Follow-up plan_Institutional Evaluation Report (SKVC, 2014)
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Implementation of Recommendations as set out in the Institutional Evaluation Report (SKVC, 2014)
SphereNo.RecommendationMeans Responsible personsExecutorsTerms
Status of accomplishment
Impact on study, reseach, society development
STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT1Revisit its mission and identity, and then articulate a clear statement of mission that recognises its present position and views of all of its constituencies and / or a more detailed statement on how the mission is understood across the EHU community, which will be included in the new strategic plan to be drafted by the end of 2014. In defining its real mission, the University should also identify clearly its external stakeholders beyond the circle of donors, in particular giving due consideration to Lithuanian social and business partners 1. Create a group for strategic planning.
2. Revise the mission statement, vision&values.
3. Indetify the external stakeholders and their place in the mission.
4. Communicate the new mission to the University community.
RectorStrategic Planning CommitteeMay-July, 2015Accomplished1. Group for strategic planning composed of all academic community representatives (staff, faculty and students) created.
2.Mission, vision and values reformulated in accordance to internal and external changes of past years and plans for the comming years.
3. External stakeholders and their role identified in the new mission.
4. Reworded mission communicated to the University community and disscused throught various resources: website, Moodle system, Senate.
2Ensure that its new strategic plan is a comprehensive document which includes an analysis of its external and internal environment, strategic objectives, expected outcomes and related indicators, activities leading to the achievement of the objectives, milestones and related timeframes, and an estimation of resources necessary to implement the plan.1. Prepare a strategic plan composed of all necessary components: analysis of internal and external environment, strategic goals, expected results and related indicators, actions to achieve the goals, landmarks and related terms. 2. Estimate financial, intelectual, human resources. RectorStrategic Planning CommitteeMay-July, 2015Accomplished1. A strategic plan with its mission statement, external and internal environment, key strategic issues, goals, indicators, financial implications and actions to achive the goals was designed and approved at the Governing Board and GAPO.
2. For implementation of the Strategic plan the Action plan has been prepared. It provides with the financial, intelectual, human resources involved in the process.
3Devise a formalised process for compiling and reviewing strategic plans and set fixed periods for both the development and review of plans. Both processes should be a collective effort where the plan to be approved by the Governing Board is drawn up by the Rector based on consultations with all groups of internal and external stakeholders, including donors as well as social and business partners 1. Create the procedure for preparation and revision of strategic and annual plans.
2. Communicate the strategic plan to internal and external stakeholders, donors, social, business partners.
RectorStrategic Planning CommitteeAutumn, 2015Accomplished. 1. Procedures for the preparation and revision of strategic and annual plans approved.
2. The Strategic plan or relevant its parts are communicated to the stakeholders and donors during various meetings, round tables, disccusions, conferences. Social and business partners are mainly communicated in this regard through their involvement into academic programs.
4Devise its Annual Plans explicitly in relation to the Strategic Plan, to ensure that activities undertaken lead to the achievement of strategic goals and objectives 1. Ensure that annual plans are prepared according to the strategic plan. 2. Run regular monitoring of compliance with the set indicators.
3. Revise reporting format in accordance with the strategic plan.
Rector, Chief of Academic Affairs, Chief of AdministrationAcademic Development Unit/Rector's OfficeSpring, 2017Accomplished1. The new strategic plan has entered into force since May 2016, Action plan has been developed as the main implementation tool of it. SP has been harmonized with the annual planning starting as from AY 2017/2018.
2. Regular monitoring of compliance with the set indicators are performed preparing the interim report.
3. Planning and reporting formats for all the departments and units are fully revised and unified in accordance with the strategic plan and its goals as from 2017/2018 AY.
5In order to measure progress against strategic objectives, include in its new strategic plan a coherent set of quantitative and qualitative indicators for strategic objectives and set target values for each indicator that the University will seek to achieve by the end of the strategic planning period. In doing so, it is also advised to concentrate on a smaller number of indicators directly related to its strategic imperatives.1. Obligate the group for strategic planning to include consistent quantitative and qualitative indicators for the strategic goals and to determine objective values of each indicator.
2. Revise KPI and concentrate on the main strategic goals.
RectorStrategic Planning CommitteeAutumn, 2015Accomplished1. Quantitative and qualitative indicators determined and detalised in the Action plan.
2. KPI indentified in the Action plan following key strategic goals.
6Revise its procedures for monitoring the implementation of the strategic plan (including a mechanism for taking action in the case of deviations from the strategic and annual plans) and the current format of Annual and Interim Reports so that they clearly focus on progress towards the achievement of strategic objectives 1. Correlates with 2.1. Include the means for elimination of the deviations from strategic and annual plans.
2. Ensure semestrial half-yearly monitoring of annual plans, and annual monitoring of the strategic plan.
Rector Academic Development Unit/Rector's OfficeSpring, 2017Accomplished1. Procedure of development, rewieving and updating of the strategic plan has been prepared. 2. The interim reports on planned activities of academic departments adn administrative units will be the key monitoring indicators of the annual and strategic plans.
7Put in place mechanisms for keeping all staff regularly updated about progress in the implementation of the strategic plan, as part of its current efforts to establish effective internal communication mechanisms1. Reflect the implementation of the strategic plan in the annual reports of the Rector, as well as the Senate reports. To publish the annual report of the Rector at EHU website, to distribute Senate reports to all the faculty and staff.
2. Organize Rector’s annual meeting with the Senate, staff and/or annual announcement about the strategic results.
RectorRector's OfficeRegularlyAccomplished1. Annual reports and Senate reports are communicated to the academic community regulary through EHU website and distribution by internal communication nets (Moodle, e-mail).
2. Rector regularly gives a presentation at the Senate on implementation of the Strategic Plan and Action Plan.
8Publicise its success as a way of building a close-knit academic community and encouraging staff to get involved in activities leading to the achievement of strategic objectives 1. Prepare and release a weekly newsletter about the achievements of EHU faculty and staff.
2. Organize briefing about achievements in strategic objectives via university's website, internal information system.
RectorRector's OfficeRegularly8.1. Accomplished.
8.2. In progress
1. A newsletter has been released and updated weekly.
2. University's community ir regularly briefed via website and Moodle about the achievement in strategic objectives. The upcoming new website launched in fall 2017 will allow more suggestive and better accesible information for the community.
9Provide more detailed descriptions of procedures for internal approval, monitoring and review of programmes in the Quality Manual, including a mechanism for assessing demand for new programmes and a mechanism for collecting structured feedback from social and business partners / employers on existing and prospective programmes 1. Obligate Senate to prepare the procedure for the approval, monitoring and revision of study programmes.
2. Revise the Quality manual in accordance with the procedure, prepared by the Senate.
3. To establish Study Programme Committees.
Chief of Academic AffairsSenate2016-20179.1. In process. 9.2. and 9.3. Accomplished1. First draft of the procedure for approval, monitoring and revision of study programmes has been considered at the Senate meeting in June 2017. Finalisation of the document is planned for October meeting, 2017.
2. Several regulations and internal legal documents prepared: Procedure of organising feedback on studies (targeted to students, faculty, alumni, social and business stakeholders, employers, Erasmus students); Quality Policy; Order on recognition of learning outcomes.
3. The Regulation of Study Programmes (Fields) Committees has been approved by the Senate in June, 2017. Implementation of the document will be started in AY 2017/2018.
10Define more clearly and in greater detail procedures for quality assurance of research.Obligate Senate to prepare the Research Regulation.Chief of Academic AffairsSenateSpring, 2017Accomplished Research regulation approved by the Senate in Spring 2017.
11Expedite progress in the implementation of its Quality Management System. 1. To appoint the responsibility to the Senate for ensuring the quality of studies and study process.
2. To ensure that the quality management system is a priority.
Chief of Academic AffairsSenateSpring, 2016Accomplished1. New Statute states that the Senate is responsible for ensuring the quality of the study process. There was an adhoc Senate committee established in the end of 2014.
2. Strategic plan determins the quality management system as one of its main goals.
12Establish a fully-fledged student management system. Search for financial resources to launch such an electronic system.Rector/Chief of AdministrationRector's OfficeSpring, 2017In progressThe student management system has been purchased in spring 2017. Trainings of staff, transfer of data is in process. Full release of the system if expected in October AY 2017/2018. Expected acceleration of document and data processing, less paper work and maximal automatisation of the data administration process.
13Ensure that its governing bodies provide strong leadership in quality assurance and strengthen management oversight of the Quality Management System in line with the revised Statutes.1. To obligate University Senate to annually report on the quality of studies.
2. Include Rector's commitment to quality assurance in the annual report of the University.
RectorSenate, Academic Development UnitAnnually, starting with spring, 2016Accomplished1. University Senate prepares an annual quality report for the Rector.
2. In the annual report of the University the Rector states the commitment to quality and achievements in the sphere of strategic planning and quality assurance.
14Devise ways of encouraging greater involvement of students in quality assurance, and of informing students, in particular those on low-residence programmes, on findings from student evaluation surveys and on how their feedback is used for quality improvement.1. To involve students in the process of quality assurance of studies.
2. To broadhen students competences on academic ethics.
3. To arrange bi-annual meetings with students, faculty and administration to disscuss the results of the surveys.
4. To publish the surveys' results on university information resourses.
Chief of Academic AffairsSenate, Registrar, Academic Development Unit, Students Services UnitRegularly14.1. Accomplished. 14.2. In progress. 14.3. and 14.4. Accomplished1. Students are involved in all the working groups (creation of the new study programs, Senate committes etc.).
2. Students participate in trainings (e.g. on academic ethics, Writing&Thinking). Meeting with the Inspector of Office of Academic Ethics is scheduled for the October 2017.
3. Joint discussions with students, faculty and administration on previous semester survey results to serve for broader disscussion on teaching and learning improvement at the university are settled at the beginning of each semester; face-to-face anonimous express surveys of individual courses on all study levels and modes are run during semester in order to receive prompt responses on a particular course.
4. The surveys' results are available for academemic community in EHU website and Moodle platform.
15Consider establishing a team for quality assurance Re-evaluate the guidelines of the quality system and the persons responsible for implementing them.Chief of Academic AffairsSenateAutumn, 2015Accomplished There was an adhoc Senate committee established.
16Extend the membership of the Governing Board to include social and business partners, in particular Lithuanian ones, to help EHU establish links with its local environment (a recommendation for the Governing Board).To establish a Governing Board Nomination Committee.RectorGoverning BoardAutumn, 2014AccomplishedIn December 2014 Governing Board established a Nomination Committee, authorized to recruite new members. Under its supervision the new members to GAPO and GB were selected in 2017
17Make progress in putting in place performance appraisal procedures for both academic and administrative staff.1. Create an evaluation procedure of administrative personnel.
2. Develope guidelines of faculty (academic personnel) evaluation.
Chief of AdministrationHR and Legal Unit, SenateAutumn, 2014

Summer, 2016
Accomplished1. Evaluation procedure of administrative personnel has been created and launched.  2. All faculty members have an annual performance appraisal.
18Put in place an incentive scheme for staff, in so far as possible within its limited financial resources, and devise ways of providing non-financial incentives for staff. Prepare recommendations on staff and faculty motivation system. Chief of AdministrationHR and Legal Unit, SenateAutumn, 2015Accomplished1. Budget for faculty professional development was set out, internal and external workshops were conducted, university provides opportunity to learn Lithuanian language. 2. Faculty salaries are competitive on labor market, compensation of costs related to rent of living space, including utilities, are provided. 3. In autumn 2017 nominations "The best" in research, teaching, project management were approved.
19Adopt an institutional staff training policy, including mechanisms for training needs analysis, to ensure that staff skills and training opportunities offered are matched with institutional development needs.1. Collect information on training needs and devise a training plan for administrative staff.
2. Prepare the annual program for personnel training, guidelines for professional development.
Chief of AdministrationHR and Legal UnitAutumn, 2015Accomplished1. Information on training needs has been collected during the evaluation of the administrative personnel and a training plan for administrative staff has been developed considering the information accumulated by the end of 2014.
2. Annual program of professional training has been prepared and adopted. Plan of training activities for AY 2016/2017 has been realized.
20Consider providing training in university management to staff, not only those who are members of the governing bodies, and the Students’ Union.1. Prepare a presentation/an announcement for the staff about the management of the University.
2. Create opportunities for students and staff to disscuss academic ethic issues.
Chief of AdministrationHR and Legal UnitSpring, 2016
20.1. In process.
20.2. In correlation with 14.2.
1. A meeting with an expert in university/academic management is scheduled for fall semester AY 2017/2018. 2. See 14.2.
21Consult the EHU Trust Fund and other major donors prior to taking strategic decisions which have major financial impact.To develop a procedure of involving EHU Trust Fund and other donors in the making of the strategic decisions.RectorRector's OfficeRegularlyRegularlyThe representative of EHU trust fund participates in all the meetings of the Governing Board, the fund is consulted when passing all the financial decisions. The fact that the representative relocated from Copenhagen to Vilnius is a consequence of this close cooperation.
22Urgently develop and implement the Code of Academic Ethics and ensure that staff and students are fully familiar with, and respect, its provisions. EHU may also consider providing training in academic ethics to staff and students.1. Develop the code of academic ethics.
2. Evaluate of the need for academic ethics training.
Chief of Academic AffairsSenateSpring, 20161. Accomplished.
2. In progress
1. A Comission of Academic Ethics has been established. 2. Performed in correlation with 14.2. and 20.2.
ACADEMIC STUDIES AND LIFELONG LEARNING23Put in place a clear procedure for monitoring of student practical placements, including mechanisms for collecting feedback from host organisations on students’ knowledge and skills and from students on the organisation and usefulness of placements 1. Prepare/revise the guidelines for students’ internship.
2. Create questionnaires (for receiving organization feedback as well as student feedback).
Chief of Academic AffairsSenate, Academic departmentsSpring, 2017Accomplished
1. The quidelines had been revised in spring 2016.
2. The surveys on students' internship approved by the Senate in spring 2017.
24Consider expanding its course portfolio and making it more attractive, and develop a methodology for the recognition of prior learning, as a step towards diversifying its student base in line with its strategic intentions, and in order to offer wider lifelong opportunities, in particular, to adult learners in Lithuania.1. To formalize the recognition of previous education. Consider enhancing the adult/professional training offered by the University.
2. To assign a responsible person to make the offered courses more attractive for the external users, allocate additional financial resources for the development and advertising of the courses.
Rector Senate, Academic departmentsSpring, 2017Accomplished1. Procedure on recognition of learning outcomes has been approved by the Senate in spring 2017. 2. Adult training in Lithuania is not a strategic goal of the University. Nevertheless such an opportunity exists: about 10 new format online courses: summer schools (English language, Lithuanian language, Design, Writing and Thinking).
25Improve its questionnaire for graduate surveys to collect more detailed feedback on the relevance of programmes offered to employers’ needs, and use findings in the development, monitoring and review of its programmes.1. Create a procedure and questionnaire for the employers survey.
2. Refine alumni questionnaire.
RectorRector's Office2016 Spring, 2017 Accomplished1. The survey for social partners and stakeholders approved by the Senate in spring 2017.
2. Alumni questionnaire has been revised in 2016.
26Use its alumni network to provide academic and career guidance to graduates and prospective students on a regular basis.1. Involve University alumni to participate in recruitment campaing.
2. Develop the network of alumni ambassadors in Belarus.
3. Ask the Senate to formulate recommendations for Alumni coordinator on how to strengthen ties with EHU alumni.
4. Establish an Alumni mentorship program for current students of EHU
Rector Rector's OfficeRegularly26.1 Conducted on a regular basis.
26.2 In progress.
26.3 In progress.
26.4 Accomplished
1. Alumni are participating in open door events and consulting prospective students.
2. The network of alumni ambassadors in Belarus is under development.
4. Alumni mentorship program has been launched in AY 2016/17 in order to strengthen ties between University students and the future professional careers of University students.
27Establish links with a wider range of Lithuanian social and business partners to consult them on new and existing programmes.Assign additional functions for the department heads, rectorate, when organizing focus groups about the study programmes with social and business partners from Lithuania.Rector, Chief of Academic AffairsAcademic DepartmentsSpring, 2017AccomplishedApproved Regulations of Study Programme (Field) Committees anticipate involvement of social and business partners into the respective Committees.
28Put in place a formal mechanism for regular collection of structured feedback on new and existing programmes from social and business partners, in particular Lithuanian. 1. As in 25.1 to create a procedure and questionnaire for employers and socials partners.
2. Organize focus groups and/or structured interviews at least once during the period of accreditation for all the study programmes.
Chief of Academic AffairsSenate, Academic departmentsAutumn, 201628.1. Accomplishe 28.2. In progress1. Survey approved in spring 2017 and will be launched during AY 2017-18. 2. The Regulations of Study Programme (Field) Committees have been approved in spring 2017. In the result is expected more intens communication with the social and business partners and more close involvement.
29Consider consulting Lithuanian social and business partners on what courses EHU could offer to them as part of lifelong learning. 1. Include questions on lifelong learning opportunities which EHU could offer into the guidelines of discussion/interview with employers and social partners.
2. Use distance learning possibilities for development of lifelong learning courses.
Chief of Academic AffairsSenate, Academic departmentsSpring, 201729.1. Unaccomplished. 29.2. Regularly.1. Guidelines on communication with stakeholders will be developed. 2. Several new format distance learning courses in topical fields are regularly offered for the outside students.
30Do more to facilitate and encourage outward student and staff mobility, and in particular adopt internal regulations ensuring full recognition of study periods abroad and clarifying conditions for taking sabbatical leave.1. Prepare and approve the mobility procedure.
2. Promote mobility opportunities and possibilities.
3. Prepare rules for sabbaticals.
Chief of Academic AffairsAcademic Development Unit, SenateAutumn, 2015-Spring, 201630.1. and 30.2. Accomplished. 30.3. Unaccomplished1. Erasmus mobility rules approved; procedure of recognition of study periods adopted.
2. Ar least twice a year regular promotion and explanation on mobility opportunities for students, faculty and staff is provided through several sources: face-to-face meetings and individually, website, Moodle information platform, online Erasmus student guide and other promotional materials.
RESEARCH AND (OR) ART31Devise a coherent institutional strategy for the development of research, which includes clearly defined priorities and is linked to its new strategic plan, to ensure that its research activity is geared towards its strategic objectives. 1. Ensure that the areas of research correlate with the new strategic plan.
2. Prepare a strategy of research and art development.
Chief of Academic AffairsSenate, Academic Development UnitSpring, 2017AccomplishedNew Research Regulations are harmonized with the Strategic plan and Action, the document defines the key priorities of research and art activities.
32Consider setting qualitative targets, in addition to quantitative ones, as part of its Research Planning and Reporting Systems to encourage quality improvement in research.Define qualitative goals and add them to the system of research planning and reporting. Embed the latter into the Research Quality Regulation. Chief of Academic AffairsSenate, Academic Development UnitSpring, 2017AccomplishedNew planning and reporting system containing qualitative and quantitative targets of research and art activities is launched.
33Consider including a method of accounting for income and spending on research in its Research Planning and Reporting System, and measures of income and spending on research in its reporting.Finance unit - to discuss such a possibility. Chief of Academic AffairsAcademic Development Unit, Finance UnitSpring, 2017In progressMethods of budgeting and management (organizational and financial) of research activities are set in the new Reasearch regulations and new planning and reporting system.
34In line with its recently adopted collaborative research model, create a section on its website, including all available data on research conducted in the University and a discussion platform for research staff, to facilitate their collaboration.1. Describe EHU cooperation on research in more details at EHU website.
2. Include a question on the discussion for local researchers in the Senate meeting.
Rector Rector's OfficeSpring, 2016In progressThe new university website will be launched in fall 2017 where a research section with different interactive, informative and other functions will be created.
35Broaden the participation of Lithuanian academic, social and business partners in its research activities.Commit the Senate to carry out a study on the opportunities of cooperation and development.Chief of Academic AffairsSenate2016UnaccomplishedTransffered for the Senate agenda in fall 2017.
36Provide institutional support, including more extensive Lithuanian language training, to research staff in developing project proposals to be funded by the Lithuanian Research Council.1. Offer support and trainings on project development.
2. Offer classes of advanced Lithuanian for staff/faculty that are partly covered by the University.
Chief of Academic AffairsAcademic Development Unit, Core Curriculum CenterRegularly Accomplished 1. The support for all willing and preparing project proposals is offered via Project coordinator. Seminars on applying to different institutions are organized/planned regularly.
2. Free of charge classes of Lithuanian languageg for high and low residence students and staff/faculty are regularly offered at the university. Lithuanian language and culture summer school for students has been organized in summer 2017.
IMPACT ON REGIONAL AND NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT37Include in its new strategic plan specific measures (e.g. programmes, adult education courses, research projects or voluntary activities) which aim to have impact on regional and national development in Lithuania. Analyze what means of influence could EHU present to the community and submit proposals to the group for strategic planning. RectorStrategic Planning Committee, SenateSpring, 2016AccomplishedThe strategic plan and action plan complemented with activities, targeted to the impact at the region (new programs, development and support of research projects, updated communication means, new Core Curriculum, etc.)
38Make and regularly update a register of voluntary activities undertaken by its staff.Prepare a plan of EHU staff voluntary activities and renew it annually.Chief of AdministrationHR and Legal UnitUnaccomplishedTransffered for the AY 2017-18
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