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— A —
Aberrationshoefreak37Carlisle & EdwardPre-Twilight & a little Post-BD, Drama/Angst, Slash, MA/NC-17Distortion, deviation, wandering. For centuries, Carlisle held fast to the plan he was sure had been laid out for him by a force much more divine than himself. After he takes Edward for a companion, the direction of his path becomes skewed.YesRaindropSoupMar. 18, 2012
And Yet Dusk FadesAndYetDuskFadesLeah & DemetriFantasy/Romance, AU-BD, TIf she could paint the world, she would color it black and white. Then everything would be simple.YesArianna-JanaeFeb. 05,2012
— B —
BelongingforthelongestdayCharlotte & PeterAngst, Horror, MA/NC-17A routine walk down an alley in Laredo sets into motion the events that end Charlotte's life, and sends her tumbling into a dark world full of hate and war.YesArianna-JanaeJuly 24, 2011
Bluebirdmelix875Embry & BellaHurt/Comfort, Angst, AU-NM, MA/NC-17Bella and Jacob are together but an unforeseen tragedy rips them apart and Jacob leaves La Push. In his absence, Bella befriends and is comforted by the person she least expects. Will Jacob return? Can Bella imagine her life with someone she never considered a choice? Some Bella/Jacob.NokerigocrazyOct. 28, 2012
Built on a LieFrozenSoldierAngela & JasperSuspense, Drama, AU-NM, TAngela Weber held a secret she couldn't share with anyone. What happens when that secret lands her in the middle of the forest with the truth about the Cullens real identities fresh on her mind?NoRaindropSoupApr. 15, 2012
— C —
The CassolettemabarberellaCarlisle & BellaRomance/Angst, Cullens, MA/NC-17The perfume emanating from her made me stutter, crazy with want. Not want to drain her dry - I wanted her alive, heart pumping, squirming in pleasure. I had long ago mastered restraint, but it was slipping. I had never faltered, not ever. Until her.NoArianna-JanaeMar. 04, 2012
— F —
Family Ties & Guarding Heartskas90Edward & BellaRomance, Angst, AH, MA/C-17Edward and Bella never crossed each other's paths at Forks High. But after 10 years, a high school reunion, and a fatal accident, will these now adults be able to put aside their differences for the sake of their families? For each other?YesRaindropSoupDec. 12, 2010
— G —
Gods and WolvesbmitwEphraim & BellaDrama, Supernatural, Angst, MA/NC-17What if the Cullens made the treaty and then stayed? What if the wolves kept phasing? And what is Bella walking into?NoMmsimpy09Sept. 20, 2012
— H —
Hair of the DogIncog_Ninja (formerly mjinaspen)Leah & EdwardRomance, Angst, AH, MA/NC-17"I need a ride. She's throwing baked goods." Sometimes personal growth is the best HEA. Take a few peeks into the volatile, passionate, and occasionally sweet love affair between Edward Cullen and Leah Clearwater.YesRaindropSoupFeb. 06, 2011
— I —
Into the WildDryad FallTanya & FredDrama, Romance, MA/NC-17In the days following his escape from Victoria's newborn army, Fred learns something about himself that changes his entire existence. Can someone bring him back?NoArianna-JanaeJan. 09, 2011
— M —
My Dying Wishpeters.kittenPeter & BellaFriendship, RomanceListening to Jasper tease Edward about 'finally having a female on top of him' and hearing Edwards hissed reply from underneath my bed was more than I could take. "I've heard of monsters under the bed, but this is just ridiculous."YesArianna-JanaeJan. 23, 2011Inquisition
— N —
Never-Ending NightArianna-JanaeEdward & BellaRomance, Post-BD, MThe story picks up a few months after the end of Breaking Dawn. Bella has to confront her mother and meets a few new friends ... and enemies. There is a new threat to the Cullens, and it seems he's raising forces.YesRaindropSoupNov. 29, 2011Author Pursued
— P —
A Place Where No One LivesHabetrotJessica & RosalieFantasy, Parody, Pre-Twilight, TMaureen Stanley has just moved to Forks, and is thankful for it...when she doesn't want to throw a knitting needle at her cousin's head. Meet the Mary Sue who knows exactly how contrived everything is-and refuses to buy into the angst. YesArianna-Janae
Paw Prints and Other DistractionsDanninTaylor4EvaPaul & BellaRomance, Supernatural, MA/NC-17Bella contemplates leaving Forks after the accident of a loved one, but the wolf pack needs her help. Driven to save what family she has left, Bella must decide once and for all if the love for her wolf is real or is it really just another distraction.NoRaindropSoupFeb. 20, 2011
— R —
Ruins at DuskKyillikiCaius & DidymeRomance, Supernatural, MOf burning pages, Caius and Didyme, and other things that cannot last.YesArianna-JanaeApr. 29, 2012
— T —
Terms of EngagementSnarkySimarilPeter & BellaAU-Twilight, Romance, Drama, MA/NC-17Love sometimes hides, stuck behind cold hearts and lost dreams. But when it's found and recognized, there no going back. Peter found it, but keeping it is another thing entirely. Peter/Bella AUNoArianna-JanaeJune 12,2011
Triumph of LoveElivra26Esme & CarlislePre-Twilight, Drama, MA/NC-17Esme's life story, beginning with when she met Carlisle. A much-used theme, but I have tried to take extra attention in keeping the location and background accurate.NoRaindropSoupDec.26, 2011
Twilight of my RedemptionImravenEdward & BellaVampire Diaries & Twilight Crossover, Supernatural, Angst, PG-13What if Bella Swan was the exact reincarnation of Isabella Salvatore, Damon and Stefan's beloved sister that had died tragically? What will the Salvatore brothers do when they find out she exists? How will this affect Bella's relationships?YesArianna-JanaeMar. 06, 2011
— V —
Venom, Fangs, and Fairieskrystal214Jasper & BellaTwilight/True Blood Crossover, M, WIPThe supernatural world is in danger when Alice and Edward conspire with the Volturi. Soul-mates Bella and Jasper, who is actually a unique hybrid bt/wn both types of vamps, bring their family and friends to help Eric & the TB crew before its too late. Set at the start of TB season 2 and a loose time-line for Twi as Bella is still human. Funny banter, sexy moments, & fights galore.

NoArianna-JanaeSept. 09, 2012
— W —
Wild At HeartsilveraureJames & VictoriaAU, Drama/Western, MA/NC-17, WIPCold, deadly, and haunted, James Wilder is a frontiersman in the Old American West who becomes the unwilling protector of his boss' frightened and abused daughter Victoria Childress. Pre-Twilight, Dark Themes, VampiresNoArianna-JanaeApr. 01, 2012
The Wolf PrinceCOLLAB: BlackImprint & Writer-in-the-Making16Jacob & RenesmeeAU, Romance/Fantasy, MA/NC-17A retelling of the Beauty And The Beast tale, Wolfpack style. A foray into the darker side of fairytale mythology. Rated M for language, questionable innuendoes and no Disney-style saccharine crap. Well, maybe a little…NoRaindropSoupFeb. 18, 2012
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