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IN 50 words, Is the Duct-Taped Banana Art?Word Count
No, this is not art. Its just a banana on a canvas with some duct tape.There's not effort put into to this piece of "art". The person that bought the art had to keep replacing it all the time. It doesnt make sense to have to keep updating art you bought.51
Schuler,MarissaThe banana with a piece of duct tape over it is not art. 13
Shillingford,Justin WayneI strongly disagree with anyone who regards a duct tape stuck to a banana as art. This has no real effort and talent put into it and in ny opinion, literally I think that this could have been done by a toddler. Furthermore, it does not bring across any apparent message or idea and it's a blatant waste of funds which could be used elsewhere.65
Smith,GhordannNO THIS IS NOT ART. I am not sure how anyone could consider this art. A kid in grade school could make this exact same thing. This a banana with a piece of duct tape. More like garbage than art. There was no type of thought put behind it at all. Most art has a genuine thought behind it but i do not get that from this art. Art is creative, expressive, genuine, and thorough. Seems like a bunch of garbage to me.83
Stallworth,KeyondriaI do not think that the duct-taped banana is art. I do not think it is art because it has no real effort put behind it nor is it appealing. Also, the fact that you have to recycle the banana daily means that it is not the original art piece. I would not pay for a piece of "art" that I have to maintenance daily in order for it to be appealing.
Suor,TroyneshiaI believe that the banana is art. You cannot define art if you arent an artist and you cant tell an artist what is considered art and what is not. Creativity is what lies behind this piece , its a visual art piece its dynamic and fun.We just didnt happen to think about duct taping a banana to a wall!60
Walker,Brielle ChardeIn my opinion, I do not believe that the banana represents art. To me, art is creative, unique and distinct. There is no effort incorporated into this creation. This is something that many people could do within seconds. There is nothing that is special about this piece that will leave an individual in awe or curious to figure out any meaning behind this. 63
Warren,Keivonna LIn my opinion, the banana taped to a wall is not art. I just don't understand the purpose of it and where it becomes art at. I doesn't express anything to me. I just don't see what others see in it. If that is art then anything can be art at this point in life.55
Washington, Jalena DeniseI don't really believe that the piece itself is really art. But, i do think the reason it was sold for so much was not because of the banana itself, but because of the kind of statement it would make to other people who saw it. It is very well known because of how much it was sold for, so I think that was the buyers way of establishing the type of class they're in because they were able to spend so much on just a banana and duct tape.90
Williams, Cierra
Williams, Isaac MalikIn my opinion I feel like this piece of art just goes to show that anything can be considerd art if someone wants it to be. I personally would not pay that much money for a banana with duct tape on it but you would be surprised what people will pay for.52
IN 50 words, Your comments about the work of Sandy Skoglund
This art is very interesting and different. You can clearly see that it took time and effort to make. It's fun and the color is nice to look at. It looks so realistic and different than things you usually see40
Schuler,MarissaSandy Skoglund's work is very creative and impressive. She has a way of making her art stand out and the way she color organizes her work is amazing. Everything that is captured has its own spotlight but it has a way of never overshining another object in the same work. For example the picture of the boy sitting on the bed and the room full of fish, it gives the boy an spotlight ot share equally between the fish. 79
Shillingford,Justin WayneI believe that the art work of Sandy Skoglund is very interesting and different than other forms of art done by various artist. I noticed that she uses the repetition or recurrence of the same object in each painting which just kind of seems lazy in my opinion. Unfortunately, although it's interesting, this type of art does not appeal to me as it seems rather simple to produce.68
Smith,GhordannSandy Skoglund is very talent. I would say you can tell that one is patient behind this art. It is very interesting and creative. One could tell it took a lot of time and effort for this art to be created. Her color coordinates and her thoughts behind her artwork is very intriguing. Her art works have their own spotlight. You would not be confused trying to understand her artwork. She isgreat at what she d76
Stallworth,KeyondriaI personally like the work of Sandy Skoglund. I enjoy looking at her work because the color differences makes each item in the picture stand out. For example, the red socks in the green room is enjoyable to look at. She also put a lot more effort and work into her art to make it stand out to the view and noticeable different from other artist. Her orange cheeto piece seemed like it took a long time to put together but the finished project is very eye catching.88
Suor,TroyneshiaSandy Skoglund work is very unique and not something you see everyday. its fun and vibrant. Its a timely piece , thats presented to us but as an artist know it took a great deal of time.Very easily understandable. Its like a never ending guessing game with her art its always whats next?53
Walker,Brielle ChardeAfter looking at the work of Sandy Skoglund, I would say that I am impressed. No matter what the theme of what her artwork is, she incorporated color and creativity. She keeps you really interested by each piece because they each keep you wondering the meaning behind it, and it is fun to look at. Each piece looks like it was created with time and effort. Unlike the banana Art, this was created with the intentions of intriguing individuals that came across each piece.84
Warren,Keivonna L
Washington, Jalena DeniseI really enjoy the installations that Sandy Skoglund does. They each have their own unique color scheme with one main color and then a second color that brings emphasis to the piece. Each of the sculpture has enough detail to differentiate i from the rest of the installation, but not too much to where the focus is shifted from the points of emphasis to solely the sculptures.67
Williams, Cierra
Williams, Isaac MalikSandy Skoglund's work is very colorful and purposeful. I appreciate the fact that each piece has a theme and the theme that is chosen gets incorporated well every time. What I like most about her art is how she has a certain style that is specific to her but is still unpredictable with the pieces that she makes.58
IN 50 words, Your comments about the work of Paul Klee
Paul Klee's work is different and it varies. He doesnt have a defenite style, it changes.Some of it modern and interesting but some of it is kind of weird amnd childlike but he still makes it look interesting.38
Schuler,MarissaThe art work done by Paul Klee is very unique and different. His work is not the normal art work that you would usually see, such as painting and drawings. It resembles broken pieces put together to me. Not everyone may agree but that it definitely how I see it50
Shillingford,Justin WayneI personally think that the work of Paul Klee can relate to the modern era of art today. On the other hand, I don't feel that his type of art would appeal to everyone as it only depicts random lines and circles. Also, I think it does not entail any true talent because similar work could be done by a toddler at kindergarten on a regular art class day. In some cases one might try to understand the meanings behind the paintings, but in my opinion I don't think there can be any real meaning behind the art such as Paul Klee's. 102
Smith,GhordannPaul Klee makes me look at his art like the banana and duct tape "art". It is very modern too modern at that. His artwork resembles grade school art work. I could not get the meaning of what he was trying to depict but he failed in a way. Some may like his art but i do not see much art when i look at his work. I think he just goes with the flw and create whatever he thinks about first. There is no actual concept to Klee's art.90
Stallworth,Keyondriai was absent this day where can i find this work11
Suor,TroyneshiaPaul Klee art for me is very modern, almost too modern you don't grasp the actual concept. It has no depth no anything to me, maybe someone else likes his works but to me there nothing.Its different and may appeal to somone, but it has not meaning and its confusing on what im looking at.55
Walker,Brielle ChardeIn my opinion, I think that Paul Klee is creative and unique. His artwork can appeal to any audience because it can be interpreted in many ways. His artwork is not something that you see often. Although some of his work interested me, others did not quite catch my attention. There was some of his work that I felt could have taken more time and effort.
Warren,Keivonna L
Washington, Jalena DeniseI actually like most of Paul Klee’s work. His style of art in some of his pieces kind of remind me of cubist art that i’ve seen, and i really enjoys the odd shapes and colors. Also, I like how in some of the pieces you can’t really tell what’s exactly going on because it leaves it up to the viewers interpretation of the work. Some people might see one thing while someone else sees something completely different and it really leaves you wondering what it could be and it keeps the audience engaged. I also like the different variations of color that he uses, it’s very interesting to look at and visually pleasing to me. 116
Williams, CierraHis work is unique, I don't believe I've seen anything like it. I don't necessarily like his style of work but it is definitely different than what I've seen before. I don't believe his work has any real meaning to it. But I do like that it is different than others 51
Williams, Isaac Malik
IN 50 words, Your comments about La Jette
Schuler,MarissaLa Jette artwork is really goog, and the fact that the video was able to perfectly explain everything is amazing. Although the video was not vey interesting it still gave a lot of information to take in. The movie/video could have been made more interesting for younger audience such as myself the point was still made and understood.58
Shillingford,Justin WayneI believe that the arrangement of the short film La Jette was very interesting and well put together. The fact that they were able able to tell a vivid and understandable story with just the use of old images was simply talent. The film brought a message across that true love can't be affected by distance neither death, but also that true love can also mean the death of us.70
Smith,GhordannLa Jette work is okay. I liked the beginning of the movie. Not so much the end. It was in fact boring a required me to steady pay attention because subtitles was ncluded. Is not something i would watch at home if i had a choice. It was creepy but not scary. I applaud him for creating a movie that he used no motion but he told it with words. I wish there was more of a deeper story line to it. All in all it is a no for me but he is great at what he does.99
Stallworth,Keyondriai was absent this day where can i find this work11
Suor,TroyneshiaLa Jette works is amazing to me. He told a story with just words no motion. And grasp the deep reality of life during and after war. He showed how harsh this war was, with th experimentation. And then proceeded to display after basically displaying the combat neckalce as th only good thing from war.Theses photos were raw and unedited which gave the audience a sense of realism68
Walker,Brielle ChardeAfter watching the movie, it was not something that I was interested in. I am used to watching the popular movies such as action, scary, and comedy to name a few. This movie was in black and white which is something that I do not take an interest in. It was also in a different language whcih required the subtitles to appear at the bottoom of the screen. When watching any movie, I prefer to pay attention to what is happening in the specific scene instead of having to read what is going on. Although this is not something that I would continue to watch again, it was nice to get to watch a film that was presnted in this way.121
Warren,Keivonna L
Washington, Jalena DeniseIt was hard to keep up with it because we had to read the subtitles. From what I could tell this was not something I would be interested in even if it was in English. It didn't have much excitement in it. The part that I could say I liked the most was the museum with all the different animals60
Williams, Cierra
Williams, Isaac Malik
IN 50 words, Your Favorite Wonder of the World
Schuler,MarissaMy favorite wonder of the world is the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is my favorite because, it is built out of rock/cement. The unique part of it is that it is not only a wall but it is like a walkway to the top which looks over hundred miles of land. If I were to ever to visit China I would definitely visit the Great Wall because of its beauty, the walk to the top would be so fun and satifysing for me.88
Shillingford,Justin WayneMy favorite wonder of the world would have to be the Machu Picchu in Peru. I like this wonder because of the structural integrity and the amount of thought which went into building this small city on the top of a cliff. I would love to visit this place and understand further the structural elements of the buildings as I'm aspiring to be a Civil engineer. I would really like to understand how these structures were able to keep standing for all these years.84
Smith,GhordannMy favorite wonder of the world would have to be the Great Wall of China. I chose it because that's actually one of my dream vacations to walk the Great Wall of China. It was built to protect silk trade and prevent invasion. The wall is huge and stretches out far. The architectural building was built correctly and suffienctly. It has lasted a long time and most people have a lot of good memories has happened. The karate kid introduced me to the Great Wall of China.87
Stallworth,KeyondriaMy favorite Wonder of the World is the Taj Mahal. I like the Taj Mahal because of its structure. I reminds me of the house that Willy Wonker built for the Indian couple on Willy Wonker and the Chocolate factory. If I ever get the chance I would actually go visit the Taj Mahal just to see if it looks better in good memories there. 65
Suor,TroyneshiaMy favorite wonder of the world would be the austrailian great barrier reef. The vibrancy of the colors and sea life is more than fascinating. I would love to swim and be around something so amazing. It reminds me of nemo and due to it being not man made makes it even better.53
Walker,Brielle ChardeMy favorite Wonder of the World is the Great Wall of China. I think this architectural building is nicely built. This has always been a place that I have looked forward to visting. I think that it would be a thrill to climb the steps. The view is also breathtaking to look at.53
Warren,Keivonna LMy favorite wonder of the world is the Great Wall of China. I just think its incredible that someone made something that long. Its built very nicely especially being that it has been standing for so long. If i ever get a chance i will definitely visit it. Its like a bucket list goal for me.56
Washington, Jalena DeniseMy favorite wonder is the great barrier reef because i like how colorful and vibrant all of the colors are, including the color of the water itself. It seems like a very calming and relaxing place and I would love to visit it. It also has very nice and pretty sea life that swims all around it which i like.60
Williams, Cierramy favorite wonder of the world would be the great barrier reef mainly because of the colors. It was not man made so that is a plus as well. I would love to be able to go there and see it in person. 43
Williams, Isaac Malik
IN 50 words, Your Opinion on Pablo Picasso
Schuler,MarissaPablo Picasso's work gives me a sense of discombobulation which does not interest me. I cannot understand his reasoning for putting two things together to make one whole thing. His art work is not one of my favorites because it often does not make sense to me and in a way it is boring54
Shillingford,Justin WayneI think that the work of Pablo Picasso was indeed magnificent forms of art n talent. He exhibited true artistic skills which can easily be seen by any viewer. The paintings have been done with perfection, rather than random lines and shapes which may leave someone guessing what the painting is trying to depict. His form of art seemed more mature in my opinion.64
Smith,GhordannPablo Picasso art woork is A LOT. When you want someone else to analye the story and picture one is trying to protray it is very important to be clear. Picaso's art is interesting and intriguing but a lot for one to take in. On a positive note his work is very unique and different. Some artist create work based on a certain theme. One can tell that Picasso puts a lot of effort into his work, because not one work looks the same84
Stallworth,KeyondriaAlthough Pablo Picassos' work is very unique I am not a fan of it. He has a lot going on in his paintings so it is hard to find one thing to focus on. A great amount of his work include different shapes and colors that are not appealing to me. 51
Suor,TroyneshiaPablo picasso work is not one of my favorites, maybe it due to my OCD and all his variations of proportions and color mixing.It could appeal to someone else.Its unique and like no other. I didnt get a theme or deeper meaning from his pieces. It was just alot of nothing i was looking at which confused me and overall didnt appeal to me 64
Walker,Brielle ChardeI appreciate Picasso and his work because it is all unique. No piece looks the same and each is crafted with time and effort. His artwork is abble to catch your eye allowing you to seek a deeper meaning. His art is also fun to look at because it incorporates many colors and different ideas. 55
Warren,Keivonna LI like Picasso and his artwork. Between him and Dali I love the both of them. He is like a legend in the art community. Even though he is no longer with us, his artwork will forever be talked about forever. He is very unique and he expresses it very much in his artwork.54
Washington, Jalena DeniseI kind of like Picasso's work because even though some of the pieces seem weird, they have a unique quality the differenciates it from most of the art work i've seen. I also really like how some of his pieces seem to be in a different style than others, but yet they all seem like they were created by the same artist. I also enjoy the color choices he has in each of his pieces. 75
Williams, Cierra
Williams, Isaac Malik
I respect Pablo Picasso's work as he is a very talented artist that has impacted the
IN 50 words, Your Opinion on Jacob Lawrence
Schuler,MarissaJacob Lawrence art work gives me the same concept, people. It seems as if all his work portraying people doing other things (keeping busy). Although the concept is different in each of his works, it is kind of the same things over and over again. His art work is boring to me and I would not recommend it to anyone.60
Shillingford,Justin WayneI think that this artist work is good and pleasing to the eye, especially as it depicts some of the daily struggles of black persons in society. Although some of the paintings almost seem and look the same with similar details, I really like the arrangement that he uses. The colors are bright and exciting, rather than appearing sad and gloomy.61
Smith,GhordannJacob Lawrence is different. To me it is interesting because he makes you think about what he really means. Art work with no face can be hard for one to analyze. I will say that his thought behind it is very interesting as well. A question that i get from Jacob Lawrence artwork is "what does he really mean".59
Stallworth,KeyondriaIn my opinion the work of Jacob Lawrence is plain. I dont feel like his art really stands out to me. Majority of it consists of faceless figures in different settings. I feel like if he was to add more detail to his work then it would be more appealing to my eyes.53
Suor,TroyneshiaJacob Lawrence art is black art , only interesting because it black art .I feel like the figures without faces resemble a deeper meaning that im not capable of understanding.If he uses more vibrant colors it would be more interesting but the colors he used are so toned and dark i dont know if the paintings are suppose to be sad or happy.63
Walker,Brielle ChardeI think the work by Jacob Lawrence is simple yet intriguing. Although his artwork consists of figures it still incorporates color and effort. His work has meaning from the way the people are set up to the setting of each piece. He uses intrictrae details to present his pieces. His work is amusing to look at because you can get a clear picture of what he was trying to accomplish.70
Warren,Keivonna L
Washington, Jalena DeniseI really enjoy all of Jacob Lawrence's pieces because all of his pieces really seem to tell a story and they also display different parts of the black struggle. I also think his style is very interesting, and it's kinda minimalistic with details in some of the pieces but it still adds to the work. I also like his creative style and the colors he uses.66
Williams, Cierra
Williams, Isaac Malik