B-CC Approved Clubs/ Activities 2018-2019
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Club/ Activity NameDescription of the Club/ActivitySponsor's last nameSponsor's first nameSponsor's Email AddressTime when the club meetsHow often the club/ activity meetsWhere the club/ activity meets
3D Printing ClubIn this club, we will use 3D design software to make real, 3D printed parts! We'll also learn about special design techniques specific to 3D printing, how 3D printers work, and why 3D printing can be better for manufacturing some designs in the real world. Great for anyone interested in making 3D art, mechanical parts, or general designs, and open to people of any experience level.Blandford (Carstetter)Leannaleanna_carstetter@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunchWeeklyF-305
A Capella ClubA Capella is a club where we invite new voices to come sing and use their voices for sounds and songs rather than instrumentsFrankClaudia claudia_r_frank@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunchBiweekly Tbd
ACLUA political club dedicated towards protecting citizens and undocumented immigrants rights while creating a safe place for all regardless of citizenship, gender, sexuality, or political affiliation. DepeineCatherinecatherine.depeine@mcpsmd.netWednesday during lunchWeeklyA301
American Sign LanguageAmerican Sign Language Club's aim is to create a beginner learning community since BCC doesn’t offer any ASL courses. Everyone would learn together through videos and worksheets.KhouriJoyceJoyce_S_Khouri@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchOnce a week F115
AmizeroA project based in Rwanda to help women affected by the genocide by teaching them how to sew. This allows the women to provide for their families and build up their communities. LloydJenniferjennifer_m_lloyd@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchbiweeklyF222
Animation ClubStudents will be able to create animations (by hand/digital) to share monthly at the club meetings.JappeLauralaura.m.jappe@mcpsmd.netTuesday during lunchOnce a weekF116
Anime ClubA club devoted to sharing and watching classic and new anime. ArdenMichaelMichael_P_Arden@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunchOnce/weekF111
Art ClubPromoting art and friendship through weekly meetings where anyone is welcome to create art or hangout. Voorhees Meganmegan.e.voorhees@mcpsmd.netWednesday during lunch, Students are still decidingOnce a monthB127
Asian Student UnionThe B-CC Asian Student Union aims to provide the B-CC student body with various opportunities to explore and interact with Asian culture through events, activities, and meetings organized by the ASU. Hosted primarily online in an effort to be mindful of students’ busy schedules, the ASU provides a non-intrusive way for students to connect with the Asian community here at B-CC.
The ASU welcomes students of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds that are interested in our mission. Through inclusive and diverse membership, we hope to foster intercultural dialogue and understanding.
CelmerDeborahdeborah.a.celmer@mcpsmd.netonline1 month in person-TBDhttps://www.remind.com/join/8k3h6k3
Astronomy ClubPromotes and encourages interest in space, in a relaxing and friendly environment. Each week, we will have astronomy lectures, debates, and kahoots to discuss upcoming celestial events and focus on a specific topic of interest. About once every month, the club will organize a stargazing party in a nearby park, which is a great way to learn about amateur stargazing and basic astrophotography. We will also be hosting a variety of guests and speakers, such as NASA Solar System Ambassadors.TanzolaWillwilliam_t_tanzola2@mcpsmd.netThursday during lunchWeeklyB221
B-CC Baking ClubFor the club, students will be making baked good outside of school and will bring them in for lunch for everyone to enjoy.KalabakasApostolosapostolos_m_kalabakas1@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunchMonthlyC105
B-CC Binding Borders Club The BCC Binding Borders Club is dedicated to strengthening ties between Middle East and US high school students. The club will be a forum for discussion on how we can address stereotypes between our cultures, share stories and connect our communities. We will also be fundraising all year to support various programs in the area. LevineSamSamuel_G_Levine@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchonce a month Ms. Jappe F116
B-CC Book ClubAs students, we don't read enough books outside of school. The B-CC Book Club will combined a structured approach at reading and the fun of being able to talk through books with friends can make reading books outside of the ones at school a regular activity again. McFarlandLauraLaura.McFarland@mcpsmd.netTuesdays during lunchOnce a monthB220
B-CC CanThe B-CC CAN club will organize the girls Powderpuff football game at the end of the school year.IngallsRyanryan_e_ingalls@mcpsmd.orgFriday during lunchonce a monthB313
B-CC Equestrian TeamWe are a group of horseback riders who compete twice a month against other local schools. We have both a JV and Varsity team so all skill levels are welcome! The shows are hunt seat eq but all disciplines are also welcome.MeyJennyJenny_mey@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunchonce a weekB316
B-CC ESports ClubFormerly League of Legends club. Watch professional matches, discuss topics related to the games, and schedule games. Games include but are not limited to League of Legends (LoL), Counter Strike: Global Assault (CS:GO), and Rainbow Six Seige.PsillosLiaLia_Psillos@mcpsmd.orgFriday during lunchWeeklyC105
B-CC for Gun ControlA group of student activists fighting for common sense gun control legislation. Efforts include voter registration drives, protests, lobbying Congress, etc.TrimbleCaitlynCaitlyn.G.Trimble@mcpsmd.netDuring lunch every other WednesdayF218
B-CC MovesB-CC MOVES is a dance club that welcomes anyone who wants to learn and enjoy the basics of dance and different fusions. The club is a safe place where we respect and support each other and encourage anyone who is willing to explore and push themselves as well as letting loose and have fun. CelmerDeborahdeborah.a.celmer@mcpsmd.netWednesday after schoolWeeklyTBD
B-CC Pantry Partners Students work with the B-CC PTSA members to stock a food pantry at B-CC and allow students to access that food pantry during the day and specific weekends throughout the year. PasqualeKirsten kirsten.e.pasquale@mcpsmd.netWednesday during lunchApproximately 2 - 3 times a month F214
B-CC Physical and Mental Health Awareness ClubWe will meet to discuss trends in student health, create and give presentations, and conduct surveys around the school.LloydJenniferjennifer_m_lloyd@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunchonce a weekF222
B-CC Robotics TeamThe BCC Robotics team works together to tackle challenges, define solutions, and explore the latest trends in robotics. The BCC Robotics Team prepares for and participates in VEX Robotics Competitions in which students are given a yearly challenge, and must design, build, program, and drive a robot to complete the challenge as best as they can. We invite students of all experience levels to learn about the design, construction, coding, and programming to build robotics. goldmanrichardrichard.j.goldman@mcpsmd.netThursday after schoolWeeklyB305
B-CC Step ClubWe learn different step routines and perform those routines at pep rallies and games and Diversity Night.CelmerDeborahdeborah.a.celmer@mcpsmd.netTuesday after school, Thursday after school, 2:30-3:30 PM Other times with Mr. Robinson's prior permissionTryouts - December 20, 2018 2x weekCafeteria
B-CC Stretching and Strengthening clubThis is a once a week club for dancers, gymnasts, and all who want to be stronger/more flexible! We will create goals at our first meeting, and then work to meet those individual goals throughout the year.
DeanMichelleMichelle.d.dean@mcpsmd.netWednesday after schoolonce a weekdance studio
B-CC Ultimate Frisbee ClubWe are a walk-on ultimate frisbee team. Every year we represent B-CC in multiple tournaments both local and out-of-state with the ultimate goal of winning Maryland states in spring. We play year round and all skill levels are welcome.PagánRosanarosana_m_pagan@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchweeklyF010
B-CC Writing ClubThis club will be a chance for students to share their creative writing, read their peers' work, and give and receive tips to improve their writing skills.CharlesDawnDawn_Charles@mcpsmd.orgMonday during lunch1/weekF003
Barons Care Club Clothing and toiletries drive for the homeless.GordonRichardrichard_n_gordon@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunchMonthlyNeed to be assigned a room
Best BuddiesBest Buddies is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with IDD. For individuals within this community, Best Buddies helps them form meaningful friendships with their peers, secure successful jobs, live independently, improve public speaking, self-advocacy and communications skills, and feel valued by society.CharlesDawnDawn_Charles@mcpsmd.orgWednesdays2x monthSmall Gym or F003
Biking ClubThe BCC Biking Club is for students interested in group recreational bike riding trips. The club will find biking trails to ride every Friday after school.TanzolaWillwilliam_t_tanzola2@mcpsmd.netFriday after schoolWeeklyF205
Card Games ClubCome join the Card Games Club every Wednesday in F201 during lunch to play fun card games, like Texas hold ‘em, spoons, 5 card stud, and more! Play for candy on the last Wednesday of the month!LassarJustinejustine.lassar@mcpsmd.netWednesday during lunchWeeklyF201
Chess ClubB-CC Chess Club welcomes players of all skill levels, from beginners to masters, to play casual games of chess and bughouse. Stop by any day of the week to learn, watch, or play. Occasional tournaments are held for those interested, with a prize for the winner. TracySeansean_c_tracy@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunch, Wednesday during lunch, Thursday during lunch, Friday during lunchEveryday at lunchC102
Combat juggling clubPractice and perform jugglingLopilatoDaviddavid_lopilato@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunchOnce a weekA308
Cyber SecurityCyber defense with hands on practice.GoldmanRichardrikgoldman@gmail.comWednesday during lunch, Friday after schoolTwice a week.B305
Dr. Who ClubWatching Doctor Who and other sci fi related titles during lunch on Thursdays and Fridays.GoldmanRichardgoldmr02@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunch, Friday during lunchtwice a weekB305
Drama/ CrewProducing, Directing, Theater, Acting, Audio & TV Production! B-CC's Drama/Crew wants you! Build sets, hang lights, shoot video! Editors, Mobile Light and Sound Crews, Photographers, Writers, Grips, Musicians, Composers, Visual & Graphic Artists! Talents of all kinds! Develop your skills & contribute!ToscanoBillBill_Toscano@mcpsmd.orgMonday (after school only), Tuesday after school, Wednesday after school, Thursday after school3-5 days a week after schoolAuditorium
Emergency Preparedness Club (Apocalypse Survival Club)We will meet to discuss and prepare for emergency scenarios that threaten our existence. We will conduct emergency plans and build survival and first aid kits.CelmerDeborahdeborah.a.celmer@mcpsmd.netMonday during lunch1/weekF220 - Mondays during lunch (not after school)
English Honors SocietyEnglish Honors Society provides tutoring once a week for students who wish to receive valuable peer editing on papers and English projects. Additionally, it is a club that celebrates a love for reading and writing.LloydJenniferjennifer_m_lloyd@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunchweeklyF222
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)Unite your two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ. We will have monthly meetings to discuss the bridge between religion and athletics with others in an inclusive and safe environment. The club will have group activities and attend sporting events. Snacks are provided and all are welcome!IngallsRyanryan_e_ingalls@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunchBi-WeeklyB 313
Flourishing FriendshipsThe club is designed to provide a welcoming forum for students with Autism or Asperger's syndrome (along with their trusted peers) to get together on a weekly basis to build friendships, plan social events, and discuss issues pertinent to those with this particular disability.LawrenceMarcMarc_Lawrence@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchWeeklyC111
Girl UpGirl Up clubs have a huge impact on girls around the world, empowering both people in their own communities and adolescent girls in developing countries to rise up. Through education, fundraising, advocacy and service, Girl Up Club members develop the leadership skills necessary to make a positive difference in the lives of girls everywhere. CelmerDeborahdeborah.a.celmer@mcpsmd.netThursday during lunch1 weekF-220
Girls Leadership Club Girls Leadership Club focuses on inspiring, empowering, and uplifting girls to become great leaders and positive influences in their everyday lives. The club is a place where girls can learn from their peers and gain more confidence to become the best versions of themselvesFrankClaudia claudia_r_frank@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchbiweekly F012
Girls Rising In Technology (G.R.I.T.)Hosts a series of guest speakers, aimed at inspiring women to pursue careers in STEM.JacobsMatthewMatthew_L_Jacobs@mcpsmd.orgFriday during lunchOnce per monthRoom A-218
Girls Strength and Conditioning ClubStrength and conditioning through Weight training - use the weight room weeklyConsidineDonnadonna_s_considine@mcpsmd.orgWednesday after schoolweeklyweight room
Girls Who CodeGirls Who Code is a group of students enthusiastic about making significant progress as coders, intentional designers of their own digital futures. We are committed to equity and increasing the numbers of underrepresented populations in computer science. We have guest speakers and work with programmers in Maryland and beyond.GoldmanRichardrichard.j.goldman@mcpsmd.netTuesday after schoolBiweeklyB305
Give Back We give back to the military community by holding fundraisers to create care packages.CelmerDeborahdeborah.a.celmer@mcpsmd.netThursdaysEvery two weeksF 2201st Floor near F-Wing dance studio
Green ClubWe are an environmentally conscious club that tries to reduce the ecological footprint of B-CC and its students as well as our community.SacksJosephjoseph.m.sacks@mcpsmd.netWednesday during lunchweeklyB318
Habesha ClubThe BCC Habesha Club focuses on creating a stronger BCC community for Habesha and non-Habesha students where members participate in student initiated and directed goals and fundraisers. Habesha is a term used to refer to people with Ethiopian or Eritrean ethnic background. It is used as a general term that eliminates distinction of tribes and promotes unity of people from both countries. By creating a weekly club, we have already began working towards some of the common goals for the year. To cater the cultural aspect of the club, there are many bonding activities and events planned where members can introduce their culture and expand their knowledge and perspectives of different issues. We also participate in International Night. In addition, the fundraising component of the club focuses on issues East Africans face such as water scarcity, diseases, and basic needs for children and women. The club would vote on one issue each year to plan events for fundraising of the cause. Overall, we want to build a community that would give students an opportunity to deepen bonds and make connections that would benefit them academically, socially, and culturally.

shermanLorilori.a.sherman@mcpsmd.netTuesday during lunchtwice a monthRoom C113
History Honor SocietyBCC HHS helps the history department, creates materials and tutors students who are looking for history help. If you're interested in joining, please contact us!HogewoodHunterhunter_h_hogewood@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchweeklyA408
Hoops for HeartsA club dedicated to raising money for the American Heart Association. IngallsRyanryan_e_ingalls@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchOnce a monthB 313
Hope for HenryHope for Henry is an organization that provides support to children who have cancer. We will host a BCC toy drive and 5k fundraiser to help support bringing fun activities in the hospital for children with cancer, including birthday parties and bringing professional athletes to the hospital. We will help raise funds for Hope for Henry's initiative to enable child therapists to meet with and support children in the hospital. RizasStephanieStephanie_m_rizas@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunchEvery 2 weeksA408
Hospital ChoirAt Hospital Choir, we make trips to hospitals and sing for them. Being an intern for Suburban Hospital this school year, we already have a date set for performance. Later on in the year, Walter Reed and Nursing homes will be options too. So Join us every Thursday in Ms. Koplowitz room for practice. All are welcome and hope to see you there. KoplowitzMarcellamarcella.h.koplowitz@mcpsmd.netThursday during lunch1x a weekOutside F120
Influential MindsAre you interested in a judgement-free space for brown and black peers to meet, make friends, and create togetherness? Influential Minds, inspired by the Minority Scholars Program, invites minority students to gather in a smaller, more intimate group setting, where individuals can connect and discuss a wide range of topics. Some of the topics we will talk about include relationships, school challenges, mental health, self-empowerment, masculinity and how men can be themselves. We are about supporting each other and finding solutions. LoganKaicatherine_logan@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchThe first and third Wednesday of each month.Room F005, Ms. Logan's classroom
Intergenerational ConversationaIntergenerational Conversations creates an opportunity to learn from and engage with accomplished residents of the Five Star Senior Living Community. This includes meeting at Five Star Residences to hold discussions with residents about various experiences, opinions and issues. Join Intergenerational Conversations to learn a lot and have experiences you won't forget!ParmeleePatriciaPatricia_B_Parmelee@mcpsmd.orgMeeting days and times will vary.Goal is to meet with Five Star residents twice a month at Five Star. Other organizational meetings may be held at B-CC.In school: Counseling Suite. Out of school: Five Star Residences, 8100 Connecticut Avenue, Ch Ch MD 20815
International ClubInternational Club's aim is to provide an interactive platform for BCC students to learn and explore about other cultures. We hope to be a meeting place for students who are looking to connect with other cultures. A part of International Club will also be planning and participating in International Night! JappeLauralaura.m.jappe@mcpsmd.netThursday during lunchEvery two weeksF116
Interscholastic Shakespeare Company (ISC)The ISC is a club dedicated to bringing the love of theatre to underprivileged middle schools that may not have the resources to be able to put on their own theatre productions through helping them put on productions of some of the many classic plays by Shakespeare. If you’re interested in English, theatre, directing, teaching, or stage crew, we invite you to come at any time and help us make a difference!BoswellMatthewMatthew.J.Boswell@mcpsmd.netTuesday during lunchonce a weekE 031
Intersect ClubIntersect Club is a group that discusses feminist/social justice issues and then creates pieces of art, writing, spoken word, and other forms of artwork based on these topics. We curate these artworks into mini monthly magazines and work on organizing school events related to various social justice and feminist topics.MahoneySarahSarah_B_Mahoney@Mcpsmd.orgMonday (after school only), Monday during lunchonce a weekF007
Israel/ Palestine ClubThis club will be focused on explaining the history and conflict in Israel today as well as finding events and conferences discussing it in the DC area.JappeLauralaura.m.jappe@mcpsmd.netWednesday after school, Thursday during lunchEvery other weekF116
It's Academic & Science BowlTrivia competition against other local schools.JacobsMatthewMatthew_L_Jacobs@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunch, Thursday during lunchTwice per week, during lunch. / One travel meet per month, after school on Thursday. / Television tapings once or twice per year on Saturday afternoon.Room A-218
Jewish Culture ClubBCC’s Jewish Culture Club celebrates Judaism and the many different traditions of the religion. We meet once a month on Fridays to discuss the current Jewish holiday while enjoying Jewish and Israeli foods! You don’t have to be Jewish to come, all religions are welcome!PondTobytoby_l_pond@mcpsmd.orgFriday during lunchonce a monthF212
Kards by KaitlinStudents create cards for those in hospitals, nursing homes, experiencing catastrophic events. RicciRobertaRoberta_A_Ricci@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchperiodicallyMedia Center or C-106
Latin Dance ClubThis group is not restricted to persons who have dance experience. The components of Latin Dance are fun, exciting and challenging. The art of dancing with a partner are culturally created for tradition and flair. Latin Dance Club will work with choreographers so that all who want to compete can participate in the Latin Dance Competition.OwensFrancinefrancine_m_owens@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunch, Thursday during lunchLatin Dance club participants will meet twice a week during lunch and sometimes after school when the group prepares for competition. Latin Dance club will meet in the Dance Studio in the E wing near the weight room
Leader's Institute @ B-CCA leadership club that brings awareness and change to issues surrounding our school and community.ClarkStephanieJohn_B_Schmidt@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunchevery 2 weeksF216
Math TeamWe have fun exploring the different aspects of math and compete regularly in math competitions.
PascaleRitaRita_R_Pascale@mcpsmd.netFriday during lunchOnce a week and occasionally after school for competitionsC114
Media Arts Production ClubThe Media Arts Production (MAP) Club club supports students who want to launch art projects involving film, journalism, creative writing, dance, television, graphic design, theater, performance, fine arts, and/or music that require additional creative and organizational support from other students.

The idea is to allow for more collaboration between B-CC's arts community, pairing actors with directors, musicians with sound designers, video reporters with editors, etc. There's a lot of artistic talent at B-CC, and this club helps bring it all together under one roof.
BoswellMatthewMatthew_J_Boswell@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunch, Friday after school1 to 2 times a weekE031/E032
Mindfulness ClubA peer led group in which students learn and practice mindfulness and meditation techniques. Mindfulness is the practice of being fully aware and involved in the present moment. This means learning to relax and focus so that your thoughts and awareness are completely in the present and not trapped worrying about the past or future.BiloMandymandy_bilo@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchweeklyC109
Minority Scholars Program Our mission is to help increase the academic success of minority students and foster positive relationships.CelmerDeborahdeborah.a.celmer@mcpsmd.netWednesdaysLunchBi-weekly for leaders and monthly for genera meetings
Mock Trial Team Students will compete against teams from other high schools in Montgomery County to see who can most effectively and authentically argue the facts of a "true-to-life" court case. This activity requires a tryout which will be held during the month of October. PasqualeKirstenkirsten.e.pasquale@mcpsmd.netMonday (after school only), Friday during lunch1-2 times a week F214
Model UN Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.GorgianShawnt shawnt_gorgian@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchBiweekly A303
National Association of Students Against Gun ViolenceThe National Association of Students Against Gun Violence is a student-led organization with chapters in various parts of the U.S., including Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and California. We are a bipartisan group that is looking to work together to solve our nation’s gun violence epidemic. We will be working with other chapters of NASAGV as well as other gun violence awareness organizations to organize, inform, and learn.PondTobytoby_l_pond@mcpsmd.orgFriday during lunchone day a monthF212
National Science Honors Society Science Honors Society provides tutoring once a week for students who wish to receive valuable peer help. students also discuss intellectually their interest and some theories in science. BalimtasNurgul Nurgul_K_Balimtas@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchtwo times a month B_217
Nintendo ClubIt is a club where you can play Nintendo games on Nintendo consoles (Nintendo Switch, NES, DS) during lunch.PsillosLialia.psillos@mcpsmd.netWednesday during lunchOnce a weekF203
No one's Alone Here (N.A.H)This clubs focus is to help take out trash cans for those who may have trouble doing it themselves. While we are mainly focused on helping elderly neighbors, we are more than willing to aid anyone who struggles with this task.TanzolaWillwilliam_t_tanzola2@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchEvery 2 or 3 weeksB221
Office ClubOur club will offer a break from the tiring school day, for students to group together and watch The Office. Occasionally, we will have activities relating to that week's episode, in hopes of providing stress relief on particularly hard days. PondTobytoby_l_pond@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunch2 days a monthF212
Once Upon a PromOnce Upon A Prom is a club dedicated to giving new and gently used prom dresses and accessories to girls who would not be able to afford it otherwise. Throughout the year, we collect dresses and donations from the community. Each year, in the beginning of April, Once Upon A Prom hosts a dress drive to distribute dresses. Our goal is to make every girl feel like a princess!SmithsonChristinechristine_smithson@mcpsmd.orgTuesday after schoolWe primarily meet in late winter/early springF113
Operation SmileThis club is targeted to raise money to fund surgeries for children with cleft lip and face deformation in third world countries who can not afford it. Great doctors around the world are funded by Operation Smile to perform free surgeries to change the lives of 1000s of kids. If not treated 9 out of 10 kids are at the risk of death. This club aims to fundraise and spread awareness for this cause.LloydJenniferjennifer_m_lloyd@mcpsmd.orgFriday during lunchmonthlyF222
Photography ClubPhoto club will organize meet ups to shoot photos together after school and/or on weekends. Locations will be agreed upon by members. After photo shoot meet ups, students will gather at lunch on Wednesdays in B129 for critiques. Learn shooting techniques, get help and feedback from your peers to improve your photography. DehaysLisalisa.k.dehays@mcpsmd.netWednesday during lunchWeeklyB129
POI ClubTeaching and learning the art of poi/glowstringingChoinska-PowellMonikamonika.choinska-powell@mcpsmd.netTuesday during lunchWeeklyD Hallway
Red Cross ClubAs part of the Red Cross Club, students will organize activities that address our local and global community's needs. We'll plan and implement various projects, including an annual blood drive, in order to save hundreds of lives. IngallsRyanryan_e_ingalls@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunchOnce a monthB 313
Relativity and Quantum Physics ClubA club for those interested in physics, scientific exploration and conversation.JudgeMonicamonica.l.judge@mcpsmd.netThursday during lunch1 X weekF118
Rock Climbing Club Everything rock climbing. We work on improving climbing technique, strength training, stretching, and injury prevention. Atmosphere is easygoing while also maintaining a focus on improvement.

Climbing is indoors at Earth Treks in Rockville.
KulinSimonesimone-gunde_kulin@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunch, Wednesday after school, SaturdayTwice a week Earth Trecks in Rockville and B221
Rock the Vote Rock the Vote club is dedicated to getting students politically active and registered to vote by hosting voter registration drives and making signs for marches. We plan to meet about 1-2 times a month on Thursdays in F007.MahoneySarahSarah_B_Mahoney@Mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunchonce a weekF007
Rocketry Club

Model Rocketry club and competition team.
Nateghi-AsliJonathanJonathan_A_Nateghi-Asli@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunch, Friday during lunchOne Saturday a month and as needed during the school day.F-308
Run ClubOur mission is to improve both physical and mental fitness through running! The goal of the club is to train and prepare for a race! The race is completed at the end of the school year and is 2 distances, which each person can choose to train for! The club starts in February and hope to see you then!! SmithsonChristinechristine.smithson@mcpsmd.netMonday (after school only), Wednesday after schoolTwice a week starting in FebruaryEast-West Highway Entrance
SAVE (Students Aiding Victims of Environmental Emergencies)The goal of SAVE is to help the victims of natural disasters all around the world. In this club we will run three seasonal campaigns per year. These campaigns will focus on either raising funds for different natural disaster relief charities or collecting items to send in assistance to victims of natural disasters. MirkowMeredithMeredith_L_Mirkow@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchevery other weekF205
Save the SeasThis club serves to raise awareness for the deterioration of our oceans and the threats to its ecosystem and hopes to fundraise for ocean protection efforts as well as educate on ways in which people can take action in their community.EnglerDandaniel_engler@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchEvery 3 weeksF016
Sources of StrengthA group of students and adults who promote positive mental health strategies through a variety of initiatives. LegumLaurenlauren_s_legum@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunchEvery two weeksF222
Special OlympicsSpecial Olympics provides students an opportunity to engage and interact with children and young adults with special needs through basketball, the Polar Bear Plunge and a variety of other activities and fundraisers.NewmanDeborahDeborah_Newman@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunchMonthlyC-102
SpectrumSpectrum is an inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ youth and allies to unite.BowmanDanielledanielle_e_bowman@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunchWeeklyA412
SpikeballA mix between volleyball, tchukeball, and handball. MinturnBenbenjamin_w_minturn@mcpsmd.orgWednesday during lunch, Wednesday after schoolonce a weekSoftball Feild/ Linbrook
Stock ClubMembers in the Stock Club learn about the various markets of our financial systems through participation in club stock picking competitions and the state wide Maryland Stock Market challenge. ZehnerJohnjohn_k_zehner@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunchTwice a monthA402
Stream TeamLike Biology? Looking for more SSL opportunities? Stream team is the club for you! During monthly club meeting we will learn about stream science together, discuss SSL opportunities with stream cleanings, and hang out! See you there!LassarJustinejustine.lassar@mcpsmd.netThursday during lunchMonthlyF201
Super Smash Bros.Play Super Smash Bros/AntonucciDylandylan_r_antonucci@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunchOnce a weekF301
Symphony for lifeSymphony for Life collaborates with a non-profit organization in Ecuador which provides musical education for children in an impoverished area. The club raises funds for new instruments, teachers' salaries, and trips for the orchestras in order to perform.JappeLauralmjappe@gmail.comThursday during lunchOnce a monthF116
Tanzania Education PartnershipThe Tanzania Education Partnership will fundraise through activities and fun events for the Tanzania Education Fund, set up by the Rustic Pathways Foundation, all while learning more about Tanzanian culture. Recently, the Rustic Pathways Foundation worked to build a new primary school that will minimize the distance children must travel and the obstacles they face while trying to attend their classes. Often, children in the district served by the foundation must walk an extremely long and hazardous distance to get to school, which can disrupt daily education. The Fund needs donations to continue their work, and we invite you to help!

JudgeMonicamonica.l.judge@mcpsmd.netTuesday during lunch1-2 times per monthF118
TED-EdThe TED-Ed Club is where students will be able to get together and work on telling their story. Rather than just watch TED talks, the students will be learning how to actually create their own. The final goal is for every student to have created their own TED talk, have it filmed, and uploaded to TED. Students can opt out of the filming and sharing process if they so desire. We will facilitate most of the filming and getting it to TED. This is a TED sponsored club. Materials and courses will be provided by TED. The club will be one of many TED-Ed Clubs around the world SpillmanSarahsarah_m_spillman@mcpsmd.orgThursday during lunchEvery other weekC112
The Breakfast ClubThe Breakfast Club is a once a week gathering where students can come together for lunch (including breakfast food) and a movie. This will be an opportunity for students to make new friends they might not otherwise know and a way for students to relax before a stressful week of school.MeyJennyjenny_mey@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunchEvery weekB316
The Environmental Action ClubThe Environmental Action Club is a club that would like to tackle different environmental issues, as well as make change with EPA officials, and spread awareness about actions we as a society can take to better our environment.LloydJenniferjennifer_m_lloyd@mcpsmd.orgMonday (after school only)biweeklyF222
The Jam ClubThe club will provide a place for musicians of all styles to come together and improvise. All instruments welcome Meetings are held in E008 every week on Tuesday. There may also be opportunities for outside performances. Please provide your own instruments.WhiteMarshallmarshall_j_white@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunchonce per weekE008, band room
Tri M Music Honor SocietyTri M Music Honor Society is for students in grades 10 - 12 that are currently enrolled in music ensembles. Students can apply for acceptance in the fall. Notice will be distributed through the current officers in Tri-M. The Tri M president for 2018-19 is Elizabeth Sharkey. WhiteMarshallMarshall_j_white@mcpsmd.orgTuesday during lunchonce per monthE007
United Together For A Better TomorrowThe club is about students from different backgrounds coming together to share their experiences and cultures, to raise awareness on social/racial stereotype, and to basically shed light on ignorance. This year's the club will fund raise money to buy anti-malaria precautions equipment/medicine to distribute in Guinea. Malaria is one of the most severe public health problems worldwide and it's part of the root of why development is slow in developing countries.CelmerDeborahdeborah.a.celmer@mcpsmd.netFriday during lunchevery 2 weeksF220