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2015-11-20Succeeded$20$20Infinity: Battlescape$300,000$332,62158282017-09-30Pledge $20 or more
- You receive a copy of the finished game along with an "Asteroid Supporter" badge for the forums with an accompanying in-game decal for all of your ships.
Estimated delivery: Sep 2017
2015-11-11Succeeded$25$25The Red Pill a Documentary Film$97,000$160,60019542017-02-282017-01-20
I Believe in Gender Equality!

All of the above rewards +
An exclusive pre-release digital download of the full film! Get it before everyone else does! Offer only available through this Kickstarter Campaign.

Ships anywhere in the world
Estimated delivery: Feb 2017
Received link and download via Vimio.
2015-11-03Succeeded$25$25Battletech$250,000$2,785,537417332017-05-302018-04-24Pledge $25 or more

3,314 backers


* A DIGITAL copy of the BATTLETECH game for Windows, Mac, or Linux through your choice of Steam, GOG or Humble. (DRM-free versions available, too!).

* A GREAT HOUSE WALLPAPER PACK. Proudly proclaim your House allegiance on your PC, tablet, phone, and social media pages.

Estimated delivery:
May 2017
2015-10-21Canceled$23$0Allison Road - First Person Next Gen Survival Horror$388,281$221,70943732016-12-31NAPledge £15 or more
About $23 USD

636 backers

(Approx $24 USD | €21 EUR)


A code to download the STEAM version of Allison Road

+ get your name in a special backer's section on our website.

Estimated delivery:
Dec 2016
2015-10-12: Cancelled. They've gotten funding from Team17. UPDATE: 2016-06-14: Since the last update, the game has been cancelled entirely.
2015-10-16Succeeded$11$11For The King$30,210$102,22634412016-07-312018-04-20Pledge $15 or more
About $11 USD

434 backers

+Digital Copy of the Game (Includes Early Access on Steam, PC or Mac)
(Approx. $12 USD)

Estimated delivery:
Jun 2016
2016-10-31: Have released betas. No ETA for launch or Early Access.
2015-09-30Succeeded$26$26Divinity: Original Sin II$500,000$2,032,434427132016-12-312017-09-14Kickstarter Special
Divinity: Original Sin 2 as a digital download for PC, available from Steam with Alpha and Beta access included, or DRM-free from Also comes with a Digital Game Manual, a 'Backer' Forum Badge and behind-the-scenes footage.
Estimated delivery: Dec 2016
+ ONE (1) COPY OF THE GAME for PC or MAC - Steam Key if Greenlit
Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
2016-05-17: Out of EA on Steam.
2015-09-17Canceled$8$0Rogue Invader$20,000$3,5011622015-11-30NAFIRST INVADER (EARLY BIRD)
You receive
- Kickstarter Edition of Rogue Invader
- Your name in the credits
Limited (46 of 100 remaining)
Estimated delivery: Nov 2015
2015-09-10Succeeded$22$22EVERSPACE$244,285$476,355107392016-10-31Pledge €20 or more
About $22 USD

2,258 backers

Space Cat

- A DRM-free copy of the full game distributed via Steam
- A set of super cool EVERSPACE™ wallpapers
- Special "Backer" badge to your forum account

Estimated delivery:
Oct 2016
2016-09-16: Launched into Early Access, today.
9/8/2015Failed$22$0Online Troopers$164,618$19742016-08-30NAPledge €20 or more
About $22 USD

1 backer

Digital Edition of the game

Includes rewards from previous tiers

Estimated delivery:
Aug 2016
9/8/2015Failed$5$0Memories - You can't escape!$2,742$1622016-01-30NAPledge €5 or more
About $5 USD

0 backers


- digital copy of the game (PC/Mac/Linux)
- your name on our homepage

Estimated delivery:
Jan 2016
9/8/2015Failed$5$0Prush$9,235$805252016-01-30NAPledge $6 or more
About $5 USD

11 backers Limited (39 left of 50)


It appears there has been a breach in our security system, and a few copies of Prush have slipped through the corruption at a discounted price.

For a limited time receive a discount on Prush. Limited to 50 copy's!

What you will receive:
-1x Copy of Prush!
-1x Special thanks in the credits with your name!

Estimated delivery:
Apr 2016
Ships to:
Anywhere in the world
9/8/2015Failed$10$0RogueVR$35,000$427242016-01-31NAPledge $10 or more

16 backers Limited (84 left of 100)


You will receive a digital download of the game once it is complete. (regular price is $19.99 after Kickstarter)

Estimated delivery:
Jan 2016
9/7/2015Failed$5$0The Omega Imperative$4,200$322112015-12-31NAPledge $5 or more

3 backers Limited (197 left of 200)

Early Preorder Supporter Pack!

Select this tier to recieve:

-A DRM free digital copy of the game for Windows upon release
-An instructional PDF containing extra info about the game.
-A digital wallpaper for the game

Early bird special! The first 200 contributors can save $3 by choosing this tier!

Estimated delivery:
Dec 2015
9/7/2015Failed$40$0Of Gods and Men$80,000$112017-12-31NAPledge $40 or more

0 backers

A digital copy of the game, plus access to the Alpha/Beta testing phases, plus all previous tiers.

Estimated delivery:
Jun 2017
9/7/2015Failed$8$0Galactic Conflict$4,571$812015-09-30NAPledge $10 or more
About $8 USD

0 backers

Receive exclusive access to our closed alpha test environment.
Receive ability to communicate with developers for bug reporting, and general improvements.
Receive 10,000 Markka (in-game currency)

Estimated delivery:
Sep 2015
9/6/2015Failed$20$0AGP::Epica$151,839$440132016-02-28NAPledge $20 or more
About $15 USD

5 backers Limited (95 left of 100)

[Digital Tier]
First 100 Squad Leader supporters get Access to the Beta!

Previous rewards + you'll receive e access to the closed Beta, a Beta Supporter in game badge, an exclusive Bronze Squad Leader EVA suit skin, an extra character slot early access to the forums and the Sabbot Ministries weapon skins in Epica Blue.

Estimated delivery:
Feb 2016
9/6/2015Failed$14$0Bell Ringer$11,491$1,169422016-02-28NAPledge kr125 or more
About $14 USD

13 backers

A digital copy of Bell Ringer when it releases on Steam.

Estimated delivery:
Feb 2016
9/5/2015Failed$1$0The ultimate 16-bit style retro platformer game$233,403$222016-12-31NAnothing
9/5/2015Failed$1$0Zoby Z2$21,661$31662016-09-30NAPledge €1 or more
About $1.08 USD

1 backer

- Play online free to the first episode of the second and now at its output.
A big thank you! - Jouez en ligne gratuitement au premier épisode des maintenant et au deuxième à sa sortie.
Un grand Merci! More
Estimated delivery:
Sep 2016
9/5/2015Failed$5$0All Platform Gaming$2,500$18952015-12-31NAPledge $5 or more

0 backers

Silver Membership (Access to restricted areas of the forums, and VIP entrees for contests) + Founding Member Title for Forums

Estimated delivery:
Dec 2015
9/4/2015Failed$1$1World of Zombies$63,632$1842016-07-31NAnothing
8/30/2015Failed$5$0Crystal Heroes$10,000$3652015-11-31NAPledge $5 or more

1 backer

- 6,000 Gold
- Healing Potion x 3
- Free Character
- Beta Access

Estimated delivery:
Nov 2015
8/30/2015Failed$11$0Foxtail$38,406$7,9053662017-02-28NAPledge €10 or more
About $11 USD

Thank you! You get the game and your name in the credits.
Estimated delivery: Feb 2017
8/30/2015Failed$20$0Kai's Rage: The System Saver Legend$22,001$4,707462017-07-31NAPledge €14 or more
About $15 USD


Super limited pre-purchase of the digital game including Digital Game Manual, and your name will appear in the "Special Thanks" section of the game.

(Estimated Retail Value: 39 Euro)


Pre-compra super limitada del juego en formato digital a un precio muy reducido. Incluye manual en formato digital.
Tu nombre aparecerá en la seccion "Agradecimientos especiales" del juego

(Valor estimado de venta despues de la campaña: 39 Euros)
Estimated delivery: Jul 2017
8/30/2015Failed$8$0Hengelight$15,000$1,194482015-12-31NAPledge $8 or more

21 backers Limited (79 left of 100)

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! A copy of the game when it releases on Steam Early Access.

Estimated delivery:
Dec 2015
8/29/2015Failed$11$0Omega Project$110,791$1222016-07-31NAPledge €10 or more
About $11 USD

0 backers

1 Digital Copy of the game when it's released

Estimated delivery:
Jul 2016
2015-08-29Failed$11$0Madness Fantasy$66,070$157102015-09-30NAPledge €10 or more
About $11 USD

4 backers



- MADNESS FANTASY: You'll get the game (base edition) in digital download!

Estimated delivery:
Nov 2016
2015-08-29Succeeded$10$10Retronator Pixel Art Academy$1,000$62,63527282016-09-30Pledge $10 or more

1,203 backers

Select from one of the pre-made characters and play through storylines, build your library of knowledge, complete assignments and track your art progress once the game launches with Freshman Year 2016/2017. As a Kickstarter backer, your name will be listed in a special section of the Retropolis Academy of Art Yearbook. I will also send you 50 backer updates (about one a week) with news from the development on the way to the release.

Keycard level: White

Estimated delivery:
Sep 2016
2015-08-08Failed$15$0SkyRider & The Journey to the AirCitadel$40,000$8,2172552016-04-30NAPledge $15 or more
Hero: Enjoy a copy of our game once it's finished (and previous rewards).
Estimated delivery: Apr 2016
2015-08-05Failed$5$0Circuit Breakers$5,500$1,476852015-10-31NASELECTED REWARD
Pledge $5 or more
DIGITAL COPY - We'll send you a code to redeem your copy of the game on Steam.
Estimated delivery: Oct 2015
2015-08-03Succeeded$16$16Generation 64 - How the Commodore 64 inspired a generation$39,058$44,5607922016-02-282016-03-24PDF: You get a PDF of the book. You also get access to the backer updates.
Estimated delivery: Feb 2016
Received PDF on 2016-04-24
2015-07-10Succeeded$20$20Bards Tale IV$1,250,000$1,519,680337412017-10-31$20 reward

14,999 backers Limited (1 left of 15000)


THE BARD'S TALE IV as a digital download for Windows/Mac/Linux, available from Steam or DRM-free from Also comes with Digital Game Manual and Backer Forum Badge.

(Estimated Retail Value: $45)

Estimated delivery: Oct 2017
2015-03-06Succeeded$5$5Massively Overpowered$50,000$75,93816652015-03-30The Daily Grind Tier
Thanks for supporting us! You'll be listed in our website credits.
Estimated delivery: Mar 2015
2015-02-17Succeeded$15$15Shadowrun: Hong Kong$100,000$1,204,726314972015-08-302015-08-20Pledge $15 or more

* A DIGITAL copy of the Shadowrun: Hong Kong game for Windows, Mac, or Linux through your choice of Steam, GOG or Humble. (DRM-free versions available, too!).

* ALL THE MUSICS! Digital downloads of the SOUNDTRACKS from Shadowrun: Hong Kong, Shadowrun Returns, and Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

* A Desktop Wallpaper for desktop, phone, and tablet devices.
Estimated delivery: Aug 2015
2015-01-08Failed$22$0Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients$25,373$7,2861762015-05-30NAPledge $25 or more
A DRM-free digital download of Hegemony III and one of five desktop wallpaper sets of your choice (5 wallpapers per set).
Estimated delivery: May 2015
2015-01-03Failed$18$0Ashen Rift$72,402$26,0148872015-10-30NAPledge $20 or more
You get Ashen Rift for the platform of your choice when it is released.
Estimated delivery: Oct 2015
2015-01-03Failed$11$0Kriophobia$42,622$7,1551822015-09-30NAPledge $12 or more
ICE CREAM COLD (Early Bird!)

0) Forum Access
1) DRM-free Copy of the Complete Game
2) Exclusive Email Content
3) Backer Credits in the Complete Game

Estimated delivery is for the first chapter of the game.
Limited (155 of 250 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Sep 2015
2015-01-02Failed$20$0The Scoundrels Guild - Live the Life of a Thief$33,333$4,2991822015-12-31NAPledge $20 or more
[Trilogy All 3 Games] Get a DRM-free digital copy of all three games in the trilogy for your choice of PC/MAC/Linux operating systems and the Ouya and mobile versions. Backer exclusive digital wallpaper. 2 Steam and GOG keys. Bonus: Get a free digital DRM-free copy of our first game Barter Empire for PC. Your name on the Wall of Backers on our website and your name in the end credits.
Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
2014-12-17Failed$10$0Epic Manager$20,000$14,3536832015-09-30NAPledge $10 or more
BASIC EDITION: Receive a digital copy of To Azimuth when it launches and your name in the credits. Note: This tier does not include the exclusive prologue content.
Estimated delivery: Sep 2015
1+ YEARS OVERDUE2014-11-28Succeeded$11$11$26,696$32,71711572015-11-30Pledge $12 or more
JOURNEYMAN ADVENTURER - EARLY BACKER ============================= ALL PREVIOUS REWARDS ● The «Journeyman Adventurer» forum title ============================= PLUS a DRM-free digital copy of the game!

Limited (71 of 100 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Nov 2015
2016-07-25: Into Early Access
2014-11-26Succeeded$8$8Concrete Jungle$4,794$21,85615442015-05-302015-09-23Pledge £5 or more
FOUNDING RESIDENT TIER • Digital copy of the game on release, plus a steam key (pending greenlight success). You'll also be sent the preview build as soon as the kickstarter campaign finishes!

Limited (526 of 600 remaining)

Estimated delivery: May 2015
2014-11-25Failed$15$0Zpocalypse: Survival$35,000$18,6415782016-01-30NAEARLY BACKER =========================== Digital copy of the game for PC, MAC, or Linux
Limited (29 of 300 remaining)
Estimated delivery: Jan 2016
2014-11-17Succeeded$18$18RETRO Video Game Magazine - Year Two$20,000$50,83212602015-01-30Pledge $18 or more
Year #2 Digital PDF Subscription - Get all (6) issues of Year #2 delivered to you digitally for viewing on your computer or digital device.

Estimated delivery: Jan 2015
2014-11-16Canceled$25$0Everstar$850,000$12,0022022016-04-30NAPledge $25 or more
PLAYER (Early Bird) ============================= Digital Download of Everstar + Exclusive Artificer & Farseer jobs (in-game) + Wallpaper, Insider Forum Access + Your Name in the Credits. This low price is only for our early supporters!

Limited (14866 of 15000 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Apr 2016
Canceled on 2014-11-09
2+ YEARS OVERDUE2014-11-13Succeeded$8$8Basement$15,000$28,32321942015-02-28Pledge $8 or more
THE GAME ============================ DRM-free copy of the game for PC, Mac and Linux, at a lower price available only through this Kickstarter, including game Steam key if it beats Greenlight! Previous reward is included.

Estimated delivery: Feb 2015
Ships anywhere in the world
UPDATE: 2015-04-24 - Released to Steam Early Access and key provided.
2014-11-11Failed$24$0Impact Winter$150,779$31,05114442015-11-30NAPledge £15 or more
THE SOUNDTRACK ============================= Digital copy of Impact Winter 'Day One' edition (PC/Mac/Linux). ============================= + Digital soundtrack composed by Mitch Murder.

Estimated delivery: Nov 2015
2014-11-07Canceled$14$0Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope$40,000$11,6386902015-12-31NAPledge $14 or more
Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
Canceled on 2014-11-07
2014-11-07Failed$20$0The Black Glove$550,000$146,60343812015-10-31NAATTENDEE: Get a downloadable copy of The Black Glove for PC/Mac/Linux.
Estimated delivery: Oct 2015"
2014-11-04Failed$5$0AVALON: The Journey Begins$9,000$5042015-03-30NAPledge $5 or more
Crew - name in credits and name in npc random name base

Estimated delivery: Mar 2015
2014-11-04Canceled$20$0Human Resources$1,400,000$384,35893262016-02-28NAIN THE END ============================ Get the game! You will receive our eternal gratitude plus a digital copy of the final game.
Estimated delivery: Feb 2016
Canceled on 2014-10-20
2014-11-04Failed$5$0Warring$50,999$2652015-12-31NAPledge $5 or more
100$ game credit. 5 Early release game codes for you and your friends.

Estimated delivery: Jan 2015
2014-11-03Failed$5$0Oozengard: Tower of Power$15,000$1,207172015-12-31NAPledge $5 or more
Get Oozengard + Citizenship! Never ever lose your saves and equipment. You must also defend the city from those free to play characters..aka Zombaits! . (Paid player vs free player)

Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
This is the second kickstarter for this same project. The previous one is at
2014-11-02Failed$10$0Bain's Redemption$25,000$10132015-07-31NAPledge $10 or more
Early bird special. One copy of the game.

Limited (27 of 30 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Jul 2015
2014-11-02Failed$5$0Arcadia: Life as an RPG$10,000$4,1671332016-01-30NAPledge $5 or more
MoonDrop Account ================================================= You will be of the first to receive a MoonDrop account and access to Arcadia and the forums.

Estimated delivery: Jan 2016
2014-11-02Failed$20$0The Galmora Chronicles: Tivirium$60,000$2052016-10-31NAPledge $20 or more
For this, you get the game and a special thanks in the credits. But there are limited quantities!

Limited (23 of 25 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Oct 2016
2014-11-01Failed$10$0Computer Shop Hero$8,500$1012014-12-31NA
2014-11-01Failed$10$0Jump n Shootman$15,000$2022015-12-31NAPledge $10 or more
The Elec man Special: Gets you a Digital copy of the game as well as any early access and testing privileges as available. Also gets you unique parts for use with your Robot Master when beginning play to show off that you supported the game!

Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
2014-11-01Failed$10$0A-Maze-Zing$12,000$1022015-03-30NAPledge $5 or more
Backers will be presented with a Custom pen or hat with either our Kreative Myndz Studio logo or the A-maze-Zing logo.

Estimated delivery: Mar 2015
2014-11-01Failed$24$0Legends of the Night$103,967$2412015-09-30NAPledge £15 or more
Free copy of the final product

Estimated delivery: Sep 2015
2014-11-01Failed$18$0Immortal Empire$7,093$1,962462014-12-31Pledge $20 or more
Unlock all existing immortals. (already unlocked? receive 5000 radiance instead).

Estimated delivery: Dec 2014
2014-10-31Failed$15$0Alice In Tokyo Wonderland$10,000$740382016-01-31NAPledge $15 or more
WELCOME TO THE TEA PARTY = THE GAME!!!============================== You'll get The Game!!! (PC/Mac/Linux) At far less than the Launch Price!! You'll Get The Exclusive Digital Kickstarter Backer Blade for Alice!!! And a Hi-Resolution Wallpaper and Your Name in the Tokyo Wonderland Video Game Credits!!!

Estimated delivery: Jan 2016
2014-10-31Failed$23$0NCG-19: Gravitus$32,428$1,912222015-03-30NAPledge $25 or more
You will receive 2000 Power Cores. ============================= + Previous Tiers

Estimated delivery: Mar 2015
2014-10-31Failed$15$0HP Lovecraft: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward$250,000$110,66618442015-12-31NAPledge $15 or more
LIMITED SHOGGOTH ● You’re a nightmarish and amorphous shapeshifting creature, and that’s also fine with us! In addition to the backer’s privileges above, you will receive a DIGITAL COPY OF CHARLES DEXTER WARD for PC, MAC, and LINUX. But hurry, because there’s a limited stock of these!

Limited (5463 of 6660 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
2+ YEARS OVERDUE2014-10-22Succeeded$10$10That Which Sleeps$12,000$85,59346892015-03-30Pledge $10 or more
PREORDER TIER ============================= Digital copy of the game for PC, at a lower price available only through this Kickstarter.

Estimated delivery: Mar 2015
2014-10-05Canceled$30$0Untold Universe$200,000$5,981882015-04-30NAPledge $30 or more
LANDOWNER PACK - Entrepreneur: Become a landowner in Untold Universe! You will get all of the Pioneer pack, plus ● You will become the proud owner of a 160x160 cubes area to build your very own safe haven, on a planet of your choice! ● a digital certificate of ownership to print, along with its forum signature version to show off everywhere! ● an Entrepreneur badge and honor to display in-game ● an exclusive skin for your character to wear in safe areas ● an exclusive Private Beta access.

Estimated delivery: Apr 2015
Canceled on 2014-10-03
1+ YEARS OVERDUE2014-10-03Succeeded$7$7Star Traders 2 RPG$50,000$61,01017122015-09-30Pledge $7 or more
Caffeinated Bird Special - Copy of the Game -- Receive a single copy of the game on the platform of your choice (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac).

Estimated delivery: Sep 2015
2016-10-31: Still in progress, but no ETA.
2+ YEARS OVERDUE2014-10-01Succeeded$5$5Band Saga$29,000$31,91915722015-01-31Pledge $5 or more
EARLY SUPPORTER - - - Receive a DRM-free digital copy (and Steam Key if available) of Band Saga to play and create to your hearts content! Band Saga includes the fully modifiable FM soundtrack by default!

Limited (20 of 525 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Jan 2015
2016-10-31: Still in progress, after a long time with no updates.
2014-09-26Succeeded$5$5The Fine Young Capitalists Game Jam$65,000$71,4963816
2014-09-17Failed$15$0Vagante$50,000$22,7278112015-07-31NAPledge $15 or more
A copy of Vagante when it is released (Special Kickstarter Price)

Estimated delivery: Jul 2015
2014-09-06Succeeded$10$10Hard West$64,279$84,89943982015-08-312015-11-18Courier - Steam key (LIMITED DISCOUNT!) on release + Thanks in game credits section

Estimated delivery: Aug 2015
Released on Steam 2015-11-18
2+ YEARS OVERDUE2014-08-31Succeeded$15$15Elysian Shadows - Next Gen 2D RPG$150,000$185,32222822014-12-31Pledge $15 or more
THE BEGINNINGS ============================= A digital copy of Elysian Shadows for Windows, Mac, Linux, OUYA, or Android DRM free ● digital instruction manual ● Elysian Shadows themed HD Wallpapers ● a Kickstarter-exclusive legendary weapon inspired by The Legend of Zelda Master Sword!

Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
UPDATE: 2014-11-06 - Greenlit on steam. No ETA. UPDATE: 2016-10-31 - Latest update was today showing that work continues. No ETA.
1+ YEARS OVERDUE2014-08-10Succeeded$10$10Survive the Nights - Multiplayer Survival Sandbox$20,160$181,95162622015-04-30Pledge £6 or more
THE FINISHED GAME ============================ £6 - (approx $10.50 or €7.50) ============================== A digital copy of the finished game (PC or MAC) + Steam Key || Be part of the development team || Vote for game features || Suggest features || Access exclusive dev blog || Official STN soundtrack download || Backer badge on the dev blog. ============================

Estimated delivery: Aug 2015
UPDATE: 2016-10-31: Still in progress.
2014-02-23Failed$10$0DungeonForge - Be The Ultimate Dungeon Master$60,000$13,3096412014-11-31NAPledge $10 or more
Early Backer Special #2 ============================== First 100 backers get a full, five-character copy of the game! This gives you access to 100+ hours of first-party story content exploring the back story of all five of our characters, creation tools, all player-made content and you can use any of the five characters to explore it!

Limited (33 of 100 remaining)
1+ YEARS OVERDUE2014-02-20Succeeded$25$25Kingdom Come: Deliverance$494,670$1,857,818353842015-12-31Pledge £15 or more
============================ SOLDIER (digital) ********************************************* Other currencies est.: $24; €18 ********************************************* Get the digital copy of the game! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With the Soldier (digital) reward tier you are going to receive: Digital copy of Act I + Access to our forums + Soldier forum badge

Estimated delivery: Dec 2015
2014-02-20Failed$25$0Cradle$350,000$129,94625212016-06-30NAPledge $25 or more
Look at you. So quick. So early. You're the kind of person to grab the first 3 cookies out of the bag to ensure your sweet tooth is fed. You get Mojo Game Studio's first game: Cradle. + everything above!

Limited (4940 of 5000 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Jun 2016
2014-02-15Failed$15$0Wayward Terran Frontier$50,000$17,1294232015-06-30NAPledge $15 or more
Standard issue "you get a copy of the $15 indie game when it comes out" tier. So common they would call it a pre-order if this wasn't Kickstarter. This list includes all of the benefits of being a paid customer once there is such a thing, it includes a steam key if the game is on steam, and you get a backer only title on the forums.

Estimated delivery: Jun 2015
PROBLEMS2014-02-14Succeeded$20$20Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians$600,000$660,126158242015-07-30Pledge $20 or more
Early Bird Adventure Special ========================== Receive the $3 rewards plus a digital copy of Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians when it releases and a special Unsung Story Desktop Wallpaper.

Limited (11201 of 20000 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Jul 2015
UPDATE: 2016-06-15 last update in April. No ETA. UPDATE: 2017-07-07: After much troubled development, ceasing development, possible abandonment, a new developer has taken over the game.
2014-02-05Failed$2$0Lemenist Gamar$1,657$1699NANAPledge £1 or more
Thank you for helping towards this noble cause! In my first video I will name every backer that donates to the cause, even if it takes me hours.

Estimated delivery: Feb 2014
2014-02-03Failed$10$0Universe Rush$100,000$2,11299NANAPledge $10 or more
EARLY BIRD. Game release copy + everything listed above

Limited (167 of 200 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Jun 2014
2014-02-02Failed$5$0Grow Your Congregation (Web Based Game)$5,000$1107NANAPledge $5 or more
You will receive $10 worth of upgrades to further your advancement in the game.

Limited (496 of 500 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Mar 2014
2014-02-02Failed$1$0Roller Derby 2$7,500$51114NANAPledge $1 or more
Anyone who donates $1 or more will receive a free download of Roller Derby 2!

Estimated delivery: Dec 2014
2014-02-02Failed$7$0The Mambo Tales Retro Style 2D Video Game$663$465NANAPledge £4 or more
Early Bird Finished copy of the game on flash, sent via email If game makes it onto steam you will receive a free steam key for the game. Your name in the credits of the game.

Limited (20 of 20 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
2014-01-31Failed$5$0James - Journey of Existence$4,530$28028NANAPledge $5 or more
EARLY BIRD: a special price for early Kickstarter backers for a full DRM-free digital copy of the game for PC, plus pdf instruction manual. Includes extended demo to be released before the end of the Kickstarter campaign period, plus your name/username in the game's credits!

Limited (230 of 250 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
2014-01-31Failed$5$0Spaceroads$9,042$34422NANAPledge $5 or more
Downloadable version of the game, and all our thanks to you!

Estimated delivery: Jun 2014
2014-01-30Failed$10$0HoloLibrary$100,000$3,91625NANAPledge $10 or more
WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE MOON: We will write your name or the name of a loved one in the dirt on the 3D moon in our "1969 Moon Landing" simulation. This is included with all rewards over $10. You’ll also receive a sincere thank you from the HoloLibrary team and an invitation to join our email list so you can monitor our progress. (Delivered upon project completion)

Estimated delivery: Dec 2014
2014-01-29Failed$5$0 $60,000$2,373134NANAPledge $5 or more
A playable copy of the game on your choice of platform.

Estimated delivery: Jan 2015
2014-01-28Failed$25$0Antilia - A Majestic 3D MMO$120,000$36,413343NANAPledge $25 or more
PLAY IT POLISHED: Bronze Forum Badge, Access to our Founders Forum, 6-Months Post-Release Game Access, 12 Character Slots, Beta II Access (Server Load Test), and 6 Pre-Release Special Event Day Passes!

Estimated delivery: Jun 2015
3+ YEARS OVERDUE2014-01-27Succeeded$25$25Novus AEterno$75,000$268,87539002014-04-30Pledge $25 or more
Colonial Peacekeeper ============================== Everything in the $10 tier, plus: +NOVUS AETERNO Steam key! +"Endgame" fleet Corvette for ingame use! +HQ digital wallpaper pack! +Digital Lore Bible!

Estimated delivery: Apr 2014
Note that a failed attempt at this project ended just days before this launched, with $45k of a $200k goal: UPDATE: 2014-08-11 - Fairly regular updates; no ETA. UPDATE: 2014-12-15 - Steam keys have been provided, but not available on steam yet. It seems this is in alpha/beta/whatever testing access and not actually released or with an ETA yet?
2014-01-24Failed$20$0New Orbit$40,000$19,647611NANAPledge $20 or more
EPISODE 2 ============================== Get NEW ORBIT Episode 2 for PC/Mac/Linux/Android as soon as it's done! All DRM-free of course! (includes all previous rewards)

Estimated delivery: Nov 2014
2014-01-24Canceled$10$0Midori$60,000$4,600262NANAPledge $10 or more
A digital copy of the game when it is done. The game will be $15 on release. Save 33% today!

Estimated delivery: Jul 2014
Project canceled on 2014-01-05
2014-01-18Failed$10$0Dead Century: Mosaic$95,000$11,763304NANACopy of the game including all funded chapters and levels, access to backer-exclusive in-game items
Estimated delivery: Jan 2015
3+ YEARS OVERDUE2013-12-22Succeeded$5$5Tiny Trek$4,000$9,4286952014-05-31Galactic Leftenant - DRM free downloadable Windows version, and your name of choice immortalized in the Captain's name generator.
Limited (484 of 500 remaining)
Estimated delivery: May 2014
UPDATE: 2014-08-11 - No weekly updates since June 11th. UPDATE: 2014-12-15 - Occasional updates still coming out.
2013-12-20Failed$15$0Astrobase Command$136,625$31,020769NANASPACER - Digital copy of the game will be provided to you at launch (PC, Mac or Linux), for this special price. You receive the "Chief" forum title and the Spacer Badge, and can participate in backer-only polls related to development.
Estimated delivery: Nov 2014
NO UPDATE SINCE 2014, August2013-12-18Succeeded$15$15Mansion Lord - A Murder Mystery RPG/Business Sim$28,000$30,78811042014-08-31Pledge $15 or more
### Inspector ### (early bird special) [+] All above rewards [+] EARLY ACCESS to the game ahead of release [+] Access to exclusive, Kickstarter backers-only content: 4 additional Detectives, 4 additional Rooms, and an additional Story Quest

Limited (692 of 1000 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Aug 2014
UPDATE: 2014-08-11 - Occasional updates. No ETA. UPDATE: 2014-12-15: No meaningful update on this for over half a year (just an update in August about how you can give them more money). UPDATE: 2015-09-29 - Still no update since August of 2014. Almost 14 months ago. Some websites have written articles about this, like the following:
2013-12-16Failed$15$01979 Revolution: Black Friday$395,000$304,7411653NANAPledge $15 or more
REVOLUTIONARY ============================== iOS edition + your name in CREDITS on the official website as a VISIONARY BACKER. (+all rewards from $1 pledge).

Estimated delivery: May 2014
2013-12-14Failed$9$0MODUS$28,124$98239NANAPledge $10 (CAD) or more
Digital Copy of MODUS ==============================So you can play as soon as its out. You will receive a special avatar in our forum for this tier.

Estimated delivery: Jun 2014