Spring Street Viaduct Survey (Responses)
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TimestampName (Please give First and Last Name)I am a...I walk/bike/drive through the viaduct...Please provide your opinion of or interaction with the viaduct that you want those that maintain the area to know.Key
5/3/2017 11:19:25Chris LindeBikerSeveral times per yearPavement is in very poor condition for a bike. I often worry about getting flats using the viaduct. Also lighting is very bad so you cannot see the pavement conditions in advance.
This a good route for me to access the quarry and NE athletic fields.
5/15/2017 20:52:40Ashley Heerema BikerDailyI bike under the railroad tracks almost daily. It is dangerous to bike under the railroad tracks in both directions. The pot holes are very large and deep and the lighting is too dim, making it difficult to avoid them. The safer option is to take the sidewalk, which can be dangerous if pedestrians are also crossing under. Road Condition
5/24/2017 9:58:27Charles RossowBikerSeveral times per weekMaybe concrete sides for bikes would be less prone to freeze-thaw cycles and cost less money in the long runGeneral Safety
6/13/2017 9:55:48Leigh KramarczukBikerSeveral times per yearRoad is full of potholes and cracks, poor lightingTrash and Appearance
6/13/2017 10:46:19TimBikerDaily(Entered from paper copy) I bike on the sidewalk because I'm worried about the road hurting my bike tires. Also worried about cars not seeing me when I'm on the road because lighting is bad.Bridge Condition
5/15/2017 14:31:14Phil DohertyBiker, DriverSeveral times per weekI drive this route on occasion, but I am usually on my bike when I ride under this viaduct. I take this route to and from the U of M and Marcy Open School. I would consider bypassing this route for Pierce Street, but it's easier to cross Hennepin Ave. at Harrison St. than it is at the 5th Ave SE crosswalk (nobody ever stops for pedestrians or bikers at the 5th Ave SE crosswalk, but that's a different issue).

It is extremely dark under the viaduct, and the road beneath it is in terrible condition. Ideally, both the lighting and the road will be improved. If we can only have one, better lighting would be the most crucial. More light will help prevent crime and make the potholes more visible so that bikers can avoid them. More light will also allow the inspectors to see that the street underneath the viaduct is not in "fair" condition.
5/17/2017 6:50:13
Pamela Stranz, resident
Biker, DriverSeveral times per weekThe viaduct is a very secluded/isolated part of our neighborhood. The sidewalks on either side of the roadway under the viaduct are very isolated from each other and also from the road. I always go through this little ''tunnel' with my eyes 'wide open' because it is such a secluded area in our neighborhood and gives ample opportunity for those who might want to do harm to hang out without being seen.
5/22/2017 19:30:00Chris Lawler Biker, DriverSeveral times per yearIt's fun biking through, but narrow on the walkway. Driving through is a bit scary, might benefit from more light through this area, especially at night. Walking through this area at night is a bit scary.
5/30/2017 14:13:33Brent RoweBiker, DriverDailyAs both a biker and a driver, the underpass is extremely poorly lit and un-safe. Frequently there is debris that is hard to spot on both the bike and the car.
7/5/2017 14:59:37
Roger Nelson - 727 Tyler St NE
Biker, DriverDailyThis viaduct has been an issue for years and neither the City nor Burlington Northern has stepped up to do any type of real maintenance, only to make it passable, and it is once again getting really bad. We need to find a responsible party and hold them accountable.
5/4/2017 16:09:45Dave Altfillisch DriverDaily
5/4/2017 23:45:32C SchroederDriverSeveral times per monthNot certain how the city can consider the road within the viaduct "fair". Unless in this past week they repaved it the last time I drove through I felt I literally went off roading - directly under the bridge. Just an opinion but this rail bridge and the rail bridge over Broadway via Buchanan St. are in desprate need of help.
5/15/2017 13:39:41Jessica NeelyDriverSeveral times per monthThis area has been in horrible shape for as long as I can remember; There are other spots like this in the industrial areas around N.E too. Its time they can the repairs made so that we are able to drive/bike without damaging our vehicles.
5/15/2017 13:41:54Lena DriverDailyI hope for the road to be fixed for bikers and drivers. it is very bumpy and I commute under it 4 times a day.
5/16/2017 10:16:00William EvanoffDriverDailyThe road is not in fair condition, it is in an unacceptable condition. The low lighting makes it a safety concern and a possible haven for criminal activity.
I would not feel safe walking under the viaduct alone.
5/16/2017 17:11:00Thomas PutmanDriverSeveral times per yearit's pretty poorly lit.
5/16/2017 18:43:20Karla PattersonDriverSeveral times per yearI used to walk through the viaduct on a daily basis (weekdays) and while I never had any incidents, I thought it was not lit well enough.
5/16/2017 23:18:32Sandra SimensonDriverDailyThe road under the viaduct needs to be completely repaved. Filling in the holes just isn't enough anymore. It has to be one of the worst roads in the city.
5/30/2017 17:02:37Michelle LeerhoffDriverSeveral times per monthThe lighting is poor. The road is poor condition.
6/13/2017 10:47:23Joana MarchDriverSeveral times per month(Entered from paper survey) I avoid it because it isn't safe. Everything about this area is bad. It needs to be safer.
6/13/2017 10:48:28Dave DickinsonDriverSeveral times per month(Entered from paper survey) I live up the block from the viaduct. The lighting isn't good and the road is bumpy.
6/13/2017 10:50:14Hans BorichDriverDaily(Entered from paper survey) Lives nearby. There are too many potholes.
6/13/2017 12:52:44Mary ByersDriverSeveral times per weekThe pavement in the viaduct is in terrible shape, and the lighting is spotty and inadequate. The supports look unreliable (are cracked and crumbling), and I'm always relieved to come out the other end in one piece and without a broken axle. The viaduct overall feels unsafe and in need of drastic repairs. It's been this way more or less since I first lived in Beltrami back in the '70s.
7/25/2017 12:57:40Julia LuedtkeDriverSeveral times per monthIt needs better lighting, the road is very bumpy, it looks dilapidated--like it may crumble, maybe not the case, however improvements to it would be great if they could maintain the charm but increase the safety and function of the road
5/3/2017 20:34:45EricPedestrianDailyEveryday there are new empty liquor bottles and beer cans as if it's being used as a place for leisure for people who aren't likely part of the neighborhood. I'll avoid the viaduct and take a longer route early in the morning to catch my bus for work. It's the only place I feel unsafe in Beltrami.
5/15/2017 19:33:04Mandy Tempel PedestrianSeveral times per yearFix it! I don't feel safe with the stroller and avoid it if possible right now.
5/15/2017 22:45:18Paula CisewskiPedestrianSeveral times per monthAside from obvious maintenance needs, safety is an issue. Last time I passed underneath, there were hypodermic needles on the sidewalk and in the grass.
5/16/2017 10:44:37Liz PushingPedestrianSeveral times per yearIt's damp, creepy, smelly and dark. I would prefer to go another way but there isn't one that is quicker.
6/13/2017 10:54:44Terri LynnPedestrianSeveral times per month(Entered from paper survey) Lives and manages property nearby. Make this area safer. Fix the grading for ice and water buildup. Lighting needs to be better!
6/13/2017 10:56:04Sergio CollierPedestrianSeveral times per month(Entered from paper survey) Lives nearby. I have concerns about walking through this area at night. The lighting needs to be better. The whole area just needs to look more appealing since it's an entrance to our neighborhood.
5/16/2017 22:15:04Justin Cameron
Pedestrian, Biker
DailyThere are chunks of concrete missing from the supports and large pot holes in the road. There is no lighting in the viaduct during the day and the road is very dark because it is a long tunnel. I cannot see the road very well so I often ride my bike into the large pot holes because I cannot see to avoid them.
5/3/2017 11:52:24Abby ReynoldsPedestrian, Biker, DriverSeveral times per weekI live on the 600 block of Polk so I utilize the viaduct regularly. It's the quickest way to get to Central Avenue to travel south toward the river, access the closest bus stop on Central, and access the restaurants on Harrison Street and near East Hennepin Avenue. The road condition is bad as a driver, but even worse as a biker. And because of the poor lighting, it's hard to avoid the larger holes and bumps that could hurt me or my bike. As a pedestrian, I don't feel safe walking through the viaduct because of the poor lighting. If I'm by myself and it's at all getting toward the darker hours, I will walk north toward Broadway and take a several block detour so I don't have to walk through the viaduct alone.
5/3/2017 20:23:47Kacie LPedestrian, Biker, DriverDailyI'm a female who walks through the viaduct daily. ANY improvement to make it feel or look safer (more lighting, trash bin on end of the sidewalk entering/exiting, the emergency police alarms they have like on the greenway, etc) would be helpful. There are always shattered and empty liquor bottles littering the inside. As a driver who uses it daily as well, the pot holes inside the viaduct needs filling. It's so dark inside you don't see them, they are starting to get big and there are a lot of them.
5/4/2017 8:25:43Heidi WiesePedestrian, Biker, DriverDailyWhen driving through the viaduct, the street is full of pot holes. It's very difficult to see cyclists. For that reason, when I bike under it, I use the pedestrian path. I don't normally ride on the sidewalk, but it's so dark and bumpy on the roadway, I feel it's safer. And even on the pedestrian path, it's so dimly lit that I'm not sure whether I'll run over something. I only use the viaduct as a pedestrian during daylight because it feels unsafe. It's a pretty rundown viaduct but I use it daily by car or bike.
5/4/2017 8:51:31Erin Mcferson Pedestrian, Biker, DriverSeveral times per weekI would consider the road nearly dangerous particularly for bikers. The tunnel gets very dark and some of the pot holes are so huge and frequent that I worry I will pop a tire or loose control. Oftentimes I would like to avoid going that route all together however then that forces me to bike down Hennepin which is too heavy traffic. I can't think of a road in NE that could use a makeover more than the spring street viaduct, in fact ever time I bike through there I wonder when it will get fixed.
5/4/2017 15:55:34Lucy MarshPedestrian, Biker, DriverDailyIt is scary and dangerous. Broken bottles, trash, potholes, chunks of concrete and bad lighting.
5/4/2017 19:43:53Travis Phillips Pedestrian, Biker, DriverDailyThe chunks of concrete falling off repaired, the street surface beneath it repaired and not just patched. Feels as if that thing will collapse at any moment.
5/4/2017 20:06:32Mat KvideraPedestrian, Biker, DriverDailyAs a pedestrian, bicyclist, and driver who crosses under the viaduct daily, I am constantly concerned for my safety. The pavement condition is horrible and dangerous for vehicles and bikes, and I have known of the potholes to cause damage to cars. Chunks of concrete appear ready to fall at any moment. Rebar is exposed in numerous places. It is not very well lit, even during the day. Aesthetically, it is an eyesore and gives our neighborhood a run-down appearance. I think it is long overdue for major rehab.
5/5/2017 11:11:30Nick BrogrenPedestrian, Biker, DriverSeveral times per weekIt is a blight on our neighborhood - and at one of the few entrances no less. This is a really cool structure that has a lot of potential to be a feature instead of an eyesore, and it wouldn't take too much - resurface, paint it up nice, put in some accent lighting, and you have something that would rival the Lowry Bridge. Let's make it a highlight instead of an avoidance.
5/10/2017 22:29:35Andrew Balfour
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per yearThe viaduct is dark, dirty, and poorly maintained. You can see giant divets in the sidewalk, the concrete is falling off the pillars, and the road is uneven to bike and drive on. Basically it looks like a great place to be murdered.
5/15/2017 15:14:36Nick Strom
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per month3-4 years ago I hit a pot hole in this dark viaduct so hard I got concussed and bent my wheel irreparably. The lighting is one of the biggest problems, it is unacceptable as it stands. Are there requirements for public roads to maintain a certain brightness requirement?

I am too afraid to drive my moped or bike through this bridge it is too dangerous.

Light it up or redesign it.
5/15/2017 20:11:51Becky Sheldon
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per weekI've nearly had flat tires on my car from potholes. I've nearly crashed my bike in potholes. I don't feel safe walking underneath because it's dark (even during the day) and since it is narrow and fenced in, you can't avoid being cornered. I also once found human feces under on the sidewalk. When walking I usually avoid it to the point of taking a shortcut over the train tracks.
5/16/2017 11:03:04shawn evenson
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
DailyYou can only fix pot holes so many times before the whole road is pot holes. I drive this at least 4 times a day and it's a disaster for my car. I have to carefully navigate around the holes to save my cars suspension system a little bit. It's time to repave it. When I bike it, I use the sidewalk as the road is too dangerous to navigate through pot holes with as dark as it is. I don't have a problem walking it, but my wife and kids will not walk through it due to the darkness of it and the fear of someone lingering in the shadows to do harm. This tiny stretch could not possibly be considered "fair" but is in "desperate need of resurfacing".
5/16/2017 11:28:52Nichole Petter
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per weekPavement is in poor condition and more lighting is needed to make the viaduct safe, especially for bikers.
5/16/2017 12:52:23Collin Burke
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
DailyThe street is one of the most poorly cared for streets in the neighborhood, riding through on a bike was hazardous and dangerous and caused me to fly over the handle bars of my bike when I crashed into one of the many pot holes.
5/16/2017 13:17:58Rob Haire
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per monthIt is dark and feels closed-in when walking. It is dark and the road is rough when biking.
5/16/2017 17:07:32Sonya Burke
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per weekIt's downright scary to walk through. The paved road surface is uneven and potholed. This past winter I was driving through behind a bicyclist who wiped out in front of me when she hit an ice-filled pothole. It feels dangerous.
5/17/2017 8:15:54Martin Smith
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
DailyIt's not well lit and full of pot hole. One time I almost hit a car tire that was discarded. It would have been a bad bike accident if I hit it.
5/17/2017 15:37:56dorothy bode
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per weekAs a mom to kids ranging from 7-21 I am very concerned about the safety aspects of the viaduct for walkers as well as bikers. There are horrible potholes in the roadway, sewar drains you can't see until the last moment on sunny days and a very 'trapped' feeling for any pedestrians due to the fencing. This is a high crime area due to the bar traffic and has always attracted 'snatch and grab' type of crime. 15 years ago we tackled tge lighting on the viaduct...what we have now is actual an improvement. Isn't that sad?
5/21/2017 15:06:55Cheryl Watson
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
DailyWatch the corner storm drains. They fill up with debris quickly.
5/23/2017 16:40:27Nick Minderman
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per monthLighting and drainage on the sidewalk are a significant safety concern. I don't run through the area in winter due to ice. Ice on the road probably makes the condition deteriorate faster, asset preservation should justify at least some spot fixes where the water accumulates.
5/30/2017 16:12:11Tony Hunt
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per weekThe lighting is poor and dangerous, the street is in poor condition, I often feel that if a car is coming behind me they will not see me and injure or kill me
5/30/2017 16:54:16Greg Sakowski
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per monthThe absurd number of potholes and lack of lighting make this tunnel really dangerous for bikers and at least an annoyance for drivers.
6/12/2017 14:19:06Ryan Harris
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
DailyIt's next to impossible to see the potholes when biking on the street under the viaduct. I've found a few paths through that are safe, but there's also usually tons of garbage there too. Walking through is also kind of scary -- it just seems like the kind of bridge people get murdered under.

People often take the Harrison/Spring corner too fast when heading north/west and I've almost been run into heading west on my bike/car. I think there should be a 4 way stop on Harrison/Spring by Lush.
6/12/2017 16:08:03Dain Larsen
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per weekFor many reasons, this small section has become an infamous blight on the neighborhood. Friends and family I've traveled with through this area have universally expressed how unpleasant they have found it (one nicknamed it 'rape bridge,' it made her so uncomfortable). Quite frankly, this stretch is downright creepy and ominous. In addition, its mangled pavement presents real danger to cars and bicycles attempting to pass through.

Poor lighting, crumbling concrete walls, massive potholes, graffiti, garbage, and broken glass make this area- which is a main artery in/out of the Beltrami neighborhood - not only an eyesore, but a travel hazard.
6/12/2017 17:47:40Nick Guggenbuehl
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per weekI recently moved away from Beltrami but used to frequently bike and walk through this tunnel. Every time I exited through the other side, I let out a sigh of relief having felt sure that I'd be hit by a car coming behind me while biking or jumped by a thief while walking. Eye-sore aside, this tunnel is not adequately lit and as such makes it dangerous for anyone. Even as a driver, the lack of visibility highens the potential for an accident.
6/12/2017 19:13:23Allison Stratton
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per monthWhen I worked downtown, I took the 10 or 59 bus from the Spring & Central stop. I chose to drive and park near Lush rather than walk through that scary tunnel, especially during winter when it was dark. As a single, young female, I do not feel safe walking there! I feel a little nervous biking, too, with the uneven pavement and lack of site lines to drivers.
6/12/2017 20:11:47Amber Mike
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per monthThe viaduct is dangerous and also an eye sore, and yet it is the only way to access our neighborhood on that side. It is very unsafe for bikers since they could pop a tire or wipe out because of the enormous potholes. The poor lighting makes it difficult for drivers to see bikers, increasing the risk of collisions. The viaduct seems to be a neglected space and we need to see a change.
6/12/2017 21:03:03Travis Phillips
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
DailyIt's falling apart. Dangerous to bike under as you can't see the pot holes and fear concrete will fall from it.
6/13/2017 10:53:40Chris Lambe
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per week(Entered from paper survey). Lives nearby. This area is a complete mess. It's a poor reflection of our neighborhood. Recently when driving a friend to my house we entered the neighborhood through this tunnel and they mentioned that I must live in a crappy neighborhood because this area looks so bad. it attracts graffiti and the bridge itself needs repair. The road needs a lot of work. I'm guessing the poor quality comes from all the water/melt and the freeze thaw periods in the winter. One remedy to that could be to forgo pavement all together and do a metal runner or grate for the road instead of asphalt.
6/13/2017 19:08:06Alexander Vibbard
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
DailyIt needs work done!
6/27/2017 16:00:40Rita M
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
DailyI live in the surrounding area. It is a disgrace. I have a 9 year old daughter and we ride our bikes through there. Not only is the viaduct an eye sore and an embarrassment to our lovely neighborhood, but it's also dangerous and lacks lighting. I feel that I am in danger at night of either being raped or robbed.
6/27/2017 16:05:21Eric Bjergaard
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per week(Entered from paper survey)
I live and work in the surrounding area.
This viaduct appears in such poor condition that I'm cautious/concerned to travel through it.
7/5/2017 17:55:39Reed Richerson
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
DailyThis is the worst road condition in the entire City. It is damaging to bikes and worrisome for vehicles.
7/7/2017 13:26:07Megan Sarno
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per week(Entered from paper survey) Too many potholes! And there is often trash and broken glass both on the sidewalks and curbs. Not enough lights at night. Cars often speed through too fast without looking.
7/8/2017 6:23:36Carol Schullo
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per week1)When driving, biking or walking under the viaduct I feel uncertain as to its stability. There are exposed foundation rods.These rods appear to be heavily rusted.
2).After a quick and heavy rainfall, it is not uncommon to see several feet of water retained in the street and it is often necessary to go under the opposite side of the bridge to avoid water damage and/or other damage to my car.
3) Through the years, many people have been assaulted, robbed or had a weapon used to intimidate them because it is dark and secluded under the bridge.
4). The crowd from Lush bar park their cars all the way down the street and if necessary, park right under the viaduct. They often leave their car parked overnight. This is unsafe. I have never seen a ticket given for this. It is unfair to the residents of Beltrami to have to deal with this. Thank you
5/6/2017 7:38:46Becky PhetteplacePedestrian, DriverSeveral times per weekThe road is in awful shape. The city's assessment of the current condition as "fair" is incorrect. When driving, it is necessary to slow down far beyond normal and reasonable speeds in order to not fear damage to my vehicle. It is by far the bumpiest patch of road that I drive on regularly. I often avoid it even though it is the most convenient route to get to many places within and outside of the Beltrami neighbrohood. I see other cars and bikers slowing down as well.

As a pedestrian, I've observed that the walkways are in decent shape and there is some lighting, but it's not enough. It can be a scary place to walk through, and I often have no other choice that doesn't take me at least 5-10 minutes out of my way.

I'd like to see the road resurfaced (not just patched again, poorly) and more lighting and/or other improvements (such as cameras) made to the walkways.
5/10/2017 21:30:47Julia janousek
Pedestrian, Driver
DailyI drive on the road and you always have to go slowly to make sure you don't lose a wheel in the potholes.
5/11/2017 17:56:03Shawn Phillips
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per monthThe road itself is in need of resurfacing; contains some of the worst potholes in town. The sidewalks are poorly lit, and water leaks from the ceiling, freezing into ice patches in the winter.
5/15/2017 19:27:30Brea Atkinson
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per weekI always feel like I am going to be murdered here. Dark, potholes, blind corners.
5/16/2017 9:46:30Nancy Repp
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per monthWalking through the viaduct is scary, especially alone. It is not well lit, is dingy and has a somewhat threatening feel about it, perhaps because the sidewalks seem isolated from the roadway with a 'no way out' feel if there was an emergency.
Although the roadway has been patched, it still is rough for vehicles. It is a gloomy place to drive, even with current lighting.
5/16/2017 10:13:43Tasha McFarland
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per weekIt seems unsafe. Visibility is limited, it is dark and creepy, cars try to speed through the area without watching for pedestrians or bikers.
5/16/2017 11:04:04Loranne Shambach
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per weekI walk through this viaduct twice a week with 2 of my neighbors and I drive through it several times a week as well. This viaduct is horrible...it is crumbling everywhere, the road is bad, the roof is bad, the walls are bad there is exposed rebar everywhere. It is poorly lighted. I refuse to walk under it alone because, as a woman, I feel very unsafe being "caged in and trapped" while walking through it. I have lived in the Beltrami neighborhood for 16 years and this viaduct has just gotten worse and worse. It is long overdue for repairs! I cannot believe that the city has deemed this viaduct as being in "fair condition" !
5/16/2017 14:49:11Eric Simonson
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per yearthe street is in poor condition/bumpy. Poor visibility for pedestrians crossing from Spring to Polk street.
5/16/2017 15:53:34David Marsh
Pedestrian, Driver
DailyLighting is very poor for driving. Combine poor lighting and potholes and its very hazardous when bicycles and cars are in the tunnel at the same time. Day or night if I am driving and there is a bicycle ahead of me I need to wait for them to exit the tunnel on the other side which can take some time as they navigate the potholes.
5/16/2017 19:08:37Taylor Burandt
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per weekThe viaduct is not well lit making it appear unsafe and unkept. The withering concrete also gives the appearance of neglect. Some updates are definitely necessary.
5/30/2017 14:54:38Mike Hazard
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per weekOn foot, the lighting is too dark to be comfortable. In the car, the pot holes in the road are impossible to dodge. It would be great with more light and a smooth pavement. Thank you.
6/12/2017 23:15:29M M
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per monthI wait until a train completes its run over the bridge before walking under it in case it collapses. The road is too dark to see the pot holes, but you can't avoid them anyway. Stalagmites are forming from the ceiling of the bridge too.
6/13/2017 10:49:28Jake Kittleson
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per week(Entered from paper survey) Lives nearby. The road is bumpy when you drive through and it's sketchy to walk through. It needs more lighting.
6/13/2017 11:00:15Dennis Smith
Pedestrian, Driver
Daily(Entered from paper survey) Lives nearby. We moved into our house in 2001 and have seen only minimal repairs made to this area. Patches to the road don't last and there are always bad potholes. The lighting is poor and there is frequent graffiti. My elderly neighbor is afraid to walk through. Large items and litter are often dumped here. This area sees a high level of car, bike, and pedestrian traffic yet it is crumbling. I don't see any other bridges in our area in this bad of shape.
6/27/2017 16:02:32Justin Dessonville
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per month(Entered from paper survey) I live in the surrounding area.
-Road needs to be maintained
-You cannot see during the day, the jarring pot holes are even troublesome with an SUV
-Feels safer at night because of the lights
-Moisture, puddles
6/27/2017 16:04:01Ana Brzica
Pedestrian, Driver
Daily(Entered from paper survey)
I live in the surrounding area.
The viaduct is ridiculous. It is dangerous for everyone; drivers, bikers, walkers. Everything is falling apart. There are no lights and that puts everyone at risk of assault, rape, or robbery.
7/7/2017 13:27:04Dorothy Betancourt
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per month(Entered from paper survey). I live in the area. Lights are not enough and potholes hold rain water. Even going slow is hard on a car. Overall, it looks bad and the cement is cracking.
7/28/2017 7:24:07Mike winter
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per weekUnpleasant, wet, crumbling, dark, unsafe -- would like to see road and bridge repaired, additional lighting and color added to the space
7/28/2017 7:24:29Stefany Rowe
Pedestrian, Driver
Several times per monthI would walk through the viaduct on a daily/weekly basis if I felt safe because of its poor lighting and bizarre set-up, I don't feel comfortable. I don't mind driving through it, but I walk around the neighborhood more often, and just walk down Broadway instead of through the residential streets to avoid that area.
8/2/2017 20:55:49Christian Johnson
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per weekThis seems long overdue for a rebuild. In addition to poor lighting, there's often glass in the pedestrian area, and the pavement is in rough shape as well.
8/4/2017 11:39:43Greda McConnell
Pedestrian, Biker, Driver
Several times per weekBack in August of 2016, I complained to the City about the sidewalk leading up to the viaduct as well as the underpass. Nick from the City of Mpls (612-673-3969) was able to clear a walking path as it was affecting ADA passage. In my original complaint I mentioned the viaduct, but nothing was done about that, which was fine as the walking path was more of an immediate concern as people, including handicap had to vacate the sidewalk, enter the street, then reenter the sidewalk, just to get past the over grow brush. I contact the BNSF too, but eventually the ADA Coordinator with Mpls Public Works fixed it promptly. I think our neighbor should engage them in this way again. Let's figure out if it affecting the disabled or maybe it is not ADA compliant.

I have lived on Taylor Street in the Beltrami neighbor off and on since 1987 and since I can remember, nothing has been changed. For Railroad drainage purposes, the bridge leaks and ice is a big problem in the winter months. Some times the ice makes covers big patches of the walkway, which make slipping hazards.

In the summer months there is broken glass. It is always scary and dark and I always have my phone with 911 pre-dialed when I see another person nearby. Homeless sometimes live in the brushes near by. The road has many potholes and the one time I road my bike on the road will be the last time as I feared my life was in danger as the potholes were so large.
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