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2001: On The Edge Of Eternity
Cecil Murphey, Jack Van Impe, Don Piper
A Lasting Promise
Scott M. Stanley, Daniel Trathen, Milt Bryan, Savanna McCain
Build a Marriage of Lasting Love Finally a practical- easy-to-read book that deals with real marital issues from a Christian perspective! Soundly based on both biblical principles and marital research- A Lasting Promise is a must read for any couple who wants to upgrade their marriage and make it a promise for life! --David and Claudia Arp- authors of The Second Half of Marriage This essential resource offers Christian couples- a well-researched and proven method for dealing with conflicts and resolving problems in their marriage. A Lasting Promise offers solutions to common problems--facing conflicts- problem solving- improving communication- and dealing with core issues--within a religious framework. With the ultimate purpose of upholding the sanctity of marriage- the book is filled with stories that reflect the sacred teachings of the scripture. The strategies outlined can help Christian couples to improve communication- understand commitment- bring more fun into their relationship- and even enhance their sex life. This book will serve as an invaluable resource for all couples who want to honor and preserve the holy sacrament of their union.
AdversaryMark I. Bubeck
Moody Publishers
Mark Bubeck has written a practical handbook dealing with the various aspects of spiritual warfare- answering questions about the nature of Satan's designs and ...
Spiritual Warfare
After They Are YoursBrian Borgman
Cruciform Press
Adoption offers a powerful testimony of grace in a world of unwanted pregnancies and on-demand abortion. But no one said adoption is easy. As an adoptive parent and pastor who has counseled many adoptive parents- Brian Borgman knows there is another side to adoption--one we are often reluctant to talk about. Parenting is always a challenge- but parenting an adopted child can have some special challenges. Adoptive parents can experience much heartache and even guilt with their adopted children. Many suffer in silence. Borgman writes with a burden to minister to those who are struggling. After They Are Yours: The Grace and Grit of Adoption talks transparently and redemptively about the often unspoken problems adoptive parents face. Combining personal experience- biblical wisdom- and a heart for people- Borgman recalls the humbling and difficult lessons God has taught him and his wife. This is not a success story- rather it's a story of struggles and failures set in the broader context of a God who is gracious and continually teaches us the meaning of adoption. What do you do when it's hard to hope? Here is a story of adoption that's real- raw- redemptive- and edifying.
Aglow with the SpiritRobert C. Frost
Bridge Logos Pub
And the Lamb WinsSimon PonsonbyDavid C Cook
There is a growing collective interest in the end times. But with that interest comes a barrage of confusing and sometimes misleading ideas and messages. Simon Ponsonby takes an eye-opening look at what the future holds. Cutting through today's cultural commotion- he examines provocative topics including biblical indicators of the end times- Jesus Christ's return- the tribulation and rapture- the future of Israel- and the role of the Antichrist. As each event is examined through the lens of solid scripture- readers will gain a firm foothold on how they can realistically and positively react to these revelations in their lives. Ultimately- they'll find that whatever the future has in store- hope lies beyond this world; because no matter the end- the Lamb wins.
Art Of Marriage- The
Family Life, FamilyLife Publishing , Catherine Blyth
Lifeway Church Resources
Marriage & Family
Back to JerusalemBrother Yun with Paul Hattaway
Napoleon once said: ?When China is moved it will change the face of the globe.? Today these words are becoming a reality through the powerful spiritual vision of the Chinese church to send 100-000 missionaries across China?s borders to complete the Great Commission- even in this generation!Here Brother Yun- Peter Yongze ad Enoch Wang- three Chinese church leaders who between them have spent more than 40 years in prison for their faith- explain the history and present-day reality of the Back to Jerusalem movement. Christians everywhere- who are all called to fulfill the Great Commission- will be thrilled by this testimony and inspired to live bolder lives as disciples of Jesus Christ today.
Becoming a Woman of GraceCynthia Heald
Thomas Nelson Inc
Cynthia Heald's new book continues the bestselling series that began with BECOMING A WOMAN OF EXCELLENCE and continued with BECOMING A WOMAN OF FREEDOM- BECOMING A WOMAN OF PURPOSE- and BECOMING A WOMAN OF PRAYER. In BECOMING A WOMAN OF GRACE women have the opportunity to learn what the Scriptures teach about God's marvelous grace- and what it means to be a gracious woman.
Before You Say "I Do" DevotionalH. Norman Wright
Harvest House Publishers
Couples are counseled how to clarify role expectations- establish a healthy sexual relationship- handle finances- and much more- as they acquire a solid understanding of how to develop a biblical relationship based on Jesus Christ and prayerfully trust Him to be the cornerstone of their lifelong bond.
Begin: A Journey Through Scripture For Seekers And New Believers
Ken Ham, Bodie HodgeMaster Books23(null)
Behind Enemy Lines by Charles H KraftCharles Kraft
Wipf and Stock Publishers
PaperbackReligious29811EnglishEugene- ORNo(null)
BetrayedStan Telchin(null)
Bible BasicsDuncan Heasterduncan heasterFirst published in 1992.382(null)
Book of HebrewsMax Lucado
Nelson Reference & Electronic Pub
Hebrews was written for Jewish believers torn between their new faith and their old routines and rituals. Lucado explains that Christianity- God's New Covenant is better in every way than the Old Covenant. With scripture reading- inspirational readings- questions to answer- space for journaling- and a prayer- it's like studying the Bible with Max Lucado.
Building Strong FamiliesDennis Rainey
Crossway Books
With topics ranging from the glory of marriage to passing on one's legacy- this Foundations for the Family book shares a consistent and convincing message that must be heard by Christians: it is time to rebuild our families.
Marriage & Family
Challenging LifestyleNicky Gumbel, Nicky GumbelReligion(null)
Classic ChristianityThomas C. Oden, Bob George
Harvest House Publishers
The breakthrough book that has helped over half a million Christians worldwide since 1989!Classic Christianity Bob Georges eye-opening distillation of the life ...
Close KidsBrett A. JohnstonTate Publishing
Statistics show brothers and sisters do not share as close of a relationship as they once did. They are starting to grow apart earlier- which is damaging their connection as adults. Is there anything parents and grandparents can do right now- while their children are young- to influence their adult relationship for the better? Brett A. Johnston- a father of three- wondered the same things- leading him on a quest for answers. His extensive research into adult sibling relationships led to the development of Close Kids. In this insightful book- he explains the various influences on sibling relationships and reveals the factors most common among the closest siblings that any family can apply. Implementing his findings into your children's lives will result in positive- lifelong sibling relationships for your children. Parents- learn what it takes to have Close Kids for life!
Confessions of a Not-So-Average GirlDonna Lea Dyck
I came from a messed-up home... really messed-up. When I was eight years old- beer bottles were flying and smashing against the wall downstairs... but then I found a brand new friend. I sat in my closet and wrote to him in my diary. Confessions of a Not-So-Average Girl is filled with raw and honest stories of how Jesus took an average girl with a shattered life and turned her into a Not-So-Average Girl by becoming her Saviour and best friend. "Wow- what a book! Youth workers- pastors- and especially teenage girls who face the broken world of adolescent pain will find this book very helpful in bringing the hope that only Jesus can provide." Rev. Colin McCartney -Founding Director- Urban Promise Toronto. "Once you have read Confessions- you will want every child you teach to also read it- for Donna's story will help children who feel not-so-average feel like they are not-so-alone." Melodie Bissell -National Children's Facilitator of The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Canada & President and Founder of Winning Kids Inc. "Confessions plunges head-first into the heartache of a young girl drowning in familial brokenness. Armed with only her life-preserver journal- young Donna- with blunt and colourful simplicity- explores the fragments of her adolescent heart- placing them firmly in the hands of her best friend- Jesus. This is a spirited book of hope for kids... including the adult kind." Jason Hildebrand -Actor- Creative Catalyst- and Award-Winning Filmmaker of The Prodigal Trilogy
Crisis Counseling
H. Norman Wright, Howard W. Stone, Scott Floyd, Ellen Hastings Janosik
Regal BooksHardcover
It you help you prepare ahead of time- so that you won't be at a loss during the critical first 72 hours of a crisis. Here are practical solution to specific problems as well as biblically based strategies that will equip you to face life's emergencies.
Daily Strength for Daily NeedsMary Wilder Tileston, Mary W. TilestoneBook
Daily Strength for Daily Needs gives readers the opportunity to experience the Bible on a daily basis. Meditations from the Bible provide uplifting information and fresh inspiration connecting readers to the diverse themes found in Scripture. It includes: - A narrative that relating the Scripture to a theme on practical living. - A thought for the day. - A brief quotation from a wide variety of historical and contemporary authors.
Dangerous Duty Of DelightJohn Piper
Multnomah Books
Daring To Dream againDavid and Karen Mains(null)
Devotions for the Children's Hour
Kenneth Taylor, Kenneth N. Taylor, B.S.- Th.M. Dr Kenneth N Taylor
Moody Pub
Brief anecdotes discuss questions relating to God and the Bible. A prayer- a hymn- and suggested readings from the Bible follow each chapter.
Disciplines of a Godly FamilyR. Kent Hughes, Barbara HughesCrossway
This popular book is a celebration of a biblically informed view of parenting and the family.
Marriage & Family
Dr. Dobson Turning Hearts Toward HomeRolf ZetterstenWord PublishingHardcoverChristianFirst183FR TV(null)
Drama- Skits- and Sketches
Zondervan Publishing, Youth Specialties
From The Ideas Library this book contains how-to ideas for youth promotion- publicity- advertising- fundraising- announcements- administration- bulletin boards- flyers- and all kinds of tricks of the trade.
Every Man's BattleStephen Arterburn
A down-to-earth- step-by-step plan to help men overcome sexual temptation deals with pornography- adultery- and other issues leading men astray. Original.
Every Woman's MarriageShannon Ethridge, Greg EthridgeWater BrookPaperback
Are you a desperate housewife- committed to marriage yet longing for a deeper- more intimate connection with your husband? Believe it or not- you can have the marriage you long forif you're willing to take desperate measures.
Every Young Woman's BattleStephen Arterburn, Shannon Ethridge
WaterBrook Press
Guys aren't the only ones fighting a battle for Purity. The world you love in promotes sex as the answer to just about everything. The pressure to go along with the crowd is greyer than ever before- and it's easy to compromise in little ways that are a lot more harmful than they seem. You and your friends may become caught up in destructive relationships or sexual activities without even knowing how you got there. You just want to be normal - to fit in- to be liked- to look attractive to the opposite sex. But are you paying too high a price. This counterpart to the award winning Every Young Man's Battle can help you: - learn how the sexual battle begins in your wart and mind - understand your hunger for attention from guys - recognise and avoid the potential pitfalls awaiting young women in the journey towards adulthood and possible marriage - find out how the media- novels- fashion- Internet chat rooms- and the body and beauty obsessions influence your sexual choices - and what you can do about it - guard your mind- heart- and body against sexual and emotional compromise - develop a deeper- more satisfying level of intimacy with God Whether you have so far protected yourself emotionally and sexually- feel that you've been robbed of your purity- or have given in to temptation in some way- this book can help you achieve or reclaim sexual integrity. It can also guide you through the temptations and pressure of young adulthood while demonstrating how you can live you life to the fullest - without regrets.
Fasting For Spiritual BreakthroughElmer L. Towns, Elmer L. TownsRegalPaperback
This book gives you the bibli- cal reasons for fasting- and introduces you to --each designed for a specific physical outcome.
fear Of The Lord Is The Beginning Of Knowledge- The
Jenny Lundquist(null)
Fierce WomenKimberly WagnerMoody Pub
Do you ever get the idea that being a godly wife means you need to be a mousy doormat? Be as unnoticeable as a doorknob? Or have a personality transplant? Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior- smashes that idea. No matter whether you're an extrovert or more introverted-Kimberly Wagner believes women are created to be a compelling force. You may not see yourself as beautifully fierce or even slightly strong- but what if God has placed a powerful fierceness within you- within every woman? Kim admits her fierceness became a source of conflict in her marriage- but the relationship dynamic totally changed when she discovered her fierce strengths could be used to encourage and inspire her husband. She invites you to come alongside as she takes an honest look at a destructive relationship dynamic and casts a vision for the transformation God can bring to troubled marriages. A True Woman Book The goal of the True Woman publishing line is to encourage women to: Discover- embrace- and delight in God's divine design and mission for their lives Reflect the beauty and heart of Jesus Christ to their world Intentionally pass the baton of Truth on to the next generation Pray earnestly for an outpouring of God's Spirit in their families- churches- nation and world
Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to DieJohn Piper
Crossway Books
FreshKrish KandiahFirst Person(null)
Glorious AppearingTim Lahaye, Jerry B. Jenkins
Tyndale House Publishers
Left Behind #12
FirstMultiple PersonFiction39920USA
United State Of America
May-042EnglishWheaton illinoisYes(null)
Growing a Spiritually Strong FamilyBarbara Rainey, Dennis RaineyMultnomah Pub
Explains how to progress beyond material goals to establish a family that grows in the ways of God- incorporating chapters on such topics as praying with a spouse and giving oneself to one's children.
Marriage & Family
Growing in ChristJ I Packer, Mother RaphaelaNavPress
From a senior editor of Christianity Today and the author of the renowned bestseller Knowing God comes a new guide for developing a lasting and sure faith. Written for Christians of all backgrounds and denominations- Packer's book details the core principles of faith- and features outlines and study questions to encourage thought and exploration.
He intends victoryDan Wooding
Promise Publishing Company
He Shines in All That's FairRichard J. Mouw
William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
Mouw examines long-standing Reformed arguments between those who champion the doctrine of common grace and those who emphasize an antithesis between the church and the world. Defenders of common grace account for the goodness in the world by insisting that God's grace goes beyond salvation to more general gifts of beauty- virtue- and excellence to all human beings - including those who do not believe in God. Those who reject the doctrine of common grace- on the other hand- emphasize the fallenness of the world and the need for the church to maintain a dramatic contrast to it.--BOOK JACKET.
HEAVENMacArthur- John(null)
Holding Out for a HeroLisa Harper
Tyndale House Publishers- Inc.
Holding Out for a Hero is the first in a series of book studies by emerging author Lisa Harper. Throughout the study- Lisa guides readers along the road to a more complete understanding of Hebrews as she discusses such timeless themes as trusting God in tough times- holding onto hope when life is hard- and the importance of running toward God when you feel like running away. This study helps readers understand what life was like for a Jewish Christian during the first century and parallels that to our own trials today. The book also features an interactive DVD in which Lisa leads a group of women through the study and addresses the reader personally.
How Close are We?Dave Hunt
The bestselling author of Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist evaluates current events that point to the Second Coming and underscores the at-any-moment possibility of the rapture. But Hunt challenges believers to remember that prophetic signs are not meant to lead us to wild speculation but to readiness for his soon return.
How To Know If Someone Is Worth Pursuing In Two Dates Or Less
Neil WarrenPaperbackSelf-HelpNon-Fiction18810USA1English(null)Dating
I Kissed Dating Goodbye: A New Attitude Toward Relationships and Romance Dark
Joshua HarrisPaperbackRomanceReligious2J(null)Dating
If You Could Ask God One QuestionPaul Williams, Barry Cooper
The Good Book Company
Time to discover...a brand new look for promoting Christianity Explored!
Irrepressible HopeBarbara Johnson, Patsy Clairmont
W Publishing Group
The official 2004 Women of Faith( devotional is based on their yearlong theme of "Irrepressible Hope-" with contributions by Patsy Clairmont- Barbara Johnson- Marilyn Meberg- Luci Swindoll- Sheila Walsh- Thelma Wells- and Nicole Johnson.
Is There No More Cause?Vergil G. SchmidtWestBow Press
Since the beginning of the church- Christians have always struggled with culture and how best to relate to our world. We are all familiar with the adage- " . . . in the world but not of the world." We are aware that the Scripture requires us to be "Salt and light" as well as not to be conformed to the image of this world. But the problem is that many of us have our blinders on and consequently we are unable to make a determination of whether we are in or of the world. Inside the church where we strive to be holy and pure- the contamination of the world has become so pronounced that certain questionable activities and attitudes prevail. Therefore- life becomes very confusing. So what is a Christian to do? Some drop out- others ignore or refuse to heed the call to righteous living- while still others make up their own rules as they continue to live out their days. However- there always is a remnant of Christians who take the Bible and Christian living seriously enough to return to the basics of Christianity and then earnestly attempt to transform our culture for Christ.
JohnAnn de Graaf
B&H Publishing Group
Retells the story of the Apostle John as a lamb offers comments and asks questions for the reader to consider.
Jonathan Edwards On True ChristianityOwen Strachan, Douglas A. Sweeney
Baker Academic
In this book- a team of leading scholars--including Chuck Colson- Mark Dever- Timothy George- Bruce Hindmarsh- Edith Humphrey- James Earl Massey- Alister McGrath- David Neff- and Richard John Neuhaus--assesses Packer's impact on ...
Keeping Our Children's HeartsSteve And Teri Maxwell
Layman's Quick Reference Concordance- TheGeorge W. Knight
Barbour Publishing
Here's the perfect tool for basic Bible study: The Layman's Quick Reference Concordance. With nearly 1-800 entries and more than 10-000 references- this handy volume cuts through the overwhelming bulk of exhaustive concordances- directing readers to only the most important words- events- places- and people in the Scriptures. Based on the King James Version of the Bible- The Layman's Quick Reference Concordance is a great one-stop resource for biblical information--but also a superb companion volume to the Barbout title The Layman's Bible Dictionary.
Learning To liveKeith M. Bailey(null)
Left Behind: The Kids #1: The VanishingsJerry B. Jenkins
Tyndale House Publishers
PaperbackLeft Behind: The Kids #1Religion
Left Behind: The Kids #1
Letters to Churches
Charles R. Swindoll, Thomas Nelson Incorporated, William D. Watkins, Bill Butterworth
Making Small Groups WorkDr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John TownsendZondervanPaperbackReligionReligiousJan-03(null)
Marriage Enrichment
Richard A. Hunt, Larry Hof, Rita DeMaria
Psychology Press
This volume traces the modern critical and performance history of this play- one of Shakespeare's most-loved and most-performed comedies. The essay focus on such modern concerns as feminism- deconstruction- textual theory- and queer theory.
Marriage & Family
Matthew Henry's Commentary On The Whole Bible (6 Volumes)
Matthew Henry
Max Lucado: Life Lessons- A Glimpse Of GloryMax Lucado
Thomas Nelson Inc
Measure of a Woman- TheGene A. GetzRegal Books140(null)Woman
Natural Church DevelopmentChristian.A Schwarz
Churchsmart Resources
Never Give InStephen Mansfield
Cumberland House Publishing
The Pennsylvania senator and Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee discusses his 2004-2005 battle with political opponents and with Hodgkin's lymphoma as he struggled to keep working while undergoing chemotherapy.
Never too late to dreamDavid R. Mains190(null)
New Testament Teaching on TonguesMerrill Frederick Unger
An excellent summary of the biblical content on this topic- written from a non-charismatic position. A helpful bibliography is included.
Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament
Robert G. Bratcher, United Bible Societies. Committee on Translations
Amer Bible Society
Reference guide to Old Testament passages in the New Testament with an appendix of references listed in order of occurence in the Old Testament.
Parenting Isn't For CowardsDr. James DobsonWord PublishingPaperbackFamilySecondNon-Fiction26012USAApr-87English(null)
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
Ralph D. WinterPaperback
This book is a multi-faceted collection of readings focused on the biblical- historical- cultural- and strategic dimensions of the task of world evangelization. The editors have pooled the contributions of over 70 authors to provide laymen and college students with an introduction to the history and potential of the World Christian Movement- a movement of men and women who have responded with courage and conviction to the challenges of this task. - Back cover.
Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life- by Wilkinson
Bruce WilkinsonMultnomahHardcoverReligionReligious93Aug-00242.7222EnglishNo(null)
Preparing For MarriageDavid- Boehi/Dennis RaineyRegal BooksPaperback
You can work through Preparing for Marriage as a couple- with a pastor or premarital counselor- or with a small group.
Dating*Marriage & Family
Radical DiscipleshipRoger SteerYoung Writers101(null)
Raising Maidens of Virtue
Stacy McDonald, Jennie Ethell Chancey, Stacy D. McDonald
More than a fill-in-the-blank Bible study- 'Raising Maidens of Virtue' is an engaging tool for mothers to use in training daughters who are approaching womanhood to think biblically. Through stories- conversational teachings- illustrations- and memory-making projects- Raising Maidens of Virtue' covers topics such as guarding the tongue- idleness- sibling relationships- honoring parents- contentment- modesty- purity- cleanliness- and feminine biblical beauty --Cover- p. 4.
Resting in HimMargaret Feinberg
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Road to Holocaust- TheHal LindseyBantam
Discusses the tenets of dominion theology- and argues that it poses a grave danger to Christians and Jews alike
Secrets Of The VineBruce Wilkinson
Multnomah Books
Sharing Jesus Without Freaking OutAlvin ReidB&H Academic
Sharing Jesus doesn t require years of training- only connecting your story with the gospel story- and sharing it in normal conversations."
SoulTsunamiLeonard Sweet, Leonard I. Sweet
Zondervan Publishing Company
This book explains the tidal wave of postmodernism that is sweeping our culture and shows how the church can safely sail the troubled seas and fulfill its mission and calling.
Surprised By The Power Of The SpiritJack DeereNexgenPaperback
Soup and Rob set out to win the Children's Costume Contest despite the formidable opposition of Janice Riker- the meanest girl in town.
Teach Yourself Buying a Home in Italy
Peter MacBride, Mac Bride, Giulia Gigliotti
Hodder Education
It is difficult to quantify how many Brits are currently looking to buy a second home in Italy- but judging by the number of television programmes featuring people hoping to move to Italy either permanently or to buy a holiday home there- the number must be significant. Every home owner has to go through the process of searching for property and buying it; most new and existing owners will be renovating or redecorating at some point and this will involve dealing with tradesmen and/or suppliers. For this- these homebuyers will need to understand at least the basics of Italian property law- house construction- building- plumbing- electrical systems etc- and they need to know not only the words but how the systems work. for each aspect of finding- buying- renovating and living in a house in Italy. In addition to approximately 90 labelled illustrations- the book has a CD which gives the pronunciation and practice of the necessary vocabulary. The book is published in association Homes Overseas- the UK's best-selling specialist international real estate magazine and host to over 30 annual exhibitions providing information on properties overseas.
Telling secretsFrederick Buechner
Harper San Francisco
An acclaimed writer shares his darkest childhood secret and reveals the healing- hope- and love found in the telling. "Buechner surprises and delights (and--very softly--teaches). . . . He has articulated what he sees with a freshness and clarity and energy that hails our stultified imaginations".--The New York Times Book Review.
The blue sweaterJacqueline NovogratzRodale BooksHardcover
A narrative account of the author's investigation into the world's economic gap describes her rediscovery of a blue sweater she had given away to Goodwill and found on a child in Rwanda- in a passionate call to action that relates her work as a venture capitalist on behalf of impoverished nations. 40-000 first printing.
The Church on Its Knees BookJeremy Jennings
Alpha International
The Cross And The Switchblade
David Wilkerson, David Wilkerson, John Sherrill, Elizabeth Sherrill
Spire BooksPaperback
The story of a small-town pastor who found his real ministry among the street gangs of New York and succeeded in founding the Teen Challenge movement
The Guinness SpiritMichele Guinness
Hodder Education
The Late Great Planet EarthHal LindseyA Bantam Book
Trade Paperback
The Life Of Jesus Christ
James Stalker, Rev. James Stalker M. A., J. Wesley Eby
The Message of the New TestamentMark Dever, F. F. Bruce, FF BruceCrosswayeBook
Dever's expository overview covers the entire New Testament with a focus on the fulfillment of God's Old Testament promises.
The Message of the Old TestamentMark DeverCrossway
The undeniable emphasis that Jesus placed upon the Old Testament Scriptures is that they testify to Him. Of course they testify to all sorts of other things as well: godliness- faithfulness- the progress and regress of God's people- sinfulƯness- judgment- and so on. But Jesus- along with the apostles and the other authors of the New Testament- emphasized that the Old Testament- above all- is about Him. Why then is the first question we often ask about a passage in the Old Testament- "What does this tell us about ourselves?" Surely- the first and main question we should ask is- "How does this passage testify to Christ?" In this book- Mark Dever has undertaken a difficult and important task. He has set out to crystallize the message of each Old Testament book- and he has endeavored to show something of the Christian value of each book. These sermons should not be regarded as models for routine preaching from the Old Testament- for rarely would the preacher try to cover a whole book in one sermon. But they do provide broad perspectives on the way the books point to Christ and are fulfilled by him. The preacher will need to extrapolate the principles of preaching Christ from the Old Testament and apply them to the textual units that are more appropriate for expository sermons. - Introduction.
The Passion of Jesus ChristJohn Piper
Crossway Books
PaperbackFifty reasons why Jesus came to die.ReligionReligious12750USAJan-04232 PIP1EnglishWheaton- IL(null)
The Purpose Driven LifePastor Rick WarrenZondervanHardcover
ThirdNon-Fiction33439USAUSAOct-021EnglishBasement R2(null)
The Pursuit of GodA. W. Tozer
Christian Publications- Inc.
Religious12110USAJan-93231.7 TOZ1EnglishCamp Hill- PA(null)
The Small Business Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Succeed in Your Small Business
Steven D. Strauss
Wiley; 3 edition (March 27- 2012)
An updated third edition of the most comprehensive guide to small business success Whether you're a novice entrepreneur or a seasoned pro- The Small Business Bible offers you everything you need to know to build and grow your dream business. It shows you what really works (and what doesn't!) and includes scores of tips- insider information- stories- and proven secrets of success. Even if you've run your own business for years- this handy guide keeps you up to date on the latest business and tech trends. This Third Edition includes entirely new chapters devoted to social media- mobility and apps- and new trends in online discounting and group buying that are vital to small business owners everywhere. New chapters include: How to use Facebook- Twitter- and other social media tools to engage customers and potential stakeholders How to generate leads and win strategic partnerships with LinkedIn How to employ videos and YouTube to further your brand What you need to know about Groupon and group discount buying What mobile marketing can do for your business Give your small business its best shot by understanding the best and latest small business strategies- especially in this transformative and volatile period. The Small Business Bible offers every bit of information you'll need to know to succeed.
The Tender CommandmentsRon Mehl(null)
The Time of the DovesMercè RodoredaGraywolf Press
The Time of the Doves- the powerfully written story of a naïve shop-tender during the Spanish Civil War and beyond- is a rare and moving portrait of a simple soul confronting and surviving a convulsive period in history. The book has been widely translated- and was made into a film.
The Treasure PrincipleRandy Alcorn
Multnomah Publishers- Inc.
HardcoverChristianThird PersonReligious966USAUSAOct-018428736991EnglishSisters- OR(null)
There Is A New world ComingHal Lindsey(null)
Uncommon DecencyRichard J. Mouw
InterVarsity Press
Richard J. Mouw outlines how we can communicate effectively and graciously with people who disagree with us on the issues that matter most.
Under SiegeStephen Coonts
W Publishing Group
Jake GraftonFiction20432(null)Novels
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