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DateSizeDescriptionShelf LocationCopiesPublisherCondition
1Map of Clarkstown Township from Rockland County Atlas187617.5 x 16.75 in.Print from Atlas of Rockland County, 1876Drawer 3, folder 5
2Map of Village of Nyack187328 x 63 inStreet names, property owners, important buildings. Includes South Nyack.LH conference roomDripps
3Map of Clarkstown197842 x 50 inStreet names, property boundaries, schools, bodies of water.Map Stand
4Map of Hudson River riverfront communities 184615 X 11inHook Mountain to Grassy Point on West and Sing Sing Prison to Mattrosses Point on the EastDrawer 4, folder 102 copiesWade & Croome
5Map of Haverstraw Quadrangle194321 x 17 inHudson River from Tappan Zee to Stony Point State ParkDrawer 3, folder 63US Geolog Survey
6Map of Haverstraw Quadrangle195527 1/4 x 22 inRevision of 1943 mapDrawer 1, folder 1
7Map of Hudson River Landings184623 x 7 inFrom Dobbs Ferry & Palisades to Anthony's Nose & Bear MountainDrawer 3, folder 7Wade & Croome
8Panorama of the Hudson River from NY to Albany197930 x 12 inBased on 1845 drawings by William WadeDrawer 3, folder 73 sets, 15 mapsHudson River Sloop Clearwater
9Map of the Hudson River Valley-A Heritage for All Time197938 x 25 inAreas along Hudson River where land is preserved; color legend; opposite side has textDrawer 3, folder 8NYS Dept. Envrnmntal Cons.Fragile
10Additions & Alerterations to Nyack Library199145 x 30 inMichael Esmay, architect. Blueprints.Rolled map rack LHR21 pages
11Map of Library Districts Rockland County196635 x 45 inOutlines of districts, with roads indicatedRolled map rack LHR
12Map of Library Districts Rockland County196935 x 45 inOutlines of revised districts, with details fadedRolled map rack LHR
13aA Plan of Operations of the Kings Army under Gen Wm. Howe against Gen. Geo. Washington in NY and NJ177730.5 x 21 inOct 12-Nov. 28, 1776. Plan of operations for British Army under Gen. Wm. Howe in NY, East NJ against Gen. Geo. Washington.Drawer 1, folder1copy from 1777 engraving
13bA Plan of Operations of the Kings Army under Gen Wm. Howe against Gen. Geo. Washington in NY and NJ177728.75 x 18.25 inSame as Map 13a; smaller with relevant commentaryDrawer 1, folder 1
14Map of NY in the American Revolution1775-178335 x 24.5 inIndicates American troops in blue, British troops in red. Insets of NY City & Hudson HighlandsDrawer 1, folder 1
15Map of Towne of New York1664-166818.5 x 54 in.Nicholls Map reproduced by NY Historical Society, 1862Rolled map rack LHR
16Transportation Planning Map197440 x 60 inDOT NYS South, index of Topo MapsRolled map rack LHR
17Map of Rockland County190038 x 46 inMap by John D. Christie/Margarette ChristieIn Trustee's RoomLaminated
18Hook Mountain survey, south of Rockland LakeMarch 191842 x 59 inLand owned by Anita White, black and white with notes in gray and blue pencilDrawer1, folder 2Karen Houghton, donor
19aMap of a Portion of Nyack187618 x 14.5 inBlack & white, scale 1 in =300 ft.Drawer 3, folder 5
19bMap of a Portion of Nyack187623 x 14.5 inFramed, color, scale 1 in = 300 ftNorth wall, LHR corridor
20Map of a Portion of Nyack187618.5 x 18.5 inFramed, color, scale 1 in = 300 ftNorth wall, LHR corridor
21Map of a Portion of Nyack187623 x 14.5 inFramed, color, scale 1 in = 300 ftNorth wall, LHR corridor
22Nyack on Hudson by Burleigh188436 x 19 inBlack & white with list of buildingsWest wall, LHRFramed
23Map Burd Street, Broadway to Waterfront197726 x 87 inBuildings from Reformed Church on Broadway to marinaRolled map rackLH Eisenhauer
24aSanborn Insurance Map Book191013.5 x. 21 inColor. Approx 21 sectionsDrawer 4, left sideFragile
24bSanborn Insurance Map Book191913.5 x.21 inColor. Approx 21 sectionsDrawer 4, left sideFragile
25Map of Nyack & parts of South & Upper Nyack192617 x 11 inFrom Sanborn Map BookDrawer 4, folder 112 copies
26aMap of Nyack Quadrangle194025 x 22 inWith elevations, contour lines; colorDrawer 1, folder 1US Geolog Survey
27NMap of Nyack Urban Area197748 x 36 inN. Rockland County,  scale 1 in = 800 ftRolled map rack LHRNYS DOT
27SMap of Nyack Urban Area197748X 36 in.S. Rockland County, scale 1 in = 800 ftRolled map rackNYS DOT
28NMap of Nyack Urban Area199148 x 36 inN. Rockland County,  scale 1 in = 800 ftRolled map rack, LHRNYS DOT
28SMap of Nyack Urban Area199148 x 36 in.S. Rockland County, scale 1 in = 800 ftRolled map rackNYS DOT
29Map of Nyack Quadrangle197730 x 23 inBlack & white, scale 1 in =800 ft. Buildings, roadsDrawer 1, folder 1NYS DOT
29aIndex to Topography, Maps of New York197739 x 33 in, foldedUS Department of the Interior, colorDrawer 4, folder 14US Geolog Surveyfolded
30Map of Village of Nyack, Proposed Zoning198542 x 26.75 inBlack and white, zones and changes keyedDrawer 1, folder 2Raymond, Parish, Pine & Weiner
31Indexed Map & Shopping Guide of the Nyacks195522.25 x 17.25 inIncludes Spring Valley, Nanuet, New CityDrawer 3, folder 8
32Map of Orange County197416.75 x 11 in.Color, major roads and highwaysDrawer 4, folder 11NYS DOT
33Map of Orange & Rockland Counties, copy183922.5 x 19.25 inIncludes topographical featuresDrawer 3, folder 8David H. Burrvery faded
34Orangetown & Clarkstown street map 197018 x 22 in.2-sided: Orangetown on one side, Clarkstown on reverse, includes indexDrawer 3, folder 82 copies
35Map of Orangetown187617.75 x 15.75 in2 copies one slightly largerDrawer 3, folder 52 reprints
36Map of Town of Orangetown, Urban Planning199042 x 47 inColor, streets and lotsRolled map rack LHRRockland Cty Planning Bd
36bMap of Town of Orangetown, Urban Planning197842 x 47 inColor, streets and lotsRolled map rack LHRRkld Cty Planning Bd
37Topographical Map of Peekskill194727.25 x.22 inColor, scale 1:24,000Drawer 1, folder 12 copiesUS Geolog Survey
38Map of Tappan Landing184615 x 11 inEast & West Shores of Hudson: East, Hastings to Tarrytown; West, Palisades to PiermontDrawer 4, folder 113 copiesWade & Croome
39Topographic Map of West Point, Popolopen Lake & PIP194627.25 x 22 inColor, scale 1:24,000Drawer 1, folder 1US Geolog Survey
40Map of Towns of Ramapo, Stony Point & Haverstraw196522 x 17 inIncludes street index.  2-sided: Ramapo on one side, Story Point & Haverstraw on reverseDrawer 3, folder 8index by Martin
41Topographic Map of Ramapo Quadrangle190915 x 20 in.Town of Ramapo, Ramapo Mts & adjacent areasDrawer 3, folder 6USDept Interiorpoor conditon
42Topolographic Map of Ramapo Quadrangle193117 x 20.5 in.Towns of Ramapo, Tuxedo, & PIP Scale 1:62,500Drawer 3, folder 6US Geolog Survey
43Map of 1938 Ramapo Quadrangle194721 x 17 inTowns of Ramapo, Tuxedo, Haverstraw Scale 1:62,500Drawer 3, folder 6reprint of 1938 mapNYS DPW
44Map of Western Ramapo Streets196517 x 11 inBlack and white,indexedDrawer 4, folder 11Martin
45aMap of Rockland County 50 Years after Revolution183015 x 11 inMap Series I #3: Principle (sic) Roads & Place Names. Drawer 4, folder 11after Burr 1839
45bMap of Rockland County 50 Years after Revolution185015 x 11 inMap Series I #4: Principle (sic) Roads & Place Names.Drawer 4, folder 11after Burr 1839
46Palisade: New York City north to Haverstraw190015 x 16 inFolded map. copied in 2 parts, shows roads & railroadsDrawer 4, folder 10Copy
47 a-gMap of Rockland County in 7 unique maps1859Sizes vary47a Nyack, b/w; 47b Nyack, color; 47c Upper Nyack; 47d Piermont; 47e Tappan; 47f Tappan; 47g New City Drawer 4, folder 13copies of large rolled mapRockland Cty. Planning Board
48Map of Rockland County194034 x 42 inRolled map rack LHR
49Map or Rockland County187618.5 x 15scale: 2.5 miles = 1 inDrawer 3, folder 5copy
50New Historical Atlas of Rockland County187614 x 17 inIllustrations of notable buildings. Directory of prominent businessmenBl-gray cabinet, Drawer 3fragile condition
51New Historical Atlas of Rockland County187614 x 17 inDittoBl-gray cabinet, Drawer 3fragile condition
52Topographical Map of Tarrytown Quadrangle191420 x 16.5Includes Greenburg, Mt. Pleasant, Ossining, Newcastle, Cortland, Yorktown , Orangetown Clarkstown, Stony PointDrawer 3, folder 5reprintUS Geolog Surverypoor condition
53Photogrammetric Map of Rockland county195842 x 26 inIncludes 5 parts of Rockland County: Sparkill, Piermont, Grand View, South NyackDrawer 1, folder 2
54Historical Sketch of Hudson Valley & Ramapo196119 x 13.5 inIncludes Orange & Bergen Counties, description of 101 historic sites on reverse. Hist. Soc of Rockland County & Tappan Zee Hist. Soc.Drawer 3, folder 7 copyLederlecopy is 3 smaller copies taped together
55Highway Map of Putnam, Rockland, Westchester Counties197417 x 11 inColor; principal highways and waterwaysDrawer 4, folder 11NYS DOT
56Landmarks of Rockland County with Roads & Early Buildings197535 x 47 inHist. Soc. of Rockland CountyRolled map case LHR; Framed, south wall of Trustees' Room2 copies
57Hagstrom Map of Streets & Roads in Rockland County192049 x 66 inIncludes names and acreages of principal landowners. Scale 1 in = 2000 ft. Linen-backedRolled map rackDolph & Stewart
58Hagstrom Map of Streets & Roads in Rockland County193032 x 41 in scale 1 in = 3000 ft.Rolled map rack
59Map of Rockland County194017 x 13.75 insmall scale, before TZ bridge, date uncertainDrawer 3, folder 5Le Huray
60Zone Map of Village of Upper Nyack192817.75 x 8 inFrank Crumbie, MayorDrawer 4, folder 102 copies
61Topographic map of Yonkers Quadrangle196617.75 x 22 inwith boundaries, roads & buildingsDrawer 1, folder 1US Geolog Survey
62Topographic maps of Nyack Quadrangle199130 x 22 inwith boundaries, roads & buildingsDrawer 1, folder 14 copiesNYS DOT
63Map of Village of Nyack's proposed sewage system189321.5 x 15 inLength & diameter of pipe, rate of fall per streetDrawer 3, folder 72 copiesJames S. Haring
64Map of Proposed Nyack Historical District198714 x 13 inFrom Cedar Hill to First Ave, based on zoning map #30Drawer 3, folder 72 copies
65Map of Piermont199636 x 28.5 inScale 1 in.=500 ft Shows street names and outlines of owned plots of landDrawer 1, folder 2Rockland Co. Planning Dept.
66Map of Village of South Nyack199630 x 22 inScale 1 in.=500 ft Shows street names and outlines of owned plots of landDrawer 3, folder 52 copiesRockland Co. Planning Dept.
67Map of Village of Nyack199634 x 26 inScale 1 in.=500 ft Shows street names and outlines of owned plots of landDrawer 3, folder 8FoldedRockland Co. Planning Dept.
68Map of the United States178322 x 18 inReproductionDrawer 3, folder 8
69Map of Town of Orangetown199929 x 23 inColor, places of interested & local merchantes listedDrawer 2, folder 2Community Map Co
70Official Map of County: Part 3 Greenways, Parks, & Facilities 199335 x 41 inScale1 in=3000 ft. State parks, county lands, Long Path, & streamsRolled map rack LHRRockland Co Planning Board
71Romance Map of Hudson River Valley195922 x 18 inColor reprint. Dozens of illustrations and 30 separate paragraphs with historical notes.Drawer 3, folder 8Marguerite Hess Parrish, Lyons Falls, NY
72Map of Peter DePew & Wm. Voorhis property in Nyack186938 x 24 inDetail plots of land from Brookside Ave to DePew Ave, from river to Grove St (now Franklin). Original in RC Archives, Map #1673 RC Clerk's Office.Drawer 1, folder 2CopyWard Carpenter
73Map of Rockland County192826 x 22 inPocket versionDrawer 2, folder 3J.H.H. Muirhead
74Civic-Commercial Map Directory of South Nyack, Upper Nyack & Nyack194314 x 8.5 inStreet mapDrawer 4, folder 102 copiesJournal-News
75Map of Village of Nyack Comprehensive Plan200017 x 11 inSmall scale   1 in= approx 570 ftDrawer 4, folder 11
76Official Zoning Map, Village of Nyack199716 x 11 inZones are color-codedDrawer 4, folder 11Garfinkel & Assoc.
77T. Roosevelt map of Manhattan18918.5 x 14 inPhoto copy of map in Historic Towns book, "New York"Drawer 4, folder 103 pages
78Map of Nyack Union Free School District199736 x 48 inScale 1 in = 750 ft. Outline; street names and plots of owned land Rolled map rack LHRRockland Co Planning Board
79Aerial Photo View of Nyackunknown30 x 15 inSatellite image, laminatedDrawer 2, folder 4
80Aerial Photo View of Tappan Zee Bridgeunknown30 x 20 inSatellite image, laminatedDrawer 2, folder 4
81Hudson by Daylight Map; from NY Bay to the Head of Tide Water18784 x 104 inContains names of streams, islands, mountains & prominents residences, historic landmarks. The old reaches of the Hudson & old Indian names. FoldedDrawer 4, folder 14copy 8ppvery fragile
82Zoning Plan for the Town of Orangetown193026 x 22 in7 sectionsDrawer 2, folder 3
83Erie Railroad System through parts of NY, NJ & PA191221 x 16 inErie Railroad lines through the Land of Suburban & Rural Homes adjacent to NY. Was in an illustrated 9 x 6 in jacket with a pastorial scene.Drawer 2, folder 4
84Rockland County Area Map/Verizon200122 x 18 inScale 1 in = 1 mile. Highways, streets & roads, parks, incorporated and unincorporated communitiesDrawer 2, folder 4Verizon Super Pages
85Hagstrom Map of Rockland County197931 x 30 inStreet and locality indexDrawer 1, folder 1
86Town of Clarkstown Heritage Trail Map1776-197622 x 17 in96 numbered destinations; descriptions on backDrawer 2, folder 42 copiesBicentennial Commission
87Nyack Skiffle Boom Map200522 x 17 inLocal businessesDrawer 2, folder 4
88Map of Disposition of the Lockhart Patent in Tappan187622.5 x 17.5 inGunter's chains, reproduction from 1876 facsimileDrawer 2, folder 42 copies
89Collection of maps based on 1854 O'Connor mapca.1960variousHistorian Carl Nordstrom tried to determine residents of Sparkill, based on census records and old mapsDrawer 4, folder 10Photocopies
90Map of Main Street, Nyack198420 x 21 inGateway to the River, exhibit at ROCADrawer 3, folder 6
91Map of proposed Tappan Zee Scenic District (See also #150)198730 x 32 inVillages of U. Nyack, S.Nyack, Piermont, Grand View with points of historic, architectural and scenic distinction.Drawer 2, folder 33 copiesRM Toole Landscape Architect for TZ Preserv Coation