IM Prelim & Transitional Year Programs 2019-2020
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11/11Is the U Florida (Gainesville) IM Prelim Zoom video "group" interview a group of applicants or a panel of interviewers? Do they grill you or is it laidback?
11/10Can someone who interviewed at Mercy Youngstown Hospital in Youngstown, Ohio please tell what time the interview ended and if there was a pre interview dinner? I am trying to book my flight and hotel reservation. Thank you very much.noon // Thanks and I assume no pre interview dinner then.
11/9Anyone know anything about the Campbell/Cape Fear TY? I have not heard great things and wondering if I should drop it <-- Also, do they have any other days other than 12/9? They didnt give any other optionsAlso heard not so great things about this program and they had to SOAP like 7-8 spots last year <— yep just looked at the NRMP match data and they only matched 3/11 spots<< I also have it, what have you heard?< Can anyone elaborate? And is there cause for concern with the Campbell Univ TY program in Clinton? The name and shame thread from last year talked about some red flags with the program and a couple people claimed to have ranked it dead last<-- Do you have a link for last year's thread?
11/9Anyone heard from Morristown yet?
11/9Does anyone know the schedule for the MSKCC TY interview day? Trying to book travel but the invite is very vague. Not sure besides that there's no interview dinner. I'd ask the PC, they're very quick to respond
11/8Anyone with a St Vincent Indianapolis TY interview mind putting the interview dates on the interview tab? I got waitlisted there and they said they would just contact me if a date opens up, without saying what the possible dates are. Would be nice to know what the possibilities are. X2
11/8Can anyone switch TY interview dates for VA mason in seattle from 12/5 or 12/9 for 12/12?? PLEEEASE
11/7So are all prelims done sending out IVs? only trickle now?That certainly seems to be the case for the vast majority of programs < holy shit, I'm screwed :(maybe ppl aren't updating the sheet, but it seems like a lot of prelim IM places haven't sent invites... <-- a lot of the non-highlighted ones seem like categorical only IM programs :/
11/7Does Utah IM prelim exist? Weird that they are still silent +1//Waiting as well. It's a long wait
11/6does MGH provide parking validation?IDK, but damn I sure hope they would. That's like the most basic human decency lol
11/6Thoughts on Brockton TY? Not local and preparing for my IV
11/6anyone have the link to last years sheet? looking for post interview impressions for prelims and TYsI looked for it a while back and it said it was deleted when I clicked on the link :[there's very few programs that people posted impressions on. maybe 20 programs total.< do you have the file saved? if so, please share it!
11/6What am i supposed to think if i haven't gotten a rejection from some programs yet? Like Cambridge alliance?send a loi
11/6No swap, but anyone planning on dropping NYP Brooklyn Methodist? I am on waitlist but desperately need to stay in the area because of family.
11/5Anyone willing to swap Spartanburg dates? I have 11/18Guys n gals, there is a whole tab just for swapping interview dates :) how often do ppl check that tho :D but you're right im sorryOr WVU dates?
11/5Anyone want to swap UT Austin TY dates?! I have 12/6 and will switch for any date.
11/4Anyone hear from the UPMC prelim or TY programs yet? < i got an advanced program at UPMC and emailed the TY coordinator a month ago, no response still. my guess is they may send it out later for Dec/jan dates onlyAlso wondering???< I just got an email from UPMC today for the prelim and TY program (11/6) +1 <fuck.
11/4Someone posted that University of Arkansas doesn't do we know if they're ranking us?? +1 super confusedYeah, what is going on with UAMS???think they only take arkansas applicants looking at their website but not sure < WTF? Why isnt this mentioned in ERAS?? =/
11/4Are the highlighted ones those who sent IVs? very confusing < supposedly sent out invites, but I'm calling BS on some places that have no interview dates posted.Yes
11/4Got a rejection from a program that already rejected me 2 weeks ago (Kaiser SoCal Prelim-IM) x4, +1- F*** THEMMM
Is there a spreadsheet for surgery prelim? x2lolNot here!Yuck
anyone interview at Hofstra Staten Island for prelim and can tell us how the interview itself was?
11/4Has anyone gotten a Temple IM prelim invite yet?nopeyeswhen?
11/3Good luck tomorrow everyone! Who knows what movement will come in this next week! It's not over until it's over!<- Is tomorrow the last day interviews go out?
11/3There's still a lot of non-yellow, as someone with only 1 prelim interview invite, is it still a good time to apply to the non-yellow ones?< how many did you apply to?~25
11/3If a program has both a TY and prelim and we have an invite to one but not the other, is it weird to write a LOI for the other?Yeah, probably, sometimes the TY and IM are essentially the same and run by the same PD and PC, but a lot of the time the programs are truly separate and it would look very bad to write the other about how interested in them you are since they know you are interviewing with their other half. Again it's program dependent but I would say do not do this in 90% of cases>Thanks for the input! If the program coordinates interviews on the same day for those who have both TY/prelim invites, does that make it any more acceptable to do it? Yeah, that probably sounds like an alright case. You could just say "Hey I really love your hospital system, would it be at all possible to add TY/IM the same day as I would like to match at your hospital system regardless of the specific position">Thank you so much! That's super helpful
11/1Santa Clara TY has all dates open, for those who are wondering (and I just added all dates). In general, please remember to fill in dates/full dates when you get an invite. It's not helpful to just write when you got an interview, when it may have just been a tiny wave.<thank you!!
11/1Has Hopkins sent out invites yet?Got rejected from Hopkins Bayviewwhen did you get the rejection?
11/1Will BWH/BI be sending out final decisions?
11/1Can someone please post the Geisinger TY interview dates? Thanks!
11/1Very sorry to spam, but can anyone possibly trade Scripps TY on 11/27? I can trade 11/21 or 1/15. Also posted on interview swap page (email: but just super desperate to make this work. Thank you in advance!
11/1At what point should we be concerned about having low TY/Prelims? Only sitting at 5 right now, but comfy with advanced positions. Is it too late to send some now?5 is a great place to be at. You will thank yourself in 3 months for not wasting money time and stress for nothing. Almost everyone I have ever talked to matches at their top 1-3 TY/IM <--- is there a trickle for PGY-1 spots like there often is for advanced positions? Should I not sent letters of interest?< I think it wouldn’t hurt to send letters of interest now, there might be some interviews to go around depending on the program
10/31Has anyone heard from Harbor-UCLA?Nope and I’m from UCLA< thanks!
10/31wait so ucsd has a pre interview dinner for prelims? i'm used to interview dinners not being offered to used to it I almost think its a mistake...<they have one for prelims and categoricals at the same time b/c the interview days are also a mix of both applicant types
10/31Are pre-interview dinners for TY/prelims mandatory? <ahh no, stop with the green! (also no, they're not)ohhh that's great
10/31Is there no pre-interview dinner for Virginia Mason?<nopebut a few are highlighted in yellow?
10/31Anyone here back from any DC programs? :/Nope, and I’m local :/ x2 // no love from the DMV despite growing up in MD. wildahhh okay, i am external. Hopefully they send out soemthing soon to us both!!
10/31Just got an email from Stamford saying they're shutting their prelim program to take on more cat IM residents. Second prelim I applied to that decided to shut their prelim program AFTER I paid and applied on ERAS. There should be a way to stop programs from wasting our money like that SMH<do you think they would give us a refund? They can't hold
us accountable for applying to a program that indicated it was accepting applicants
10/31Has anyone been invited by any Florida prelims? Seems pretty empty on the sheet not sure if that reflects reality x4Applied to a shitload and have 0 interviews in florida x1SAMMEEE. and LOIs have gotten zero response so far< ya my LOIs have been nicely ignored...
10/30does anyone know anything about the coney island TY / had an interview there yet and have an opinion? have they sent out interviews?yes they have. Got mine back in september.
10/30Anyone know if Memorial Sloan Kettering has a pre-interview dinner?<- doesn't, coming from the cooridnator < thank you!
10/30Anyone have details on the social and interview day at Redmond Regional in Rome, GA? (just need to know start/end times so I can book my flights since its getting pricey!)the night before there is a cheese/drinks thing at the hotel. the interview day ended at 2 pm
10/30What time is the Scripps TY pre-interview social? Planning some travel around a rotation schedule. Thanks!
10/30is it useful to send thank you emails?
10/29My Penn State Advanced interview invite says their Prelim will automatically consider you- no seperate interview required. FYI
10/29Can anyone share what Newark Beth Israel IM Prelim interview dates are? Please and thanks! +210/25 and 12/2
10/29anyone know anything of dmc/sinai grace TY?
10/29what did people put in the "area of medicine interested in" box on interview broker for UCSD?< I put my advanced program
10/29Does anyone know what the dates are for Scripps Mercy TY and if there are spots still open? (regular, not anesthesia-linked)< not sure if any dates open, we had to email to schedule
10/28Are there any "lower tier" prelim programs that still have open dates that I can apply to? I applied to about 20-30 programs, and I haven't heard back from any (applying neurology).<could always add some prelim surg and have control of location at least< neurology requires IM or TY prelim years, unfortunately
10/28can we talk about interview questions? what are common interview questions you have been asked at prelim interviews?why prelim? <lmao < LOL would have no idea what to say< related, what are you looking for in a prelim program?
10/28Johns Hopkins Bayview Prelim Rejection out
10/28Anyone know anything about the Steward Carney TY in mass?
10/28Plan of action? Applied 15 prelim programs and only heard back from 1 so far (home program). Competitive applicant w/ 260s on both step 1/step 2, all honors. Sent out some LOI this morning but wondering if its too late to add some programs on ERAS. Something else confusing me is most of the programs I've applied to do not have appeared to release invites yet according to excel... are people just not filling out, programs are not inviting, or a mixture of both? I'd imagine it's just b/c your programs haven't sent out invites yet. You could test this theory by emailing a coordinator for a program that isn't in your top 5 (in case you're worried about annoying them) and ask if invites have gone out. Also, make sure your app is complete (letters, transcript, etc.)I am applying in southeast, and there are programs that sent out invites and their interview days are full but they are not reflected in the spreadsheet. I imagine not everyone is using this. I applied to 33 programs and I only have 3 interviews all in my home state and one from my home institutition. I’m in a similar spot so I added a few the other day and sent LOI’s with it. Got an invite from one this morning so I think its worth a try. You may get more invites later but I got tired of waitingHow are your advanced position invites going in comparison?About half of the programs I'm interviewing at offer categorical positions but those spots are limited. Hoping to have 5-6 prelim/TY in case I don't match categorical< x2
10/28Anyone know if there are any spots left for Greenwich prelim/have heard from them? (I only see the one invitation way back in Sept)
10/27Does anyone know of the reputation/culture of the Santa Barbara Cottage prelim year program? x 4Pretty chill, for a prelim IM. hella fun to be in SB <---- to add on to this, I've heard some questionable things (2nd hand from students that have rotated there) about the culture within the IM residency but all residents at Cottage are showered with delicious amazing food at all times<what do you mean by questionable things? <prelim/cat dynamics, workload balance, honestly don't want to elaborate as I am not a primary source, but I would say be on the lookout for it & try to talk to people who have done it for the deets<I've heard it's one of the most coveted prelims in the country due to location + cushness<- Thank you everyone for your input/impressions, helps a lot!
10/27whatre some common prelim interview questions we should expect?I've gotten "what do you want in a program?" and "why [advanced specialty]?" and "what do you like to do for fun?"
10/27Can someone explain the ranking process? Do I make a list of prelim and TY intermixed? Or seperate? Can I make individualized lists for each of my advanced programs?My understanding is you make an individualized prelim rank to go with each advanced program you rank < that is correctAnd the individualized rank can be a combination of both TY & prelim.
10/27Are IV dates posted on IV Offers IM Prelim tab from last year? Many IV dates are posted for programs that don't reflect sending any invites yet.
10/26Any word from Huntington Memorial recently? +2
10/25Are any dates left for St Mary's (SF)? And if so, how many?6 dates with availabilities just going by interview brokerthanks, are either of the january dates still open? <---- Nope
10/25SCVMC TY vs. St. Mary's SF Prelim IM?< I don't think anyone has interviewed at these places yetAny input based on what people have heard about the programs? Trying to deicde which to interview at between the two.haven't heard much about St Marys SF; SCVMC is a county hospital with low income non-English speaking patients who have advanced disease <thanks
10/25still no word from harbor-ucla prelim program? No. I think they'll probably wait until a few of their advanced programs pick who they want to interview, as they have a few spots saved for stuff like derm, etc.//that makes sense thankx
10/25Can anyone share the U Mississipi IM Prelim interview dates?
10/25Looks like 3 TY programs in MI have still not extended Ii. Are we still waiting for Ii or have people already heard back from those programs? Mclaren Pontiac, St Joseph Pontiac and Ascension Warren.
10/24Still no word from U of Utah's IM prelim? Anyone have any information about when they'll be interviewing??
10/24Any consensus on the "safe" # of TY/Prelim interview invites for matching?I've heard 8 ----- Generally 5-10 is the safe zone. The better/more prestigious/competitive the TY/Prelims the more you want (7-10). The crappier/regional/lower-tier programs the fewer you want (4-7).
10/24Does anyone know if MSK 1) Has a pre-interview dinner and 2) what time they finish? Their email had so little info lolno pre inteview dinner, ends 3p - source is cooridnator
10/24For programs that don't interview, how do you know if they're even considering your application?!x2. also is there no page that says which ones are phone or video interviews? Trying not to fly to the same places 4 times!
10/24got an interview invite at one of my top programs but all intvw dates full :( Damn, sorry! which program? // Thanks, it was Kaiser Santa Clara in the Bay Area. My family lives 10 minutes away so I thoughti t would be super nice :) Chin up, my friend! Maybe someone will drop or they will add dates! 50% someone will drop. stay on top of it <<just a heads up, only 2 interview days for KSC, and one has already happened<<< oh lol
10/24Any Coney Island interviews spots left?
10/24How soon after the interview are you guys sending thank you letters?Took me a week to do this one, oops. I was told sooner the better, write them on the plane ride back while you are fresh and can personalize the letter<<also if you didn't actually meet with the PD would you still send him/her a thank you letter?Is it better to send thank you emails or letters? I'm worried letters may get lost... never make it to the intended individual.
10/24Can we have a page for people to talk about their post-interview impressions? +1Done and thank you to whoever made it better.:)Thank you!now can ppl actually post in there lol
10/24MSKCC TY interviews out // Anyone know how many people they interview on each day?<theyre already full, did anyone else sign up to be waitlisted for a spot o rhave any idea if they provide other dates?Based on the ERAS message it seems they're only doing 10 days<<I don't even see any option to waitlist for one of the dates. Is anyone else having this problem?Looks like none can be waitlisted, probably all full (even waitlist)they just opened new slots <thanks!
10/24Has anyone interviewing at Mt Sinai-St.Luke's on 10/29 received an itinerary/confirmation?yep! got one today (10/25)
10/24Thoughts on LOIs for IM Prelims? Send to IM PCs?< I sent one to PD and cc'ed the PC- and got a response in a few hours! I let them know I had a Derm interview at their program and was really interested in doing Prelim there etc etc.... << LOIs definitely work for prelims. I had over a 75% success rate. You may not be in the initial batch but I feel like they email you first for trickle down.
10/24NYP Queens interviews out
10/24Does anyone know when the interview day at Summa/NEOMED ends?
Your day will begin at 8:00 am at our Corporate
Building, located at 250 West 57thStreet,15th Floor,
New York NY 10107. The entrance to the building is on
57th Street (between Broadway and 8th Avenue).
10/24Any thoughts on Kendall (Miami), UCF-Greater Orlando, and UCF-Ocala TYs?I've heard zero from them and I'm from FL
10/23can anyone tell me anything about Kaweah Delta TY in California?? +1
C-/D+ for location --- if I'm east coast and have 5+ other interviews lined up, is Kaweah delta worth canceling?
10/23Anyone know anything about the Hawaii prelim IM year? x2just had a resident tell me today that her friend is there now and she said it's beautiful but they work you like a dog // really? I've heard the schedule isnt too bad but n=1
10/23anyone else get like 5 rejections from lincoln, wtf is going on< YEA! are they rubbing it in or what?! hahahaYeah, it was getting disruptive especially since I was drivingGot 10lmao yeah
10/23Is it true that St. Lukes in Denver is not taking residents for next year?Unfortunately, that is what I have heard as well.Uhh can we get refund // The AAMC appreciates your kind gift and hopes that you consider further contributions to their cause.//No joke.
10/23Just got an interview invite from Mt. Sinai- St. Lukes in case anyone is still waiting for some NY programs
10/23Hey have DC programs sent invites yet (besides medstar)? Also how about Louisiana programs?
10/22Anyone here ONLY applying to Prelim/TY positions (no advanced app)?<- Yes I am (for consulting or pharma route); programs have definitely been confused by this unconventional path, but tried to make it clear in personal statement< yes, for military. I think programs are confused when an advanced program is not listed. For those of us only applying to internship positions, how many interviews do y'all think we should feel safe about matching with? I wish I could apply only to Advanced without having to do a Prelim
10/22How many Prelim/TY intervies do you guys have? I'm only sitting on 4 (all great programs) but starting to stress a little. // Same // also with 4, doesn't feel amazingI have 2. I applied to 20 programs which I thought would be safe with Step 1 and 2 above 250 but I’m applying for more now. This process is frustrating< I agree- I applied to 40!! because of wife and didn't want to move twice with derm- and still only 4 interviewsI have zero lol +2Should I apply to more prelims now? Is it too late in the game? // im thinking of applying to more // If you do, would recommend sending immediate LOI. Worked for me on a late advanced app8 all in-state, (step 1 23x, step 2 24x, AOA)
10/22Looks like 3 TY programs in MI have still not extended Ii. Are we still waiting for Ii or have people already heard back from those programs? Mclaren Pontiac, St Joseph Pontiac and Ascension Warren.
10/22How does the interview trade work? You make an agreement with the person then call the program?
10/21A new day, a new hope, may a TY II come my way! lol << Hate this entire process, waiting, uncertainity, money draining etc.Orange Park in FL just now (3:30)Congrats, that is 2nd wave for them then?Not sure. I had sent a LOI in the previous week and they responded saying they were still deciding
10/21Any sloan or coney island TY spots still open?< Are we certain about this? Only 1 person got it during Week 1
< I have confirmation that MSK invites have not been sent out yet, of course there is always the chance I am wrong // Ty. That is good news.
10/21Is anyone interviewing at Yale-Waterbury on 10/29 driving to Boston afterwards?
10/20How many prelim/TY programs do we need to comfortably match? Also, are prelim/TYs sending out invites later than DR programs generally?Agreed. 5 is good, more than 10 is absolutely dumb and a waste of money. Sweet spot is anywhere in between those two.
10/20NYU just came < :(Pack it up boys // until i see an email copied and pasted, im not really going to believe anything :SBrooklyn location? oooh man those are tough dates to meet. I already had advanced position NY IVs on the 4th and 6th so that 1/3 date would have been perfect :(
10/20Did NYU send out invites yet?Someone please say they got one so I can accept defeat +3I doubt prelim invites have been sent, they told us they were sending them at 4pm today < so?suspense is killing me I could really use this one lol Is there a spreadsheet that tracks IM offers (not prelim IM offers) - that we could look at to see if they did indeed send IM offers but not prelim offers yet? < yes, IM (categorical) have been sent // were they sent today ar 4pm? (the categoricals)time to admit defeat? :( < it's a prelim. chill out, enjoy your sunday
10/20what specific interview questions can we expect for prelim/ty programs?^ yeah its 4:20 < just came, told you
10/20For anyone who already interviewed at Hofstra Staten Island, what time did you start / finish your IV? Trying to schedule my train ride! Thanks!
10/19What is the latest STEP2 can be taken for most prelim programs? Do we need to leave time for them to take it into consideration for rank list or do they just need to know we passed to rank us?OP: CK!If the program requires it for ranking, then by the end of December. Was advised that programs don't really require it, but I didn't take it yet and only have 2 invites so who knows
10/19When is the latest to receive prelim interviews according to previous years?