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#306A type of atomizer. Compatible with 510 devices.I Shall Not Recant
#18350A 3.7V battery approx 18mm diameter, 35mm longI Shall Not Recant
#18650A 3.7V battery approx 18mm diameter, 65mm longI Shall Not Recant
E EkowoolSilica braid / hollow cord wicking material that's a bit more resilient than plain silica wick. Blackjack
M#500/#400/#325 meshStainless steel mesh, used as a wick for certain types of rebuildable atomisers, the number refers to how many holes per square inchCheekiecharlie
#18500 or 18490A 3.7V battery approx 18mm diameter, 50mm longI Shall Not Recant
#501, 901 ,801 Different threaded connectors for Atomisers Cyborg
Aaccelerated steepAn accelerated steep is the process by which a vaper attempts (sometimes successfully) to speed up either fully or partially the steeping process. The most common method of accelerated steeping is to place e liquids in a closed bottle with plenty of air space and to partially immerse the bottle in a vessel (bowl, cup, mug) of warm but not hot water and allow it to stand in this. The bottle needs to stand up during this process and also if LDPE or other commonly used plastic, survive the process. So water needs to be more tepid than hot and well below boiling point. It is also vital that no water enters the bottle, so typically water levels in the container used for this type of steep need to be much lower than the neck height of the bottle. Other methods of accelerated steeping include very short exposure in a microwave oven (typically less than 5 seconds for a 10 ml bottle). This is NOT recommended. The boiling points of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine are higher than water so it would be very easy for vapers using this method to seriously scald themselves. bryan123456
AAGAqueous Glycerine (AG): Aqueous Glycerine is high quality pharmaceutical grade, and is diluted with de-ionised water.PaulC
AAnalog CigaretteI slang term for a tobacco cigarette. It denotes vaping is electronic, and tobacco was old tech analog.Niagara
AAPVAdvanced personal vaporizer. Usually refers to either a hybrid PV or a VV/VW PVgrruss
AAtomizer The heating element in an electronic cigarette. This is also a consumable item and will need to be replaced once burnt out. Realf1re
AAttyAtomizerI Shall Not Recant
AAuto A device that activates automatically by suction on the mouthpieceCyborg
BBatteryThere are many different types of batteries, see 18350, 18650 and so ontodd
BBCCstands for "Bottom Coil Clearomizer". Check out clearomizer, and imagine the atomizer to be sumerged in the liquid at the bottom of the tank.Jesper
BBDCBottom Dual-Coil - usually associated with a clearomizer (clearomiser) such as the Aspire mini vivi nova-s BDC, reviewed by Todd. Refers to the fact it has 2 coils contained in a replaceable unit at the bottom of the clearomiser.exceedinglygoodvapes
BBogeA company best known for making cartomizers. The word Boge is often used simply to refer to the popular carto made by this company i.e. I'm using a boge in a tank.I Shall Not Recant
BBottom feederA device which holds a battery and an e-liquid bottle. When the bottle is squeezed, e-liquid is fed through the atomiser connector to the atomiser.I Shall Not Recant
BBox modA style of e-cig mod which is box shaped rather than tubular. Originally made from modified plastic battery boxes, now purpose built types made from a variety of materials are available.PapaLazarou
CCartoCartomizer - usually a one piece design consisting of cartridge style body containing polyfill material that is used to absorb and retain eliquid, and an atomizer attached to a battery connectorb3ast1e
CCarto tankA tank (plastic, glass or metal) designed to be used with a cartomiser to extend their liquid capacity and provide a constant liquid feed.PapaLazarou
CCartomiserAtomiser and Cartridge combined, disposable but refillable Cyborg
CChameleonAn 18650 or 18500 Mod built by Chameleon ModsTodd
CCheeseclothNormally a loosely woven unbleached cotton cloth fabric. Food grade cheesecloth is sometimes used as a wicking material.Stymied
CCig-Alike (cigalike)An ecigarette with a form factor designed to replicate the appearance of a tobacco cigarette.Neofolis
CCigalikeA simple cartomiser/battery combo which is designed to look like a cigarette. Braadlee
CCigarette equivalentA claim that cartridges or cartomisers are equivalent to a certain number of cigarettes. For example a vendor may claim their cartomisers are equal to a 20 pack of cigarettes. Claims are usually optimistic and should be taken with a large pinch of salt.PapaLazarou
CClearomiserA combined atomiser and tank that supplies juice to the coil using a wick. Usually disposable, but repairable varieties are available Jimmyc
CCloneA Copy - Rip off - Knock off PaulC
CCoilA coil is the wire device for vaporising the liquid and is used in conjunction with a wick (see wick). The coil is wound around the wick and an electrical current is applied from the battery device and the e liquid is heated until it vaporises.MarlowMan
CCondomSmall rubber sleeve used as a protective cap for the battery end of a cartomiserb3ast1e
CCutoffSafety feature built into some devices, shuts down the atomiser after a set time of activation.Cyborg
DDCADCA stands for drip cup adaptor, this is a product which is used for direct dripping and the atomiser sits inside it and the bottom of the dca is sealed to prevent leakage from overdripping, full description and purchasing-cloud9vapinglightother
DDCCDual Coil CartomiserI Shall Not Recant
DDCTduel coil cartomiser tankkwakjay74
DDebridged atty This is a 306/510 type atomiser which has had the wicking material removed to help with direct dripping. The name comes from the shape of the metal mesh/wire wick which covers the heating coil.Magneatomass
DDiDA genesis style atomiser produced by MMvapours in GreeceWanger
DDirect Dripping / DDing Dripping e-liquid directly onto an atomiser, a Drip Tip is usually used to replace the Cart. Cyborg
DDonShort for Megalodon, it is a high end bottom button tube mod that can take various size batterysnosmo
Ddrip tipthese are available from almost all vendors, used as a replacement for the small bung on the top of carto's or atties, they come in lots of shapes, colours, and materials lightother
Ddry burn a method of cleaning an atomizer/coilskwakjay74
DDry Hitoccurs when not enough juice is supplied to an atty or carto. This will result in poor flavor and vapour productionsecretsnappa
Pe cigarettepradinr e cigarettesusan
Ee-cig or any type modNRD I use the acronym to mean "Nicotine Replacement Device". It's what I tell people that ask what that gonzo metal contraption is I tell them that it's a larger type of modified electronic cigarette that's helping save my life right now. I explain that I'm so addicted to nicotine after smoking 44 years that I get my nicotine fix without 3000 to 4000 carcinogens and all my doctors have signed off on it being totally safe, especially after a go-around with throat cancer. If they're really interested I explain as much as possible in detail.quackster
EE-liquidAlso known as juice, e-juice. Liquid that is heated in the e-cig to produce vapour. Usually contains propylene glycol and/or glycerine, nicotine and flavouring.PapaLazarou
EeGo; eGo typeA popular e-cig originally made by Joyetech, but widely cloned under various names. Larger than "cig-a-like" styles but still relatively discreet. Have much greater battery life than cig-a-likes.PapaLazarou
EEMEthyl maltol, an additive used to sweeten e-liquid.PapaLazarou
FFree trialBest avoided. It's a marketing method used by some vendors who advertise in national press. Usually, your credit card will be billed automatically for the kit if you don't return within an alloted time. You may also be signed up for a subscription for refills on a monthly basis. These kits are often poor quality and expensive for what they are.PapaLazarou
GGenesisA type of user rebuildable atomizer of which there are a number of variations by different manufacturers using the same basic open source design principle. Invented by Raidy, a German e-pipe mod maker.b3ast1e
GGennieSee Genesis rebuildable atomizerb3ast1e
GGGTSGolden Greek Telescopic stormAce8ball
GGrimm- A VerbA slang developed by a popular reviewer from USA . It demotes the act of knocking over many mods cluttering your desk like dominoes. " I Grimmed again my Provari"Niagara
HHigh Resistance An atomiser with a high resistance coil used with high voltage devicesCyborg
Hhot springMech spring made out of an alloy that loses it's temper when overheated, allowing it to collapse and disconnect from the batterybobhoveyga
HHotSpotwhere part of the coil starts to glow red. It is caused either by a short circuit from the coil to the wick or by the coil not being in contact with the wick and overheatingTodd
HHybridA hybrid is a battery PV with an incorporated tank, usually a Genesis rebuildable atomisertodd
IICR batteryA lithium cobalt rechargeable battery. Commonly known as li-ion. This is the most common type of battery used in e-cigarettes. ICR is not known to stand for anything, it possibly should be LCR for Lithium Cobalt Rechargeable.PapaLazarou
IIMR batteryA lithium manganese rechargeable battery. Can also be called "high drain batteries". Can output a large amount of current but lower capacity than lithium cobalt batteries. Safer than LiCo batteries as according to manufacturers they do not vent with flame. IMR is not known to stand for anything, it possibly should be LMR for Lithium Manganese Rechargeable.PapaLazarou
IIsopropanolIsopropyl alcohol in liquid solution: A cleaning agent for electronic components i.e. Atomisers, Battery connections etc.manicmedic
JJuiceE-liquidI Shall Not Recant
KKanthalA type of wire used to make heating coils in e-cigarettes. An alloy of iron, chromium and aluminium.PapaLazarou
KKFL / KFL+SvoeMesto Kayfun Lite / Lite Plus rebuildable tank atomiservapn
KKick by EvolvA drop in variable wattage modulenosmo
LLALorAnn - Many LorAnn flavorings can be used for DIY e-liquid creation.808kicks901hits
LLiFePO4 batteryA lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery. A type of battery sometimes used in mods (particularly where two are stacked to make 6-6.4v). Like IMR batteries are considered a safer chemistry. Has a nominal voltage of 3.2v (vs. 3.7v for LiCo) and requires a 3.2v charger.PapaLazarou
LLow Resistance An atomiser with a low resistance / simulates a high voltage deviceCyborg
LLTlavatube a variable volt device/modkwakjay74
MmAhRepresents milliampere-hour. Generally speaking, mAh indicates how long a battery will last. Comparisons between batteries of different types can be unreliable. I Shall Not Recant
MManualA device that activates when a button is pressed Cyborg
MMechanicalMech mod. A device that is free of electronic circuitry and operates directly from the operation of a switch or button. Often hear of as a bottom or side firing mod, denoting the position of the actuator button.scotsogri
MMeshA thin tightly wooven Stainless steel sheet normally used in 325, 400 and 500 threads per inch measurement sizes.Niagara
Amg / mlA measurement of the amount of nicotine within an e liquid. This should be clearly stated on any bottle that contains e liquid. Mg /ml states how many milligrams of nicotine are contained in a millilitre of the e liquid concerned. This can also be expressed as a percentage and is in some countries. To convert ,mg /ml to percentages, move the decimal point to the left one place. Thus a 24 mg /ml e liquid contains 2.4% nicotine. A 12 mg /ml e liquid contains 1.2% nicotine.bryan123456
MMiserthe Vapour Producing bit - Ato-Miser - Clearo-Miser - Carto-Miserdigicig
MModDevices with more functionality / Bigger batteries, more functionality etc often home madeCyborg
NNGPNGP " a Genesis Hybrid made in Hungary Candysmoker
Nnic or nic liquidnicotine/nicotine liquid ...used for home brewing e liquids ...not advisable to use until youve read and understand the danger's of nicotine..kwakjay74
NNichromeA type of wire used to make heating coils in e-cigarettes. An alloy of mainly nickel and chromium (hence the name).PapaLazarou
NNoob/noobieA new apprentice vaper just learning the terminology Cheekiecharlie
Oohm (Ω )Electrical resistance used in atomisersCyborg
OOrionThe orion is a hybrid mod built by nosmokertodd
PP+PrecisePlus - a line of personal vaporizer produced by Super T Manufacturingb3ast1e
APanty HamsterVapers swear word -with history behind itkooll1
PPass Through A device that charges while you vape connected a USB witha cableCyborg
PPCBPrinted Circuit Board, these are often used inside cigarette devices known as ModsBraadlee
PPCCPortable Charging Case to charge batteries while out & about Cyborg
PPCCPersonal Charging Caseb3ast1e
PPEGPolylethylene Glycol 400, a base found in some e-liquids. Not common.I Shall Not Recant
PPGpropylene glycol used as a mixing agent in e liquidskwakjay74
Ppippetteplastic suction device,bit like a Turkey baister,used for measuring e-liquid when mixing your own juices. pjpradio
APoTVAbreviation for the forum Planet of The Vapes, also born due to the shut down of MK1 UKVKulrMeStoopid :P
PPropylene GlycolA colourless liquid used as a carrier for or dilution of nicotine base solutionb3ast1e
PProtected batteryA battery with a small circuit board on one end, designed to cut out in the event of a short circuit, over charge or over discharge. These are always slightly longer than unprotected batteries.PapaLazarou
PPVPersonal Vaporiser - another term for an electronic ecigaretteb3ast1e
RRBARebuildable AtomizerTodd
RRDARebuildable Dripping AtomizerTodd