SMHS Club List 2019-2020
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Club NameClub PresidentMTWRFDate NotesRoomAdvisorEmailPhone #Description
0 Cent EventsShreya RajappaXEvery other Wednesday at royal timeC - 6Rebecca 698-2516We are going to throw parties and special events including Halloween parties, Christmas parties, and Valentine’s Day parties for local organizations in SB.
These organizations will include senior citizen retirement homes, hillside house, and the family learning center as well as others.
ADL (No Place for Hate)Zoë SilverbergXwednesday’s at lunchMs Ary’s classroomMs. 680-6670We want to make our campus safer for minorities and promote a hate-free environment.
Adventure ClubDonna Simental XEvery 2nd tuesdayMr Anderson’s roomMr 636-2903To build and strengthen friendships with fellow students while exploring the outdoors together
Anime ClubRodolfo ZambranoXFriday after school J1Mr. 636-1346Providing entertainment to people!
Art ClubHali Mecklin
Hannah Raven-fish
XThursday at lunch every 2 weeksJ3Ms
(805) 4521950
(805) 3242342
Our club wants to create a safe community of artists to share our work with and provide feedback.
Bridging the GapHaley ButtimerXEvery other Friday at lunch B-12Mrs. 319-1422
My club, Bridging the Gap will connect the senior and youth populations through community service activities.
We will visit a senior living facility once a month on the third Monday of the month from 4PM-5PM.
This club will be beneficial because it will create a connection that senior residents so desire and the youth can become further educated on the past and hear some hilarious stories!
BSU (Black Students Union)Wesley WalkerXFriday’s @ LunchM-5Eleni 708-3024 Spread awareness and reduce stigma around stereotypes and struggles that black students go through. Safe space for people of color and of no color to discuss and be informed about issues locally and nationally around blacks & people of color
Dance Club Laura Luevanos TBD (805) 708-2176My club would give people who were not able to enter the dance team to have a way to still dance without the commitment of an audition.
Many people who wanted to do the dance team last year weren’t chosen and i was to give everyone an opportunity to try something new and do something fun.
Direct Relief ClubShreya SureshXX
Either Tuesdays/Thursdays two days monthly.
Dates change based on upcoming events.
Ms. Heenan's Classroom Ellen 729-6257
The Direct Relief Club, also known as the Youth for Direct Relief Club is a club that aspires to educate students about the work of Direct Relief,
an international non-profit that works to provide medical assistance to many disaster ridden countries around the world, including The United States of America.
We also work to raise money for special projects conducted by Direct Relief to provide relief around the world.
Earth Club Bella Magness XTuesdays at lunchF1Mr. 252-8226 We are a club devoted to bettering the earth and reducing the effects of climate change.
We meet weekly to discuss recent climate change-involved news and create earth-friendly projects.
estudiantes unidosMelina Rodriguez
Nancy Flores
not sure of day yet but it will be during lunch
d-10kiana verhoeven
(805) 6374105
The clubs purpose is to increase the graduation rate for hispanic students to go up.
We will focused on helping the students with school and things they need to do to graduate. we will also have different “events” that will motivate them.
M.E.Ch.A.Amy VicoXWednesday, LunchRm. 6370738Create A positive and inclusive campus for Chicano students to pursue higher education and host cultural campus activities.
Fellowship of Christian AthletesThomas KinzlerXTuesdays at lunchD4Trevor 697-6144We are open to all students and we play games, eat free pizza, and have speakers who share about their faith/sports.
Future Teachers Club Kailey Quezada
Katie Hawthorne
XOur club meets Mondays at lunch.
I-12 (Thrasher’s classroom)
Michael Thrasher 570-2649
We not only motivate our future teachers and leaders of the world, but we fundraise for opportunities such as visiting college campuses (to look at their Education Programs), and Teaching Conference fees.
Last year we were able to attend the Southern California Conference in Irvine (May) AND the national conference in Dallas, TX (June).
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)Roz BorahXLunch, Monday’s D-4Trevor Oftedal 451-2511Bring together San Marcos lgbtq+ students for socializing and meaningful conversation.
God's Grace (GG)Tru Wyatt XEvery Wednesday D-11
Mrs .Richards ,Bettie 926-8968An empowered by club for boys and girls. We help out our community!
Guitar clubNick IbarraXWednesday 3:00pm to 4:00pmCafeteria stageEduardo 637-5092We help beginners learn guitar and things about guitar. As well as teaching some songs and chords. They will also be lent a guitar if they don’t have one as long as they stay in the club.
Habitat for HumanityAlexandra ColemanXWednesdays at lunchD-4Trevor
The purpose of our club is to provide members with opportunities to volunteer at various Habitat for Humanity events, and educate members and raise awareness of the need of affordable housing in our local area. It also allows members the opportunity to serve in leadership positions in the club, and is open to all students at SMHS.
Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
Nicole DanielsonXEvery other TuesdayB11Marcene 636-9312
Encourage SMHS students with a passion for healthcare to work together and help others through medicine, compassion and dedication. By organizing school and community blood drives,
participating in health related community walks, organizing a special CPR training and a feminine hygiene drive at school, students learn about the world of medicine and gain experience planning large-scale events.
History of Food Grace MatthewsXWednesday at Lunch D-10Kiana Verhoeven 494-3963
We will have two meetings a month. At the first meeting we will discuss the history of food in a certain region, diving into The Who/what/where/when. In the second meeting each member will bring a dish from the region discussed in the previous meeting and provide a brief description on its history as we enjoy the food.
Jewish Culture Club Dylan SagerXThursday’s at LunchF-3Mr. 722 - 0882The objective is to give students a Jewish understanding and stress the culture of Jewish identity in a school setting. We discuss topics and give the Jewish take on each one.
Junior State of America (JSA)Harrison Fell
Jack Hughes
XWednesday 11:30 F-6Ms. Tilton
(805) 689-5384
(805) 252-5640
We participate in state wide JSA conferences in which debates and elections are held. The club will prepare for these go.petitipns as well as hold on campus events like debates.
Latin ClubSummer Slotnick-LastricoXThursdays at lunch C-5Sarah Ahlers 682-0788Our club’s goal is to promote the love of the Latin language, as well as to participate in fun Latin-related activities. This year we hope to send our members to SCRAM and the Latin convention to further immerse them in this beautiful language and excite them to keep learning.
M.U.J.E.R.citasMari Garcia
Crystal Magaña
XTuesday. During lunch I-13Dr. Alvarez 319-2292To inspire young womeans that we can do work just like men do
Math ClubEmily Vesper
Andy Nguyen
XWednesday at LunchI-6Mr. 895-0767Discuss interesting math topics and compete in the westmont math competition!
Multicultural club
Shreya Suresh
Maya Garard
Andy Nguyen
Campbell Hodina
Second Wednesday of every month at lunch or as needed
Mr. Ceriale's classroomRick Ceriale
(805) 729-6257
(805) 335-3310‬
The multicultural club aims to provide students of San Marcos High School with a setting to share or learn about different cultures and explore their own.
We work to educate people through the modes of student discussion, watching educational videos, and interacting with each other in engaging ways (games, etc.).
Ping Pong ClubBryan Shott
Ryan Feller
XWednesday at LunchI-8Paul /
(805) 895-7641
(805) 509-8766
We will play ping pong and organize tournaments.
Prayer at the PoleTali JayaramanXFriday mornings at 7:30Flag Pole in quadMrs. Bagdanov tbrynj@gmail.com805-448-3856We will be praying for students and the school and cultivating Christian community at the club.
RFASSTMadai Quevedo XEvery Wednesday at lunchE-6Mr. Koroshec 636-8238RFASST is club that provides resources to foster families. We provide childcare and socialization for families with foster children. We host a multitude of events throughout the year where students volunteer and we offer community service hours in return.
Royals eSportsRyan CarrollXThursday at LunchI-9Aaron reach out to students at San Marcos and give them them a platform to display their video gaming skill at an inter-school level.
San Marcos Red Cross ClubWill Spieler XEvery other Wednesday during lunch F-12Emily carver 689-5080The purpose of the Red Cross club is to fundraise and support the American Red Cross.
Seasonal Spirit Bobby CarrollXEvery other Wednesday during lunch.D-11Bettie 450-4275My club promotes school spirt through the use of games and silly costumes.
Spikeball ClubCade McLean
Jordan Davis
XFridays at 11:02Turf FieldLara 570-7866We play spikeball on Fridays with anyone who wants to play
STEM Club Katelyn Rode
Fionna Pennington
XEvery other Wednesday from 11:32-12:02F-6Kimberly 708-1816Encouraging students to participate in and be passionate about sciences, technology, engineering and math
Storyteller Children’s Center ClubAnnabelle TillerXWednesday’s at RT/lunch D-5Ms. Bagdanov 945-7368Fundraise and help Storyteller Children’s Center financially and emotionally. Volunteer through Workout Wednesday’s program, host bake sales, and work on a team with leaders working to improve the lives of preschoolers at Storyteller.
Surf ClubMerrick LarbigLunch timeDepends
Mr. Vogal, Mr. Bailey 618-4926We want to have surf days, talk about surfing, watch competitions, and do a surf team to compete against other schools.
Sustainable Future Club
Alex Moosbrugger
Nicole Hellman
Sage Streeter
XMonday at lunch, for now.F1Mr. 895-8147Incorporate Sustainable Future's online platform to increase Sustainability at SMHS.
Team FirstTaylor WilsonXWednesday at LunchB3Bryan 705-1085To create and develop sports leaders in the San Marcos Sports teams and San Marcos community. Develop and improve team leadership and school pride.
Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation ClubSofia TascaXWednesdays at lunch D8Luke Ohrn 280-8456TBCF Club offers students to become involved in the organization by raising money for their annual Gold Ribbon Campaign, making crafts for the children in the program, writing donation letters and helping at fundraiser events.
Teens on the Scene Aidan BananXFridays at LunchD8/Turf FieldLuke Ohrn 689-5232TOTS offers students volunteer opportunities and teaches them qualities to become an effective leader.
Theater Elizabeth RiceXTuesday at lunch Auditorium 452-0141We will play improve game. Learn more about theatre
Turkish Culture ClubGabe Casey XThursdays at lunch 805 705 1061 We meet and learn about history and culture surrounding The modern republican state of Turkey as well as its former empire and colonies.
Vegetable Enthusiasts ClubGreta Regan
Taylor Klassen
X1st and 3rd Wednesday of every monthTBD TBD and
(805) 403-8911
(805) 453-2941
A place where people who enjoy consuming vegetables (and other natural foods) can come together and learn, discuss, and debate about foods, particularly vegetables.
We will watch food documentaries, create promotional posters for campus, and consume new and exciting vegetables. With this club we can promote including vegetables in
students’ diets and show how vegetables are exciting, and delicious.
Wellness Connection ClubSam KronenXMonday at lunch (11:32)Room B-10Mrs. 319-9599Our club meets weekly and educates our peers on the importance of mental health and busting the stigma around it.
Each month we have campaigns with a different meaning behind them (for example Suicide Awareness Month). We want to encourage the conversation of mental health in youth.
Science Olympaid ClubJayden FrancisX
Royal time and possibly lunch as well on Tuesdays
(maybe more often as competition gets closer 455-5281A club for the preparation and eventual participation in the Science Olympiad Competition! Will be focused around learning the various events and creating the projects that must be completed before the event (at UCSB)
Writer's SocietyEva MoschittoXXXXXRoyal TimeE-6Frank 698-1201We are a mentoring classroom for writing help and revision. We have a website that publishes student work for multiple contests. We are involved in the Poetry Slam.
Clubs with no Info
Global Finance Club
Spanish Club
Book Club
Mock UN
Special Olympics Club
Photography Club