stoppe the roast at 5:51. I lifted the lid 3 times, 4:20, 4:50 and 5:30. The result was definitely not overroasted. I'm provisionally calling this FC.2/26/12Another victim of the bad grinder. Thin cup due to bad grinds.2/29/12
EcuadorOrganic Espindola Small Producers5:42Vienna53:014:285:40First crack essentially ended at 4:28, a couple outlyer cracks came later. all quiet at 5: minute mark, with nice, sweet smoke. First snap of second crack came at 5:40 & I jumped to cut off the roast. Well, my usual, mesh colender was dirty and I used one of the small sheet metal ones with a few holes in it. Big mistake. That thing held heat like a champ and second crack continued to snap in earnest for a good 15 seconds or so until I could get outside and transfer from one to another. Major coast on this roast. Need my mesh conendar (and wil need airflow in the summer). Probably bled into Vienna. Too bad, I'll drink it tomorrow anyway. I lifted the lid at 4:20, 4:50 and 5:30. Next roast, I'm going to end at 5:15.3/1/12Smoky roast flavor-- this is a vienna. Harper loved it. Fairly clean profile for such a dark roast. Toast, unsweetened carmel. Low acidity. Reminiscent of a Keurig Sumatra Extra Bold. Oh well. 3/2/12
EthiopiaPulp Natural Process Limu5:01FC+/Vienna52:154:374:50A very frustrating roast. I should have known I was in trouble when first crack started at 2:15, and it was not an outlyer. Seriously. Was popping in earnest at 2:30-3:00. First crck seemed to stop at 4:37. Lifted lid twice: 4:20 and 4:50. Second crack started almost immediately, but at first it seemed like outlyer first cracks. I stopped the roast at 5:01. Oil visible on the surface of the bean. Fudge! This progressed so much more quickly than the last time, why different? We've been having power surges tonight-- brownouts, really. I did not see any during the roast, but Jill says we had some then.3/2/12Gave this one away. Will try roasting these beans again.
KenyaNyeri Ngunguru4:59FC32:594:04Beautiful aroma at the end of this roast promises a great cup. Hit first crack appropriately at 3:00 minute mark. Opened the window occasionally to let cold air in from outside. Also lifted lid during first crack aroud 3:20. It seemed to stall first crack for a short period, then back per normal. lifted lid again at 4:20. some outlyer first cracks until 4:30 or so. Then I stopped the roast. Happy I did not have ultra fast progression I experienced with the Ethiopian a half an hour before. Fact that popper was not totally cool was a concern, but No worries.3/2/12Mmmm. Good cup again. Clean but flavorful. This roast seemed more progressed than the last, tasted more like a FC+3/3/12
EcuadorOrganic Espindola Small Producers5:09C+23:044:45N/AGot the roast rhythm back. Stopped leaning the silicone oven guard against the popper. I think that may have been overheating and making the roasts progress too fast. First snaps of first crack came around 3:04. popping in earnest around 3:24. First crack started to peter out, and ended around 4:45. I let this roast until 5:09. Never hit second crack :). I'm provisionally calling this one a C+. Going to have this tomorrow and let that Vienna roast of the ET. Pulp Natural go. Maybe I'll give it to someone. Beans tasted clean. Anxious to cup this one, I think I hit the roast exactly where I wanted it.3/3/12Good, workmanlike cup. Clean, bright and not overpowering acidity. Muted flavors-- hints of the rootbeer and dill Tom described. 3/4/12
IndiaPoabs Organic Seethargundu Estate5:30C+22:464:36N/AFirst crack started around 2:26 and hit its stride around the 3:30 mark. Fell off by 4:36 or so. A couple outliers afterwards. Lifted lid at 4:30 and 4:50. Cooled roast in open window. No roast coast cracks, but I'll need a fan in warmer months. The resulting color was much more even. a couple light ones (quakers?), but I ate those along with some fully roasted. They had good flavor.3/5/12Mild remains the most descriptive thing I can say about this coffee, especially when first brewed and piping hot. Medium to heavy bodied. It is also nutty. Flavors do intensify as the cup cools. I thought it had a nice balance on the acidity, seemed on the low side to me and not an especially "bright" cup. Maybe the flavors were just well integrated after 4 days rest. Or maybe I'm now just so used to having coffee with a good, integrated acidic backbone that I don't notice it (unless it's absent). I should roast some more of that sumatran to remind me what it's like when that is gone. It is not a clean cup in the way the Guatamalan Finca La Soledad is. I did not get the exotic spices on the palate, though there were hints of that in the wet aroma immediately after adding water. I'm comfortable with my C+ classification on this one, but perhaps the absense of spice indicates a FC? I really should let one go to FC+ to get that campfire note andget a sense for overall roasting times.3/9/12
EthiopiaPulp Natural Process Limu5:15FC+43:024:58Avoided the rocket roast I got last time. Opened the window several times before first crack to let the 37 degree air flow into the popper intake. That seemed to prolong first crack until the 3:02 mark-- about optimal for the Air Crazy. I lifted the lid starting at 3:30 during first crack. and liberally throughout. This seemed to prolong the roast. First crac seemed to continue through almost the 5:00 mark. Some cracks sounded snappy, making me fear some beans were approaching second crack. But I got a substantial "quiet" period, and no coasting in the mesh colendar, so I assume all is well. Color was uneven, though with some light beans and some dark. Lighter beans tasted less roasted There weren't too many, tho. I'm provionally calling this FC, even though I barely exited first crack before calling this one. Porch coled again. Not sure what I'm going to do when weather turns warmer. After a day of rest and comparing the color to the El Salvador below, I'm calling this FC+3/9/12Another thoroughly enjoyable cup. I'll confirm this is a FC+. A bright foundation despite the roast level-- this one could go on and on. Bright flavors like orange citrus. Dark flavors like toasted malt. Natural sweetness to this one, too. Such a clean finish. It did not blend well with acidic, fresh pineapple, at least not at this roast level. Needed the pancakes to smooth it out. This one's a keeper and reinforces Ethiopia as a go-to origin for me. On that note, Fisher could not get enough-- kept asking for refills and Harper liked it, too.3/11/12
El SalvadorFinca La Montanita Bourbon5:20FC33:144:405:15Heard two snaps of first crack at around 2:15-- way too fast. I opened the lid and the window and slowed things way down. Held off the next snaps until 3:14. Kept working on controlling the temp through a combination of lifting the lid and opening the window. first crack in earnest around 3:40. first crack ended around 4:40 or so. maybe a few outlier cracks afterwards. Stopped the roast around 5:20 in fear that I may have heard a few snaps of second crack. Tasted a few lighter quakers, roast is mostly even. I'm provisionally callling this FC even though I thought I *might* have heard the begininng of second crack. I'll cup this one tomorrow (Saturday) and the Eth. Limu, on Sunday.3/9/12Before parsing the flavors, I want to say that this was a cup that I thoroughly enjoyed from the beginning. The unroasted beans, fresh grinds and first brewed aromas were all wonderful. That's what it's all about for me-- a really enjoyable cup of coffee. Now, to concentrate on flavors. I thought this had a light to medium body. A nice, bright foundation in good balance with the rest of the flavors. Apple crisp fades as the cup cools leaving a mellow, banana-like taste. A clean nutty flavor, like macadamia, persists throughout. This had a pleasant, bitter finish. Interestingly, many of the Forum comments refer to sweetness and a syruppy texture. I noted bitter finish and light to medium body. Huh.3/10/12
IndiaPoabs Organic Seethargundu Estate5:10Vienna52:524:304:54This was a much more rapid roast than I've seen so far with this bean. This is also the warmest day we've had all year with temperatures approaching 70. The first floor of the house is also at 70-- about 3-4 degrees warmer than we usually keep things, tho the kitchen where I roast is sometimes warmer. The first snap of first crack hit at 2:52, but things didn't really get going until 3:30. I thought I heard a few fugitive snaps of second crack in the 4:40 range, though it was unclear to me whether this was a continuation of first crack. I was really hesitant to stop the roast because last roasts hit C and C+ at 5:20 and 5:30 respectively, so I assumed I was in this one for the long haul. Lifted lid three times or so beginning at 4:10. After a few snaps in the 4:40 range, I was reasonably confident second crack had started and that was confirmed by the change in smoke-- heavier and more smoky than the first crack aromatic. There were 1-2 roast coast snaps, but I think I stopped it pretty quickly. I'm gonna need a fan. The roasted beans tasted OK- dark or base flavors as tom calls them. Color was more consistent than in the first or even second roasts. I hope FC+ is accurate and I didn't veer into Vienna. I have not had good luck with this bean so far. This one's going to get 3 days rest and brewed on Friday.3/13/12Oily beans are telltale signs of a vienna roast. Of course I can taste that "campfire" note, I roasted this to vienna. Once again, I'll begin with mild. Faint acid, what's the opposite of bright? In this case, dim. Muted darker flavors. I'm just gonna say it: cardboard, smokey. This is the worst roast level for this coffee, IMO. Can't believe I've been waiting all week for this. I'll roast the rest as close to C+ as I can and won't shed a tear when this one's gone.3/16/12
GuatamalaAcatenango - Finca La Soledad5:00C+22:594:45The crack of first crack hit just before 3:00, but if took until 3:40 to really get popping. I lifted the lid around 2:30, 4:20, & 4:50. I might also have lifted during the 3:00 range. What a pleasure to roast this well known bean, just like the coffee, there's no surprises, it's just good at everything. I'd say this is a C or C+, based on color and roast time. The beans tasted clean and good. I was about 10% less than my usual 1/3 cup. I briefly thought about blending bean to roast, but just as quickly dismissed the idea. Maybe I'll roast a little extra of whatever I'm having next to round this out. Or maybe I'll just brew what I have, my last cup of this clean gem.3/16/12Stupid Google docsate my description AGAIN. This was a tasty cup.
KenyaNyeri Ngunguru4:41C+23:124:30Roasting started maybe a little slow (I had lid on backwards)& I hit first crack around 3:12. Lifted lid 3 times during roast. First crack ended around 4:30. I allowed to roast to 4:40 and stopped it. I did not want to over roast this one. Beans have that same mottled look I got from my first roast. Bean flavor is juicy & I'm really looking forward to cupping this one tomorrow morning! Have to roast the Boys' Ethiopian beans for Ellis Island at school Tuesday. Has to be tonight or tomorrow since I leave tomorrow for Boston.3/17/12Bright blackberry is the dominant flavor and this cup is full of flavor. Couple this with a nice sweetness and a lightly malted flavor and this reminds me of the berry pies we used to make when was growing up. The finish completes that memory, tasting like the slightly astringent berry seeds before fading away. I'd like to keep this one around forever. I now have a better understanding for "brightness" in a good cup of coffee. It's not the sour, sharp or tart flavor in those bad cups. This is what they're talking about. This is a bright, acidic cup-- but it integrates well and what doesn't integrate tastes really good--- maybe my favorite part (blackberry).3/18/12
EthiopiaPulp Natural Process Limu4:50FC33:00Normal roast, done earlier in the day. NO issues. Did not take good notes, got distracted on second roast-- see below.3/18/12
EthiopiaPulp Natural Process Limu4:30442:30None4:10I let the popper cool for several hours and roasted a second batch-- needed 2 for the boys' Ellis Island heritage day festival. ANother stinkin rocket roast. Hit first crack at 2:30. lifted lid a few times and stoped the roast at 4:30 when I was hearing second crack snaps and smelling second crack smoke. RUINED BATCH! This was an entirely uneven roast. SOme FC+/Vienna, some not even first crack. WTF?3/18/12Gavr this one away
EthiopiaPulp Natural Process LimuC+22:404:40When first crack started so early again, I lifted the lid and kept it off. First crack continued through 4:10, at least. I stopped the popper and looked at the roast. Color seemed OK, so started it back up. first crack continued then stopped for about 10 seconds and I stopped the roast. Color seemed mostly uniform, so I'm calling this provisionally C+. I fear the rising ambient temps i the house are impacting my roast. We keep the house soo cool in the winter that it was probably perfectly suited. Now that we're getting days on the 80's outside, and mid-70's inside, that extra 7-10 degrees ambient may be wreaking havoc.3/19/12Blended this with the one above and served at Ellis Island Heritage day at Ogden Avenue School. Brewed around 7:30 and put into traditional ethiopian clay pots. We didn't get back to drinking them until around 10:30 or so. They were cold :(. The cups were still good and the feedback from the crowd was very positive. I had some hot-- these roasts were good.
EcuadorOrganic Espindola Small Producers5:005:00:00FC2:404:09With the difficult and failed Ethiopian roasts fresh on my mind, I hit first crack around 2:40-- early. I lifted the lid and left it off. Let the chaff rain. that slowed down the roast sufficiently to where I was able to finish first crack, let the roast go for 15-20 seconds and stop it. I'm provisionally calling this FC. I think this will never be my favorite bean /origin. The is a Typica, and the notes say it's reminiscent of a Kona. Thinking this is just too blah for me right now. I may evolve there. Or, I may taste this one and say, "Wow, I get it." We'll see.3/19/12I think FC or C+ is accurate for this one. Good acidic foundation is well integrated into the cup. The bright flavors did not leave a lasting impression, except to say they were't strong or especially bright (not lemon, or other citrus). The darker flavors tended toward nutty, with a savory quality, which, yes, included dill. This kind of flavor profile is not what I would pursue for normal, everyday enjoyment. I would try to have this with something that might complement the cup. Maybe tomatoes, or some other, non-sweet breakfast food like cheese. I had it with granola and every coffee goes well with sweets like that. The only fruit I had was blackberries, and I didn't get a strong impression on how they paired. I'm glad I tried this one again because I liked it for what it was and learned more about the kinds of cups I prefer and those which merely "have their place" with me.
IndiaPoabs Organic Seethargundu Estate5:00C+22:434:30Another fast roast, I think, owing to the higher temperatures in the kitchen. I removed the lid after I heard an outlier first crack around 2:25. Smoke was all good. Thought I just started to hear a snap or 2 of second crack when I stopped the roast. No significant second crack smoke. This one is a gift for a teacher.3/20/12Gift3/21/12
KenyaNyeri Ngunguru5:00FC33:154:41N/AIt's back to cool here, and even though we had the oven at 525* earlier, for pizza, the kitchen is closer to the kinds of ambient temps I had in February and early March. I did open the window before (and some during) the roast. Also experimented with giving the popper 2-3 shakes before the beans got spinning at 0:33. First crack came later than usual, 3:15 or so. really got going at about the 4:00 mark and stayed strong through 4:35. Still popping at around 4:41 when I lifted the lid. No more pops. I waited a good 20 seconds to make sure I had not stalled the roast but no sign of that, smoke smelled good. I stopped the roast at 5:01, fearing a FC+ second crack start. I like this bean to have a lighter roast. It sings when it's juicy, in my book. Tasted a few beans and they were juicy. Can't wait to taste this tomorrow and sad I have to go a week without a home roast :(.3/23/12Not sure where my notes went on this one. Good acidic foundation, dark fruits like blackberry dominate. Thick, sweet and syropy. I savored this one-- just loved it. When I was a kid I used to pick wild strawberries, raspberries and wild black raspberries and mom would make a pie out of it. That is what this tastes like. I think C+ is a more accurate roast level.3/24/12
El SalvadorFinca La Montanita Bourbon5:15C+22:554:45An odd roast. It's cold again in Chicago-- 41*. Contrast that with 83* when we left St. Louis today Yikes. I heard my first outlyer crack below the 2 minute mark. Seriously? Opened the window and lifted the lid and held off first crack until 2:56. and in earnest at 5:15 mark. stayed steady until 4:45 where it dropped of completely. I heard 1 snap of second crack at 5:15 and another coast snap in the colander. Took this outside to cool-- won't be able to do that much longer. Beans tasted good. Roast colors were brown (city-City plus) and dark brown (FC). I'm provisionally labeling this roast C+. No especially dark or light. this should be tasty! Can't wait to have this after a week of swill.3/30/12Dry grounds have a strong, acidic scent. The flavors were more tightly wound when hot and opened on cooling. Bright, very bright with a flavor like bitter lemon. Malt dominates the roast flavor with light nuttiness. Clean finish. I still feel like this is light to medium body. This was definitely a lighter roast than the last one, I'll stick with C+. This was not my favorite roast point for this bean, but so very nice to have a fresh roasted cup again. This is not a bean that blows me away. I like it, but I enjoyed my Guatemalan more-- cleaner, more pronounced flavors. I'm not getting the sweetness, syropy texture or dark fruit notes mentioned in Tom's cupping notes. Nor am I getting "winey," unless Tom's referring to a Sancerre. I guess I'm not at a point where I can appreciate a lot of subtlety. I suppose I could have had roasting problems, but my notes on this bean are pretty consistent across several roasts and I've had good results on other beans.3/31/12
EthiopiaDP Sidama Aleta Wondo6:15FC32:505:15n/aWARNING - Nothing about this roast was "typical." OK, first and probably most importantly, I decided to significantly increase my batch size. I always roast 1/3 a cup. I had exactly 2/3 of a cup left, plus about half a 1/3 cup (1/6). I thought-- why not roast 1/3 + 1/6 together, so 1/2 a cup altogether. That's well within the specs I've heard for an Air Crazy. HA! Before I go on, let me also say that the ambient temperature in the house is 60*. That was probably a major blessing. In a normal roast the beans heat and dry without much movement and then start spinning at around the 30 second mark. When I turned this one on, I could hear the fan groaning under the weight. I als saw smoke right away. Actual smoke, not just the scented air that I call smoke when I do a normal roast. I quickly grabbed some utensils and started agitating manually, The popper spins counterclockwise. I once went clockwise. WRONG. Saw the burning chaff immediately. I had to do a lot of agitation, which meant the lid was off. Also this bean is a major chaff producer. I had a major chaff fountain going off in the kitchen. Lots was going straight into the popper. Ugh. First crack started just before 3:00 and continued into about the 5:00 mark. My notes aren't that god-- was a little busy agitating (pun intended). I could see quakers circulating through the beans. I was aiming for C+, but I let this go a full minute or more after first crack, to 6:15. I never heard second crack. Took this outside to cool in the colander. Puled the lightest quaker I could find and ate it. Eww, bitter lemongrass-- a true quaker. I pulled about 10 more light beans from the roast, throwing them into the garden. The rest of the beans looked good and tasted good, too. That is the last time I mess with the batch size. After sitting for an hour, some of the beans have a small amount of oil. I think I have beans ranging from C to FC+, a melange.3/31/12Mmmm, heavy with a floral perfume. Hints of dark honey or light caramel. Fruit is lightly candied and mild, like dried golden delicious apple. This is one where the flavors are better when the coffee is hot and fade as it cools.
EthiopiaYirga Alem Village (Brought back from Fisher's Village by Sara)5:10FC32:454:155:00Apart from one outlyer, hit first crack around 2:45, in earnest at 3:10 through 4:00. Thought I heard some snaps of second crack around 5:00 mark and stopped the roast. There were some very white beans-- real quakers. There were many lighter beans, maybe 10-15 I pulled those and tasted most-- they tasted underdone. A lot of beans kept their parchment, not much chaff came off during roasting, though a lot flaked off in the colander. The resulting batch still has a range of colors. I have read this is normal for a dry process, which I suspect this is. I'll let it rest a day, but I'll also roast some of My India Poabs as a backup.3/31/12Some brightness in the cup, but not a tremendous amount, very faint cherry note. Acid lingers on the finish. Rustic flavors and Aroma includes old cedarwood and some funky flavors like button mushrooms. Flavor is more bitter than sweet, and all built around a creamy, inoffensive foundation.4/2/12
IndiaPoabs Organic Seethargundu Estate5:00FC32:554:405:00Heard the first, fugitive first crack at 2:34. Vented the lid and held off More until 2:55 or so. The cracks were somewhat spread out, no rush like often happens. They petered out around 4:40 or so. Good smoke throughout. I heard 2 Snaps that sounded like second crack just before the 5:00 mark so I stopped the roast. Roast color suggests City- Full City. I'm going to call this FC. I tasted the beans and they were good-- especially the light ones. Maybe this one will have that elusive spice. I roasted this one in case the Ethiopian Sara brought back is not good tomorrow morning. I can have this tomorrow as my second choice or let it rest until I get back from St. Louis later this week.4/1/12I let this rest overnight then sealed the lid on 4/2/12 and left for St. Louis. When I returned Wednesday night, I found the lid off. Tate admitted to doing it, saying "it needed air." Maybe he was right-- this is the best cup of Indian I've had yet. Still, that's not high praise. Poor India Poabs. Since I started my roasting adventure, I've had many cups that got me really excited and set a high bar of expectations. This one has never measured up for me. Don't get me wrong, this would be the best cup out of the Keurig at work and would staunch my dreams of getting an Aeropress for office use. If this is spicy, it's spicy like your old, empty spice drawer. Hints that something is or was there. Acid is there, understated and not announcing itself too strongly. It's certainly not fruity The dark flavors are are a solid, workmanlike mixture- dense, not clean. Decent, but I can't distinguish among them and they don't "wow" me. 4/6/12
KenyaNyeri Ngunguru5:17FC33:194:40n/aThe house is cold, 58*, and first crack didn't start until 3:19-- even with the lid on. I did stir the beans with a wooden spoon through the first 30 seconds. based on FC start time, I really was expecting a longer roast, but first crack petered out at around 4:30, and finally stopped for good around 4:40-45. Typical. Still, I lifted the lid at around 4:20 and let this one go through 5:17, never heard any second snaps. The beans are definitely dark roasted, FC or FC+. I think the ones I previously characterized as FC were C+ for sure. In the past, I've loved the C+, shorter roasts and just liked the longer ones. We'll see how this one goes. Tasted beans were definitely not as juicy as the short, C+. Still, I could taste the familiar flavors, just darker, smokier.4/6/12It wasn't until the coffee started to cool that I could perceive it had all of the same dark fruit flavors I loved in the lighter roast. Only they were muted, here. Also the sweetness had been reduced and bitterness was more pronounced. The malty flavors had been replaced by chocolate. This is a different cup than the lighter roast, related like a cousin. And while I can appreciate it, and it is stil very good, I prefer my brighter, lighter roasted, berry pie. 4/7/12
SumatraTarbarita Peaberry5:17FC33:204:505:17I was aiming for a lighter roast here and left the lid off for the entire thing. I also gave it a few shakes until spinning started at the 30 second mark, and 1-2 more after that. The result really did seem more even. What a chaff fountain. First outlyer first crack at 2:51. Then real first crack at 3:22. First crack continued through 4:50 or so, with fugitives following. Thought I heard 2 snaps of second crack around 5:17 so stopped the roast. No coasting snaps-- a good sign. The colors ranged from FC to FC+. No significant oil on the beans after roasting, another good sign. Tasted beans have no significant acidity, interesting flavors. I hope to get that honey flavor in the cup. I'll let this one rest for 2 days. This was the last of this bean and it was about 10-15% more than 1/3 of a cup. Didn't seem to affect the roast, those peabearries spin well.4/7/12Happy Friday the 13th! Well, it seems I don't dislike real Sumatra after all, I just have to give it a lighter roast. There remained no significant oil on the beans, so I'm sticking with a true FC on this one. This was a really enjoyable cup of coffee. It had a light acidic background supporting a number of darker, rustic flavors. This was not a muddy cup with overroasted charcoal. It had fresh, earthy flavors. I'm a believer. I'll order Sumatra again if Tom's notes say it wan handle a lighter roast.4/13/12
El SalvadorFinca La Montanita Bourbon4:55FC33:024:404:50This one tried to go to first crack at 2:15 and 2:30. I took the lid off and stirred also opened a window-- warmer in ant out--68* First crack stayed strong through at least 4:40. Some later fugitives, then cracks that sounded like second so I stopped the roast. No coast snaps. The roast color looks like a mixture of C+ and FC. Beans tasted fine. I'm provisionally calling this FC.4/7/12Hmm, maybe FC+. I didn't make detailed notes of this one after a had it. Frankly, I was disappointed. This beans needs a C+ to make me happy. I'm beginning to sense a theme.4/8/12
EthiopiaDP Sidama Aleta Wondo4:55C+ to FC+ Melange22:394:404:45What is wrong with me that I keep mixing up my Ethiopian Sidma Aleta Wondo with my Guatemalan. I roasted this thinking it was Guat. No, it was Et Sidama, which explains the massive chaff and the different roast profile. Here are my roasting notes: This is the last batch of this bean. 64* ambient temperature in the house, kept the lid off from the get go, so I was ready for a nice, long, even roast. Nope. I did not shake the popper until first crack started, but I've never had a rocket roast with this bean that I can remember. First crack started solidly at 2:40. I was plugged into the power strip, as usual, but don't know the draws on it. Guess I should turn on the TV? First crack kept going in earnest through 4:30. Then the smoke changed to the post-first crack smoke. I could hear first crack pop's AND snaps that sounded like second, at around 4:40 then again at 4:50 and some more acrid smoke. I dumped the roasted beans into the colander and heard one coast snap. Damn! The beans really ranged in color. There was one dark oily one, and one really light one. The dark oily one tasted over-roasted and the light one was a true quaker (pucker). Seriously? I searched out the really light beans, left most of the darker ones (I was just a hair under 1/3 cup so I didn't want to reduce my yield too much). Guess I'll let this sit & try it tomorrow.4/13/12So sweet and clean. This is a mélange, light and dark roast. The dark is like a dusting of cocoa. It fades quickly. The light is sweet and mild, like peach and baked apples, maybe a hint of apricot. This really opens up as it cools.
KenyaNyeri Ngunguru4:53FC?43:184:42Roasted this at about 11:00 pm after a HUGE day. Daughter's birthday party from 10-12, watched the FHS Ambassadors in competition from 3:30-6:00 then home for dinner and chatting with a very old friend and her 2 Ambassador mom colleagues. 3 major events in one day. Sheesh. So, my notes of this roast aren't the best. I turned on the TV to draw some extra power opened the window to let in some of the 60* air and took the butter lid off. That should stretch the roast. It did- first crack started at 3:18. It ended around 4:42 or so. I let it go another 10 seconds or so, around 4:53 and stopped the roast. Beans tasted good- juicy. They were not as mottled as my first roast and tasted a little darker.4/14/12This pie is is a little different from the one I used to have as a child. Instead of black and red raspberries in a malted crust, this is current in a graham cracker crust. Just a shade darker but not so dark that the fruit flavors are hidden. This is a FC compared with the childhood pie C+ or the hidden fruit FC+. It is a beautiful cup, I really like this bean. This is still a bright cup, but well integrated, even with just 8 or 9 hours rest. Looking ahead, I am hoping the Burundi and Rwanda beans that will be arriving Tuesday will have a similar profile. Nope, I have a warm cup in my hand and another batch of green in the pantry. I can live in the moment.4/15/12
EcuadorOrganic Espindola Small Producers4:42C12:544:35I neglected to start my timer until about 15 seconds in (estimate) so, times may be off. I was aiming for a City roast and think I achieved it. Ambient temp is around 71*. I left the window open, but outdoor temp is also 70*, so, no big deal. This roast got a lot of shakes before first crack, I could see lighter beans sitting in the middle of the vortex and wanted them integrated. I left the lid on for the entire roast. I hit first crack around 2:54, so good timing there. It stayed steady until approximately 4:34-4:40, somewhere in that range. I let it go 6-9 seconds without a crack and stopped the roast. There were 2 true quakers in the roast (bitter) so I pulled them. The roasted beans tasted good, so I have high hopes to experience this bean at the lightest roast level. The roast is pretty even, in the sense that the beans are fairly consistent vis a vis one another. They range from light brown to slightly darker brown or 9-10 on the SM chart (C to C+). The fun ones are the beans in between-- those with light brown parts and darker brown areas as I stopped them mid-transformation form C to C+. 4/15/12Aimed for a City roast and nailed it. Definitely found that savory quality. The cup was clean and well integrated, I did not sense bright, but the structure was there. It was fun trying to get a precise roast level, hitting it and experiencing the flavors associated with it. Having said that, I don't think C is my preferred roast level for this one. I'd like a least a little more roast on this bean. 4/16/12
El SalvadorFinca La Montanita Bourbon5:13FC43:125:00Gave this one many good shakes until first crack and had the window open, outdoor air in the 50s pouring in. Lots of chaff between 2-3 minutes, before first crac hit at 3:12. There was a 10 second first crack lull at around 4:20 and I was nervous that first crack was already over: rocket roast. Nope. Cracks kept coming until 4:50 - 5:00 or so. I thought I might have heard a snap or two of second crack. No roast coast snaps in the colander. The bean color ranged from C+ to FC. I'm going to call this FC, overall. 4/16/12Where are my tasting notes? I vague remember liking this cup. Geeze, that's helpful.
BurundiAuction Lot - Kayanza Bwayi 5:06C+23:004:40The first outlyer first crack hit at 2:40, but first crack did not start in earnest until 3:00. Stayed steady until 4:40 or so. I stopped the roast at 5:05. No roast coast in the colander. The colors range from somewhat mottled to brown or c to C+. I'm going to call this C+. I tried the lightest bean and it was a juice bomb. Wow. Darker beans were more subdued. Can't wait to cup this!4/18/12Wow, heavy sweetness, dark currant in cream with bitter cocoa. A very dark color. It can't be over extracted since I was pressed for time, unless I overground the beans. The bitterness never went away and was little distracting. Am I tasting fines or comparing this to my Kenyan? In spite of everything, A very tasty roast and in the same family as my beloved Kenyan!
RwandaNyamasheke Karengera5:01C+23:024:50Another cool night in Chicago, perfect for roasting. I left the lid off for the entire roast, and applied the shake method. Forgot to start my timer agan, so estimating 13 seconds to correct that. At about 2:00 I opened the window and let the cold, 40* air pour in. Won't be able to do that much longer. Fugitive first crack at 2:36, then real first crack at arund 3:02. Started to peter out around 4:30-40, then done by 4:50. Pulled the roast at 5:02. Many beans are light brown or mottled. This is a C to C+ roast. I'll brew it tomorrow on my way out the door!4/19/12had this on the go. Liked it. sweet and fruit, restrained
EthiopiaGera Jimma -Nano Challa5:48FC33:155:20N/AKitchen window was cracked to let 40* air in. Ambient is 67* or so in the house. The first outlyer first crack did not come until 3:00 or so, 3:30 to realy get going. First crack petered out around 5:07 and a few stayed going until 5:20. This seemed like a stretched roast, so I let it go until 5:48, a long roast for this side of second crack. The colors seemed between C+ and FC. I'm going with FC on this roast, partially because I was aiming for it.4/22/12Drinking coffee on the run is never a good idea. I had some of this from a ceramic cup at home, put the rest in my travel cup and drank it an hour later at the office. I was disappointed with this cup. In addition to the travel difficulties, I may have ground this too finely. Going to try a lighter roast next time. 4/23/12
KenyaNyeri AB Tegu 5:15C+23:154:50n/aWhat am I going to do when the weather turns nicer? Cool ambient temps in the house, opened the window to let ~47* air in and turned off the tv to reduce power. The green beans smelled jammy. Wow. First outlyer first crack at 3:12, and cracking more in earnest at 3:30. Lots of chaff nut never sounded like a popcorn popper-- more subdued. By 4:56, first crack was completely over. Started petering out at 4:40. I let this run until 5:15 then stopped the roast. NO coast snaps. Color was C+ mostly, and a few FC / C. I'll call this C+ and that's what I was aiming for. The beans I tasted had that juicy flavor I was hoping for. The light ones were not great. Going to let this rest until Friday or so. 4/23/12Delicious. Dry grounds have a wonderful floral scent that caries over into the brewed cup. There i a creamy texture that grows as the coffee cools. This is a bright cup, with light flavors accented and dark flavors in the background. Ripe red cherry.
BurundiAuction Lot - Kayanza Bwayi 6:10C+23:505:40OK, so the ambient temperature in the house is 65*, probably cooler in the kitchen. I opened the window, and let the 40* air pour in and left the lid off the roaster. I also shook the beans regularly. Talk about a stretched roast. I've never seen first crack wait until 3:50 to start. Nearly a full minute after the norm. I finally closed the window, afraid I was stalling the roast. First crack continued in fits and spurts until 5:40-50. I stopped the roast around 6:10. There was no roast coast. The beans were fairly uniform in color ranging from C+ to FC. I tasted a lighter and a darker bean. They were both juicy and bright, I'm going to LOVE this cup. Want to roast another batch of this as this will be my morning cup for Ruthanne and me as we tackle the garage sale, Saturday.4/26/12See below4/28/12
BurundiAuction Lot - Kayanza Bwayi 6:14C+23:245:40Roast was same day as above-- need to have 2 pots of coffee for the Hoarders for Haiti crowd. OK, for Ruthanne & me. Similar characteristics to the last. Almost as much shaking, cracked the window-- though less. left the butter scoop off again. Hit first crack a little earlier, around 3:23. Stayed steady through 5:30-40. Let this roast go until 6:14 thinking it would be a little more progressed than the last. Not if color is any guide. This is a consistent C+. The beans taste juicy and yummy. I'll combine the beans and brew the blend so there will only be one cupping note. Well, maybe two depending on the grind.4/23/12Yum, yum yum! First pot I used a coarser grind. Tasty, red berry flavor. Good brightness-- no significant bitterness. Then, I ground the second pot coarser. It was more extracted, I liked it better. Gave me theenergy to work Hoarders fo Haiti all day!4/28/12
El SalvadorFinca La Montanita BourbonC-FC3I hit the start button on the iphone, but my phone disagrees. SO, I don't have any accurate time on this. First crack seemed to stall until I put the lid on and closed the window. Poured into a ceramic bowl that had been in the freezer-- condensation! Poured onto a clean towel to dry and cool. Tasted beans-- tasty, and acidic, yow they hurt my canker sore on my lip (ew). I'll ahv this tomorrow morning.4/28/12Let's just say that the only good thing about this morning was the fantastic coffee. Great, central american, classic flavors. 4/29/12
EthiopiaPulp Natural Process Limu5:00FC+52:354:405:55Ambient temps are 72* in the house. Yikes, what a difference. Opened the window and roasted lidless. Still hit first crack at 2:35, and NOT an outlier. First crack stayed steady until 4:40 or so then petered out. I hit second crack at 4:55, latest. Dumped the roast within 5 seconds and got serious roast coast in the colander. I blew into it like a 4 year old on his birthday, and stopped it in 10 seconds or so. Sigh FC+. I hope I didn't hit Vienna. One bean was oily. Lots look dark, FC+. Some look lighter, FC. Beans tasted good, if dark. Still bright, so I'm hoping for good things. Need new protocols for summer roasting.5/2/12FC+ might be an understatement. Several oily beans. Roast flavor dominates and there is really no brightness in the cup. A disappointing mug to start the day, but still a notch better than a keurig sumatra. But just a notch. 5/4/12
EcuadorOrganic Espindola Small Producers4:50:00FC42:59Still quite warm in the house. Hit first crack around the typical, 3:00 mark. First crack ended around 4:30-40. I then Ended the roast around 4:50. Still, I think this is a FC roast. I really have to watch for te roast speeding up in warmer ambient temperatures. Tasted the bean and was, as usual, underwhelmed. I just don't love this flavor profile an won't be sorry to bid this bean farewell.5/3/12 I'm beginning to hate Google Doc spreadsheets. Once again, my notes were blown away. This was a fine example of what it was. Classic flavors, muted, subdued. It has that herbal quality described as dill. This is simply not a flavor profile that I especially care for, though I like this roast level for this bean better. I guess more roast is better when you don't love the actual bean flavors.5/5/12
EthiopiaYirga Alem Village (Brought back from Fisher's Village by Sara)This is an authentic, dry process coffee, made for local, everyday use in a small village in Ethiopia. The Eight O'Clock of Sidama. Basically, it looks like they picked everything, dried it, extracted the green seeds and voila-- here's your coffee. There is a huge variation in size and quality. Roasted the last of this one last night. Ambient temps were cool. I left the window open and the lid off. But I used between 1/3 and 1/2 of a cup. A big dose that I'm not used to roasing. Needed to spoon stir this one, and often-- chaff went everywhere. Did not keep my notes, but first crack was way late. Then roasted almost to 7:00 mark when I heard a second crack snap. Very uneven results, huge variation in beans and color. I pulled 20-30 light ones, some true quakers. Many beans that have various physical defects. Some of the lighter beans tasted OK, some darker ones with oil, had typical roast flavor. These beans are not bright at all. These are very low acid, probably what I don't like about them. I will brew this to share during Fisher's first communion, with the caveat that it's "authentic, village, everyday coffee."5/4/12Well. I pulled the lightest of quakers-- maybe 20 beans and left everything else in. Let's go for it! I ground the beans, and it definitely had a funky smell. I almost threw it out. But it was Fisher's First Communion, and the person who brought the beans back from Sidama was here. So, I warned everyone, this was "authentic," and "rustic" and "an everyday" cup in rural Ethiopia. Kind of like Eight O'Clock coffee in Sidama. They seemed non-phased, so I brewed a batch. I was very pleasantly surprised. It was not a bright cup, and once I got past that, I could see that it was still quite flavorful. It was woody, with a hint of dried fruits and a heavy body, like crema in espresso. The crowd loved it. I brewed a second pot and most of it was consumed. This is not what I would chose when I have other options, but I enjoyed it all the same. And it was special knowing that this was something very much like the coffee Fisher would drink back at home. He had two cups. 5/5/12
KenyaNyeri Ngunguru5:00C+23:404:50Farewell, my friend. This was my last full 1/3 cup of this bean. The remaining 1/6 of a cup or so will go into a wet process melange. Again, what a pleasure to roast this well known and predictable bean. Ambient temps in the house were quite cool, 65* or less. left the kitchen window open and the lid off. Did not see first crack until 3:40, wow! Still, the roast caught up. First crack ended at 4:50. I pulled the plug on the roast at 5:00. Bean color was the nice mottled appearance I associate with C to C+ roast, leaning more to C+. Nailed it! Smell of the beans exudes that bright berry smell I love, and biting into a bean or 2 confirmed this wil be the flavor in the cup. I'll probably brew this Sunday.5/4/12I didn't focus on the flavors or wracking my brains to describe them. I just sat back and enjoyed the coffee. It was wonderful. I'll miss it, but I'm excited about trying new beans and continuing to taste different expressions of the same origin.5/6/12
KenyaNyeri AB Tegu 4:25FC32:364:21Ambient temperature is 69*. I have the windows open and I'm ready to roast. I had better get used to faster roasts. First pop of crack at 2:36. It was really rolling by 3:00. It started to peter out at 3:51. And by 4:20 it was pretty much over. I thought I heard a few second crack snaps, and I stopped the roast around 4:25. That's an early stop for beans that look FC-FC+. Roasted beans taste juicy! I'm going to call this a FC.5/8/12
EthiopiaGera Jimma -Nano Challa4:35C+ - FC2.52:414:30Hello, rocket roast. Ambient temp in the house is 70*. I left the window open, the lid off and shook regularly. Hit first crack at 2:41. Real first crack. It stayed rolling until the 4:00 mark then started to slow down. It never really stopped, but the snaps were starting to sound like second crack. I got 10 seconds of silence between 4:25-35 and stopped the roast. Got 1 roast coast snap in the colendar. I really need a rapid cool option. Had 3 true quakers-- bitter, nasty. Pulled those. The roasted beans don't taste juicy *sigh*. Color ranges from C+ to FC. Hoping a night of rest will tur this inot a juicy red fruit cup.5/11/12Well, I bought a grinder today-- Hario Slim. This coffee was bitter and I think it's because I ground it too finely. The smell was good-- but no hit of all that red fruit promised by the description. Maybe this was FC roast and I turned those flavors to black tea. That would make more sense.5/12/12
El SalvadorFinca La Montanita BourbonC+-FC2.53:11Another fouled up roast with this bean, but all's well that ends well. So, fitst crack started late, maybe 3:20. I had the window open, it's been raining all day so around 53* and highly humid air pouring in. I also left the lid off. That might have been a mistake. Anyway, first crack lasted util 4:40-$:50 or so. A few cracks continued but they sounded a bit like second crack. I stopped the roast around 4:55 and poured it in the colander. I got one coast snap. Some beans seemed too light. I tried one-- it was chewy-- I was afraid the roast wasn't done so I didn't let it cool all the way. But I don't think a chewy bean is right. It salso tasted bitter. I put the beans back in and let it go another 30 seconds or so. There were no cracks. I poured the roast into the colander and the beans looked C+ to FC to me. I tased one, and it was crunchy-- great! I let them cool and set them aside to rest for tomorrow. My last full batch of these -- sad. 5/12/12Another good cup from this bean. Classic flavors, well done. I'd say a lighter range FC.5/13/12
RwandaNyamasheke Karengera5:27FC33:085:12Opened the window, cool air outside, low 60s. Ambient in the house is 71*. Nice, stretched roast. Hit first crack around 5:08, and it stayed going until past 5:00, through 5:08-5:15. I let this goutil 5:07 and stopped the roast. The color suggests city to city plus. Tasted somembeans, light ones are roasted but light. Desinitely City or minus. I ate all th light ones. Darker ones crunchier and better. I'll let this rest and bre it in the aeropress at work on Wednesday if all does well! I'll tentatively call this one C+, maybe even lighter.5/14/12Color, aroma and a little oil on one bean all say this is a FC roast. My first brew with the Aeropress. I feel like a fumbling idiot, and I do it in front of everyone in the office. I'll grind in my office from now on, that took several minutes. Anyway, I put a cup together, and diluted it. I could taste that think Rwandan sweetness. But it was all muted. I brewed a second cup and overdiluted it. Oh well, I'll try a higher temperature tomorrow.5/16/12
YemenMokha Sharasi5:00C+23:074:45Left the window open for cool air, shook the popper often but left the lid on except for a few lufts here and there, mostly to gauge color and smell. Let this go around 15 seconds after first crack ended. Such difference in color-- light, dark, natural process, I guess. Light ones tasted fine and dark also tasted good. Spicy smell-- looking forward to resting and drinking this! 5/15/12Tasty, dry process. Some acidity, but not especially bright. Lighter flavors of vanilla and spice. I think I used too coarse of a grind, I prefer my coffee more extracted. I didn't love this the way I loved the Mokha Harasi, but I really like it. Next time, finer grind.5/18/12
EthiopiaGera Jimma -Nano Challa5:10C12:585:00Cool ambient temps, so I opened the window, put the lid on and let er rip. Hit first crack at 2:58, so far so good. First crack started to peter out around 4:45 and ended around 5:00. Still on track. I kept it going for another 10 second or so then dumped into the colander. A mostly light colored roast, around C, I'd say.5/16/12This was my second try with the Aeropress at work. The first batch was just OK. No significant fruit. Still bright and flavorful. I used 2 scoops and filled the press to 4 cups. The brewed coffee had that liquor-like quality so I added water by taste to a good concentration. Again, it was just OK. For the second cup, I used just over 1 scoop of beans and poured in water to just over 2 cups in the press. This time, I nuked the water to boiling. let the water cool for just under a minute then brewed with it. It was significantly hotter. The results were significant. More flavors, better extraction. I diluted to a thoroughly enjoyable cup. OK, so I routinely drink this much coffee in the French Press, but finishing my second cup of this, I experienced something I have not felt in a long time- caffeine buzz. Hmm. 5/17/12
BurundiAuction Lot - Kayanza Bwayi 5:25FC33:185:00Warm ambient temps. probably73* in the house, 75* outside. Left the window closed and (by and large) the lid on. Gave it shakes until first crack, which came late, around 3:18 with a few fugitives leading up. First crack didn't end until around 5:00, and I stopped the roast around 5:25 so this was a stretched one. Beans tasted juicy, I love this one!5/18/12Ground this one too fine, it had a bitter quality that was not present in other brews. I'll adjust my grinder before tomorrow'sbrew.5/19/12
EcuadorOrganic Espindola Small ProducersC1Somehow the timer didn't start on time. Roasted by sound, smell and sight. I think I hit first crack around 3:00. Let it go until first crack ended and then immediately stopped the roast. There was asmall amount of coast. beans were C colored, primarily. Smell had that tangerine scent, though maybe that was the power of suggestion. Good taste to the beans. this will be a good batch.5/18/12This was a nice cup and yes, a light roast. I'm starting to get the hang of my Aeropress. SInce it's always so concentrated, and you always have to blend, I just blend to taste and don't worry too much about ratios (of course I don't).5/20/12
KenyaNyeri AB Tegu 5:00C+ to FC33:004:45Ambient temps in the house are around 73-73*. A very typical roast. First crack at 3:00, ended at 4:45, stopped the roast at 5:00. I'd call this a light FCYum! Juicy and great flavor. I do love Kenyans.5/21/12
EthiopiaGera Jimma -Nano Challa4:56C+ - FC2.52:564:39Ambient temps in the house are around *70 or less. Cool night outside. I closed the window and let the roast go. This one seemed ot go a little quicker than most. Got a little roast coast in the colendar, provisionally calling this one C+ to FC. Probably closer to FC.5/21/12Had this one in the aeropress.5/22/12
RwandaNyamasheke Karengera4:30C+22:494:12This was a rocket roast. Ended in a C - C+ roast5/22/12Best brew yet from the Aeropress. Water was piping hot 200* plus. This was a C+ roast.5/23/12
Yemen5:00FC32:324:305:00Another rocket roast. Got to second crack before I could stop it. After a day of rest,I'm going to call this FC, not FC+. There's no oil.5/22/12WHat can I say about this one? I liked it. But didn't LOVE it they way I wantedd to with a Yemen bean. Probably darker than I prefer. Going to roast the next one lighter and see how that goes.5/26/12
BlendEquador 60 and El Salvador 40FC+42:504:20Ambient temps are around 74*. First fugitive first crack around 2:30. Definitely an outlier. First crack ended by 3:55. Fastest roast, yet. I let this go until 4:20 and started hearing second crack so I killed the roast. I watched one bean snap in the colander leaving oil on the surface. Some beans were FC color or so and 1 or 2 had oil on them. I'm going to call this a FC+ Roast. I used up the last of my Equador beans and all but a smidge of my El Salvador. I've got Guatamalan and Columbian beans coming, so it's OK to say goodbye to these.5/23/12A darker roast than I'm used to having, but the clean Central American profiles still peeks through.5/24/12
RwandaNyamasheke Karengera5:40C+23:465:26This was such an unexpected roast. Ambient temps in the house are 74*, but that's air conditioned, so dry. Did not hit first crack until 3:46, a new record, I think. First crack ended well after the 5:00 mark. I let it go another 15 seconds or so then dumped. Only way to cool is to blow, so I know I get a little coast. Bean color is a fairly consistent C+, and the flavor, nice and juicy. 5/24/125/25/12
KenyaNyeri AB Tegu FC+For some reason, I did not start the timer. First crack took a little bit to get rolling Then a lull, then more first crack. It seemed faster than the Rwanda above, though there was probably 10 minutes between roasts. Hot equipment? I roasted through first crack then let it go 20 seconds or more. Was aiming for a FC and hit it nicely. Even coloring, and great flavor aroma in this bean.5/24/12This is what I've been waiting 4 days to taste? Some oil on the beans are telltale signs of a FC+ roast (of course they loked even). This would have been the best cup of Starbucks I ever had. There is still an acid foundation, though muted. Dried fruit flavors overcome by roasting flavor. Meh. This is not what I got into home roasting to taste. Such a shame to over roast a nice Kenyan. Oh well. Another lesson learned.5/28/12
BurundiAuction Lot - Kayanza Bwayi 4:52:00C13:02So nice when a plan comes together. Aiming for City, nailed city. First crack hit at 3:02, so that was a great start. Ended around 4:52 and I dumped the beans into the colander. Got 1 coast snap. Nice, mottled appearance confirms a city roast. Beans taste Juicy! Can't wait to brew this one. I'll probably have it tomorrow while I wait for the Kenyan to rest. It's a FC or FC+ and the bean needs rest, anyway so another day will probably do it good.5/26/12Mmmm, and the plan was perfect. This juicy, bright roast is full of sweet fruit. The fruit flavors don't end in sharpness, leaving an impression of something less acidic, like strawberries or pink lady apples. 5/27/12
IndiaPoabs Organic Seethargundu Estate5:05:00C+23:054:53This was a difficult roast because of the cracks. I had to rely on my nose. Smelled first crack smoke around 3:00, and hit the first 2-3 snaps at 3:05. Then nothing. No more cracks until 3:59. the roast went through a few more lulls and I monitored the color closely. The cracks stopped again around 4:55, so I pulled the lid off to get a better look-- good color. No more cracks, I dumped the roast into the colander. A nice, brown C+ color, which is right where I was aiming. Time for an extended rest.5/28/12
EthiopiaGera Jimma -Nano ChallaCDidn't get good notes no this one, timer did not start properly. I think it's a C roast, which is what I was aiming for. 5/28/12First brew i the Aeropress since I changed the grind settings from weekend french press. My first cups were too fine, cup was somewhat bitter and overly extracted.\, especially for sucha light roast. Did better on the second one, and got some of the dark fruit flavors, brightness and floral notes I was looking for. The Aeropress does not emphasize these flavors. It seems to emphasize body and the darker flavors. Mostly, though, I just don't think I'm all that adept at Aeropress brewing, yet. 5/29/12
RwandaNyamasheke KarengeraCBad notes-- achieved a city roast, as I was aiming for.5/30/12Delicious. The second brew on the Aeropress was best. Sweet, fruity, well worth the money.
ColumbiaDos Paysasos de Tolima5:05:00C12:554:50Beautiful roast. Good cracking. Had a few outliers prior to 3:00 but really started rolling after 3:05. First crack ended by 4:55 and I dumped 10 seconds later. No coast snaops. Good mottled look. For a centram american, that's city. Beans tasted wonderful - clove and cinniman. Can hardly wait to taste the brewed.5/31/12Beautiful taste. Sweet, nice body and that clove flavor dominate. 6/1/12
KenyaNyeri AA Tegu4:30:00C12:454:25Total rocket roast. Wow, that's what I get for waiting 10 minutes between roasts. first crack at 2:45, and finished at 4:35 sheesh. I was afraid snaps were second, even though color looked C to C+ so I stopped the roast. C color. I'll let this rest util Sunday. Need to treatmy expensive beans a little better!5/31/12
YemenMokha Ismaili 5:00:00C+22:454:35Hit first crack early, 2:45, so watched this one carefully. Had one outlyer before then. Lots of chaff but only sporadic and faint cracks. so difficult to control this one. First crack mostly ended around 4:35, with a few outlyers. I removed the lid around 4:45 and watched the beans for another 15 seconds then dumped. Variation in color, as you'd expect from a DP. Also, some beans looked mottled, like a C roast. But with so much time after first crack, that seems unlikely. Maybe it's uneven. Put this away to rest for three days.6/1/12
Been a long time since I logged a roast. I've only missed 1 day of home-roasted coffee so it's about 30 roasts-- I'm past the century mark!Been a long time since I logged a roast. I've only missed 1 day of home-roasted coffee so it's about 30 roasts-- I'm past the century mark!
SumatraAged Sumatra Aceh 07 Crop6:00:00FC33:165:40So, I had to restart my roast log with this highly unusual bean. In the distant past, I knew and loved some aged Sumatra. Can't remember where I used to buy it. Maybe Whole Foods? It dates back to Michigan. Anyway... The first remarkable thing about this bean is it's color. It's brown with a tinge of red and green fading through. The smell of the "green" bean is wonderful, like an old cedar cigar box. Ambient temps outside were in the mid-high 90's (we set heat records today) and inside was maybe 79. These hit first crack 3:16. First crack was faint, lighter than most beans. It kept going until well past 5:00, this was a stretched roast, appropriate,I think for the bean. I'd say first crack ended around 5:40 and I let it go another 20 seconds or so. I poured the beans into the colander, and the smoke continued to rise-- definitely a longer roast than I'm used to, I'd say FC, the lightest recommended roast. I tasted a bean and it was spicy and different. I'm anxious to roast this one!6/28/12Not bad-- Not nearly as flavorful as I was expecting, but good. Woody flavor and a hint of allspice. I think this one will really show in an Aeropress.6/30/12
EthiopiaGrade 1 Chelelektu Yira Cheffe4:30:00C12:514:20Such a small, smooth clean bean, but so dense. The beans rattle like marbles in the popper. No significant chaff until first crack. Sweet smelling smoke during first crack, then it ends. I tasted a bean-- so nice, so delicate, can already taste the floral / jasmine notes. Cannot wait to cup this. I think I'll have this one tomorrow and save the Sumatra for Sunday morning. PLanning a night in Chicago and I think the aged Sumatra is better suited to the Aeropress than the Yirga Cheffe.6/29/12Well, brewed this one at the Hampton Inn, Chicago. Had to buy a ceramic mug for $10. Guess I'm a real tourist, now. I had a lot of trouble brewing the first one-- too much pressure. I tried turning the unit upside down and taking off the plastic to check the filter-- huge mistake. What a mess. The second batch was better, and I could sense the delicate beauty of this one dyig to come through. My kingdom for a French Press!7/1/12
YemenMokha Harasi4:50:00FC32:394:35My Alpha and Omega of Yemen. Though I think I like the Sharasi best, this bean was my introduction to Yemeni coffee and will always have a special place in my heart. Hit first crack early, at 2:39 and that set the stage. First crack had a lull around 4:20 then a final flourish before ending around 4:35. I ended this roast at 4:50. I think I got around a FC on this one. I ate a few light ones. No true quakers, unless the 2-3 I threw into the sink count. looking forward to this one.6/29/12So tasty-- I don't remember it being this nice or this sweet. I didn't try to parse the flavors, I just enjoyed this cup. Not sure whether this or Sharasi is my favorite. Re-reading the description, I'd say I agree the cup was creamy with flavors of canned peaches.7/3/12
BurundiSogestal Kirimiro 5:33:00C+23:405:10A long roast-- I was beginning to think First crack wasn't coming. The popper burned my hands, so I knew it was hot enough. Ambient temps in the house approach 78-79. It's hot and humid. Tate chased the chaff. First crack lasted past the 5:00 mark and I kept the roast going. Some mottled beans, some darker. Color range is C to FC. I'm calling this a C+. Beans did not taste juicy, but sweetness was evident. 7/1/12Sweet and rich, a beautiful African cup. This has a very clean profile to me. A dark flavor anchors this like a single bass note, played on the high range. The rast is layered above. There's a nice sweetness tempered by a muted brightness. Reading the description, I'd agree with asian pear, carmel and brown sugar as flavors in this roast. 7/4/12
KenyaKenya Nyeri AB Tegu5:10:00C+23:194:53A long roast, first crack hit at 3:19 and stopped at 3:53. I let this one go for another 10-15 seconds then dumped into the colander. I blew on the beans to slow the coast. Beans tasted wonderful and looked C+ to me. I want to note we're in the middle of the worst heat wave to hit in years. The house is 78* or so and outside it was high 90's when I roasted. Even so, this was a long roast. Not sure how that works.7/3/12
SumatraAged Sumatra Aceh 07 Crop6:46:00FC+43:554:506:35Still in the heat wave. Ambient temps still 78+ in the house and high 90's outside. I let the popper sit for 40 minutes before starting this roast. Another long one. First crack was so quiet, and came in fits and starts. First outlyer at 2:46, but first crack did not have any momentum until 4:00. I let this one go until I heard 2 snaps of second crack-- my first intentional FC+ roast in forever and a day. That was the 6:40 mark. Dumped the beans and blew on them, one coast snap in the colander. I'll let this rest a little.7/3/12This was very nice and benefitted from having a little more roast on it. Not something I'd want to drink every day, but still a very enjoyable cup. I definitely taste the aromatic wood and there's a level of sweetness there, too.. Think I'll try resting this one for 4 days next time.
Blend - Ethiopia / Rwanda80% Ethiopia - Gera Jimma -Nano Challa / 20% Rwanda Nyamasheke KarengeraFCThe timer did not start. Dammit. First crack progressed nicely, but saw light colored beans so kept it going 20 seconds past end of First crack. Turns out, there were only 2-4 light beans in the whole batch. The rest were solidly FC. Darker roast than I was aiming for, but can't complain too much when I try to roast a bland like this. 7/5/12
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