Non Degree Endorsement Program of Study
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Non Degree Endorsement Program of Study
HoursCOURSESFALLFALL Planned Enrollment YearIntercession (Dec-Jan)Intercession Planned Enrollment YearSPRSPR Planned Enrollment YearSUMSUM Planned Enrollment YearDirections for Filling out Form (Revised 11/08/2018 9:40pm)
3EDL 850 School Law (Aug-Oct) or (Oct-Dec)(Jan-Mar) or (Mar-May)(June) or (July)To the left, courses have been identified as to which semester they are currently being offered. Certain courses are offered more than once per semester varying from 4, 8, or 16 week time periods. Please make a copy of this program of study for your own personal use and as a ePortfolio artifact.
3EDL 851 Supervision & Evaluation of Personnel(Aug-Oct) or (Oct-Dec)(Jan-Mar) or (Mar-May)(June) or (July)Please click this yellow box to make a copy of this program of study template for personal use and as a e-Portfilio artifact.
3EDL 852 Introduction to School Administration (Aug-Oct) or (Oct-Dec)(Dec-Jan)(Jan-Mar) or (Mar-May)(June) or (July)While working within your new template copy, rename the spreadsheet as "First Name - Last Name - Non Degree Endorsement Program of Study" (John Doe ND Program of Study)
3EDL 853 Special Education for School Leaders(Aug-Oct) or (Oct-Dec)(Jan-Mar) or (Mar-May)(June) or (July)Under the 3 headings "Planned Enrollment Year" please indicate the session and year you plan to enroll for each of the 7 courses. The columns are color-coded to separate semesters for your convenience.
3EDL 854 Educational Finance(Aug-Oct) or (Oct-Dec)(Jan-Mar) or (Mar-May)(June) or (July)This spreadsheet is yours to revise as needed. Life happens and sometimes requires us to change plans to accommodate it. All we ask is that you let us know when you do make a change. Make sure you re-share with your advisor.
3EDL 856 School & Community Relations
(Aug-Oct) or (Oct-Dec)(Dec-Jan)(Jan-Mar) or (Mar-May)(June) or (July)At the conclusion of your program, you will be required to complete a comprehensive exam consisting of a video presentation of an ePortfolio. A copy of this spreadsheet will be included as an artifact.
3AEP 879: Practicum(Aug-Dec) 2019(Dec-Jan)(Dec-Jan)(Jan-May)(June-July)No more than 6 hours will be considered for transfer; transfer course syllabi will be reviewed after candidate has registered with the graduate school.
Total Hours Required
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For all new candidates, AEP 800 has been replaced by AEP 879 Practicum. The practicum will be offered every semester except intercession.
This course is to be taken absolutley last. It is highly recommended that no more than one other class be taken at the same time with the practicum.
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