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State PropsMicro
Ian's VoteBecause Even ThoughSF Bay GuardianLeague of Pissed Off VotersSierra ClubIndivisibleEast Bay ExpressCA Dem PartyCA Green Party
Links ->Links ->Links ->Links ->Links ->http://www.sfbg.com/2018/10/07/endorsements2018fall/http://www.theleaguesf.org/voter_guides#tophttps://www.sierraclub.org/california/2018-endorsementshttps://ca.state-strong.org/index.php/2018/09/27/nov-2018-ca-ballot-guide/https://www.eastbayexpress.comhttps://www.cadem.org/propositionshttp://www.cagreens.org/elections/propositions
1Affordable housing bondsYESProp 1 is housing and homeless policy done right: billions for affordable housing, with the biggest carve-out aimed at truly lower-income families. It will also ease pressure on California's severely oversubscribed housing supply.Yeah, there's a big carveout specifically for veterans, but as anyone who's worked with the homeless can tell you, veterans are a key population among the homeless. And regardless whether you agree with the wars in which they fought, we owe them.YESYESYESYESYESYESYES
2Housing the mentally illYESProp 2 just clarifies the intent of voters when they approved funding for housing the mentally ill in previous propositions. It will thereby avoid a time-and-money-wasting court fight.Nine out of ten Dickens villains would disapprove.YESYES---YESYESYES---
3Dams for corporate farmsNOThis is a hard one. On the one hand, this is a total giveaway to corporate farms that don't want to rethink switching to less-thirsty crops. It also does it through the most environmentally destructive methods possible: new dams and water diversion.On the flip side, this would ensure clean water for rural communities not currently served. Still, wincing through the guilt of already having clean tap water, I will join the Sierra Club in urging that we solve that problem without giving away the store to big agriculture.NOYESNONONO---NO
4Children's hospital bondsYESUgh, another hard one. It really is money for sick children, so in the end I'm holding my nose and going with that.True, nearly 3/4 of the money goes to private hospitals. But they're still non-profits. I say we give them the money, then separately look at capping non-profit executive compensation and implementing rigorous audits for all public money received.NOYES---YESYESYESYES
5More Prop 13NO!Um, cutting education funds by a billion dollars, just to give wealthier property owners a tax break, anyone? How about some day-old sushi then? You almost have to hand it to the 1%ers. When they cosplay Montgomery Burns, they don't leave anything on the table.NONO!---NONONONO
6Screw fixing climate changeNO!For anyone that missed the memo, the world's climate scientists just warned us we need to take drastic action on climate change. But they meant increasing carbon taxes, not decreasing them.Yes, gas taxes are fairly regressive. And a true solution requires massive, urgent investment in usable and desirable public transit. But in the meantime, keeping demand high for non-gasoline alternatives is still crucial.NO!NO!NONONONONO
7Screw Daylight Savings TimeYES!Daylight Savings Time is stupid and counterproductive. It literally kills people every year through heart attacks and traffic accidents, actually *wastes* energy due to increased air conditioning, and makes countless people sad and grumpy for no reason.This prop doesn't actually end Daylight Savings Time; it just removes an old law that requires a popular vote before DST can change.YESYES------YESYESYES
8Remove dialysis capsYESSure it's weird to handle draconian insurance-spending caps one disease at a time, but it's on the ballot now, and it's the right thing to do.It's still weird. But it's still the right call.YESYES---NOYESYESYES
9N/A---Prop 9 was removed by the courts. Don't mess up your count!------------------------
10Fix rent controlYES!Everyone agrees California rent control is broken. But that's because it only covers existing tenants, with no future restrictions, thus perversely incentivizing evictions. Prop 10 will allow communities to set their own standards that cover all rental properties.There really isn't a good argument against this one unless you're already gaming the current broken system. Even centrist voices like the LA Times and Sacramento Bee are in favor.YES!YES!YESYESYESYESYES
11Screw ambulance driversNOThis is a ridiculous self-serving prop to allow a single ambulance company to avoid paying overtime for skipped lunch breaks. Don't let them get away with it.Seriously, you want hangry ambulance drivers doing a 12-hour shift without a meal break to come to *your* rescue?NONO---NONONONO
12Humane farm animal treatmentYESThis is actually a tough one in disguise. The more emphatic animal-rights groups say this actually codifies fairly weak regulations. However, at least it provides enforcement mechanisms for those weak standards.Enforcing laws costs money. It might add a nickel to the cost of your bacon.YESYESYESYESYESYESYES
Ian's EndorsementsBecause Even ThoughSF Bay GuardianLeague of Pissed Off VotersSierra ClubIndivisibleEast Bay ExpressCA Dem PartyCA Green Party
US SenateKevin de LeonKevin de Leon has been a strong voice against Trump from the center-left at the state level. Whereas Feinstein has been wrong on so many issues for so long, even the freaking California Democratic Party is backing de Leon.Many Democrats are reluctant to admit Feinstein is increasingly out of touch with her constituency. After all, then they might have to stop supporting quite a few other incumbents with the same problem... Kevin de LeonKevin de Leon------Kevin de LeonKevin de Leon---
US Congress, 13th DistrictBarbara LeeBarbara Lee speaks for me.---------Barbara Lee------Barbara LeeLaura Wells
Ian's EndorsementsBecause Even ThoughSF Bay GuardianLeague of Pissed Off VotersSierra ClubIndivisibleEast Bay ExpressCA Dem PartyCA Green Party
GovernorGavin NewsomC'mon, this one is a gimme. Cox makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look like Noam Chomsky. And besides his obvious record on LGBT rights, Newsom is fairly reliable on many other progressive issues these days, including climate change, cannabis legalization, and bail reform.As SF mayor, Gavin Newsom gave developers a blank check while literally taking money away from the homeless. He also has repeatedly shown questionable judgment in his personal and professional life. Still, he's the better option by a mile, so here's hoping he wins with enough of a landslide to hit the ground running on his most ambitious proposals.No Endorse
No Endorse
Gavin Newsom---Gavin NewsomGavin Newsom---
Lt. GovernorEd HernandezHernandez has experience, and didn't have his family try to buy him a statewide office for his very first election. Neither of those things can be said of Kounalakis.Neither of these candidates is particularly strong, and Lt. Governor is mostly a ribbon-cutting gig anyway.No Endorse
Ed Hernandez------Eleni Kounalakis------
Secretary of StateAlex PadillaPadilla has a strong record as the incumbent, strengthening California elections (including DMV and high school voter registration efforts) and deserves another term.---Alex PadillaAlex PadillaAlex Padilla---Alex PadillaAlex Padilla---
ControllerBetty YeeYee is another competent and ethical Democat and incumbent who deserves another term.Has room for further progressive evolution.Betty YeeBetty YeeBetty Yee---Betty YeeBetty Yee---
TreasurerFiona MaMa has a mixed record, but is still the better candidate.It's a really mixed record. But still.No Endorse
Fiona Ma------Fiona MaFiona Ma---
Attorney GeneralXavier BecerraBecerra has been a reliable thorn in Trump's side.His positions could be better, especially on the death penalty and bail bonds.Xavier BecerraXavier BecerraXavier Becerra---Xavier BecerraXavier Becerra---
Insurance CommissionerRicardo LaraAnother competent center-left Democrat, Lara looks poised to carry on his legacy of public advocacy over from the CA Senate as Insurance Commissioner.Has room for further progressive evolution.Ricardo LaraRicardo LaraRicardo Lara---Ricardo LaraRicardo Lara---
State Board of EqualizationMalia CohenUgh. A real nose-pincher. Cohen is so terrible on ethics that she didn't get a single left-leaning endorsement back during the June primary. Getting elected to something might strengthen Mark Burns for future races, but it's a pointless gig-- it duplicates the Franchise Tax Board.No Endorse
Malia Cohen------Malia CohenMalia Cohen---
State Superintendent of Public InstructionTony ThurmondThurmond, with his background in Richmond politics and nuanced positions, has broad support across a wide range of groups, many calling him an "easy choice" and "important."---Tony ThurmondTony ThurmondTony Thurmond---Tony ThurmondTony Thurmond[Tony Thurmond]
State Assembly, 18th DistrictRob BontaFairly decent record (eventually got the clue about fracking a few years back).This year Bonta is participating in a cynical hit "from the left" (even though he himself is to the right!) on Abel Guillén, his old rival. It makes me like Bonta a lot less, both as a person and as a politician.------Rob Bonta------Rob Bonta---
State Judicial
Ian's EndorsementsBecause Even ThoughSF Bay GuardianLeague of Pissed Off VotersSierra ClubIndivisibleEast Bay ExpressCA Dem PartyCA Green Party
Associate Justice, Supreme CourtCarol A. CorriganNOI'm mostly following the League of Pissed Off Voters here, which happily happens to be almost the precise opposite of what the wingnut who runs judgevoterguide.com recommends. My main goal is supporting (only) clear progressives-- especially in the wake of Kavanuagh. Right now anything else feels like caving.I'll be honest. There's not a lot of data available on judicial candidates.---NO---------------
Associate Justice, Supreme CourtLeondra R. KrugerYESSee above.See above.---YES---------------
Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, D1/D1James M. HumesYESSee above.See above.---YES---------------
Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, D1/D1Sandra MarguliesNOSee above.See above.---NO---------------
Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, D1/D2James A. RichmanNOSee above.See above.---NO---------------
Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, D1/D2Marla MillerNOSee above.See above.---NO---------------
Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, D1/D3Peter John SigginsYESSee above.See above.---YES---------------
Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, D1/D4John B. StreeterYESSee above.See above.---YES---------------
Associate Justice, Court of Appeal, D1/D4Alison M. TucherYESSee above.See above.---YES---------------
Presiding Justice, Court of Appeal, D1/D5Barbara JonesNOThis is the only one where I'm deviating from the League endorsements-- purely because the conservative guy at judgevoterguide endorses her. It may be petty, but it's what I'm doing.See above.---YES---------------
Alameda County + Regional
Ian's EndorsementsBecause Even ThoughSF Bay GuardianLeague of Pissed Off VotersSierra ClubIndivisibleEast Bay ExpressAlameda County Dem PartyAlameda County Green Party
AssessorPhong LaThe Dems, the Mecury News, and even the Greens are OK with Phong La. He's got my vote.------------------Phong La[Phong La]
Peralta Trustee, Area 5Cindi ReissThe Three Stooges could probably do a better job than the incumbents, so I'm backing Reiss.Um, the incumbents have nowhere to go but up?------------Cindi ReissCindi ReissCindi Reiss
AC Transit, At LargeDollene C. JonesJones is a former AC Transit driver and deserves a shot. Plus, her opponent, Young, is an awful person and civil servant, having been credibly accused of corruption and domestic violence.---------------Dollene C. Jones---Dollene C. Jones
BART Director, District 4Robert RaburnRaburn is the real deal. He bicycles everywhere, has a passionate but realistic take on transit politics, and even has plausible plans for cleaning up BART.There may be more cause for pessimism than optimism. But that's not Raburn's fault.------Robert Raburn---Robert RaburnRobert Raburn---
Alameda County + Regional MeasuresMicro
Ian's VoteBecause Even ThoughSF Bay GuardianLeague of Pissed Off VotersSierra ClubIndivisibleEast Bay ExpressAlameda County Dem PartyAlameda County Green Party
ECollege $, Renew TaxYESEducation has never been more vital.Parcel taxes should only be one piece of the tax pie.------------YESYESYES
GCollege $, Issue BondsYESEducation has never been more vital.Bonds aren't usually the wisest way to raise funds.------------YESYESYES
FFParkland $, Renew TaxYESAs the climate change bill comes due, managing wildland effectively and safely has never been more vital.Parcel taxes should only be one piece of the tax pie.------YES---YESYESNO
Ian's EndorsementsBecause Even ThoughSF Bay GuardianLeague of Pissed Off VotersSierra ClubIndivisibleEast Bay ExpressAlameda County Dem PartyAlameda County Green Party
Mayor1) Cat Brooks
2) Pamela Price
Libby Schaaf has been a major disappointment on police reform, education, and overall city management. Cat Brooks and Pamela Price promise to do more, and both of them have a chance of speaking for the underrepresented in a way no mayor has for decades.Schaaf has been taking baby steps toward dealing with the issue of homelessness, but even there those steps lacked speed and ambition.------Libby Schaaf---Libby SchaafLibby SchaafKaramooz / Brooks / Price
City Council, District 2Abel GuillénGuillén is possibly one of the hardest-working politicians in all of California. He keeps his local community well-informed, shows up and engages with absolutely everything happening in his district, strives for a positive narrative about Oakland's future, and-- if we're lucky-- will one day go on to be one of the most progressive yet realistic politicians in California. It's a crying shame that centrist Democrats (like his old rival for State Assembly, Rob Bonta) are participating in a cynical attempt to oust him "from the left" in the hopes they can sideline him before he gets into higher-profile offices.Guillén inherited a bad deal with the Lakeshore housing initiative. Even there, though, he pushed for a better outcome than the neighborhood would otherwise have had. I'm sure Fortunato Bas means well. But if she wants progressive support over the long-term, she should show better judgment about her allies. We need politicians who care about the big picture, and aren't willing to align themselves with centrists to pick off fellow progressives for their own narrow self-interest.------Abel Guillen---Nikki Fortunato BasAbel GuillenFortunato Bas / Donte Smith
City AuditorCourtney RubyRuby had a reasonably strong reputation during her previous run as City Auditor. She'd be a dramatic improvement over the scandal-plagued Roberts.---------------Courtney RubyCourtney RubyCourtney Ruby
School Director, District 2Aimee EngWidely supported. Also, running unopposed.------------------Aimee Eng---
Oakland MeasuresMicro
Ian's VoteBecause Even ThoughSF Bay GuardianLeague of Pissed Off VotersSierra ClubIndivisibleEast Bay ExpressAlameda County Dem PartyAlameda County Green Party
VFair Cannabis TaxYESNow that the initial giddy rush about cannabis tax revenue has passed, it's time for serious analysis. Namely, do we want to support small local business, or do we want to drive out everyone except large corporations and gangsters (who won't play fair about revenue anyway)?Pipe dreams about infinite cash die hard.------------YESYESYES
WVacant Property Tax for HomelessYESIt's long, long overdue to incentivize owners who leave their land unused to move forward with it-- or at least pay more of their fair share toward the consequences if they don't.Doesn't go nearly far enough.------------YESYESYES
XFair Property Transfer TaxYESDoes a better job of balancing out the load across the different price points in the real estate market.Real estate taxes should only be one piece of the tax pie.------------YESYESYES
YFewer Duplex EvictionsYESIt doesn't make a lot of sense to give residents of owner-occupied duplexes and triplexes less protection than other renters. In the long run, this is good policy even for the affected owners, as it will stabilize the value of their own properties.Some owners will have to suffer along with death-metal-blaring and zydeco-loving tenants a little longer than they might prefer.------------YESYESYES
ZFair Hotel WagesYESWith benefits, $15/hr, and $20/hr without. It's not too much to ask for hotel workers in one of the most expensive metro areas in the world.It might be nice to take a more comprehensive approach.------------YESYESYES
AAEarly Childhood EducationYESEducation has never been more vital, and early-childhood education has been proven to provide enormous benefits, over and over again.Parcel taxes should only be one piece of the tax pie.------------YESYESNO!
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