Publication/Station/Website/Company where submission appeared
Parent CategoryChild CategoryAwardEntry TitleJudge CommentsFirst NameLast NameSuffixName 1Name 2Name(s) on Award
(614) MagazinePRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Arts ReportingSecond PlaceGallery Space: Maya Lin, Ann Hamilton and Jenny Holtzer: HEREJaelaniTurner-WilliamsJaelani Turner-Williams
(Hamilton) JournalNewsBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best PhotographerFirst PlaceNick Graham Body of WorkThe images are not only interesting but each one truly captured the emotion of the moment.NickGraham
89.3FM WMKV RadioRADIO Best DocumentaryFirst PlaceMarty Brennaman: "And This One Belongs to the Reds"Good production, good writing. Could use more explanation of why Brennaman is so important at the beginning (as a non-Ohioan or non-baseball fan), but an otherwise very comprehensive profile.MikeMartiniMike Martini WMKV-FM
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Business ReportingFirst PlaceLocal Indoor Robotics Farm Expands And Sells Its Technology WorldwideInteresting subject matter. Good interviews. Enjoyable actualities.AnnThompsonAnn Thompson 91.7 WVXU
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Criminal Justice ReportingFirst Place60 Arrested in 'Largest Opioid Prescriber Takedown Ever'TanaWeingartnerTana Weingartner 91.7 WVXU
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Enterprise ReportingSecond PlaceNeighbors to Kings Island: Please Cut The NoiseTanaWeingartnerTana Weingartner 91.7 WVXU
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Minority Issues CoverageFirst PlaceTransgender Singing Voice Conference Expands Vocal PerspectivesTanaWeingartnerTana Weingartner 91.7 WVXU
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Spot NewsFirst PlaceSewage Leak Affecting Winton Woods' Lake, Investigation UnderwayTanaWeingartnerTana Weingartner 91.7 WVXU
91.7 WVXUBEST OF SHOW - RADIO Best Public Affairs ProgramSecond PlacePersonal Stories of Organ DonationMichaelMonksPete RightmireSelena RederMichael Monks Pete Rightmire Selena Reder Josh Elstro 91.7 WVXU
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Education Issues ReportingSecond PlaceCan There Be Racial Equity In History Lessons? One Class Is TryingAmbriehlCrutchfieldAmbriehl Crutchfield 91.7 WVXU
91.7 WVXURADIO Best Education Issues ReportingFirst PlaceFive Years After Oil Spill, Public Gets First Look At Oak Glen Nature PreserveCovers the topic well, good use of scene tape, good reporter standup in story, good job creating a narrative in a story that would normally be treated like a simple news story.TanaWeingartner
91.7 WVXUBEST OF SHOW - RADIO Best NewscastFirst PlaceNewscast: October 11, 2019MaryanneZeleznikWVXU News Team 91.7 WVXU
91.7 WVXUBEST OF SHOW - RADIO Best ReporterSecond PlaceTana WeingartnerTanaWeingartnerTana Weingartner 91.7 WVXU
91.7 WVXUBEST OF SHOW - RADIO Best AnchorFirst PlaceMaryanne ZeleznikMaryanneZeleznikMaryanne Zeleznik 91.7 WVXU
WVXU.ORGDIGITAL MEDIA Best Overall Blog (news organization)First PlaceWVXU.ORGAll three entries held my interest in the politics of cities halfway across the country I particularly enjoyed the Eeyore piece. It combined an eye-catching premise with good info from source interviews and personal anecdotes.HowardWilkinsonHoward Wilkinson 91.7 WVXU
www.wvxu.orgRADIO Best WebsiteFirst PlaceWVXU.ORGMaryanneZeleznikWVXU News Team 91.7 WVXU
Bitch Media, ZORA, Vinyl Me, Please, Pigeons & Planes, Billboard, VICEDIGITAL MEDIA Best Arts/Entertainment StoryFirst PlaceA Quick History of TV’s Elusive Quest for Complex Black LesbiansJaelaniTurner-WilliamsJaelani Turner-Williams
Chagrin Valley Times/Chagrin Valley TodayBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best Special PublicationFirst PlaceTurning point for recyclingKeeping readers interested in a single story about recycling can be challenging. It's even harder printing an entire special publication on the subject, but you did it. The layout is clean, and the stories are solid. Good work.Chagrin Valley Times staffChagrin Valley Times staffChagrin Valley Times Ellen J. Kleinerman Maureen Bole Julie Hullett Samantha Cottrill Tim Tedeschi Geoff Powers Tanner Mondok and Sue Reid
Cincinnati EnquirerFREELANCE - DIGITAL MEDIA Best Criticism/EditorialSecond PlaceTattooing over scars helps with trauma, healing; Kentucky's ban a loss of that controlBonnieFeldkampBonnie Jean Feldkamp
Cincinnati EnquirerFREELANCE - PRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Criticism/EditorialFirst PlaceMetro driver, worry about safety not moralityNice work. Love that Bonnie Jean offered some of her personal story as a part of this.BonnieFeldkampBonnie Jean Feldkamp
Cincinnati EnquirerFREELANCE - PRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Criticism/EditorialSecond PlaceSexual harassment of girls starts during middle schoolBonnieFeldkampBonnie Jean Feldkamp
Cincinnati EnquirerDIGITAL MEDIA Best Business/Tech StorySecond PlaceInside the rise and fall of Everything But The House: Can Ohio's hottest startup rebound?AlexanderCoolidgeAlexander Coolidge Cincinnati Enquirer/
Cincinnati Enquirer/Cincinnati.comBEST OF SHOW - PRINT LG. (60,000+ circ.) Best Page One DesignSecond Placework of Jason BredehoeftJasonBredehoeftJason Bredehoeft The Cincinnati Enquirer
Cincinnati Enquirer/Cincinnati.comPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Children’s Issues ReportingFirst PlaceA place to call homeOutstanding, human reporting that demonstrates the reporter's commitment to this family, as well as the access he had to their most difficult moments. Huge trust here.MarkCurnutteAlbert CesareMark Curnutte and Albert Cesare The Cincinnati Enquirer/
Cincinnati MagazineFREELANCE - PRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Feature WritingFirst PlaceWhat Lies BeneathThorough and well-crafted feature writing. I could tell this story was months in the making. A great read.JennyWohlfarthJenny Wohlfarth Cincinnati Magazine
27 EnquirerBEST OF SHOW - PRINT LG. (60,000+ circ.) Best Critic in OhioFirst Placework of Polly CampbellPolly Campbell's work is engaging, conversational and unpretentious. Campbell has a clear love for her city that is reflected in the way she writes about its food. While she clearly has comprehensive knowledge of the food scene, she doesn't obfuscate her writing in needless foodie lingo. Her writing feels delivered from a friend who knows just where to go.PollyCampbellPolly Campbell The Cincinnati Enquirer/
28 EnquirerPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Consumer ReportingFirst PlaceDream home nightmaresWhat. A. Story. The line about the door knob falling off the day after closing made me gasp. Such good blending of court records and personal stories, demonstrating the power of collaborating within the network. Nice work.LizDufourJames PilcherLiz Dufour, The Cincinnati Enquirer/ James Pilcher
29 EnquirerPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Investigative ReportingSecond PlacePortsmouth sex traffickingLizDufourRobert Strickley Jr.Kate MurphyLiz Dufour Robert Strickley Jr. Kate Murphy James Pilcher
30 EnquirerPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Business ReportingSecond PlaceMarijuana coverage by Jackie BorchardtJackie Borchardt's intriguing reporting on Big Marijuana taking root in Ohio shined a light on an issue which the public wouldn't be aware of otherwise, but imposes a potentially severe impact to MMJ patient access.
The details came through document research, but the articles are smartly reported with easy-to-comprehend narratives.
JackieBorchardtJackie Borchardt The Cincinnati Enquirer/
31 EnquirerBEST OF SHOW - PRINT LG. (60,000+ circ.) Best Special SectionSecond PlaceGoodbye, old friendThis tight package celebrating the legendary Marty Brennaman was done right: The Enquirer's columnists' insights gave personality and told the story whichout getting into the weeds. I came away with a new understanding of someone I'd never heard of before.sports staffCincinnati Enquirerthe sports staff of the Cincinnati Enquirer
32 EnquirerPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Sports ProfileSecond PlaceI was OK with not living': What happens when an All-Star pitcher suffers from depressionBobbyNightengaleBobby Nightengale The Cincinnati Enquirer/
33 EnquirerPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Government ReportingFirst Placeportfolio of Jessie BalmertExcellent job balancing hot topics and hitting all sides of each issue. Glad to see strong use of public records to help tell the story. Great ledes and really strong storytelling!JessieBalmertJessie Balmert The Cincinnati Enquirer/
34 EnquirerPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Medical/Science ReportingFirst Placeportfolio of Anne SakerSaker deserves credit for providing not just the news, but important information for readers about two situations that they or their loved ones could encounter at any time: testing for the BRCA mutation and coronary bypass surgery.
The story of how Neil Armstrong's care at Mercy Health Fairfield Hospital led to his death and a $6 million settlement deftly explained the decisions made and why they were questionable. The article also highlighted the tragedy involved by showing, not telling-- sharing upbeat email correspondence the former astronaut shared shortly before his death.
Meanwhile, the article about the importance and new accessibility of BRCA testing managed to be both enlightening and a good read. It was concise but packed with humanity, featuring the story of a family as well as a passionate doctor. Well done.
AnneSakerAnne Saker The Cincinnati Enquirer/
35 EnquirerPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Sports ReportingFirst Placework of Bobby NightengaleWhen it comes to beat reporting, remembering to write about more than mundane matters. Nightengale gets it and holds to a steady, well-sourced, approach that reflects both his expertise in journalism and his understanding of people and baseball. His prose paints a picture for the reader while delivering the facts and sharing the impressions and observations of his sources (who are all named).BobbyNightengaleBobby Nightengale The Enquirer/
36 EnquirerPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Public Service JournalismSecond PlaceThe Road - part oneStrongly humanized stories interwoven with thought-provoking facts, the staff of The Enquirer placed a mirror back on its community through this well-done series.
the staff of The Cincinnati Enquirer
staffthe staff of The Enquirer/
37 EnquirerDIGITAL MEDIA Specialized Journalism SiteFirst PlaceAccused - season threeAccused - season three is a look into a mystery, and it offers something for everyone examining the disappearance of a 1980's man. Between audio, visual, and the written word, it's an excellent look at the best of how a topic can be approached in multiple formats.AmberHuntAmanda RossmannAmber Hunt and Amanda Rossmann Enquirer
Cincy MagazineBEST OF SHOW - TRADE PUBLICATIONS Best Trade PublicationFirst PlaceCincy MagazineA robust roster of contributors led by Eric Harmon report on a wide palette of topics for Cincy Magazine's core audience. The overall magazine hits its mark and nicely includes around-town coverage. Kudos to its creative director and art director Katy Rucker on the layouts and fitting style.CorinneMinardMagazine Staff, Cincy Magazine
Cincy MagazineBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best Special PublicationSecond PlaceHome + DesignCorinneMinardCincy Staff, Cincy Magazine
CityBeatFREELANCE - PRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Arts Review (movies, art, music, theatre, etc.)First PlacePorgy and Bess' Returns to Cincinnati OperaLeylaShokoohe
CityBeatFREELANCE - PRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Feature WritingFirst PlaceA Former Urban Manufacturing Center, Camp Washington is Shifting into Cincinnati’s Up-and-Coming Arts and Culture HubLeylaShokooheMaija ZummoMorgan ZumbielSteve Rosen Bill Furbee
Cleveland MagazinePRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Explanatory JournalismFirst PlaceThose Who ServeSheehan Hannan's story gives well-rounded reporting on a workers' rights issue in the Legislature that is not normally part of public knowledge outside of firehouses, while even-handedly humanizing it for readers without falling into a bias trap of lionizing the sources.SheehanHannanSheehan Hannan Cleveland Magazine
Cleveland MagazineBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best MonthlySecond Place (tie)Cleveland MagazineSheehanHannanCleveland Magazine
cleveland.comFREELANCE - DIGITAL MEDIA Best Feature WritingSecond PlaceVietnam War ‘Jungle Eaters’ find strength, healing at veterans’ reunion in BereaBethMlady
cleveland.comFREELANCE - DIGITAL MEDIA Best Government ReportingFirst PlaceBroadview Heights resident withdraws from mayor’s race, blames pushback from city officialsIntriguing topic handled even-handedly. Diligent reporting unearthed which councilman got accused of speaking poorly on the candidate, for example. Bob Sandrick made sure to have sources speak for themselves by checking up on each of the story subject's publicly posted accusations.BobSandrickBob Sandrick,
Collegian, Elyria, OhioCOLLEGE JOURNALISM Best College Newspaper: Non-DailySecond PlaceThe Collegian — Lorain County Community CollegeCollegian StaffStaffersThe Collegian StaffThe Collegian Staff
Columbus AliveBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best Reporter in OhioFirst PlaceAndy DowningDifficult category to judge! Skilled in a diversity of topics and showed investigative skillsAndyDowningAndrew DowningAndy Downing, Columbus Alive
Columbus AliveBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best Weekly NewspaperSecond PlaceColumbus AliveAndyDowningAndy Downing Joel Oliphint Erica Thompson Jim Fischer
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Investigative ReportingFirst PlaceMultiple women accuse Actual Brewing founder Fred Lee of sexual assaultAndyDowningAndy Downing, Columbus Alive
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Minority Issues ReportingSecond PlaceThe Case of Masonique SaundersAndyDowningAndy Downing, Columbus Alive
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Arts ReportingFirst PlaceJoel OliphintJoelOliphintJoel Oliphint, Columbus Alive
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Social Issues ReportingFirst PlaceMove to Prosper's forgotten familiesJoelOliphintAndy Downing
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.)
Best Rock and Roll Feature Writing/Commentary/Music Review
First PlaceLizzo empowers at Express LiveThe writer captures the cult of Lizzo is known for at her live shows.AndyDowningAndy Downing, Columbus Alive
Columbus AlivePRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best WebsiteSecond PlaceColumbus AliveAndyDowningAndy Downing and Joel Oliphint, Columbus Alive
Columbus Business FirstPRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Business ReportingFirst PlaceThe evolving auto industryThe writer covers the sexy part of cars — the safety crashes — but also the ins and outs of the business of the industry. The writer also dives into the weeds without losing the reader.DanEaton
Columbus Business FirstPRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Social Issues ReportingSecond PlaceFighting evictions in Central Ohio proves tricky despite increased attentionTristanNavera
Columbus Business FirstPRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Medical / Science ReportingFirst PlaceHospitals and medical researchCarrie Ghose's articles show a mastery of subject, attention to detail, and a wide range of ability. The article featuring Ian Burkhart not only clearly described very technical subject matter but did what newspapers so rarely do — return to the subjects of national news years later and tell their story in a compelling, detailed way. Excellent work both on that article and overall.CarrieGhose
Columbus Business FirstPRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Government ReportingFirst PlaceCity of Columbus spending watchGreat use of data to help tell the story!CarrieGhose
Columbus Business FirstBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best Weekly NewspaperFirst PlaceColumbus Business FirstThis weekly publication not only nails it in the writing department but the whole package - design, photography, graphics, charts, data - all combine to give the reader a comprehensive view of the issues of the week.DougBuchanan
Columbus Business FirstBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best Page One DesignFirst PlaceColumbus Business FirstWith no other entries, I have no other examples to compare this to, so by default this is the best in show.JohnLauer
Columbus CEOPRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Feature ReportingSecond PlaceKaty Smith, Columbus CEOKatySmith
Columbus MonthlyPRINT SM: (<60,000 circ.) Best Minority Issues ReportingFirst PlaceThe Battle for the OctagonThis is a captivating story. It has top notch writing, compelling characters, deep research and good photos. I loved it.ChrisGaittenChris Gaitten
Columbus MonthlyBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best Graphic DesignerFirst PlaceBetsy BeckerGreat, interactive designsBetsyBeckerBetsy Becker, Columbus Monthly
Columbus MonthlyBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best Reporter in OhioSecond PlaceSuzanne GoldsmithThe story about the young woman's escape was a knock outSuzanneGoldsmithSuzanne Goldsmith, Columbus Monthly
Columbus MonthlyBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best MonthlySecond Place (tie)Columbus MonthlyColumbus Monthly staffColumbus Monthly staffColumbus Monthly staff
Columbus UndergroundDIGITAL MEDIA Best Editorial WritingSecond PlaceOpinion: New Urban Plan Must Offer Equal Opportunities For AllWalkerEvansWalker Evans Columbus Underground
Columbus UndergroundDIGITAL MEDIA Best Education Issues ReportingFirst PlaceNew Superintendent Promises Better Days for Columbus SchoolsGrantWaltersGrant Walters Columbus Underground
Columbus UndergroundDIGITAL MEDIA Best FeatureSecond PlaceThe Limits of Choice: Three Women Share their Late Abortion StoriesLaurenSegaLauren Sega Columbus Underground
Columbus UndergroundDIGITAL MEDIA Best Government ReportingSecond PlaceOhio Abortion Ban - Ongoing CoverageLaurenSegaLauren Sega Columbus Underground
Columbus UndergroundDIGITAL MEDIA Best News StorySecond PlaceWhat’s Next for The Continent?BrentWarrenBrent Warren Columbus Underground
Columbus UndergroundDIGITAL MEDIA Best Political ReportingFirst PlaceThe Country’s First Bhutanese Official Marks a Changing SuburbThis was a great story, I enjoyed reading it. The only area I was left wanting more info on was what Pyakurel meant when he said the former council wasn't concerned with the issues most people in the city were. Particularly, dealing with the strained communication between the city and residents.TaijuanMoormanTaijuan Moorman Columbus Underground
Columbus UndergroundFREELANCE - DIGITAL MEDIA Best Feature WritingFirst PlaceThe Quest to Save One of Ohio’s Last Intact Native Sites is UnderwayDetailed yet clear and concise. Congrats on this.JesseBetheaJesse Bethea Columbus Underground
Columbus UndergroundFREELANCE - DIGITAL MEDIA Best Investigative Reporting (story or series)Second PlaceWatershed Moment: The Past, Present and Future of Big Darby CreekJesseBethea
Jesse Bethea Columbus Underground
Columbus UndergroundFREELANCE - DIGITAL MEDIA Best Arts Review (movies, art, music, theatre, etc.)Second PlaceTheatre Review: Ember Women’s Theatre’s Charming ‘Terms of Endearment’RichardSanfordRichard Sanford Columbus Underground
Columbus UndergroundFREELANCE - DIGITAL MEDIA Best Arts Review (movies, art, music, theatre, etc.)First PlaceArt Review: The Evolution of Columbus ArtNice solid look at the place of local/regional art.JeffRegensburgerJeff Regensburger Columbus Underground
Dayton Daily NewsBEST OF SHOW - PRINT LG. (60,000+ circ.) Best Daily NewspaperFirst PlaceDayton Daily NewsMass shootings and natural disasters are among the most difficult, exhausting events a journalist will ever have to cover, and the staff of the Dayton Daily News has repeatedly set a high bar with comprehensive coverage that informs and reflects the community it serves. These pages are beautifully illustrated and filled with graceful accounts of suffering and resilience. This paper's reporters, editors and photographers should be proud.StaffStaffDayton Daily News Staff
Dayton Daily NewsBEST OF SHOW - PRINT LG. (60,000+ circ.) Best Columnist in OhioFirst PlaceAmelia Robinson Body of WorkRobinson does an excellent job of drawing on her personal experience to help readers make sense of the senseless, and inspire hope and a desire to push for change.AmeliaRobinson
Dayton Daily NewsPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Deadline ReportingFirst PlaceOregon District Shooting: This is a Miami Valley tragedyGreat work by all!KatieWedellJosh SweigartCornelius FrolikJeremy P. Kelley, Dayton Daily News The Staff of the Dayton Daily News is most appropriate
Dayton Daily NewsPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Social Issues ReportingSecond PlaceWalking the Path of the Storm seriesJoshSweigartChris Stewart
Dayton Daily NewsPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best Government ReportingSecond PlaceHouse Bill 6 energy bill seriesLauraBischoff
Dayton Daily NewsBEST OF SHOW - PRINT LG. (60,000+ circ.) Best Page One DesignFirst PlaceBody of WorkAdrianZamarronSharyn Boyle
www.daytondailynews.comPRINT LG: (60,000+ circ.) Best WebsiteFirst PlaceDaytonDailyNews.comThe website is built like a story should be written; the most important information is at the top: Breaking news, sections to seek more information, a call to action to subscribe, and then the latest news. It's not flashy, it's not distracting, and it's easy to navigate.StaffStaff
EHS TodayTRADE PUBLICATIONS Best General StoryFirst PlaceDank Dilemma: The Unregulated CBD Market and Drug TestingWell sourced. Clear writing. Clearly identifies the problem and why it matters high up. Good lede quote. A lot of people feel that way about CBD. There's a good follow-up on solutions to this problem. Who's working on data tracing and research on CBD? What would it mean to the cannabis industry to have a regulated CBD category?StefanieValenticStefanie ValenticStefanie Valentic
EHS TodayBEST OF SHOW - TRADE PUBLICATIONS Best Trade ColumnistSecond PlaceSincerely StefanieStefanieValenticStefanie ValenticStefanie Valentic
Energy News Network: Midwest Energy NewsDIGITAL MEDIA Best Business/Tech StoryFirst PlaceIn Ohio, craft breweries emerge as leaders for clean energyKathiannKowalskiKathiann M. Kowalski Energy News Network -- Midwest Energy News
Energy News Network: Midwest Energy NewsDIGITAL MEDIA Best Government ReportingFirst PlaceCoverage of Ohio Legislative and Regulatory Actions on EnergyExcellent job providing a thorough examination of complex issues as well as providing context for those discussions and decisions.KathiannKowalskiKathiann M. Kowalski Energy News Network -- Midwest Energy News
Eye On Ohio: Ohio Center for Investigative JournalismFREELANCE - DIGITAL MEDIA Best Investigative Reporting (story or series)First PlaceHow has Ohio Stepped Up Measures to Combat Sexual Violence?It's a well-sourced and reported story on how the state is handling sexual violence. Great public service journalism. The only thing I would suggest is more photos.ChristopherJohnstonMr.Lucia Walinchus, EditorLucia Walinchus, Editor, Eye on Ohio
Farm and DairyTRADE PUBLICATIONS Best Feature DesignFirst PlaceBest Feature DesignInteresting, visual designsAimeeTenzekDavid HartongAimee Tenzek and David Hartong, Farm and Dairy
Farm and DairyTRADE PUBLICATIONS Best Personality ProfileFirst PlaceDoing it all: Farm accident survivor makes it work 20 years after losing armLoved the lede. Gripping story. Really felt the suspense looking back at the accident. Quite amazed at how Prentice jumped back into farming again so quickly. The story carried itself well through to the end where we find out more about how and what she's doing now, but I would have liked to know more about their dairy business. We get a hint in the front-page caption. Something Rachel does well is setting up this pivotal moment in Prentice's life and stating right away how she's doing now. Kept me engaged, because I wanted to know more about her role as a public speaker and businesswoman.RachelWagoner
Farm and DairyTRADE PUBLICATIONS Best Trade ReportSecond PlaceDo not pass go': Farmers struggle with bans and 'Facebook jail' following a policy update on livestock salesSarah
Donaldson (maiden name Donkin)
Farm and DairyTRADE PUBLICATIONS Best Personality ProfileSecond PlaceWaiting for the applause: Ohio singer works to balance farming, country music careersSarah
Donaldson (maiden name Donkin)
Farm and DairyTRADE PUBLICATIONS Best Trade ReportFirst PlaceDisconnected: Rural students, teachers face limited broadband accessWell sourced. Brings a local perspective to a big problem. Nice package. Well designed. Easy to read and understand the problem. Really lays it all out there for the reader to grasp the situation, locally and more broadly. Love that you brought your best quote up to page one in a pull quote. Good use of that storytelling tool.Sarah
Donaldson (maiden name Donkin)
Farm and DairyBEST OF SHOW - TRADE PUBLICATIONS Best Trade ColumnistFirst PlaceRebecca MillerInteresting comparison of the failing news business and failing farms!RebeccaMillerRebecca Miller
https://www.northeastohioparent.comBEST OF SHOW - PRINT SM (<60,000 circ.) Best MonthlyFirst PlaceSeptember and October 2019 Northeast Ohio Parent magazine issuesThe design in this magazine is so, so good. The clever use of backgrounds to reinforce the useful stories inside is especially noted.AngelaGartnerBrad Mitchell Angela Gartner Denise Koeth Sherry Lundberg Northeast Ohio Parent designers and editorial freelance staff
ideastreamTELEVISION Best Business ReportingFirst PlaceMaking ItGreat story! Moved quickly. Editing was tight. Could have used subtitles but loved it overallJeffHaynesJean-Marie PapoiGabriel Kramerideastream Jeff Haynes Jean-Marie Papoi Gabriel Kramer
ideastreamTELEVISION Best DocumentarySecond PlaceCareer Path Less TakenGinaCatanzariteAnne Glausserideastream Gina Catanzarite Anne Glausser
ideastreamTELEVISION Best Health Care Feature ReportingSecond PlaceThe Rise of Rural SuicidesMarleneHarris-Taylor
ideastreamBEST OF SHOW - TELEVISION Best AnchorSecond PlaceRick JacksonRickJacksonideastream Rick Jackson
ideastreamBEST OF SHOW - TELEVISION Best VideographerFirst PlaceMary FecteauWell framed, beautiful shots. I especially loved the dance segment. The intro on this piece was really well put together. Each shot felt intentional, and helped to progress the story along. I felt the energy through the shots. It kept me engaged. Well done.MaryFecteauMary Fecteau
ideastreamRADIO Best Continuing CoverageSecond PlaceNick CasteleGreat features on an important, national issue. The court case coverage was strong, the personal stories affecting, and a good return to the issue of addiction at the hospital.NickCasteleideastream Nick Castele