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& (Amperamp Press)eSIGSA collection of signatures from PDFs. zineUS& (Amperamp Press)2013laserjet saddle stitchself5.5 x 8.560#17monthly zinesPDFsfound signatures1Xpurchased from artist
& (Amperamp Press)DEFACEBOOKPosts from Facebook.zineUS& (Amperamp Press)2013laserjet saddle stitchself5.5 x 8.560#9monthly zinesFacebookscreenshots from Facebook1Xpurchased from artist
& (Amperamp Press)American Surnames Vol 1Found list of surnameszineUS& (Amperamp Press)2013laserjet saddle stitchself5.5 x 8.560#16monthly zineswebfound list1Xpurchased from artist
& (Amperamp Press)All Time Top 100 Best Novels Vol 1Found book pages.zineUS& (Amperamp Press)2013laserjet saddle stitchself5.5 x 8.560#4monthly zineswebfound book pages1Xpurchased from artist
& (Amperamp Press)Sorry to hear this news and understand that the fault is not from me. A collection of spam.zineUS& (Amperamp Press)2013laserjet saddle stitchself5.5 x 8.540#8monthly zinesemailcollection of spam1Xpurchased from artist
& (Amperamp Press)Secret RecipesRecipes with 'naughty' in the title, found on Pinterest. zineUS& (Amperamp Press)2013laserjet binder clipself5.5 x 8.530 loose sheets#3monthly zinesPinterestcollection of recipes1Xpurchased from artist
& (Amperamp Press)List of recurring The Simpsons charactersPrintout of the Wikipedia article "List of recurring The Simpsons characters."documentUS& (Amperamp Press)2013laserjet saddle-stitchnone8.5 x 1129WikipediaWikipedia article printout1Xpurchased from publisher
& (Amperamp Press)No network selectedScreenshots of lists of wifi networks.zineUS& (Amperamp Press)2013photocopysaddle-stitchself5.5 x 8.560wifi networksscreenshots of wifi networks1Xpurchased from publisher
ChrisAlexanderMcNuggetAll mentions of the word “mcnugget” on Twitter over a three-day period, from January 29th through January 30th 2012.bookUSTroll Thread2013PODLuluperfectsoft8.5 x 11528Twitterdata-mirroring, grabbing tweets online
OriAlonFacebook StatusesWritings by the artist on Facebook and other social media platforms. bookletUSAlfassi Books2014inkjetsaddle stitchcardboard5.5 x 8.528Facebookarchive of Facebook statuses from artist; handmade. stickers and stamps affixed to cover. loose stickers and postcards included in booklet.
AnonymousHypersphereHypersphere, written by Anonymous with the help of the 4chan board /lit/ (of The Legacy of Totalitarianism in a Tundra fame) is an epic tale spanning over 700 pages. A postmodern collaborative writing effort containing Slavoj Žižek erotica, top secret Donald Trump emails, poetry, repair instructions for future cars, a history of bottles in the Ottoman empire; actually, it contains everything since it takes place in the Hypersphere, and the Hypersphere is a big place; really big in fact.bookUSself2015PODLuluperfectsoft6 x 8.257364chan/lit/collaborative web-based literature online
FedericoAntoninia palindrome bookTwo research sessions made with Google “Search by Image”, started randomly and ending as they get to similar results as Matisse drawn by a child and bacteria picture taken with a microscope. Every result has been re-searched generating a chain/narration.bookItalyself2012digitaltapeself5.75 x 8.2596Google Imagesarchive of multiple image search queries from artist
CoryArcangelThe Source: Issue 1 / Desktop Wireform, 2010 (SRF-014)Source code for “Desktop Wireform,” a perl file which generates .dae3 data for a line consisting of random XYZ points in 3d space where the Z dimension is always increasing. Printed on archival inks and paper, footnoted with artist txt, writing, poetry, whatevz, etc, etc, etcbookletUSArcangel Surfware2013digitalCanon Océ VarioPrint DP line printing system, archival toner inkssaddle-stitchsoft8.5 x 1185001 of 8codearchived code at NYABF
CoryArcangelThe Source: Issue 2 / Pizza Party, 2004 (SRF-015)Source code for “Pizza Party,” a command-line utility for ordering customized Domino's Pizza (tm) to your door. Printed on archival inks and paper, footnoted with artist txt, writing, poetry, whatevz, etc, etc, etcbookletUSArcangel Surfware2013digitalCanon Océ VarioPrint DP line printing system, archival toner inkssaddle-stitchsoft8.5 x 11282 of 8codearchived code at NYABF
CoryArcangelThe Source: Issue 3 / I Shot Andy Warhol, 2002 (SRF-016)Source code for “I Shot Andy Warhol,” a mod of the Nintendo Entertainment System' game Hogan's Alley where the characters were changed to Andy Warhol, the Pope, Flavor Flav, and Col. Sanders. Printed on archival inks and paper, footnoted with artist txt, writing, poetry, whatevz, etc, etc, etcbookletUSArcangel Surfware2013digitalsaddle-stitchsoft8.5 x 11163 of 8codearchived code at NYABF
CoryArcangelThe Source: Issue 4 / On and On, 2013 (SRF-017)Source code for “On and On,” an Applescript bot which will broadcast to Facebook (through Spotify) that the user listens to Far East Movement's "Like a G6" on repeat, every night from 7pm – 5am. Printed on archival inks and paper, footnoted with artist txt, writing, poetry, whatevz, etc, etc, etcbookletUSArcangel Surfware2013digitalsaddle-stitchsoft8.5 x 1144 of 8codearchived code at NYABF
CoryArcangelThe Source: Issue 5 / Space Invader (SRF-020)Source code for “Space Invader,” a mod of Atari game Space Invaders where all the invaders — except one — have been deleted. Printed on archival inks and paper, footnoted with artist txt, writing, poetry, whatevz, etc, etc, etcbookletUSArcangel Surfware2015digitalsaddle-stitchsoft8.5 x 1185 of 8codearchived code at NYABF
CoryArcangelThe Source: Issue 6 / HP Pen Plotter Hello World (SRF-022)Source code for “HP Pen Plotter Hello World,” a Perl file which generates a Hewlet Packard Graphics Language file consisting of lines drawn between 0 & 100 random points. Originally programmed as a "Hello World" file in order to test my HP7476A pen plotter. Printed on archival inks and paper, footnoted with artist txt, writing, poetry, whatevz, etc, etc, etcbookletUSArcangel Surfware2015digitalsaddle-stitchsoft8.5 x 11126 of 8codearchived code at NYABF
CoryArcangelThe Source: Issue 7 /Dooogle (SRF-023)Source code for “Dooogle,” a search engine which only returns results for Doogie Howser. Originally performed at Printed on archival inks and paper, footnoted with artist txt, writing, poetry, whatevz, etc, etc, etcbookletUSArcangel Surfware2015digitalsaddle-stitchsoft8.5 x 11167 of 8codearchived code at NYABF
CoryArcangelThe Source: Issue 8 / Six, Sixty-six (SRF-024)Source code for “Six, Sixty-six,” a script to compress an mp3 recursively (666) times. Printed on archival inks and paper, footnoted with artist txt, writing, poetry, whatevz, etc, etc, etcbookletUSArcangel Surfware2015digitalsaddle-stitchsoft8.5 x 11248 of 8codearchived code at NYABF
CoryArcangelWorking on My NovelWorking On My Novel is a book which is based on a twitter feed that re-tweets the best posts featuring the phrase "working on my novel."bookUSPenguin Books Ltd.2014offsetperfectsoft5 x 7.75144Twitterfilter / collection of tweets online
CoryArcangelOlia LialinaAsymmetrical Response ReaderArticles, texts, images, interviews, and reviews from the web, printed as a reader for the joint exhibition Asymmetrical Reponse at The Kitchen, NYC.bookUSself2017laserjet plastic spiralplastic8.5 x 1168webprinted web pages from artist
MinaArkoSex and ArchitectureThe following was inspired by the recent events concerning the new stadium in Qatar, designed by architect Zaha Hadid. The shape of the building unknowingly resembles a vagina and it started a heated world debate on yonic architecture, followed by a debate on phallic architecture. Strong media response towards this issue made it an interesting topic to be explored visually. Resemblance of buildings and genitalia was examined and internet was searched for some of the best couples.bookletSloveniaself2014offsetsaddle stitchself / clear plastic 5.125 x 716webcollection of found images from artist
KateArmstrongSource Material Everywhere, a remixCollects the Wikipedia entries for the three terms “Source”, “Material” and “Everywhere” and compiles them into a printed book in an edition of 1. Commissioned by Mark Amerika as a response to "remixthebook."bookUSself2011PODperfectsoft6 x 91101Wikipediacompiling Wikipedia articles into a unique edition from artist
CorinaArrietaFealdad, ordinariez y fantasíaFour posters bound into a folder. Each poster contains an array of found images from the web that depict architecture typologies.4 postersBrazilFeira Plana Edições2015offsetglued, folded sheetsheavy cover-stock folder5 x 9.25 (folded)4 sheets500search queryfound images from artist
Arts & Sciences ProjectsWall PapersA B&W photocopied compilation zine featuring original photographs posted on social media sites by friends and friends of friends. Contributors were asked to submit images deemed to be forgotten, ignored, or perhaps un-loved by others.bookUSArts & Sciences Projects2013laserjetplastic slide n grip barself / plastic sheet8.5 x 115666/100social mediacompilation of web-based images from 25 contributors from publisher
Robert BlairJunk Poems: A selection in my junk folder.All text in this book has been copied and pasted directly from spam emails.bookletUSTXT books2014risoTXT bookssaddle-stitchsoft4.75 x 7.5202nd edition of 100emailcollection of spam from artist
JustinBlinderMichelle Millar FisherPublic CollectorsHardcore ArchitectureDocumentation of the artist's project "Vacated," including an interview with the artist by Michelle Millar Fisher. Illustrated with project images of urban landscapes from Google Street View. Part of the Hardcore Architecture series by Marc Fischer and Public Collectors. bookletUSPublic Collectors2016riso / digitalsaddle stitch2-color riso-printed card stock8.5 x 1120400Google Street Viewimages found on Google Street View at Printed Matter
MelanieBonajoMatrix Botanica — Non-Human PersonsThousands of animal pictures collected from the web. Poster/booklet insert. Design by Experimental Jetset.bookUSCapricious2015offsetperfectsoft6.5 x 9.5142500webfound images from the web at Printed Matter
FranziskaBrandtMoritz GrünkeIch bin so sanft! (I am very gentle)Found images of pillows.zineGermanyGloria Glitzer2011laserjet stapled5.5 x 3.75939/50image searchfound images from artist
MartinBrinkmartin_brink_wind.gifA printed GIF. Includes seven images.loose sheets bound with clipSwedenself2013laserjetloose sheets with clipselfplastic sleeve8.25 x 11.6258 sheets1/5GIFprinted GIF from artist
UlrikeBrücknerMobile BookDocumentation of a mobile publishing workshop conducted by Ulrike Brückner at Fachhochschule Dortmund in the form of a printed email thread. The entire book is designed and produced within an email platform.bookGermanyFachhochschule Dortmund2015digitalperfect, exposed stitchingself8.25 x 11.75176emailpublication designed and produced as email from artist/publisher
LudovicBurelLobster / Page Sucker numéro 4Found images of people with lobsters.bookletFranceit: éditions2009offsetsaddle stitchself7.875 x 11.7532part of Page Sucker serieswebfound images from the web at Dashwood Books
LudovicBurelFist / Page Sucker numéro 5Found images of people holding up a fist.bookletFranceit: éditions2009offsetsaddle stitchself7.875 x 11.7532part of Page Sucker serieswebfound images from the web at Dashwood Books
SusanneBürnerVanishing Point: How to disappear in America without a traceAn edited reprint of an anonymous upload to The Skeptic Tank website: Publishing2013offsetDruckerei Pfeilersaddle-stitchself4.75 x 6.75136skeptictank.orgprinting an anonymous upload from Printed Matter
MimiCabellJason HuffAmerican PsychoAmerican Psycho was created by sending the entirety of Bret Easton Ellis’ violent, masochistic and gratuitous novel American Psycho through GMail, one page at a time. We collected the ads that appeared next to each email and used them to annotate the original text, page by page. In printing it as a perfect bound book, we erased the body of Ellis’ text and left only chapter titles and constellations of our added footnotes. What remains is American Psycho, told through its chapter titles and annotated relational Google ads.bookUSself2010PODEspresso Book Machineperfectsoft5.5 x 8.5410first editionGmailerased book replaced with Google context-related ads from artist
OlivierCablatEnter the Pyramid, 2008–2012All pictures were collected from the Internet using the keyword "Pyramid". Project originally released as an HTML program.bookFranceRVB Books2012digitalBubu/MyPremiumBookperfecthard9 x 11.75 (triangle)72image searchfound images at Dashwood
PhilCaoDear Chrome…A series of experiments made purely in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, attempting to create various forms using systems of shapes as means of generating color, texture, and pattern tests suited for printing from the web. bookletUSself2014laserjetglueself8.5 x 1136unique printChrome browserHTML, CSS, Javascript experiments printed directly from the Chrome browserhttp://phil-cao.com from artist
John CayleyDaniel C. HoweHow It Is in Common TonguesThis book was composed by searching for the text of Samuel Beckett's How It Is using a universally accessible search engine, attempting to find, in sequence, the longest common phrases from How It Is that were composed by writers or writing machines other than Beckett. These phrases are quoted from a portion of the commons of language that happens to have been indexed by a universally accessible engine.bookUSNLLF Press2012PODperfectsoft5.5 x 8.5296296, numbered 0–ff. this edition is 2Asearch queryall words in an existing text replaced with other sources online
AlexisChrunBenjamin MoulyINDEXThe result of a workshop with Joachim Schmid at the Haute école d'art et de Design, Genève, Switzerland. A catalogue of images of painted fingernails found online. The images are organized alphabetically by category (animals, beer, internet, war, sports, etc.). loose folio of folded, tabbed sheetsSwitzerlandself2014laserjetloose sheets, folder, rubber bandpaper folderenvelope8.5 x 11.7526 folded sheetswebfound images at Offprint Paris
FraserClarkMona LisaA book containing 240 manipulated versions of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ found online. The images are sorted into alphabetical order, according to their file names. They combine to form a hybrid depiction of the Mona Lisa along the fore-edge of the book. bookScotlandself2013digitalhand gluedselfslipcase with unique marbled paper lining5.125 x 748010Google imagesversions of images found on Google from artist
Christopher ClarySorry to dump on you like this.zipIt’s tempting to call Sorry to dump on you like a pornographic work, since an actual porn collection is embedded within it —— the artist’s own archive of men accumulated in fifteen years of web browsing. But these JPGs serve only as a substrate: thin scaffolding for an epic textual work that hangs loosely from the files. The numerous written narratives describe intimate exchanges between boyfriends and lovers, alternating between dramatic betrayals, breakups, and banalities. Laced through the work are heart-breaking utterances, illustrated by found images of men that have already been downloaded, stored, and used. In making them available for us to “re-use,” Clary discards them —— the title of the work an apology, even, for offloading his memory onto ours.zineUSLibrary of the Printed Web2016PODBlurbperfectsoft8.5 x 1172ongoing Printed Web Editions seriesvariousfound images from the web
ChristopherClarySorry to dump on you like this.zipCollection of modified JPGs of profile pics and images from porn sites (112 MB) stored on unique rusted USB drive, in a box.USB driveUSself2016box5.5 x 710 of 10Finderarchive of images from artist
TimothyCoghlanHomogeneous Observations, ReduxImages on the verso pages originally appeared in National Geographic. Images on the recto pages produced by Google's reverse image search function.bookAustraliaself2015PODAmazonperfectsoft8 x 1020440Google reverse image searchfound print images paired with Google reverse image search queries from artist
SimonDennyThe Personal Effects of Kim DotcomThis publication documents an installation by New Zealand artist Simon Denny, which consists of reproductions of objects seized from Kim Dotcom, owner of the file-sharing platform Megaupload, in 2012. The bizarre collection includes a jet ski and a large quantity of cash.bookGermanyWalther König2013offsetRema Print, Viennaperfectsoft, clear plastic dustjacket 6.5 x 9.580700webarchive of siezed property at PS1
DIS#artselfie#artselfie emerged in 2012, right as the recent photographic phenomenon known as the selfie reached it’s tipping point. It was subsequently activated by New York based collective DIS, as an aggregated mode of art-tourism and documentation. The book is a collection of photos tagged #artselfie, with a text by Douglas Coupland and a conversation between DIS and Simon Castets.bookFranceJean Boîte Éditions2014offsetperfecthard6.75 x 9.75128Instagramfound photos from publisher
EricElmsFamous People with Monkeys!!!Found images of famous people with monkeys.zineUSAnd Press2010photocopysaddle-stitchsoft5.5 x 8.516100webfound images from artist at Odds and Ends Art Book Fair, Yale University
SabrinaFernández CasasIt Was a Pleasure to BurnThis artist book is based on a quotation system to classify Farenheit 451’s burned books from three different perspectives: the original story by Ray Bradbury, the film adaptation by François Truffaut and a personal selection of books. Each title was searched on the Facebook book groups and linked to their followers (likes). A photo of one of these has been chosen to represent each burned book and has been placed, through the page number, with the first sentence of its original story.bookSwitzerlandactiveRat2014offsetperfectsoft3.5 x 5.25194Facebookprofile images from Facebookhttp://sabrinafernandezcasas.com at Offprint Paris
SabrinaFernández CasasEcce HomoA zine referencing an art restoration catastrophe. Cecilia Gimenez, an 81-year-old local to the Spanish city Borja, destroyed a fresco portrait of Jesus by Elias Garcia Martinez in an attempt to restore it to its original quality. Images of the ruined painting go viral, making the botched painting an internet sensation worthy of meme status.bookSpainself2013/14b/w digital, with color laser prints tipped inperfect, with french foldsself, with flap5.875 x 8.256014/20Google Image Searchdepiction of Google Image Searchhttp://sabrinafernandezcasas.com at Printed Matter
FlorianFreierProfile PageDocumenting living rooms in a huge brutalist housing unit with more than 600 standardized student flats — taking a photograph of each room and a screenshot of its inhabitant's facebook profile page.bookItaly / GermanyLink Editions2015PODLuluperfectsoft5.875 x 8.25112#10 in series "In My Computer"Facebookscreenshots of profile pages online
BenFryFrankenfontAn edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein laid out using characters and glyphs from PDF documents obtained through internet searches. The incomplete fonts found in the PDFs were reassembled into the text of Frankenstein based on their frequency of use. The most common characters are employed at the beginning of the book, and the text devolves into less common, more grotesque shapes and forms toward the end.bookUSFathom Information Design2011PODLuluperfectsoft6 x 9336web-based PDFsexisting text is reconstructed using font fragments found online within PDFs online
AngelaGenusaonlinedating.teenadultdating/Adult-DatingHundreds of female personal ads scraped from a porn site that poses as a membership dating site. bookUSself2013PODLuluperfectsoft6 x 9122websitetext scraped from website online
AngelaGenusaSpam BibliographySpam emails collected and reformatted by the artist.bookUSTroll Thread2013PODLuluperfectsoft8.5 x 1192emailcollected and reformatted spam emails online
GabrielGianordoliThe Google Trends Weekly / November 23–29, 2014Two printed pamphlets with the most popular search terms in Google from November 30th to December 6th, according to Google Trends. The pages display the protests that followed the death of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, as well as consumerism — Black Friday, Cyber Monday, entertainment, sports. Printed with the guidance of Martin Mazorra.pamphletUSself2015photolithographyfolded sheetself5.875 x 3.62581 of 2Google Trendsmost popular search terms from artist
GabrielGianordoliThe Google Images ABC BookA compilation of autocompleted words that are generated by Google’s search engine based on the first letter of the alphabet. The artist designed the book and wrote a Node.js script to save the Autocomplete predictions everyday. Previous versions included an online platform where users could generate and print their own books. Printed with the guidance of Martin Mazorra.bookletUSself2014photolithographyhand folded, cut, and gluedself4 x 2.7528Google autocompletealphabet book illustrated with Google autocomplete search results from artist
SébastienGirardStrip-O-GramAfter setting up search notifications for items linked to the keyword of “stripper” on the auction house Ebay, the artist received email offers between 2007 and 2012 regarding the sales of thousands of amateur photographs taken at domestic strip-tease parties in American homes. Strip-O-Gram is two books in one with the photographs printed on the outer pages and a Japanese binding that allows a partial look at an inner matrix — a slightly hidden text correspondence between Ebay and Girard during their own game of teasing and buying.bookFranceself2012offsetperfect / French foldfolding sleeve9.625 x 11.75144750Ebayfound images collected from Ebay alerts from artist
DanielGlendeningBibliography 2014All media consumed by the artist in 2014, arranged as a formal biibliography.bookUSself2016digitalcopper wireself5.5 x 81503/15web/variouscatalogue of personal links from Francesca Capone. signed by artist.
JamesGogginDear Lulu,A test book which was researched and produced by graphic design students at Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany, during an intensive two-day workshop with London-based designer James Goggin (Practise). The book's intention is to act as a calibration document for testing color, pattern, format, texture and typography on the web-based print-on-demand service Lulu. bookEnglandPractise2008PODLuluperfectsoft5.875 x 8.2596Luluprint calibration on web-based print-on-demand service online
WadeGuyton1 Month AgoDocuments the contents of the hardcore blog one month after a single painting of Guyton's appeared in its feed. Making the digital tactile, the publication examines the realm of reappropriation amongst online subcultures. bookUSKarma2013offsetperfectsoft, with dustjacket8 x 10.75368500Tumblrarchive of tumblr posts at NYABF, Karma project room
ChrisHabib (Visitor Design)Factory Doll by Ai WeiweiThe artist mined Chinese sex doll wholesaler websites for images and text, credited to Ai Weiwei. The best were cached, and an illustrated anthology of erotic sales literature for our sterile age of silent convenience emerged. The collection took its title from a sellers’ watermark: FACTORYDOLL. The anthology presented 30 excerpted item descriptions (edited with line breaks) as poetry, and set each poem beside a product photo appropriated from the same website. Four printers refused to print the book.bookUSVisitor Design2013PODLuluperfectsoft6 x 960webimages and text collected from sex doll websites from artist
TravisHallenbeckFlickr favsA collection of the artist's favorite photos saved on Flickr.bookUSself2010PODLuluperfectsoft8.5 x 8.5316Flickrplatform-specific collection of found images online
Halo Publications(Ch)a(ts)ccumulationsFive volumes of cat images.bookBELGIUMHalo Publications2014PODBlurbperfectsoft5 x 8440webfound images from publisher
Halo Publicationshttp://halopublications.tumblr.comAn archive of the publisher's Tumblr site.bookFranceHalo Publicationslaserjetloose, folded sheets with elastic bandself8.5 x 11.75164Tumblrfound images collected on Tumblr from publisher
AndrewHammerandThe New Town, Volume 1A web-based remote-controlled cam located in a midwestern town is used to generate surveillant images.bookUSHouseboat Press2013laserjet sprial wirehard8.5 x 1170AP/251 of 3web-based remote-controlled camcam images from artist
AndrewHammerandThe New Town, Volume 2A web-based remote-controlled cam located in a midwestern town is used to generate surveillant images.bookUSHouseboat Press2013laserjet sprial wirehard8.5 x 1170AP/252 of 3web-based remote-controlled camcam images from artist
AndrewHammerandThe New Town, Volume 3A web-based remote-controlled cam located in a midwestern town is used to generate surveillant images. Photographic print, printUSHouseboat Press2014laserjet sprial wirehard8.5 x 1170AP/253 of 3web-based remote-controlled camcam images from artist
JonathanHanahanThe Dictionary of the Analogue / The Dictionary of the DigitalThe project explores language in both physical and digital environments. By archiving words which contain alternative meanings in each world through a singular window, specifically the window of a Google image search, this project slightly vibrates our associations with language in contemporary society.bookUSself2014PODLuluperfecthard6.125 x 9.25304Google Imagesimage search queries presented as dictionary from artist
AdamHarveySam LavigneSurya MattuBig Data Pawn Shop (Candygram Mug)Merchandise printed with the leaked NSA ANT Catalog. mugUSBig Data Pawn Shop2014PODZazzle3 x 3.75 x 4.75NSA ANT Catalogueleaked documents printed on merchandise from artist
DeannaHavasActual PersonA poem sourced from communities on websites like Experience Project, Whisper App, and the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).bookletUSSocial Malpractice Publishing2014digitalsaddle-stitchsoft5.25 x 8.524100#23online communitiesfound text from online forums from publisher at NYABF
MishkaHennerNo Man's Land, Volume 1Isolated people occupying the margins of southern European environments, shot entirely with Google Street View.bookEnglandself2011PODBlurbperfectsoft9.5 x 81201 of 2Google Street Viewfound images from artist
MishkaHennerNo Man's Land, Volume 2Isolated people occupying the margins of southern European environments, shot entirely with Google Street View.bookEnglandself2012PODBlurbperfectsoft9.5 x 81202 of 2Google Street Viewfound images from artist
MishkaHennerDutch LandscapesImages of sites deemed sensitive to national security, censored by the Dutch government in Google Maps.bookEnglandself2011PODBlurbperfectsoft9.5 x 8120Google Mapsfound images from artist
MishkaHennerHarry Potter and the Scam BaiterA novel within a novel, Harry Potter and the Scam Baiter presents one of the most notorious scam baits in the brief history of web culture; the cross-continental encounter between Barrister Musa Issah, Mrs. Joyce Ozioma, and Arthur Dent.bookEnglandself2013PODperfecthard6.25 x 9.25330emailscam baiters used to re-write novel via email from artist
MishkaHenner_IMG01 / Australian-troops-passing-014.jpgThe code for a digital photograph originally taken by James Francis (Frank) Hurley on 29 October 1917. The book includes a 5x7 inch silver gelatin print of the corresponding photograph, housed in a protective sleeve, tucked into the back cover. bookEnglandself2014POD, silver gelatin printperfectsoft5.5 x 8.574010/97codefound photograph presented as code from artist
RocHerms<YO> <YO> <YO> Un viaje desde el enchufe hasta el interior del ordenador.A photobook depicting the Campus Party in Valencia, Spain, featuring online images, computer directories, and desktop screengrabs. Designed with Eloi Gimeno.bookSpainself2015offsetsaddle stitchdie-cut cover9.25 x 13.37596webphoto book of found images and desktop screenshots from artist
RocHermsPostcards from HomePostcards from Home compiles more than five years photography and chats within Home, a virtual community platform created and managed by Sony for its PlayStation 3 consoles.bookSpainTerranova2015offsetperfectsoft7.75 x 10.875422750Sony Playstationdocumentation of online game platform from publisher
DavidHorvitzA Wikipedia ReaderDocumentation of 23 travels within Wikipedia (navigating from article to article via hyperlinks, producing a string of connecting articles). Formatted as a newspaper.folioUSASDF2009offset on newsprintloose sheetsselfbellyband8.5 x 1148Wikipediaassembling of navigated journeys through Wikipedia articles at Printed Matter
DavidHorvitzMood DisorderMood Disorder documents the propagation of a photograph of David Horvitz across the internet. The image—a self portrait of the artist with his head in his hands, ocean waves crashing in the background—was initially uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons, and placed on various Wikipedia pages. From there, the image began to circulate, appearing on over a hundred websites as a “stock” photo to illustrate articles on a wide range of mental health and wellness issues.bookUSNew Documents2015offsetsaddle-stitchsoft9.875 x 13.75722,000Wikipediaimage circulation at NYABF
DavidHorvitzSad, Depressed, PeopleA set of images circulating within stock photography collections. Actors are photographed holding their heads in their hands, ostensibly depressed.bookUSNew Documents2012offsetperfecthard7 x 9.7564800stock photo collectionskeyword search query at Printed Matter
DavidHorvitzAn Impossible DistanceA distributed exhibition of 24 works by 24 artists contained inside a cheap photo-envelope. Each work is 4″ x 6″, the US standard size for consumer photographs. The exhibition is distributed using file uploading software found on the photo department web pages of chain drugstores. Artists: Barbara Ess, Nishiko, Duane Linklater, Sena Basoz, Sean Dockray, Daniel Gustav, Marley Freeman, Ian Cheng, Jeanne Liotta, John Sisley, Michaela Gleave, Ed Steck, Natalie Häusler, Toril Johannessen, Antoni Wojtyra, Lisa Rave, Claudia Sola, Giuseppe Licari, Oraib Toukan, Penelope Umbrico, Alice Ladenburg, Cameron MacLeod, Frank Heath, Zach Houston.26 loose printsUSself2012on-demand digital printsCVSphoto.comloosestore envelope4 x 626 individual printsemail, on-demand photo servicea distributed, print-on-demand exhibitionhttp://davidhorvitz.com set of 26 printsXpurchased from artist
DavidHorvitzEd SteckPublic AccessThis publication documents David Horvitz's work Public Access (2010), which includes photographs of the artist at various public beaches in California, which were uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons and then inserted into the Wikipedia pages, and the subsequent reaction of the Commons and Wikipedia communities to his actions. These actions included criticism of the quality and artistry of the images, suspicion of the uploader's motives, and deletion of most of the images and/or removal of himself from the images. The book contains photographs, scans of Wikipedia articles, and the complete conversation from Wikipedia discussing Horvitz's image. It also contains various texts written by Horvitz about the project, as well as personal stories about the California coast. This project was originally commissioned by SF Camerawork for an exhibition with the writer Ed Steck (a close friend of Horvitz). This version includes a text by Steck. Designed by Miya Osaki.bookUSself2011risoThe Futurestaplesoft / self7 x 9.594Wikipediaimages and texts from Wikipedia at Printed Matter
JasonHuffAutoSummarizeThe top 100, most downloaded, copyright free books summarized using Microsoft Word 2008's AutoSummarize 10-sentence function. bookUSself2010PODEspresso Book Machineperfectsoft5 x 8114Microsoft Word 2008public-doman texts at McNally Jackson
Callum LeoHughesEboysImages of male-appearing bodies used to sell items on ebay.bookEnglandself2012PODperfectsoft5.875 x 6.252001 of 2eBayfound images from ebay from artist
Callum LeoHughesEbabesImages of female-appearing bodies used to sell items on ebay.bookEnglandself2012PODperfectsoft5.875 x 6.252001 of 2eBayfound images from ebay from artist
AstridHuguetÉléonore JoulinSanté et BonheurImages and comments from web forums about health and happiness. bookFranceself2013risoAutobahnmetal spiralsoft5.25 x 7.75220100forumsfound images and comments from artist
Gregory EddiJonesAnother Twenty-Six Gas StationsStill images of gas station crime scenes captured from YouTube. bookUSIn the In-Between: Journal of Digital Imaging Artists2014digitalperfectsoft7 x 548450YouTubefound images on YouTube from artist
JeanKellerBlankPrint-on-demand blank book. bookFranceself2011PODBlurbperfectsoft5 x 880Blurbblank book online. imprinted with artist's stamp.
JeanKellerThe Black BookA print-on-demand book containing the maximum number of pages possible, printed entirely in black ink.bookFranceself2013PODLuluperfectsoft5 x 8740Luluall-black web-based book online
NicoleKillianPatrick Gantertuntitled (Thoughts for a Title)Collaboration with Patrick Gantert. Web pages, desktop images, text messages and other representations of digital life.bookUSself2011digitalperfectsoft6 x 9214variousscreengrabs of digital life, various platforms from artist at NYABF
DawnKimCreation.IMGCreation.IMG is a collection of found images, which attempts to visually narrate the seven days of creation as told in the book of Genesis. Guided by Google's visually-similar search algorithm, the sequence explores the visual and thematic connections between disparate elements of Earth and its origins.bookUSself2016digitalplastic spiralsoft7.75 x 1015050Google Imagessearch query, found imageshttp://dawnkim.com from Printed Matter
King ZogGoogle Volume 1A complete dictionary of 21,110 words, where each entry has been replaced by the first result for its Google Image search. King Zog is the collaboration of Felix Heyes and Ben West.bookFranceJean Boîte Éditions2013offsetperfecthard8.5 x 1213281000Google Imagesdictionary as Google image search from Printed Matter
KarolisKosasAnonymous Press (Α–Π) (set of 15 zines; includes: Material, Captcha, Reflection, Tumblr, Search, Object, Venice Biennale (2), It Narratives, Information, Digital, Postal, Internet, Movement, Circulation)Anonymous Press (Α–Π) is a self-sufficient publishing platform. Every publication by Α–Π is a byproduct of an individual and a database, i.e. Google ImageSearch. Human author defines the topic, the content and the form is generated from the most relevant images found online. Each publication is added to a public library. Every item in the library can be printed on-demand and is available to everyone for a small fee covering shipping and production costs.set of 15 zinesUSAnonymous Press (Α–Π)2013laserjet saddle-stitchsoft5.25 x 812ongoing seriesGoogle Imagespublishing-on-demand; auto-generated zines of found images using google image search zinesXpurchased online
AaronKrachJENNIFERDedicated to the actresses and celebrities named Jennifer. Found images of megastar Aniston, Hudson, and Lopez to niche-players such Goodwin, Grey, and Garner. Companion publication to CHRIS.bookUSself2016digitalsaddle stitchself8.5 x 114450webfound images on the web at Printed Matter
AaronKrach4,582 StarsOsama Bin Laden was killed May 2, 2011, in Abbatābad, Pakistan, where he lived for six years. Since then, more than 1,465 people have reviewed Bin Laden's "Hideout Compound" on Google Maps rating the location between one and five stars. Average rating: 3.2 stars. Additionally, 397 people submitted written reviews, which are contained in this book. bookUSself2014offsetperfectsoft6.875 x 4.75130500Google Maps reviewscollection of web-based reviews from artist
HubertKretschmerVarious Small DicksFound, cropped images of women's hands making the universal "small" sign with their fingers. Images are enlarged and pixelated. Design is inspired by Ed Ruscha photobooks.bookletGermanyself2013digitalsaddle-stitchself4.125 x 5.875161000image searchfound photos