Process Sheet
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\=Whole BoardSCHA CoordinatorDomes CoordinatorTri Co-op CoordinatorGov Comm (Personnel)FinanceLease Campus HousingFundraisingMaintenanceDomes-SCHACommunicationsPolicies and Procedures
PeopleApril KamenKent ThompsonVanessa LopezExpanded Process Sheet
MonthlyCheck in with houses to see if there are changes to membership. Update board roster and SCHA membership record. File new SCHA member paperwork. Check SCHA mailbox each week.#ERROR!Collect & follow-up on rents & security deposits, Prep for and attend Real Estate Services walkthroughs and meetings, Attend Board & Governance meetings, Check-in with Bookkeeper (Biweekly)Check in with SCHA/Domes staffReview financial statementsMeet monthly- review house maintenance. Domes: prepare for monthly RES walkthroughsAttend RES walkthroughs
Recurring TasksUpdate process sheet and committee chartersCoordinate Maintenance, do walkthroughs with incoming and outgoing residents, process depositsCoordinate maintenance, Conduct walkthroughs with incoming and outgoing residents, Process rents & deposits, Provide support & resources to Tri Co-op residents as needed6 month staff evaluationsHousemate preventative care education! Attend weekly committee meetings
Create and distribute agenda. Give notice of meetings. Email minutes to Board. At the Beginning of Quarter, coordinate resident schedule for RES meetingsDomes: Prepare for annual chicken inspection. (Which month?)
2 Weeks after board meeting: Check in with board members about action items and check in with committee leads about committee action items, according to process sheet.Keep track of all maintenance work (contractors/materials used, dates, cost) in maintenance work summaries
OCTDraft changes to committee chartersUpdate membership packet and distribute to new membersRun student eligibility reportRun student eligibility reportDraft changes to committee charterUpdate check signers Draft changes to committee charterEH&S, fire, and veterinarian inspectionsDraft changes to committee charter
Bylaws say house elects (or re-elects) directors by October 1st. Terms are one year. Help prepare for Annual MeetingPay NASCO membershipPay NASCO membershipBoard report for annual meeting?Draft changes to committee charterOrient new members of the committee: review Fair Housing Guidlines, Minor/Major expenses GuidelinesDraft changes to committee charterFocus on governance-related policies and procedures. (Ex: how to handle consensus blocks)
board orientationRevise SCHA FAQFacilitate semi-annual fire inspection with UCD Fire Prevention ServicesFacilitate semi-annual fire inspection with UCD Fire Prevention ServicesFinancial report for the Annual MeetingHouse safety orientations: review location of fire extinguishers (make sure they're up to date!), smoke alarms (batteries?), gas and water shutoff lines
Elect officersGet leases signed and filed.Prepare annual work summaries for annual report
Help Treasurer collect signatures and documents for check signer changes.
Coordinate affordable housing inspection of Corner with the City.
Pay NASCO dues for all new members since we last paid.
NOVReview and renew committee chartersUpdate and distribute Board rosterFacilitate semi-annual EH&S inspectionFacilitate semi-annual EH&S inspectionSCHA Coordinator 12 month reviewMeet with finance committee, check in about the budget for the year, make sure we're on trackBoard officer election process
Form a task group to write the Annual ReportProperty taxes due Nov 1stFacilitate annual chicken inspection with campus vetUpdate winter quarter leasesDomes: prepare for winter fire and EH&S and chicken(?) inspectionsUpdate winter quarter leases
Help write Annual ReportUpdate winter quarter leases
Update check-signers on SCHA accounts
DECPay property taxes by Dec 10 to avoid finesWrite annual letter to dome-opper list.Be in touch with CalChamber about re-ordering the California and Federal Employment Notices Poster Submit net cash flow report and reserve account statement to the Redevelopment Agency of the city Community Services DeptInspect all co-ops and update maintenance listFocus on election related policies and procedures
Gather info for 1099 tax forms
Business license renewal
JANSeek SCHA board input on NASCO board electionsPrint and distribute the Annual reportPost updated California and Federal Employment Notices PosterStart drafting universal lease for all SCHA co-opsMake sure all gutters are cleaned, chimneys swept, and properties are winterizedBegin lease revision processAdd Annual Letter to SCHA websiteFocus on fundraising and sponsorship related policies and procedures
1099 tax forms
File tax forms (fed & state) by 1/15
Property taxes are due February 1st
File forms RRF-1 and 990 with the Attorney General's Registry of Charitable TrustsLook into the possibility of the Davis Shakespeare Festival renting the Tri Co-ops
FEBProperty taxes due Feb 1st. File for tax exemption by Feb 15 for upcoming tax year for timely processing.Begin Coordinating REU ProgramSunjaycopia lease: "Any Resident whose income rises above the income limit, as demonstrated by Resident’s most recent annual income tax return, shall move out within 3 months after filing that income tax return. If Resident does not move out, they shall pay an “Over-Income Fee” equal to one hundred dollars ($100) per month, to be paid to SCHA by February 1st in the same manner as rent."Conduct general house safety inspectionsFocus on conflict resolution and grievance related policies and procedures
Collect and file low income statement forms from residentsTris: prepare for fire inspection
MARWork out sublet agreements for Tri Co-ops for summerConfirm that exemption forms were received. Update five-year maintenance budget for each houseSend universal lease for all SCHA co-ops to University for reviewGet estimates needed to inform the annual and 5 year budgets. Get estimates for anything flagged on the safety/annual inspection wakthroughs.Send chicken stool sample to veterinarianFocus on development and expansion related policies and procedures
Help plan SCHA anniversary partyMeeting of the house bookkeepers
APRPay property taxes by April 10 to avoid finesEducate community about differences between assignment and sublease.Work with Finance Committee to come up with budget for staff-related expensesUpdate 5 year maintenance budget for each co-op and give to finance committeeFocus on finance policies and procedures.
Pay property insuranceConfirm irrigation controller is workingPrompt houses to submit proposals for summer check signer changes.Draft/review Summer SCHA Affiliate positions for non-students in on-campus houses (need to be ready to be signed by end of Spring quarter)
File non-profit forms with Sec. of StateReview loans for refinancing options. Consider other investments, grants, etc. Consider applying for the Bike and Build grant
Plan check signers for summer and fall for House and SCHA accounts
MAYInclude annual staff raises in the annual budgetSummer sublet updates?Review lease and handbook, work with domies to propose revisions as needed.Help run REU programDiscussion staff review with Board. New tasks to delegate? Performance review comments?Prepare annual budgetsBegin getting Domes leases signedInspect all co-ops and update maintenance list. Prepare annual maintenance budget for each houseFocus on maintenance-related policies and procedures
Help Treasurer collect signatures and documents for check signer changes.SCHA Coordinator 6 month reviewUpdate check signers for summer.Prep for/get consensus on summer maintenance projects
Propose rent increases, if any
JUNReview new lease draftSubmit new lease draft to board. Present budget for Board approval: [come back to]
Domes/Tris: prepare for spring/summer fire inspection. Prep and check houses for REU and other summer student housing (in collaboration with Tri-Coop coordinator) Make sure move in/out documents and inspections are coordinated.Sign fall leases and summer sublets, coordinate walkthroughsFocus on housing-related policies and procedures
JULGet leases signed for upcoming year.Get leases signed for upcoming year.Present house maintenance budgets for approvalFocus on personnel-related policies and procedures.
Review new lease draft revisionsUpdate draft lease with board recommended changes.
AUGApprove new lease and rent/security deposit changes. Walkthroughs Walkthroughs Remind people to submit any receipts they've been holding for SCHA so that we'll have everything we need for end-of-year financials. Domes/Tris: prep for fire inspections in SeptemberCoordinate move-out walkthroughsReview and update Bylaws
Remind people to submit any receipts they've been holding for SCHA so that we'll have everything we need for end-of-year financials. Focus on operational policies and procedures (insurance etc.)
SEPHelp plan Annual MeetingRefund deposits for departing residents.Refund deposits for departing residents.Review year end financial statementsInspect all co-ops and update maintenance list. Domes/Tris: fall fire inspectionsReview roles and responsibilities for the SCHA board, officers, and members
Bylaws say house elects (or re-elects) directors by October 1st. Terms are one year. Begin insurance renewal processKey InventoryKey InventoryHouse safety orientation for new co-opersFocus on membership related policies and procedures
Determine who to sponsor at NASCO InstituteGet leases signed and filedMake sure move in documents and inspections are coordinated, rooms at move in should be clean and in good repair, note any painting, outlet fixing, etc that needs doing as new residents arrive in fall