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The Hospital and Health System Association of Pennsylania COVID-19 Atypical Supplier List
Background and Overview: HAP has partnered with Life Sciences Pennsylvania, the PA Chamber of Business and Industry (PA Chamber), the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, and the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development to generate donations, promote volunteerism, and increase supplies needed by Pennsylvania’s hospitals and health systems to test and treat patients with novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Various communications and calls to action have generated a number of businesses that may be a resource to healthcare providers in the coming weeks and months. This list is intended to serve as a resource to organizations who might benefit from atypical supply partnerships. Information here has been provided by the supplier. Buyers should strive to validate any information contained herein.

Please note this recent press release from the FBI highlighting increased potential for fraudulent sales of COVID-19 related supplies and equipment:

This list is a repository of information provided by these suppliers and is in no way an endorsement by HAP or its subsidiaries.
Have Questions?*Healthcare Providers, If you are interested in specific information about any of the entries noted below, Please feel free to email us at Often these suppliers have provided us additional information that can't easily be contained on a spreadsheet.
Company/Resource InformationProduct InformationCost and Logistics Information
Company NamePoint of Contact, Email AddressHow long has company been in business?Reference Clients? Y/NSupplier CategorySupply TypeNotesFDA Clearances and CertificationsProduct's Current LocationEstimated lead and delivery times?QTY PotentialProduct Price Per UnitPayment TermsDate Information Received
independant independantJohn Aberle Business Development Consultant usaf89sf@comcast.netI am a consultant to Bill Young; Mold n More Decontamination, Exton PAProduct-Currently AvailableHospital SuppliesEasyDECON DF200: U.S. Government-Sponsored (Department of Defense), EPA Certified, Biodegradable, Full-Spectrum Solution for Chemical/Biological Decontamination, weaponized anthrax Tested effective against the coronaviruses/SARS. Used by the Secret Service to protect the president from biological/chemical attacks, weaponized anthrax, coronaviruses/SARS History: EasyDECON DF200: Developed by Sandia National Laboratories, at the request of the Department of Defense, under a grant from the US Department of Energy: (Grant # US 11/341,920/Contract # DE-AC04-94AL85000). In direct response to March 20, 1995, Tokyo subway terrorist attack with the chemical agent Sarin: Thirteen (13) people killed over 5,000 injured. The military wanted a biodegradable decontaminant that could neutralize; biological/chemical weapons weaponized anthrax, and be safe to humans, animals, the environment. Known government/military applications (Declassified) • Fall 2001, Anthrax attacks (DC, NYC, WPB FL) used to decontaminate the Hart Senate Building • Fall 2014, Ebola Virus Dallas, TX. Used to decontaminate areas exposed to the Ebola virus EasyDECON Advantages: • Inherently Biodegradable: Safe to humans, animals, environment • Neutralizes all pathogens, leaving zero chance for Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs • Proven to achieve a 7-log kill (99.99999%) against biological weapons of mass destruction • Handles up to 50% Soil Load • Can be applied as a foam, liquid, spray or fog Over 90 million spent testing EasyDECON CBRNE Tech Index testing company: (Third-party Reviews/applications) Google; EasyDECON DF200 EPA certified safe; all environments/EPA Registration Numbers (Part 1 No. 74436-1, Part 2 No. 74436-2) EPA certified to Neutralize:EPA/CDC certified to neutralize the coronavirus/sars, biological/Chemical weapons, weaponized anthrax, mold/black mold EPA/CDC certifiedBroomfield Colorado50 to 100 gallons per - orderOne / Two weeks• Coronavirus MRSA/SARS
• Weaponized anthrax, biological/chemical weapons
• Mold/black mold/ all known noroviruses, hemorrhagic viruses, mycotoxins
• Ebola Virus, Avian Bird Flu
Commercial Use:
• Hospitals; VA facilities; nursing homes; locker rooms; gyms Cruise Ships
• Cruise Ships, Biotech/pharmaceutical companies; research facilities
• First Responders: EMS, Police, Fire Vehicles, Crimes Scenes, stadiums/arenas
4/23/2020 18:07:00#########
BioLab Sciences Scottsdale, ArizonaAngela Klavuhn, Sales Representative aklavuhn@yahoo.comLess than 3 years
Product-Currently Available
Lab SuppliesCOVID19 IgG/IgM Rapid TestPending FDA review / allowed under emergency-use authorization 3/16/20Scottsdale, Arizonaproduction is continuous - orders filled asapAll purchases require 50% paid upon order, balance due upon delivery. Free FedEx Ground shipping on orders of $2500.00-$5000.00. Free FedEx Next Day shipping on orders of $5000.00 or greater. Cost is $50.00/kit with delivery time frame approximately 5-8 days (subject to demand)10-Minute Rapid Test / Point-of-care test device for the qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies specific to COVID-19 in human whole blood, serum, or plasma specimens. Accuracy: IgG - 98.6% / IgM - 92.9%. Four possibilities for test result interpretation - Positive IgM - May be Acute Infection (start of fever - early onset), Positive IgM/Positive IgG - May be acute infection, Positive IgG - May be previous infection, and Negative IgM/IgG.4/15/2020 17:14:00#########
A to Z Party Rental

Montgomeryville, PA
Melani Kodikian <>50+YService-Currently AvailableTemporary StructuresTent, heat, flooring, tables, chairs, barricades, stanchions, food servicesWOSB and WBENC certificatesPAWhen called; 9am-3pm Mon-Fri3/23/2020
ADIYA Pharma
Montgomeryville, PA
Kaushik Patel
Director of Operations
1 yearYProduct-Repurposed CapabilityPPEcompany with knowhow and to develop up textile facemasks. Currently looking for financial resources to re-tool and acquire raw materials to produce facemasks3 ply surg face mask does not have FDA clearancesMontgomeryville, PA1 week750k pcs/week$25/100pcsnet 303/26/2020
America Makes ( Youngstown, OH, HQ in Blairsville, PAScott Deutsch <>N/RProduct-Repurposed CapabilityPPEthe National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) manages the America Makes institute; could potentially repurpose to manufacture needed PPE and other supplies3/24/2020
Crazy Aaron Enterprises, Inc Norristown, PADon Perkins CEO don@puttyworld.commore than 15 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital SuppliesEmergency Hand SanitizerYesNorristown, PA3000 gallons per weekImmediate delivery; price dependent on volume and packagingRelatively low-cost FDA/ WHO Emergency Hand Sanitizer made in USA4/20/2020 11:24:003/23/2020
Unispace Health - FastBeds NA Boston, MA https://fastbeds-na.comBruce Railton, Sr. Associate bruce.railton@fastbeds-na.com6-15 yearsProduct-Currently AvailableHospital SuppliesField Hospital Bedsnot requiredMarylandplease call us with your needs2000 per daythese beds are being delivered to USACE Alternate Care Facilities nationally4/1/2020
Bio-Haz Solutions Inc
Nesquehoning, PA
David Henritzy
since 1995YService-Currently AvailableOzone SterilizationOzone sterilization potential to sterilize N95 and other PPE. Company is currently a regulated medical waste company with operations in PA, MD, VA, and DE with over 2,500 customers.PendingLocal1 daypotentially could sterilize >1000 masks/week3/26/
Zee Company Inc Chattanooga TN https://www.vincitgroup.comJames Booth Divisional Sales Manager james.booth@vincitgroup.commore than 15 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital SuppliesHand sanitizers, Surface sanitizer, Unsaturated wipesYes USDA certificationChattanooga TN30 days, 14 days for 1 gal, 5-7 days for drums and totespallet quantities (1 gal, 55 gal drum, 275 gal totes)We can help with equipment to apply (1 gal jug dispenser pump or transfer pumps for larger containers)3/24/2020
Ambler, PA
Dimitriy Fedorenko <>>5 yearsYProduct-Repurposed CapabilityPPERepurposing 3-d printers to produce up to 100 masks/week would need assistance developing specificationNAmbler, PATBD100/week3/24/2020
Blue Spark Technologies (
West Lake, OH
Ruth Phillips <>18 yrsYProduct-Currently AvailableHospital SuppliesTemp monitoringYes TempTraq is 510k clearedWest Lake, OHdeliveries start immediately w/estimated 20k /week production capacity15k/week72-hour patch is $36/unit and 24-hour is $25/unit; depending on implementation type, related software and training fees50% on order/ 50% on delivery#########
Logan, Utah
Steve Pond <>16 yrsY, product found in 13k retail stores in USA (walmart, target, macy's, etc.)Product-Currently AvailableHospital Suppliesmattresses, platform bases, comforters, sheets, pillows, mattress protectors, etcCertifications onlydistribution centers in Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and Utah48 hours after a PO is placedadditional pricing can be given when contacted for specific productswill work with organization3/24/2020
Pittsburgh, PA
response@czarnowski.com75+ yearsYServices-Repurposed CapabilityTemporary Structuresevent marketing production company, but can provide temp hospitals at a convention center, mall, or any large facility; provide triage, drive thru testing tents;N/APittsburgh; 6 manufacturing facilities across US 24 locations including warehousesDepending on solution, deployment can be within 48 hours3/26/2020
Pennsylvania Distillers GuildRob (484-948-7686)Product-Currently AvailableHospital suppliesHand sanitizerYPA450k bottles3/26/2020
RLE Systems ( Chatman Royce <>
Product-Currently Available
Hospital Supplieselectro-pneumatic (i.e. evalue) ventilators3/30/2020
Gehman Iron, Inc
Knoxville, TN
Josh Gehman (President) <>44 yearsYProduct-repurposed CapabilityHospital Suppliescapable of building metal components that are required for the fabrication and production of any needed product in conjunction with vapable manufacturer in Wesfield, PA electri-cord manufacturingN, but can get them in short noticePADepends on the products, likely 3-4 weekscapable and able to produce small or large quantitiesnet-303/23/2020
Serta Simmons Bedding ( Doraville, GAChris Batyko <>1870Product-Currently AvailableHospital Supplieshospital bedsNationalare well-positioned to help and can supply up to 10,000 hospital beds to your city within two weeks.10k$1119/bed3/22/2020
LaserArtNYC ( West Easton, PAMatt Laska <>N/RN/RProduct-Repurposed CapabilityPPELaser Cutting and 3D printing manufaturer with capacity to build face shieldsEaston PA3/23/2020
Limbach Inc.
Offices in Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia PA
Jay Sharp, Executive Vice President
>5yearsYService-Currently AvailableConstructionConstruction company that may provide additiional construction and engineering expertise
Mainfreight ( Folcroft, PARob Coghlan <>>20 yearsYService-Currently AvailableLogistics/Supply ChainHas trucks moving medical freight around the country. Would be able to support logistics needsNorth AmericaN/A3/25/2020
Thornhill Medical Toronto CanadaJon Rogers, Head of Partnerships jrogers@thornhillmedical.com6-15 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital SuppliesVentilatorsYesHealth Canada Approved & CE MarkedTorontoFor DiscussionFor DiscussionSee previously submitted power point3/27/2020
Sneaky Fox Spirits Grims, Iowa https://www.sneakyfoxspirits.comOlie Berlic, consultant olieberlic@gmail.comLess than 3 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital SuppliesHand sanitizerYes Compliant with WHO and CDC guidelinesGrims, IowaTerms: X-distillery, pre-paid1-5,000 gallons per weekCurrent inventory is 1 gallon jugs or 55 gallon drums. We are also working on smaller formats and will have updates. If needed, please inquire3/24/2020
Mosquito Curtains ( Shively <>Product-Repurposed CapabilityPPEFace Shields, Company currently produces plastic materials and could re-tool to produce face shieldsNPATBDTBDTBD3/25/2020
Holla Spirits York, Pa https://www.HollaSpirits.comNate Fochtman, Hand Sanitizer Project Manager sanitizer@hollaspirits.comLess than 3 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital SuppliesHand sanitizerYesYork, PaWe have to be COD, as we are COD now with all materials suppliers. Our hand sanitizer is $60 per gallon, solid cases only (4 units per case). We can ship as soon as product is finished on Wednesday April 15th.We have 650 one gallon units of hand sanitizer to be released on Wednesday April 15th, and we have another 2,700 gallon batch to be started in the next week or so.#########
Manheim, PA
Sean Gablehouse <>N/RProduct-Repurposed CapabilityPPE3D Printed masks and face shields3/24/2020
Lico Inc McKeesport PA https://www.Licochem.comSam Lichtenstein President sam@Licochem.com98 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital SuppliesDisinfectantsEPA registered with Covid-19 approvalMcKeesport, PAnet 30 daysIf I can acquire raw materials on a timely basis we can manufacture as much as neededwe can also manufacture hand sanitizer if I can acquire the IPA99 in larger quantiies
Northstar Construction ( Lehigh Valley, PAJoe Marley <>YService-Currently AvailablePortable Modular Buildinghas capacity to build modular hospital extensions to increase surge capacity, trailers already built3/25/2020
Lico Inc McKeesport PASam Lichtenstein President sam@Licochem.com98 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital SuppliesHand sanitizerFDA authorized formulaMcKeesport PA500 gallons + we manufacture this so we can do much more if neededNet 30 days, ASAP $40.00/gallon 4 gallons/case4/17/2020 9:02:003/27/2020
Oat Foundry
Philadelphia, PA
Mark Kuhn (CEO) <>N/rN/rProduct-Repurposed CapabilityPPEManufacturing company that creates split flap displays, but can make manufacturing compliant products. Working on FaceShields, and Emergency Ventilators3/26/2020
Jace Industries Indiana, PADave Brocious - Managing Partner support@jaceindustries.com6-15 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital Supplies- Various, Sanox II - Is a Hospital grade, concentrated, disinfectant cleanerIt is a registered disinfectant with the EPA. Not sure of what FDA clearance would be since it is not a food or a drugShakopee, MN100's of gallons, 100's of pints, hundreds of cases of gallons (4) caser, hundreds of cases of pints (6) per caseCredit card or paypal for most average size orders. On large volume orders, terms, delivery time frame and pricing would have to be discussed based on the volume requested and the turnaround time needed. Too many variables to fit every scenario without discussing specifics.We are an Authorized Independent Distributor of the Conklin Company. Conklin has been in business in the USA for over 50 years and is headquartered in Kansas City, MO with a major manufacturing and distribution center located in Shakopee, Minnesota. Our products are 100% American made.

Sanox II® is a hospital-strength, SUPER CONCENTRATED, formula that disinfects hard, non-porous surfaces as it kills illness-causing germs, viruses and bacteria.

This proven, "one-step" disinfectant cleaner-sanitizer-fungicide-mildewstat-virucide formula is effective up to 400 parts per million (PPM) hardness in the presence of 5% serum contamination.

Kills HIV-1 on pre-cleaned, hard non-porous surfaces and is also registered with EPA as a registered "antimicrobial" for Avian (Bird) Flu Disinfectants.

It is a hospital grade, concentrated disinfectant that is also very economical. 1 pint of concentrate will make 48, 22-ounce spray bottles of disinfectant. Easily diluted and refilled with tap water. 1 gallon of disinfectant will make 380+, 22-ounce spray

It has an earthy, clean pine scent that makes things smell fresh without a heavy scent.

Sanox II is Non-flammable (compared to other brand name disinfectant aerosols)

Use Sanox II® in homes, hospitals, medical offices, health care institutions, nursing homes, day care centers, restaurants, convenience stores, commercial kitchens, schools, colleges, locker rooms, prisons, commercial and industrial work facilities and factories, cruise ships, military installations and vehicles, shower and bath areas, hotels, office buildings, salons, boats, cars, mobile homes, etc.

Use Sanox II® in USDA inspected food-processing facilities, dairy farms, hog farms, poultry and turkey farms, kennels, pet animal quarters, zoos, pet shops and animal laboratories.

Sanox II® is a versatile disinfectant for Veterinarian, Animal Care and Farm Premise applications.
5/4/2020 22:01:003/21/2020
3D Medical Distributors Philadelphia, PADavid Hatooka, President dhatooka@gmail.com3-6 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital Supplies, Lab Supplies
Hospital Supplies- Various, Hospital Supplies-Ventilators, S.Sangso KN95 Particulate Respirators / Osang COVID-19 Test Kits / Humasis COVID-19 Test Kits / Wells Bio COVID-19 Test Kits / GenBody COVID-19 Test KitsFDA Emergency Use AuthorizationPhiladelphia, PAS.Sangso KN95 Masks (100,000) / Osang Test Kits (10,000) / Humasis Test Kits (15,000) / Wellsbio Test Kits (10,000) / GenBody Test Kits (15,000)S.Sangso KN95 Masks ($159.60 per box of 40) / Osang Test Kit ($23.50 per) / Humasis Test Kit ($18.50 per) / Wellsbio Test Kit ($28.00 per) GenBody Test Kit ($35.00 per). Shipping additional.KN95 Masks -
Dima Italia LUNA 3.5 Portable Ventilator -
4/28/2020 14:20:003/25/2020
State College, and Pittsburgh PA
Gary Nettles
N/RYService-Currently AvailableTemporary Structuresevents company with capability to provide temporary structures in central and northwest PennsylvaniaN/ACentral, Western PAN/AN/RN/RN/R3/26/2020
Recovery Centers of America ( Roberts <>Service-Currently AvailableTemporary StructuresCan open up their free beds and provide testing3/23/2020
Ninja Jump & EZ Inflatables
Baldwin Park, California
Arman Muradyan / Account Executive arman@ninjajump.commore than 15 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital Supplies, Lab Supplies
Hospital Supplies- Various, Lab Supplies, Professional Resources, Disposable Face Mask, Body Bag, Sewn Face Mask, Inflatable TentNo naBaldwin Park, California5,000 + daily3/24/2020
ARIN Technologies Inc Pittsburgh https://www.arintechnologies.xyzVivek Kulkarni CEO vivek@arintech.us3-6 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital SuppliesHospital Supplies- Various, Professional Resources, Real time location systems that are easy to install with no modification to your space. This can be used to track assets, ensure hygiene/sanitation compliance and also track interactions between suspected patients and assets as well as other people.We do not require FDA approval FCC certifiedpittsburghFor COVID19, we are willing to supply our products at cost to us. We can deliver, install and be up and running in 4-6 weeks upon receipt of a purchase order. Location and analytics are through a service agreement, where we will charge costs for the foreseeable future.Hardware is a function of our contract manufacturer - we can make thousands of devices in a few weeks.Our real time location system does not require any network infrastructure and can be installed and operational in a very short amount of time. Our location accuracy is within 1 foot of actual, which allows us to drive multiple types of actions in real time such as sending alerts when an asset is not sanitized or when a person does not engage in hand hygiene. Our high accuracy also allows us to determine how far an asset has been from patients and use this information combined with probabilities of contamination to drive workflow.

Our asset tracking capability can help improve asset utilization as well as capital efficiency.

We also have a device with a "call for help" button that can be used by clinicians to call for help to where they are located.

I am more than happy to talk about our capabilities in more detail if you want to call 412-877-2877 (m) or 724-897--7216 (google voice)
Charles Jacquin et Cie Inc. 2633 Trenton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125Charles Perkins - PA Sales Director Cperkins@jacquins.commore than 15 yearsProduct-Currently AvailableHospital SuppliesHand SantizerWe manufacture from that decree that went out from the TTB2633 Trenton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 191252000 cases of 12L divided into 1L bottlesThe price is 124.08 per 12L Case.

Delivery can be made locally within a few days or farther out depending on shipping lanes. No greater than a week.
4/24/2020 10:08:003/30/2020
RRG Enterprises
Collegeville, PA
Robert Gustafson bobgustafson101@gmail.comLess than 3 years
Product-Currently Available
Hospital SuppliesInfrared ThermometersYes CEDongguan City, Guangdong Province 523620, CHINA3,080 Minimum order - 30,000 available immediately. Under 500,000 pieces $ 40.00 each plus shipping. Terms 50% upon order, 50% prior to shipment.30,000 thermometers in stock, 30,000 per day if needed.Manufacturer is FAMIDOC Tech. Vendor is Dongguan Taifan Trading Co. You would be sending payment to Vendor. I have worked with vendor for 10 years and can say it is reputable company to do business with. I have a brochure for the thermometer, if requested I can send via email. My cell number is 610-635-9421.#########

Wenn Sun <>2008Y, global pharmaceutical companies; Amegen, Pfizer, J&JProduct-Currently AvailableLab SuppliesCOVID-19 detection kit and RNA extraction kitIt is in the pre-Emergency use approval (EUA) application with the FDA.Xiamen, China10 days upon the confirmed order; Usually shipped by FedEx express100,000 tests in stock and our production capacity for each kit is 200,000 tests per week.$50.0 USD per test (shipping included). The price include the RNA extraction kit50% prepayment, 50% in 30 days3/23/2020
Stopain Clinica ( Hazelton, PAAnthony Cicini <>23 yearsYProduct-repurposed CapabilityHospital SuppliesHand sanitizerY, FDA approved facilityHazelton, PACan produce 2,000 gallons per and package 10’s of thousands of cases depending on the fill volume of the package. For Hand Sanitizer, it seems like the 4oz and 8oz package size if the most popular which we would be able to produce 20M – 40M cases per month and arrange for multiple shifts if necessary. This would equate to 240,000 – 480,000 bottles per month.3%-15 net 30-days3/23/2020
ModTruss, Inc. WisconsinSam Klein, Manager sam.klein@modtruss.com6-15 years
Product-Currently Available
Negative Pressure Room, Room Partitions, Temporary BuildingsNo SBA certifiedWisconsinWe are currently producing 40 Negative Pressure Rooms per day, and 200 Room Partitions per day. We are also in the process of ramping up productionWe would work with you on mutually beneficial termsRoom Partitions
• Barrier to stop further cross contamination spread of COVID-19
o Applicable in waiting rooms and bedside barriers to divide patients in triage centers
• Fire retardant easy clean surfaces to remove contaminations
• Sizes can be modified with simple tools
• 15-mintue build time; no tools required

Negative Pressure Room (AIIR)
• Isolate COVID-19 patients
o Enclosed negative-pressure environment, prevents further contamination and recirculates air 12/hour
o Qty (2) .3-micron filters at 97% efficiency; keeps clean air clean and contaminated air, contained
o 8’ inner working cube – allows for a hospital bed and staff
o Clear roof to allow LED provided lighting in
o Double zipper entrance to accommodate additional donning/doffing rooms
• Easy clean surfaces to remove contaminations
• 1-hour build time w/2 technicians

Features and Benefits of the ModTruss Exterior Structures
• Professional Engineer stamped for up to 100+ mph sustained wind and seismic rating
• Standard sizes, each pod accommodates Qty (8) BCUs or Qty (10) CABs for bedside use
• Can be heated and/or cooled to provide controlled environment
• Waterproof vinyl floor, egress doors and ADA compliant ramps, Qty (3) ABC fire extinguishers
• 3-day onsite assembly

Feel free to call or email me with any questions.
4/16/2020 15:27:003/23/2020
TSI, Inc Shoreview
Sean Fitzpatrick Respiratory Sales Specialist sean.fitzpatrick@tsi.commore than 15 years
Product-Currently Available
Portacount Quantitative Respirator Fit TesterOSHA Approved Methodology NIOSHShoreview, MNNET 30 DAYS UPON SHIPMENT, 2-4 WEEKS, US LIST100+Fastest and most accurate fit test on market, including N95 respirators#########
Velrose Lingerie ( Lancaster, PAKim Shupp <>>10 YearsYProduct-Repurposed CapabilityPPEhas production capacity to sew a few hundred patient gowns or isolation gowns per week.NPA or MexicoTBD100/week3/24/2020
Custom Medical Director ( Wayne, PAChristopher Dole <>since 1998Y
Product-Currently Available
PPEFace masks, goggles, med gowns, n95, temp readerY, only sells from FDA approved facilitiesHong Kong/Mainland ChinaOne week on some of these goods. 1 – 2 weeks on the balance. It depends on the specific piece you are in need of.Can provide any quantities that you need. All of these goods are manufactured and shipped via Air within a week from the respective factories.Price changes on items; need to contact for current pricingnet 303/23/2020
Indiana, IN
Chris Casazza <>Founded in 2003; 17 years providing consulting services to Life Science industryService-Currently AvailableProfessional Resources400 MDs can be engaged in the short-term for hireN/AN/AN/A400 MDsRate varies by experience/expertise; range of $500-1000 per hour3/25/2020
Trotec Laser Plymouth, MI https://www.troteclaser.comJosh Baron Regional Sales Manager josh.baron@troteclaser.commore than 15 years
Service-Currently Available
PPE-Face Shieldsnot sureOur lasers can be rented, sold or leased to hospitals, PEMA or any organization who are looking to manufacture face shields. We also have the files to share how to cut out the face shields.We have the lasers available to sell, lease or rent on a case by case basis as neded, and the files to share how to make face shields. We just do not currently have the materials needed to cut them out. As the sales rep for PA I will be available on to assist any organization looking to add this to their arsenal for training, set up and installation of the systems. attached is the video showing how to make the face shields on our you tube channel.
Dive Design Co (
Alex Tholl <>53 yearsYProduct-Currently AvailablePPEFace shield; started working on masksN, because it is a rapid pop up manufacturingNJUPS next day shipping700/day$10 (to cover cost of development)Extremely flexible; certified check, paypal, transfer, etc.#########
Greenspring Associates
Adair Newhall
Product-Currently Available
Modern Plastics ( Shelton, CTBing Carbone <>75 yrsY
Product-Currently Available
PPEInfection control face masksNo- Modern is an ISO 13485:2016 (medical) and ISO 9001:2015 certified facilityShelton, CTFOBAs requireddeep discounts, PDF pricing informationN-30 upon credit approval#########
TridentCare All throughout Pennsylvania. Physical Regional office location: 101 Rock Road, Horsham, PA 19044 Ferrebee, Territory Manager for Central PA natalie.ferrebee@tridentcare.commore than 15 yearsService-Currently AvailableProfessional Resources, Mobile/Portable Diagnostic Services - X-Ray and Ultrasoundwe are a service company regulated by federal guidelinesThroughout Central Pennsylvania nd York Co.Same day, hospital, digital-quality imaging performed onsite at your location(s) with results same day
Images transmitted and interpreted by our own accredited and locally board-certified reading radiologists
Pricing $150 / xray (includes interpretation)
SpringHill Suites Exton, PA Bright, Sales Director holly.bright2@marriott.comLess than 3 years
Service-Currently Available
LodgingYes n/aExton, PAHotel rooms for health care, government, others neded. Special rates availablen/a#########
MPGUniforms Fenton, MOVP of Sales mark.wibbenmeyer@sbcglobal.netmore than 15 yearsProduct-Currently AvailablePPEGowns, PPE-Face Shields, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, hospital Supplies- Various, Scrubs & Apparel, Hand Sanitzer, Face Shields, thermometersYesChina WarehouseThousands100% pre-payment, 7-10 days to deliverOrder ASAP - Inventory is moving quicker than we ever expected.#########
Drury Hotels Thomas, Area Sales Manager joyce.thomas@druryhotels.commore than 15 yearsService-Currently AvailableLodgingDoes not apply NAPittsburgh$59 Medical rate in conjunction with COVID-19Downtown - 207 rooms, Airport/Robinson 187Complimentary hot morning & evening food (limited due to current COVID19)#########
Homewood Suites Horsham Willow Grove 720 Blair Mill Rd Horsham PA 19044 https://www.homewoodsuiteshorsham.comKatelynn Weaver Director of Sales katelynn.weaver@hilton.comLess than 3 years
Service-Currently Available
HousingN/A All Hilton, County, and State required certificationsHorsham, PAOur hotel is available at any time for any group coming into Montgomery county to combat COVID-19. We would of course offer deeply discounted rates to the county.112 suites at the hotelPlease let me know how we can help. We do need to limit direct exposure to the virus for the well-being of our staff and other guests, but we are a resource for the community and want to help however possible!#########
Northeast Plastic Supply (
Bensalem, PA
Eric Marsh <>Product-Currently AvailablePPEFaceshields#########
Novak Birch
Baltimore, MD
Nick <>33 yearsYProduct-Currently AvailablePPEFace ShieldsBaltimore, MD3 days per 5,000 units. Freight terms are negotiable.2,000-5,000 per day.range from $5.50 to $15.75 depending on number of unitsPayment due net fifteen (15) days, negotiable to net thirty (30) days.#########
Bloom Energy
California, Delaware
Service-Currently AvailableVentilator Refurbish, Recertification, and RepairBloom Energy has re-purposed their capacity to refurbish and recertify old ventilator equipment that hospitals might still have on site, but not in use. Using the contact information here will connect you to Bloom who has capacity to re-certify your ventilators at a basic time and materials rate.YesDelaware4-7 days on average, depending on the ventilator~750 vents/week4/3/2020
Pop Promos
Philadelphia, PA
April Fisher <>
Product-Currently Available
PPEN95; currently delivering to various named customers including the state of floridaAsia50,000/week#########
La Prima Food Group Willow Grove, Pa https://www.laprimacatering.comBret Goldman - Sales Rep bgoldman@laprimacatering.commore than 15 yearsService-Currently AvailableCatering ServicesNoWillow Grove, PAWe are inquiring if you have a need for meals for hospital staff.#########
Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC. nationwide, corporate in Doraville GAMelissa Hernando Territory Manager mhernando@sertasimmons.commore than 15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEFace Shields, mattresses/pillows/sheetsYesCertipurNationwide capability20,000 mattressesNet 30, within 3 week delivery (typically 72 hour turnaround), price $119/bedWe have capability to provide additional hospital grade beds, pillows, sheets, etc. please reach out for anything additional#########
Smart Glass Jewelry ( Plate <>
Product-Currently Available
PPESurgical grade masks#########
The Beistle Company
Shippensburg, PA
Mark Sullivan
120 yearsY
Product-Currently Available
PPERetooled plastic production in order to produce full face shieldsNShippensburg, PA7days>500k#########
YourEncore Indianapolis, Indiana and Hamilton, NJ https://www.yourencore.comAmy Furlong, Chief Operations Officer amy.furlong@yourencore.commore than 15 yearsService-Currently AvailableStaffingOur experts are certified medical professionals including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and various medical techniciansWe have experts located across the country50+ resourcesOur Expert network is able to support for direct patient support or virtually. some also have telehealth capabilities.#########
Venus Supply Company ( Collegeville, PATerry Girifalco <>N/RN.RProduct-Currently AvailablePPESurg/Procedure masks; N95/N99 (respirators); Face masks w/integrated shield, PAPRs, goggles, gloves, suits/gowns, booties, head covers, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes100k masks#########
Boca Terry Deerfield Beach, FL https://www.bocaterry.comJeremy Cohen - Account Executive jcohen@bocaterry.commore than 15 yearsProduct-Currently AvailablePPESurgical/Procedure MasksYes CEIn transit. Will be at our warehouse in FL on April 8th, 2020Net 30 Terms, We can overnight if needed, $0.70 each /2000 MOQ250K by April 8th, 300K each week afterBoca Terry is a trusted small family business that's been in operation for nearly 30 years. We specialize in manufacturing and distributing wholesale luxury Bathrobes, Towels, Slippers and other spa accessories for hotels, spas, cruises, medical facilities, etc. around the world. Some of our long time clients include Hilton, Marriott, and Waldorf Astoria to name a few. When we were offered the chance to import surgical masks from our mills in China we jumped on the opportunity to help the fight against Covid-19. Hopefully we can be of some assistance during this crisis.#########
Hannon Rigging & Production Cumberland County, NJ Hannon, CEO matt@hannonrigging.comLess than 3 yearsProduct-Currently AvailablePPEGowns, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, hospital Supplies- Various, Lab Supplies, Professional Resources, Temporary Exterior structures, room Divider, Negative Pressure isolation UnitsNoAll Structures LocatedPlease Contact for Pricing Structure. MSRP Listed at: Downloadable Product PDF.Temporary Structures: Contact Please, Room Dividers, 10,000 Panels, Negative Pressure Rooms, Manufacturing 40 per day, 7 days a week @ 60% capacity.-We are working with ModTruss to Provide structures, Negative Pressure isolation booths, room dividers, logistics, installation and construction management.
-Can custom engineer items, engineering on staff at ModTruss.
-We have partnered with a medical equipment provider and can facilitate full solutions package from structure to dividers for waiting areas to negative pressure treatment rooms and supply with hospital beds, thermometers etc. Supplies are changing very quickly, as I'm sure you know.
-We have standing by the best in the entertainment business at it pertains to project management, logistics. Our industry disintegrated. There is an army available. We do outdoor festivals and large scale concerts all day every day.
I am currently in Philadelphia, I am a Philly native.
Give a call. Matt Hannon 570 871 1095
Greencastle Consulting Malvern, PA https://www.greencastleconsulting.comTim Blosser, Consultant blossert@greencastleconsulting.commore than 15 yearsProduct-Currently AvailablePPEN95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure MasksYes Europe CE Certificate, NIOSH CertificateShanghai, China50,000 pcs/day shipping starting week of 4/20. Carriers are only taking 50k shipments at a time at present. Alternate transportation means are currently being researched.N95 Valveless: 500,000 pcs / Medical Masks: 200,000 pcs/day productionWe are offering our assistance at cost - we are not interested in profiting from this.

Italy is trying to get masks from the same source. With prepayment against a proforma Invoice/Order, we can secure the earliest production. Once mask are shipping we'll get what is called and FCR - Freight Cargo Receipt as proof of shipment.

N95 Valveless: we have reserved an order for…
• 500,000 (500K) pcs.
• 50K pcs /day shipping starting week of 4/20. Carriers are only taking 50K shipments at a time at present.
• Pricing FOB NY: $4.13 ea. This is the landed price which includes the cost, insurance, freight and duty to import them - so landed price to NY. Required air freight obviously adds cost. We have contacted 3 nationally known philanthropic organizations to cover this cost. You may have local resources that can fill this role.
• Images attached of mask, Europe CE Certificate, NIOSH Certificate
Duty & Shipping
• There is a duty to bring these in with a partial duty waiver.
• Carriers are restricting shipment sizes. Perhaps we could get EDC to lean on the carrier to allow us to ship more than 50k/day...that is probably secondary as we can flow 50K pcs. each day so in 10 days from the start of shipping will have shipped the 500K pcs.
• The first customer to pay will get the earliest production slott; factories are inundated with orders from around the world. In fact, Italy is trying to get masks from our same source.
• With prepayment against a proforma Invoice/Order, we can secure the earliest production.
• Once mask are shipping we'll get what is called and FCR - Freight Cargo Receipt as proof of shipment.

Medical Masks.
• 200,000 (200K) pcs./day production, 1 million pcs/wk.
• Shipping can start 2 days after pmt receipt.
• Pricing FOB NY: $1.30 ea. This is the landed price which includes the cost, insurance, freight and duty to import them - so landed price to NY.
• Images attached
Duty & Shipping
• There is a duty to bring these in with a partial duty waiver in place on masks now.
• Carriers are restricting shipment sizes. Perhaps we could get EDC to lean on the carrier to allow us to ship more than 50k/day...that is probably secondary as we can flow 50K pcs. each day so in 10 days from the start of shipping will have shipped the 500K pcs.
• Factories requiring prepayment for all orders with demand so high.
• Once mask are shipping, we'll get what is called and FCR - Freight Cargo Record as proof of shipment.

Our Group:

Chris Robins

Chris is a longtime sourcing and supply chain executive for the world’s leading retailers and brands including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Adidas, Nike, Levi Strauss, and Macy's to name a few. You can find his LinkedIn profile here:

Jay Gardner - 215-896-4315

Jay, is also a long-timer sourcing and supply-chain professional. Jay led Macy's global private label procurement and sourcing team for many years. His profile can be found here:

Ron Melk - 267-261-0291

I have deep experience in marketing and marketing communications in the healthcare space, and formerly served as head of marketing and communication for St. Mary Medical Center, near Philadelphia. LinkedIn:


Chris’s company, Revolution BPT, LLC is the firm that we are using for the supply of PPE masks to the market.

Revolution BPT, LLC registered in New York State company EIN # is: 46-1058905.

We can provide any additional information you or your colleagues may need.
Peoria, IL
Jake Hanson, Director of Sales jake@adcosource.commore than 15 yearsProduct-Currently AvailablePPEGowns, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, KN95 masks, gogglesYesMinnesota and ChinaSurgical mask delivery - 10-15 days, KN95 delivery: 15-25 days, goggles delivery: 15-20 days, iso gowns delivery: 12-15 days. For payment, we accept credit card, ach or e-check up front. Terms are available for large orders including placing funds in escrowMillions of eachWe have expanded production and can accommodate very large needs with stacked orders and delivery every day, every other day or any time frame requested. We have worked with large hospital systems in Chicago and Des Moines, hundreds of small hospitals, counties and cities and also with the State of Kansas#########
MVP TEAM GEAR Morristown, New Jersey Jones Owner london@mvpteamgear.com6-15 yearsProduct-Repurposed CapabilityPPEPPE- GownsNoMorristown, New JerseyWe can supply reusable gowns(we have samples) minimum order 1,000 pieces, $18.00 each, 3-5 day turnaround, CASH ON DELIVERY or BANK TRANSFERS, Made in New Jersey1,000 piece per order#########
Shanghai International Science and Technology Corporation Shanghai Tobler , sales consultant renetobler@qq.commore than 15 yearsProduct-Currently AvailablePPEGowns, PPE-Face Shields, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, Hospital Supplies- Various, Hospital Supplies-Ventilators, Lab Suppliessome products have fda cert. CE and others. we also are certified to export out of china (new rule since this week)Shanghai and other chinese citiesThese change on a daily basisdepends on the products,stock and production time variesplease contact me via email so we can arrange a call to discuss terms/availability and how to order and ship to the US asap.#########
Humimic Medical Greenville, South Carolina Hawkins - Sales Specialist heath@simuclear.com3-6 yearsProduct-Currently AvailablePPEGowns, PPE-Face Shields, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, Hospital Supplies-Ventilators, Professional Resources, ThermometersNoGreenville, South CarolinaEach shield is $7.00. If a hospital would like to order in bulk, 50,000 plus shields, we'd be happy to start production and ship those out as they come available. Ideally that would be weekly.Can produce up to 200,000 Face Shields. We could get you 4,500 shields by the end of the week.If you have any questions, please just let me know!#########
Perform Group LLC York, PA Geisenberger Director of Procurement bgeisenberger@performgroupllc.com50 yearsProduct-Repurposed CapabilityScrub, Gowns, Sheets, Pillow Cases. Add'l items in developmentNoMade to orderNet 10; made to order, pricing setDepends on item. 80 sewersWe are an apparel manufacturer, privately held, converting capacity to COVID 19 fight#########
Spinnaker Healthcare Advisors EDGEWOOD RESOURCESSteven C Spirito Sales scspirito@gmail.commore than 15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEGowns, PPE-Face Shields, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, Beds and MattrressesProtective gear is Pending N95 NIOSH approval and FDA and CDC approved MFGNJ (shields and Beds), CT (Mattresses & surgical masks), MA (Gowns), China N95 masksI sent a price list- net 30 negotiable ; China CODBeds and Mattresses 5000/week. Face Shields 50,000 in stock and 100,000 per week capabilitymanufacturers are companies that have retooled their operations to meet COVID-19 demands. THey were not formerly manufacturing PPE products.#########
8&9 MFG Co. Medley FL https://8and9.comJason Teal VP Sales & Marketing j@8and9.commore than 15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEGowns, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, Gloves, sanitizer, medical gogglesYes NIOSH FDAIn regards to N95 mask, we have five 3M facilities worldwide. Other PPE through our Supply Chain in China.Base pricing is at current market level and varies daily, price are not locked until order is placed. In regards to N95; If you can meet the minimum buy the deposit will be done through a letter of credit with a payment and delivery schedule outlined in that contract. Depending on quantity and item most products can be purchased with a PO and guarantee of prompt payment100 Million mask, other PPE equipment varies, please contact me for detailsOur company has manufactured goods for 20 years with great supply chain relationships in China. We have pivoted to convert our current supply chain to source goods needed during this pandemic.

Due to the fact that all of the fraud around this pandemic is making it difficult for bona fide companies like ours to get masks and other PPE to the people who need them my partner and I are doing the following to ensure trust in our company and fulfillment services.

If you are interested in the N95 mask our company will organize a video conference with the team from 3M. During this video conference call, you will receive a virtual walkthrough of the warehouse, see your actual masks, speak to 3M legal, etc. Payment terms will be done through a letter of credit. We will be as flexible as possible with payment terms for all other goods. Our goal is to instill the necessary level of trust to keep business moving.
Bantam Investments
COO tyler.labrum@gmail.com3-6 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEN95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure MasksYesSome in Portland, and some in ChinaDelivery time for surgical mask is about 7-10 business days. We have 500,000 that will be in Portland, OR on Wednesday 4/15.

N95's are about 12-15 business days.

Pricing is tiered based on volume. Flexibility on paying upfront versus at delivery.
Up to 5,000,000 of both N95's and Surgical MaskssksOur goal is to provide timely delivery of essentially PPE products at a reasonable cost to help those in need.#########
Sales Solutions Phildelphia (shipping product from various US locations) https://www.salessolutionsinc.netBrian Devaney / PPE SME Brian@salessolutionsinc.netmore than 15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEGowns, Hospital Supplies- Various, Lab Supplies, GlovesYes GLOVES:
Skin Health Alliance,
ASTM D6319-10,
EN 420:2003
EN 455:2000-2015
EU 2016/425
FDA 21 CFR 177.2600
Various US locationsI represent the manufacturer. Product would need to be purchased through a distributor. However, lead time is late July / earl August. $53.90 a case delivered direct from factory.2700-5400 cases of 100 per box or moreI am a PPE Subject Matter Expert. Respiratory, Biohazard / viral garments /hand protection / safety glasses / hand sanitizer / incident command vests / emergency eye wash that can be re-purposed for field hand washing etc. My job is to be a conduit for product connect users with the distribution channels that can supply product. I do not take title to any of the product nor do i profit from it's sale.#########
Nelson Innovations, LLC Nelson Innovations, LLC https://www.nelderm.comKevin M. Nelson, President knelson@nelderm.com3-6 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEFace ShieldsN/A N/AStrongsville, OHFace Shields are $2.52 each, sold in cases of 100.
Freight Terms: FOB Origin
We accept ACH, wire transfers, and major credit cards(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
No refunds will be given for any fulfilled orders due to the current nature of the supply chain. Orders are non-cancelable. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
90,000 Initially week of April 27, then between 25,000 to 250,000 daily thereafter.NelDerm Face Shields – FS812
Durable 7mil anti-fog shield(8”x10” with round edges) with adhered polyurethane foam (.75”x1.5”x10”) and elastic headband(one size fits most).
Additional information obtainable via our website or email.
Berry & Homer
201 Clayton St, Chester PA 19013
Steven Saltzman, Sr Acct Executive steven@berryandhomer.commore than 15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEFace Shields, Aerosol Boxes for intubationNo noneChester, PAPaid prior to shipping, 1-5 days depending on quantity & $6.50 - $7.56 each1000-2000 per dayWe have Aerosol boxes, distancing graphics & tents available too#########
LAB Medical Lansdale, PAJack Ayling Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing jackayling@mylabmedical.com6-15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEGowns, PPE-Face Shields, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, Hospital Supplies- Various, Lab Supplies, inferred thermometers, nitrate gloves (s, m, L, XL), hand sanitizerYes4/23/2020 12:18:00#########
Caremediks, Inc. Irving, Texas, USA.Sohrab Mistry (Chief Operating Officer) sohrabmistry@caremediks.com6-15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEGowns, PPE-Face Shields, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, Hospital Supplies- Various, Hospital Supplies-Ventilators, Lab Supplies, Presently we have Chemical Resist Testing Tables for testing employees for COVID 19 in Work Places.Yes OSHAWe can ship to any of the 50 US States and terriotoriesOur capacity to produce HAND SANITIZER is around 200K units/week as of now, but can produce around 500K units/week within the next 90 days.Our Terms are Wire Transfer payment at the time of issuing POWe also have a wide range of Canon products such as MRI, Radiology, CT Scan Ultra Sound and X-ray products and Devices along with Philips Trilogy EV300 & V60 Ventilators.4/30/2020 17:32:00#########
JRL Opportunity Group LLC 317 S. 6th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101Michael Portera mike@jrlopportunitygroup.comLess than 3 years
Product-Currently Available
PPE - KN95 FFP2 Medical Grade MasksYes Our masks are imported from a manufacturer on the CDC/FDA Appendix A approved list ( Angeles, CAOver 1 million currently available.We prefer to have a down payment together with a Purchase Order but can be flexible. We need a purchase order on agreed upon price and payment terms. Delivery time frame would be 3-4 days. Pricing is $3.10 to $3.70 per mask, based on quantity. Shipping is included. (MOQ 100,000)Pass all tests, including those administered by state/local governments and hospitals. Passed US and Chinese Customs. We can provide 'proof of life' based on your requirements and/or an in person inspection. Lock in current order as well as weekly follow ons. We will arrange expedited shipping to your location(s). We're not a broker, we're the direct owner and importer of these masks. In our warehouse in Los Angeles, ready to ship immediately. We can provide samples, if requested.5/1/2020 15:15:00#########
Air Ambulance Worldwide, LLC (AeroNational) at our northern base Two bases Clearwater Florida and Washington Pennsylvania https://www.airambulanceworldwide.comTravis Roderick troderick@airambulanceworldwide.commore than 15 yearsService-Currently AvailableOthernot required at this time for the isolation pods EURAMI CertifiedWashington PA and Clearwater FL with ability to travel nationwideDetermined on a case by case basis dependent upon mileage flown6 aircraft in total and currently 2 isolation pods. We have two more set for delivery in 14 daysPlease call me at 214-984-7979 for any further questions. Thank you#########
FedMed Distribution Coraopolis, PA https://www.fed-medical.comLarry Federoff - CEO larry@fed-medical.comLess than 3 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEFace Shields, PPE- KN95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, ThermometersYes FDAOhio and ChinaMasks and thermometers can deliver in roughly 7 days150,000 masks per day, face shields varyWe have 4 ply surgical masks and KN95 masks not N95#########
Medlogix Surgical Solutions
Dallas, Texas
O'Shane Wilson Business Development owilson@medlogix.co3-6 yearsProduct-Currently AvailablePPEFace Shields, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure MasksYes All Needed CertificationsDallas, TxTotal lead time from orders consuming weekly production is 7-10 days.
Here are the payment options we offer

1. Credit Card/ P-card (Will send CC Authorization Form)
2. 100% down wire transfer
3. 50% down when ordered, 50% when shipped
Minimum 10,000 Maximum 3 millionWe have all needed documents#########
Adelphia Graphic Systems dba AGS Exton, PA https://www.agsinfo.comJoe Milito
58 yearsProduct-Repurposed CapabilityPPEFace SheildsYesAt AGSFirst 100 Shields are FREE, $20.00 per unit after that, and 2-3 weeks to shipWe are a made to order providerWe would love to help!#########
SL Korea Co., Ltd.
Faber Bickerstaffe Sales Consultant faberbickerstaffe@gmail.com6-15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEGowns, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, Hospital Supplies- Various, Hospital Supplies-VentilatorsYes KFDA approved, all relevant Korean and Chinese certificationsKorea4-5 days for ventilators and other equipment, 15 days for masks... all prices FOBvaries from product to product#########
Old Hickory Medical
Nashville TN
Wilbert Jackson wilbertjackson@yahoo.com6-15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEPPE- GownsYesNashville TNNet 10, 3-7day delivery, $9.95 each20,000/weekProduction is increasing so 20,000/ week is the low end. Full capacity will be over 100,000/week.#########
Domestic Medical Supply Coalition California/U.S. Ruhland (Management Consultant) patrick@ptrmediasolutions.coThis is a coalition made up of Top CEOs of apparel and manufacturing companies in the U.S. Some of the companies included are American Apparel and DOV
Product-Currently Available
PPEPPE- Gowns, Hospital Supplies- Various, Reusable Face MasksNo 100% U.S. Made from Top Domestic ManufacturesAcross the U.S.Reusable Machine Washable Isolation Gowns ( $12 a gown) Delivery Time: 5-7 business days. These have been tested and can be washed 20-25 times

Reusable Machine Washable Face Masks ($5.95 a gown) Delivery Time: 48-72 hours. These have been tested and can be washed 20-25 times

50,000 masks, 20,000 gowns (Gowns are in extreme high demand). We are producing more every day to keep up so reach out.The DMS coalition came together to provide service to the people on our front lines. There is no price gauging here. We are working tirelessly to get this to the people that need it.

Thank you to everyone who is on the frontlines. We have a FAQ on the website and about section as well.
GVB Medical 4456 E Craig Rd Las Vegas, NV 89115 Owens Sales Rep Dowens@gvbmedical.comLess than 3 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEPPE- Gowns, KN95 Mask, 3ply Mask, GlovesYesNevadaAvailable upon requestA few million at a timeWe are available with quality solutions when ever you need us#########
RS Supply LLC. Pittsburgh, PA https://rssupplyllc.comMARTY SCOTT DIRECTOR OF SALES m.scott@rssupplyllc.commore than 15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEYes NMSDC, PAUCPNew Jersey, Colorado, UK50% Deposit 50COD50,000,000Option 1:

For Hospitals, State, City, Governmental Institutions(Domestic ONLY)
DIRECT DEAL W/ 3M brand dealership
For those who cannot enter into an escrow for the sellers or need terms.
COD with approval From seller, MT803 payment solution
3M Brands, N95 1860 or 8210, Respirators
$4.50 per mask/ includes delivery
500K MOQ
Payment terms: COD MT803

Option 2:

Supply Contract/ 3 Month Term(Domestic ONLY)
9 million masks per week, 36 million Masks per Month, 3 month term
Terms not negotiable/ Sold as one LOT
9 million Masks Per week Delivered- To consist of:
3 million N95 1860
3 million N95 1870
3 million N95 9332 Plus
Made in USA
$4.85 per mask, For the 1st Month including delivery
$4.45 per mask, For the 2nd Month including delivery
$4.10 per mask, For the 3rd Month including delivery
Payment terms: Buyers Funds in Escrow, COD

Option 3:

50 million Respirator Mask OTG
3M Brand N95 1860
Sold as one LOT
Located in USA
$5.60 per mask
payment terms: Buyer Funds Escrow of Choice, Upon Product inspection FUNDS RELEASED
Best Regards,
3BG Marketing Solutions Philadelphia, PABrittany Congdon brittany@3bgmarketingsolutions.com6-15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEPPE- Gowns, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, Hospital Supplies-VentilatorsYesCEChina100,000+Delivery will be between 3-7 business days after payment is received#########
Skymedic (HANS BIOMED SL) Spain Ugarte, VP of International Markets alfonso.ugarte@skymedic.eu6-15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEPPE- Gowns, PPE-Face Shields, PPE- N95 Masks, Hospital Supplies- Various, Hospital Supplies-VentilatorsAll products are EU Certified and included in the emergency list that the FDA has authorized to be brought into the USSpain and Chinaplease contact for detailsplease contact for detailscurrent extraordinary market conditions are obligating us to pay 100% in advance for our inventory, so we also need 100% advanced payment; VERY IMPORTANTLY, Skymedic is a recognized and trusted provider to the Spanish Health Authority with regards to the Global COVID-19 pandemic#########
Mountain Productions Wilkes Barre, PAMarty Wesstrom - Director of Global Sales marty@mountainproductions.commore than 15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEPPE- Gowns, PPE-Face Shields, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure MasksNoWilkes Barre, PASee next question for immediate shippingPayment: Pre-Pay
Face Shields 24k
Surgical Masks - 3000
KN95 - 47k
Gowns - 5000 (1500 manufactured daily)
Pricing - qty break base on volume
5/7/2020 10:30:00#########
Surgical Product Solutions Pittsburgh, PAWhitney Rathfon, Capital Equipment Manager whitney@surgicalproductsolutions.com6-15 years
Product-Currently Available
PPEPPE- Gowns, PPE-Face Shields, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, 3-PLY Masks (Consumer Grade), and N95 Substitute (KN95), Gowns are subject to availabilityYesPittsburgh, PAWe can accommodate small orders, and large orders from 100,000-500,000 unitsProducts are all CDC part numbers from Approved Chinese Manufacturers of N95 Substitutes, and our Manufacturers are registered with the FDA. Most of our Delivery Time Frames are Immediate ship, but large orders can take between 3-7 business days. We are able to significantly discount pricing for large orders, and we have no minimum order thresholds. Due to the demand in the market, we are filling orders on a first-come, first-paid basis. We accept Credit Card, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.While our Primary Business is to serve the Health Sector in the Surgical Device and Equipment and Equipment Repair Market, we've adapted to become a resource where and when we are needed the most. Please reach out if you have a need, we value our community and we commit to evaluating all needs and helping where we can.5/7/2020 12:42:00#########
Graybill's Tool & Die, Inc.
Manheim PA 17545
Michael Schiavone | Automation Specialist michael@graybills.com64 yearsService-Currently AvailableWe can make tooling that can used in productionWe are able to utilized FDA approved materials in certain applications In compliance with ISO 9000Manheim PA 17545400 man hours per weekPlease send drawings of tools or parts to aid in production of equipment#########
Unicorn Health LLC Miami Beach, FloridaMark Brenner, Managing Partner mb@unicorn-health.comLess than 3 yearsProduct-Currently AvailablePPEPPE- Gowns, PPE-Face Shields, PPE- N95 Masks, PPE- Surgical/Procedure Masks, Hospital Supplies- Various, Hospital Supplies-VentilatorsYes CE and NIOSHLos Angeles, California, Dallas Texas, Various Ports China, and Taiwan (Ventilators)100,000 MOQ up to 25,000,000Generally proof of funds, letter of credit, or trust account. 50% at order and 50% at receipt (depending on the products, credit of buyer)We look forward to providing the best quality products at a fair price.4/17/2020 17:33:00#########