2012/Mk3 Focus - Front suspension noise
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TimestampFocus Fanatics usernameTrim LevelBuild DateMileage when first noticed issue?Current mileage?Does your car have reinforcing plates on the factory strut tower brace?Have you taken the car to a Ford dealership?How many times have you taken your car to the dealership?Have you involved Ford Customer Service?Problem resolved?How?Was the problem taken care of without involving Ford Customer Service?Was the noise at least acknowledged by the dealership?How has your dealership handled the issue thus far?Do you intend to try and solve the problem yourself? If so, what is your planned course of action?
4/26/2012 18:52:12ZillonSE w/Sport Package10/20116006000No reinforcement platesYes3YesNoNoWon't acknowledge the noise, claims any noise is normal and a result of 'european suspension tuning.' Given attitude.Yes, plan to replace sway bar bushings and sway bar endlinks.
4/26/2012 19:18:02ddm8276Titanium w/Handling Package10003750NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoYesWill be taking the car in to have it looked at in the near future, but it has been noticed by the dealer when addressing another issue.Will see what the dealer can work out. Good dealer and has worked very hard to keep me happy.
4/26/2012 19:44:31MEATTOOTHSE w/Sport Package11001500NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoNO DEALER INVOLVED YET
4/26/2012 19:53:42jpr0204S14375057Yes5+YesNoYesSo far, they have replaced the left front lower control arm and ball joint assembly, keep in mind that I have steel control arms on the "S" trim. They replaced the upper strut mounts, upper strut bushings, the coil springs, the struts themselves, the jounce bumpers, the lower spring seat bushings.I would like to try and disconnect the sway bar end links and take the vehicle for a ride and see if the noise subsides.
4/26/2012 20:15:27focus12blackTitanium w/Handling Package20005200NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoYesDealer has not looked at the problem yet.No
4/26/2012 21:04:46SydneyRooTitanium w/Handling Package10012500Yes2NoNoYesFirst time: replaced tie-rod end links. Sound went away when winter came around (cold). Getting warm again and the sound is back. Was a cold day when I brought it in a second time so they didn't hear anything. Will need to go back a 3rd time when it's warmer.no.. that's what the warranty is for
4/26/2012 21:28:28stang74shelbySE w/Sport Package350013050No reinforcement platesYes3NoNoYesThey have changed the Rack and Pinion, Front Springs and associated HardwareNot yet
4/26/2012 21:50:00WackyWRZSEL5001900Yes3NoNoNoNeeds to be a "kind of" for that answer - my suspension rattle is intermitent. Dealership had my car for 3 days and put almost 100 miles on it to say they heard nothing. After returning to pick up the car, no sooner did I leave the lot I heard the rattle. I pulled a u-turn and demanded someone ride with me to duplicate the noise which I did. They said they would "have to test drive another '12 focus" to "see if it rattled"!! I am bringing my car back in again next week (05/01/12) to make them try to fix it again, fingers crossed!I jacked up the car and shook things, but couldn't locate any loose items. After I return to this dealer, if I get brushed off again I will try another dealer. If that is inneffective, then I will contact Ford directly.
4/26/2012 21:57:07GizmobiaritzTitanium w/Handling Package50007000Yes5+YesNoYes3 different dealers. Performed suspension STB – Strut, Strut mount, Strut bearing, Sway bar link. Noise still present.No idea at this time.
4/26/2012 22:22:02Focus ehTitanium w/Handling Package10001500Yes3YesNoYesSo here's my latest update from this afternoon: My dealer has replaced the following;1. Strut mount.2. Strut.3. CV joint.4. Right front motor mount.No dice. Noise is still there. They've been very good about throwing parts at the car but can't seem to find the problem which really sucks. They now have a call into the FMC tech hotline to "report" the issue and see if that gets them anywhere which I highly doubt. At least I wasn't out of a vehicle as they were nice enough to get me a rental for the day but I really am disappointed that this problem has persisted for all of us. I was really hoping that the motor mount would do it but like many others, I'm back to square one. Again, everyone at the dealership and customer service is nice and all but unfortunately "nice" doesn't fix the cling and clang in my brand new car.
I hope that Ford corporate will acknowledge and address this issue promptly so we can all go back to fully enjoying our Focuses.
4/26/2012 23:04:47ohnoy2kSEL w/Premium Package8002900Yes1NoNoYesThey said they heard a slight noise in the passenger side and that noises are normal for cars of this size. Said there was a TSB for some bearings and replaced them. Noise was gone for 2 days but now its back.No. Going to bother dealership until it's fixed
4/27/2012 0:51:18LipshurtSE w/Sport Package11/201110010000Yes1YesNoNoSails every focus on the lot made same noiseYes tried many things. It's not suspension. It is something else. Adjusting hood helps, I think its also a combination of exhaust and other rattle things
4/27/2012 13:32:52millers_35Titanium w/Handling Package06/2011100019500NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoHave not taken it to a dealer yet.None. Dealer
4/27/2012 15:24:04ScottMcCSE w/Sport Package10/20115007000NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoactually I answered "no"I have only observed this a handful of times over almost 7000 miles of driving, so I am aware of it, but it has not motivated me to bring it with the dealer.
4/27/2012 16:33:54dyn085Titanium w/Handling Package02/2012101500No reinforcement platesYes2NoNoYesThe dealership was very cordial and acknowledged the problem right away, even though the noise was difficult to hear. They initially ordered two new end links and a lower left control arm. After installation of these items and before me picking up the car, they called me to inform me that the issue was not resolved and that they were going to order a new left strut. I currently have my vehicle while waiting for the arrival and installation.I do not intend on attempting to resolve the issue myself considering the fact that my dealership appears to be doing what they can to resolve it for me.
4/27/2012 17:05:2390whtgsiSE w/Sport Package08/201139004100NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoNot taking to dealership...yet.I only heard the "clunking" noise twice and it was on a 75 degree+ day after a 30-35 mile drive. I went over the speedbump at the end of my road (clunk), and turning into my driveway with brakes applied (clunk,clunk,clunk). Not heard again. I will check the sway bar links and strut bolts to make sure the're tight. Also, during the winter I heard a "crunching" noise when going over the above-mentioned speedbump. Sounds like the front sway bar bushings. Will remove and lubricate. This noise is absent in warm weather. Not worried.
4/27/2012 22:49:06josh1899Titanium w/Handling Package09/201213004800Yes2NoNoYesReplaced strut bearing. Will take back again and try to get fixed. Won't try to fix myself in case there is a resolution from Ford. Don't want warranty issues.
4/28/2012 22:57:16CMB76SEL08/20112003000Yes2NoYesRight front motor mount was replaced. (they originally replaced the right strut but it didn't help)YesYesReplaced right front strut which didn't work. Had to take car back in a week later. No
4/30/2012 21:18:31MistofoleezTitanium w/Handling Package03/201250010300Yes3NoNoYesVery well. They have been very helpful. There just isn't a valid fix as of my last visit.NO! It's UNDER WARRANTY!
5/2/2012 2:19:28Sd Focus1Titanium w/Handling Package08/20111000020000Yes2YesNoNoThey keep saying no problem found. Can't duplicate the noise.no. waiting for it to get louder
5/8/2012 0:41:29wilsonfocus86Titanium w/Handling Package08/20115008800NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoHaven't taken it in yet.Take it to the dealer eventually
5/8/2012 16:09:46dysan911Titanium12/201115003200NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoI have not taken it in yet because it seems there has been no fix as of yet for the many that have taken their car in on this issue. I've tried tightening the Shock Tower bolts which seemed lose to me but it did not resolve the noise. I will be taking my car in for this issue though. It drives me insane!.
5/8/2012 18:10:092012titaniumfocusTitanium w/Handling Package01/20124001300NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoHaven't taken it in yetI'm waiting to see if someone resolves it on the forums. That way I'll have some info to give the dealership when I go in. At the moment it seems like no dealership has been able to fix it.
5/8/2012 20:24:09FocusinvaTitanium12/201120002665NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoDidn't take it in yetNo
5/9/2012 3:24:3612FOCUS SS03/201250600No1YesNoNoActually unsure if they noticed it or not. I did mention it to the SA. It appears somewhat quitier. Front end alignment suspect as on -center of steering wheel varies as not expected. I have been working on cars for over 30 years and something is not quite right....might be the EPAS...not sure. Steering tends to wander on the S Sedan. Aligned by Ford last week. Much improved, although some clunking exists over undulated road surface(s).
5/10/2012 20:46:40prm1177Titanium w/Handling Package08/2011500011000Yes1NoNoYesReplaced strut towers, bearingsno. Will return to dealer.
5/15/2012 10:11:19ricomtlTitanium03/2012600km1000kmNoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoNot reported yet, but will fix an appointment for a test drive ASAP.no
5/15/2012 11:04:33duncan1104SE w/Sport Package10/20116002500NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoI'm planning on taking my car to the dealer, but have low hopes. Where is the TSB???Maybe. If no TSB comes...
5/15/2012 11:07:26noneTitanium12/2011100250NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNohaven't brought it in yetgoing to wait and see what happens with everyone else first.
5/15/2012 16:13:45tater2000Titanium08/201115008000Yes2NoNoYes1st Dealer said they didn't hear it but after a ride along it was pointed out and referred as normal brake caliper rattling and that you will hear that more on a smaller car such as the focus. 2nd dealer didn't hear it but that's when i figured out that its quiet when outside temperature is cold. Now that its warm, it is very noticeable if not worse.I don't believe i should try nor do i have the tools.
5/15/2012 19:20:06jellybeanTitanium10/20114008000Yes2NoNoYesThey say they replaced the strut bearings, and now tell me that they are ordering a strut for the driver side. This is where I hear the noise. It happens when turning right, going over speed bumps and sometimes on braking. Today I heard it when making a left turn into my driveway. nope. Ford should fix it.
5/26/2012 9:40:0212 F-O-C-U-SSE11/201115005600Yes1NoNoNoSimply said could not replicate problem. I advised them it was only at low speeds but they said we have a road we use and our tech did not hear it.No i dont. Just keep taking it back to dealership.
5/30/2012 21:04:26Hornedfrog05Titanium w/Handling Package09/201140007800Yes5+YesNoYesAcknowledge the sound but after replacing the parts below have now resulted to tell me that the noise is characteristic of the model/trim and that everything is as it should be. Shop manager at one dealership did however go on the record as saying that this is not a "normal" sound. The following has been replaced:

(2) CV6Z-5310-A : Spring Front
(2) W715490-S442: Bolt
(8) W700212-S442: Nut - Hex.
(2) CV6Z-18198-A: Bearing Front

(1) CV6Z-18124-D: Shock Absorber
(1) CV6Z-18124-C: Shock Absorber
(2) CV6Z-5K484-A: Link
(4) W520113-S442: Nut - Hex.
I intend to try and trade out of or sale the vehicle since nobody will fix this issue.
5/31/2012 9:41:10MrSxy4EverTitanium w/Handling Package11/201160008000Yes3NoNoYesIssue was looked at, a strut was replaced, but noise is still there.No.
6/2/2012 22:58:53empowahSE w/Sport Package11/201140007000Yes1NoNoNo"Could not duplicate" - Power Ford in Torrance, CANo - will wait for official fix from Ford
6/4/2012 14:41:22blueandsilverSEL w/Premium Package02/2012100150NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoI just took delivery of the car, I have noticed this clunking noise while passing over speedbumps. I will get it checked soonNo, car is brand new and must be covered by warranty
6/12/2012 8:58:37jpurvistxsTitanium w/Handling Package02/201210005500Yes1NoNoYesI just took the car in yesterday. I hope it gets repaired!No.
6/13/2012 14:55:24smizakSEL08/20121200014000NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNon/aNo
6/15/2012 10:19:05turigliaTitanium w/Handling Package08/2011800016800NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoPlan to bring the issue up at my next oil change.No
6/20/2012 13:44:50hand-filerTitanium11/201130003500Yes1NoNoYespoorlyundecided
6/21/2012 7:31:49fcbaldwinTitanium w/Handling Package02/20123006000Yes1YesNoYesDealership is very concerned. They have applied the Ford service hotline recommendation (replace springs and strut bearings to both sides), but this only seemed to work until I had a passenger in the car and noticed the crunching and squeaking again.no
6/22/2012 15:11:20clacasseSE w/Sport Package11/20115004300Yes1NoNoNoThey want me to come back and drive with the tech.No
6/22/2012 18:47:49LipshurtSE w/Sport Package11/20112016000Yes2YesNoYesWon't do anything it's normalWant to take it to a shop at fords expense
7/10/2012 13:26:40Dogma_notSEL08/201115009800Yes2YesNoYesDealer claims to replaced strut bearings, mounts and strutsI was hoping to wait until a real fix is discovered for this problem. I don't wont unnecessary mechanical work done to my car, due to mechanics wear and tear to original fit and finish and last time they scratched the paint to door panel.
7/16/2012 11:49:54MemphiscbriderSE05/201120007200Yes3NoNoNoNothing yetNo
7/19/2012 13:24:11eriksarnstromTitanium w/Handling Package09/201230004900Yes1NoNoNoTold me that they didn't hear anything. The sound is not very loud but it is present. Wait till it gets worse and they have to acknowledge it. Wait till I hear about a permanent fix. I don't want Ford tearing apart my car to put back faulty parts.
7/20/2012 15:14:58jcbbasSE w/Sport Package08/201150015555Yes2NoNoYesOrdered new spring. Not schedule for install yet.No
7/30/2012 12:48:50lforgue8SE w/Sport Package04/201225004300NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoI have an appointment for next week we'll see what they say!No, Ford warranty should step-up and resolve issue. The car is still only in its first MY and seems a lot of people have the same concern
7/30/2012 13:36:37TiPilotTitanium12/201150008500Yes2YesNoYesThey hear the noise and admit there's a TSB for it, however they said that it doesn't apply to my car and haven't been able to figure out how to cover the repairs under warranty yet.Not yet.
7/30/2012 15:16:39wgillesSE w/Sport Package09/2011800016500Yes3NoYesDon't have part numbers, but they replaced springs, struts, bearings and mountsYesYesproblem was solvedno
7/30/2012 15:33:01chrisdh79Titanium w/Handling Package02/201120009300Yes1NoNoYesReplacing sway bar end links.No plan thus far. Its alot better after getting the sway links replaced. Still heading knocking sometimes over small bumps.
7/30/2012 15:38:44KaaruSEL w/Premium Package07/201120008674Yes3YesNoYesDealer replaced right front top of the mcpherson strut as he said it was defective. noise have since came back and in addition a new sound/clunk emerged from the front left side, specifically when going in reverse and turnig the steering wheel clockwise. Dealer as yet gave me another rendez vous to bring my car inNo. I pais for an additional garantee, so they better fix the damn thing
7/30/2012 16:23:06ScottMcCSE w/Sport Package09/20115009000NoHave not taken car to dealership yet, but plan to.NoNoNoI answered "no"I fully expect the dealer to address this issue. I will bring it up next time I am in for scheduled maintenance.
7/30/2012 16:46:05sgmfocusSE03/201120004200Yes1NoNoYesordered parts rack ,tie rods etc. said struts were ok, waiting on parts over a week so far don't know yet ,give dealer a chance or 2
7/30/2012 22:37:45Chaddz3S09/201152009950Yes1NoNoNoUnable to duplicate the issueAftermarket Mazdaspeed3 struts and other suspension components
7/31/2012 15:11:38erogers10287Titanium w/Handling Package03/20129006900Yes4YesNoYesLubricate all suspension componets in front end- first visit
Replacing front right sway bar link- second visit
Replaced Strut bearings- third visit
Replaced strut bearings again, and both front springs- fourth visit
No, not with an active warranty. I plan to go straight to Ford Corporate because I am completely unsatisfied with my vehicle.
8/28/2012 16:50:57FGLLMXSEL w/Premium Package05/2012503600Yes5+YesNoYesThey tried several things and TSBs including certain components lubrication, engine mount replacement, new strut bearings, new coils replaced twice (first time, they were the wrong ones), re-torquing every single bolt in suspension and front sub-frame.

I see that they are trying to do their best, it seems Ford Corporate is not providing the right answers to their questions.
8/29/2012 16:32:09DarinSTitanium09/2012800011500Yes1NoNoYesI will be taking the car back to the dealership in the next few weeks to have them reevaluate the issue and try something else. As far as I know, the last time they replaced the passenger side strut mount and shock. The problem went away for about a week, then came back even louder than before.Not until my warranty runs out!
8/30/2012 10:22:43dave mooreSELapril 201210003800Yes4NoNoYesNew front springs strut bearings left tie rodRemove front wheels look for loose brake pads. I believe the problem could be defective steering rack?. I do have steering issues. It is difficult to make minor directional corrections at highway speed. It requires effort and often I overcorrect. This problem is intermittent. dave moore. Thermodave@gmail.com. If I had a doover option I would not buy this car. I traded in a 2000 mercury sable with 135k miles. i miss it's trouble free reliability. It was the reason I believed in ford. Also sync is pretty much useless for making phone calls. Always calls wrong person. Also rear doors not properly aligned, had to have a rattle fixed.
On the positive side, loved the styling, motor and interior.
10/25/2012 21:44:40sparky12Titanium03/201278009650No1NoNoNoaWatching the forums to see if anyone finds what appears to be a permanent solution. Doesn't look like Ford is going to bother with it...
10/29/2012 21:56:08TiburonJTSE w/Sport Package12/2011600010500Yes1NoNoYesStated noise is normal.No. Not sure.
11/6/2012 14:23:50Kevin_agarTitanium w/Handling Package10/20121000012000Yes2YesNoNodealer said it was normalwait for lawsuit or wait for TSB/recall
11/13/2012 9:48:01jrn146SE03/201220010000No reinforcement platesYes1YesNoYesThe tsb was performed but had no effect on the clunk. The dealer told me they couldn't do anything else until Ford came up with something. I contacted them several weeks later and they said they would look at it again as they had several more complaints since mine. (mine was their first) I declined to take it in again until a permanent fix from Ford was released.I will order the new style strut tower brace if that proves to be the fix.
11/20/2012 21:38:49DMelowSE06/20123002850NO, reinforcement plates ARE NOT on strut tower braceYes1NoNoYesService Advisor acknowledged problem but said that at this time Ford is saying that the rattle/clunking is normal noise. He indicated that there may be a fix down the road but at this time it is normal.I am waiting to see if there is a fix by Zillion with the strut braces/plate and then will see the Dealer. Not sure if I will try to fix myself. I will keep after the dealership.
11/21/2012 21:45:54plstealthTitanium w/Handling Package03/201211006700NO, reinforcement plates ARE NOT on strut tower braceNo1NoNoNohave notno