Life After EP
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1/4/2013 22:28:07Tracy / TraceingPaper28WisconsinEP (9/20/12), Blighted Ovum, Right Tube / MTX @ 343, 2 doses, took 10wks (folate free diet) to get to 0, TTC after 1 cycle (1st AF after 0 took approx. 3wks)1 MonthGot my 0 11/26/12 then started TTC again & got my +hpt 1/6/2013 (1st af was 19days no ovulation, got pregnant with 2nd cycle, O'd from *good* left side, 1st b-hcg 44SMEP, Temp & Charting, ATTCPNV+DHA, Calcium+Magnesium+Zinc, Probiotic, D3, Iron, Folic Acid+B6&12IUP!!1 DS (3/17/10) prior to EP
1/4/2013 23:29:06Amy/amyboyce238New OrleansRuptured EP in left tube May 2012. Tube removed through lap surgery. Waited aprox 6 weeks for AF after surgery. Waited 4 months before TTC again. Got pregnant the first month we tried, but unfortunately, had an early loss at five weeks. Waited 1 month before TTC again.1 month1 month (miscarriage)ATTC, BBT, AcupuncturePNV, fish oil, Chasteberry, chromium, Vitamin B complexEarly MC
1/5/2013 0:48:01pleasent help27South AfricaMy EP was on the right tube which I found at +/- 6 wks luckily it hadn't raptured. My right tube was removed in November 2012. I got to zero in 2 weeks had my per now which lasted 3 days which is normal. The doc says I'm back to normal and can start TTC. 3 monthscharting
1/5/2013 2:10:10Megan/yaymegs29Pasadena, CAI found out I had an EP at 8 weeks exactly on 12/18/12. This was my first pregnancy & I had no symptoms prior to the night I went to the ER. Experienced some bleeding, back pain, & cramps that intensified greatly by the time I was admitted to the ER. EP was in my right tube & removed laparoscopically. My tube did not rupture, but was very close as some blood was starting to leak into my pelvis. Unfortunately, due to the size of the EP, my tube was unable to be saved. My doctor informed me that I had prior scarring in the tube that was removed, which most likely caused the EP (I had no idea about the scarring as I don't have any prior history of infection or risk factors for EP). It's been over 2 weeks since my surgery so no AF yet. Had my post op follow up 1/3/13. My doc said from what she noticed during surgery my remaining tube looks good and ok to TTC after 3 months. Only took one time, unplanned Waiting on TTC for 3 months post LAPStarting back on prenatalsI am so glad I found this group! I didn't think anyone could understand how I felt after going through an EP, but I have found support & encouragement here & I thank all of you ladies for that :)
1/5/2013 7:42:54Kelley138329NJWhen I got pregnant with my ep, I kind of felt like something was off right from the beginning but just kept trying to push it out of my mind. I was achy and actually craved almonds. I also had a slight pregnancy glow, which I didn't have with my son. For some reason I truley believed that pregnancy was my little girl. I started bleeding at 6 weeks. Dr told me to take it easy and that it is common in the first trimester. By the end of the week I was hit with excruciating pain on my left side. When I called my Dr the next morning they took me in right away and thats where I was diagnosed with an ep. My ep was in my left tube. It had started to rupture. I was bleeding internally and had to have emergency surgery. They tried to save my tube but it was too damaged. I had laproscopic surgery to remove the ep and left tube. They didn't do an D&C they just left my uterus alone wanted to not touch anything they didn't have to. I recovered very quickly, physically. I was cleared to ttc 3 months after surgery. But since I found out I needed major dental work done, I ended having to wait a year to ttc after ep. wasn't trying still haven't on 7 months of tryingsmepprenatalsI have one son who is 2 1/2 and was concieved on the first month trying. THen with the ep we weren't trying and I was on the pill. I don't think I will ever get over what happened or forget about my lil angel baby.
1/5/2013 8:03:38jgood679120rock hill, sci had to have the fetus remove both of my tubes were save just my right tube was bent and the fetus couldn't get through i had to have surgrey 2-09-2011 i was six weeks the doctor never explain to me what will happen in my future with trying again 00trying to get pregnant again after a ectopic pregnancy00i was thinking about taking some prenatal vitamins is that safe
1/5/2013 8:21:482boys+1moreangel?38FloridaThought I had a MC but ended up with an EP and Left Tube ruptured and removed. 32 days for AF after surgery. Had to wait 2 cycles after the post op bleed to TTC. EP 1st Try after MCTTC nowSMEP, Charting, TTC after EPPrenantals, Thyroid Meds2 healthy pregnancies giving us 2 boys, dx with Hashimoto's after 2nd son (8/09), MC (7/12), and EP (11/12).
1/5/2013 8:44:40Candace/cjepperson33OhioBFP on 11/10/12, normal betas for first 3 draws (but first one was low at 37 on 17dpo). Had first ultrasound at 5w4d nothing seen in the uterus, small "mass" seen in right tube. Repeat ultrasound 6w mass in right tube measuring 6w1d suspected ectopic given MTX. Betas did not go down at all for day 4and7 draws (last beta was 2500) second MTX dose given at 7weeks, ultrasound that days showed gestational sac, unclear if fetus was visualized. Initial day 4 blood draw went down, day 7 up. Surgery 12/10/12, should have been 8w1d, removed right tube. Betas drawn post surgery HCG in 1000's almost 2 weeks post surgery, 25 almost 3 weeks post surgery. AF came 2w3d post surgery. Waiting one full cycle to TTC again.6months post chemical pregnancyWaiting after LapThorne prenatals, l-methylfolate, methylcobalamin, p-5-p, vit. D3, Synthroid. Next cycle: Femara, Lovenox, prednisone3 previous miscarriages prior to ep. No living children. Not giving up hope!!
1/5/2013 12:26:47Lauren / hellofrom4900231MichiganDiagnosed ectopic after HCG beta slow drop and then slight rise. Ectopic was not seen via U/S so I never found out where it was. However, there was a psuedo sac or blighted ovum in my uterus. I received a MTX shot when my HCG beta was in the 1700s. RE advised to not TTC until 3 months after my MTX shot on 12/27/12. As of 1/3/12, my HCG is 868.1.5 years until first BFP, but ended in M/C June 2012. Then BFP in December 2012 & diagnosed EP in December 2012. So, been trying for a healthy baby for over 2 years.Waiting after MTXPrenatals (not in the after MTX wait tho!), Probiotic, Omega-3, Ester C (these were just my normal vitamins - I'm not taking any for fertility purposes)I had a normal M/C in June 2012 before my EP in December 2012.

I have been charting by BBT for 2 years and using OPks off and on. At one point or another, I have been on Clomid, Femara, Estradiol, Prometrium, Endometrin, Ovidrel trigger shot, baby aspirin, and Benadryl. (I received my first BFP after taking Benadryl 4 days after +OPK. This is a weird thing I haven't read about in many places)
1/5/2013 14:12:58Janet/abbeyroad62821Currently 30; I was 28 when I had my EP and 29 when I conceived YDS.Reno, NVIt was an ep in the interstitial portion of my left tube. I had laprascopic surgery and lost the tube. I was told to wait 2-3 months to ttc but I tried each cycle. I started with an RE, on my third cycle, and did Clomid and timed intercourse.4 cycles.3rd cycle, first cycle with REATTCPrenatals and Preseed.IUPI had a blighted ovum miscarriage my first pregnancy, my second pregnancy was a successful IUP resulting in the birth of my son. I then had my EP and then my second son, on year after the EP. We are now trying to conceive our third and final child, God-willing.
1/5/2013 15:12:14lindsey08201034AtlantaBeen trying to conceive since ep in spring. Had laproscopy around 9 weeks and 7000hcg levels. Never had mtx. Right tube was lost during surgery due to location of ep so close to fimbrae. I had surgery in april trying to conceive since June and a chemical pregnancy in dec.two mo8 mo and countingttc w smeppnv, d3, progesterone, b6cp
1/5/2013 15:18:04Mallory_dyan28Fort Worth, TX1st EP - Right tube, Diagnosed before rupture, but still needed lap surgery. Started bleeding (mostly brown depris) about 4 days post-op, lasted for 3 days. Took almost 6 weeks from surgery for HCG to drop below 5, started my period (first AF) that exact same day. We were able to start trying immediately after my first af.

2nd EP - Right tube, diagnosed due to pain I was experiencing. The tube was already ripping so I had emergency lap surgery to remove the tube. Started bleeding brown depris again around 5 days post-op, lasted about 3 days. HCG was at 13, 4 days ago and I assume it's now below 5. We can start ttc again as soon as I have my first af, that's when we will have the hsg and start seeing an RE
6 cycles2 cyclesWaiting for HSG, ATTC, SMEPPrenatalsEPPrevious Chemical Pregnancy
1/5/2013 15:55:50ktty2931upstate NYFound out Thanksgiving morning 2011 that I was pregnant. Found out December 6th it was ectopic in the right tube. First dose mtx given that day, had second dose of mtx nye. From first mtx shot to 0. was 8 weeks. March had HSG showing blocked right tube. OBGYN gave the green light to ttc again. Ttc for 5 months no luck started seeing RE. Diagnosed with hypothydroid, started on synthroid. Informed needed surgery to remove blocked right tube, and right ovary with large dermoid cyst. Surgery October 2012. Cleared to ttc after 1st AF. still waiting for our rainbow!3 monthsstill waitingsme, bbt temping, acupunctureprenatal vitamin
1/5/2013 16:41:24Amanda Cote24 at ep. 25 now.Virginia7/18 - conceived
8/4 - some spotting and a clump. I thought it was af
8/7 - +HPT
8/12 - starting spotting again
The spotting on 8/14 was constant, but not very much blood. I had a little cramping, nothing bad, but decided to go to the drs. I had no other signs that it wasn't a normal pregnancy. A beta test showed my hcg level at 40. After a week of testing, my number only went to 80. The dr wanted to give me a shot of MTX. I refused to do it without knowing for a fact that the baby was ectopic. Both of my sisters had slow rising numbers, but had healthy pregnancies.
On 8/20, an u/s didn't show anything anywhere. Dr wanted me to have MTX and I refused again. After pressuring me a third time, I asked for another dr. The new one said the hcg test wasn't really giving answers, so we were going to go to u/s once a week.
From 8/14-8/31, my numbers only went from 40 to 243.
On 8/31, I had an internal ultrasound. It hurt so bad, I started crying. And it made me bleed a lot. On the screen, the could see something in my right tube. I don't know what it looked like, but that, combined with the pain and bleeding with the u/s, and the fact that the u/s showed a lot of fluid in my abdomen, told them that it was a definite ep. I was treated then (around noon) and passed the baby in the middle of the night.
9/17 hcg was 20 and dr decided to stop testing
9/24 I finally stopped bleeding
11/6 first af after ep. Started ntnp ttc
12/10 second af after ep
Weren't trying 2nd cycle after EP, first month TTCNTNP prenatals with DHA and B3 vitsIUP!!!
1/5/2013 16:49:00sparrowroxie2332Colorado9/2/2011 got mirena removed

10/30/11 BFP

11/04/11 sharp pain in side

11/13/11 start spotting

11/14/11 doc appt blood draw/ us nothing in uterus

11/16/11 second blood draw. Level went up only 1000. Level about 4200. Sent to ER. They couldn't find where it was. confirmed EP got MTX shot.

I didn't get to zero until mid january. Then finally AF showed. AF was very irregular ranged from 22-28 days until i got a surprise BFP. Didnt know I was pregnant until I was 2 months.
1 month11 months wasnt trying for some of itPregnantnonenoneI had an IUD before I got my EP. I think that had a lot to do with it. I think it messed me up.

Your BFP may just happen when you least expect it.
1/5/2013 17:52:33Marla/mmeletis31-32Denver, CO1st probable EP - End of January 2012, never saw anything on US, numbers just kept going up. D&C to remove any possible fetal tissue, patho report showed nothing, MD wanted to administer MTX at that point, HCG am of MTX showed numbers going down, MD agreed to allow the rest to happen naturally. TTC after cleared (March)

2nd probable EP - August 2012, again, never saw anything on US, bleeding took me into the doc, HCG levels draw, told to come back in 48 hours, in ER that night w/ severe pain, no US done (On call doc didn't think we'd see anything new in less than 12 hours) 2nd us in office 2 days later showed nothing and HCG 48 hours earlier was 1150 (should be able to see something on second US) sent to ER, HCG 1350, nothing on US. MTX administered. Decided we would wait to TTC again until after new year

3rd (and only confirmed) EP - Guess we werent so careful! Into doc immediately for HCG, levels rising nicely (1400 - 2500) US scheduled for next week, over weekend started having mild cramping lasting about an hour and a bit of bleeding. On call doc said it wouldn't be the worst idea to go to ER for check, we knew we'd be able to see something based on previous blood draws. HCG in ER 2850, US showed right tubal pregnancy. To OR, doc was hopeful but ended up taking right tube.
1st time 5 months, 2nd 5 months, 3rd NOT trying but 2 moonthN/Apost HSG - AR route at this point in timeFolic acid and fish oil, then prenatals upon BFPHSG in Dec 2012 showed remaining left tube blocked. Meeting with OBGYN soon to discuss options and choose an RE.
1/5/2013 18:23:27nkochrn28KansasHad laproscopy due to inconclusive sonogram with HCG and LMP indicating pregnancy at 3 weeks. 500 ml of blood had leaked from left tube, surgeon said he squeezed the rest of what was in the tube out, was able to keep tube. Had a large cyst on left ovary that was drained during surgery. Did not need methotrexate. Aunt Flow returned a little less than 2 weeks later, the same day that my HCG was down to 10. ER doc said to wait 2 or 3 cycles to TTC, have not talked to the OB/GYN yet to see what he says. 2 monthsWaiting after MTX/LAPNone2 normal pregnancies before EP.
1/5/2013 19:55:22Rachel/Maizy1635North CarolinaI had an EP in my right tube. It was diagnosed just short of 6 weeks pregnant. I had surgery and had my right tube removed as well due to severe scar tissue. AF arrived 5 weeks post surgery and I was given the "go ahead" to TTC again after one cycle. 14 cyclesStill tryingAcupuncture & seeking further treatmentprenatals & clomidOnly took 4 cycles to get pregnant with DD at age 29...second go around not so lucky. :(
1/5/2013 20:32:28jenng334 (diagnosed), 35 successful pregnancy, 36 successful birthKYEP discovered at 8.5 weeks in my first pregnancy. Because I was so far along, surgery was the only option. I lost my tube. I turned 35 a few days after surgery. Got my first period 5 weeks 1 day after surgery. I was told I could start TTC immediately, and we BC for several years2 months (miscarriage), then 3 more months (baby)Finished my EP journeyprenatalsMC, then successMy ectopic was my first pregnancy. I had been married almost 6 years and off birth control for probably 5 of those years, but we never got pregnant. After the ectopic and tube loss, I turned 35 and had a miscarriage. I began to doubt that it would ever happen for me. I got pregnant again pretty quickly. That pregnancy got off to a rocky start with bleeding for over 2 weeks, one doctor telling me that the baby hadn't developed and that I needed a D&C, and the ultrasound doctor telling me that they thought the baby might have implanted in an area that couldn't support the baby after the 1st trimester. None of that turned out to be true, and our little miracle baby arrived on her dad's 38th birthday as a perfectly healthy little thing.
1/5/2013 21:47:16Renee/Reneew41328 (almost 29!)Erie, PAI had back to back ectopics. The first was in my right tube and treated successfully with MTX. The numbers were wonky and never got too too high. 3 month break then BAM pregnant first month back at TTC, the numbers were great, doubling time was great. Left tube. MTX didn't work, my numbers just kept rising, over 8,000 when I had my tube removed. That was almost a year ago. I currently have an RE who is willing to let us try one more time, knowing it very well could be ectopic. If it is we go straight to surgery to remove me remaining tube. My HSG and SIS were all clear.2 years1 yearATTCprenatals, Clomid, OvidrelEPOnly you will be able to decide when it's time to call it quits and go to IVF. I know my risk is sky high but I am not ready to spend the money on IVF with a "seemingly" healthy tube left.
1/5/2013 22:35:16Carrie/Birdy55536CanadaLeft ampullary EP, discovered on u/s at 8 weeks because of some bleeding but no pain. Was given mtx. Hcg was 6900. Probably should have went straight to surgery because when the official report came back the baby had a heartbeat. Hcg continued to rise. Topped out around 12,000 and new u/s on day 7 showed a definite heartbeat. Had laparoscopic surgery in which they saved the tube. I had post op bruising (hematoma) at my lower incision site because I tried doing to much after surgery. It looked like a purple bikini!Not trying. But hindsight probably 3 months. I learned a lot about my strange cycle afterwards8 months/9 cyclesNtnp, temping, Prenatals, b6 (for 2 pregnancies)Iup from right side ended with missed mc, iup from ep side, iup from ep side, iup from ep side mc due to sch, iup from right sideAfter my second loss I got a bfp second month trying. I've been pg 5 times since my ep and they have travelled down both tubes successfully. My next losses were not related to my ep at all. All my pregnancies had heartbeats and bleeding. Since my ep I've been diagnosed with a possible uterine septum. Through temping I found out I have a short luteal phase of about 9 days. I tend to be on the losing end of statistics so I try not to look at them because my body is my own and it has its own way of doing things. With all the bad odds I have 2.75 children. One's still cooking! And during the soon to be 7 years on the boards I have seen very few women not go on to have children. Some take longer than others and the process may be different for others.
1/6/2013 0:41:35kimberlyjaninee20Regina, SaskatchewanEP in my right tube, no surgery or shot. (thank god) I didn't need any "assistance" as the obgyn put it, because my baby had stopped growing a day before I went in for an emergency internal scan due to all the bleeding I was experiencing. Instead, I was sent home after being examined, blood being drawn, and a meeting with my obgyn at the hospital. Worst day of my life. I was 6 weeks exactly the day we found out where our baby had died, which would make my baby 5 weeks and 6 days when he died. It took me about 3 weeks to get my levels back to 0 again. My period came right on time after I miscarried, but including the miscarriage and my regular AF, I bled for 3 weeks in November.. I only had about a week between the time when I stopped bleeding because of the miscarriage and to when my period started. We got pregnant the same month we decided to stop using any form of birth control, so it happened really fast for us.We started TTC #1 in December, so this month is Cycle #2 for us. I'm going to try taking prenatal vitamins this month and hope that kind of helps. :) We're hoping to get pregnant by June, that it will be an IUP, and that we all stay healthy through all of this. We just want to get our family started as soon as possible. :)
1/6/2013 9:18:06Mooncheese27Arkansas Ep was located in right tube. I was given the choice of mtx or lap surgery. I chose the surgery due to the fear that the tube would rupture. Doc said it was a good choice. The surgery went really well and they were able to save my tube. Thankful that I discovered it early! Will probably wait 3 months at least to TTC again. Doc said I can have sex in 2 weeks.6 monthsWaiting after lapPrenatal Try to catch it early. I actually felt the implantation where the EP was located two weeks before going to the doctor in pain.
1/6/2013 12:09:39Erika00422Houston, TexasEP located between Left tube and Left ovary. Had a Laparotomy to remove Left Tube my Left ovary was saved . I would like to wait a year before trying again. Currently 3 weeks post op. Took 2 weeks to get back to 0. 1 year3 weeks post op Finished my EP JourneyVitaminsJust praying God can help me hopefully one day experience motherhood. God chose us to go through an EP journey because he knew how strong we all are
1/6/2013 13:37:17Jessica30PennsylvaniaMy EP was in my left tube, I had MTX at 6w, and that failed. My HCG went down but baby kept growing. I had surgery at 6w6d, baby removed from my tube and my tube left to heal on it's own. I started TTC 2 months later (Feb 2012) and conceived in May 2012. Due with a healthy baby girl Feb 14, 2013!1 month4 monthsPregnantPrenatalsIUP
1/6/2013 14:09:54Farmkid8329WI11/11 EP right side, tube removed. AF returned 7wks after surgery.
6/12 Suspected EP, MTX, Hcg reached 0 within 3wks. AF returned 6wks after MTX
We only waited one cycle before TTC again after.
1/6/2013 16:58:31Kat, Kat.419022MichiganLMP was June 20th, Spotting June 29th-30th, +hpt July 3rd. I kinda figured something wasn't right because of getting the +hpt so early. I started having cramps, mostly on the right side, on July 19th, and spotting started a few hours later. It didn't stop after a few hours, so I went to the ER. Hcg was ~5100, nothing could be seen on u/s or transvaginal u/s. Dr checked my progesterone levels and determined that my pregnancy wasn't viable and opted to do the lap surgery due to hcg levels. Had surgery July 20th, and my angel was found in my left tube (even though I had ovulated from my right ovary). My tube was just beginning to rupture, so my dr removed the top portion of it. I went home a few days later. I hit 0 about 3 weeks post op, and had my first af August 23rd (just over 5 weeks post op). We ntnp'd the August-Sept and Sept-Oct cycles, and have been ATTC since Oct.
I have PCOS, am a smoker (trying very hard to quit!), and have a history of infections in my tubes and ovaries which most likely left scar tissue. I also recently found out I have hpv on my cervix and I have to have the LEEP procedure to have it removed in Feb.
We weren't trying, as far as we knew I wasn't ovulating due to PCOS. Still waiting..ATTCPNV
1/7/2013 1:48:35Heather/hew31330Bellingham, WABFP 10/9/12, Pink spotting 10/27/12, Bright red spotting and severe cramping all over 10/30/12, cramping moved to just left side after a few hours, ER visit confirmed ectopic in left tube. Received MTX in ER. One week follow-up, numbers continue to increase slowly. Repeat ultrasound shows pregnancy grew almost 2 cm in 1 wk. Decision to have lap salpingotomy. 11/7/12 Lap surgery, unable to save left tube. First AF 12/7/12 (approx 4 wks post EP). Did not attempt to prevent pregnancy after first cycle (25 days) AF 1/1/13, Will actively TTC this month.1 monthChartingPNV, Fish Oil, Vit D, B Complex2 DDs, Mirena IUD after each pregnancy
1/7/2013 6:21:29Marisa28NYI had to have a salpingectomy to remove my right tube and the baby.I got my AF roughly 5 weeks after surgery. My doctor said we were okay to start trying after 3 cycles.I got pregnant exactly 3 months after going off the pillJust started trying this monthTTC after EPwas put on prenatals this month Stay as positive as you can. Going through an EP was the most difficult thing I have ever had to deal with and with the support of family, friends, and the babycenter forum, I got through it. Stay positive and positive things will happen!
1/7/2013 8:20:32AshleyBungert527WisconsinI started bleeding a few days after my BFP. My hcg was very low but on the rise. I stopped bleeding but it returned a week later. My hcg had dropped from the previous draw and I was told I was having a mc. While monitoring my levels to 0 they started to go back up again. Ultrasound showed an ep located at my cervix. I was given the mtx injection on October 24, 2011. One shot was enough. It took 5 weeks for my levels to be 0 again and shortly after my period returned. 1 cycle5 cyclesgave birth to my rainbowprenatals, vitamin D, 17PIUPI never had a mc or ep before this. This was my 3rd pregnancy. It was hard to hear it just happened for no real reason. A beautiful baby is possible after ep. I just gave birth to my rainbow. Don't give up!!
1/7/2013 9:47:18smzande33MinnesotaBFP on 10/19/12. Initially suspected MC because of spotting and falling HCGs. Had D&C on 11/13/12 (no fetal tissue found), diagnosed EP 11/14/12, baby never found on U/S just assumed EP, 1 dose MTX @ 414, 8 wks to get to 0. First AF 12/19/12, detected OV on 1/6/13, after next AF, we will begin TTCing.first monthTTC in Feb 2013TTC in Feb 2013, using CBEFM, charting BBT temps, OPKsprentals, extra folic acidDD 6/7/10-8/27/12 (tragically and unexpectedly passed away from rare auto immune disease). Had IUD removed in 9/12 (thinking IUD had something to do with my EP). Really want to be a mom again, and praying for IUP!
1/7/2013 10:05:05Zitababy30Houston EP was located on right tube and had to take out on 01/03/13 through laparascopy. Still waiting for hcg to get to 0 and also for AF to show up. Also so devasted as this was my 4th pregancy as I've had 3 previous miscarriages with no live Child. So I'm so discouraged and don't know what to do. But thinking when we do start TTC we will do IVF2 Months Not applicable yetFinished my EP journey1st MC - Dec 2010
2nd MC-Dec 2011
3rd MC - July 2012
4th Pregnancy - Ectopic Jan 2013
1/7/2013 10:23:16grace1020936maUnsure on location but nothing in uterus at 6 weeks and betas were all over the place, up and down.
1 shot of MTX. 4 weeks to get to 0. 30 days after 0 was af.
ttc again 3 months after MTX.
5 monthsstill ttcttcprenatals
1/7/2013 10:23:46Megs386234CanadaPregnancy of unkown location! Spotting, and low HCG at 6W2Days. Hospital said miscarriage. Went home, drank and bled for a week. Never got heavy but no big deal. Follow up HCG showed Significant jump (1100-2400) in a week or so. Back to hospital. US shows nothing...AGAIN...Get MTX shot Jul 21 (8 weeks 'preg'). Chase HCG down from 2600 for a while, no bleeding or discomfort.
6 weeks later (14 weeks 'pg') HCG starts dancing around 160 plateuing and being a bitch. BACK TO ER! MORE MTX! (I'm told this case will be written up in a medical journal cause hey, I'm a mystery!) Took 3 weeks afteer that to get to Negative HCG, then 2 more weeks to get 1st period (October 6th).

My 'journey' was 13 weeks from diagnosis to 1st period.

1st TryJust in TWW of 2nd cycle TTCB50x3/day I got very annoyed at how excited everyone was about my case. To this day, the specialists can say they have no idea what they were dealing with. And that no one will ever be able to confirm if it was ectopic or blighted ovum or whatever. My U/S show healthy happy reproductive track and my cycles are great.

my 1st 2 cycles were perfect timing but annovulatory. But my ovulation is back with a vengance. Though now I spot the week before my period and never have before. So i'm just hoping and waiting that everything works out fine.
1/7/2013 12:52:57Ty
1/7/2013 12:56:43Ty's wifey ~bun #1~21ArizonaEP located in left fallopian tube. I had MTX it didn't work so I had surgery. They removed my left tube. It took me 6 weeks to get my period. I was told to wait 3 months to ttc, but we waited 5 months. 2 months2 monthspregnantprenatals, vitamin D (I am deficient), calcium, fish oilIUPThe ectopic was my first pregnancy.
1/7/2013 14:13:13karienelson31Houston, TX BFP 11/5/2012, EP treated with MTX 11/17/2012. Unsure exactly where the EP was located. Had a doppler ultrasound b/c at higher risk for EP due to unicornuate uterus (rudimentary right horn with partial right uterus is basically in half...looks like a mitten). Still unsure where exactly the EP was located due to a cyst on my right ovary, but best guess is on the right. Treated with MTX on 11/17/2012. On 12/15/12 my HCG finally reached 4. What drs think was AF arrived on 12/9/12. Positive OPK 12/23/2012. AF arrived again 1/7/2013. Met with an RE on 1/4/2013 and she wants to do a second HSG (had my first one 11/2011) to verify that my "good" left tube is still open. If so, will have a lap to remove the partial right tube, then ttc again after recovery. If my "good" tube is blocked, then our only option at that point is IVF. HSG is scheduled for 1/15 and we will go from there!6 months with DD, 1 month prior to EPWaiting for HSGPrenatalsI have DD that is 19 months old now. We "tried" for 6 months before we got BFP with her. Halfway through that pregnancy she was measuring on the smaller side and my fluid was low. Began seeing a specialist every few weeks for measurements. Began dilating at 35 weeks, delivered via c-section at 37 weeks (was breech entire pregnancy). During c-section discovered the unicornuate uterus. Had an HSG 11/2011, only spillage on my left side, nothing to the right. Have two ovaries, but only one functioning tube. IVP shows 2 kidneys. Was told that my UU puts me at a higher risk for EP, late term miscarriages, breech presentation, small baby, uterine rupture, etc. Due to the "risks" associated with my condition, we stopped mini pill 9/2012 and got BFP 11/5/2012.

At this point, I have not had any miscarriages, just the one EP (which one is more than enough). I will most likely have a lap performed if my second HSG shows my "good" tube is still clear after the EP. My DD is truly a miracle baby, and is living proof that miracles can happen. She reminds me daily to be thankful and to be positive. So we just take one day at a time, and do what we have to do!
1/7/2013 18:11:03Efa35IrelandEp in left tube, sent to we emergency surgery 3 weeks ago5 yrsTtc
1/7/2013 19:01:13Shannon - Jeremyswife134Leeds, ALMy EP was located in my right tube. I knew I was at a higher risk because of a tubal reversal surgery that I had done in order to have this baby. On 7/9/12 doc removed my baby at 6 weeks saving my only open tube. No other meds was needed. I had HSG in Sept that showed my tube to be open but narrow.

I got AF exactly 30 days after surgery. I went back on Clomid 100 mg 2-7 in Oct. We conceived in November after my 2nd round of clomid.

I am currently 8w4d with IUP!!
4 months4 monthscurrentlu 8wks 4days pregnantPrenatals, folic acidIUPThis is the one and only EP that I have had. I know that it was caused by the tubal reversal surgery that I had in 12/2011.

I have 2 other children that I had at a very young age with no complications at all.... I actually think that I had too easy of a time because until this experience I didn't realize how emotionally taxing TTC can be...
1/8/2013 14:57:02Gayle/BananaCat29VABFP at 12dpo on 4/22/12, but started bleeding heavily the next day and it was assumed it was a CP. 4/23/12 hcg was 9. On 4/29/12 I had some odd cramping so I took an opk and it was positive. Suspicious, I took and hpt and it was blazing positive. I called my doc and they tested my blood and my hcg was 90. Two days later it rose to 215. They waited a week and retested and it was 1729. This whole time I was cramping and experiencing brownish-pink discharge. They scheduled an ultrasound for a week later, but on 5/16/12 (day before scheduled u/s) I started having serious sharp pains/cramping and experienced bright red bleeding. I called my doc and she said I was probably having a m/c (was 7w4d at this time). They got me in for a scan the next morning and found the EP in my right tube. I got sent to the ER and my hcg was 2729. The next day, 5/17/12, I had the mtx shot. I started bleeding 2 days later and this lasted two weeks. My hcg was 3 on 6/7/12 and that's the last I had it tested. We started ttc again in August and got pregnant in September. Our baby is due May 31, 2013. 3 months2 monthsPregnantPrenatals - Natures Way Daily Prenatal + DHAIUP
1/8/2013 15:42:452yearstryingtoconceive38I had an ep with emergency surgery on 4/25/12 8 weeks pregnant and implanted in right tube right outside my ovary! Re tried to salvage tube but after hsg right tube completely blocked! 1 surgery for endometriosis, and 7 iui's! Amh.3 me 38 mom to an angel baby. We've now moved on to de ivf! Had transfer on 1/7/13!20 monthsDe ivf transfer 1/7/13 Citra natal b-calm prenatal
1/8/2013 16:50:18Bibi/bibstar35TexasMy husband and I started TTC in February of 2012. Got BFP after the first try. At about 7 weeks I started to feel very sick and ended up at the ER. Never had any prior bleeding or any sign. Although I only got a BFP a day after I missed my period, and pregnancy symptoms started showing a little slow as well. At the ER they did an ultrasound and determined an ectopic pregnancy in my right tube. I had to have surgery right away because my beta HCG levels were too high to get the shot and I already had blood in my lower abdomen. The doctor preserved my rigth tube and removed the pregnancy tissue. It took about 2 weeks for my levels to get to zero. AF showed 6 weeks post surgery. Recovery after lap surgery was two weeks. I had an HSG done six weeks after the surgery that showed both tubes open with some scarr tissue on right side. We started TTC again 3 months post surgery. EP was in March and we started trying in June. 1 month3 monthsPregnantPrenatals only right nowIUPPrior to my EP I had a miscarriage in November of 2011 at 6 weeks. It was an emotianally painful experience, but that pregnancy was not planned at all. It caught as by surprise. I was devastated after the MC to find out about an EP. Two losses in a row was hard to swallow. But I decided not to give up and do everything that I can and not beyond my control. I started taking natural supplements to increase egg quality, started eating better, and always looked at the positive side of things. The EP group on helped a lot in my emotianal recovery. I also started writing an informational blog that is also a journey to a motherhood since my EP. Blogging has been a big help too. These are some of the supplements I took: Royal Jelly, Vitex, CoQ10, Maca, L-Arginine, Vitamin E
1/8/2013 18:57:18Cécile/ Frenchy Gone West29NCI started spotting about 17 DPO, bleeding at 20DPO. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with threatened miscarriage based on low HCG and nothing visible on the U/S.
The next HCG beta showed increased numbers but not doubling.
10 days after my visit to the ER a second U/S showed a mass near my right ovary. EP.
I was treated with MTX the next morning.
I took me about two months to get my period and another cycle to ovulate.
We waited about 4 months after EP to start TTC again.
1 month5 months/3 cyclesPregnantPrenatals, iron, iodine, DHANo children or BFP prior. My first BFP was the EP. I stopped the pill in May and had the EP in September, on the first cycle we were actively trying.
I have long cycles (about 50 days) and we used TCYOF (Charting cervical fluid and temperatures) to TTC. I started taking prenatals, iron, Iodine and DHA supplement after speaking to my Dr. back home.
I had pains/twitches on my EP side every cycle after it, and even at the beginning of my pregnancy. I was told that it's the scar tissues reacting to the hormones. I even had two episodes of mild spotting in the 5th week of pregnancy. But everything turned out ok.
1/10/2013 12:56:39krystiek35californiaEP in left tube, almost made it to the uterus. Tried the MTX, after two days my HCG was down by half but started having extreme pain only to find out the portion of tube ep was in was very thing walled and burst my tube. Lost my left tube. I got AF 5 weeks after surgery. I waited two cycles to TTC and will have an HSG to check patency of right tube. 2 monthsttcPNV, super B complex, maca root, royal jellyStill waiting for HSG to TTC. I can update later to see if all those vitamins and SMEP'ing works!!
1/10/2013 13:20:43kf51933VAI started bleeding in week 7 but it wasn't bright red and there was no pain. Later in the week I began having sharp pains in my pelvis where it hurt to sit down and the bleeding continued. They checked my HCG levels and they were rising a lot but weren't doubling so they scheduled me for an ultrasound. At the ultrasound in week 8 they could see that there was either a clot or suspected EP on the right side of my abdomen (nothing was in the uterus). I had laparoscopy the following morning to diagnose which of them it was but my right tube had already ruptured so they removed it and confirmed it was an EP. AF showed 1 month later and I was cleared to TTC. 5 cycles2 cyclesATTCprenatalsCP then MCI was worried how long it would take to conceive with 1 tube, but it actually took less than it did with 2 tubes, but I think that was because after the EP, we learned to focus our BDing closer to O day. Also, with my last BFP, I did acupuncture that cycle so I think it did help. (although I've been able to get pregnant before)
1/13/2013 0:26:12Jing33EdmontonLeft tube undergone Laparotomymy EP journey
1/14/2013 20:12:03Nicole29TexasEP located right tube. Went unoticed until u/s@ 7weeks. Surgery 1-9-13. Still waiting for AF I suppose. Just still bleeding from procedure. Told we would have to wait six weeks before we could start ttc3monthsCharting , BBT temping, waiting after LapPrenatals, mucinex, pineapple core
1/19/2013 11:07:12Emily / ejohnson110928MnEp was in left tube numbers going up like they should. Dr saw no heart beat and no blood flow so he thought my body was taking care of it. Next ultrasound it grew numbers up and now had blood flow. Had mix shot and on a Friday next Wednesday baby had a heart beat surgery the following day (feb 16, 2012) HCG at 0 a week later.

Dr found damage in remaining tube. It is clubbed (end is turned in on itself)

HSG June showed tubes open

Dec 2012 told IVF is our only chance after removal of other tube. Opted out due to money.

End of the road for me
On ringStill tryingAttic/temp/opk/preseed/timing bdPrenatalMc in 2005, dd born nov 2007. Went on mirena and that is what the dr thinks caused my damage
1/23/2013 15:32:55Kayla/ kaylajaree 24New MexicoDiagnosed ep by hcg numbers could not see anything in u/s. Treated with 1 treatment of mtx. Took 1 week to get to 0. AF showed up 5 weeks after hit 0. Doctor said to wait 2 months before TTC again.2 monthsSMEP, BBT temping, opksPrenatals, B6
1/23/2013 15:57:27Lizzlee27NCGot my BFP at 14DPO, which was very faint and started spotting light brown the same day. The Dr. said it should be fine, just to relax and let them know if anything else happened. Over the next week, I noticed a lot of back pain and some sharp shooting pains on my left side. Exactly a week after my BFP I was still spotting brown but noticed some bright red spotting and called the Dr. and they had me come in the following Monday. The Dr. was hopeful and seemed to think it was just normal spotting, because I wasn't in much pain. My first beta was drawn at that point and it came back at 918. 48 hours later my second Beta came back 1200+. At that point my Dr. had me come in for an U/S, and he didn't see anything in the uterus or tubes, and decided I was miscarrying. I went into the hospital the following day for a D&C. When I woke up, he came in and let me know there was no IUP, meaning it had to be ectopic and that he wanted to treat me with MTX. I had the shot and was sent home. No real side effects from the MTX, just really depressed and worried about if it would work. I went in for more Beta's which continued to increase. A week later I went in for a post-op to my D&C. I expressed my concerns and asked if I could have an U/S just to make sure everything was ok. Within a few minutes, the pregnancy was found in my left tube with a heartbeat. I was sent directly to the hospital for surgery. There were some complications during surgery--The tube was beginning to rupture and there was some internal bleeding, which prompted the removal of my tube. Because it was so late and because of the complications they kept me over night. The next couple of days were very difficult, physically and emotionally. After surgery I was told to wait 3 months to TTC, which is what we did. 1 year on our own, 3 cycles with fertility Rx4 cycles with fertility RxPregnant PrenatalsIUP!I had no risk factors for EP, and the Dr. seems to think it was just a fluke. People that have a tube removed seem to automatically think they can't get pregnant during cycles in which they ovulate from their "tubeless" side. However, with my current pregnancy, my Dr. seems to think I ovulated from my tubeless side.. So don't count yourself out during those cycles!
1/27/2013 20:08:36Kristalee0130WashingtonEP was located in my left tube. Had MTX first and hCG levels went up from 3300 to 9100 4 days after the shot and went up again to 9400 7 days after the shot so Dr called and sent me into surgery that day. Left tube was removed because it had started to rupture. They drained a cyst located on my right ovary. I bled for 5 days. I was told to wait 3 months to TTC.weren't tryingWaiting after LAPI will start prenatals after hCG is 0, I'm on levothyroxinI've had two prior pregnancies which both produced healthy children born at 41 weeks. No prior MC or EP. I was on the "mini pill" when I conceived the EP.
2/15/2013 19:28:55Amy (alh518)32PittsburghI was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy on October 28, 2012. I have since received 3 shots of MTX. (2 shots back to back in November and one on 2/07/13 when my numbers started to elevate). My numbers went down steadily for 16 weeks. Last week they started to rise, after 3 blood draws, it was confirmed that it was not a new pregnancy and the tissue had regenerated. I received my 3rd shot and found out today that my numbers are higher than they were last week. I have endured 18 weeks of heartache and there is not end in sight. I meet with my doc next week to discuss my options. I just want to be back to normal, I never imagined this process would take soo long.2 monthsWaiting after MTX/LAPPrenatals prior to EP
3/23/2013 17:53:43kat/ kat.41903 months NTNP, 3 months ATTC, Got our bfp our first cycle on our break from ttc.B6, B12, Folic Acid, InositolIUP :)
3/24/2013 6:20:02Kmorrison2130Concord, ncMy ectopic was in my left tube. We found out on valentines day. Was treated with MTX on 2/21 and my levels were back to 0 on March 4. I ovulated the week of march 18th so no AF yet. We are waiting the recommended 3 months to start TTC. 1st tryWaiting after MTXPrenatal vitamins I'm only 6 weeks post EC and the word I cling to know is HOPE. Keep the hope that one day you will have that healthy pregnancy and that healthy child in your arms. HOPE keeps me going.
5/20/2013 1:29:55Ally/MsTTC31 in AugustMumbaiAugust 2010
On medication for high prolactin (cabergolin) when I conceived (accidentally-was on the pill)
Because of the pill I wasnt expecting pregnancy, and also, I had my period. it wasnt as heavy as normal, but it wasnt light either. Had a USG and a HPT, both of which showed no pregnancy.
Made a major move to Indonesia for work, had to pack and run and strain myself (not knowing or even suspecting I was pregnant)
Reached Jakarta, and on my 3rd day at work, during a presentation, I start getting intense cramps and fainted a little while later.
Pain felt nothing like period cramps it was really strong and sharp and stabby.
It took the idiots at the hospital 3 hours to NOT figure out what was wrong, so I decided to go to another hospital and insist on a blood pregnancy test, because I saw blood on the USG which the radiologist kept insisting was free fluid.
Pregnancy test was positive, and the doctor called me in for a 4D sonography and confirmed.
Right tube had ruptured and had to be removed. It was too messy to do it laproscopically, so we had to perform a c-section kind of surgery.
the healing was like having a C-sec. No lifting, straining, working out or ttc till the muscles all healed back....
And the doctor said that if I want to have babies and try for a natural vaginal birth, he would suggest I wait atleast 18 months before trying to ttc. For a c-section, i just needed to wait 8-9 months.
Werent trying.We have been trying for a year now. Still waiting. KFX1 failed cycle of IVF in April2013, Continuing clomid and trying naturally in May2013Productiv F, Omega 3 capsules, Vit B, C, E, macfolate, DHEA till Ovulation, Ubiquinol till Ovulation, Progynova I just want to say that I know it gets tough, and it gets depressing. But I also know that I really want it and I know you all do too. So do all that you can, and leave the rest up to fate.
Dont give up hope without giving it all you got!
5/20/2013 5:01:26tamlang123/Tammy29South AfricaEP was in the right tube - about 7 weeks along. I didnt get my HSG tested post-surgery, tube was removed. AF came 8 weeks after the surgery, and the second AF was 8 weeks after the first. 2 months2 monthsOPKs, waiting to TTC in julyprenatalsMCTo clarify - got pg 2nd month TTC with ectopic. Waited for 1 LONG cycle till TTC again. 2nd month TTC, got pg with MC. Waiting 1 cycle to try again
5/20/2013 13:08:25honey_bee22richmond, caMy ectopic pregnancy was in my right tube, i had my tube removed . i was 10 weeks i had to get it surgically removed . its been a year im still waiting but im planning on ttc November 20133 yearsfinished my ep journey, TTCprenatialsNo children prior or after my EP , im hoping for a healthy pregnancy when i do try again my friend told me take more folic acid when i start TTC .
5/20/2013 13:18:59FrostyJeep133ILIUI cancelled on 12.21.13 due to ovulating on CD9 but DH caught the eggie. BFP 1.9.13 was told it was an EP on 1.18.13 highest HCG was 208. EP was located in the right tube. It took 3 weeks to go to 0. But the baby bits hung out until end of March along with a cyst right on top of the fallopian tube where EP was so I was being monitored super heavy. Ultrasound in April showed fallopian tube cyst was gone and HSG showed clear tube finally. Was given the green light after an HSG in April to try again. in the 2ww after an IUI with injections, IUI was on Mothers Day so I am hoping that is a good sign.16 monthsnot yetIVF/IUI/FETfertility blend, prenatal, CoQ10, DHA, vitamin E and baby asprinn/aI have low AMH .34 (yes that says point 34) and high FSH
I have an 11 y/o DD from a previous relationship
I am very happy for this group. It sucks we are all here given the circumstances, it is like a club that has bad memebership requirements but it has been very helpful to me with healing from this so I appreciate all of you. Everyone one here is strong and I wish everyone their well deserved rainbow baby.
5/20/2013 14:39:09Gretchen782134Decatur, ILWent to ER with severe abdominal pain on 10/21, surgery performed 10/22 on left tube, tube was saved. I was told to wait 3 cycles before TTC again.6 monthsstill waitingSMEPprenatals, folic acid, soy isoflavonesI have 1 13 year old girl before ep
5/20/2013 20:58:24Ellaboo's Mamma
5/20/2013 21:09:03Ellaboo's Mamma25Australia 27th May 2012 -BFP
10th June 2012 -severe abdominal pain began
11th -pain continued so I went to the ED
On call doctor have pain relief and as pain eased I was sent home to have a follow up appt with an early pregnancy clinic
13th June- appt with EPC hCG draw from first hosp visit was 2300
They took a redraw hCG 2100
Booked ultrasound to check viability
15th June - bleeding began, ultrasound found nothing in uterus however a mass in left tube
Anther HCG draw 2300
I was advised MtX shot was beat treatment path
16th June- MTX shot administered, no side affects
19th June- HCG 1600
21st June- hCG 1300
22nd June- severe abdominal pain returned
Hot sweats, more bleeding vomiting. Admitted to ED a ultrasound confirmed mass still present
23rd& 24th- monitored in hospital
25th June- ultrasound detected mass has grown in size surgery required to remove both ectopic and left tube immediately.
26th June - discharged from hospital
29th June- post op checkup went well HCG 77
July 17th - hCG 2 can begin pre natal vitamins
1month1monthPregnant Blackmore prenatal vitamins IUP
6/10/2013 19:25:24ferris200725NJI found out I was pregnant 7/23/12 (Monday). On 7/27/12 (Friday), I went to the ob to have my blood drawn.

That Sunday (7/29/12) I was rushed to the ER with excruciating pain in my left side. I had never had so much pain in my life. I literally thought I was dying. I couldn't sit, stand, lie down, walk, talk, breathe, etc. At the ER, they gave me pain meds, took my blood, and did an ultrasound. They could not see anything, so diagnosed me with a 'threatened miscarriage' and told me to see my ob asap.

On 7/30/12 (Monday), my ob called and said my numbers were low and I needed to come back in for more bloodwork. I went in the next day (7/31/12, Tuesday). On Wed I received another phone call and was asked to come in. I went in to see the doctor, who said my hcg levels were not doubling and I would need to be monitored.

I was at the ob literally every other day having my blood drawn to monitor my hcg. A few days later I was back in the ER with heavy bleeding. The ER doctor told me it was pointless for me to be there (she was so rude) so I requested to see my ob who had told me to go to the ER. They still assumed I was miscarrying as they could not see anything on ultrasound.

On 8/15/2012 (Wed), I was sent for another ultrasound and finally we were able to determine it was ectopic in my left tube. At this point, I was so happy to just know what was going on and be able to be done with it. That afternoon, I had the MTX shot and was sent home to rest.

That Sunday (8/19/12), I was in the ER again with excruciating pain and assumed I was rupturing and would need surgery. Everything was fine (fine, haha!) and I was just very swollen. I did not need surgery.

I continued to have my blood drawn every other day and on 9/3/2012, my hcg levels finally reached 0!
6 months7 monthsPregnantPrenatalsIUPI did not have any miscarriages or multiple EPs. Just the one EP. It was the most devastating, painful, sad experience I have ever gone through. I still wonder what my angel baby would have looked like, been a boy/girl, etc, but honestly this experience made me stronger and made me appreciate my life and my daughter so much more. I was a nervous wreck the first 12 weeks of my current pregnancy. Now that I am currently 15 weeks pregnant, I feel happy and blessed.
6/10/2013 21:51:06Rin31MII don't really have a Diagnosis. My OB just seems to think that my tubes are moving the embryo to the correct place, and he has no reason why or anything to tell me other then he thinks IVF is our next step.

2 EP's 1 in each tube both EP's in the same place right in the middle of both tubes.
1st was on left side tube removed. Jan 2013
2nd in right tube MTX shot. May 2013
6 mths1 cycleIVFPrenatalsEP
6/10/2013 23:12:36Lecielestrouge125Houston, Texas EP in right tube with paraguard IUD in place, dx at est 6-8 weeks. Nothing visible on transvaginal u/s day after BFP and levels were 3413, iud removed that day. Had an "AF" three days before I found out I was pregnant that was normal and on time. Three days after BFP levels only 4825. Ruptured four days after BFP, abdominal u/s showed EP and massive internal bleeding. Lost 2L of blood and had transfusion, went into stage 3 shock, lost right tube. Negative HPT four weeks after surgery. Advised to wait three cycles before TTC again. Still waiting on first AF. Unplanned, had IUDStill waiting to TTCFinished my EP journeyNone No pregnancies after EP yetI had a healthy pregnancy resulting in DD in 1/06. Possible EP that began to miscarry in 2009 but resulted in D&C to completely remove it. Healthy pregnancy in 11/10 for another DD. Although I have a heart shaped and double uterus I still carried two healthy girls and am hoping to have one more child even with two losses and one tube. Still have both ovaries.
6/11/2013 9:10:20crstna11331Linden, NJI miscarried on 3/17/2012, on the due date of the first baby lost, I found out i was pregnant again, when i had to have emergency surgery 5 days later (10/20/2012) to remove baby and left tube. I was put on BC for 6 months and to go in for IVF. Found out my insurance doesn't cover IVF, was given permission by Dr to TTC again. over 2 yearsprenatalshad MC 3/17/2012

Just take one day at a time.
6/27/2013 16:24:10mirandah2k30Dallas, TXCornual Ectopic, March 2013 in Right side. Had two doses of MTX, HCG was up to 8000 (my doc is a brave renegade) took 6 weeks to get back to 0 and cycles started back up perfectly. Pregnant again after 2-3 good cycles. Waiting for U/S.2 years3 monthsNewly Pregnant 4 WeeksSelenium, Prenatals, Folic AcidUnknown yet
7/7/2013 18:56:04Liz/Coltsfan1234IllinoisFirst EP 9/2002-diagnosed after seeing a mass on right tube. Since I was so early, only 5 weeks, we thought it might have been a cyst. I was sent home with instructions for blood draws and to try to wait and see. That same night my tube ended up rupturing, and had emergency surgery to remove my tube.

Second EP 5/2013-originally diagnosed as miscarriage, but betas did not drop as expected, so sent for u/s. We didn't see anything, either in my left tube or uterus, but based in dropping and rising beta numbers I was diagnosed as "possible" EP and given MTX. After first dose my numbers dropped, then went up, so I had to get a 2nd dose of MTX. After that it took, and my numbers dropped quickly. It only took me 2 weeks to get back to 0 after the 2nd shot.
We weren't TTC before first EP, and 8 years before 2ndPrenatals, woman's best friend, green tea
8/7/2013 21:53:36Ptello3134 (35 in November)Spokane, WABFP 4/15/13. Initially diagnosed on 4/22 as miscarriage after four days of dark brown spotting. Began bleeding heavily the next day. Started blood draws to follow HCG down. After two weeks, HCG stayed the same, right around 50, and even went up a tiny bit to 53. Asked to come back, had ultrasound, was told it was most likely ectopic and that there was a "complex hemorrhagic cyst" near my right ovary. By this time, I was having pain on that side. Got methotrexate shot on 5/8/13. Reached "less than 2" HCG on 5/29/13. Started cycle 1 that day. Was asked to wait another cycle before trying.....we didn't really follow that advice as we weren't given any good reason. Now just finished third cycle of trying, waiting for AF to get out of town so we can try again. :)2 months.N/AATTC, SNEP, Charting, BBT TempingOTC prenatal, just started B6 supplement, and am going to try Mucinex this cycle.N/ANo children prior to EP. No risk factors.

I have to think there is a reason we went through this, and I believe God has a plan. I hope that plan includes us having a baby of our own, but in the meantime, I am thankful for my stepdaughter, a wonderful 3-year-old who gives me great practice and a new gray hair each day. :)
8/7/2013 21:53:36mellybellv 36New JerseyEP was located in left tube. I received MTX 2 different times and neither worked. Went to hospital for pain and had emergency surgery. Had to have the tube removed. I got AF 34 days later. Dr said wait only one cycle to ttc so waited for one. Have now been trying for 5 cycles to get BFP and nothing yet. Will try one more month before seeing RE. One monthStill trying 5 months laterATTCPrenatalsI conceived my daughter after two cycles of ttc and had no complications. I was 30. I conceived EP first month of ttc at 35.
8/7/2013 23:39:04AK2to337Anchorage, AKI had laparoscopic surgery on 6/21/13 to remove right tube along with the EP.
I had severe cramps and bleeding from 6/16, went to ER 6/18 and for the lack of evidence got a misdiagnose for m/c instead of EP and I was sent home, on 6/21 the pain got beyond painful and almost lost it due to bleeding, EP was found in my right tube and emergency surgery was performed right away.
My first AF came 32 days after EP, my normal cycles were 31-33 so that was right on the spot.... however, my second cycle is looking more like it'll be around 26 days.
I was clear to TTC at my 2 week follow up appointment, perhaps due to my age and the fact that tube was removed and there was no reason (according to dr.) other than bad luck for my EP.
0, got pregnant right away2 months and still tryingTTCprenatalsI had 2 perfect pregnancies before EP.
1st one, in 2006 and 2nd one in 2008.
8/8/2013 0:09:00AngelaBender23Junction City, KansasHad SEVERE abdominal pain, mostly on my left side. At first it was mild, then got progressively worse. EP was in my right tube. I had surgery to remove it. Surgery was recent, so we haven't started to TTC yet.We weren't trying, so I don't knowN/AWaiting for AF to come back. Then waiting two to three cycles before TTC againPrenatalsN/A
8/8/2013 0:12:28Mrsflamingo201228Missouri Suspected EP in right tube. Treated with MTX shots on February 18, 2013. My levels only reached the mid 700's, I was at a 0 by mid-March. I got pregnant with the Paraguard IUD in place. None NA. Not TTC for awhile Finished with my EP journeyNone I had two normal pregnancies with ex-husband before this EP. I also got pregnant easily with both children (on two different forms of BC). My current DH and I were not planning on having children so this pregnancy was a happy surprise, we were sad about how it ended but it did change our mind about children. We will TTC most likely starting next summer/fall.
8/8/2013 1:23:49CatMR30Bristol, UKThe first time you get a positive pregnancy test you should be jumping for joy but I knew something was wrong. Went to the docs due to abnormal bleeding and was sent straight to early pregnancy clinic for scans, blood tests etc. After 3 impatiently long days my EP was confirmed and I was admitted for an emergency laparoscopy due to partial rupture - I had had no pain so I guess I was fairly lucky. Had my left tube removed along with the 6 week old embryo. The day I lost my baby our future king of England was born, how timely!18 monthsWaiting for first AF after EP before ttcPrenatal vitaminsNo children yet but I refuse to give up hope. After 18 months ttc I had a positive pregnant test, it just so happens it was in the wrong place this time but now at least I know I can get pregnant...lets hope next time I'll be lucky.
8/8/2013 16:46:48Kd33CorkLeft tube ep 2011, tube ruptured, emergency surgery in nonmaternity hospital as no time for transfer to maternity. Af 6 weeks, irregular for 3 months after, ttc 3 months later, next ep 2012 right tube, partial tube removal, periods irregular for almost a year, have pain since last surgery, had numerous surgeries to find problem, no answer. Started ivf cycle today36 monthsivfep2 children, then mc, then 2 ep
8/12/2013 19:11:02Brooke/bshandsauby33Millbrook, ALMy EP was located in my left tube. I had my LAP a little over two weeks ago. My left tube was removed. We have not decided when we will start TTC again. This was our first pregnancy, we have been TTC for 2 1/2 years.2 1/2 yearsundecidedWaiting after LAPPrenatals
8/16/2013 7:50:49Lindsay32ColoradoEP on right tube on second month TTC, had surgery and tube was removed, I had my AF about two weeks after the surgery...and I went right back to normal. I have scarring/adhesions around my remaining tube, but the doctor said that my remaining tube looked better than my right. 2 months2 monthsWaiting for HSGprenatals, serropeptaseN/AThis is our first time trying to conceive, and my insurance doesn't cover an HSG right now, so I'm waiting until January (when my insurance changes) to get one done. Until then, we're just going to keep on BD'ing and see what happens. But, I do have scarring, so we'll just have to see...
11/10/2013 6:41:00mrsjj200936New YorkMy cornual EP was discovered on 10/25/13 at 8.5 weeks after I went to the doctor because of a second incident of spotting. I had had 2 previous ultrasounds and everything looked fine - baby had a heartbeat and nothing was said about it being ectopic. Luckily I just happened to see the perinatologist for that appointment, who spent an hour trying to figure out where my pregnancy was. Since it was in the cornual region of the uterus (left side), it appeared to be an IUP and was very difficult to diagnose. I was sent directly to the hospital for surgery. Luckily again, I needed only laprascopic surgery and a D&C - no damage to tube or uterus. I had one shot of MTX after surgery as a precaution. My hCG was over 50,000 the day of surgery and at 11 days post, it was 2,000. My doc says it will probably take another month to go to 0 and then another month for my first real AF.2 monthsStill waitingWaiting after Lap/MTXPNV+DHAI have a DS who was born in 11/10. Got that BFP after only 6 weeks of trying.
11/10/2013 10:07:41Rachel39wvAfter many ultrasounds...unconfirmed IUP....they could not find location of ectopic. Due to slow rising hcg and low progesterone I was treated as ectopic.

10/30 - two mtx shots hcg 1702 (7w pg)
4d post mtx - hcg 311
7d post mtx - hcg 87

Dr says no more mtx shots, but weekly blood work until I get below 5.
1yrwaiting after mtxprenatals (Neevo), baby aspirin, Lovenox, progesteroneDec '07 - m/c at 12w
Jun '08 - m/c at 10w
Diagnosed w/MTHFR (homozygous for C)
Nov '12 - m/c at 8w
Baby diagnosed Trisomy 22
Oct '13 - m/c at 7w due to ectopic
11/10/2013 10:11:37Rachel39wvAfter many ultrasounds...unconfirmed IUP....they could not find location of ectopic. Due to slow rising hcg and low progesterone I was treated as ectopic.

10/30 - two mtx shots hcg 1702 (7w pg)
4d post mtx - hcg 311
7d post mtx - hcg 87

Dr says no more mtx shots, but weekly blood work until I get below 5.
1yrwaiting after mtxprenatals (Neevo), baby aspirin, Lovenox, progesteroneDec '07 - m/c at 12w
Jun '08 - m/c at 10w
Diagnosed w/MTHFR (homozygous for C)
Nov '12 - m/c at 8w
Baby diagnosed Trisomy 22
Oct '13 - m/c at 7w due to ectopic
11/14/2013 20:54:15Ashley Allan / aallan0724Ogden UtahEp discovered on October 31, 2013 I was about 6 weeks. The Dr. Did an ultrasound couldn't see the baby I just had a fluid sack in my uterus but the baby wasn't there... we went in the week before and she couldn't see the baby and started doing the blood draws to see my hcg levels they kept increasing but not doubling. I had pain on my right side those were the only signs I had of it being Ep. I had an Mtx shot and my levels didn't drop so the Dr. Gave me a second one levels are dropping now! over a yearnawaiting after Mtx nana
11/15/2013 14:47:12Jackie34Nutley, NJPregnancy test positive on September 24th, 2013- Diagnosed EP on the right side on 10/2. HCG was over 7000 nothing in the uterus at the time of ultrasound. MTX given 10/2, 10/4, 10/6, 10/8 & 11/6. Finally down to 131 on Wednesday 11/13. Going for repeat BW on 11/20. Hoping to schedule HSG for late December. 8 monthsWaiting for MTX
11/16/2013 9:33:47upc200032GR, Michigan1st EP left tube removed, and testing said my other tube was clear and free to try again.
2nd EP right tube and in the same spot as my 1st EP. My OB decided that my tubes just don't work, and set me to the RE.
RE said my OB is right IVF is it.
1 year6 mthsIVFPrenatalsEP x2
11/16/2013 22:17:19Mdwilla24MontanaSuspected ectopic. My hcg was not doubling as it should and then started to go up a little, down a little, up a little. U/s never found placement but not a viable pregnancy. Treated with mtx. After 5 weeks to reach 0 and one af later we are ttc again0 monthsJust starting ttc Reached 0 recently and ok'd to ttc! Taking this month easy and if not pg will start temping in addition to chartingPrenatals4.5 year old son conceived long before ep
11/16/2013 23:36:27Angela23Junction City, KSRight tube. Surgery. Tube removed. Surgery July 12. First AF August 19. Started TTC October. No such luck so far..considering HSGWasnt trying Been trying for 2 monthsATTC using fertility friend Prenatals
11/17/2013 9:09:22lalaith930MAEP on right side mid September 2013. One MTX shot, down to 0 in about 2 weeks. My first period was a month after 0 count. I've patiently waited 2 normal cycles and will start TTC in December. 1st month actively ttcwill start in Decemberattcjust prenatalnoMC last January, blighted ovum
11/19/2013 17:22:12ms.rikercat29Francelocated in right tube (embryo with heartbeat), 1 mtx injection (failed), emergency surgery, kept tube6 months (1 mc)2 cycles (after 3 month wait)pregnant0
9/21/2014 9:28:54Megabartsch33MNMC 11/20/2012 at 14weeks. Suspected MC 4/29/2013, but after blood draw a few days after, hCG was still rising, so diagnosed as EP on right side. Couldn't ever located on ultrasound. Took about 8 weeks to get to zero. Had 2 shots of MTX. Decided to take a long, long break from trying. Suffered from mental health, / anxiety, depression. Much better now, but nervous to try again. how can we all not be! But I'm starting to feel ready.1 yearish.N/a. Thinking about starting that journey.Thinkin about TTC, after a year of taking a complete breakPrenatals, fish oil, vitamin d (occasionally). Have tried chaste berry/vitex, thinking about getting on again. Both pregnancies showed I had lower progesterone.N/a1 mc before ep, at 14 weeks, about 5 months before ep. Took a long (year) break from trying for my own sanity. :-). I still feel pain on ectopic side during menstration and around ovulation time even a year later, does anyone else? (Treated with MTX). I also feel pain in my groin on that side (r).
9/21/2014 11:01:31shurshm0722KansasBFP on 1st cycle off of pill. EP with heartbeat found at 6w3d on 10/31/13 in left tube starting to rupture. Left tube removed. No risk factors for EP. HSG shows clear right tube. All other tests have come back normal. TTC again starting 12/2013. No BFP after 11 cycles, no explanation for not getting pregnant again. Starting IUI/Femara/Trigger next cycle. Waiting for our rainbow and 1st baby.1 cycleStill TTC TTC/Charting/Starting Femara & IUIPrenatals/B6No BFP Yet
9/21/2014 11:34:06mfehrenbacher32NCHad a son with no complications in 2011. Started trying for #2 during the holidays of 2013. Got pregnant the first cycle off the pill, but everything felt funny. My first blood draw at the OB's office was only an 11. It rose to a 19 and then a week later, 193, but throughout it all, I had started spotting and thought it was a miscarriage. Followed the levels anxiously until they nearly hit 1,000, which is when I had an ultrasound (saw something "funny" on the right side) MTX. A D&C later confirmed no pregnancy tissue in the uterus. Two cycles later, had an HSG that said everything looked great.first tryfour cycles, but ended in CPprenatals, Vit B6CPRight now, I'm in the middle of my second BFP post-ectopic. It might be another ectopic on the left side. My HCG levels are low and they aren't doubling properly; however, I'm not spotting (yet).
9/29/2014 0:47:54sexytip919NC3 Monthswaitingprenatal, booti
9/29/2014 0:47:54sexytip919NC3 Monthswaitingprenatal, booti
9/29/2014 0:47:54sexytip919NC3 Monthswaitingprenatal, booti
9/29/2014 0:48:09sexytip919NC3 Monthswaitingprenatal, bio
9/29/2014 19:57:52Mschantal26NyOvarian Ectopic on my left ovary. Had surgery to remove the ectopic (laparoscopy and 3inch incision to remove the ectopic). AF returned 2 weeks after hcg levels were at 0. Waited TTC 3 months.Wasn't trying, had 2 kids5 monthsPregnantIUP, successful pregnancyI had 2 children prior to having the ectopic. I took the morning after pill and fell pregnant the next month. Waited until 7 weeks to get checked out due to light bleeding and was sent in for emergency surgery. The baby was growing on my left ovary. They were able to save my ovary and I was able to get pregnant again with my son. I am now pregnant again and going through the fears of this baby growing in the wrong place.