Third Age: Eternal Base Card List
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Third Age: Eternal Base Card List
card imagecard numbertitlecard typefactioncost / starting Vkeywordstextflavor textartist
001Fertilizer of the FieldsActionAristocracy0VAdd vitality to your Hero equal to the number of non-Proxy Companions archived from your camp this turn. Expand 2C: Instead, add vitality to your Hero equal to the number of Companions archived from play this turn.Even in death vassals serve a purpose.Alex Mitchell
003Shield BashActionAristocracy3VTarget Companion gains Bolster: 2 and attacks like a strike until the end of the turn.The shield is a hallmark of the beast-at-arms of Switchllyn. In combat, it is used to break the poise of enemy combatants.Kati Drinkwine
004FluActionAristocracy0VPlace a mark on your Hero or a Companion in your camp and two marks on an opposing Hero or Companion.Disease has always been present in Riverton; recent strains have been particularly aggressive and deadly.Alex Mitchell
009Necromancer's WrappingsGear - ArmorAristocracy2EBolster: 1
Cloaked in Shadows - When a Companion in your camp would lose vitality from damage, if it is the first time this turn, you may prevent that damage. If you do, place marks on that Companion equal to the damage prevented.
At times C'Khul will seem to shimmer. Other times he will disappear for a few seconds entirely. Alex Mitchell
013Beast CleaverGear - Weapon 2HAristocracy2EEFragileBlood Price - A0 - First, break a Companion; then, ready this card 1C. This ability may be activated multiple times. Strike in Twain : 8 - S0EEEThe Beast's fearsome blade has long grown drunk on the blood of its victims.Alex Mitchell
015C'Khul, Court NecromancerHero - C'KhulAristocracy15Macabre Entertainment - A0E - You may play target Companion from your archive, paying all costs. The Companion enters your camp with a mark. Void this Companion if it leaves play for any reason.C'Khul entertains the council with a devilish show that includes a most vile routine of execution and resurrection.Alex Mitchell
017Gabriel the Bell RingerHero - GabrielAristocracy14Call to Arms - Each card in your hand gains: Expand 1V: Put a 1V Aristocracy Undead Proxy Companion into your camp.
The morning call for service has been drawing some unusual parishioners...
Kati Drinkwine
022Markgraf Wut
Hero - The BeastAristocracy14Obscene - You may play Aristocracy Companions with exhaustion costs during your Limited Phase."More ale, and cheese! Forthwith, or I shall break thee as I have countless others."Alex Mitchell
025Angry MobCompanion - Beast CitizenAristocracy1VRiot - When a Companion in your camp is archived from play, add 1V to this card."If they're going to act like a stamping herd, then I'll cull them like a wolf." Sheriff Elroy RoscoeAlex Mitchell
026Black Market BrokerCompanion - Bird CitizenAristocracy2EShady Dealings - A1E - Draft a card, then archive a card from your hand. If a Companion is archived in this way, add 1V to all Companions in your camp."This plague doth serve a basic role in the economy of our humble kingdom: the population it keep'th shallow and to neighboring acreage provideth fertilizer." Council SimonScott Porcelli
027Sickened SerfCompanion - Rabbit CitizenAristocracy2EERise from the Grave - When this card is archived from play without a mark, return it to your camp with a mark.He was dead by dusk, perhaps from overwork, or illness. And we rightly buried him. Yet that night, by moonlight, we found him again, toiling in the fields.Alex Mitchell
030Switchllyn GuardCompanion - Mouse KnightAristocracy4ERally the Line - A0EE - Cards you control that possess vitality gain Bolster: 2 until the start of your next turn.Authorities in Riverton and Switchllyn must be vigilant in keeping watch for river raiders and bandits seeking to claim a portion of the Kingdom's wealth.Kati Drinkwine
035DutyCompanion - Spirit KnightAristocracy3EConscript - When this card is archived from play, you may return target Companion with a starting vitality of 2V or less from your archive to your camp.Duty owed beyond death.Kati Drinkwine
036Grand River WyrmCompanion - VerusAristocracy2EEFlow of the River - Companions in your camp deal an additional 1V damage in combat. The river controls trade. Trade controls power.Alex Mitchell
039Sacrificial PactSkillAristocracy2VDark Oblation - A0EE - First, break a Companion; then, add 3V to your Hero. If the broken Companion was marked, put a 1V Aristocracy Undead Proxy Companion into your camp. "Not everything living is useful; not everything dead is useless." Translated incantation.Alex Mitchell
050Explosive ReactionActionBreaker2VTarget player breaks a card. Expand 1C : First, break a card; then, remove 3V from all Companions.The mage snapped and the knight's chest piece exploded, sending shrapnel flying into his close-by squire.Kevin Steward
051Searing TouchActionBreaker1VRemove 2V from target card, priority Companion.A staple spell of any Warmage.Scott Porcelli
052Disc of SunActionBreaker0EEEach player archives their hand and then all players draft cards equal to the greatest number of cards archived in this way.The Sun: both a symbol of enlightenment and perplexity. One might flourish under its gaze, or languish beneath it.Kati Drinkwine
054FirestormActionBreakerXERemove a total of XV, divided any way, from any number of target Companions.There is tale of great firestorms once woven by powerful warmages during the War of the Awakened. Now, though in much smaller scale, only the most skilled warmages can boast to create such tempests of flame and destruction.Olga Kosheleva
055Dynamic BlastActionBreaker4ERemove 4V from target card, priority Companion. Expand : First, break a Gear; then, remove an additional 4V from the targeted card.A good caster can reform her spell on the fly, pulling additional energy into the incantation to multiply its effectiveness.Kati Drinkwine
063Dazzling WandGear - Weapon 1HBreaker3VStun : 2 - S1E, Companions damaged by this strike cannot counter, and gain Fragile, until the start of your next turn."Lighting, vision, and misdirection play remarkably similar roles both when acting on stage and fighting on the battlefield." Viola BoydAlex Mitchell
065Staff of Unrestrained MagicGear - Weapon 2HBreaker2EAdjudication - When an Action or ability you control removes vitality from an opposing card, if it is the first time this turn, remove an additional 1V. Rap : 2 - S2EE"It's never enough..." Ignatia, Apprentice to the PrincepsKati Drinkwine
066Professor Emerita Aemilia ScaevaHero - AemiliaBreaker14Sabbatical - When this card leaves play, increase the starting vitality of your next Hero by 4V. Research - A1 - Reveal the top card of your index. If the revealed card is an Action, draft it; otherwise, archive it.Pietre Valbuena
067Senator August, PrincepsHero - AugustBreaker15Explosive Oration - A1E - First, archive a card from your hand; then, remove 2V from target Companion. If this causes the target to be archived, draft a card."Both Ignatia and the Free Cities suffer from the same ailments: impulsiveness, independence, and a desire for power." Kati Drinkwine
073Professor of Exterian HistoryHero - TacitusBreaker14Vision of the Past - A2V - You may play target Action from your archive, paying all costs. Void the Action after it resolves."History holds power. This is why we study it; not to learn from the past but to control it. Representation of the past frames the future."Pietre Valbuena
080Heart of SummerCompanion - BirdBreaker3EExpand: First, break a card; then, return a copy of Heart of Summer to your camp from your archive.Oft-used in Legion metaphor and rhetoric, the phoenix symbolizes rebirth, change, and, most centrally, fiery & violent revolution.Kati Drinkwine
082StrifeCompanion - Spirit MageBreaker3ERedouble - When this card is archived from play, reveal the top three cards of your index. You may draft an Action among them, then archive the rest.Peace is simply the rest between blows.Kati Drinkwine
083EmpowermentCompanion - SpiritBreaker1VBounty - When you play an Action, this card gains 1V. Flows of Magic - A0V - Break this card. Reduce the vitality cost of your next played Action by this card's total vitality.Kati Drinkwine
085Verus of the FlameCompanion - VerusBreaker5EFeeding the Flame - When an Action or ability you control archives an opposing Companion from play, if it is the first time this turn, you may add 1V to this card. Flame Spurt - A1V - Remove 1V from target card, priority Companion.Scott Porcelli
089Piercing RaySkillBreaker0VPenetrate : 1 - S1E - When you declare this strike, remove 1V from target card, priority Companion.Scott Porcelli
097Curse of MoonshineActionDenizen3VExhaust target non-Hero card up to 3C."Yer gunna feel that in tha mornin'."Kati Drinkwine
104PeacekeeperGear - Weapon 1HDenizen4ELawman's Will : 5 - S0EE - If you control another Weapon, this strike costs 1C less and instead deals 3V damage.Whether wielded one-handed or two this piece packs a punch.Alex Mitchell
105Silvercity SavageGear - Weapon 1HDenizen2VSnapshot : 3 - S1E"Ah say yes, ah say boy; I never leave home without it!" Colt, Fastest Draw in the WasteOlga Kosheleva
112Paladin of the WasteHero - RolandDenizen14Twin Shot - Each strike on a Weapon you control may be declared a second time. Overheat - When you declare a strike on a Weapon, if it is the second time that strike has been declared this turn, break that Weapon after damage is resolved.Jack Kaiser
114Gunsmith TorqueHero - TorqueDenizen15Craftsman - When this card is revealed, search your index for a Weapon costing 3V or less. Reveal and draft that card, then shuffle your index. Legacy - When this card leaves play, you may draft a Weapon from your archive at the start of the next phase.Alex Mitchell
115The Desert's NightmareHero - ZaharaDenizen12Prey on the Weak - When an opposing card is exhausted due to a card you control, add 1V to any card.Nothing escapes her shadow.Kati Drinkwine
118Roland's SquireCompanion - MuleDenizen3EGun Bearer - When this card enters your camp, you may draft target Weapon from your archive.A beast of burden, yes. But only the most stalwart of squires will survive service under a Paladin's custody.Jack Kaiser
119Timeless ElementalCompanion - ElementalDenizen5EEBolster: 2Clock Winding - A0EE - Ready all other cards you control 1C.The Waste has a funny way 'bout mixing what's real and what ain't.Alex Mitchell
121Psychic HorrorCompanion - Insect HorrorDenizen2EPiercing Screech - A0V - Shuffle this card and the last Companion that entered play into their owners' indices. "You'll hear the locals say it: 'Twixt a harpy and a horror.' They mean a situation that ain't got no good way about it."Alex Mitchell
123Burrowing Whistle-PigCompanion - RodentDenizen2VTunneling Escape - If this card is defeated while defending, shuffle it into your index and draft a card."Which hat to wear today?"Brian Lee Martinez
124Cactus-bound YakshaCompanion - GaienDenizen3VPacifistParalyzing Pokers - When this card is declared as a defender, shuffle all attacking Companions into their owner's index. Regenerate - At the end of each Combat Phase, if this card was declared a defender this turn, shuffle it into its owner's index and draft a card.Olga Kosheleva
128"Sun in Yer Eyes!"Skill - Gear AttachDenizen1EAttached card gains: Reflecting Sunlight - A0 - First, exhaust a card you control 2C; then, exhaust target non-Hero card 1C. This ability may be activated multiple times.The Sun is as much a weapon as your piece.Kevin Steward
130Nail to the CounterSkillDenizen1EOpportunist - When Companions receive damage, they receive additional damage equal to their exhaustion position.Mayhaps this will make you think twice afforin' you try'n cheat me.Kevin Steward
131HeadshotSkillDenizen2EBullseye - A0 - Break this card. The next strike you declare targeting a Companion with a Weapon deals twice as much damage. Expand: Instead, void this card. The next strike you declare targeting a Hero with a Weapon deals twice as much damage.Alex Mitchell
137Threading the NeedleSkillDenizen0VPrecision Shooting - When you declare a strike, you may exhaust your Hero 1C to draft a card."Luck? Heck...ain't no such thing."Kevin Steward
144Parallel FuturesActionMystic0VReveal the top two cards of target player's index. Place one on top of the owner's index and archive the other. This eye sees the future as Time would have it. The other...sees the future as I would.Alex Mitchell
145Planar RejectionActionMystic3VDraft target Companion from play to its owner's hand. Expand 1C: Instead, draft target card from play to its owner's hand.This plane, this existence, even time is in flux.Kevin Steward
147Ancient GraffitoGear - RelicMystic1EWhen this card enters your inventory or archive, draft a card.

Many of these relics bear marks yet undeciphered. Evidence of a bygone time, or a symbol of an era yet to come?Olga Kosheleva
149Letterly's HourglassGear - RelicMystic0ESlow Down - Cards played outside of the Unlimited Phase cost an additional 1V.The passage of time marked by the yellowing of pages.Pietre Valbuena
154Mirubi's DirkGear - Weapon 2HMystic4EE
Descrier - For each card you draft from anywhere, outside of your Draft Phase, remove 1V from target card, priority Companion. Unsheathed, its blade is one; sheathed, its blade is many.Alex Mitchell
155Ciyn's ContraptionGear - Weapon 1HMystic3EYou control all Gear attached to this card. When this card leaves play, return all Gear attached to it to their owners' inventories. Magnetic Pull - A0EE - Attach target non-Companion Gear an opponent controls to this card.Alex Mitchell
158Librarian Abigail LetterlyHero - LetterlyMystic16Shh! - Opposing Heroes are considered to have no printed effects or abilities. Letterly always has the last word.Pietre Valbuena
162Incirrina, Exteria's Most Skilled EngineerHero - IncirrinaMystic15Automate - A1E - First, break a non-Proxy Gear; then, put a 3V Mystic Golem Proxy Companion Gear into your camp.The many-armed engineer is never found idle in her workshop.Alex Mitchell
163Ruxue, Curator of Special CollectionsHero - RuxueMystic12Reverse Engineer - When you play a Relic, if it is the first time this turn, draft a card. Research Materials - A0E - Draft target Relic from your archive.Pietre Valbuena
173Zento's GargantuanCompanion - Dinosaur IllusionMystic3VPacifist, Bolster: 1Expand: Draft target Companion to its owner's hand and add vitality equal to that card's starting vitality to its controller's Hero."It's thrilling to see how fast beasts go from laughter to shrieks at the sight of my minions; its bark is worse than its bite, my good gentlebeasts!"Alex Mitchell
174Trinket GolemCompanion - MechanizationMystic1VSpare Parts - When this card is archived from play, if it is not a Gear, it gains the Gear type, loses the Companion type, and is moved to its owner's inventory instead.Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Well, at least the latter two.Alex Mitchell
175Mech-inationCompanion Gear - MechanizationMystic0EE
Add XV to this card as it enters your camp, where X is equal to the number of Gear you control."On rare occasions, when clustered together for too long, spontaneous sentience occurs in groups of relics. Magic? Evolution? An act of the gods? It is a subject of great debate."Alex Mitchell
177InspirationCompanion - Spirit ScholarMystic3EEureka! - When this card enters your camp, reveal the top three cards of your index. Draft a Gear from among them, then archive the rest.Tinkerers describe hauntings by the ghosts of their own inspiration.Alex Mitchell
178Junk GolemCompanion Gear - MechanizationMystic2EEExpand: First, break up to three Gear; then, for each broken Gear, add 2V to this card as it enters your camp.The brute: the trick to creating an effective junk golem is to make it out of heavy objects.Alex Mitchell
181EnamoredSkill - Companion AttachMystic2EAttached Companion cannot be declared as a defender and cannot be chosen for priority targeting.Poor you, pine after someone else!Alex Mitchell
189Forest's ClaimActionSummoner3VChoose one: Archive target Gear or Skill from play, or draft a Summoner Companion from your archive. Expand 1C: Instead, choose both.All monuments eventually fall to trees.Brian Lee Martinez
190Natural AbundanceActionSummoner1VAdd 3V to target Summoner Companion.Maturation Log Day 127: Direct magical infusion has substantially increased chlorophyllic activity levels. Immediate surge in ATP present in the organism by 40%. Exceeds expectations.Pietre Valbuena
191Elder's CloakGear - ArmorSummoner2EBolster: 1Bountiful Vitality - When an Action or ability adds vitality to a card you control, add an additional 1V.Oj'we's cloak, passed down for over ten generations, marks her position as leader of her tribe.Olga Kosheleva
195Summoner's StaffGear - Weapon 2HSummoner3EENative Strength - Add 2V to the first Summoner Companion that enters your camp each turn. Naturalize - A0EE - Archive target Gear or Skill from play .Together, growth.Brian Lee Martinez
196Chapman, BotanistHero - ChapmanSummoner12Loving Care - A0V - Add 1V to target Companion in your camp.Maturation Log Day 81: Brief but systematic magical infusions not only contribute to an organism's survival, but provides increased robustness and salubrity.Pietre Valbuena
201Culler of the HerdHero - ScoutSummoner14Beckon - A1V - Reveal the top three cards of your index. Draft a Companion from among them and archive the rest.A votary of Gefionne, she seeks to unite all manner of beast, spirit, and gaien under the oaken arm of Nature.Brian Lee Martinez
202Shaman Lucr'ziaHero - Lucr'ziaSummoner12Life Tap - When a Companion in your camp leaves play, if it is your turn, add 1V to this card."Like energy, life is never fully extinguished. This is clearly seen in the magical essence released during death."Brian Lee Martinez
208CowbirdCompanion - BirdSummoner1VGathering Flock - When a Bovine Companion enters your camp, you may draft this card from your archive. Expand 1C: This card gains: Roost - A1 - Add 1V to target Companion."Is there not a bird with the bull?" Tribe saying, meaning "to state the obvious."Olga Kosheleva
209Adolescent CalfCompanion - BovineSummoner2EGrowth Spurt - A0V - Break this card and then return a Bovine Companion, with a starting vitality equal to or less than this card's possessed vitality, to your camp from your archive.Olga Kosheleva
211Ancient BisonCompanion - BovineSummoner5ENames Remembered - At the start of each Combat Phase, you may target another Companion in your camp. Until the end of the phase, if the target is archived, draft that Companion.In the end soil takes us all. He remembers those who have been claimed.Olga Kosheleva
212Dire BullCompanion - BovineSummoner3ETerrifying Bellow - Companions with less vitality than this card may not be declared to defend it. Uncontrollable - At the start of your Ready Phase, remove 1V from your Hero.Untamable strength, grace, and fury.Olga Kosheleva
213Enraged AurochCompanion - BovineSummoner4ERampage - When this card enters your camp, you may remove 2V from target Companion. If this causes a Companion to be archived, add 2V to target Companion.Seeing red...Olga Kosheleva
217Root-born YakshaCompanion - Gaien ClericSummoner3ENurtured Growth - A2E - Add 3V to target Companion.For outlanders wandering the Seeded Paths, sightings of the Gaien are a rarefied phenomenon.Olga Kosheleva
219Cheerful ChipmunksCompanion - RodentSummoner2VD'Aww - Your Hero gains an additional 1V at the start of your Ready Phase.Chipmunks: the buoyant familiars of the forest walkers.Kati Drinkwine
220Spirit of the HerdCompanion - Spirit BovineSummoner2EE
Protective Presence - When this card enters your camp, void target Companion not named Spirit of the Herd. Return that Companion to its owner's camp at the end of the turn.Lightning with thunder: auroch with herd.Olga Kosheleva
226RoutActionUniversal3EEArchive all Companions from play."As would [text fragmented] note decades later, the precision of technology came to battle with the dynamism of magics. Here, the Alliance of Awakened showed themselves as much more than a disorganized pack of beasts, and [remainder of text lost]."Alex Mitchell
227Emergency CacheActionUniversal2VSearch your index for any card and reveal it. Shuffle your index and place the revealed card on top.Burrowed deep in the sides of mountains or beneath the ground, beasts may find old shelters and bunkers, rife with ancient supplies, from a clearly tumultuous time, now long forgotten. Some are repurposed; some reused; some resealed, to be lost again to eternity.Alex Mitchell
228ForgottenActionUniversal2EChoose one: Archive target Gear or Skill from play, or archive target Companion with 2V or less from play.We wonder, —and some Hunter may express // Wonder like ours, when thro' the wildernessAlex Mitchell
229Alpha MagicActionUniversal0EEExhaust target non-Hero card up to 3C."O, thou base and sordid kin. For thee, I do ache! But thine oppressors, verily we must pity, brethren; for they were paid in kind for their trespasses, in a scale far beyond ours."Alex Mitchell
230Memory BaubleGear - RelicUniversal1ECall to Mind - A0 - Break this card. Return a Skill or non-Companion Gear that was archived from play this turn that was not Memory Bauble to its owner's inventory.Alex Mitchell
231Complete History of the AwakenedGear - RelicUniversal0VFragileAntediluvian Research - A0E - Ready any card 1C."Find herein, dear reader, a history of beastkind."Alex Mitchell
232Trinket of TimeGear - RelicUniversal1VTemporal Acceleration - A0V - Void this card. Reduce the cost of the next card you play from your hand by 1C.Alex Mitchell
233Grand SealGear - RelicUniversal1VFragilePledged Loyalty - A0EE - Add 2V to your Hero."After the dissolution of the Alliance, there were said to be nigh a dozen or more factions, as it were, of the erstwhile Awakened. In a decade's time, there were seven major tribes. On the grand seal, we see the five now extant."Alex Mitchell
234Period WeaponGear - Weapon 2HUniversal0EEEngineered for Killing - Your Hero counters for 2V damage. Arcane Neutralizer : 2 - S0EE"From a time both antique and pioneering."Alex Mitchell
235Time DisjointedCompanion - IllusionUniversal1EWhen this card leaves your camp, draft a card.My Dear Colleague, As you know I write you from the field. I will be brief. I have had an encounter my study has not prepared me for. Send me everything the University has published on the subject of netherworldly contact, comparative or otherwise, posthaste. Hurriedly, Sir Beak, the Lord's HeraldAlex Mitchell
ProxyUndeadProxy Companion - UndeadAristocracyWith hunger like an endless well // Dead as slate, cold as Hell. // The accursed stir, now as slaves // Benighted passengers // —'neath fresh graves.Alex Mitchell
ProxyGolemProxy Companion - GolemMysticGolems, true golems, were once wrought from nothing more than magic and clay. Now, as magics give way to Eastern science, these creatures are more so phantoms of the Second Age than traditional golemcraft.Alex Mitchell
Proxy---Proxy Companion UniversalThe perceived as perceived.Matt Martin