News:February 11th, 2019 Update

Cleaned up CC DR categories across all pages. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.

What is this?This document is an attempt to make a comprehensive reference guide, listing every buff, debuff, interrupt, and meaningful cooldown that each spec in the game is capable of.
Where do I start?Arguably the most important lists are the first two: Major Offensive/Output abilities, and Major Defensive abilities. If nothing else, these two lists contain the most essential abilities required to know how to defeat other classes. I tried my best to limit these first two lists to the essentials, with the class lists including everything.

After the Offensive and Defensive abilities, learn the Hard CCs and Stuns. This list does not include Snares and Roots. If I put a CC in the wrong DR category, please let me know!

If you're a healer or caster, you should probably track the cooldowns of the abilities listed in the Primary Interrupts and Silences page.

If your spec has access to a Purge ability, see the list of Purgeable Buffs.

If you're a healer or have access to a Dispel ability, check out the Dispellable abilities, listed by category.

I've made a list of Bleed effects in the game if you're a Dwarf or otherwise have a way to remove Bleeds.

The Mass Dispellable sheet includes auras that are only removable with the Priest's Mass Dispel ability.

Finally, if you wish to do a deep-dive into a specific class, see the full class lists.
What is this not?This is not a guide on how to play your spec.

This does not include every ability. Its focus is on abilities that are critical to be aware of and track - in most cases these are abilities that are represented by an aura (buff or debuff). Basic rotational abilities are not included.
What do the borders around certain abilities mean?Major Offensive/Output abilities have a thick black outline. Major Defensive abilities have a thinner dashed line.
What if I have a suggestion, or found an error?If you find anything amiss, or have any other questions or requests for how to display this information, please reply to the reddit thread here: